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    Pablo Picasso Sleeper with shutters 1936   • A Great Endeavor (Jim Kunstler) • This Implosion Will Be Fast – Hold Onto Your Seats (von Greyerz) •
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    Russia has been an incredibly reliable supplier of energy to Europe. There were no interruptions during the cold war and after. The only issue I know of is when Ukraine started redirecting European gas for their own use.

    In the past few months Europe has frozen hundreds of billions of Russia’s financial assets, imposed dozens of sanctions with the declared aim of destroying Russia, and supplied weapons meant to kill Russians.

    Russia is still supplying energy to Europe!

    The primary cause of any energy disruption is Europe itself – no blame can be put on Russia.

    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Sleeper with shutters 1936

    I noticed the fingers; the differences; the colors (differences) of the two hands/arms…
    I often wonder if his life was this chaotic…I think I’ve read that it was indeed chaotic…

    V. Arnold

    …but then there is duality; which may be that which we are looking at in this painting…


    “SARS-CoV-2 Infection of Human Ovarian Cells: A Potential Negative Impact on Female Fertility”

    Sure, go ahead, death vaxx during the 1st trimester.

    That’s the ticket!! ☠️☠️☠️


    “Trust me it’s good”

    A trip down memory lane!

    Hahaha! ☠️☠️☠️


    The Patrick Wintour article on how Germany got hooked on Russian gas is amazing for how much history it shows yet completely fails to mention that the so called Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014 was less an invasion and more a response to a CIA coup creating a mess on Russias border. It also does nothing to mention why the heck Germany had to boost reliance on Russian gas because Germany didn’t want “dirty” coal for power or “scary” nuclear power, thank the Nimbies and Greens for your cold showers in the dark this winter for being utterly stupid and then thank the “Russia evil Ukraine democratic” twats for the sanctions that will destroy the EU.


    “AstraZeneca to acquire TeneoTwo and its clinical-stage T-cell engager, strengthening haematological cancer pipeline”

    Astra Zeneca know what’s coming down the pipe

    VAIDS induced CANCER !! ☠️☠️☠️


    Excess mortality among Canadians under the age of 45 observed since May 2020; NOT COVID-19-driven” – “those under the age of 45 have been experiencing excess mortality almost continuously since May 2020”



    And they say that these death-vaxxes are “effective”? LOL! 🤡☠️☠️☠️🤡


    ” …the more times one has been vaccinated, the more susceptible one becomes to being infected or die, as, for example, the latest Ontario statistics indicate” –



    “Conclusions: Children and adolescents who were previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 remain protected against reinfection to a high degree for 18 months.” –

    So why death-vaxx the kids? ☠️☠️☠️


    Here’s some crazy shit, right here!

    “Molecular mimicry between viral antigens and host proteins can produce cross-reacting antibodies leading to autoimmunity.” –

    Imagine what turning your body into a Spike factory with these death shots will do!

    Oooops. 🤡☠️☠️☠️🤡


    “Go and get the shot that is waiting for you

    Apparently, it’s “CRITICAL” – Hahahah



    It’s summertime.

    Just wait till BA.2.75 hits the death-vaxxed this winter!

    “Hospitals bring back mandatory face masks as number of Covid patients soars to highest figure since April



    Thalidomide will seem like a picnic compared to what’s coming.

    The dam is beginning to crack.

    “The Austrian Health Minister is blaming Doctors for not informing patients of the health risks of vaccines


    Dr. D

    “Six Dead After Gunman Opens Fire At Chicago Suburb 4th Of July Parade”

    Well if only they had some gun control in Chicago, this wouldn’t have happened! What’s that? Chicago is almost the most controlled in the nation and also has almost the most shootings? Well shucks Cleetus, dem criminals ain’t followin’ the law again!

    Police: “Shooter is wearing a backpack.” Um, could you be a leeeeeeetle more specific? Next up: FBI knew all about him. News in this morning: yes he is a Leftist. I mean, duh: he’s from Chicago.

    “DHS Issues July 4th Warning As Roe v. Wade Reversal Has “Heightened” Threat Environment”

    …This is because the only cause of all violence and all trouble, not just in America, but worldwide – The Right – are so busy celebrating that their drunken revels and glad handshakes are a threat to all. …Or is it NOT “the Right” they’re thinking of? Maybe somebody else who is mad about Roe and not happy about it?

    Nah. ‘Round ’em up like the Chicago shoot sez.

    Lawsuit: “”It’s no accident that Twitter violated its own COVID-19 misinformation guidelines…” concerning licensed doctors

    Yes, but only every minute of every day for 2 & ½ years.

    “[Germany] will ration hot water in homes and limit maximum heating temperatures”

    Excuse me, how are you going to do this? Wasn’t this the point of Smart meters and smart appliances? I’d say you can control the gas but not what uses it, but not even that: the pipes are always on and you either need to send a crew to shut the whole neighborhood or the each of 2M houses one by one.

    Also it won’t work. If you were buying time for your own wells and pipelines, it’s a bridge event. Europe has no solution whatsoever but murder. We care about grandma so much we shut off her heat. And gave her a vax. You care when it’s medical but not when it’s physical?

    “Top German Trade Union Head Warns Entire Industries May Collapse (ZH)”

    Already did according to the export numbers. Note: some of these industries like steel, if you shut the plant flow for any reason it take millions to re-start as internal components must all be rebuilt. That only adds unnecessary cost to already high prices and already wide shortages. For instance, as we saw in the non-Covid lockdowns, it wasn’t a lack of milk, etc, it was a lack of bottles to put them in. Spread widely over hundreds of products.

    “‘We Were All Wrong’: How Germany Got Hooked on Russian Energy (G.)”

    Trump wasn’t. He told you to your face and you laughed about it for years. Conclusion: Trump is still wrong.

    “I can’t imagine what will happen when babies start dying. It’s going to be horrendous.” -Ed Dowd

    They’ve been dying for two years and more for different reasons decades before that. Everyone loves it and denies it so it can keep growing.

    Sydney: Since Permaculture deals largely with desert water, Sydney had better put every possible water system in place and even that may not be enough. Other places too: they’re not alone.

    PS. I thought AGW was going to cause only worldwide desertification, not a single greening anywhere. Isn’t that the opposite of rain? Or does science not have a single clue what they’re talking about, ever?

    Sacred honor: A number of others collapsed in debtor’s prison in the long economic unrest following the unrooting of British systems. As we know, that lasted far past Jackson. We’re going to do that again right now.


    Pilots are dropping like flies!

    “BA cancels more than 1,000 summer flights from Heathrow and Gatwick”


    It’s on like Donkey Kong!

    “Prof Andrew Pollard says there are ‘extraordinary’ number of infections in England, with 1,000 people being admitted daily” –

    Mister Roboto

    The links to the von Greyerz article are actually a link to today’s Debt Rattle. I’m guessing that this is an error.


    Geert’s latest –

    “My heart goes out to the vaccinated people. ”

    Not looking good. 🤡☠️🤡


    The links to the von Greyerz article are actually a link to today’s Debt Rattle.

    Thanks. Fixed.


    Yes Dr D. I’m also wondering how will they restrict the delivery of the hot water. Also how will they work out for which hours each suburb gets its hit water and how will it be done fairly. Some people are shift workers at filthy jobs (I used to work a night shift in a waste recycling plant) and it would be a health risk if they got home after the allotted hot water hours. But government pen pushers never think of the janitors, mechanics, garbage collectors, dish pigs and others who keep their cities clean.
    And if they limit the volume to each apartment block then there will be fights between those who take quick showers and those who run the tap full blast for a long soak leaving just cold water for those after them.

    Dr. D

    Go Australia! Masks and Social distancing. All Covid happens after the vaccines. Yay Science! No curiosity at all.

    USDX rising. And in fact, rates falling.
    Dollar short position comes into play.

    This does a lot of things, commodities down, BTC down, possibly US Dow relief (foreign flight to strong currency). But more importantly, Europe has no control over the EuroDollar system. If a shortage of EuroDollars, Europe cracks, which is already expected. If all Western Banking fails, the U.S. cannot escape. But atm, Russia, China, and the South can, thanks to our sanctions.

    Following Patriot Front (wow that is a fed-plant name or what? No Right person in their *Right* mind would choose that. “Front” is near-universally Leftist Communist idiom.) apparently this “Front” leads back like 20x ways to Ukrainian Oligarchs. Thus the dipshit name and dipshit clothes. That dipshit works in actual dipshit White Supremacist Nazi countries like Ukr, but not in the U.S. But the dipshits are too stoopid to figure that out. (Not unlike the CIA using color revolution “White” in Ukr, which was the traditional color of collaborators. Too stoopid to ask, too arrogant to listen when the locals told them?)

    No not the Feds, perhaps which explains why they were so, SO laughable. Even the FBI isn’t THAT dumb, and that’s really saying something for a group baffled by Jussie Smolett. Again, for the lol’s: Dore, and we didn’t even BOTHER looking further.

    But why not? We’re a nothing country and apparently Kiev is our capital. Why WOULDN’T a Ukrainian Oligarch like Molinski think he could run our clown show the same way as back home? Same people, same rules.


    @ GERM
    Thanks for your efforts in following the negative outcomes of being vaccinated
    Here is something that I found.

    In other words …… vaccines don’t work against the variants

    According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Omicron variants B.4 and B.5 are expected to have caused 52% of Covid infections last week. While it’s difficult to predict the variant’s response to vaccines, experts believe vaccinated people are likely experiencing a drop in protection, higher than the one experienced by previous Omicron variants.
    Published Sat, Jul 2 20229:00 AM EDT
    Renée Onque

    The new subvariant is already rapidly circulating: During the week ending on June 25, BA.5 accounted for 36.6% of the country’s reported Covid cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’ll likely become dominant nationwide over the next few weeks, says Jennifer Lighter, a hospital epidemiologist at NYU Langone Health.

    “BA.5 is the most transmissible Covid strain we’ve ever seen,” Dr. Lighter tells CNBC Make It. “Omicron was very transmissible, and this is multiple times more transmissible than the original strains of omicron.”
    (Jennifer Lighter, a hospital epidemiologist at NYU Langone Health.)
    (In other words, Since most people are vaccinated, it means the vaccines for C-19 don’t work)

    In June, an analysis conducted by the U.K.’s Health Security Agency suggested that BA.5 is growing 35.1% faster than BA.2. Lighter says BA.5 may also cause more severe illness than previous subvariants of omicron, though this has yet to be backed up with concrete data.

    “Not only is BA.5 the most transmissible, it has the most immune invasion as well. So, you’re afforded not much protection from prior infection,” she explains.

    BA.5′s presence in the country means that it could potentially — even probably — surface at your upcoming July 4 cookouts and family gatherings, especially if you’re spending time with people indoors. You might not even be protected if you’ve recently recovered from Covid: The subvariant could be responsible for a recent phenomenon where people who’ve just recovered are quickly getting sick again.

    ABC talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, for example, has publicly spoken about his experience contracting Covid twice in the month of May alone. Kimmel, who is fully vaccinated and boosted, reported mild conditions and is back on television after testing negative post-infections — but even mild symptoms can still make you feel sick for multiple days at a time.

    Dr. Lighter does specifically recommend against close contact with unvaccinated people, if possible — noting that their presence at gatherings makes it much more likely for you to contract and spread the virus.
    (In other words, your vaccinated status does not protect you from BA.5)


    The rif-raf are fighting back against their conditions.
    The battle is happening right now.

    1. Airports, airlines around the world are dysfunctional
    2. Issuing of passport in Canada is also dysfunctional.
    3. Freedom Convoys being attacked by the terrified gov. enablers
    How and why and what weapons.
    Attitude, work ethic, liability, pissed off, over worked, unrecognized, unqualified, “not my responsibility, feeling underpaid, etc.


    Aha! Now it makes sense. I was a high school exchange student in Hamburg in ’85. Very impressed by the wealth of the place; my host family lived on Eppendorfer Landstrasse. Was lectured to repeatedly about the evilness of USA and the superiority of the Germans. Easy to be superior fueled by cheap Russian gas and coal!

    Michael Reid

    Tom Luongo and Alexander in this 2 hour 47 min discussion (previously posted here)

    These guys provide big picture grounding for present reality.

    I should have watched it when first posted.

    Europe / Davos are going to be crushed by the fed.

    When Russia takes Odessa the whole game board changes and the prospects for eastern europe change completely and for the first time in a long time these people could be actually free.

    What a very large interesting discussion.

    America is not totally lost


    This whole Russia Sanctions Clusterfuck is showing what eunuchs organized labor has become over the decades.

    You would think German labor unions would have pulled a total shutdown of German industry over the suicidal sanctions and even German industrial heads would have supposed them in solidarity.

    But I guess de-industrializing Germany is the Big Reset goal.

    Energy still being the Master Resource for the Master Race.

    China will be able to waltz in and buy German industries, especially cars at pennies on the dollar the way this sanction thing is trending.

    Go China

    The Chinese running their Mercedes slave colony of Deutschland uber alles is a funny inversion of history from the old Boxer Rebellion days.

    I wonder if the Chinese will have to install nets around their newly acquired German factories to catch all the suicide jumpers from hitting the pavement.

    Foxconn jumper nets



    England at least is in safe hands



    The lead author of this paper – Peter Doshi – is an editor of the British Medical Journal,

    “Results: The excess risk of serious adverse events of special interest surpassed the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group in both Pfizer and Moderna trials”

    In English – the death-vaxx is more likely to kill you than keep you safe!
    Go figure!



    Germ: thank you for the many COVID offerings.

    TAE Community – do view this link from Germ at #111007. There are important practical/actionable next steps outlined in Geert’s latest…..

    RE: Ramirez cartoon: so the pro-Russia t-shirt is part of the package here? Why?

    RE: Pablo Picasso Sleeper with shutters 1936 – I am always amazed at his ability to deconstruct/reconstruct the human body. How does he do it?

    I appreciation and with Gratitude – Ilargi.

    LOVE to All.


    NOTE: The flag of the Soviet Union: The State Flag of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, commonly known as the Soviet flag, was the official state flag of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics from 1922 to 1991. The flag’s design and symbolism are derived from several sources, but emerged during the Russian Revolution.

    What am I missing?

    TAE Summary

    Out of curiosity I duckduckgoed “emigrating to russia from the united states” and found this from a guy who actually emigrated:

    You cannot work in Russia without a residency permit
    Hiring a foreign employee is very hard and very expensive. Arriving in Moscow you may find someone who would love to hire you, but they simply cannot do so because it is too bureaucratically difficult. Once you get residency, then you can start looking for a job. Sure you can work illegally teaching English or something, but that risk is on you.

    Russia is not Europe
    Moving to Russia will not get you any free money or the ability to live off of welfare. The government won’t help you immigrate either. If you come here you have to work and think for yourself. There is no nanny-state, you’re on your own cowboy.

    Also the migration services are on the hunt for illegal immigrants, so have your passport, registration and migration card on you at all times.

    Visiting Russia is easy, immigrating is not!
    There is an old Russian expression, that says “you were born where you’re in need” (Где родился, там и пригодился) which basically means that you were born in China, Africa, Canada or wherever for a reason, and you should stay there. Once you start the immigration process you will see that the spirit of the law reflects the spirit of this expression.

    Just imagine if this were US policy.


    Hot water rationing

    How is hot water rationed without rationing natural gas in general? Or, is all cooking on electric ranges and nat gas only used for hot water heating? What about electric water heaters — do folks not have those in Hamburg? Are they just going to make the price for natural gas sky high after a set point? (That was what was done in So. Cal. during a drought in my teens. The assumption was that all households have four people in them. We were 6, and my mom had a vegetable and fruit garden. She had us stop up the tub when we showered and then used a pump to reuse the water in the wash cycle of the washing machine.)

    If the gas hot water heaters are “smart” the people aren’t stupid — one could always take a bath and heat water on the stove…which is less efficient.

    (If nat. gas disappears where I am, I plan to build myself a solar batch hot water heater. Just need a non-leaky old water heater, some old glass windows, wood for a box, some pipe and fittings…I have a sunny patio located just outside of the current hot water heater’s location.)

    Mister Roboto

    An interview with Naomi Wolf on the signs of our times:

    [Sorry, apparently videos from the Odyssey platform don’t embed well here. I can’t even just post the link.]

    Mister Roboto


    After watching Gonzalo Lira today, I did a straw poll of friends and family (who mostly rely on MSM for their information), to see if any of them had even heard about the Dutch protests. All answered in the negative (surprise, surprise!)

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