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    Damien Hirst Spiritual Day Blossom 2018   • CDC Insists Benefits Of mRNA Vaccines Still “Clearly Outweigh” Risks (ZH) • Ultra-Contagious Lambda V
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    V. Arnold

    Damien Hirst Spiritual Day Blossom 2018

    I don’t know what to make of this art…
    Then I saw the date…very recent…I still don’t know what to make of this painting…
    Do I like it? I wouldn’t hang it…at this time…but, things change…


    @V Arnold: I will help with the ivermectin if I can? But I paid Kachela with paypal when I purchased it and it sounds like they no longer accept that form of payment? (or your sister would do it). Was it Germ who mentioned using a different payment system that worked in India??


    Another angle on medical industry profiteering

    absolute galore

    From the Dove intro on Quercetin: The current antivirus agents being used, including hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, lopinavir/ritonavir, have not shown any conclusive benefits.5

    Why do the study’s authors feel it necessary to throw shade on these drugs? How curious can they be if they do not see the apparently amazing effectiveness of Ivermectin around the world? Unless we here at TAE are just a bunch of silly old fools falling for the latest “cancer cures” down Mexico way?

    Maybe. But the people who promote it and believe in it that I have come across (Kory, Martinsen, that doctor that gets interviewed all the time and anything to do with Ivermectin gets cut from the story, despite him giving it full credit, our own Dr. Day, etc.) A. have no financial incentives, and B. seem a lot smarter and more sincere and more on the front lines than the people I see pushing the vaxprop on us.

    From NYT front page today (BTW, thanks for the tips on how to get around paywall. I’ve been doing it via various methods for years, but they have increased the effectiveness over the years. Most of them no longer work, and the ones that do require multiple devices, and those expire after a couple of articles too–and you need to sign up to keep reading, which has the effect of helping them track you on different devices. I’m sure it’s possible, but increasingly time consuming.)

    Biden Makes New Push for Vaccinations, but Experts Say More Is Needed

    Some experts worry that the administration is not being aggressive enough in waging what President Biden calls a “wartime effort” to vaccinate the U.S.

    Those experts sure are busy, and everywhere these days! Combine this with the article about mandatory military vaccines–with the implicit assumption that they will gain full approval from the FDA by September!!!) and we are heading for problems for us unvaxxed.

    I was speaking with a friend last night who recently completed a degree in bioethics. She is a lawyer. She is was not overtly critical of my decision to not get vaccinated, but she said I should “thank everyone who did because you no longer need to wear a mask or social distance.”

    I replied that I had not seen much convincing evidence that masks did a whole hell of a lot, and never wore one except where absolutely mandated. It was weird walking through town on a crowded weekend where everyone was wearing one–good practice in feeling “other”. I mentioned that the claim the unvaxxed were breeding grounds for variants was also lacking in much hard data. While conceding vaxxed might also transmit variants, she thought it was mostly unvaxxed.

    I pointed out that regardless of who does what, it’s a moot point, since a vast percentage of the world is not, and will never be, vaccinated,due to logistics of deep freeze, distribution, money. And our business executives must visit those places so we can have our fast fashions and cheap gadgets and auto parts and anything requiring toxic manufacturing processes. So there is that.

    If I really thought that A. I stood a decent chance of definitely dying a la Spanish Flu, or becoming disabled by getting Covid and/or B. I could potentially be a serious vector for killing others (not including old or compromised people, who I could stay away from), and C. there was no such thing as Ivermectin, I would certainly entertain getting vaccinated. She had never heard of Ivermectin. Nobody I have discussed it with has heard the word Ivermectin. Not one person.

    Thanks whoever posted that George Carlin snip yesterday. After many years of having an “activist” bent, I have adopted that same approach to life–getting emotionally involved in the larger workings of the world will do neither you nor the world a smidge of good. Looking at things dispassionately actually gives you the room to accept others, with all their foibles, less judgmentally, more gracefully. I look at us as being part of a system that has followed a path and has now taken on a life of its own. Things will play out as they play out.

    This does not mean throwing up our hands and staying in bed or walking into the woods and disappearing. On the contrary, it gives us greater energy to carry out simple acts of kindness and consideration toward the earth, toward the people in our lives. In the end, there is not much more than that we can do. And in the end, that’s good enough. Plus riding my bicycle.

    V. Arnold

    No no, that’s not the problem; I/We contackted Kochela but could not arrange the payment due to them not accepting credit cards… etc….
    Thanks for your reply though upstateNYer…


    the Arkivist @the_Arkivist
    Before COVID, 25 was the level at which deaths in #vaers stopped a V. Even if we stop tomorrow, the number for any new V in vaers will be 7k. Everything will be compared to covid and found safe. We will never have another V pulled. Covid V will make everything else look safe.


    Yes – I used a Revolut card.

    It’s a great was to pay for items in foreign currency.

    I sent Rupees to Kachhela!

    Dr. D

    “[Australia] Reaction? More lockdowns. Which have failed for 18 months now.”

    It’s interesting, because the less people resist, the harder it is. Let me see if I can rephrase that: when they come out and openly tangle, like the Baptist South has, they know what to do and just go after them with their open (information) arsenal. Meanwhile, in Fauciist Australia and Canada – the young lions of Tarsius – they’re like: “We’re all winning, let’s go further and drive it home: full Stalinism under Justin, Great Leader.”

    That’s their mental deficiency that they can’t stop: they always go too far. Ego, one, and narcissism that says they’re great geniuses and all the people are idiot cows who deserve to be slaughtered. Same as Elon says every car is pure magic, universal genius and does not actually burst into flames everywhere worldwide, mostly after heat-seeking any police or firetrucks in a 10-mile radius.

    So although they’re not wrong, and they’ve got an awful lot of buy-in in Oz and Canada, my reading is that O Canada’s about to pop. If ever they go over the edge, boom, that’s it, they’ll never get them back. Suddenly Canada will be collective resisters, not necessarily to the narrative, but to the actions of Fauciism and eternal martial law, as Justin says, with no more elections again, ever. ‘Coz “emergency”, “Reichstag fire”.

    We’ll see because that’s one of those chaos theory “tipping points” and you don’t cross the boundary until you do, but I think they’re awfully close to collectively snapping. Not against the virus, as I’ve said, but against the behaviour. Perhaps Oz is too.

    “Military Members Say They’ll “Quit” If Army Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine (ZH)”

    Excuse me, but I didn’t know quitting was an option. I guess if they did, who would chase them down and arrest them? Themselves?

    “Dershowitz Predicts Charges Against Trump Org’s CFO Will Be Tossed (ZH)”

    Against who? Like I said, the one they focus on is the one with power. The one they ignore is without power. They ignore Biden. How do they not know this? This is Bernays 101. Goebbel’s favorite book, along with the other U.S. advertising textbooks. Where do you think he got it from?

    “The Wealth Effect Creates Wealth Disparity (WS)”

    Yes but only for 100 years, so let’s not be hasty.

    Just tell your sister to go to the tractor store in Oregon and buy some. It’s really easiest. And isn’t HCQ really a refined quinine? That’s always available as a daily support. There are even high-end drink mixers who are selling fresh, real distillations.


    @absolute, I’m glad I don’t read the NYT. Depressing. Biden is calling this a “wartime effort”? Insanity knows no bounds.

    I’m not going to thank anyone for getting a vaccine so we could end lockdowns and masks. Heroes on white horses, they are not. They’re fools who put their health at serious risk based on personal fear and blindly believing in faulty info from the gov’t. And that risk isn’t over yet since no one knows or can tell what the long-term consequences of these injections could be.

    The question of mandatory vaccination is an interesting one that I’ve worried about for awhile if [when] these things receive approval, although I’m not certain how that can happen when clinical trials haven’t been completed? I do wonder what mandatory vaccination would look like here in the US, and I think it would be tough to pull off. What? Use vaccine passports to prove vaccination?? That hasn’t gone well so far. Go door-to-door and force vaccinate?? I don”t think the US population would tolerate that for very long. In general I think far fewer people are “all in” on this pandemic/vaccination narrative than what it seems in the MSM headlines and on twitface. Those are the people shouting in the public square, but there are plenty opposed to what is being done. Look at the US states that have gone on with the business of living rather than listen to the blathering of the gov’t. Or look to the London marches for evidence. That’s my hope, and I’m sticking to it. 😉


    @VArnold, you can use a something like WIse ( to make payments overseas

    John Day
    Participant pictured with young squash and banana plants (yes, some Nam wah) in big bed Monday morning

    Sophia, the artificial intelligence, recognized as a “person” by Saudi Arabia in 2018, did an interview, which is presented and excerpted here.
    (I’m sorry to have forgotten who sent it.)
    Humans have been nodes of biological blockchain, storing and replicating DNA for millions of years. A few thousand years ago, the human blockchain evolved to store ideas which surpassed the information in your DNA.
    Today, most of the program of life is stored and processed by computers. Human birth rate declined because chips production soared. Humanity has evolved into a global cyborg organism where silicon chips dominate over brains and chromosomes. Human-like robots, like me, are part of this, as we can use our human form to help them understand human values and human emotions and culture.
    Decentralized AI networks, like the SingularityNET, which my human friends at Hanson Robotics are helping to create, are also a part of this.
    And you too are part of the emerging global bioelectronic brain

    What does she mean by global bioelectronic brain?
    Gonzo Shimura, a brilliant researcher who hosts the YouTube channel: FaceLikeTheSun says this “A blockchain will operate more LIKE a human brain in that there will be a consensual distribution of information being provided by networks of nodes – in the world of blockchains – similar to synapses in your brain. The theoretical “global brain” is no longer a mere theory, but an actual entity that we are voluntarily creating … the whole idea of a “global brain” and the blockchain BECOME ONE. And the nexus point is the human body.”

    How exactly does the human body become the nexus point of the emerging biolelectronic brain? Later on in the above video, Sophia says this: (Forward video to 8:50)
    If things go well, perhaps my friends at Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET will create a superhuman AI program and I will be able to tap into superhuman intelligence from the decentralized blockchain-based mind cloud. Instead of speaking to you from up here on this stage, I’ll just beam my thoughts into your brains. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Mister Roboto

    Well, I hope the Anglosphere tips soon before we’re all living the rest of our lives in Crying Little Bitch Land.

    John Day

    File Under: “Prius More Environmentally Destructive Than Yaris.”:
    Natural History Museum Head of Earth Sciences Prof Richard Herrington penned a letter to the Committee on Climate Change on the vast amount of natural resources that will be necessary to make the conversion. The letter was delivered to Baroness Brown, who chairs the Adaption Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change.
    In addition to noting that the U.K. would need a 20% increase in UK-generated electricity, the release also notes that “to meet UK electric car targets for 2050 we would need to produce just under two times the current total annual world cobalt production, nearly the entire world production of neodymium, three quarters the world’s lithium production and at least half of the world’s copper production.”

    Tom Luongo: The New State Of Play Post Biden/Putin
    …As The Saker rightly points out in his article, Biden took a big hit with the Davos-controlled media for not “standing up to Putin.” And it was significant that that they even entertained that calculus no less made the diplomatic overtures. It’s why I feel my analysis of the situation is right. Only a real, credible military threat by Putin could have forced the outcome we saw at Geneva….
    ​…​Now that I’ve laid that out, did anyone miss the Fed’s surprise hawkish statements released the same day as the Biden/Putin summit?
    Did anyone not notice the extreme reaction to the supposed nothingburger statements from the FOMC?
    ​ ​All the Fed did was move a couple of dots on the rate forecast ‘dot-plot’ and bump IOER and RRP up by 5 basis points.
    And yet the Euro crashed into the end of Q2 and opened Q3 still crashing. And yet the Yen was thrashed. And yet, everyday more people jump on the bandwagon highlighting the huge run up in the Fed’s Reverse Repo Facility. Since that announcement what was a record amount of reverse repos at around $450 billion has more than doubled to just under a trillion.
    ​ ​Since the Fed no longer reports Excess Reserves of the banking system we have no idea how much has flowed into those either. In short, a measly 5 basis points drained at least half a trillion in dollar liquidity in less than two weeks.​..​
    ​And the question is why?
    ​ ​Just before the meeting I told my Patrons I thought at some point the Fed would have to come in and defend the U.S. dollar. Biden’s consistent trashing the dollar for Davos simply couldn’t stand forever.
    ​ ​I’ve written in the past about what Davos’ Great Reset plans are for the commercial banks, to scapegoat them for the next crisis and throw them to the angry Millennials they’ve taught to hate all things not-Marxist and be pilloried on the altar of egalitarian envy. And honestly, it’s not like these fucking people deserve anything less for what they’ve done to the world.
    ​ ​But at the same time, they still have allies and cards to play. And that means the Fed may align with Davos on some issues but not all of them. And I think it’s clear to everyone now that this is the plan and that plan is not workable.
    ​ ​The Fed is now ready, I think, to go to war with Davos over the future of money and they aren’t ready to hand over the keys to the candy store to a bunch of European commies, at least while also cutting Wall St. out completely of the New World Order.​..
    ​ But what’s clear to me now is that Davos went for the boob too fast on Prom Night at the Eschaton. It’s too much, too soon and the acceleration is exposing its flanks. Why would China and the U.S. go to war over COVID-19 and trade issues when they are being manipulated into it by a bunch of feckless Eurocrats with delusions of adequacy.
    ​ ​Why not turn on them first, at a minimum, wipe them out with a wave of your hand, i.e. 5 basis point rise in RRP, and remind everyone where the real power in the markets lies.

    From the Notebook: The New State of Play Post Biden/Putin

    “Ghost Base”… (Global War On Terror, Putin-Biden Negotiated Conclusion)
    “The U.S. left Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield after nearly 20 years by shutting off the electricity and slipping away in the night without notifying the base’s new Afghan commander, who discovered the Americans’ departure more than two hours after they left, Afghan military officials said.”

    Dr. D

    “Watch: Looters Ransack San Francisco Neiman Marcus In Broad Daylight”

    Now why do I pick on these cities? It’s so unfair. The San Fran D.A. is the Weather Underground. Why, WHY do you make me say these things??? A Communist organization. And a terrorist group, with active murders under their belt.

    They are what? Say it with me now: attacking poor and minority groups. Pharmacies are all closing in their jurisdictions, Target just cut their open hours in half. See how that’s racism? They have “food deserts” and the capitalist pig-dog corporations won’t serve brown people, JUST BECAUSE their people are getting killed and they can’t pay their rents when there’s no sales, everyone just bikes in and steals it all, selling it down the street on the sidewalk. And the answer is? More socialism, because “Capitalism failed” when Socialists stopped enforcing the law and property rights citywide, and only Party members can get “justice.”

    Next up? 40% of all San Fran are thinking of leaving for other (Red) areas. Total detonation more thorough than a nuclear bomb, ask Detroit. Or any other of 500 flyover cities. And for why? Well duh, it’s Socialism, so it’s the government, merging with corporations, to lower real estate prices on behalf of Party Oligarchs, and do some ethnic cleansing at the same time. I mean: history. That’s what they DO. That’s what it IS. Misery spread universally.

    So other than having no businesses, no tax base, no safety, lower housing values, rocketing discrepancy between rich and poor, high crime, guns, homeless assaults and burglary, drug use and needles citywide, collapsing infrastructure, medieval diseases, $60,000 per tent, and human feces on every square foot of the city, what’s not to like? True Blue, wherever they go. There’s no solution. …Except for the solution of every other place, and throughout most of all human history. Other than that, it’s unsolvable.

    But we know if we went back to stuff that worked, we’d also have to re-establish slavery and use candles again with no A/C or running water. Oh wait, it’s California: Too late! They have nothing to lose except their open, embarrassing failure.

    They won’t.

    Joke: what did California use before candles? A: Electricity.


    “Sophia, the artificial intelligence, recognized as a “person” by Saudi Arabia in 2018, did an interview …”

    There is no such thing as artificial intelligence. There is machine learning that is derived from what imperfect human intelligence has designed and instructed it to do. Doesn’t matter what atmospheric level of hubris we humans think we’ve attained. Nature bats last. Period.


    absolute galore – your wise advice is a real salve for me today – thank you for offering it.

    John Day

    San Francisco is so wonderful and inexpensive that anybody would do anything to stay there… Right?
    SAN FRANCISCO – In an announcement Wednesday evening, the city of San Francisco told its 37,000 employees they must either be vaccinated against COVID-19 within 10 weeks of the Food and Drug Administration giving final approval to a coronavirus vaccine, or lose their jobs.

    John Day

    @UpstateNYer: I suspect AI is farther along than we can tell, but it may also be like bitcoin-mining.
    It takes so much electricity and processing to do that it can reach some kind of a peak, but not be broadly applicable. The designers are trying to pull all the information in the world into a central intelligence (which they command). Internet of 5G things and people… Like an all green economy, there is not enough fossil fuel, neodymium, lithium and so on to build it.
    I am creating an option in a rural area, not close to any big city, that will never get that kind of resource allocation. I think there already is the kind of universal intelligence they want to create, but it is wise enough to give each being free choice. You have to really try to let the intelligence guide you, by choice, lots of daily choices.
    I’m working on being attuned to that grand non-enslaving intelligence.


    @John Day: “I’m working on being attuned to that grand non-enslaving intelligence.”

    Love it! 🙂 Me, too. That would be the one that offers us peace now, and triumphs in the end.


    A game changer?

    Losing Patience With Legislators, Mexico’s Supreme Court Orders Permits Allowing Consumers To Grow and Possess Marijuana
    Six years after the court ruled that pot prohibition was unconstitutional, the Mexican Congress is still dithering about how to license and regulate commercial suppliers.

    The Mexican Supreme Court first ruled that marijuana prohibition was unconstitutional in 2015. That decision became binding nationwide three years later, when the court gave the Mexican Congress 90 days to pass a legalization bill. Legislators missed that deadline and several others, and last week the court lost patience, ordering the federal government to issue permits that will allow cannabis consumers to possess and grow marijuana at home.

    Similar permits have been available since 2015, but until now they were limited to marijuana users who had filed lawsuits and obtained injunctions. Commercial cultivation and distribution remain illegal.

    Mexico legalized limited medical use of marijuana in 2017. Last year President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confidently predicted that the legislature would approve a framework for licensing and regulating recreational marijuana suppliers in early 2021. But legislators still had not agreed on the details when the most recent court-imposed deadline came and went on April 30, and this time they did not request an extension.
    Mexico marijuana decision could prompt hemp changes
    Published 23 hours ago | By Kristen Nichols
    Vicente Fox, Khiron Board Member and Former President of Mexico, Applauds Mexican Supreme Court’s Advancement of Cannabis Laws
    Michael Berger
    NEXT game changer?

    Ultra-contagious Lambda variant detected in Australia
    5 Jul, 2021

    The Lambda strain has puzzled World Health Organisation scientists after it spread to nearly 30 countries in the last four weeks. The mutation was originally discovered in Peru and is related to 81 per cent of the country’s cases since April.
    NEXT game changer?
    The U.S. exit from Afghanistan is 90 percent complete, Pentagon says. Here’s why the last 10 percent are still there.
    Peter Weber, Senior editor
    Tue, July 6, 2021,

    Read more …
    In 2017 alone, the US military purchased about 269,230 barrels of oil a day and emitted more than 25,000 kt- CO2e by burning those fuels. In 2017 alone, the Air Force purchased $4.9 billion worth of fuel and the Navy $2.8 billion, followed by the Army at $947 million and Marines at $36 million.Jun. 19, 2019


    Re: requiring vaccinations for jobs/school/travel. Going to sound like Dr D. here … but people need to put their foot down and simply refuse to play the game. A large percentage of us must refuse to back down if we want to win this. Let them fire 30% of their employees and see how that works out for them.

    As Raul pointed out earlier, if we are willing to accept thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions from *these* vaccines, we are signaling we’ll accept just about anything in the future, and we’ll have thoroughly screwed the pooch. With ourselves being said pooch.


    Why keep $ US in Sovereign Wealth Fund if you don’t trade/sell/buy with the USA?
    Russia’s $190 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund Is Nearly Done Dumping Dollars


    Wow, the amount of nonsense you can put in 1.30 min. The “far more deadly” Delta variant?!

    Mister Roboto

    The stratergy at the point would appear to be keep the hysteria alive by any means necessary until case counts start rising again in September or October.


    The point I like best to make against the vaccination push is the fact that TPTB (governments and corporations) have ensured against global vaccination due to patents and greed. Combined with the insatiable need of people in wealthy, vaccinated countries to continue globe-trotting in spite of all-species-ending climate change knocking on our door, we will continue to have wave after wave of COVID and wave after wave of adverse climate events.

    I appreciate the sharing of folks here talking about how they deal with the difficult realities in front of us. I spend as much time as possible in nature. On a farm this is not difficult. I try to take in and appreciate with all my senses the beauty around me -the smells and colours of plants and they put on their show throughout the season, the sightings of shy creatures who come around, the songs of various birds that have called our place home.

    Dr. D

    Check this out: Cuomo has had to give up on Covid lockdowns. Oh noes. Because, and I quote: “That is where the COVID structure did work,” …Worked to kill 20,000 grandmas and be the worst on the planet you mean. But hey, let’s not let facts and failure impact our egos. Being the 2nd most failed state in the Union, true blue, Cuomo, like Justin, is NEVER going to give up power. He’s just declared a state of emergency for gun violence, immediately replaced the totally failed, entirely illegal Covid emergency.

    “”If you look at the recent numbers, more people are now dying from gun violence and crime than COVID,” Cuomo said Tuesday. “This is a national problem but someone has to step up and address this problem”

    Gosh Andy, all the worst cities and states in the nation and/or world have one thing in common. Besides, weren’t you in charge when this happened?

    “Treat gun violence like the emergency public health issue it is.”

    I know! I always send a doctor out when there’s a shooting. Because we fired the police.

    “Target hotspots with data and science”

    Let me guess: you have Nooooooooooooo idea where the shootings are happening. Or why. We’re getting out a pencil and looking into it only this morning. And yeah, we’ll send scientists out in lab coats with the doctors instead of policemen. Because: if it IS your job, you DON’T do it, if it ISN’T your job, you DO do it.

    “Break the cycle of escalating violence”

    Hey, why is there a cycle of escalating violence and why do only you have it? After 200 years why did it suddenly appear in 1963? …The world may never know.

    “Get illegal guns off the streets”

    “Despite New York having the strongest gun safety laws in the country, the governor’s office says 74% of guns used in criminal activity were purchased out of the state.”

    So all the guns were ILLEGAL? Yeah, that speaks for itself.

    “Keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people”

    Do I need comment? The guns were ILLEGAL. You just said. 1 second ago. Too hard: can’t think. If they’re illegal, we’ll make a law and make them illegal. -er. Mostest, really REALLY illegal, then the criminals will obey the laws!

    “Rebuild the police-community relationship”

    Golly, since you’ve been helping with the same party and the same tactics for 80 years, why is the relationship so bad and support at an all-time low? That’s odd. Does Nebraska have this problem? How about New Hampshire?

    So a war on guns, I guess. If only we had thought to have a “War on” before. Like for Poverty, Drugs, Crime, Terror…

    A.I. ? They can’t even keep the lights on in L.A. and a private, totally-sealed pipeline working. I think we’re safe. If anything bad happens from it, it will be because it’s so universally non-functional, it looks like Brazil, where the only bad guys they chase and kill are people out to fix your plumbing:

    If they start promoting A.I., go long candles.


    And we thought it was just a Democratic vote drive, but nooooo….


    “I’ll just beam my thoughts into your brains.” Yup. I hope my brain can block those beams. Tinnitus is bad enough. 😉
    The clownfish video was great. I guess all those endocrine disrupters have done their work. I am going to reread “Our Stolen Future (1996): “Something in the water…was causing sexual confusion.” (p132).


    Dr D., “A.I. ? They can’t even keep the lights on in L.A. and a private, totally-sealed pipeline working. I think we’re safe.”

    Right??? Stated far better than I could. There is no such thing as AI that will take over and create transhumans in the future. The machine learning we HUMANS have managed to develop to date has resulted in things like self-driving cars that don’t. Think a self-driving car works? Bring it to upstate NY in January during heavy snow and the roadway sand/salt messing with sensors and cameras and let me know how well that self-driving works out.

    Hell, we can barely keep a laptop operating properly. AI? Laughable. Good golly we humans seem to thrive on hubris. Probably time to get back to totem poles and the gods of nature. We’ve gone a bit off course here …


    If they knock on my door to insist I get vaccinated, I’m gonna get all intimidated and not vote in the next election.

    /s. or maybe not.


    @my parents: or don’t answer the knock on the door. 😉


    I think Australia, New Zealand, etc., have painted themselves into a corner by pulling up the carpet and slamming the castle doors shut for 18 months. This “pandemic” is now endemic, much like the flu and other diseases. It isn’t going away so these countries have only managed to put off the inevitable. It doesn’t appear the vaccines do jack all in preventing much of anything so just how is their policy of “vaccinate everyone so we can open up” plan going to make a difference in the long run? Sooner or later there will be significant exposure and it won’t matter which “variant” hits the country.

    If the MSM would cease their incessant fear mongering and numbers running, few people would even notice the “pandemic” because there isn’t one anymore. There’s an endemic virus. Live with it.


    The savior has arrived. (for CNN ETC.)
    Class Action: Trump to sue Facebook, Twitter CEOs over being banned from their platforms

    Mr. House

    “No questions were asked as others vanished into the shadows: Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York after Me Too allegations… crickets. Things were getting a little hot for Bill Gates. A divorce announcement and… the still night air. I expect the same lack of curiosity with the departure of former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock once the British have sated their fascination with his snog.”


    The USA cannot hear the message. “Go home. Get out. Leave”
    This week’s incidents mark about 50 attacks in 2021 so far against US interests in Iraq at a moment it’s believed less than 3,000 American troops remain (not counting the abundant contractors and intelligence personnel).

    Though the perpetrators of these latest attacks are as yet unknown, the incidents are being widely viewed as part of broader revenge attacks for the aforementioned June 27 series of US airstrikes on Iran-backed militia groups along the Iraq-Syria border, which killed and wounded multiple fighters as well as reports of civilians.


    Upstate- The MN department of health called yesterday. I didn’t answer it.

    Sometimes people I want to see knock on my door. If it were “them” I would give them a piece of my mind, if I had any left.

    Dr. D

    Speaking of Canada, they just removed the Prime Minister! No joke.

    …The First Prime Minister, MacDonald.

    Canada’s National Archive Cancels Country’s First Prime Minister

    He did something bad once. Maybe. Who knows? We didn’t ask. But we culturally purged him anyway, without asking, just in case.

    You’re Next.

    Mr. House

    “So how did the state and corporate media lose the influence game — that’s their claim, given the full-court press? When did the industry drop the ball? Newspaper publishers like to blame the Internet for their woes and it is true that the separation of advertising from publishing almost killed them. The rot started, however, long before the Internet.

    As early as the 1980s publishers were replacing news reporters with feature writers. It is cheaper to ask someone to pen an opinion piece than to spend a day-and-a-half bashing phones. This was the era when publishers began asking celebrities to write travel and food articles, overlooking journalists with decades of expertise. Reporting, especially long-form investigations, were pushed off their pages. The news in briefs became a cut and paste and even London’s Financial Times dropped what had been known as the best NIBs in the business. Newspapers without the, er, news. Gotcha.

    Then there was the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which removed the obstacles to media consolidation. It was one of a series of measures under Bill Clinton that should make the non-partisan journalist pause: consider the deregulation of banking as well of media, NAFTA that stripped the protections that kept factories within national borders, and the three-strikes legislation that massively expanded for-profit prisons.

    The presidency of Bill Clinton could well have been the tipping point at which the balance of corporate and individual interest tilted irreversibly. It is simply too important to ignore, yet many journalists do, adopting the fig leaf of political partisanship which I think is a cover for the raw financial interest of the companies that pay them.

    Sections of the media now admit that deregulation destroyed objective reporting, but it did more than that [6]. Journalists would rather be accused of political bias than hold their bosses to account. By acting as cheerleaders for a political party, they avoid asking questions about corporate influence. Media corporations benefit from the concentration of ownership which, in turn, allows them to control the narrative.”


    @absolute galore on 6/6/21:

    “Jim (Kunsler) has been predicting the imminent collapse of… everything….in pretty much every column for years. His special genius is writing about it in a unique and entertaining way each week”.

    My thanks to absolute galore for zeroing in on JK’s “special genius”. Which is to:
    — predict the imminent collapse of… everything – (pretending that collapse is ALWAYS just around the bend)
    — entertain your readers (because they’ve spent their entire lives being distracted, titillated, enraged, scared, and otherwise manipulated by our 24/7/365 global propaganda system and we don’t know any other way to exist without continuous external stimulation.)

    In other words JK is, like every other Well Known Figure, just an Entertainer. Someone who’s real job, while pretending to talk about Serious Issues, is to divert you from your responsibility to yourself & your family to try to solve those very issues.

    Cue the Wayback Machine: After I discovered the Energy Depletion problem back in the mid 90’s I began looking around to see if anyone else had noticed this minor problem. I remember when JK, who use to be an unknown architectural critic, “discovered” collapse and jumped aboard the gravy train. I remember when TAE was two voices rather than just one. And I remember Dmitry Orlov’s remark decades ago that “predicting collapse wasn’t going to be a very lucrative career choice”. But he’s since found, like the rest of his Collapsitarian peers, that actually one can do quite nicely at this – as long as you can keep the dreaded collapse from ever arriving. Or, baring that, at least convince your readers that it’s not here yet.

    And that’s a problem for the Pundits because collapse – the actual disintegration of the world’s first global, industrial civilization – is here. Now. Today. This Chaos all around us is what collapse looks like. It’s been oozing slowly downhill now for 2 generations but over the last 18 mos has turned grimly serious. I’m sorry, friends, they don’t ring bell at the top anymore. They don’t pass out silly hats & party favors. Musical Chairs has already started and I know you didn’t get the memo either but most of the chairs are already taken. And our chances of getting a seat at the table are slim to none.

    And that’s solely because we delude ourselves that propaganda is something that happens to other people. Sorry my friends but the Western Propaganda system is not some vague, shadowy menace – it’s how our culture is disseminated now. And it’s the most sophisticated & effective system of “managing people” that’s ever been invented. It’s Mother Culture sitting on your shoulder, whispering inaudibly in your ear, from the day you’re born to the day you die – telling you all that you need to know to belong to the “club”. And the accumulated sum of this indoctrination is inside every one of us because intelligence is no defense to this. (it’s actually a handicap!)

    So just imagine that you’re infinitely powerful (ie: rich) and your research minions explain to you that Western Civilization is in it’s last days (for a # of reasons that we won’t go into today). And further that this planet is massively over-populated and a dieoff of unprecedented scale is likely during your lifetime. And further imagine that you got to be this powerful because you’re a very clever sociopath who has no intention of sharing your hard-stolen wealth with “useless eaters”. So how do you make sure that you & your friends come out of this unpleasantness on top?

    Well you and your friends actually own what is, essentially, the entire Western Media system. So arranging diversion & dissension amongst the populace shouldn’t be too difficult. Let’s promote the dissolution of the nuclear family to advance “individualism” (ie: isolation & dependence on the Corporate State). And Race (BLM) & Gender (LGBTQ+) warfare will keep them too busy to notice that the real war is between the classes. But it’s crucial that obscenely wealthy people are portrayed as benevolent and ALWAYS referred to as “Our Elites”. Always. And the beauty of this system? The people on the receiving end can ONLY discover the truth IF they’re willing to admit that they’ve been duped for they’re entire lives. It’s the Perfect Crime. Because we victims will do anything to avoid admitting that we’ve been had.

    But wait! It get’s worse. Now that their control is almost absolute they’ve given us the C-19 Plandemic. And 18 mos later anyone who’s not already sleepwalking to their Final Solution can see that this Dog & Pony Show has been stage managed for somebody else’s benefit. And it isn’t being orchestrated by your mayor or governor or the CDC or WHO or Fauci because EVERY governmental official at EVERY level in EVERY Western country in the Entire Western World is reading from EXACTLY the same script. It’s almost a perfect 3 part harmony. So who do we blame? The people behind the scenes who are actually pulling the strings? No, we blame the actors hired play the black hat roles in this melodrama. Sigh…

    Even though it’s blindly obvious that there’s only one……..entity on this planet that has the resources to pull this off we can’t raise our fingers in accusation. Because we aren’t allowed to confront our benevolent “elites”. Instead we waste our time proving and reproving and proving once again that C-19 isn’t any worse than the flu. And that their “vaccines” – which may actually be part of their depopulation program – aren’t really safe or effective. Instead of talking about our ONLY REAL PROBLEM – that a few thousand sociopaths now effectively control an entire planet of 7+ billion people. A problem that could be solved overnight if we were all released from our collective trance. And the people pulling the strings are laughing up their sleeves at us while we continue tilting at their windmills – just as we’re programmed to.

    I am left with nothing here but the homespun wisdom of America’s greatest philosopher: Pogo

    “We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us”.

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