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    Mr. House said: “..Wonder why antifa and BLM don’t get any flak? Ha also, did anyone see that a “patriot” group from texas decided to march in philly on july 4th to spew their stupid ideas?..”

    Finding the tiny threads of organic, people-oriented movement is getting difficult what with all the sponsored content like the sfuff you mentioned..

    My take is that there will be little to none of the former on the internet, and that any authentic movement will be off the “web” (interesting choice of names, in retrospect).


    This NC post from last year (I had taken an enforced break from that place then) on a CJ Hopkins column is quite interesting, especially reading in retrospect the comments there:

    The Liberals’ New Passion for Snobbery and Censorship: An Interview + Review of The War on Populism and Trumpocalypse by C.J. Hopkins

    controlling the narrative isn’t everything, but it’s a lot.


    Behind every great fortune there is a crime.

    All ‘elite’ throughout history have been simply criminal mafia.

    Smash an’ Grab

    The heads of different Mafias have either come to ‘agreements’ with the heads of other mafias or they have tried to ‘rub them out’ through various forms of violence.

    Davos and the US Fed are just such mafias.

    The world has multiple factions of Mafias and they are coming to a head right now.

    These Mafias hate Russia for instance because it is beyond their capabilities to dominate.

    The Russians now have virtually no debt to the Western banking mafias, no treasuries and a sh*t ton of gold.

    The Russians have centuries of natural resources in their vast country.

    The Western Mafias only have penis envy at this point.

    The Western military Mafias, the Pentagon-MIC and NATO have different agendas than the effete effeminate Davos Mafia with their pinkie fingers held high on their crust less cucumber sandwiches.

    The Proles with be collateral damage in the battle between Mafia cliques, they always are.

    Bioweapons, EMP attacks, cyber melt downs.

    New weapons, same old story.

    Doc Robinson

    On the topic of ill-fated desperate measures to somehow increase the vaccination rates:

    Some research results were published recently in the JAMA, showing that Ohio’s lottery (which gave $5 million to vaccinated people) was a failure.

    The study did not find evidence that a lottery-based incentive in Ohio was associated with increased rates of adult COVID-19 vaccinations. In contrast, the analyses suggest that the rate of decline in vaccinations slowed to a greater extent in the US than in Ohio after the May 12 lottery announcement.

    The vaccination rate has been declining in Ohio and the rest of the US, and the announcement of Ohio’s lottery coincided with the FDA’s authorization for kids 12-15 to get the injections. Despite the broadened authorization, the vaccination rates continued to decline, but at a slower rate of decline.

    Doc Robinson

    The VAERS database of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines includes reports of vision problems and blindness. A recent article in a medical journal confirms such a case:

    Panuveitis following Vaccination for COVID-19

    COVID-19 vaccination has been accompanied by reports of inflammatory events. This report details a case of panuveitis following vaccination for COVID-19

    A 43 year old female developed panuveitis with decreased vision three days after her second dose of Pfizer-Biontech mRNA vaccine. The choroid was significantly thickened and there was anterior chamber and vitreous inflammation…

    Conclusion: This report demonstrates a likely occurrence of vaccine-related panuveitis secondary to the Pfizer-Biotech mRNA vaccine for COVID-19.

    Ocular Immunology and Inflammation

    What is panuveitus?
    “Panuveitis is inflammation of all layers of the uvea of the eye, which includes the iris, ciliary body, and choroid. These make up the middle layer of the eye. The condition can also affect the lens, retina, optic nerve, and vitreous, causing reduced vision or blindness. (”


    @Oroboros: thank you. Good comment. The only thing to do is get off the field as best possible, however that works for you personally. The sociopaths are beginning to eat each other because there’s not much of anything else left to gorge on. Us little guys don’t stand a chance in this game.

    As for a movement starting that has no leader because “the principles” will lead it? I’m likely getting too old to see anything like that come to fruition, but I’m hoping I’m still around when principles themselves are enough to enact change and a leader or two, of some sort, isn’t needed.

    Michael Reid

    @ upstateNYer

    I also see it as a war and actions are required.

    What action would that be?

    My approach since 2016 has been and continues to be with increasing urgency actions that assist my preparedness for survival

    madamski cafone

    The reality we live in “controls” us far more than we “control” it. Mr. Virus King just got dumped by his wife. Horseflies don’t control horses. Parasites are not in charge. Just because most people are more rules-driven than self-actuated doesn’t mean their fleas run their show. The conditioning that makes them so compliant is far from 100% effective.

    But we don’t like to admit that what we’re scared of is more shadow than substance. We like our bogeymen to be vast, omnipotent, unstoppable. Because, after all: Its.All.Their.Fault. That is why we should cancel-culture them. Someone bell me a cat!

    madamski cafone

    I heard a concept called ‘the excess of elites’.

    The idea was that an ‘elite’ couple of an older generation have let’s say four children.

    The older elite grow old and die leaving their booty to four ‘mini-elites’ and thus divide the fortune.

    Two of the ‘mini-elites’ are Ne’er-do-well who squander their inheritence on ‘hookers and blow’.

    The other two ‘mini-elite’ off spring are sufficiently psychopathic to pair up and rape & plunder like their parents.

    Rinse and repeat a couple more generations and you’ve got too many ‘mini-elites’ and not enough stuff left to steal and loot, not just because there’s too many of them but primarily because of the ‘winner take all’ concentration of wealth effect, leaving even the majority of mini-elites ‘out of the money’.

    It’s not fair! The mini-elites all went to Ivy League school and jumped through the right hoops and had the ‘right’ connections and Brown Nosed to Beat the Band!

    The concentration of wealth is now so extreme and out of control that even the top 1% are being violated by the top .0001%!

    Billionaires don’t hangout with mere millionaires!

    And Trillionaires don’t hangout with mere Billionaires!

    Kiss My Ring you obsequious Toffs!

    Michael Reid

    @ madamski

    we should cancel-culture them

    If that means we should ignore all COVID rules and regulations and live our lives freely, I agree.

    V. Arnold


    @VArnold — Happy to try to help. I have a limited supply but I have started getting a lot of requests from friends and family, so I need more. The guy I ordered from before in India had his paypal account shut down. I can arrange the payment, but don’t know who to order from without starting over from scratch.

    Thanks, I very much appreciate any help you can offer…

    Mr. House

    “Rinse and repeat a couple more generations and you’ve got too many ‘mini-elites’ and not enough stuff left to steal and loot, not just because there’s too many of them but primarily because of the ‘winner take all’ concentration of wealth effect, leaving even the majority of mini-elites ‘out of the money’.”

    Read the history of Rome and you’ll see the same thing. Once they could no longer expand the empire stagnated and it was periods of decline with periods of stabilization. Humans are not very different then a one celled creature in a petri dish of sugar. Consume everything until you get a die off, which is why we should be reading history, understanding our prior actions to make sure our future actions do no imperil us. Those who do the dividing amongst us understand this i think, and they don’t care as long as they get more of the sugar then others.


    The vote audit in Phoenix continues silently so as to not give opponents of the vote audit any ammunition to discredit the vote audit. This silence is killing vote audit opponents!

    Pennsylvania’ssenate is going to do a vote audit in 3 counties, 2 Republicans and 1 Democrat (Philadelphia). Expect wolf level howls and all out efforts by Democrats to stop the vote audit. Another slow burn!

    So joe is spying on Tucker Carson. Sadly proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Intelligence Branch, the fourth branch of the US gov, exists.


    If the elites want to control me, good luck! My speciality is gaming their rules! Been doing so all my life!

    Recently it became advantages to file incomes taxes for my 21 year old daughter! The pay for filling out their tax forms is better than $200 per hour! Naturally, I of course still file paper copies only, not electronic, income tax forms.

    My daughter said oh, you should file electronically online because it is so much easier! I said I am not going to file electronically because all of these electronic forms have been previously approved by the government tax authorities to always be in their favor! Since the tax code legally allows for the taxpayer to interpret some things in a more favorably light, I naturally do so! I also want to frustrate their efforts to go 100% online! Nothing like good old paperwork to gum up their tax system and keep them inefficient! An ungrateful taxpayer, I am! (I also refuse to use store self checkouts too!)

    Tonight my daughter announced that she had just received a sales tax refund of $700 deposited directly into her bank account! I said do you remember all the grief you gave me for filing paper tax returns going back to 2018? She is also to get 3 more sales tax refunds this year.

    She now knows her Dad is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg! She is taking business having completed year 2. I keep telling her she is learning how businesses should be run but not how businesses are really run! You know like 2 sets of books! She is learning fast!


    Several thanks today:
    Ilargi – great compilation of posts – thanks you
    the commentariat – some wonderful discussion on all levels

    News from NZ – the NZ govt has just approved the J & J vaccine as a second to Pfizer. Good to know there’s a non-mRNA option available, though I have as little faith in J & J. Maybe least-worst of the two for now.
    Having backed the (idiotic) “isolate and vaccinate” strategy, the NZ govt is waaaay late in receiving enough vaccine (I consider this a blessing..). Rather than question their strategy (and to deal with the mRNA-hesitant) the new approval has been announced with zero socialisation or debate.
    Stadler and Waldorf were true intellectuals by comparison…


    If calling them elites is allowing them to frame the narrative then we need to change what they are called. It is one way to wrest back the narrative and take back our power.

    The first term that comes to mind is “puppet masters” but that still insinuates control. Evil geniuses? Enemies of liberty?

    (Brainstorming this is welcome.)

    For that matter, “the 1%” is much better than “elites.” “1%” doesn’t automatically insinuate control or elevation.

    V. Arnold


    For that matter, “the 1%” is much better than “elites.” “1%” doesn’t automatically insinuate control or elevation.

    Yes, great extrapolation of meaning…and important…
    It is all about control; that’s the end game…
    These bastards are engineering the greatest power grab of our life-times and must be stopped by all means necessary…


    “extrapolation of meaning”
    Not everyone has the same education or experience.
    Therefore, to obtain clarity, that is why I often give the Synonyms or Antonyms.

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