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    Ivan Aivazovsky Stormy Night at Sea 1850   • It’s Time For Russia To Drop A Nuclear Bomb (Dmitry Suslov) • The West is Hell-Bent on Provoking Rus
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    There are 24 sitting judges in NY county, and Merchan is an “acting” judge. He’s not even on that list!

    Thank God there is X, otherwise how would Americans fix their country? How would they stop all the Zimbabwe-style corruption? How would they stop the crooks stealing from them? Thank God for Musk and X, otherwise the USA would be driven down the toilet by the sofa-sitters. Greatest democracy in the world …. my ass! Greatest crookocracy in the world … maybe. Greatest Jewocracy in the world … definitely.

    Dr D Rich


    President Trump convicted and now a Felon.

    He now enjoys the same status as felons Ssgt Frank Wutterich (the only Haditha Massacre conviction and Marine One Scott Ritter.

    “The appeal could take years. They just want to be able to call him a convicted felon.”
    ———RIM (Is correct)

    Their Narcissistic Mortification is projected onto their Target Trump. They think they have expiated their sins, not his because Donald will never be contrite nor engage in acts of atonement. The latter behavior toward error and state sanctioned murder is exactly what the ruling class expects from their CEO….rather President of the United States.
    However, unlike President Trump, none of his predecessors nor Joe Biden will ever sit in the dock. Obama ordered the murder of 16yo American citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki and his father Anwar al-Awlaki. George Bush II sanctioned systemic torture, murder and mayhem in Iraq. He will never be convicted of anything as silly as the crimes attached to Trump’s rap sheet.

      June 17, 2008, six defendants had their cases dropped and a seventh was found not guilty.[7] The exception was former Staff Sergeant, now-Private Frank Wuterich. On October 3, 2007, the Article 32 hearing investigating officer recommended that charges of murder be dropped and Wuterich be tried for negligent homicide in the deaths of two women and five children.[8] Further charges of assault and manslaughter were ultimately dropped; Wuterich was convicted of a single count of negligent dereliction of duty on January 24, 2012.[9][10] Wuterich received a rank reduction and pay cut but avoided jail time.[11][12] Iraqis expressed disbelief and voiced outrage after the six-year U.S. military prosecution ended with none of the Marines sentenced to incarceration

      September 25, 2008, former Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt, one of the Marines that had criminal charges that had been subsequently dropped, filed a slander suit against Rep. Murtha. The lawsuit stated that “Sharratt, in being labeled repeatedly by Murtha as a ‘cold-blooded murderer’, and by Murtha outrageously claiming that the Haditha incident was comparable to the infamous (My Lai) massacre of Vietnam, has suffered permanent, irreversible damage to his reputation.” In 2011, Sharratt’s lawsuit was dismissed by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. Sharratt killed himself at his home in Pennsylvania on August 3, 2022. He was 37


    I told @jessebwatters that I believe the strategy to beat President Trump in the courtroom rather than the ballot box will backfire.

    Yeah, it also kind of breaks loads of laws and other stuff that the sofa-Americans are so proud of – you know the world’s greatest Duh’mocracy, greatest constitution etc – but know nothing about. Most couldn’t give a flying fuck about their country, you can see that by watching the theatre they put on in congress and their courts, I guess they are just hoping that the other guy gets fucked over, not them. They are certain that their sofa will be among the winners …. oh dear, a mistake made so many times in the past.

    Whites stood at about 60% of the USA during Covid, so I guess now, with the addition of millions of imports, plus the natural decline of about 1% per year, I guess the whites stand at about 50%? I am waiting for the non-whites to pass a law that puts the whites in reservations, like they did with the Indians …. ooops, the US abos. Soon the whites will be the abos, pissed on cheap liquor and fentanyl, hanging out at the reservation, singing songs from the ’60s. Nice.

    RFK Jr doesn’t care for the USA or the law, he is bent over for the Jews. If his concern was the country, he would not be backing the usurpers and their genocide in Gaza. A vote for RFK Jr is a vote for another dead Palestinian child, his mother and grandparents … go USA!


    Given the last days of momentum and growing pressure coming from some NATO countries, this was perhaps inevitable: the United States has now greenlighted Ukraine’s use of American-supplied weapons against Russian territory in a huge escalation which takes the world a big step closer to WW3 and nuclear-armed confrontation.

    This was always the plan, this was the plan when Biden was claiming that Russia was going to invade Ukraine, back at the start of 2022. They ensured that Russia invaded and now they will involve NATO, and the reason is that they get to attack Russia without Russia being willing to attack the USA.

    Putin and his military will have known this from a long time ago, maybe over 10 years ago, that this was the USA’s end game. They may have thought they could stop it, but they still knew the game and they prepared. China also prepared.

    Putin is now saving as many of his resources as he can before the inevitable attack by the west. The reason he did not demolish Ukraine is because Ukraine is not the enemy, NATO, the USA and the UK are the enemy, they are the ones who want to steal Russia and take all its resources so that they can be the rulers of the world for another few hundred years.

    The USA and UK want Russian wealth and they are going to try to steal it, the same as they both did in the past, the UK with its empire, the USA with its financial, military and oil business arrangements; the thug empire.

    Putin is being sensible, he knows where the real fight is going to happen, he knows what military might he should save for the big battles. NATO is already trying to destroy the Russian nuclear early warning system, that is not a joke for the Russians and they will understand that punch from NATO.

    The one thing you know for sure is that Putin will not gradually demolish the west; his main advantage is surprise, so if he is ever convinced that he has no other option, he will launch everything that Russia, China and North Korea can muster against the western nations. It will happen instantly, because their chance of winning is way higher if they launch everything at once than if they poke back a little at a time and wear down their own defenses. They know the USA and UK are not going to negotiate, they are thieves, they have a choice of thieve or be poor, and the USA and UK cannot condone being poor.

    The other thing you should not get fooled about; if Putin pushes the button, he will not be considering the people of the world and what they think about his actions, he knows the people of the world will soon be dead, so the PR is irrelevant. His aim will be to demolish the USA and NATO before they can harm the Russian military forces, so his submarines will have missiles within a few minutes range of Washington, and he will be in a bunker somewhere, with his second phase forces on standby, the forces that will emerge after the nuclear war, the ones who will do the last of the fighting and defend Russia.

    We shall see.


    Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service claims that the US is preparing a major propaganda campaign aimed at sparking fear among the population of Sweden and Finland about Moscow’s alleged “territorial appetites.”

    Coming from the USA, a country currently genociding the population of Palestine so that they can steal their land. The American sofa-sitter has produced millions of these government workers who think that everybody else is bad and that they are automatically good because …. Duhmerica. It is like watching retarded squirrels take over the planet; they hide their nuts, forget where they put them, so attack other squirells for their nuts.

    How dumb are the Swedish and the Fins? We shall find out, but if this PR works then they would be better off nuked by Russia because their brains are not even as competent as those of their wildlife. Mind you, they joined NATO, so their leaders are captured and they sat on their sofas and watched, so maybe they too have the American brain disease.


    aspnaz have you determined in your research that Pope Leo IX was a German Jew? That would certainly explain a lot of western European history and give weight to your Jews run the world hypothesis.

    since the Jews control ALL western finance and banking didn’t they loan Musk the do-re-mi to purchase X?
    There are a lot of things done in a circle, logic is just one

    ZZ Top Heard It On The X


    tboc said

    aspnaz have you determined in your research that Pope Leo IX was a German Jew?

    I was not aware of that and would like to see your source. But, if true, he did cause the great schism so it would be in keeping with his tribe’s tendency to take at the cost of everyone else.


    What does one envision a Putin surprise attack as being? Are we talking about destroying every NATO base west of France(including the US bases in Germany)? Or sinking every NATO ship in the western Mediterrean?

    Would it be too reckless to take out every conventional weapon NATO has that could reach Russia? Then wait and see how the USA reacts. With the only counter attack option being nuclear, would the Russians be willing to gamble that the loudmouth WWF leaders of NATO will throw a fit but do nothing else?

    Would such a devastating attack trigger the break in confidence and the inevitable economic collapse in the West? Sure it’s prudent for China/Iran/Russia to wait for the West to self destruct but something needs to trigger it. With the western mind being so far down the rabbit hole…

    That’s my simple/optimistic view on things. Putin with a 1st Round KO(or are we already in the 3-4 round?). After the dust settles, the Globalists who run the West have Russia to blame for the economic collapse. Mission Accomplished! Then we pivot to the real front line in WW3 – western governments against their own citizens. Meanwhile the sane societies in the world just move on with life. See you after the Globalist Thousand Year Reich ends and our New Dark Age plays itself out.

    Dr. D

    I had no idea America was a Jewish nation. Here I was told it was a Christian nation. …With no churchgoers from sea to sea.

    Both. Neither. All. None. Whatever-I-said-last. Aii.

    Dr. D

    Actually, that verdict affected me more than I thought. How annoying. Well here we are, need to stage his assassination now.

    Tashida has remarkably changed the tone of his cartoon again. This is posted to point out the bored, cynical, so-over-it, nothing matters point of view. Really? Sounds like this guy we still totally believe some things because it’s emotionally satisfying while wearing our berets like poetic nihlists on the Seine. Believe in something, fall for anything?

    ““This is the final battle. With you at my side, we will demolish the deep state. We will expel the war mongers from our government.”

    Okay, man, whatever. Actions talks, bulls—t walks.

    “IMPOSSIBLE that this judge was assigned to the Trump Organization case, the Hush money case & the Steve Bannon Case!”

    Prove it. And do something about it. You have people in that jurisdiction, so act.

    “The same radical left Democrats who are complaining that President Trump’s comments are causing harm to public officials seem to not care”

    Yes, that Beam in my Eye everything-proof invisibility shield. And? DO something about it. They won’t, or can’t see it. And? We all now know normal processes of telling them has no effect. And? That walking around like that makes them a danger to themselves and others. There are ways to get through to them, like arresting them for literal crimes.

    “• It’s Time For Russia To Drop A Nuclear Bomb (Dmitry Suslov)

    Or not. They can and will be smarter than that. But point taken and I said that only yesterday. With that roster of support, here, everywhere, in Congress, Parliament, EU, clearly they will not stop unless Russia stops them. As is moral, we have tried all the other options and they have not been accepted.

    Okay WHEN – not If – they do this shortly, WHAT will be the effects on markets, that is to say, Our Lives? The West does a lot, gets up in the morning, pumps oil, delivers bread, so how will all that keep happening when this other thing – which is only icing and irrelevant – then does and has to rock the whole rest of the ship.

    You can SAY 99% of the ship is in good shape, but if you’ve taken a hole below the waterline…well, see what I mean? ANY attack Russia makes at this point will in actual functional, practical fact, be small, same as that a few F16s, even with nukes, will not topple all Russia. But that will mean every man on that ship starts running around like a whacked beehive, looking like they’re going in circles. But in organic collectives like humans, there will be organic, collective order at the bottom.

    MARKETS run us…presently. And MARKETS aren’t that organic order: they are like a 3rd level AI who IMITATES that order. No humans trade, and the few who do will be shut out as the markets lock, close, and pass inane rules like “No short sales”, and “Money Market Lockouts.” They may say “Market’s closed due to “volatility” and “War” – you understand, pal – but if you want 5c on the dollar today I can hand you this CBDC. “Market” however runs the daily payrolls and the lending for oil trucks.

    Okay, back not to markets, but how will a market in that state affect US?

    I suspect there is enough forewarning now and enough non-cooperation that everything just runs badly. Shortages, particularly of money, but intermittent; government attempts all sorts of things but no one believes or supports them; things are restructured to go around, etc. That’s why it was critical to destroy faith in GOVERNMENT as occurred yesterday. AMERICA is a place Against government. We are suspicious of government. If we’re not, we’re not Americans, as seen these last many years – we’re Socialists, of the soft or hard kind. Those cannot abide the Constitution, law, or the foundational principle that makes us work, so they must – and more or less completely have – annulled the entire Constitution, which is the entire basis of legal government. That was gone, a skin-suit. Okay, now we know it.

    The PLAN was to Russian Rev 2.0, and have the Millennial Socialists be Bolsheviks and murder everyone with joy and songbirds in their hearts. Which they mostly would have, we already know from the Summer of Love and Covid. But that window is almost shut, may now be closed. Without them and THEIR whack, 180° rabidly AntiAmerican beliefs, how are you going to get mass, total, Stalinesque Central Control and murderous tyranny? Go ahead: ask them with them down 30 points with @25 age, if they’re up to murdering their whole town for Great Leader Biden and his kids. No, they are EMOTIONAL. They have carefully withheld all rationality from them, from “Sponge Bob” through school right through to graduate studies and into corporations: nary a coherent thought right through to the writer’s rooms at the smallest or largest shows at Woke Disney. Right?

    But BECAUSE they’re EMOTIONAL, —- Their EMOTION is spent. Poof. Gone. You don’t have two emotions repressed about the same thing. They already EX-pressed their emotions about America like toddlers. Now, they have Emotions about “The Rent is Too Damn High” and “AYFKM with Another Genocide Around Here?”. So round them up and tell them the answer to Russia’s nuclear strike on is to ‘rally ‘round the Olde Biden Fire, and have Central Government run everything. Yeah, no.

    2001, 2016, 2020? My jaw drops and I said it every day, “IF these guys are incompetent, evil Nazis, who hunt down and kill black men in the streets are are the handmaidens of billionaire corporations, WHY are you supporting them??? That is, throwing being MOAR central government??” Finally got through, because that was a rational, logical argument, (so they ignored and hated it) but this is an EMOTIONAL one. Their costs are crushing and they’re paying $5,000 so immigrants can s—t in the streets and rob me. Uh, yeah pal. Welcome to the party. This is Flyoverland since 1994, glad you caught up.

    So NOW, perhaps that is LESS dangerous for Russia to nuke us and have markets crash. See? It’s a war, there are no safe days. “In the end it will come down to a war between the Bankers and the People” (–Not Lord Acton). And that war, strike, Ukraine being lost, is right on schedule for a week before the Biden election, where Biden has arranged to arrest, kill, and dis-bar BOTH his Presidential opponents, AFTER openly outlawing all Democratic contender nominees. “The election is about saving democracy!!!” Yes. Yes it is.

    I’m looking forward to Russia’s response to the maniacs in Davos and Europe and getting this over with. Then we as Americans can overthrow this Occupation government too. Occupied by Anti-American, anti-law, and honestly, illegal and illegally placed Europhiles who are contrary to everything we stand for. They are a pathetic, vanishing minority, which have no legal basis, but as I’ve said many times, they’re also barricaded into the nuclear control room and are phoning out orders from there.

    Again, compare flipping this event 5, 10, 20, 40 years ago with having it happen now. “The war is won before it starts” –SunTzu

    “In a few months (or maybe even weeks), the same logic will be applied to stationing regular Western troops in Ukraine and then starting to shoot down Russian missiles over it.”

    Past tense. France ALREADY posted uniformed soldiers, not even sheep-dipped HIMARS operators and CIA targeters, and we ALREADY said we’re going to run a no-fly zone out of Polish radar stations – but just for missiles, you understand, not for jets or nothin’ after we ALREADY shot down a POW plane.

    Okay, great, but have you asked Putin? He’s amassed some 1 MILLION soldiers somewhere behind the line and has 3-5 fronts open: we just have a habit of talking about the newest ones. 2-3 towns fall daily. There are no men to operate anything even as a little U.S. artillery has been smuggled in and reaches the lines. $1B in arms was blown up in Odessa – perhaps most of Johnson’s Johnson f-ing Ukraine here. Belarus looks open to mobilizing 50 miles from Kiev. Russia has doubled their arms and hasn’t used many tanks. Ukraine is politically toppling and being overthrown as the people refuse conscription and begin to beat police in the streets. So, um, you’re gonna what again?

    And back to us, Suppose Ukraine is out, yes still slowly being absorbed, but collapsed as an army and they want to enjoin all NATO and have Poland and Finland, Sweden attack. And? Does that look like it will have the slightest effect anywhere? Does it LOOK like they have the support of the Polish or American people for this war, or even the Finns?

    How are you planning a war with no support inside and no support outside? Against a superior opponent? Okay man, you’re just going to be toppled and removed. Legal or not (and it is) they will bring up the same corruption and election-rigging in Poland as we will here and remove the leaders by arresting them. For illegal things they actually did.

    “It’s a bunch of Big Clubs, and you’re not in any of them.” That is, some POWER inside the power – the police association or generals, as we see in France – REFUSE to do what Macron wants, as they already have. Or as the Pentagon already has after Lviv. THEY are fighting, not us. And certainly not Russia-vs-them. So at some point the Polish POLICE stop “overlooking” the MPs constant, serial felonies and arrest/pressure them. Then everybody is too busy at home to be supporting any no-fly zone wars. See?

    This is just the granularity of what I usually say at a 30,000 foot view. This is where the U.S. “Supports” Ukraine while dragging our feet for 6 months, then trickling out nearly nothing, while continuing to flip the House to anti-war. (But they got raped over House Members “retiring” … a day after there could be no special elections, so they could help flip the house back to Derp State Democrats and Trump/Johnson had to respond to this. Don’t be a child.) In the 30,000 foot view, IF you support Ukraine, you will lose your election. No more magic Ukraine flags someone seems to have printed up a year ahead of time and distributed everywhere, must be what ISIS is doing these days, they were experts in screen printing, branding, and Central Banks.

    That takes TIME, but you can clearly see it’s not supported. They will be toppled. Nazis such as they are depend on Blitzkreig. Like Bush, they attack you socially and run over while you’re too shocked trying to absorb what’s happening for you to respond. To getting slowly murdered these 20 years later with Chertof’s airport x-rays, catching and preventing exactly nothing. If you can fall back – because we’re a herd, a democracy, we must – THEN you can digest what’s happening to us and respond. We have. There are no Ukrainian flags and no support for this week’s latest genocide.

    That all ties into Russia’s response to us. THEY need to not give us a “Pearl Harbor” that like 9-11 “You impune my honor, sir!” and makes us mobilize like a bunch of retards and attack 5 wrong countries. (All but one of the 911 were Saudis. None were Iraqis). Are we there yet? If Russia responds at this point will young American men sign up 30k a day to fight the Russskies? People I know, raised on shooting video games, totally believe Russia is the USSR is evil, etc. …But they won’t sign up. That’s what it takes.

    “• The West is Hell-Bent on Provoking Russia Into Hot War (Pepe Escobar)

    Good. How else does this end? Okay, you’re the scriptwriter in the writer’s room, as this is all WWF, staged West Wing theatre anyway: write me a plausible conclusion to this plot and story.

    I only see Russia responding and us collapsing. HOW that happens, and WHO runs the Central CBDC in the “Great Taking” and WHO Treaty is the only question. But at last: Do we LOOK in the mood? Save me, Daddy Biden! Save me, Daddy Trump! ObiWan, you’re our only hope. Nope. No AOC, no Johnson either. No Obama, Beyonce, or Taylor Swift either. Good! Finally! Finally got through to you people. “Government is FORCE, it is FIRE. It’s a dangerous servant and a deadly master.”

    ““Despite a nearly $1 trillion budget, the United States military is unable to secure a major shipping lane from a government they don’t officially recognize in one of the poorest countries in the world..”
    • US Leaders Pushing for Three-Front War When They Can’t Handle One (Sp.)

    Yes, and WHY? Because they need to blame others for the runaway debt-compounding collapse. This is like 5,000 years now. AND when that happens, they need you to go to GOVERNMENT, to THEM or their paid employees, to save them. Then they take MOAR power. That’s why they don’t care about the collapse of the LAST 5 wars we lost to goatherders, the war we’re losing now, OR the three more wars they claim to fight when we don’t have a man in the field nor a functional plane to fly them there. Doesn’t matter: has to be CHINA’S fault so you rally ‘round US. Give US your power and money, and we’ll rape your daughters! Is this a great system or what?

    You have to understand NONE of what they’re saying is true. None. Ever. Watch what they DO.

    What we DID was make no shells in Ukr., make no ships in SE Asia, when we had plenty of time and ability to.

    “• Le Pen: Backing of Ukraine Strikes Inside Russia Step Toward World War (Sp.)

    It’s only a “World War” if the other side can fight it. We can’t.

    ““..high-ranking Swedish and Finnish officials are being trained, “like diligent students,” to repeat the “Russophobic mantras of their American patrons without hesitation..”

    Our entire Western war is all mind control since Bernays in 1910. But it’s all public so you can do something about it. “‘Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.’ — Bob Marley.

    “Prosecutors under Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg argued that Trump oversaw a scheme to influence the 2016 election”

    Stop. That’s a FEDERAL crime. Stop: No one cares.

    “He criticized judge Juan Merchan for supposedly being “conflicted and corrupt,”

    “Supposed” is not something we say. It’s “he said.” In this case his daughter made $90M in profits, so you may even dispense with the “Supposed”: it’s visible. Words are valuable: why did you waste one here injecting Op/Ed?

    “and amounts to weaponization of the justice system by the Democratic Party against its political opponent.”

    That might be crazier if they hadn’t destroyed all DEMOCRATIC nominees as well, allowing no opposition or alternative to stand even in their own party. TWICE.

    “no such violation occurred. The jury does not know that. Instead, the judge allowed them to be repeatedly told a false fact that could make it difficult for anyone to acquit.”

    You got it. You’re a lawyer and you don’t see this every day? Where two-bit judges meet the prosecutor to railroad random citizens, then have drinks over at the golf course later? How does anyone not know this is “What is done” for generations now? Well, I guess you need to know and this is how we tell you. Must be nice being rich that you’ve never seen this before.

    “• Hush Money Trial To Boost Trump’s Odds Of Winning, Taking House, Senate (Every)

    What election? We are allowed no candidates, even within, or without, the party. We’re Saddam and Stalin. “Won by 100%!!!”

    “There have not been any discussions of a role for me in a potential Trump Presidency”

    The White Hats are already renting Musk as a brand and a platform. Obviously. Otherwise, where’s Musk getting his protection from? They just took down a President and billionaire in a traffic court, with a non, “Acting” Judge. But not Elon? Having no trouble, banks cleared all his checks to buy Twitter and mud-stuff the Derp State left?

    “He wants it denied so he can appeal it?!
    • Judge Denies Hunter Biden’s ‘Frivolous’ Bid to Halt Delaware Gun Case (ET)

    If you have money, you can stay out of jail forever on appeals. Hunter has more than money. He’s eating 5-stars and flying provate jets to his Child support hearings where they listen to him say how broke he is. It’s the only way he can screw his wife and daughter good and hard again.

    “• ‘Paranoid’ Zelensky Lashing Out At US – FT (RT)

    Yes, that’s because we are actually out to get him. He needs to pass all these unpopular things the people will hang him in the streets for, before we dispense with his body and blame Russia for it. Easy. Who is the reporter that can meta-meta presume we are NOT out to get him? After all this plus 20-50 more years of 100 democracies toppled?

    “Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz is mounting a new challenge against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the coalition government,”

    I wonder why. They’re not killing Palestinians enough? Too slow? Been suggested there are three wings: EU, American, and BRIICS there, as they sell their transit-pipeline location to the highest bidder. Nothing to do with them, their religion, or Palestinians. All distractions and eyewash. PS, Rothschild just said “This is their family’s country.” They created, made, and run it. Xnay the eekingspay.

    “such destabilizing actions by the US represent a direct threat to both our country and China.”

    This is legal language, specific. That is, it activates and authorizes a counter-nuclear strike.

    “Is there a possibility to speed up the process of political settlement of the situation around Ukraine?”

    You’re in the Writer’s Room: how does this story end? We tried Ukraine being expelled (Freeland’s Nazi army in Canada) and to occupy it (USSR years, while being funded by the West). So? How do you get a Ukraine unable to be undermined and made to attack Russia, poor saps, and even more, it would be wonderfully helpful to Russia and Ukraine both if they could be prosperous trade partners. (As they always were and must be). So? How do you arrange this?

    Well, they’ve already set up a “Union” as with Belarus and Kazakhstan, which is working great. That’s a softer Federal style, just as the States here in the U.S. are breaking away with the times. NATO collapses and the West doesn’t have the free resources to bother, while BRIICS rocket to prosperity everyone wants to join. Sounds likely. Same here: they will say “The U.S. is falling apart! Aaaaaaiiiiii!!!!!” No, we’re not. We’re not supposed to be centralized to begin with. We’re just going to be breaking the law less and trampling our citizens less. Sounds just terrible.


    • It’s Time For Russia To Drop A Nuclear Bomb

    Sure is starting to look that way.

    The NeoConJob homo globoiis are a Death Kult afterr all.

    There base is in Duh’merica the Beautiful.

    Maybe station some Kh-47M2 Kinzhals in CUBA

    See how that goes.

    Duh’merican have no historic memory however, it’s been wiped clean from 60 years of junk food and propagandized TV.

    Remember the ONLY reason the Soviets put nukes in CUBA was because the Empire of Lies put nukes in Turkey FIRST.

    It’s amazing how many Duh’mericans, to this day, don’t Grok that simple fact.


    Dr. D

    BTW Martin Armstrong just said Again that the Dollar crashes by going UP. In order to change direction, there needs to be a blowoff super-excess move. And where the bears capitulate. Okay, but don’t think two-dimensionally: IF the markets close, then you can only get $50 out of a bank, like Australia or Cyprus. Then Cash is King: everyone owes huge debts they need to service, have margin calls in Stocks, etc. This may not last long, but blowoff tops never do.

    The RoW can’t tolerate a high US$, Argentina, Brazil, etc owe in US$ too. They will swap or die. After that, no US$ as Reserve currency means, The End to US Empire. That’s what an Empire is. And all Americans cheer, except like 10 guys at the top who can’t pay their blackmail anymore.

    those darned kids

    President Trump convicted and now a Felon AND a proud member of the wwe hall of fame.

    those darned kids

    america is a churlish nation!

    those darned kids

    those darned kids


    • US Leaders Pushing for Three-Front War When They Can’t Handle One

    Duh’merica has lost it’s shit and lost the narrative

    Pretty impressive mental meltdown.

    Dying Empires look a lot like 4th Stage Neuro-syphilis

    Neuro-syphilis occurs when syphilis spreads to the central nervous system.

    It manifests as a host of psychiatric and physical symptoms ranging from headaches, personality changes, and loss of coordination to delirium, visual changes, hallucinations, delusions of grandeur and loss of bladder and bowel control.


    The Empire of Lies has definitively lost bowel control.

    Ask Trump


    those darned kids

    y’all need to draft kyrie irving for your next president.



    Dreamtime/I wish upon a star/I had a dream/conflict resolution

    1. Shangri-la’

    an imaginary paradise on earth, esp. a remote and exotic utopia.
    a faraway haven or hideaway of idyllic beauty and tranquility.

    2. Trump (R) vs Biden (D) vs Robert F. Kennedy Jr (I)

    3. People (Peace on earth) vs Governments (WAR)

    4. Truth vs Lies

    5. Reincarnation, also known as rebirth or transmigration, is the philosophical or religious concept that the non-physical essence of a living being begins a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death.


    reference Murtha and My Lai
    How much irrational violence is too much? Depends on what needs to be hidden.
    Calley – Assange


    Depression is more than a mental state in Duh’merica

    It’s an Economic Zen Be Here Now moment!. EBHN

    Namaste bitchez!



    Entitled and woketurd “Professor” gets arrested for messing with pro-Life street evangelist

    I’m dancing with Happy Feet!


    ATACMS, F16s, boots on the ground; Russian warnings ignored

    Duran chews the fat on Empire of Lies insanity


    Pedo Presidementia Seduces Miss Duh’merica Over the Cliff

    Bombs Away Dream Babies



    Russia is inches from completely and totally destroying the Ukronazi power grid.

    It barely functions now.

    No electricity: no water pumps or sewage treatment for the cities. Sweet

    Food preservation, gone with the wind

    Medical care on life support generators

    If the Empire of Lies green lights ATACMS into Russia, UkronNaziland will have zero electricity.

    The then Russia blows up all the bridges in UkroNaziland

    Especially all the bridges in Kiev and all across the Dnieper stranding the majority of the UkroNazi army without supplies on the wrong side of the river.


    WokeTurd Boston Mayor Michelle Wu said she would support a policy that refuses to prosecute the following crimes:


    (If you are white she would still prosecute)

    -disorderly conduct
    -receiving stolen property
    -driving with a suspended license
    -breaking and entering with property damage
    -wanton and malicious destruction of property
    -minor in possession of alcohol
    -marijuana possession
    -possession with intent to distribute
    -non-marijuana drug possession

    Biden gives Ukraine permission to carry out limited strikes within Russia using US weapons

    MOSCOW, May 31. /TASS/. NATO countries that have approved strikes with their weapons on Russian territory should be aware that their equipment and specialists will be destroyed not only in Ukraine, but also at any point from where Russian territory is attacked, the Russian Security Council’s Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said on his Telegram channel, noting that the participation of NATO specialists could be seen as a casus belli.

    “All their military equipment and specialists fighting against us will be destroyed both on the territory of former Ukraine and on the territory of other countries, should strikes be carried out from there against Russian territory,” Medvedev warned.

    He added that Moscow proceeded from the fact that all long-range weapons supplied to Ukraine were already “directly operated by servicemen from NATO countries”, which is tantamount to participation in the war against Russia and a reason to start combat operations.

    Therefore, said Medvedev, NATO would need to legally qualify the destruction of its equipment, facilities and servicemen in case of “possible retaliatory strikes <…> in the context of articles 4 and 5 of the Washington Treaty”.

    Articles 4 and 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which created the alliance, list NATO countries’ actions in case any of them is threatened, as well as the rules of the bloc’s collective defense. According to these provisions, a threat to one NATO country is perceived as an attack on all members of the alliance. At the same time, the document does not specify what exactly NATO may regard as an attack or threat, so it establishes a consultation mechanism for deciding on a response.


    Here’s an attempt to condense my various stages of bewilderment surrounding the Trump case for the past 2 days.

    Please understand, I am not defending Trump. I am reviewing the narrative as if it were a movie or a TV show. I found the writing to be inept, chaotic, providing neither a coherent narrative nor consistent believable characterization. This prevented me from entering a willing suspension of disbelief.

    Everything the writers did took me out of the story. Worse than Prometheus, and that’s saying something.

    1. 34 Counts Unanimous Guilty: Is this really unanimous, or exact-opposite-of-unanimous “unanimous”? Didn’t the judge say take your pick, each of you tell me a thing you think he’s guilty of and I’ll add all your votes up, no need for anyone to agree on that?

    2. Paying off the stripper to not talk trash… Trump was never charged, let alone found guilty of doing this AS A CRIME?

    3. The ledger entry in question – it was a misdemeanor Trump was never charged, let alone found guilty of doing AS A CRIME and it is expired, out of the statute of limitations?

    4. The ledger entry is what was being used to commit the crime of Election Promotion?

    5. Calling things names on accounting ledgers causes Election Promotion??????

    6. HOW did the naming of it as a legal expense on the piece of paper in and of itself promote Trump in the election? WHO was swayed in their voting decision by this entry on a ledger and how?

    7. Does the prosecution, judge, defense, jury, or general public know what alternate naming on the ledger would have AVOIDED Election Promotion? Nobody knows still?

    8. If making a legal non-disclosure agreement requires that you make public and explicit the very thing you are trying to make private, why does anyone ever do them? That’s just how non disclosure works, you bigot?

    9. Are ALL non-disclosure agreements with any applicability to elections “Election Promotion” and therefore illegal?

    7. Does Time Exist? There was a delay when the perjury-lawyer sent the bill. There was a delay in opening it. There was a delay in paying it. There was a delay in making the entry on the ledger. There was a delay in the private ledger entry being reported for taxes. Didn’t the election occur PRIOR to that? How did the ledger entry effect reverse-causality Election Promotion?

    8. Does Time Exist Pt 2? Didn’t the Stormy Daniels story break across all mainstream and alternative media channels BEFORE the election? How did the ledger entry go back in time to reverse this and perform reverse-causality Election Promotion? Did Trump steal Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet?

    9. Is there any selective prosecution occurring? Have hundreds, perhaps thousands of other non-disclosure agreements been made by politicians 2016-present and are any of them under investigation?

    10. Did the prosecution cite any previous cases to establish precedent and strengthen their case? Or is this a totally unique and new, never-before prosecution and finding?


    A. Trump did awful things. We’ll get him through the legal process.
    B. Those Democrats are blinded by their own agenda and pursuing imagined crimes mistakenly
    C. The charges are knowingly faked up to influence the election (Republicans: wrongly, Democrats: to prevent dictatorship and WW3, worth it)
    D. Don’t you get it, Trump’s fake opposition, the whole thing is theatre to get you to vote for Trump


    1. Porn star swore in writing the sex never happened
    2. It’s legal to have sex with a pornstar anyway
    3. It’s legal to pay hush money
    4. It’s normal to account for legal payments as legal expenses
    5. It’s legal to promote yourself as a political candidate

    State of NY puts all these things in a test tube (possibly adds some expired misdemeanors, maybe?), mixes them, and produces 34 felonies.

    It wasn’t so much that the plotline/narrative was jarring as that there was no plot. More of a disjointed causeless fever-dream.

    The She Hulk writing team decided to make the main character a lawyer, adopting a serial format for the show – each episode, a new court case.

    The entire She Hulk writing team and showrunners admitted they know nothing about and have no experience with the legal system, lawyering, or writing a procedural law show.

    Nevertheless, Disney elected to proceed with a procedural law show in which their main character was a lawyer without:
    1. Hiring new writers experienced in a legal show format
    2. Obtaining expert advisors to help their existing writers
    3. Educating their existing writers on this type of show
    4. Giving up on the serial legal case format
    5. Making their main character something other than a lawyer.

    The timing looks right, in terms of She Hulk being cancelled and writing needed for the new court drama.

    This is my best hypothetical explanation. The She Hulk writing room was hired to write the 34 Felonies drama.

    D Benton Smith

    I think that elimination of useless elites through the shrinking of their numbers (theoretically down to one top tyrant in charge, and everyone else a slave) through various wars of attrition is far more probable than the eradication of useless eaters by means of genocide.

    Time and arithmetic are definitely on the side of the downtrodden, while greedy selfishness (and arithmetic) is now and forever against the possibility of a tiny group taking everything from an enormous number of people who (with nothing left to be stolen) could not then support the elites in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

    It’s basically the old “Goose that laid the golden egg” story, but with a lot more bloodshed, car chases and explosions.


    my best hypothetical explanation.
    Emotions trumps your explanations. 🙂


    D Benton Smith # 160092 – Yes, one interpretation to events of the 2000-present would be the elites increasingly squeezing absolutely everything else in an attempt to avoid/delay a war of elimination amongst themselves.

    But they need added-value activity to maintain themselves. And they keep increasing themselves while punishing added-value activity and added value actors. Question is will they eliminate some of their own before their resource/power base is utterly ruined or after?

    Will their best pragmatists eliminate the others and restore/preserve added-value activity/actors? Or will it be a series of stair-steps downward punctuated by elimination rounds forced upon the elite rather than chosen pre-emptively?

    But AI will save them

    “What do such machines really do? They increase the number of things we can do without thinking. Things we do without thinking-there’s the real danger.” Frank Herbert

    PS someone please somewhere stop making Ayn Rand right

    “You called it selfish and cruel that men should trade value for value—you have now established an unselfish society where they trade extortion for extortion. Your system is a legal civil war, where men gang up on one another and struggle for possession of the law, which they use as a club over rivals, till another gang wrests it from their clutch and clubs them with it in their turn, all of them clamoring protestations of service to an unnamed public’s unspecified good.”

    “Then she saw the answer; she saw the secret premise behind their words. With all of their noisy devotion to the age of science, their hysterically technological jargon, their cyclotrons, their sound rays, these men were moved forward, not by the image of an industrial skyline, but by the vision of that form of existence which the industrialists had swept away—the vision of a fat, unhygienic rajah of India, with vacant eyes staring in indolent stupor out of stagnant layers of flesh, with nothing to do but run precious gems through his fingers and, once in a while, stick a knife into the body of a starved, toil-dazed, germ-eaten creature, as a claim to a few grains of the creature’s rice, then claim it from hundreds of millions of such creatures and thus let the rice grains gather into gems.

    “She had thought that industrial production was a value not to be questioned by anyone; she had thought that these men’s urge to expropriate the factories of others was their acknowledgment of the factories’ value. She, born of the industrial revolution, had not held as conceivable, had forgotten along with the tales of astrology and alchemy, what these men knew in their secret, furtive souls, knew not by means of thought, but by means of that nameless muck which they called their instincts and emotions: that so long as men struggle to stay alive, they’ll never produce so little but that the man with the club won’t be able to seize it and leave them still less, provided millions of them are willing to submit—that the harder their work and the less their gain, the more submissive the fiber of their spirit—that men who live by pulling levers at an electric switchboard, are not easily ruled, but men who live by digging the soil with their naked fingers, are—that the feudal baron did not need electronic factories in order to drink his brains away out of jeweled goblets, and neither did the rajahs of the People’s State of India. She saw what they wanted and to what goal their “instincts,” which they called unaccountable, were leading them. She saw that Eugene Lawson, the humanitarian, took pleasure at the prospect of human starvation—and Dr. Ferris, the scientist, was dreaming of the day when men would return to the hand-plow.”


    Schneier has an interesting one today: How AI Will Change Democracy. He admits up front it’s a big pile of ‘what if?’ but it’s an interesting read, and it is time for most humans to begin considering these questions.

    Can we do a GoFundMe to pay a bounty for collection of independent telescopic observations of our Lagrange Points?


    last laugh

    They won’t last, and I won’t laugh.


    On, Biden allows UKR to use weapons to attack Russia, from ZH.

    Not the only one, see Macron (keen), Sholtz (hesitant, reluctant, confused), others…

    USuk-D (Germany) and others provide – gift, weapons and more to attack the Russkies, control the scope of operations, and have tight strictures / operational criteria, aka red lines that waver and change in function of the situation ‘on the ground.’ Follows, orders are sent to the Proxy UKR do this that not … etc.

    UKR must obey (it hasn’t perfectly, other story), but now it is authorised by its Masters to move some very dangerous provocative steps forward.

    Typical MSM: UKR now has to been ‘freed’ (so who is in control?) to do ‘what it needs’ or such language to ‘defend itself.’
    I.e. to attack Russia inside Russia… with arms / personnel etc. from the ‘W.’

    End game coming up….


    Jihadist goes on rampage in Germany

    DEI is our strength

    Islam snowflake can’t take any criticism, Islam didn’t grow from nothing to controlling half the known world in 60 years in the 600s by putting up with opposition.

    15 German cops oddly on the scene, one cop still gets stabbed multiple times in the neck.

    Male cop shot the perp dead, male cop got stabbed, female cops were onlookers.

    An unknown person stabbed a politician in Mannheim’s central square, Michael Stürzenberger, who criticizes Islam.

    They tried to stop the bloodshed, but the criminal broke free and struck another blow to the policeman in the back. The second policeman shot and killed the instigator.

    The police have not yet provided any information about the severity of the victims’ injuries. The identity of the criminal is being established.



    Demonstration against the murder of +36,000 people is now called a hate crime against Israel.


    Oroboros’ video

    0:20 upper righthand corner, you can see the feet of a cop. THAT cop turns to tackle a friendly at 0:22

    he was right on top of the assailant while the assailant was on the ground. There’s nobody on the assailant but him. As he TURNS HIS BACK to tackle the friendly, all the cops to the right who were close enough to cover his stupid maneuver back away. EVERYONE can see that nobody has the knife guy.

    0:25 the cop that tackles the friendly keeps his back turned to the stabber while straddling the friendly to pin him down and gets knifed

    0:27 it’s the friendly that the cop tackled that actually grabs the knife and slides it away so the attacker cannot continue to use it before wisely laying back down to avoid the cops going after him again

    I cannot imagine a US cop turning their back on the armed assailant while nobody has got him under control and nobody else is even taking him on. (US cops would have turned the stabber into a colander about 20 seconds earlier)

    The cop who got stabbed was intensely, intensely stupid. It is VERY fitting that HE was the one, not some innocent bystander or fellow cop, that experienced the results of his failure to restrain the guy AT HIS FEET with a knife.

    0:45 the cops have the unarmed friendly who got tackled to the cobblestones and might very well be injured because of that,, the one who made it so the assailant couldn’t grab the knife again, THAT guy, they have in an uncomfortable position with his hands handcuffed behind his back and his face in the cobblestones.

    They seem far more concerned with the helpful gainfully employed european victim and far less concerned with the stabby mc stabberson knife wielding addidas clad migrant – is this part of their training or something?


    I very puzzling amateur response

    I almost thought it was a police academy training lesson.

    A lot of cops just watching and not responding.

    Girlie-men, girlie girls?

    Stabbed in the neck, lucky he didn’t just bleed out on the spot.

    Preferential treatment against the German citizen and for the migrant ‘guest’

    Typical German-tard response


    Just in:

    Bad Cop Speaks Truth


    Medvedev: All Western military equipment and specialists fighting against Russia will be destroyed not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries if they are launched from there onto Russian territory.

    Medvedev also noted that “individual assistance from NATO countries against Russia, be it controlling missiles or sending troops, will become a serious escalation, followed by a response of such force that the alliance itself will not be able to resist being drawn into the conflict.”

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