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    John French Sloan South Beach Bathers 1908   • Trump is Convicted: What Comes Next? (Turley) • “This Is A Scam”: Trump Rails Against Judge Follow
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    Dr D Rich

    Proof centiBillionaires can be stupid as shit.

    Here’s Elon(gated) Musk on stupidity:

      If a former President can be criminally convicted over such a trivial matter – motivated by politics, rather than justice – then anyone is at risk of a similar fate.

    Two things mr. Elongated Musk. Alvin Bragg’s and Juan Merchan’s jury convicted a former U.S. President Donald Trump.
    There’s no “If” there, Musk.
    It’s a done deal.
    Past tense.

    Once again in case you missed it last night, the folk as Obama might put it, who have to worry are some former Presidents as the precedent has been set.
    Presidents are fair game now thanks to the brilliance of Alvin Bragg, Blackman, Juan Merchan Latino Man and those 12 nitwits from the jury pool who think they saved America from the Russians, I suppose.

    From last night:

      However I also notice a silence and an absence amidst the rancor.
      Bush I, Bush II, CLINTON, Carter and Obama are all noticeably silent amongst the reduction of their White peer President Trump to less than a common criminal. The reduction was achieved through no small irony of the combined efforts of a Black District Attorney Alvin Bragg and an Hispanic Immigrant Judge Juan Merchan.

      So, the former presidents’ silence before the momentous criminal conviction of their peer President Trump IS certainly resounding loudly in their heads. As they contemplate the prospect of a highly probable second Trump presidency targeting their asses, those former presidents cannot be sleeping well.

      Well, Bush parê is sleeping in eternal repose, heaven or hell.
      Does anyone know whether Jimmy Carter departed the mortal coil yet?

      I bet you Barack tied one or several on last night in mortified anticipation of the symbolic train heading his way….Alvin Bragg too.

      That train has a name…..

      Retributive Justice.

    Now I’m also thinking Billionaires like Elongated Musk have engaged in the same calculus as Obama and G2 Bush last night. If Presidents and White Male Deplorables are free game then so must be Billionaires except the ratios don’t quite favor blacks, latins, and the few ultra-wealthy out there.

    34 misdemeanors doesn’t qualify as a legal killing. Bragg didn’t have the balls or discipline to charge Trump with the murder of U.S. citizen 9yo Nawar al-Awlaki

    Finally and again, when you take out a king, you better kill him.

    Dr D Rich

    A final exhortation…..

    Watch Hollywood’s take on the solution to the nation’s Trump Problem.
    In the new movie “Civil War” the Trump-like character is “taken care of” by a actor with similar demographics to Alvin Bragg, well, almost.

    Coupled with the dramatic decline in longevity for white males in the United States, this current dystopia brings to mind another country’s not so distant travails….from Jeffrey Kaye’s blog

    We’re living it.

    “…number of children under the age 5 dropped by 1/3rd” but it was worth it becoz capitalism

      The world has become so inured to mass death, perhaps the following will merit little comment or outrage among our political punditry, even if the story did make the back pages of the New York Times. A new Lancet study, “Mass privatisation and the post-communist mortality crisis,” confirms what has been known but little discussed in the past eight to ten years: millions of people, mostly men of employment age, died as a result of the effects of the “shock therapy” transition from a collectivized to a privatized economy in Russia and other formerly “communist” states in East Europe. According to the Times article, by 2007 “the life expectancy of Russian men was less than 60 years, compared with 67 years in 1985.” Back in 2001, a UNICEF-IRC study had already claimed 3.2 million unnecessary deaths due to capitalist restoration. The Lancet study cites other figures, with up to “10 million missing men because of system change.” As a result, adult mortality rates soared, up almost 13% in Russia, with much of the increase attributable to the mass unemployment that followed the collapse in state enterprises. The study noted, “the Russian population lost nearly 5 years of life expectancy between 1991 and 1994.” Other factors affecting the disastrous increase in the death rate included poor health care, rising HIV rates, higher alcoholism and drug addiction rates, as well as the effects of acute psychosocial stress, massive corruption, impoverishment, rising social inequalities, and social disorganization. The effects of neo-liberal “shock therapy” on Russia and other East European countries (Russia being the hardest hit) were also felt by the children of the region. According to the UNICEF-IRC study noted above, tuberculosis rates rose by 50%; 150,000 children were added to the public care rolls (while overall population was dropping by millions); there were high levels of child malnutrition, and the number of children under age 5 fell by one-third. This was not just a jolt of “shock therapy,” it was a social tsunami that devastated the region. According to the Lancet, the more rapid the rate of privatization, the higher the death rate.
    Dr. D

    “Ferroptosis may be the driving force behind severe pulmonary manifestations of COVID-19.”

    Cov – Fe – Fe. They may have thought that the highest deadly process, but it didn’t turn out to be the foremost.

    “Reuters Claims Trump Supporters Want ‘Riots And Violent Retribution’ Following Trump Verdict

    Really? There already has been none, and no claims anywhere I’ve seen. There is a note it’s increased his support with everyone though.

    “Trump, …, was found guilty on Thursday of 34 counts of falsifying business records.”

    No he wasn’t: those are are misdemeanors past statute of limitations. Would you like to try again?

    “Biden: “It is reckless, dangerous, and irresponsible to say that the [Trump trial] was rigged.”

    I seem to remember certain people saying our system was rigged quite a few times. That never happened. Not no more.

    “Ware charges that Trump has an “ironclad ability to mobilize more extreme supporters to action, both at the ballot box and through violence.”

    Yeah, I see the violence. Would you like to name 4-5 cases since it’s more common and “Ironclad”? The sort of people who shot up a Congressional baseball field and drive through a parade?

    “• Trump Raises $53Mln in 24 Hours After Conviction (Sp.)

    Give up, it’s over. You DO know they’re going to track every name listed there, right? You’ll be “On a list”? Yeah, they all know. Does it LOOK like we’re about to give up and shut up Free Speech? A war is won when you make people stop fighting. We have now STARTED fighting: good work.

    “• X To Host Town Halls With Trump, RFK Jr. (ZH)

    Kind of wondering why we’re having a debate when we’re not having an election. Did I already prove my point? Let’s see: all other candidates disallowed, AND trying to get one killed with no Secret Service and the other killed in Rikers. Oopsie! I won, I guess.

    The debate is so we can have a show. A Reality TV Show. It’s so WE can talk, discuss, and see. It’s not for actual politics or anything.

    “Indeed, great damage was done today to the public’s faith in the American legal system.”

    No, the ILLUSION of the U.S. Justice System was damaged. It has been replaced by TRUTH and facts that this happens all the time, just as easily. How are the voters going to choose if they don’t have any truth or facts to base it on? This is the first step of democracy. We complain about the Derp State or the Left, heck the Republicans, what is our complaint? Lies. That they’re stupid and don’t know, they’re living in a bubble of codependent abuse and Stockholm Syndrome. This stops that bubble and injects reality. We can all start to talk rationally about actual things.

    A great victory was won yesterday.

    “• Paul Craig Roberts: Western Involvement Escalates Ukraine Conflict (Sp.)

    I’ve been pondering this as we’re clearly taking, choosing, two fixed paths here. One at home of course, but the other here in Ukraine. Part of the difficulty is even the Duran can’t speak correctly: They will say “They crossed red lines” yet the lines they speak of were made up by the West and are THEIR imaginary lines, not Russia’s, as they ignore Russia entirely. Even within the ranks, there are no “Experts on Russia”, they are “Central Asian with a focus on Kazakhstan” or something. Why? Well Russia doesn’t exist, it’s been broken up, so how can we use the name of a nation that no longer exists? Name it and Claim It, Power of Positive Thinking Occult Religion. That’s how much they ignore Russia. So….kinda hard to think about the war when the person who’s bombing you doesn’t exist, eh? Really hard to respond accurately and intelligently.

    So Alexanders are like WHICH Red Line did they cross/not cross, and WHO did the crossing/deciding it was crossed?

    Next problem, what was decided here new authorization: Aaaaiiiii! Except it’s not, of course. This is now only ADMITTING everything we’ve ALREADY been doing for weeks, months, years. So it’s not “What is happening” but “What are we ADMITTING is happening, today, vs the lies we were telling, vs the lies we are STILL telling, vs what we’re going to do next.” Got it?

    Okay, and Russia’s sitting on the other side, perfectly relaxed. Why? They have ONE reality. One. That is what is ACTUALLY happening, accurately. All our lies, stories, plans, mean nothing to them. All these lies don’t make them clever and “Strategic Ambiguity” they actually make them LESS clever with LESS range and ability. It’s like chess where you’re going to lose two pieces just to “Fake them out.” It’s like you’re going to get into street fights after watching tips from YouTube videos. No. You’re seriously outsmarting yourself and you’re making it MORE obvious you are a child, immature, an amateur, and don’t know what you’re doing. Although dangerous, you’re making it far easier for us to win, and down a very predictable path of confidence and certainty.

    So Russia is sitting there, relaxed, having our amateurish need for display alert all Russia that you’re planning for there to be a fight, and what size that fight will be, and over what. Just like a immature amateur s—t talking a bouncer before the ring. Okay, I’m all ears. That’s great, fine, amazing, wow. And now thanks to that, you’ve given Russia near-ENDLESS time to get mobilized, go back to the Gym, eat well, train well, sit around, train again, make more arms again, check his watch, you’re still talking, train again.

    So like Chess, Russia just sets up the moves, and because they have decided to proceed legally (at least for now), and their “legally” is also “rationally” as their law is also not made-up bucket of random like ours is, they merely say, This => That. That => This. So Adding Taurus missiles = We leak your conversations. Looks like after 10,000 years you finally might land your 50 year old plane = bomb the squeaky clean airfields that can support them. And so on. We make move, THEY make move. Orderly. The chaos and ambiguity is all in their minds, because they’re immature children who have no idea what they’re doing, and are incompetent and outclassed at every level.

    If you send that guy out with a rifle as they have, he’s still dangerous. But a seasoned soldier like Russia will still mop the floor with him, it’s just difficult to explain entirely ahead of time exactly how. Or exactly how it ends. Each chess move throws it down and entirely different path, where each move after is entirely different. At the same time, all moves of experts vs posers lead to only ONE path: You Lose.

    So the West is now only ADMITTING what they are ALREADY doing, so Russia is ADMITTING, that the fact of any long-range missiles is precisely and ONLY run, expressly BY U.S./French/British operators, in uniform, EXCLUSIVELY. That is to say, it legally defines their entry into open war, should they wish to do so. No one is fooled this wasn’t true before, but at this line, it can only be clear, proven, and incontrovertible to all the world and every referee that this is definitively, legally true.

    …So therefore the next move will be that of YOU, have legally defined open war, by your public actions, regardless of your Parliamentary actions at home – they are immaterial. Therefore as under all U.N. law and to 200 nations you have done this, we responded as if you have done this. Right?

    Meanwhile they think they’re deceptive and clever. It takes way more words to describe this level of convolution than it’s worth; The reality is quite simple: They’re lying, everyone knows they’re lying, and all their fancy footwork doesn’t not distract an instant from their lying, as everyone in the world can see they’re lying. They’re all just watching a show.

    The Liar has hampered and tied up HIMSELF, with his lies, not anyone else. Hey, ever think WHY experts, Black Belts, Senseis, Gurus, don’t lie? I mean, clearly they’re above it all, could lie the best with the most experience and skill?

    Yes, that’s because IT DOESN’T WORK. No other reason. #Logos, reality, truth, accuracy, works, it hits the mark, it wins. #AntiLogos, being wrong, having delusions, does NOT work. It misses the mark, screws up, and loses. Nothing to do with #Morality, or rather, that IS morality. It’s on a whole different level than “Opinions.”

    So what happens here? I don’t know. I guess the only definite is, WE decided to definitely cross the Red Line, although because we’re complete s—t at this, we “signaled” our punch months ahead of swinging and haven’t actually crossed it yet. So WHEN we cross the ACTUAL red line, the red line Russia ACTUALLY has – which they’ve been clear and we’re ignoring – Then Russia will take a swing that lays us out on the sidewalk, but not dead, because we’re not at that level yet. This => That. When you’re the 20-year pro street fighter, do you REALLY need to kill some posing punk kid? He is in some sense, no threat at all. IF he wants to take it to that level, we have plenty of time to accommodate him, and even all his friends. At once. But the FIRST level is that.

    WHAT will that be? Like a street fight, you can’t pre-plan it will be a leg fake then a right haymaker. Only amateurs pre-decide. It will depend on where he is and what he does that moment. I can only tell you he’ll be laid out on the sidewalk with canaries over his head. As an opener. So that’s what’s going to happen to us, because it NEEDS to happen to us, because we ARE that punk kid with no skills who can’t grasp that he is NOT a fighter, at all, and has no business in the ring. Come back later, kid, when you’re ready.

    And Russia is extravagantly gracious to us, and is not going to kill us or maim us, but merely teach us this needed lesson at this important time. I don’t like it, but I’m not that punk kid, and either are 95% of all Red counties in America. But Harvard never got in no fights. They never even got their arm twisted without running to daddy to press a discrimination “distress and mental suffering” lawsuit. And they’re the guys locked in the control booth at this time. So THEY need the punch that scares THEM, not us. THEY s–t their pants and run around crying, not us.

    ““..these “dividing lines between” Russia and the West “may be there for decades.”

    Guarantee. And WE made that choice. We gave them no choice. That was us.

    “• Medvedev Warns NATO of Nuclear ‘Miscalculation’ (RT)

    Here’s a switch. WHO is he talking to? I say that of Ze and the West, why bother saying, lying, who are they talking to. But same here, Medvedev knows NATO knows all that. He knows what they’re doing and they won’t back down. They are not who he’s talking to. He is talking to US, that is, the next layer of people who actually read news, sit in government posts, are professors, reporters, businessmen, etc. Not down to people who are the masses and don’t read the news or only the headlines yet, so us, like here at TAE. So we can tell others and shift left or right about it. We can make it worse or better. He’s down a few layers and not talking to NATO right now.

    That’s also positing something else complicated, that he’s talking to US, and why? Why talking not acting, why us and not NATO, why what he is trying to tell us really, what that implies we should do, and all that. He IS telling us and NATO the same thing tho, just that NATO’s not listening, and we all three all know that: him, us, and NATO.

    ““Medvedev said Friday that Russia would “proceed from the fact” that all long-range weapons used by Ukraine “are directly controlled by military personnel of NATO country..”

    Like this. This, then THAT. This is legal definition, as consensus agreed by the whole planet. Right? Just wanted to make sure before we take a swing. Don’t want any crying later. You can all step back and go home if you want. No foul.

    “Western military personnel are already active in Ukraine and “have been there for a long time,” President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday. “

    They are telling us. They are not fooled. WE are fooled. They think they crossed the Red Line and Russia did nothing. No, that was YOUR red line YOU made up, not Russia’s red line.

    “The hunger for war is palpable.”

    Yeah, Europe goes nuts like clockwork and kills everyone they can find every 80 years. They’re mindless savages like that. The comments from Baltics and Scandinavia are beyond the pale, and I see how Germany – of all places – is forced to take the position of a parent with a modicum of reason and restraint. But due to their personalities, the tiny nations will, have, are doing, always have, work the parent states of France (Mom) and Germany (Dad) into a lather. You know, the tiny kids like “Some damn fool thing in the Balkans” as Churchill said. Then when Germany “Goes up there” to “End this nonsense” they get a war killing, ya know, 100 million or something. Always have. Always. Read about the 1400s. But to make this happen, they are all codependents, all playing their parts and egging each other on, to be certain that they can definitely reach the point of all murdering the f—k out of each other, right on time. Like those cartoons where suddenly they pop into a cloud of dust and asterix, punching in a circle. Not a good look. You’re retards. Even we don’t do it that bad, and that’s really saying something. Like, LEARN something will ya? Just ONE of your nations, just ONCE, don’t do the same thing, the same script, and CHANGE?

    But here we are, Scandinavia goes from full-on neutral peace to All Nazi War, all-the-time, just like clockwork, if anything worse than 1940 when they were taken over and had an good excuse. Where’s your “Diversity and Tolerance” that made you hand grenade capital of the world? We’re only “Diverse” and “Tolerant” to blackies-who-don’t-know-any-better, but not to Russians? (It has been said this is true. They don’t think so, but their overwhelming approach and attitude to immigrants is to “Teach” them, “Help” them, poor savages, understand the “White Man’s Way”, the Swedish way. It’s um, interesting. It is perhaps more racist than racist, while also being less racist than racist. How did you get there and more importantly HOW CAN YOU NOT NOTICE??? They’re in literal walled ghettos you ignore.)

    Okay, Russia’s whipped all the Scandinavia before. Won’t be the first time. It will save them no end of trouble as they’ll now have surrender treaties that give them bases and full access to the Atlantic. Good luck.

    “The first group of French military instructors are coming to Ukraine,”

    Didn’t they learn anything in Vietnam? Is nobody capable of learning from history? ”The one thing we learn from history is that nobody learns anything from history.”

    You think they’re surprised? This is your super-secret plan? So they’re going to blow the f– out of every one of them, then France will say “You impune my honor, suh.” and send more? Wow. Shocked. Did not see that coming. You’re just super-tricky. And We the People? We did not see that coming either, which is why we’ve told you from the start?

    No? Then why are there protests everywhere and EU still has no army and no taxing authority? No, it’s because they DID know. They’re so dumb like animals they knew you were up to this in 1999 and 2002, 25 years ago.

    “• Scott Ritter: Georgian ‘Foreign Agents’ Law Exposes Western Influence (Sp.)

    When you oppose and riot against transparency, that means you’re on the right side of history.

    When you have to cut your project into 27,000 parts to sneak it through, that definitely shows you have the people’s will and aren’t up to something.

    Wanted an update on UVB, and I got to be out in the sun, lovely day, neither bright nor hot, and didn’t burn in minutes. No, I got microwaved deep down in my bones instead. And inch deep, with wounding it took days to heal. Like how can that be? No sunburn, sunburn INSIDE the body? I have to admit, that IS new, I did not see that coming. I expected the outside heat would warn me. So we’re moving past UVB or whatever that was so a slightly different band? And that tracks as there are a lot of bugs, who my theory was were cooked in minutes by the sun, but they are okay, maybe half peak right now. Still, even if you get 1% more sun-power in these unheard of wavelengths, it adds up to a lot of warming. So if you’re out on your bike checking this, be warned.


    $52 billion!!!! i thought everyone was suffering financially. Where do they find money to give to a politician?


    Top Three TV shows by Nielson rating: week of April 8/14 2024

    Broadcast Network Syndicated
    60 Minutes – 8558 Jeopardy – 8664
    Tracker – 8190 Wheel of Fortune – 8003
    Young Sheldon – 7307 Family Feud – 7338
    Nielson does not explain how the number is developed on their web site. Streaming and Gaming are in separate categories. “Build it and they will come” was the driving principle for the movie Field of Dreams. The same principle seemingly applies to TV programming.

    The top three advertisers on TV March 2024
    AT&T – Business & Consumer Services
    PROGRESSIVE CORP – Insurance & Real Estate
    ABBVIE – Healthcare

    “The advertisement is the most truthful part of a newspaper.” ~ Thomas Jefferson


    “Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    “The Constitution is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    “To consider judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    “Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.” ~ Thomas Jefferson


    Jens Stoltenberg is the mouthpiece of the current Executive Branch of the United States of America concerning US foreign policy. I say to Jens deliver an ATACMS missle to Chernihiv and strike The Mound of Immortality in Bryansk as a meanigful gesture of intent.


    All that’s missing for full on WWIII is a Serbian sniper shooting Nazilensky in the head during a carriage ride.

    It’s all “scripted narrative”


    It’s all non-Reality based events spilling out like maggots from the ears of the Homo Globoiis.

    There is no way out

    It’s on rails

    Short of all out civil war in every country of the “Collective West”

    There’s no counterbalances to the insane who “run things”

    There are no Meninists to counter the Feminist

    The Narrative has smote Reality

    Nothing left but falling on our swords

    One size fits All


    How NeoConJobs view the World







    LA lifeguard Jeffrey Little has filed a lawsuit against LA County over religious discrimination.

    During Pride Month 2023, he refused to fly “The Progress Pride” flag by his station.

    The next day, he was suspended.

    L.A. Division Chief Boiteux told him: “You’re a county employee. Your religious beliefs don’t matter.”

    He was a lifeguard for over 22 years.



    This Shit doesn’t happen in Russia

    That’s why they are not bluffing and will turn Duh’merica to ashes


    The debt is piling up and the bills are overdue.
    That lump we’ve been ignoring hurts like crazy.
    We can’t give up bad habits; our family’s leaving, too.
    We’d stop our constant lies but we’re too lazy.

    We feel we’ve been abandoned. Our friends won’t answer calls.
    The folks who do are those we can’t abide.
    Our options have run out and now we’re staring at the walls-
    It seems the only out is suicide.

    So press that big red button- does it matter anymore?
    Who cares that everybody dies as well?
    We did what needed doing, right? Our judgement may be poor-
    But when we lose control, let’s opt for hell!

    My husband hadn’t seen “Idiocracy”, so we watched it last night. He really liked it.


    Doraemon’s drone show

    Just remember, fireworks and gunpower started out as entertainment

    After that it got out of control

    If drones can do this, they can be programmed to hunt down all the “useless eaters” with low social credit ratings

    Just sayin’

    Little tiny drones that have a blasting cap that sticks to your forehead with a dab of mud charge.

    Kaboom, all gone!

    Drone show lights up Hong Kong’s night sky


    The drones are going to spot you with facial recognition data stolen from your own ‘smart phone’ and attach the blasting cap mud charge to your forehead!


    Humans are so funny!


    Fast Ukroid drone shot down over Krasnodar Russia

    Let the Games Begin….


    UkroNazis worked very hard to build this pontoon bridge near Volchansk


    All gone!

    Life is quite the Bitch


    Highlights for 01 June 2024.
    People Power

    • Trump Raises $53Mln in 24 Hours After Conviction (Sp.)

    A politician telling, ‘The whole truth and nothing but the truth’

    What next

    Mark your calendar – 27 June, will it or won’t it happen – the debate – Trump/Biden

    Debate Trump and Robert Kennedy Jr.


    Republican Convention in Milwaukee in early July.

    Democrats Convention

    Presidential pardons


    “Long-range missiles are not battlefront weapons …

    ..Ukraine’s military lacks the know-how to actually launch the missiles, so American military “advisors” will have to be on hand to do it..

    … This is not some kind of ‘military assistance, this is taking part in a war against us.”

    … Medvedev said NATO wants Western involvement in the conflict to be seen as the independent initiative of certain countries, hoping to avoid the need to invoke the collective defense clause.

    … Medvedev said Friday that Russia would “proceed from the fact” that all long-range weapons used by Ukraine “are directly controlled by military personnel of NATO country..

    Western military personnel are already active in Ukraine and “have been there for a long time,” President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday. “They are [foreign] specialists under the guise of mercenaries..”

    • Scott Ritter: Georgian ‘Foreign Agents’ Law Exposes Western Influence (Sp.)

    “In Georgia today, as we speak, there are 27,000 Western-funded NGOs. What are these non-governmental organizations doing? ”

    Currently, the Western-backed Georgian opposition wants to create a “second front” against Russia, something that would be nothing short of suicidal, according to Ritter.
    USA Administration officials “keep moving the goalposts when it comes to the Rafah operation, and the murdering of +36,000 Palestinians.


    Massive Missile Strike On Energy Facilities | China Hs Made Its Choice | Military Summary 2024.06.01


    On Oroboros Vid, prev. thread.

    Debt Rattle May 31 2024

    Adding to the +++ points made by Oroboros and jb-hb.

    The vid. itself is v. good, quality wise, ‘explicit,’ showing scary details. Key points of the action are captured, in a clear time-line. Any viewer can ‘see, follow’ the unfolding of the ‘event’ -> the script is well constructed.

    The cam swerves around mimicking the way amateur bystanders, surprised and alarmed, might provide snippets of some crazy, violent, happening.

    *A new genre, has to be practised!*

    At start, the cam holder is v.close nearby supposedly ordering food or whatever from the truck. Just a passer-by, say, and the barriers are supposed to suggest a venue that is organised for a lot of visitors, ppl .. but there is nobody there..

    !!! Cam-man suddenly springs into action and gets VERY close to the scene on the ground. He is standing right in the middle of the scene but everyone ignores him except two female police who stupidly glance in his direction after a while .. ‘the cam, wow, did I do OK’ or something like that.


    Apologies, that didn’t work out. Heh.


    Re: Oroboros’ comment #160147
    I am beginning to stockpile Guy Fawkes masks.
    They will be all the rage fairly soon.


    Hey Trump team. You may as well hire me. Just pay me a little bit more than what I made in a call center 50k. Or do 60k and I’ll think I landed the most super duper job ever.

    Why should you hire me?

    From yesterday’s summary, I think I articulated some basic things that any American could understand which, nevertheless, your team seems totally unable to mentally formulate or articulate. Apparently you could really use a random call center worker on your team.

    Second, I’ve just thought of the best election promotion scheme ever. for you. Three words. Just three words:

    Trump. Hot Felon.

    Remember the Hot Felon guy? Hire him for the ad campaign.

    Trump and Hot Felon hanging out at tha crib – a swanky house – then riding in a limo while drinking something super expensive from jeweled chalices – then exiting the limo to some sort of giant modeling event, hobnobbing and drinking with a wide assortment of glitterati looking people, various patriotic paraphanalia, flags and such, periodically visible somewhere in the shots throughout.

    ZERO political promotion, discussion of issues, etc. In the limo, Trump leans forward towards Hot Felon, says “You know what it really is about it, you’re a hot felon and I’m a hot felon”

    Epic modern R&B/rap music playing in the background dun dun dun with the quarter century old sprinkler system sound…

    Hot Felon only says cool positive Street things mostly from behind super expensive sunglasses. “Word.” “I’m down with that”

    Trump only says vague cool things. “Let’s party.” or “This is epic”

    Video follows them both from the crib to the club, then ends with a full screen saying: Trump. Hot Felon.


    Re: Oroboros’ comment #160147
    I am beginning to stockpile Guy Fawkes masks.
    They will be all the rage fairly soon.

    I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Or a Trump mugshot mask.


    Musk’s new rules for X-twitter.

    Starting July 1st, users who want to be monetized on X will need to provide Israeli intelligence company AU10TIX with access to their government-issued ID and biometric data.

    What a guy.


    I just can not see Biden standing for 2 hours debating Trump.
    His meds will wear off and he will need to be re-med during ad breaks.
    Why would Biden agree to risking a knock out blow by debating Trump?
    Biden will back out of debating a convicted felon.
    Biden doesn’t need to campaign to get re-elected.
    The Republicans will take care of Trump.
    Nicki or RDS will run to lose to Biden.

    Just waiting for the next shoe to drop!


    They will hook Biden up to one of those timed injection devices you can wear on your belt under your jacket.

    If they can’t do that, they can do a few dermal patches. Are they going to inspect every inch of his body? He can do the soles of his feet. Or if all else fails, timed-release suppository.

    There’s no technological barrier to keeping him drugged.

    Only question is how LONG can he be kept on uppers like that, what’s the recovery time, and is there any permanent degradation?

    I’d say ask for a longer debate. Make it as long as you can negotiate. Ask for an additional period to answer questions from the crowd, stuff like that.

    Keep him standing up on the drugs for as many minutes as you possibly can.

    I wonder if Boston Dynamics has come up with a lower body exoskeleton slim enough to fit under a suit yet? Easier to have a body double.

    If they Zoom with Trump in jail for the debate, then you can just use an AI skin and faked up voice over anyone you want to use to debate him. Your favorite 29 year old thinktank member – also high on uppers.

    Funny, I was just watching an episode from the 2nd season of Sledgehammer (1987) They had a villain talking through a microphone in front of a camera, with a computer converting his voice and motions into an impersonation of someone else to a display/speaker elsewhere.


    @ Thomas Kenney
    Thanks for article yesterday on ai.
    Essentially, the point is that instead of AI making it easier for humans to navigate the world as it is (which is difficult enough,) AI will increase complexity of laws and bureaucracy so that humans must use AI in order to navigate the world. It sounds like a world designed for AI, rather than a world designed for humans.


    How many amphetamines, steroids and ritalin can an 81-year old ingest without overdosing?
    We will find out on June 27th.


    50% of the people believe that the other 50% are wrong and should be in jail or dead.


    I repeat. No apologies

    50% of the people believe that the other 50% are wrong and should be in jail or dead.

    Watch Dave Smith Burn Chris Cuomo To The Ground In Epic Covid Debate



    I don’t believe the 50% figure. There was that poll that 30% of Democrats wanted to send notavax hesitancers to a summer camp that helps you concentrate, so there is THAT.

    But of those 30% of Dems, for how many of them would it be a hill they are willing to die on? Fight tooth and nail to the death through discomfort, pain, and adversity, deprivation, for a year or three, to accomplish? Vs people who don’t want to go to summer camp this year and have some unavoidable vested interest?

    Let’s say 50% of people self righteously nod their heads, sneer, smirk, clap their hands for elimination of 50%. In their dunning-krueger ignorance and expertise. Like if there was a button they could push and strangers out there disappear, despite any resulting collapse of civilization, etc – okay, there are dumb people, not 50%, who would push a button. They want to sit on their couch with a smug sneer, looking down their nose, sure. If it comes free. If someone is selling additional luxury religion virtue for free, yes, give me 3 bags full sir.

    But people who will fight for it like their lives depended on it? And the other side of the equation, their lives DO depend on it? Y U Care So Much, Bro? Sleep walking towards FA&FI then? And all you get for winning is dying in the ruins, having collapsed the entire civilization that was keeping you alive?

    …Anyway, those 30% of Dems that want to send you to summer camp are the ones who 100% took the notavax, so they made themselves a self-solving problem to some unknown %, given that dosage concentrations varied greatly and some were probably placebos..


    “Democracy is 51% of the people taking away the rights of the other 49%.” ~ Thomas Jefferson


    i have learned in the last year that for many citizens of the United States, Lord of the Flies, Anilmal Farm and 1984 are yet to be read. The same period of time has revealed that Fennimore Cooper, Melville and Thoreau are but references in junior and senior high school text books as a rule. Thus, for some in the US, the determination to establish justice and nobility of character that was woven into the fabric of post revolutionary United States finds no harbor. There is no point of reference. Manifest Destiny is the stain blocker used to hide hope and the quest for justice under the top coat of amorality tinted with avarice.

    Part 3 Chapter 3
    “…..He paused, and for a moment assumed again his air of a schoolmaster questioning a promising pupil: ‘How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?’

    Winston thought. ‘By making him suffer,’ he said.

    ‘Exactly. By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing. Do you begin to see, then, what kind of world we are creating?…..” Orwell

    Open Google Earth in your browser and draw a 2600 Kilometer circle centered at Sevastopol.
    ATACMS missle range – 300 K
    Kh-101 / Kh-102 missle range – 2800 K, air launch

    Who is to suffer?

    my questions to you: Are you at war with Oceania?
    how many times did O’Brien pull the lever before you understood and accepted?

    “It tolls for thee”


    Emotions rule the world of opinions.


    Czech Pavel artillery shells overpriced duds

    Over half the third party 800,000 shell Pavel bought are duds.

    The rest are highly overpriced.

    The third party black market arms vendors saw this purchase coming a mile away.


    Pavel doesn’t live in the real world, he doesn’t even understand super basic supply and demand capitalism.

    What an Ultra Maroon!


    Emotions and opinions are of the world of fairies and fates, there exists an information space


    Ah, I get it.
    The Dems say that if the Repubs discount Trump’s felony conviction then the repubs are destroying the country’s justice system. The pot calling the kettle black. Dems projecting their actions onto repubs. But not bothering to charge serial shoplifters — that preserves justice.

    I am reminded of a terrible argument with my ex years ago:
    We were supposed to go to a small social event at a bar that we had organized. He was too drunk to get out of bed. I tried and tried to wake him, but he would not. So, I left him and the kids (with the ‘sitter,) and went on my own. He showed up about an hour later. I could tell that he was furious with me. Later, at home, he verbally let in on me, demanding to know how I could have been so irresponsible and inept as to not have successfully wakened him. I pointed out that he had been the one who had failed in the areas of responsibility and eptitude. He didn’t seem able to see my point. The argument dragged on and on until, exhausted, I decided to tap into my performance training and play the role of the “contrite wife” so that I would be left alone and have the opportunity to sleep.


    Atmospheric CO2 measured in Hawaii is peaking for the 2024 season at around 427 ppm.

    CO2earth reports:

    May. 31, 2024 427.82 ppm
    May. 31, 2023 424.65 ppm

    1 Year Change 3.17 ppm

    For the coming few months photosynthesis, ocean absorption and weathering will exceed the generation of CO2 and values will temporarily decline.

    Clearly none of the strategies geared to making money out of this disastrous trend are having any effect on the fundamental predicament.


    2000 Bush vs Gore
    2024 Trump vs Biden

    Two degrees of separation.

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