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    Oh, yeah- 😉


    Here is a timeline for the WEF’s CyberPolygon cyber pandemic unveiling up until now, side by side with the COVID-19 chronology. The similarities are striking

    What these similarities portend is not good, and I suggest that all of us should prepare for an extended power grid failure. For the full timeline with all the sources go here:

    Please share this if you find it valuable. Preparation is key, and time is not on our side.

    June 2009: In the midst of the swine flu breakout the World Health Organization defangs their working definition of ‘pandemic’ by removing the requirement of “enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses”.

    Like magic, the WHO can now declare pandemics far more easily triggering billion dollar contracts with pharmaceutical companies–and it does so… with the already in-progress swine-flu outbreak.

    April 2015: In a Ted Talk Bill Gates predicts, “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war”.

    January 2017: Dr. Fauci promises, “there is no question that there will be a challenge for the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases … there will be a surprise outbreak”

    Mid 2019: Dr. Fauci directs a total of $7.4 million in funding from NIAID to a lab in Wuhan China with some of the funds set aside to study ‘gain of function research’ for corona-viruses–making them far more infectious and deadly to human beings.

    August 2019: Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test used to detect COVID-19 dies of pneumonia.

    Kary, who was openly critical of Dr. Fauci – calling him a fraud who had no problem lying to the American people and who, “doesn’t know anything about anything” – said many times that his PCR test could not be used to diagnose an illness, and that with a high enough cycle threshold you could find just about anything.

    Regardless, his PCR test was the primary test used to diagnose C-19, with the New York times later admitting that the non-test likely had a false positive rate in the neighborhood of 90%. This test was used to measure cases and cases were used to justify the lockdowns which severely wounded the world economy.

    October 2019: The WEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation host a pandemic simulation called ‘Event 201’ with dozens of corporate, political, and media participants scripting and acting out their response in the event a real one occurred.

    November 2019: Less than 2 months later in Wuhan China, C-19 enters the world stage and spreads rapidly across the globe leaving extreme economic havoc in its wake.

    June 2020: Stereotypical Bond villain and leader of the WEF, Klaus Schwab releases his book, ‘COVID-19: The Great Reset’, a communistic creed describing a future where our biology will be merged with computers and AI. A dystopian scenario for the future outlined on their website and youtube channel is, “ by 2030 you will own nothing, have no privacy, and you will be happy.”

    July 2020: Dr. Fauci admits that with a PCR test cycle threshold higher than 35, the COVID-19 test results are meaningless. This despite the fact that since the beginning of the pandemic, labs everywhere have run their PCR cycle thresholds in the 36 to 50 range and continued to do so even after Fauci’s July comments. This caused false-positive case counts to continue to explode across the world facilitating more stringent lock-downs.

    November 2020: Klaus Schwab releases a pair of videos of himself and a colleague warning that a global cyber pandemic is inevitable and that when it arrives it will shut down power grids across the world causing havoc that will far exceed the havoc already caused by the C-19 pandemic.

    December 2020: Solar Winds – a giant cyber security firm whose security suite is installed on many of the major government and corporate networks across the first world – announces a catastrophic security breach in which hackers injected a back door into Solar Wind’s codebase, which was then distributed to all of their clients during the next update cycle–granting the hackers access to all of those systems. Rootkits were likely then deployed granting full undetectable control. This event now gives cover for the hacking of the world’s power grids due to the fact that those systems have been compromised by “bad actors”.

    February 2021: an extremely rare winter storm freezes Texas to near zero causing an extremely rare power grid failure across the state.

    March 2021: the EverGiven – a ship the size of four city blocks – charts a cock and balls GPS course across the sea before securely lodging itself sideways in the Suez canal thereby clogging up the world’s most important shipping lane for six days.

    May 2021: bad actors launch a cyber attack against the computer systems of Colonial Pipeline – the largest pipeline in the United States which supplies 48% of the fuel requirements of the eastern seaboard of the country – causing it to go offline. Despite a number of spills due to negligence causing shutdowns throughout the years, this cyber attack event was so rare that it has never happened before.

    June, 1 2021, a cyber attack forces the shutdown of 5 JBS SA plants – the largerst meat plants in the world – which provide 20% of the meat supply of the United States.

    June, 23 2021, US National Guardsmen announce the completion of their annual a two-week cyber attack training exercise which simulates critical utilities being knocked offline across the United States.

    June, 25 2021, Microsoft announces that the hackers behind the catastrophic SolarWinds cyber attack have launched a fresh campaign mostly focusing on U.S. interests that, while mostly unsuccessful, managed to compromise three entities.

    July 2021, the WEF has scheduled a cyber pandemic simulation with political, business, and media leaders in the same vein as their Event 201 virus pandemic simulation. This event is titled CyberPolygon…

    Doc Robinson

    It strikes me that the covid vaccine decisions (the emergency use authorizations, and the subsequent recommendations and pushes to get people vaccinated) are still based on beliefs. The EUAs were granted only after a panel of experts weighed in on the question of whether the benefits of the vaccines outweighed the risks. The experts were not unanimous. With incomplete data and some uncertainty, the decisions depend on personal judgements and beliefs.

    Imposing the covid vaccines is similar to imposing one’s religious beliefs on others. Unlike religious beliefs, however, the vaccine proselytizing is supposedly based on data supporting the belief that the benefits of the vaccines outweigh the risks.

    As far as the data goes, as time goes by, the trends are clear: The touted benefits are decreasing (less effectiveness), while the risks are increasing (as more harmful side effects are recognized). For the people who believe the benefits outweigh the risks, the shaky ground they stand on is continually being eroded away.

    Will they respond rationally? Or will they continue to cling to their prior beliefs, making the vaccination push become similar to state-sponsored religion?


    The plandemic must continue until the day after the midterm election, then it will disappear into the ether. Because mail in ballots, you see?

    Meanwhile, only need to go into town once a month or so. This gardening is really paying off,,,in many ways 😉

    Mr. House

    “Will they respond rationally? Or will they continue to cling to their prior beliefs, making the vaccination push become similar to state-sponsored religion?”

    Ummmm they haven’t responded rationally from the beginning, so either they’re all crazy or its just following the plan. You guys need to grapple with the fact that you’re at war, and talking nicely and laying out arguments isn’t going to change a thing.

    Mr. House

    The first casualty of war is………….


    @laffin_boy: “… our ONLY REAL PROBLEM – that a few thousand sociopaths now effectively control an entire planet of 7+ billion people.”

    There is fairly effective control of the NARRATIVES the sociopaths push. But those narratives are not lived reality for what is, most likely, the majority of people on this planet. To think that a few thousand sociopaths CONTROL 7+ billion people? Um … No. They. Don’t.

    I do agree that the enemy is us. 😉

    Mr. House


    Thank you for the timeline, i think something with the powergrid will happen in the fall or summer. The evidence (both documented and from observing reactions to pushback) all scream at the top of its lungs that something is rotten in denmark, but we wish to continue to argue and convince ourselves it isn’t so. People couldn’t be so evil

    Mr. House

    summer was supposed to be winter. The better to kill off more old people/useless eaters, no power and da vaccines doing their thang

    Doc Robinson

    “…laying out arguments isn’t going to change a thing.”

    It might help change some minds. There’s not much else some of us can do at this point.

    Mr. House

    This seems like a rational response….. if you are trying to unpeople a certain segment of your population and make the act of removing them from society less horrendous


    Doc Robinson: “As far as the data goes, as time goes by, the trends are clear: The touted benefits are decreasing (less effectiveness), while the risks are increasing (as more harmful side effects are recognized). For the people who believe the benefits outweigh the risks, the shaky ground they stand on is continually being eroded away. Will they respond rationally? Or will they continue to cling to their prior beliefs, making the vaccination push become similar to state-sponsored religion?”

    I think they’ve lost control of the narrative. Vaccine uptake in the US has fallen off a cliff. People are not showing up to get their second injection. Hence the need for religious figureheads to now hop into the fray and pronounce coercive edicts on why you should get a vaccine for the greater good. Yeah? Really?? Good luck with that. Plenty of people have refused vaccines for decades due to religious beliefs. Now you’re telling them they’ve been wrong all this time?

    The elite sociopaths appear to be losing and one of the means they have left to try is religion? Something wrong with this picture.

    Mr. House

    “Impoverished residents of the Third World are not, in fact, “struggling to get vaccinations” because Nebraska corn farmers won’t take their shots (or whatever the lazy insinuation from NPR is here); rather, they can’t access said “vaccines” because self-professed philanthropist Bill Gates refuses to share “vaccine” formulas with third-party manufacturers in a cynical ploy to protect Big Pharma profits.”

    More likely he doesn’t want them to know what is in them…………….


    To clarify. Doc Robinson raises a good point, as always. I believe people will stop clinging to their prior beliefs and the vaccine push will not become state-sponsored religion.

    The gig is up. The plug is pulled. The nutjobs need to gather up their marbles and go home.

    Mr. House


    If you believe the numbers they are putting out with regards to people who are vaccinated, i for one do not. Some counties have started to review their covid casualty figures and are finding that 25% were not covid deaths and that is probably an understatement. I think its higher then that, the CDC itself says that 94% of all deaths occurred in someone who had 2 or 3 comorbiditys and strangely that number has remained consistent from the getgo.

    Dr. D

    Welcome new people. Good posts.

    Mr. House


    Our knowledge, being aware/informed, of what is happening does not mean that we will survive the culling.
    Our advance age is our blessing/ticket of NOT experiencing the worst of what is to come.
    Yesterday is gone.
    Why buy a loto ticket?


    Old news
    In August 2017, reacting to a hostile speech by US President Trump, a Taliban spokesman retorted that they would keep fighting to free Afghanistan of “American invaders”.[240]

    Most Taliban are Pashtun tribesmen in Afghanistan.
    On 3 November 1994, the Taliban in a surprise attack conquered Kandahar City.[7] Before 4 January 1995, they controlled 12 Afghan provinces.[7] Militias controlling the different areas often surrendered without a fight. Omar’s commanders were a mixture of former small-unit military commanders and madrassa teachers.[111][112][113][114][115] At these stages, the Taliban were popular because they stamped out corruption, curbed lawlessness, and made the roads and area safe.[7]


    @Mr House: no, I do not believe the numbers they are putting out regarding how many people are vaccinated. That’s why I commented, in response to Doc Robinson’s post, that I believe “the vaccine push will not become state-sponsored religion.” It appears I was a bit wishy-washy in my two comments – sorry about that!

    Mr. House

    No worries, and i do not mean to come off aggressive in my comments if that is how they’re taken.


    @Mr., … eh, I’m in a foul mood today so my apologies. Pissed at this [global] utter madness which appears to have no end (that said after having a neighbor tell me earlier that I should “just get vaccinated because it’s no big deal”). For gods sake, do they not understand that in our protest, in our being shunned and ostracized, we are trying to HELP?

    I’m thinking the approach of “please let me ever so kindly help you understand” is blatantly naive, ridiculously stupid, and has almost zero chance of working. I’m now leaning toward using a f*** you response.

    Bad day. 🙁

    Doc Robinson

    The CDC’s data (updated daily) says that still less than half of the US population is fully vaccinated. Only 47.6% fully, and 55.1% if those with only one dose are included. The narrative breaks down if there are large unvaccinated segments of the population that are doing fine. Door-to-door scolding is a sign of desperation.

    The upcoming booster shots will be an opportunity for the already-vaccinated to cut their losses and not submit to more unnecessary risks.



    “There is fairly effective control of the NARRATIVES the sociopaths push. But those narratives are not lived reality for what is, most likely, the majority of people on this planet. To think that a few thousand sociopaths CONTROL 7+ billion people? Um … No. They. Don’t”.

    Sorry but once you truly understand the mechanisms of propaganda you understand that controlling the Narrative IS, effectively, complete control. As you know most of us can’t even convince OUR OWN CHILDREN, let alone our friends & neighbors, not to get jabbed. This IS our “lived reality”. The fact that you & I & 12 other troublemakers can talk about this on a sorta public venue doesn’t change the picture at all. Control, coerced or by force, is never 100% and doesn’t need to be. With control of 95% of the narrative and 65% of the hearts & “minds” then they have to power to do whatever they want – whenever they want. And they do.

    If you were to examine your instinctive reaction to the word “Control” I suspect you’d find the threat of physical force lurking in the background. It’s this instinct that causes some people to stock on M-16 ammo while they still watch 4 hrs of TV a day. They’ve already lost because they don’t have a clue about how this battle is being waged.

    Also I can’t help but notice that you continue to refer to the people behind this crime as “Elites”. It isn’t an accident that EVERYBODY uses the EXACT SAME TERM. Do you really think this is by accident? “Framing” (in a linguistic sense) is a key element of effective propaganda. If I can trick you into consistently calling me an Elite than i’ve successfully elevated myself in relation to you in YOUR (unconcious) mind. George Laykoff explains how that works:

    Framing 101


    Yeah, vaccination numbers will be exaggerated, adverse reactions will be downplayed, both in numbers and in severity, the media don’t give news, but a narrative.


    “Just the fact that they feel they need to re-state it says enough…”CDC Insists Benefits Of mRNA Vaccines Still “Clearly Outweigh” Risks (ZH)”

    I had the same thought back in the late 1980s when I started noticing signs posted at my local Savings & Loan stating: “Your deposits are protected by the full faith and credit of the United States government.”


    @laffin, great response! 🙂 I don’t believe “they” have control of 65% of the world’s hearts & minds. You seem to be primarily referencing the hearts & minds of western societies … how about we include the so-called 3rd world societies (how many billion is that?) and try to gauge where their hearts & minds are? Those who live without TV, internet, and twitface, and who have been physically harmed on multiple occasions by western societies, including through the use of vaccinations. Where are their hearts & minds?

    And … the flip side of “most of us can’t even convince OUR OWN CHILDREN, let alone our friends & neighbors, not to get jabbed” would be … then how come THEY are able to completely control the narrative and thus win the hearts and minds of most of the world’s population? If we can’t win the minds of our loved ones, they most certainly can’t win the minds of EVERYONE.

    Controlling the narrative is not complete control. To believe that to be true, is to believe we might as well crawl in a hole and pull the dirt down on top of ourselves.

    PS … I call them elites because it’s a term everyone understands. There isn’t an ounce of me that subscribes to it. Even as a youngster I understood that “everyone puts their pants on the same way.” I don’t believe anyone is elite. I don’t fawn over athletes, actors, politicians, etc. Never have. Never will. In the future I’ll call them what they are. Greedy, sociopathic scum. Thank you for pointing that out. Appreciated. 🙂

    TAE Summary

    * Ivermectin Questions
    – How does one pay for Ivermectin?
    – Is Quercetin better than Ivermectin?
    – Is Pierre Kory the new Jim Jones with Ivermectin the new Koolaid?
    – With pharmacies in SF closing where will people shoplift their Ivermectin?

    * Covid and Vaccination
    – Injecting all with a spike protein generating gene therapy is a war time effort and needs a war time president
    – Be sure to thank everyone who participated in the experimental vaccine trial for giving you the freedom to hug your kids; Hail to thee, fat person! You kept us out of war!
    – Most people in the world can’t get delivery of a super cooled experimental spike protein generating gene therapy so Covid is endemic
    – Q: How many deaths should disqualify a vaccine? A: Safe and Effective
    – Keep hope and hysteria alive until cases rise in October
    – To insure domestic tranquility Biden will send federal employees door to door to ask if you’ve been vaccinated and offer you a free jab; Don’t worry, safety, effectiveness and privacy are their top concerns
    – US Military will require personnel to get vaccinated; Some troops want to desert but must weigh getting jabbed vs. getting shot
    – More in NY die from guns than from Covid, or both
    – As the west declines, nextgen vaccines will be developed by candlelight using stone knives and bearskins
    – Covid decisions are based on religious beliefs; We need more JW’s in the CDC
    – Covid will disappear after the midterms when Joe says he’s sorry, kind of like the Oobleck
    – There are lies, damn lies and Covid statistics

    * AI – Pay no attention to the programmer behind that curtain. The great Sophia has spoken
    – The sociopaths that rule want a trainable, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent intelligence that will beam cheaper-than-fact-opinions directly into your clownfish-like, idiot-cow brain
    – Deus Est Machina

    * The chaos tipping point nears
    – Refuse to play the vaccination game
    – If we accept a killer vaccine we will accept anything
    – The fewer the resistors the greater the required individual impedance
    – Knowing won’t stop culling
    – Things will play out as the play out, or not

    * In autumn the leaves come blowing, yellow and brown.
    They rustle in the ditches, they tug and hang on the hedge.
    Where are you going leaves? Far, far away
    Into the earth we go, with the rain and the berries.
    Take me, leaves, O take me on your dark journey.
    I will go with you, I will be rabbit-of-the-leaves,
    In the deep places of the earth, the earth and the rabbit.
    — Silverweed

    Mr. House

    On a lighter note, most of us probably feel like this is the world we’re living in 😉


    Got in an elevator, headed to visit a client at the local retirement community. A lady was entering the elevator just before me, she was unmasked, I was masked. “Is it okay if I share the elevator with you?” I asked.

    “Are you vaccinated?” She replied.

    “No,” I said — her body stiffened and she looked stressed, “I already had Covid and I recovered. I am immune.”

    Her posture softened a little. “Well, you should still get the vaccine.” She paused, then continued, “For added protection.”

    “I know that is what has been said, but I have researched this extensively, and I disagree.”

    I could tell that she was very uncomfortable with my response. And then her level came up and she exited.


    Yet, if those who have done the research, seen the patients with adverse vaccine reactions, mined through the VAERs data, and/or followed the work of those doing these things are not willing to stand up and be counted as dissidents, who is going to stand up? I’m sure there are many who are uncomfortable about the vaccines but haven’t done the research and aren’t sure of which choice to make. If we stand up, then it becomes so much easier for those who are less confident to also stand with us, and learn from us.

    (Oh, and it is amusing when I realize I have such strong convictions about “standing for what I believe in,” recognizing that I was trained in Sunday School to be this way, the learning stuck, but the dogma it was attached to originally didn’t survive life’s vicissitudes.)

    Mr. House

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    And sorry I could not travel both
    And be one traveler, long I stood
    And looked down one as far as I could
    To where it bent in the undergrowth;

    Then took the other, as just as fair,
    And having perhaps the better claim,
    Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
    Though as for that the passing there
    Had worn them really about the same,

    And both that morning equally lay
    In leaves no step had trodden black.
    Oh, I kept the first for another day!
    Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
    I doubted if I should ever come back.

    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.


    @TAE summary: “– US Military will require personnel to get vaccinated; Some troops want to desert but must weigh getting jabbed vs. getting shot”

    Laugh out loud. Literally. Now that was epic.

    @phoenix: I was trained in Sunday School, too. Interesting you bring that up. Thank you! Need to think more about that.

    Michael Reid

    @ Mr. House
    Your comment #79126 expresses my thinking. I also see it as a war and actions are required.


    @Michael: what action would that be?

    Mr. House

    A platform, a declaration of what we believe in. Something that can’t be called “racist” or the “patriarchy”. An organization that doesn’t need a leader because the principles it is built on do the leading. How’s that for a start?

    Mr. House

    i think my rant a few days ago eg. reinstate glass stegal, break up mega corps, create laws that limit the size of big biz, term limits, no lobbying unless its public and serves the public interest, corporations must reapply for a charter after so many years, ect ect ect, was a decent start.


    “Ultra-Contagious Lambda Variant Detected In Australia”

    In New Zealand the PR campaign has the populace well-primed, apparently ready to jump queues in their desperation to get the jab! The New Zealand government is rumoured to be having delays with Pfizer vaccine supplies. They may fear that these delays will take the heat out of their fear campaign, ergo this latest booster in the NZ Herald. You see it everywhere, Bloomberg is needling the Europeans “Europe Threatened With Delta Now Faces Slower Vaccination Rates”: “The virus can kill you, the vaccine is there to save you, so don’t hesitate” says the French Junior Minister for tourism. “Maybe we could have a vaccination weekend for Germany to really reach everybody, and then we will achieve a high rate”, says Germany’s Health Minister Spahn.
    “We have a fight against time between the capacity of the virus to differentiate itself and our capacity to vaccinate”, says Portuguese Prime Minister Costa.

    As Dr. D famously and aptly said “Mouth opens, lies come out.” :-))

    and @VArnold
    When I ordered IVM from Kachela a couple of months ago, refused to pay to that account. I did succeed paying in USD using XE.COM. Others are reporting success with revolut


    Raúl: “Reaction? More lockdowns. Which have failed for 18 months now. And what are they trying to achieve? How long can you separate the entire country from the world? Until you reach zero, and then you can open and start all over again?”

    It’s not all bad. The Australia Institute, an august non-neoliberal economic thinktank, is pointing out that the barriers to easy international travel into and out of Australia are having positive economic effects. Instead of neglecting our own people and importing cheap, already-trained slaves workers from overseas, we are being forced to train and hire locals — just as we did prior to the adoption of globalist policies. This is good.

    The vastly overheated housing market is calming down and becoming somewhat more affordable.

    However, the flight of people from our overstuffed cities into small towns is not doing the locals there any good as they are being priced out of their own housing — purchase and rental — by the influx of urban sea-changers.

    The Federal government recently announced plans to stop trying to extinguish the Plague and live with it, à la Singapore. So far it’s lomng on ideals and short on details, but it’s a start.

    HOWEVER, when it comes to dealing with the Plague, the ONLY treatment one reads and hears about is Vaccines! Vaccines! Vaccines! The people know nothing else. It’s not their fault.


    Mr. House said:

    “A platform, a declaration of what we believe in. Something that can’t be called “racist” or the “patriarchy”. An organization that doesn’t need a leader because the principles it is built on do the leading. How’s that for a start?”

    Good call. That’s why idPol and “wokeness” were invented, IMO: they’re intentionally solidarity-destroying;
    by making discourse near-impossible without causing offense to the other. Mmm.. perfect. 😉

    I think you’re on the right track.

    Mr. House


    Exactly, occupy wall street might have frightened them. So many different groups coming together to protest the same thing. So they studied it, did the “market” research and then turned it on its head with ID pol. If others think ID pol is organic and not a product of the “intelligence” agencies i’ve got a cure for covid to sell ya 😉

    Remember how they cracked down on occupy wall street? Generally if you’re getting flak you must be over the target. Wonder why antifa and BLM don’t get any flak? Ha also, did anyone see that a “patriot” group from texas decided to march in philly on july 4th to spew their stupid ideas? A group from texas, drives to philly to march and spew racist ignorant ideas. Nope, couldn’t have been a false flag group, FBI didn’t have nothing to do with it.

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