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    Utagawa Hiroshige Sudden Evening Shower on the Great Bridge near Atake 1857   • Ukraine Is A ‘Gold Mine’ – Lindsey Graham (RT) • Zelensky Not The
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    Mister Roboto

    I don’t doubt that Gavin Newsom’s twenty-dollar-an-hour minimum wage is a job killer. However, a minimum wage that would be today’s equivalent of 1981’s minimum wage would have to be at least twelve dollars and twenty-five cents an hour.

    Dr. D

    “The Brutalization of Israel Is Well Underway. If We Do Not Act, Its Collapse Is Only a Matter of Time  Haaretz   

    Sold! I can do nothing all day. This movie isn’t for you. Note: Haaretz. Gee, that’s odd, isn’t Haaretz a JEWISH paper? What they doing opposing all this like Sanders, Stein, and a million others?

    About Saudi Agreement: Really? I didn’t know it had a close date. But it hardly matters: we discussed this for years, since 2001, and a year ago, and when Saudi flipped the day after F-Stan, and up to three months ago. I long since thought it was a done deal, so what would happen now? I mean, if you sell a house, there’s a lot of deciding, cleaning, tossing, showing, moving, there are dozen dates with lawyers, etc. But the day of closing, essentially nothing happens. The keys are passed and no one visits the house, which is dark and quiet.

    It’s not like it doesn’t matter, but don’t markets move on expectation and future, and those have already been digested.

    But also no news on the Ike. I like Ike. How do you hide a battleship in the ocean?

    There are quite a number of good articles this week, is everyone getting their brains back and doing something? Turley: “There has also been a push by Democrats to keep third-party candidates off ballots. Again, the last thing democracy needs is for voters to have more democratic choice.
    In New York, Democratic congressional candidate Paula Collins even suggested that, after the election, the focus must be on “re-education” of MAGA voters, although she acknowledged that “that sounds like a rather, a re-education camp. I don’t think we really want to call it that. I’m sure we can find another way to phrase it.” (If we re-NAME mass murder, then it’s Love!)

    Democratic operatives are using the same rationalization to call for biased reporting to help Biden get reelected.
    Democratic strategist James Carville this week demanded more “slanted” media coverage against Donald Trump to save democracy. Carville was triggered by New York Times editor Joe Kahn suggesting that the newspaper report the news in a fair and neutral manner. The suggestion sent many pundits into vapors at the very thought of reembracing objectivity in journalism.

    “I don’t have anything against slanted coverage,” Carville insisted. “I really don’t, I would have something against it at most other times in American history, but not right now. F— your objectivity. The real objectivity in this country right now is we’re either going to have a Constitution or we’re not.”

    It was particularly galling to hear the call for “slanted coverage” in the same week that the Hunter Biden laptop was authenticated and used as evidence in his Delaware trial. The government has called the widely reported claim that the laptop was “Russian disinformation” a debunked “conspiracy theory.” Carville was making his pitch for more biased reporting to the very media that buried the laptop story before the last election and spent two years in denial of its authenticity.

    Yet, many journalists agree with Carville. Some journalism schools have been teaching that reporters need to dump concepts of objectivity and neutrality to achieve political and social reforms.

    Wow. I didn’t think Carville had it in him. Made it to the horizon. Then over. Then second star to the Left and straight on ‘til morning. And he’s flying there still. Um, maybe we’re going to have a “Constitution” by … upholding the Constitution? And we would NOT have a Constitution by … erasing all the lines and rules in the Constitution? A = A Carville. It’s not hard. As Fitts would say, “Sane, or Insane.” Your choice.

    “The fear that these newspapers might cover Biden and Trump in a fair and balanced way was immediately denounced as . . . wait for it . . . a threat to democracy.”

    This is, as Fitts said, merely “The Sane versus the Insane.” That’s all. Simple. There are many lies but only one Truth. Evil is division and Good is unity. …So to speak.

    VDH was writing well, and the article on how great AI is: Prove it. Track down and stop all the robocalls and end censorship. That should be but a morning’s work for a genius like AI. Wait: why is nobody doign this? Why we have 100x spam calls than ever 25 years after this was identified as a problem and national security issue that anyone could just wander around our phone system? Too soon? Still haven’t replaced any of the routers yet? Phone calls on copper wire with two ends is just TOO COMPLICATED for us. 1850 can figure it out by candlelight, but not us.

    “USDA Recalls More Than 20,000 Pounds Of Frozen Beef Products
    Neither the importer nor the USDA has received any reports of anyone experiencing any adverse reactions”

    Who pays the costs? So the government reimburses, right? Boy, glad we don’t have any of those unsafe small farmers and instead blow 20,000 pounds at a pop. Holo. Dormor. They can screw up tests and make you lose millions a day. Doesn’t hurt them a bit. I’ll bet if they paid they’d find ZERO problems and all that poisoned food would always get to market.

    Federal Court Revives Lawsuit Against Los Angeles COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate: Case hinges on effectiveness of the vaccines…

    The effectiveness is not the point. My body my choice. Do you own YOURSELF, or don’t you? Actually this would work either way, IF the vaccine works, no one is at risk. IF it doesn’t, it’s a fraud. Either way it cannot be mandated. But that would be logic and we don’t do that.

    “you guys just need to accept the fact that Donald Trump is going to go to jail.”

    I don’t need to do anything. Besides, I’m ahead of you on this. YOU need to accept what I told you 2-5 months ago. Anyway, Sure, why not? And who cares? Are they going to DO something about it? He’s talking Bernays, brainwashing, narcissistic abuse, etc. You deny it long enough the people aren’t mad, then admit it after they’ve blown off steam and won’t hang you for it. …Keep the stolen goods, repeat. Anyone want to tell me the arc of relationships that operate like this? The Abuser just wins, right? Because this process works, right? There’s never any end? Think.

    “Trump’s plan to eliminate taxes on tips for restaurant and hospitality workers”

    That’s interesting, since they don’t claim them and the Feds can’t prove them, so what you’re doing is not making them daily tax cheats. I appreciate not being a felon each day, like, can you just erase a bunch of the other laws no one follows? It’ll leave you more time for all those thousands of human right abuses you don’t arrest each day.

    “NEW: TikTok influencer Michael Cohen says people will be thrown out of windows”

    TikTok Influencer? Dafuq? You mean, “Convicted felon”? Charlie Manson, “Well known celebrity who bakes cookie for his mother.” “Beloved father gentleman and austere scholar, Al-Baghdadi, who ran Syria’s best-known political party.”

    Now if only they had stopped Trump and done bad things to him before now so we could test Cohen’s remarkable theory.

    Liz is up the butts of these people every day, and can see things that aren’t there, but I’ll always trust her first. You got some ‘splaining to do. It’s more likely something more messy: Bannon wanted something and knew the only way to get in was to provide something else: yes, their interaction would help Epstein be smoother, but it was the only chance to get the names or stories. ‘Cause Jeff is just going to give it all to you for free? ‘Cause he’s a dumb guy? ‘Cause you DON’T want to get this story or info? See the problem? But that leaves why it isn’t published. That it’s messy means if you want to know the reason, ASK. We’re after Bannon, a reporter, who talked to him once, but NOT the 1,000 names on the guest list? Priorities. This happens AFTER the decide to jail Bannon, so they’re already running a hit campaign? Why are you helping, or are you? Bannon may be a scum, but you’re a sucker and a patsy. I ain’t carrying water for some Podesta “Master Plan” of slander and division either.

    “Washington “cannot afford” to allow Russia to achieve victory in the Ukraine conflict”

    Great, you and whose army is going to do something about it? Here’s a rifle and a plane ticket, knock yourself out.

    Alexander was just talking about the long-term misery of Ukraine, as owned by Russia after the war and BECAUSE the West has required Russia to take all. Nope. Why? Why wouldn’t Ukraine and Russia get along as well as the last 100 years, and all be as wildly peaceful and prosperous as the rest of Russia, and virtually overnight? So I disagree. ARE there anti-Russian Ukrainians? Sure, but there are Anti-American people in Alabama: are they RELEVANT? All the Nazis in Ukraine are dead. WHO would run the difficulty you expect? This was all done with BILLIONS of pointless dollars, paying the entire nation to make trouble, like when we saw 20,000 paid NGO employees protesting in tiny Georgia. That’s like 1% of the country is on the direct payroll of Europe revolutionary coups, at 10x the wages of the average Georgian. Stop all that and there’s no trouble. (Same here) ESPECIALLY as everyone in Ukraine gets richer than they ever dreamed, and far richer than Europe, which is becoming a hole at the speed of sound.

    But Freedom of Speech, Lindsay. Never stop talking, let us all know. Were those million babies worth it?
    What’s interesting too is Who is he talking to? He knows darn well he’s not going to share a nickel of that $12 Trillion with the average American or South Carolinian, which is why we might support such theft. (we don’t) They’re going to do the #Opposite, steal our money AND theirs, and it’s going to piss us off more than if they hadn’t stolen it at all.

    So, Donor Class? They already know. Donor Class is in an airtight fart bubble unaware of how close they’re getting to a lamp post? Probably.

    “The military, including deployed NATO personnel, use the shops and the gensets, too. The idea of pooling their resources, sharing load among gensets, thus reducing wear and tear on the whole network, while collectivizing fuel and maintenance costs, doesn’t seem to have occurred to them.”

    That’s because they’re morons. I don’t have a great explanation of the Ukies, they seem like the Poles: incredible feats of bravery and redoubt, with can reach paintings and history books, while running a strategy designed by mouth-breathing mongoloids, high on hashish. You don’t win with spirit de corps and feats of bravery, hardship in the trenches, you fools, you win by KILLING THE OTHER SAP. — As Patton would say. The level of moronic behavior, not fitting of a caveman is jaw-dropping, in Ukraine as well as Poland. “Hey, let’s all attack Russia!” the Baltics say, for no reason, some random Tuesday. They did this for CENTURIES, and make a spectacle and pest of themselves all over Europe, Marie Curie comes to mind. WHY was she in Paris? BECAUSE THEY ACT LIKE THIS BACK IN POLAND. Yet instead of straightening it out, her plan is Polish nationalism to KEEP them acting like this. At least Ireland finally got a clue.

    Again, that’s highly contrasted by NOT being stupid, but being brave, sacrificing, hard-working apparently, at the same time all the deep, cutting, historic sacrifice and hard work is put to entirely idiotic and pointless ends.

    Don’t. Learn something for a change. Do something else. So as Alexander, JOINING Ukrainian resolve and feats of stellar bravery with RUSSIAN chess- tactics may be the best of both worlds? I’d tell Ukie to do it themselves, but they’re not, so at least join up with anyone who can think straight and do what they tell you to.

    The Russians feel the same way. They have great respect for Ukraine in the field, and are honored as fellow Slavs with their bravery…and likewise tell them to stop, we don’t want to kill you, but we’re just better, proven every day. Please join us and rise to our level.

    “• Russia Ready To Strike NATO Airfields Hosting Ukrainian Jets – MP (RT)

    Ze says he’ll keep his new jets out of harm’s way outside Ukraine then. Um…what’s the point?

    “• US Lifts Arms Ban On Notorious Azov Brigade (RT)

    Official Nazis as opposed to unofficial ones. Just like you can now vote for a convicted felon or an unconvicted one. (Babylon Bee) But you see: I spoke WORDS, and Named things. Now all reality is different.

    ““The Unit, [..] an apolitical, transactional form of cross-border payments, anchored in gold (40%) and BRICS+ currencies (60%)..”

    It’s complex. Think about it. So can you just take your 50% backing in gold 24/7 until you have it all in a locker, South Africa? Er, probably not. And London bombs you and steals it? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there. …But in which case, it’s also not “50%” backing. That’s okay, it looks like a functional beginning, but don’t knee-jerk on the meanings and speeds here.

    One of the key points – from Luongo and Lanci – is that this is a DISTRIBUTED network, not a mainframe one. Now that’s the same as all the other transformational wins. IF there was only Shanghai Gold market, USUK would bomb it. So there has to be gold vaults everywhere, Dubai, Brazil, etc. There have to be contracts everywhere. No center points, not even Moscow and Beijing, with power to defend. That’s difficult and takes time, but has been done and will work, but the system is very young and barely online now.

    So there’s not ONE Unit. Run by ONE center office in Astana.

    IF there were a single SWIFT office, they would buy out and corrupt it…as we just did under Obama, because they refused the Russian sanctions that didn’t work and collapsed us/them. So we bought and replaced them. No. No central offices.

    Okay, working backward, what is this? The Gold standard pre-1914. There are Francs, Lira, Sovereigns, Dollars, etc, all similar and all circulating, where all contracts are local and private. Is it GENERALLY 1oz gold, 99 pure? Yeah, generally, but not always, not by law, and may be a paper gold note, from France, (that is, Franc-denominated) to be paid in Gilders. Same thing here. Distributed, “No reserve currency” which was destroying my country the United States, so I extend a thank you very much for saving us. We have a lot of gold, we’ll have no problem coping under the pre-1914 such mixed distributed standard. And it will stop the thieving.

    Okay, that goes to Kunstler’s Monday: ALL these Central Controllers are failing. ALL centralized power is failing. The needs of the time are distributed, so that a certainty. However, they are failing even FASTER as they have zero COMPETENCY in anything at all. …Unless you’re Kamala on her knees, then you have core competency in something. Because they’re FINDING and HIRING and PROMOTING, and BACKING everyone based not even on Not-Merit, but ANTI-Merit. So although consolidating 20 aeronautics companies and competition into Boeing was moronic and self-destructive, consolidating them AND firing all the engineers AND firing all the line assembly people AND hiring careless, self-serving liars … WILL BRING YOUR STOCK PRICE TO ZERO.

    …’Cause, “Capitalism” n’ stuff. Anyway, so they’re gong down as “the Internet” (broad brush) atomizes the Universe, but so, so, SO much faster when you install idiots like Fani, Adam Neumann, and Kathleen Kennedy to run it all.

    How have we not defeated you yet? Does that not reflect poorly on us? It’s embarrassing.

    “he failed to pay $1.4 million in taxes over four years. His debt has since been settled, the Associated Press reported.”

    No one knows where the money came from. Well that’s what happens when I owe money, right? A rich uncle from Kiev always pops up and buys a painting!

    “• Democrat Lawfare Has Failed To Derail Trump Campaign So Far (JTN)

    It’s all a narrative to show the American People who they are. So now it’s time to stage that assassination. …I mean AFTER they stage a Trump-in-jail which ALSO won’t go off and is just a show, saved with 00:01 seconds on the bomb timer. “Merica!

    “what is really behind this, if you go into war, they get to default and blame Putin..”

    Yup, that’s why they don’t care. And it’s not like it won’t hurt equally either way, the nation I mean, it’s that THEY GET TO BLAME. Not the Bankers, not the Politicians, but the PEOPLE. We who didn’t vote for it, opposed everything at every turn. If they don’t BLAME they won’t be able to just re-start the same system after, because the People, will have learned something.

    Jackson, Jefferson: NO Central Banks. Money is how we TALK to each other. Unlimited money-power is unlimited Power.

    “• Elon Says Will Ban Apple’s Creepy Spyware Devices If They Integrate OpenAI (ZH)

    Half the people own an iPhone, so now EVERY conversation is being wiretapped everywhere. It doesn’t matter if half the people oppose that (still questionable), because the OTHER half are credulous morons who brought along their Party Observer. This also goes back to fascism and destroying all choice and competition, which barely existed to begin with. You see BlackBerry doing this stuff? No, they got murdered with financial warfare bc they wouldn’t give ALL the back-door keys to the NSA. Now they don’t exist, and neither does anybody else, despite huge worldwide demand for security and EVERY IT Admin being REQUIRED to provide this. They can’t, so like Bankers, they all break the law TOGETHER, then nobody gets in trouble bc it’s “Industry Standard” to have zero IT security on your systems. Same as Cloud-Hosting your data, actually with ZERO security once it’s off your site, Amazon can read everything, and they’re paid by the CIA.

    …But I’m sure they’d never break the LAW, right? They promised! Go ahead and try to tell your third IT VP that you should cloud host like all the other golfers and he’ll say “What’s a cloud host?” Then: “If all the other IT VPs jumped off the bridge and lost all control of their data, I’m going too!!!!”

    “• 1000s of Californians Lose Jobs Thanks To Newsom’s $20/hr Minimum Wage (RT)

    Why are you making Ayn Rand right? Telling them since 1956, with logic and reason. …And clearly that was our problem, they never listened yet. Life cycle: 1) We tell them, 2) They do it anyway 3) Everything is destroyed just like we said, 4) Move on to the next thing we warn them about. 5) Their lives suck more every hour and they blame us for it. “It’s all those MAGA guys running Chicago!!! Damn them!!!”


    But who WANTS a car that is autonomous? Not the public. We also don’t want cars that are over-complicated and spying on us all the time, able to be shut off for no reason. So WHO are you talking to? Not Capitalism, since you only provide the #Opposite of the public demand. That leaves only the Oligarchs, the opposite and counterpoint to “The Public”.

    “He says vaccine mandates were a “terrible decision” and based on emotions, not on science.”

    What Mandates? No laws were passed. Both. Neither. Ai. A = A ≠ A, all, nothing, things and their Opposites. They were enforced because they didn’t exist.

    To the point he’s TRYING to make here, What were they based on if not Science? If you’re not a “Science” organization, why are we paying you? You’re fired: we can do “irrational emotion” for free, just go visit any Daycare center. No? Like “15 Intel agencies” on 912, we INCREASED your budgets for failure. No one was fired, all failures got a bonus and rode off into the sunset. This is perfectly normal, and all the time when I buy a Mercedes and show up at the lot and they don’t give me one, give me one Mercedes steering wheel, paint “Mercedes” on the side of a Yugo in crayon, I not only pay them, I give them a big tip. That’s how it all works, right?

    …Only with government. Only with violence. Otherwise, if you get cheated, ruined, bad service you withdraw support and don’t pay them.

    “Voluntary” Exchange. That is the only evil, Must. Be. Stopped.

    Dr D Rich

    I can’t find his name on this hit list.

    I sense a kumbaya moment overcoming the crowd manifested as gratitude for each other and unprecedented conviviality
    Let’s not prematurely lose focus folks.

      “We ARE at War!”


    Putting on my engineering hat I’m glad to see the article about UkroNaziland trying to Keep on Keepin’ without electricity.

    I had previously commented a number of times about running cities without sewage and water.

    Electricity is for a ‘luxury’ experience, water and sewage is pure survival.

    Especially in Big Shitty high rises.

    Cities really suck when the lights don’t come on but are unlivable when the wateer isn’t coming or going.

    Imagine all those MILLIONS of Ukro refugees heading West to Promised Land of Eurotardistan.

    Hard to hide the fact that UkroNaziland has LOST big time and that the Sheeple of Eurotardistan were totally lied to for the last three years when 5 million Ukros flood into the Collective West stomping grounds like unwelcome relatives moving into your 2 bedrooms flat.

    So sad ;>(



    Space Pride

    Who could’ve predicted it




    Yah, I kinda remember……



    Zircon carrying “Admiral Gorshkov” arrived in Cuba

    180 km to S. Florida coast


    Russian Zircon Missile travels at 9,800 km/h. (with or without a nuclear tipped warhead)

    S, Florida distance from Russian Zircon missile carrier: 180 km

    Time to target: A little over a minute


    Little Napoleon

    Sinking like a stone

    “If this had been my teacher, my parents would have moved me to a different school”

    <img src="Little Napoleon Sinking like a stone “If this had been my teacher, my parents would have moved me to a different school”” alt=”.” />




    Fear of change,
    Fear of losing control,
    Hate of Trump
    • Ukraine Is A ‘Gold Mine’ – Lindsey Graham (RT)

    Ukraine will defeat Russia

    • Can Democracy Survive the “Defenders of Democracy”? (Turley)
    “I’m a Democrat and I am here to save democracy.”
    It’s not historical science fiction

    “Democracy Dies in Darkness”
    The power cuts have divided Kiev into the haves and the have-nots
    The city is no longer viable, impact of the power losses on the operation of water and sewerage systems.
    • US Lifts Arms Ban On Notorious Azov Brigade (RT)

    “ultranationalist and neo-Nazi views, white supremacy and neo-Nazism are unacceptable and have no place in our world.”
    Putin in his address – “harmonic multipolar world”.

    Pepe Escobar: The Three Key Messages From St. Petersburg to the Global Majority

    In the year of the Russian presidency of BRICS, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) had to deliver something special.
    And deliver it did: over 21,000 people representing no less than 139 nations – a true microcosm of the Global Majority, discussing every facet of the drive towards a multipolar, multinodal (italics mine), polycentric world.

    Are the Democrat strategies backfiring? Are they trying to win or to lose?

    If Wishes Were Fishes — a Teachable Intermezzo

    Everything organized at the gigantic scale is steaming toward failure: big governments, giant companies, the huge capital investment firms, global shipping, energy production, chain retailing, mass motoring, big electricity, big medicine, big education, big anything.

    The Markster

    Funny how even Dr. Redfield has to close his eyes to the world around him when making the preposterous statement that the DARPA death jabs prevent serious illness and death, and that they should have been prioritized for the elderly. There is zero clinical or public health evidence to support the statement about the benefits of the jab, zero tracking and follow up for the jabbed versus unjabbed, and a criminal government, media, medical, public health, educational and military commitment to shoving the monstrous and diabolical nature of their actions down the memory hole.

    My godmother does the same closing her eyes thing when she is spouting empty liberal platitudes that I don’t think even she herself believes anymore. It has become part of “polite” society in this sick culture to force dangerous, experimental drugs in big long needles into the arms of your fellow citizens, in large part because doing so with conviction helps keep ones own eyes closed to what we have done to ourselves.

    D Benton Smith


    DBS- you have hatched from your chrysalis. [ #160941 ] “

    Thank you for the info. I was WONDERING what had happened. I can’t say that it was an entirely unpleasant experience, but it sure was disorienting there for a moment or two. Think I’ll just flutter around awhile to get my bearings before I try to soar or anything.


    My godmother does the same closing her eyes thing when she is spouting empty liberal platitudes that I don’t think even she herself believes anymore. It has become part of “polite” society…

    Not just the injections, but the empty platitudes are now required for polite society

    Conversation with my wife this morning – her family is very Democrat. She’s Democrat herself, but 90’s/80’s Democrat, the Democrat the Democrats imagined themselves to be back then. Actually liberal as opposed to leftist.

    So she’s telling me of difficulties with her brother and mother, how they seem to ASSUME she is MAGA. Implicitly. With all that comes with that

    BUT it isn’t even up for discussion! They have not asked her about her beliefs or why she believes them, weighed any difference of opinion judiciously. Nope. She’s just on the other side of things without discussion – there shall be no discussion.

    She was wandering around in specific, narrow-band issues/subject matter while trying to figure out the large gulf she was contemplating.

    I interjected that the problem was that peoples’ broad foundation of base knowledge has been overwritten such that any discussion is becoming more and more impossible.

    I cited, for example, our visit to her mother this weekend in which she brought up and showed us a new book about a woman going to 1918 France to help with book circulation for the libraries there. The main takeaway was how very VERY horrible it was for women in 1918 France. It was bad, very bad. (super sexist, misogynist, women heavily persecuted)

    I pointed out how strange a view this was. Millions of men were DEAD. Millions wounded. Many millions more are away at the front suffering physically and psychologically in indescribable and myriad ways. (women most affected) How many men are there back in the countryside to oppress women at this point?

    And she’s painting 1918 France as something out of A Handmaid’s Tale. wtf. I pointed out that we have watched many MANY black and white 30’s and 40’s films in the past 8 years since we gave up on modern streaming. In ALL those films, women are going around speaking their mind, not being particularly oppressed, engaged in all kinds of activities. No man or woman is halting, shocked, going “Woah, what are you DOING? THIS is CRAZY!!! GET back into your chains in the kitchen/basement!” Nobody. Not one time.

    Mother in Law told a tale of a woman in the 60’s coming home from work on the train. A man sits down next to her, gropes her, she yells loudly for him to get his hands off of him. Everyone in the train looks, he jumps up, and runs away. She cited this of proof of misogyny and how bad, bad , bad the times were.

    I pointed out he ran because a train car of fathers, brothers, sons, and husbands of women were on that train coming home TO them from work and would have beaten the man to a pulp in defense of the woman.

    She said NO THEY WOULD NOT. He only ran because she embarrassed him in front of all those men. Like, he couldn’t “handle” this woman properly the way all the other men could, therefore they would be looking on him with silent scorn, therefore he fled the embarrassment. This shows a deep misunderstanding of male psychology as well as physical reality.

    Maybe to a woman, a single move and a vocalized rejection would signify “Tried > Failed” But if a traincar of men are all just like “Yeah, that’s what you do,” if this is normalized in all of 60’s society. just grab any woman lecherously by her private parts, then a man would simply establish his pride by making it work. Where the depictions of standardized woman-groping on the way home from work on trains and busses are, where I can access these tv shows, books, news reports, etc where this happens casually and is mentioned as being of no concern, like mentioning what the weather was, what color sweater someone was wearing, etc, idunno. Did the Democrats have a giant book burning bonfire I am unaware of?

    Mother in law likes to preach that abuse of, groping of, harassment of women was commonplace and totally normalized. Okay, if society has this normalized, WHERE IS IT? Where are the people blithely doing it in the 300 30’s and 40’s films we have watched? Why don’t we see it even ONCE?

    But anyway, I point out how unrealistic it is that 1918 France is like the worst parts of Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia and A Handmaid’s Tale – and mention that fiction, books, film, etc all do not indicate normalized oppression of women and how a re-write of How Things Are and How Things Were in peoples’ brains is making conversation impossible….

    My wife was trying, very sincerely and wholeheartedly, to explain her strange unspoken schism with her family “I voted Obama twice, voted Jill Stein, voted Biden this last election, who/what do they think I am? I can’t put my finger on it but something (in our society, city, country, institutions etc) is very WRONG.”

    Then I mention the weird disconnect with reality – with more brevity than here – and suddenly I am an ignorant subhuman. “You sit there with your books and your articles and your videos and think you KNOW things” uh yeah, history books, fiction books from the time period including those written BY women, videos about history from people summarizing history books, by historians, etc.

    We have, TOGETHER watched 100’s and 100’s of black and white 30’s/40’s/50’s movies by now. We’ve seen, TOGETHER no oppression depicted. If it was normalized, it would have been everpresent. What conspiracy theory is this that a confident society TOTALLY conceals all depictions of a continual ever-present activity from the future? One that they totally approve of and think is no problem, just the way life is?????

    Yet in pointing this out, I’ve contradicted current-year narrative. She’s sampled hundreds of hours from the past, but this is of zero value when put up as contradictory to current-year narrative. I thought I was saying something in support of her, consoling in that it established some context or structure to the “something is going wrong with our society and why are these people so out of touch with my identity/beliefs?”

    (and I am talking normie mainstream women here, not ALL women…)

    The “civilizing influence” of women on society, as the Victorians used to say. Women enforce the norms. They oppose, with vehemence, threats to the norms.

    Why are leftist (liberals defend free speech) white women constitute such a base of support for the Democrats? You say hey, something is going wrong ,then you take some time to re-orient, then you try to bring a bit of chaos into order. Problem solving 101.

    But if the “norms” are hyper-real simulacra or people closing their eyes spouting empty platitudes? Every time you do your problem-solving loop and try to orient yourself, you’ve recalibrated on the very thing unbalancing society and causing problems. The crank – even if the crank is your husband – is threatening safety going against what all the blue square family members, coworkers, news shows, etc say.

    In citing things I knew that SHE knew that contradict this “Society was always bad in the past. It was bad, real bad. All men are/were pigs, all society before today was misogynistic and horribly abusive to women… etc” oddly, suddenly it was all coming from ME, from unclean profane sources.

    No no no, I’m talking about things YOU know. Things YOU have seen with your own eyes. All those female authors you’ve read depicting life from Victorian times through the 50’s. They FORGOT to mention horrible ubiquitous oppression? And the men failed to mention it in passing, casually, while mentioning every OTHER detail of life for realism’s sake, failed 100% of the time?

    When we watch It’s A Wonderful Life every Christmas, we know these are all weirdos not obeying the norms of their time??? Mary was not running things, organizing things, going where she wanted. No! Mary was chained in the basement except when she was let up to be chained to the stove? Raped or sexually assaulted 100x on her way to and from places in Bedford Falls? That’s why, in the alternate reality evil Potterstown, she seems to be confident walking home from the library, runs to a huge crowd of MEN when she becomes afraid?

    I feel like this is saying something about our current troubles. A large portion of the population believing things AND knowing they are not true, but if someone SAYS it, they are speaking profanities, are profane.

    We have to agree and say the same things for safety and the more we agree on these things that are wrong, the worse things get, and the more we need safety, the more we need to agree and the worse things get…


    I’ve come across a few old friends who I thought were anywhere from reasonably to very intelligent who have said “If Trump is elected, it will be the end of Democracy”

    My wife’s family have said exactly this as well.


    Do these people BELIEVE this? Then democracy ended over 4 years ago, that shit already happened. They HAVE to believe it already happened if they believe Trump + Presidency = End Of Democracy

    They say it while not believing it?

    They believe it while not believing it?

    They’re NPC’s? Thus they are incapable of believing anything and there is no contradiction?

    I don’t want to dehumanize people even privately in my own head, but it’s against all thinking and common sense. Widdershins. How do 300+ hours of YOU seeing footage of people behaving normally for a time period become MY filthy profane conspiracy theory garbage? How do people insist that an event in the PAST is a danger only potentially in the future?

    Who do they think I am? I voted for gay marriage, pot legalization, Obama twice…

    All they can see is MAGA-guy. All I want to do is go back to voting Democrat and listening to NPR while advocating targeted, effective socialist type policies to soften the capitalist system. But I can’t because we’re too busy with total derangement from reality, self-destructive policies, everything from hostility to the most basic aspects of being human to starting nuclear war and everything in between.

    Dr. D

    I agree. I also see this daily and, as it’s not logical, I cannot understand it. As you see me wrestle with here each day.

    Here’s my example: NEW Math — modern Feminism — says that No woman ever owned a bank account ever. Not until like Obama, but at least 1970. When I heard this, I was like, uh, what, no? But to be REALLY sure, I went on their behalf and ASKED a bank teller from 1965, a woman, who not only got paychecks but also WORKED in the bank, you know, with all the other women. (I mean, when she was not in a bonnet and ball gag, chained up you know.)

    She laughed and said, “Uh no, she had never even HEARD about any woman not being able to get a bank account, and at her age, that “sense” of what was done must go back to the 20s or the teens, because otherwise they would all say “Oh yeah, it was amazing when FDR changed that law in ’37“, Right?

    ALL women worked. So women were cashing paychecks somehow, right? As our whole culture, sure a lot more women worked in farms, in a household than now, but there were Massachusetts Mill girls back to like 1800. Were they not paid? Because right early no one had a million dollars cash in the Payroll office on payday waiting to get robbed. Even farms didn’t keep money around because it would get robbed, and they work a lot of cash.

    So what’s my point? That history is wrong? No. My point is THE WOMEN ALL KNOW THIS. For a fact. Because THEY themselves and their peers are of the age that THIS HAPPENED. The feminists writing this ARE the women of 1970 who DID get a bank account to work pizzas in college, and was not remarkable in the slightest. Gee, when were female SS# issued? A: First day.

    So what does that tell you? That they are LIARS, but more than that. A very specific, very creepy, mentally disturbed KIND of liar. They actually believe this. Because they want to? And therefore don’t check? Men will refuse this as we are fact-oriented, so that’s not a good reflection on the mental acuity (or honesty, or something) of women. I hate to do this, but Phoenix, you are a woman and also were abused to some extent. What is going on here? How can this possibly be so casual and universal to deny not only what history books, movies, all recorded history knows, but what THEY know and lived personally?

    Why are people who got a bank account in 1965 telling 17 year old women today they didn’t? If they didn’t then what law changed one day so they could? It’s bizarre, truly bananas. Not like they win $500 by doing it. It’s something else.

    And yes, watching old movies old books — far back as you want to go — women are working. They never didn’t work, ever, which means they never didn’t get paid. Which means they had some level of independence, I mean besides shootin’ bear out the back door on the frontier here, and being queens and kingmakers constantly in all Europe (‘Lizabeth, Aquitaine, etc)

    I’ll double you: every DAY there is a new article “Secrets of History” on how “Lady So-n-So was actually an MI6 SPY in 1824”, “50,000 women worked in the CIA as codebreakers and nuclear physicists in 1943”, etc. So it’s not just — I — said this. I’m not pointing to “Cambridge History of Britain”, I’m saying MSNBC and Vox prints that “Women never worked, and if they did, they couldn’t cash their paychecks” AND MSNBC and Vox ALSO print that “Women worked everywhere, invented everything, and were all the important pivot actors in history, including they were every mathematician, policeman, soldier, writer, every NASA scientist, every codebreaker, and every engineer.

    “Both. Neither. Ai.” As I say.

    Okay, fine. They do that. But HOW? HOW do they do that? Why are they believed? How are both things believed at the same time? F’ing Brain damage? HOW?

    Yeah, worse than pointing to movies: your mother in law LIVED it and is still lying. It’s like just making up that she was raped, then making up the time, place, reason, person… Like dropping a nuke on 250,000 civilians, it’s unthinkable to us, and it’s happening every day now. With every person.

    They’re dangerous, and dangerously unhinged.

    Dr. D

    I should add, I don’t care about that. I’m not looking down my nose at them or anything. I’m just looking for a viable and practical response to re-associate them with the reality that actually happened, you know, for real in history and for real what is happening now. That’s all. It doesn’t have to be magic, or instant, it just needs to work the task of re-tethering them to reality. So they don’t push me and their kids off a bridge or something. Don’t make up life-sentence charges on everyone they meet like “Mattress Girl”.

    I just need to understand it to have a plan, then work the plan. Adding: clearly THEY know how to UN-associate them from reality and are working THAT plan feverishly, with a trillion dollars. So why is it so much harder to undo when we’re working with reality and are their own family and friends, standing before them, need-to-get-along n’ stuff? Amazing.


    Re. Zelensky not the one running Ukraine from RT, top post, mentions Yermak, Chief of Staff, about whom I know nothing.

    Ze is a puppet President, manipulated, thrown into that position by several forces who reckoned they could control him, or, hey, it is just the Zeitgeist, the Society is the Spectacle (Debord – link below, heh..)

    So Ze is now an illegit ‘dictator.’ His term ended recently, under ‘legal – emergency situation’ rationales.

    What is certain is that Russia no longer considers him legit, Putin has said so a few times. Plus, Ze has outlawed all Opposition Parties (as if they were ever anything but a bunch of oligarchs jockeying for power) and blocked ‘private’ TV stations (i.e. not controlled by the State.)

    There are reports, rumors, of a ‘coalition’ who opposes Ze and wants to ‘challenge’ him and ‘regain power’ -> the two main movers, afaik, being Poroshenko, the ‘Chocolate King’, now in alliance with Timoshenko, ‘The Lady of the Braids’ (my name for her) who looks just like Ukr. supporters of Trudeau, dressed up in embroidered shirts, cute hair styles, Nazis to the core, all of them.

    Imho, the US will support Ze to some very FAR end point, he is their lap-dog. Any other ‘leader’ creates complications, disturbance, the construction of new narratives, sigh.

    Russia doesn’t care who is the ‘leader’ in Ukr. as they know it makes no differences to Ukr. policy, which is controlled from the outside, by the US. (Not, NATO, btw.)

    So Zelensky may survive for some time. And be liquidated whenever things change, take a drastic turn.

    If there is yet some other person running him, e.g. Yermak, that isn’t suprising, as he is a lost soul. Which doesn’t change the general picture described here.


    Indeed. We all must be more common sense and pragmatic, and sure things seem to be spinning out of control and people keep believing and saying weird irrational things But still…

    She KNOWS I voted Obama 2x, gay marriage, etc- but ALSO says with metaphysical certainty that I am super, uber conservative. Having been married to me for years and been treated as a total equal in all respects. What happened to my “conservative” treatment of you? Where’s my chicken pot pie? I missed it.

    Haven’t you heard me yammering on FOR YEARS as anti-war, pro free speech, pro working class, anti ginormous corporation? Been telling you what I heard on NPR on the drive home from work for a decade. My words are as dust to you, meaningless compared to… to what?

    I’m using my wife to illustrate the situation, but it’s our family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, fellow citizens. It’s just baffling – if my wife doesn’t know I’m liberal even when I literally tell her so, how can ANYONE else know? Gripping my head to determine what policy I am in favor of that would be uber conservative. I’m for tariffs to benefit American working-class? Like Micheal Dukakis? Like Walter Mondale? Conservative like that?

    Like there’s a True Reality superimposed over real reality like a ghost, and all initiates know to not contradict THAT reality over the one you can see, feel, taste, touch, and smell.

    The Man vs Bear thing – women answering that the bear is a terrifying animal, but it’s only an animal after all, Men are inherently evil, malevolent. Worse than animals. The animal might not do anything to you. I choose Bear.

    “I don’t get it. Why do we keep getting mauled and killed by this Bear???”

    “Bro, It’s our BEHAVIOR”

    Mr. House

    Sorry dude, your family, your wife, they’re good Germans. That is it, end of story.

    Mr. House

    If you can make something popular, that is all that is needed. That is really what caused the holocaust. That is what has and will cause human misery for hundreds of years to come.

    Mr. House

    Everything you ever needed to know about humanity, you learned in high school. Just a matter of if you were paying attention or not.



    Depopulation leads to Peace

    Haaretz, a prominent Israeli newspaper, and the New York Times both reported last week that the Israeli government was behind a social media campaign to influence politicians in Canada and the U.S. over the conflict in Gaza.

    The aim, according to the newspaper, was to sway public opinion on Israel’s conduct of the conflict, which the United Nations estimates has killed more than 37,000 Palestinians since October 2023.

    The same day, the New York Times, reporting from Tel Aviv, reported that the Israeli government paid for an “influence campaign” targeting both politicians and citizens in the U.S. “aimed to foster support for its actions in the war in Gaza.”

    The paper, citing both officials involved and documents, reported the campaign was “commissioned by Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs” at a cost of roughly $2 million. According to the Times, the government hired Stoic, a Tel Aviv marketing firm, to run the campaign.
    The conflict has provoked encampment protests on major university campuses in both countries, as well as at times violent responses from police.


    What’s next? The vote at the UNSC was little more than symbolic, with the real deal-making having to take place between the warring parties.

    John Day

    Preparing To Jump

    ​ Israel’s response to 7 Oct ‘does not resemble war, but genocide’: Putin
    Russia has sought an end to Israel’s war on the people of Gaza through diplomatic means at the UN Security Council but has been blocked by multiple US vetoes.
    “Israel’s response to the Hamas attack does not resemble a war, but rather a genocide of the people of Gaza.”

    Israel kills over 200 Palestinians to return 4 captives; U.S. allegedly involved in operation
    At least 210 Palestinians were killed and 400 others were injured in the central Gaza Strip on Sunday after Israeli forces carried out a “rescue operation” to retrieve four captives. Reports of U.S. involvement in the operation have sparked backlash.

    US Admits Role In Israeli Rescue Operation That Killed Over 200 Palestinians
    On Sunday, Hamas’ armed wing is claiming that three Israeli hostages killed, including a US citizen (dual national), during the Israel rescue raid in Gaza. Hamas also says the whole operation resulted in a civilian massacre of the area, and especially in a refugee camp. One eyewitness account is as follows:
    “The occupation has annihilated the Nuseirat refugee camp. Innocent and unarmed civilian were bombed in their homes. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s a catastrophe,” local resident Nidal Abdo told Middle East Eye.
    “I came from the camp to here in the hospital on foot. I can’t describe how we fled. I saw dead children and body parts strewn all over as we fled. No one was able to assist them. I saw an elderly man killed on a animal-drawn cart.”
    “Nuseirat was being annihilated. It was hell.”

    Supporting genocide to halt multipolarity Pepe Escobar
    The Hegemon is calculating for a World War to halt multipolarity. It supports Israel’s Gaza genocide as a necessary evil to win hard in West Asia, figuring who’s going to care once the war goes global?

    John Day

    US Mulls Separate Deal With Hamas To Free 5 American Citizens​ [Watershed moment? We shall see.]
    ​ Hamas on Tuesday announced that it accepts the UN Security Council’s Gaza ceasefire resolution which was passed Monday after it was proposed by the United States. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who is traveling in the region this week, has called the development a “hopeful sign”.
    ​ Senior Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri told Reuters that the group is ready to negotiate over the details, but that it is Washington’s responsibility to ensure Israel abides by it.​

    Biden to Offer Saudi Arabia Treaty In Exchange for Official Ties with Israel
    The White House is prepared to roll out a plan that will make Saudi Arabia a Japan-style ally in exchange for new official ties between Riyadh and Tel Aviv. While the Biden administration has invested substantial effort to get the deal inked, it is likely dead on arrival because Saudi Arabia refuses to normalize with Israel unless Tel Aviv agrees to the creation of a Palestinian state.

    I cannot find any new information on the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower, presumably in the northern Red Sea, near Saudi Arabia and Israel. The last word I saw was that communications were not permitted with crew members, due to “operational-security”. If you know anything new/different, please share.
    New Images Reveal Houthi Missile Damage To Oaktree’s Previously-Owned Bulk Carrier


    Ukraine is a ‘gold mine’ – US senator
    Allowing a Russian victory in the conflict would deprive America of access to vast mineral resources, Lindsey Graham says

    John Day

    Simplicius has an update on the war in Ukraine, thorough as usual. 10,000 Ukrainians have used the special radio frequency hotline to surrender to Russia, as the street kidnapping conscriptions continue. “I have a young child unattended at home!” If you scroll down to the anxiously smiling face of a young Ukrainian woman, you can watch the 3 minute video of her describing how she was treated by the Ukrainian government when her fiance surrendered, and his side of the tale is spliced in, then their meeting, to start their new life in Moscow, courtesy of the Russian government.
    Putin gives first official idea of Russian losses since start of SMO, + more from the SPIEF

    Gilbert Doctorow, Russia’s ‘News of the Week’ explains Putin on the ‘asymmetric response’ to Western missiles fired from Ukraine
    It bears mention first of all that the terminology Kiselyov used shows that someone in the Kremlin did a logic check: Russia’s response will be the same as Putin described however vaguely, but it is now called, very correctly “symmetric.” Indeed, if we reserve the right to do to you what you are doing to us, we are acting symmetrically.
    Following his reminder to the audience that he has no “insider” knowledge of the specifics of Russia’s planned retaliation, he spelled out in some detail what this might be. To be specific, against whom the retaliation would be directed and which “enemies of our enemy” around the globe might Russia be arming in response. [Yemen?]
    The countries to be punished will be those that are supplying Ukraine with long range missiles, meaning those with a range of 350 km and more. There are three such countries: the United States, France and the United Kingdom.
    Elsewhere in the news program we were told that the most recent devastating and deadly attacks on Donetsk city were made using American ATACMS missiles, which fall into the category under discussion. The targets were residential apartment buildings, not ammunition dumps or other military targets that Messrs. Blinken and Biden would have the world believe. Obviously, this was target-practice for what the Ukrainians, with American help, may soon try to do in the Russian Federation proper.
    For their retaliation, what will the Russians go after? Kiselyov spelled it out: the 300,000 or more American soldiers and officers on the 900 military bases that the U.S. maintains around the world.
    And which countries that are in confrontation with the United States could be the recipients of Russian advanced arms? Kiselyov spelled it out region by region.
    In the Middle East, this would be Syria, Iran, Yemen, Iraq and Libya. In Asia – Afghanistan, North Korea and Myanmar. In Latin America – Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. In Africa – the Central African Republic, the Congo, Ethiopia, Somalia, Southern Sudan and Zimbabwe.
    Kiselyov did not miss the opportunity to mention the dispatch this week of a Russian naval force to the Caribbean headed by the hypersonic missile armed frigate Admiral Gorshkov and a nuclear submarine. He explained that after calling upon Havana, the ships would remain in the Caribbean basin for exercises that other ships from the Russian navy would be joining, and that even after that they will be staying in these waters until the end of summer. This news contradicts the assumptions that the U.S. Department of Defense set out to Reuters a day ago. No one is saying whether the Gorshkov’s missiles are nuclear tipped.

    Gilbert Doctorow, Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0
    Russia is dispatching the Admiral Gorshkov warship and task force to the Caribbean for exercises. The Gorshkov is not just any ship in the Russian fleet. It has been fitted with the latest Zircon nuclear capable hypersonic missiles. I imagine that from waters near Cuba its missiles could reach Washington, D.C. in five or ten minutes.
    This looks as though the Kremlin is deliberately setting up a Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0, but basing its missiles in ships operating freely in international waters as is their right.
    Apparently, the Biden administration has responded with feigned nonchalance to this development, saying that Russian exercises in the Caribbean are an innocent affair that take place periodically.

    MEXICO CITY, June 6 – RIA Novosti. A detachment of four ships of the Russian Navy will arrive on an official visit to the port of Havana on June 12, the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced. “In the period from June 12 to 17, 2024, a detachment of the Russian Navy consisting of four ships will pay an official visit to the port of Havana: the frigate Gorshkov, the nuclear submarine Kazan, the oil tanker Pashin and the rescue tug Nikolai Chiker.” , says a communiqué on the department’s website. In Havana, they noted that the arrival of the Russian ships is in line with friendly relations between Cuba and Russia, and also strictly complies with international rules. They emphasized that none of the ships carry nuclear weapons and their stay does not pose a threat. for the region.

    US Deploys Sub Hunter P-8 Poseidon Off Florida Coast To ‘Shadow’ Russian Flotilla​

    John Day

    Putin’s 4D Chess: West ‘Losing’ War on Four Fronts After Picking Fight With Russia
    Highlighting Russia’s reorientation in trade and payments away from the West toward the developing world, the Russian president said the West had “been dealt a significant blow,” largely “by Western countries themselves,” with countries boosting trade in currencies other than the dollar and the euro.
    At the same time, Putin said, the hegemon of the Western economic order, the United States, faces serious financial straits which would be even more serious were it not for its continued plunder of developing nations.
    “They have a current account deficit of a trillion dollars. What is this? I think, everyone will understand what I’m talking about. This is neocolonialism in its modern iteration. Using the monopoly position of the dollar, the United States consumes a trillion dollars a year more than it produces. They seem to be pumping out these resources from other countries,” Putin said.

    Pepe Escobar: The Three Key Messages From St. Petersburg to the Global Majority
    The key takeaway: as the collective West launched total economic war against Russia, the civilization-state turned it around and positioned itself as the world’s 4th largest economy by purchasing power parity (PPP).
    Putin showed how Russia still carries the potential to launch no less than nine sweeping – global – structural changes, an all-out drive involving the federal, regional, and municipal spheres.
    Everything is in play – from global trade and the labor market to digital platforms, modern technologies, strengthening small and medium-sized businesses and exploring the still untapped, phenomenal potential of Russia’s regions.
    What was made perfectly clear is how Russia managed to reposition itself beyond sidestepping the – illegitimate – sanctions tsunami to establishing a solid, diversified system oriented towards global trade – and completely linked to the expansion of BRICS…
    ..Arguably the major breakthrough in St. Petersburg. Putin stated how the BRICS are working on their own payment infrastructure, independent from pressure/sanctions by the collective West.
    Putin had a special meeting with Dilma Rousseff, president of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB). They did talk in detail about the bank’s development – and most of all, as later confirmed by Rousseff, about The Unit, whose lineaments were first revealed exclusively by Sputnik: an apolitical, transactional form of cross-border payments, anchored in gold (40%) and BRICS+ currencies (60%).
    The day after meeting Putin, president Dilma had an even more crucial meeting at 10 am in a private room at SPIEF with Sergey Glazyev, the Minister for Macro-Economy at the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences… It was agreed there will be a special conference at the NDB in Shanghai on The Unit in September.
    This means the new payment system has every chance to be at the table during the BRICS summit in October in Kazan, and be adopted by the current BRICS 10 and the near future, expanded BRICS+…
    ..BRICS-related sessions in St. Petersburg demonstrated how the Global Majority is now facing a unique historical juncture – with a real possibility for the first time in the last 250 years to go all-out for a structural change of the world-system.
    And it’s not only about BRICS.
    It was confirmed in St. Petersburg that no less than 59 nations – and counting – plan to join not only BRICS but also the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU)…
    ..Putin also deftly defused all the pre-fabricated, nonsensical nuclear paranoia infesting Atlanticist circles.
    Still, that won’t be enough. On the packed corridors at SPIEF, and in informal meetings, there was total awareness about the Hegemon’s desperation-fueled warmongering masked as “defense.” There were no illusions that the current dementia posing as “foreign policy” is betting on a genocide not only for the sake of the “aircraft carrier” in West Asia but mostly to cow the Global Majority into submission.
    That would raise the serious possibility that the Global Majority needs to build a military alliance to deter this – planned – Global War. [or not…]
    Russia-China, of course, plus Iran and credible Arab deterrence – with Yemen showing the way: all of that may become a must. A Global Majority military alliance will have to show up one way or another: either before the – incoming, planned – disaster, to mitigate it; or after it has totally engulfed West Asia into a monstrous, vicious war.
    Ominously, we may be nearly there. But at least St. Petersburg offered glimmers of hope. Putin: “Russia will be the heart of the multipolar harmonic world.” Now that’s how you clinch a one-hour speech.

    Russia’s Oil and Gas Revenues Surged by 73.5% in January-May

    This could be enough oil to let the world avoid WW-3, if cooperation can be brought into play. Russian scientists have discovered the world’s largest oil reserves
    Russian scientists have made one of the most significant discoveries – the largest reserves of crude oil have been discovered. As reported back in May, these deposits are located in Antarctica, a territory claimed by Great Britain. However, further work to clarify the geology and geography of the discovery showed that the oil and gas formations extend much further than the zone of influence of London, although they are inextricably linked…
    ..The discovered reserves would thus be the second largest crude oil reserves in the world, second only to the total discovered reserves of the entire Middle East. The region’s proven reserves in 2022 will amount to more than 871 billion barrels. The deposits in Antarctica, unlike the Middle East, are located in one deposit, which is why they are considered the largest.

    “Time For Some 3D Chess”: Here’s Why A Battered Macron Just Called Snap Elections (I am personally hoping that Macron loses this gamble badly.)
    The European elections saw the centre hold its ground, albeit narrowly… The overall left-right balance aligns with projections that indicated a lean but not a lurch to the right…
    ..The Sunday Surprise was in Paris, not Brussels. Following a drubbing in the European election, French President Macron decided it was time to play some 3D Chess and to call a snap parliamentary election for June 30 and July 7, just a fortnight before the start of the Olympics. With this bold move he is putting Le Pen’s Rassemblement National, which dominated yesterday’s election by securing 31.5% of the votes, to the test. The two-round system often presents difficulties for populist parties, making it possible that the far-right may not achieve an outright majority. However, even if they triumph and RN’s Bardella does assume the role of Prime Minister, Macron’s calculation appears to be based on the assumption that if they underperform, they’ll be in a much weaker position for the 2027 presidential election. He also seems intent on compelling the Socialists and the Republicans to join the majority, which would likewise put them at a disadvantage in the 2027 election. This particularly places Melenchon, who aims to consolidate the entire left ahead of that election, in a difficult position.

    John Day

    Celia Farber hopes for a lot. As Anti-Globalist Rage Sweeps Europe; Belgian Prime Minster Resigns, Workers Chant To Macron: “RESIGN!
    Is This The Beginning Of The Fall Of The Globalists In Europe?

    Gilbert Doctorow, Rigor mortis on the Western front: a brief comment on the EU Parliament elections
    Though the deck chairs on the Titanic have been rearranged, though the Greens have had losses, the Renew grouping of Macron and Belgium’s Guy Verhofstadt have had losses, the EPP had gains and the net result appears to be that the Center Right-Left coalition that held the European Parliament in its firm grip these past 5 years will continue to have a voting majority of more than 400 seats. This means that barring some accident, Ursula von der Leyen will be reelected and the awful, self-destructive, even suicidal policies of the EU with respect to Russia will continue for the coming 5 years, if there is no Continent-wide war as a result that wipes Europe off the face of the earth.

    ​ Hunter Biden Convicted On Felony Gun Charges
    Hunter Biden, the smartest man his father knows, has been convicted on all three felony gun charges (and not anything to do with ’10 held for the big guy’ of course) – so obviously the least of his alleged crimes and one which doesn’t implicate anyone important.​

    ​ “I Take Responsibility”: Pelosi Admits Fault For The Lack Of Security Precautions On Jan 6th​, Jonathan Turley
    ​ For years, some of us have asked why the Capitol was so poorly prepared for the January 6th riot. As part of the coverage on that day, I remarked at the start of the protests that I had never seen the Capitol so thinly protected for a major demonstration…
    ..Now, a previously-unreleased video taken on Jan. 6, 2021 shows then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., admitting that she was responsible for the lack of preparedness.
    The video shows Pelosi in an exchange with Chief of Staff Terri McCullough on the evacuation. Pelosi states:
    “We have responsibility, Terri. We did not have any accountability for what was going on there. And we should have. This is ridiculous.
    You’re going to ask me in the middle of the thing when they’ve already breached…that, should we call the Capitol Police? I mean the National Guard?
    Why weren’t the National Guard there to begin with?… They clearly didn’t know, and I take responsibility for not having them just prepared for more.”
    The video was never released by the J6 Committee, which was criticized for its highly choreographed and scripted hearings with little balance in the presentation of evidence. The lack of emphasis on the security issues was glaring and raised by critics throughout the hearings.
    While Democrats and the media dismissed the issue and claims that Trump offered to supply the national guard, it was later confirmed that those offers were made to Congress and rejected.
    A report from Capitol Police Inspector General Michael Bolton also found that Capitol police were told that they could not use critical riot materials and tactics in preparation for the Jan. 6th protests.
    What was so curious about the lack of precautions that morning is that the Capitol had just experienced the violence outside of the White House in the Lafayette Park protests.​

    ​ Tucker Carlson Reveals That The Director Of The CIA Threatened Him & Said It Was A Crime To Expose (that) The CIA Murdered A Sitting United States President
    ​ Tucker also exposes The CIA was planning on murdering Julian Assange “Committed a crime. He’s threatening me. He’s in my car. I’ll never with my dog sitting next to him, I’ll never forget this. And I said, are you really saying that to reveal that the US government had a role in the murder of a democratically elected president, to say that out loud, that’s the crime? What about the actual crime, which is murdering a president? Like, you’re covering up for that, Mike Pompeo. He had no no response at all. And so Mike Pompeo is the one who pressed Trump to keep those documents secret.​

    John Day

    Jim Rickards, Banking Crisis, Stage Two​
    I’m sure you recall the banking crisis of March to May 2023.
    ​ It began with the collapse of the little-known Silvergate Bank on March 8. This was followed the next day by the collapse of the much larger Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on March 9. SVB had over $120 billion in uninsured deposits.
    ​ Bank deposits over $250,000 each are not covered by FDIC insurance. Those depositors stood to lose all their money over the insured amount. This would have led to the collapse of hundreds of startup tech businesses in Silicon Valley that had placed their working capital on deposit at SVB…
    ..Investors are relaxed because they believe the banking crisis is over. That’s a huge mistake. History shows that major financial crises unfold in stages and have a quiet period between the initial stage and the critical stage…
    ..This could be the crisis where the panic moves from the banks to the dollar itself. If savers lose confidence in the Fed (we’re almost there) not only will the banks collapse, but the dollar will collapse also…
    ..Either a single bank failure or a systemic crisis could happen at any moment. The actual trigger is a bit mysterious and mostly psychological because the fundamental problems have been there all along.
    ​ Well, it seems that the quiet period is over and we are entering Stage II of the banking meltdown.
    ​ According to the latest data from the FDIC, many banks could be at risk of failure as unrealized losses reached $517 billion in the first quarter of 2024, up from $478 billion in the last quarter of 2023. 40 banks with over $1 billion in assets have already reported unrealized losses higher than 50% of their equity capital. Over 200 smaller banks with lesser assets have issued the same reports.
    ​ The bottom line is Stage II of the crisis is here, and the effects will be devastating to financial institutions and the stock market as a whole.​

    ​ Vaccinated COVID Patients Died at Nearly Twice the Rate of Unvaccinated, Study Finds
    A two-and-a-half-year peer-reviewed study by Ohio State University researchers found that among hospitalized COVID-19 patients, those who received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines had a significantly higher mortality rate than unvaccinated patients, even when accounting for age and comorbidities.​

    ​ Covid mRNA Shots Are NOT Vaccines, Appeals Court Rules​
    The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has just dropped a bomb on the Covid mass vaccination agenda.​..
    ​..While ruling on the case, the court has declared that COVID-19 mRNA injections do not qualify as vaccines under traditional medical definitions.​ The judges assert that the mRNA shots, marketed as vaccines, do not effectively prevent the transmission of COVID-19.
    ​ In the opinion, the judges note that the injections do nothing more than merely reduce symptoms in those who contract the virus.​ Therefore, the injections cannot be labeled as vaccines…
    ​..Judge Nelson pointed out that the mandate was inconsistent with the Supreme Court’s century-old ruling in Jacobson v. Massachusetts.​ The case upheld the state’s right to enforce smallpox vaccinations due to their proven effectiveness in preventing disease spread.
    ​ In contrast, the Covid mRNA shots do not offer such public health benefits.​

    ​ Thanks Iurie. Evidence of The Technocratic Transhumanist Agenda in Human Blood​ , Ana-Maria Mihalcea MD, PhD
    ​ We also have to understand that vaccination is on the center of the World Economic Forum’s agenda. Why would that be? Because there is the technological platform in these particular COVID shots, and all of the shots that are planned, 500 of them, according to the Agenda 2030 per human being per lifetime. And that that is the basis of digital identity, cybersecurity, global governance, travel, economics. And so it’s very important to ask the question, why would vaccination be in the center of that? And what does it have to do with that?
    ​ The interbody area network was developed via biosensing devices by the IEEE, and they had a Mac address. So many of the vaccinated individuals have been shown now to emit Mac addresses. So this is literally what connects them via their cell phone to the cloud and is used for the fusion of artificial intelligence with humanity.​

    ​Steve Kirsch, NOBODY can explain what happened at Apple Valley Village
    Apple Valley Village Health Care center had 0% COVID death rate before the shots rolled out, but a 30% death rate from COVID **AFTER** the “lifesaving” vaccines rolled out. Nobody can explain it.​

    John Day

    ​Meryl Nass MD, Desperately seeking a bird flu death, WHO claimed one in Mexico (H5N2)–but the Mexican health minister called bullshit: man died of other causes

    Dr. Nass, Finland to offer bird flu vaccine to select groups of people, a possible global first–but will they tell the human subjects that 5x as many people who got the Audenz bird flu vaccine vs placebo died? They are targeting farm workers.

    Dr. Nass, H5N8 Bird Flu vaccine shipping to EU: up to 40 million doses of an untested vaccine designed for a disease that does not exist
    The regulators really are criminals. Read their own marketing authorization.
    ​ No preclinical safety data are available with Zoonotic Influenza Vaccine Seqirus H5N8
    Information for the user starts on page 26 and at best it would be called misleading. It says “ask your doctor or nurse” about various things—however the information provided to doctors and nurses, which I excerpted from above, fails to answer the questions.
    ​ Below I include the regulators’ risk management plan. It explains how the regulators will avoid risk to themselves for authorizing this product.
    They have 2 strategies:
    ​1) Disclose possible side effects (purely through guesswork since they product has apparently never been given to humans or they would have clinical data) in the label
    ​2) Fail to make any special efforts to collect data regarding any of these specific, named, feared side effects.​

    ​ More from Dr. Nass, I did not make clear how bad the risk management plan (RMP) was for the H5N8 Sequirus bird flu “vaccine” so let me lay it out with the entire plan before you. Apologies. It was late last night. This is truly terrible. And the EMA transposed its RMP for Sequirus’ H5N1 onto the H5N8 vaccine.

    Peter McCullough MD, A Landmark Victory for Physicians and Patients – and the First Amendment – in AAPS v. ABIM
    Appellate Decision Sides with Physicians Rights to Free Speech​

    John Day

    Kyle Young presents more satellite weather images and videos of stacks of chemtrails hundreds of miles long, perpendicular to clouds, and strange static crescent formations above land, which the weather passes through, while clouds deform. He includes NASA’s last 2 year old ionospheric image, just before the crescent shaped “cymatics” started.
    ​ More ​Cymatics/​HAARP/​Chemtrail juju​

    ​ We raised our “kids” (30-35 now) without their own “devices, probably the last generation to not have flip phones until high school. This “influencer” gave up her career and left those devices behind completely. Turning the Algorithm Upside Down: The Opt-Out Family, An interview with former social media influencer Erin Loechner

    Dr. D

    There is no end to what’s crazy about it, something new each day, but what’s crazy about it is when you say something like, “I’m still a Liberal and I totally support Obama’s firm view that we should have legalized immigration, and Bernie Sanders agrees with me that importing free labor is a Koch Brothers plot to destroy the working class.”

    …One day after that is no longer “The Narrative™”.

    Bernie Sanders?

    Barack Obama?

    (Band screeches to a cacophonous halt)

    Down my brotha’?

    Agree with AOC?

    Foreign Wars are a Capitalist plot on the proletariat and only hurt the poor? (Silence)

    Quoting Obama says Ukraine is a trap and we can’t succeed there? Foreign wars only profit rich Republicans and are only wanted by dreadful warmongering Neocons like Dick Cheney?

    (Crowd slow rises and starts edging you to the door. In the back, someone picks up a bat.)

    Okay, like HOW does this flip, IN ONE DAY. In one HOUR? There isn’t even TIME for everyone to have “Got the Memo” on their blue square as I like to say.

    Remember Comey? Was anti-Hillary until THE NEXT DAY, 12 hours later, attacking Comey was then treason and made you a Nazi, WHILE he was still anti-Hillary, but he was ALSO pro-Trump, while he was Anti-Trump, because Trump was removing him, for being Pro-Hillary. He was Pro-Hillary because he caused her to lose the election, because the Russians caused her to lose elections, because Comey was Anti-Trump, which is why he’s removed by Trump, but is anti-Hillary, but is totally not Pro-Russian. Now he’s on TV. Neither pro or anti Hillary, Trump, or Russia. None of the three happened.

    Here’s the problem: ALL THIS HAPPENS AT THE SAME TIME. Inside the same people: ask them. What was true last SENTENCE, much less an hour ago, is the Opposite now, and you’re a fiend and a bastard, a traitor, if you so much as ask for clarity. I mean IF they would deliver it at “5 Minutes of Hate” meetings, I could go and keep up with today’s Party, but it isn’t, and you can’t be pro-infinity immigration and Pro Worker’s Party because they’re Opposites. That is, there’s no discussion unless you can be similarly illogical and irrational IN THE SAME WAY as the listener. It’s not enough to do it. It’s not enough to also be insane. It has to be THE SAME insane, and if you’ve ever visited a mental ward, you can see this in action. They all fight MORE than with the guards. And if you play along with the street schizophrenic and claim to see the same things he does, he suspicious and doesn’t believe you.

    And you’re right: like other mental illnesses, all things said ever no longer matter. All evidence, facts, etc all personal experience collected over a lifetime: gone, Poof. Never were. They have in a real and even technical sense: Abuse has driven them Insane. They are insane, checked out, aren’t coming back, from the trauma and internal conflict, and if you try to make them they’ll attack you.

    In a way that’s intelligent — I feel pretty abused for example — but in another way certainly not. But one thing we know about being insane, it’s not exactly voluntary.
    (Sorry couldn’t find the clip shorter, and yes that’s DeForest Kelly. To 52:05.)

    This is what happens when people lose their minds. From abuse and trauma. And this is the other side’s specialty, studied for centuries on us. They also know women are more susceptible to it, and that men will die to protect them, so both have to be divided, diverted, countered, and dealt with.

    Same old plan: divide, Kill all the men. Then rape all the women. All the kids are now yours.


    jb-hb said

    I feel like this is saying something about our current troubles. A large portion of the population believing things AND knowing they are not true, but if someone SAYS it, they are speaking profanities, are profane.

    Churchill, Roosevelt, Truman and Stalin all wrote memoirs of World War 2, none of them ever mentioned the Jew Holocaust in their memoirs, never even insinuated it. Isn’t that strange, them being the heroes that saved the Jews yet they never mention it, hiding their talents under a bushel.


    So the Eisenhower isn’t talking, eh?
    Sure was talking a lot before about how they were pounding the Houthis!
    Houthis have gone silent, drinking their tea now.
    Biden clarifying US missile just over the Russian border.
    We are seeing the narrative changing.
    The Eisenhower was badly damaged.

    Notice there is no talk about Ukraine being short shells or anything else except manpower.
    Man power = Military supplies.
    It is becoming harder for Russia to kill Ukrainians because there are less of them.
    War to the last Ukrainian, still has several years to go.
    US not finished killing yet.

    Electricity and water needed in Ukraine’s cities to support life there.
    Towns and villages, not so much.
    Going long on outhouse futures.
    Running water = 2 arms, a back, and 2 legs.

    Are all the Ukrainian trucks now driven by the Polish?
    Ukrainian/Polish trucker protests seemed to have disappeared.
    Drafting Ukrainian truckers and hiring Polish truck drivers would nicely solve this dispute.

    Ike! Are you still here?


    You humans who think you live in sovereign countries…how come you have no borders? Because you’ve been NWO since WW2. Your whole fuckin life. Tough to notice when you’re fat. complacent and up to your eyeballs in consumerism, fed no stop bullshit and lies on jewtube, mindfuck TV. Well the party’s over, in case you have’nt noticed. Rich, vindictive jews are spending good money to bring in your replacements. while they vaccinate you and watch you die. Kunstler’s full of shit. Facing a dismal reality requires resolve and integrity. I pray each day that White people understand and accept this..and act upon it. No one else will. That;s why they’re killing us off/


    Without electricity and water UkroNaziland has-no-economy

    The country folk don’t matter, they are a minority of the population plus ny agricultural product can’t be refrigerated or distributed to stores without power.

    Russians going after ‘aggregate’ plants.

    ‘Aggregate’ plants crush the stone for road repair material. Very hard to fix infrastructure damage without aggregate. Important part of concrete.

    In bug-swat boondock UkroNaziland, just a few children, a bunch of ancient elderly, and some women to do all the agriculture, without electricity.

    Good luck with that plan.

    UkroNaziland has no GDP to speak of, it’s being levitated by Collective West borrowed “money”, printed yesterday.

    The Great Massive Super-duper “Defensive Line” that was suppose to stop the Russian Tide up at Kharkov was all EMBEZZLED……


    Way ta go…….

    UkroNazi Can-Do Spirit


    Doc Robinson
  • John Day: “I cannot find any new information on the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower”

    FWIW, a news source in Yemen reported this today:

    The US forces decided to evacuate the aircraft carrier “USS Eisenhower,” and satellite images confirm the extent of the damage it suffered and its removal from service, relocating it to the Saudi shores far from Yemen and the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait after months of being stationed there.

    The Yemeni forces did not stop there but continued their operations intensively against American battleships. The Central Command of the US, which was responsible for detecting these battleships, had to withdraw a second vessel from the Red Sea despite the void left by the tow of the “Eisenhower.”

    The American presence in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and even the Arabian Sea has almost become non-existent. During the last hours, the Yemeni forces carried out several operations from the Red Sea to the Arabian Sea, and the American forces were the absent party from the theater operationally and intelligence-wise, and they did not issue any reports about what happened. This is one of the rare times when America is not present, even by monitoring.

    Now that America has been neutralized, even if temporarily, the Yemeni forces have now shifted their focus to the second ally in the new coalition of aggression against Yemen. In their latest statement, the official spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, confirmed the targeting of the only British destroyer, “HMS Diamond,” amid reports of it being hit again.

    What are the motives behind Yemen’s focus on British battleships

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