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    Transnistria has often been accused of selling weapons illegally, and some criminal groups have even turned it into a business.

    Currently, about 20,000 tons of weapons and ammunition are stored at this warehouse, of which 57% are obsolete and cannot be used or transported, and access to the area is strictly prohibited, being controlled by Transnistrian and Russian peacekeeping forces. A possible explosion of these deposits, which cannot be transported, would cause an ecological and human disaster.

    During the Soviet period, the artillery ammunition depot no. 1411 was a strategic arsenal of the western military district of the USSR. Most of the ammunition was stored here after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), Czechoslovakia, and other countries in the former Warsaw Pact.

    The military depot in Cobasna was created in the 1940s in the Ribnita district, then the Moldavian SSR, now the separatist region of Transnistria.


    1 Year Change 3.17 ppm = 0.000317%

    CNN and all your other ginormous corporate allies say humanity is responsible for 30% of CO2 changes

    0.000317% x 0.3 = 0.0000951%

    Nine Hundred Thousandths OF a percentage


    This is incomprehensibly small to the human mind – most calculators make the most logical rounding calculation on this number you cite 3.17 ppm

    …as ZERO

    how is your campaign against Chinese – Communist – CO2 going, anyway?


    “Democracy is 51% of the people taking away the rights of the other 49%.” ~ Thomas Jefferson


    When was the last time you won an argument with your spouse? .
    (Emotion rule opinion and opinions rule reality/facts.)


    (Emotion rule opinion and opinions rule reality/facts.)

    Must be a light gravity day. opinions rule reality/facts.
    Can’t Grok that one
    Stranger than a Strange Land

    When was the last time you won an argument with your spouse? .
    Every time emotion and opinion are set aside.

    opinion does not move the zeroeth law of thermodynamics, no matter the intensity of the emotional argument


    and contrary to common patriarchal belief our sisters are not ruled by emtions. Our sisters are builders and our societies provide them with shoddy materials. You should have seen me when a bunk of cheap crooked studs was delivered to a framing site.

    John Day

    @Dr. D: You are positing what wavelengths that cause bone-burn?
    Various near and deep infrareds do penetrate well, but are not bad things.
    Gamma rays are bad, of course, but I don’t think we’re there. The sun fatigues me more lately, but I am not getting that skin-sting thing much, though I’m being careful, about exposure times and durations.

    John Day

    NATO-Stans all agree to chip in some attacks across the Russian border with their weapons, operated by their guys, in unison and officially, not just “covertly”. France openly sends some not-dead-yet French soldiers to replace the dead ones. This could lead to WW-3.
    OK, got it. Rainbow NATO “stands” united against Russia.

    Russia talks with Central Asian Stans, who also happen to have a CSTO thing that’s kinda’ like NATO, and Russia negotiates with Taliban to upgrade their status and see if any Afghans want to get PAID to fight NATO, and have the upper hand this time, and China says “We’re with Russia militarily”.
    Details here:

    Anti-Russian Coalition Expands | Russians Entered The Vovchansk Citadel. Military Summary 2024.05.31

    The Heat | CSTO Enters The Game | Afghan Recruiting Traffic. Military Summary And Analysis 2024.5.31

    The Heat | Crazy Damage To Energy Infrastructure | Breakthrough To Sokil. Military Summary 2024.06.1


    Trump guilty. Well, he is guilty of murdering the Iranian General, he is guilty of supporting genocide in Gaza, he is guilty of using wikileaks in his campaign then not pardoning Assange, he is guilty of loads of sins that the US people as a whole generally support. The Americans may care about Trump, the rest of us really do not care; lock him up and throw away the key, why should I care, let’s hope he suffers the Assange treatment.

    Unfortunately the people who broke the law to convict Trump will not be punished, but who cares, their crimes are to corrupt the USA’s election system, their democracy; the Biden admin is boasts about then makes a mokery of th every same democracy. Biden and his progressive idiots are also making a mockery of the US law, the US freedom of speech, the US private property laws (trying to give Trump a 800 million fine) etc. They also support the murder happening in Gaza, the murder the USA has performed since WW2, lots of murder, but support is somewhat detached from being the instigator.

    It looks like America is willing to trade in their hard-won reputations – thinking Robert De Niro now – in order to get Trump. They will sacrifice their appearance of sanity, their support for the rule of law, their support for the constitution, their support for democracy etc etc in order to fulfil their goal of getting Trump.

    Americans remind me of people in ghost stories who are convinced that their house is haunted. They bring in lots of other wakos to try to find the ghost, but they never find the ghost. The reason they never find the ghost is because it is in the haunted person’s head. The Americans are obsessed with Trump being the bogey man, yet he is not the bogey man, he is just a political actor, but the media has convinced them that Trump is the bogey man and now it is in their heads and they will burn down America to get that fucking bogey man out of town. Americans are crazies.

    Dr. D

    I don’t know because it makes no sense and has only happened once so far. However, I too am seeing people quickly exhausted by the sun, when it’s not bright, hot, or getting a sunburn. How? A different wavelength was all I could come up with. It’s sensible, but what wavelength doesn’t stop? If there are penetrating Heat machines on the market (I thought this was merely a marketing tool” that might make sense.

    I am continuing the theory that the UV (bright) was cooking the bugs though. That seems to be true, their increase in numbers matches my sense of the decrease in UV. …This is all just sensory though, without measurement. That may be dumb, but it’s far dumber to measure to the hundredth degree and ignore the sensor is now in a parking lot, which is how measuring scientists operate lately. So to me it’s like “What’s the difference? Go get all the sensors and prove me up if you want. It’s time and effort I don’t have for this task.”

    The “Tiredness” of people in the sun is categorized different, but I have no anecdotal base at all. I’d want at least 5 people to describe it. It’s not heat exhaustion, sunburn, dehydration, or…what’s familiar. What does “Tiredness” mean, exactly? I was not “Tired” when I was cooked, but feeling internal wounds slow to heal was disturbing. Not going to take one for the team and do it again on purpose.

    And again, everyone is older, or sicker, or inside more, and young people have little baseline. You need someone with a reasonable outdoor habit. Maybe a bobcat operator or something.

    Dr. D

    Glad to see AFKTT is doing well. And yes, Americans are crazies. Running out of things to say as we’re all going to get whacked here shortly and it will be difficult to predict matters after that. Not that they aren’t a lot pre-planned, not that the various Clubs aren’t all going to engage their “Plans” as well, but we won’t know. It will be very busy.

    However, if you’re for the People there is only one plan: Have them ignore others. The Others, the Powerful, the Experts, must all be discredited completely, or not knowing what to do, will follow the first person who shouts “This way to the Fire Door.” Then they are the leader and we end up in their camp.

    Did we manage to discredit enough influencers, politicians, scientists, doctors, and experts? We did a lot, but is it ENOUGH total destruction on the field to preserve us? I certainly did my part to discredit all the discreditable people I can. But I can’t be everywhere and it’s up to us now.

    Dr. D

    Actually I have a fairly good premonition of this, far better than I was getting 2001, 2008, with Hillary and so on. That should be the #Opposite, and maybe I just don’t care anymore. But I feel the people are far enough and I personally won’t be taking harder times than is already usual around. Physically hard times mean nothing: People go winter camping in a tent, or paddle down a lake. It’s what it means to you socially or emotionally, or meaningfully that matters. And harder physical times, that bring everybody back together, is not actually worse times: they are better. If the power’s out and we’re lighting one fire in the backyard for the whole block, than can be much better, and better quickly.


    Politicians don’t matter, they’re just janitors for the jews. Money runs the show, has for thousands of years. Most of you are superfluous now, they want you dead The Orangejesus show is beyond absurd, ridiculing the goyim. He’s no different than the present kiddiefucker, or the black homo in chief, or the closet homo, skulland bones bush. JFK told the jews to fuck off and they murdered him for it. We’ve been on their plantation ever since.

    John Day

    @Dr. D: I have a pretty reasonable outdoor habit, and have done endurance exercise in the heat my whole life. I mowed 5 hours in 80% humidity yesterday and today, so grateful when clouds and a breeze came. The sun is strong, even in overcast, but it’s almost solstice, too.
    I have been carefully sun-dosing all year. January was good for it this year.
    I don’t know, either.


    Up here in the land of igloos, my chief complaint about the sun is the lack of sunshine especially during the 4 winter months from November to February.
    During this winter time frame it is often very cloudy too.
    During this time frame the sun reaches a low of about 22 degrees before climbing to at least 45 degrees during the summer.
    On a sunny winter day, I often sun bath for 2 to 3 hours without worrying about burning.
    So I am not complaining about the sun, as I need it to help control my dry scalely skin.
    I have been sun bathing for at least an hour everyday the last few days.
    So bring on the sun!


    Maybe the sun problem only happens over North America – or is targetting the white supremecists – as I have not heard it mentioned over here in Asia.


    Mr Garden People lecturing us about “no place for double standards”, but you will notice that he does not include the USA’s illegal presence in Syria plus the long long list of all their other crimes, or the crimes of the French in New Caledonia, or the crimes of the IDF, or the crimes of NATO in Ukraine etc … maybe he should recognise that he is an old codger and his brain is not so good … the garden is no place for lying old bureaucrats pretending to have decision making abilities when really just kissing the ass of their owners.


    The American middle class is an absurdity. Here I was thinking De Niro had rocks for brains, then I read that George Clooney is fighting a campaign against free speech. What the hell happened to America’s entitled class, they really have a load of gravel for brains. Instead of campaigning against genocide in Israel – yes, their beloved Israel – they are defending the Nazis of Ukraine, the place where America is funding the deaths of Ukraine soldiers, too afraid to join the fight for real. No doubt they also have the TDS brain disease, it seems to come with every American; let’s hope the Covid vaccine gets them before they can do too much damage.


    Fun time
    I got copilot to speculate with me.
    Do you want to participate in the exploration? Get your AI to find the information.

    The concept of using a crystal structure as a spaceship is intriguing, but it presents several challenges. While crystals have unique properties, their suitability for space travel depends on factors like stability, radiation resistance, and weight.
    However, let’s explore the idea of incorporating prebiotic molecules into a crystal spaceship:

    Prebiotic Molecules:
    Prebiotic molecules are essential for the origin of life.
    These include amino acids, nucleotides, sugars, and other organic compounds.
    Incorporating prebiotic molecules into a crystal could be an interesting approach.
    Stability: Crystals must remain stable during space travel. Prebiotic molecules might affect the crystal lattice, potentially compromising its integrity.
    Radiation: Cosmic radiation can damage both crystals and organic molecules. Shielding is crucial.
    Weight: Crystals are heavy. Adding prebiotic molecules could increase the weight significantly.
    Potential Benefits:
    If prebiotic molecules were embedded within a crystal, they might survive extreme conditions.
    Crystal lattices could protect these molecules from radiation and temperature fluctuations.
    Space Travel Scenarios:
    Interstellar Journey: For long interstellar journeys, a crystal spaceship with prebiotic molecules could serve as a protective vessel.
    Seeding Planets: Crystals containing prebiotic molecules could potentially seed life on other planets.
    Quantities Needed:
    Determining the exact amount of prebiotic material needed inside a crystal is challenging.
    It would depend on the specific molecules, the crystal type, and the mission duration.
    Research would be necessary to optimize this balance.
    In summary, while the idea is fascinating, practical implementation remains complex. Scientists continue to explore alternative materials and innovative approaches for space travel.

    For more detailed information, you might find these references helpful:

    Frontiers article on gut microbiome and space travelers’ health1.
    Experimental work on cosmic dust fertilization of glacial prebiotic chemistry2.
    Role of mineral surfaces in prebiotic processes and space exploration3.
    Learn more


    How can we p

    Dr D Rich


    No sense passing on Black Pearls.

    No tissue and organ are more sensitive to effects of light, particularly laser light, than the eye due to focusing effects of the cornea (lens) and the protein crystalline lens (another lens) on the fovea.

    Live near the equator and grow more, browner, denser cataracts.
    So diagnostic effect, injury or surgical effect(desired harm) depends on power, wavelength, spot size, laser tissue interactions (ablative vs thermal) and duration.

    Munnerlyn equation
    PRK 193nm
    Intralase femtosecond
    OCT time-domain or spectral domain using tunable laser or superluminescent diodes
    ARGON laser trabeculoplasty
    SLT like ALT
    argon laser FAPCL and PRP for diabetic retinopathy
    yellow or red diode

    Check out SD-OCT of retina and optic nerve structures and it might blow your mind away. Even this small lazy VA clinic uses it dozens of times per day.

    Argon-Flourine Excimer photoablates the organic bonds in corneal tissue.
    Yet “we burn the retina” with argon lasers to treat diabetic retinopathy and surround holes and tears

    In other words, don’t stare at the sun!

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