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    John French Sloan East Entrance, City Hall, Philadelphia 1901   • Coronavirus Appears Uniquely Designed To Attack Humans ( • Thousands Of F
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    Bill Gates item from Conservative Woman

    Bill Gates’s stranglehold on the MSM: Part 1


    “A team of Australian researchers have published a scientific paper proving that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus appears to be best adapted to attack human cells,”

    So what? That’s how it got into humans. If it hadn’t been adapted it would not have transferred from bats to humans. It’s called evolution! This is just ridiculous. I have had enough of Automatic Earth and it’s anti-vaxx conspiracy nonsense.


    Well, democritus, if you’re not reading the articles anyway, yeah, what’s the use? You’re not going to learn much that way, are you?


    democritus just so you know there are many here who have been or may have to vaccinate. We are questioning or trying to find answers to why these ‘vaccines’ were rushed through to the entire global population. There are many factors why we would seek information around this. One is the stakes are just so staggeringly high if they prove harmful. If individuals do okay or well – that is one thing, but if the numbers and the research indicates that a certain percentage of the population do not do well then we have issues and implications. It’s kind of like using cfc’s in our hairspray and whatnot . Seems great at the time and now we have this rather large hole in the ozone layer which just doesn’t help with skin cancer. Am I anti-hairspray? No, and chicks dig it. Am I pro-skin. Well yes I am and there in lies the old precautionary principle which this big ole world just chucked out the window in favour of fear and profits. Ivermectin comes to mind.
    But again maybe our interpretations of the info are from different perspectives, like maybe you just ain’t that much into skin. I dunno


    democritus, sounds like you’ve already made up your mind regarding vaccines despite the clear objective evidence to the contrary presented daily on this news aggregate source.


    Why is it when a person decides to stop visiting a website they feel the need to make a public statement and leave in a huff, slamming the door on their way out? Just curious …


    In this case I was wondering: What comes first, no longer reading the information, or condemning it? The article clearly states:

    “the virus’s ability to bind to the bat ACE2 protein was poor relative to its ability to bind human cells”,

    and democritus’ reply is:

    “So what? That’s how it got into humans. If it hadn’t been adapted it would not have transferred from bats to humans”.


    democritus is a Tap Dancing Troll (TDT)

    tippy-tappity tippy-tappity tippy-tappity tap tap tip tip tippy-tappity



    He may be an automated ai troll. You just never know these days. Craig Murray earned a full time crew over there at wikipedia changing stuff up for shits and giggles.

    I hate to say it because it puts me in the weirdo corner but Alex Jones called it – InfoWars and he may have been some weird screamy oracle.


    Control the language = control the information

    soph•ist•ry sŏf′ĭ-strē►

    Plausible but fallacious argumentation.
    A plausible but misleading or fallacious argument.

    You’re pretty tall for your height

    How true


    The words, “spin doctor”, InfoWars, just took on a prominent meaning/moved to center stage.

    Reverse “gain of function” research, (Bats don’t get covid!), an accident involving “gain of function”.

    “The computer modelling found the virus’s ability to bind to the bat ACE2 protein was poor relative to its ability to bind human cells,” said Flinders University epidemiologist and vaccine researcher Professor Nikolai Petrovsky. “This argues against the virus being transmitted directly from bats to humans. “Hence, if the virus has a natural source, it could only have come to humans via an intermediary species which has yet to be found,” he said.

    Pilots have an increased risk of blood clots. (flying is dangerous to your health)

    the risk of dying from Covid-19 is extraordinarily (low) dependent on age…… for some ethnicities and communities with limited coverage will continue to experience more than their fair share of loss/(death).

    The benefits of COVID-19 vaccination continue to outweigh the risks, given the risk of COVID-19 diseases and related, potentially severe, complications.”

    “Herd Immunity” not happening if you don’t get “vaccinated”

    health officials trying to slow the spread of the Covid-19 Delta variant (new dangerous covid)

    the summer lull, (because of the “heat dome” in some country), in infection rates, to “hurry up” with their vaccinations.

    “Inflation is dead in the water. The bottom line is, the consensus is often wrong.”
    I don’t care what its called.
    It hurts when your paycheck is no longer enough to buy what it could before.
    Critical thinkers are elitist.

    Math/numbers is too hard/complicated for the majority of the people to even try to understand.
    Truth is hiding under a pile of numbers.
    Bullshit is on top of a pile of numbers.

    Have you noticed the number of people standing around a public work site watching/avoiding getting dirty, the one worker using/working with a shovel in a hole?

    TAE is the bullshit shovel.

    Evidence does not sway those who have made up their minds.
    John French Sloan East Entrance, City Hall, Philadelphia 1901

    WHAT! …. no cars on the street.


    Delayed second and third doses of the #AstraZeneca vaccine boost immunity against #COVID19, a study by Oxford University, which developed the jab with the British-Swedish firm, said on Monday

    Perfectly normal 2021. Oxford studies its own vaccine, and get cited as a reliable voice.


    The BOSS is taking a nap
    US carries out air raids on Iran-backed militias in Syria, Iraq
    Attacks mark second time US President Joe Biden has ordered retaliatory bombing of armed groups since taking office.

    Dr. D

    “Georgia & Ukraine Agree to “Commitment” Seeking NATO Membership”

    Which is, according to our 1994 agreement, an act of active war. Nice going! But since those with home bunkers WANT a war, so you billions will die and keep them in power, it’s all systems Go!
    Remember Deagel and Georgia? Billions. They declared war, but not on Russia: on YOU.

    “Biden Orders Series Of Airstrikes Along Syria-Iraq Border”

    Beautiful bombs. He’s finally our president.

    Speaking of Fear, the mindkiller, the sole and only cause yesterday:

    “Mish” Shedlock @MishGEA: “It seems like fearmongers have forgotten (or simply don’t care) that daily deaths in the USA have gone from 4,464 on January 12 to 92 today. The continuing message is to spread fear.”

    No! We can not, WILL not, stop fear. I MUST be afraid! And you have to be too, or I’ll arrest you and cut off your food. Afraid yet?

    Actually, no. I’m not afraid: you’re just a dick.

    Government, Helping, only matters if there’s a problem, if you’re afraid, if you beg: save us!
    Fly a kite. You’re the same guys as Katrina. Same guys I hear on the news are ethnically cleansing black people. Trust us.

    3rd Wave propaganda? The only thing mutating lately is their bulls—t explanations.

    “Thousands of Flights Cancelled as Vaccinated Pilots Fall Ill or Die (CH)”

    Hopefully just need to hold out until reality gets too large to ignore. But after a lifetime of this, I figure they’ll deny it unto very death, and take you with them. No, no!!! You’re MAKING UP the 600% cancellations that are strictly, easily measured. There’s a 600% increase in Red pilots, who just suddenly got a phone call from Cheeto personally, sleepers activated! It’s Russia! It’s their fault!

    Looking at Phoenix. Just drag your feet for “concerns” and hope the tide turns in time. Dark path.

    “Why Most People Who Now Die with Covid in England Have Been Vaccinated (G.)”

    Okay, 42 is a very small number but “vaccines don’t work”.

    “either myocarditis or pericarditis—were found in young adults and children”

    Children are highly recoverable. Can anyone confirm that heart damage is really permanent, even for children?

    ““New Covid-19 infections have increased by more than 50 percent over the last two weeks in under-vaccinated states …”

    So many lies you need a flow chart and supercomputer to track them. What did Mish say? 92 deaths? An extra 40 people is statistical noise of very small numbers. It COULD mean something, but we’ve seen known liars lie like the lying liars they are, and cherry-pick the start and end dates 100% of the time. Remember new CDC director crying – boohoo! – for the instant, imminent disaster, that like every disaster, never came? At all? She backed that by picking only very specific start and end days that only showed her case, although cases were down 90% at that time. Liar. Cheat. Fearmonger. Murderer. Dedicated to #AntiScience. How can I make her cry again today and every day until she’s jailed?

    “Instead, the federal government will try to convince hesitant Americans to get vaccinated by working with state officials and trusted community members to communicate the benefits of the shots,”

    Lie matrix, there’s so much here: The “Federal Government” will convince the “hesitant”? Hahahaha. They’ve already got 100% saturation. And they’re going to do that by trotting out “Officials”? Hahahaha. You mean the ones that were wrong 100% of the time and the “hesitant” noticed? “Trusted” members? “Trusted” officials? “Trusted” news sources? Hahahahaha. You’re at 20% trust rate, dummies. And you didn’t “communicate the benefits”before? No one has heard your sales pitch before? What have you been doing up to now? No, people have heard your stupid sales pitch just fine, but you’re less than trusted: we know if you said it, IT’S FALSE. Do the opposite of what you, Fauci, CNN, Krugman, and Gartman say and you’ll be both totally safe and a multi-millionaire in no time. (P.S. Living legend Gartman has gone long. SellSellSell!)

    New Covid-19 infections have increased by more than 50 percent over the last two weeks in under-vaccinated states such as Missouri and Oklahoma”

    Uh-huh. And 50% in UK and Israel. LIARS! Lying liar-face lie-frauds.

    “A theme I’ve commented on 1000 times. No inflation without increasing velocity of money. Some prices may rise for different reasons, but not inflation.”

    Sort of. There’s been non-stop inflation since they started really printing with Greenspan under Clinton for the election of ’96. It’s just been in FIRE, financial assets. That’s because there’s no price discovery on planet earth, all and only Duma Central-Planning. This was put in Larry Summers’ paper on the gold standard. He said if you could break the gold price – rigging it by stealing U.S. gold under Clinton: there’s no audit, the seals were all broken – and using it leveraged 300:1 in the Comex. Jeff Christian from Sachs admits the leverage at 300:1 or higher, Comex and banks have paid billions in fines for rigging 100,000x. All official. So break the thermometer according to Summers and there’s no heat! No inflation!

    What happens when you get in a jam as even the whole U.S. gold is gone, as seen by their having no bars, no serial numbers, Germany’s bars were all newly-cast, double bars in the GLD ETF lists, and starting to have 90% cuts which is clearly melted coins? Duh: you start 7 wars on brown people, steal Libya’s gold, and when you can’t get Syria’s, steal Ukraine’s. Steal Venezuela’s, and when anybody asks, deny gold shipment from London, pay 20% over in cash to avoid delivery from Comex, everywhere.

    This would ruin everything. When Tesla rises, it’s good! Industry! Cars that light on fire! Yay! All currencies like Euro, JPY are printed in unison. The only thing that would reveal the non-stop high-inflation is another currency. You know: like Bitcoin. Rising 21,000%. You know: clear, obvious Hyperinflation.

    So the inflation is there. But with official, admitted, open price rigging of all commodities, all stocks, all markets worldwide…or we’ll bomb your country…inflation only in DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD. The stocks of Friends, you see. No enemies, tsk no. Not food, mines, infrastructure, heavens no. In houses, in Halliburton, BlackRock, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, you know, companies that have never made a dollar’s profit in their sorry lives.

    Oh we’ve got inflation all right.

    Rickards is a smart cat but crooked, insider, head of the LTCM bailout-for-billionaire-pals. The “velocity” is true, he’s not wrong, but as Armstrong says, it’s a loss of CONFIDENCE, in the government, the system. How are you going to capture and predict the psychology of crowds, when there’s a tipping point? Clearly he can’t because his same idiotic, dork-riddled, complete failure, Nobel prize-winning idiot-sons predicted LTCM too. They said Russia would never default, they easily and obviously did as any idiot would see they had to, and then robbed the U.S. taxpayers, via violent, illegal extortion, financial terrorism, of billions and billions, breaking the legal system too. How’s his record? Did his models see that coming?

    He can’t see “velocity” coming either, and for the same reasons. Because he’s an “expert.” Every time he loses, he wins! So who cares if the model is right? It’s impossible to be discredited, so say anything you like! Wrong every day, and paid!

    Trying to be nicer: His whole model is WRONG. It’s been wrong since Keynes, but proven dead wrong in 1974 with impossible stagflation. Never fixed it. Still denying it. No one cares. Hyperinflation ALWAYS happens against a BAD economy, not a good one. Holy duh. I’m not sure there’s ever even BEEN a hyperinflation in a good economy, that they constantly defend against as they fight against higher wages like the plague. Nothing about Covid or the economy has anything to do with velocity, or at least not in that sense, as has been proven for 100 years since Keynes.

    After being wrong 100 years in a row, broadly, also personally, also specifically in the 1970s here and other nations worldwide, is there anything that can discredit their failed, violent, oppressive, extractive theories that every day transfer half the nation’s wealth from the poorest to the richest?

    It would seem not.

    Breaking the thermometer doesn’t fix the weather. The piper remains at the door, waiting to be paid. With confidence. Or the lack of. Tick Tock.


    Raul, I’m beginning to think what’s “perfectly normal 2021” has been perfectly normal for a long, long time but I slept through it. Then I woke up with a really bad hangover. Painful.

    madamski cafone

    @ Raul

    “A theme I’ve commented on 1000 times. No inflation without increasing velocity of money. Some prices may rise for different reasons, but not inflation.”

    That’s only the currency side. The supply side of goods also pertains and most supply factors are inflating quite rapidly. The vast amounts of funny money in rich people’s investment portfolios have miniscule money velocity and miniscule meaning to the economy. It’s unnecessary invalid money with no bearing on the economy except the posych manipulations that drive bull/bear runs.

    On the supply side, there is less available to be had, it costs more to extract and process it, and shipping is now becoming enormously expensive. If that isn’t inflationary, I’ll donate my Confederate money collection to Newt Gingrich.

    As for Rickards, he’s smelled like a limited hangout from the start,


    For the record, I’m a card carrying member of the AVI (Anti Vaxxers International) and have been for a long time. I prefer to think of myself as a “thoughtful” vaxxer, but having thoughts about vaccinations is strictly forbidden. Questioning why the CDC wants children in the US to get over 30 vaccinations by the time they’re 6 years old is nothing but anti-vaxxer lunacy.

    The CDC has not been “captured” by big pharma. It’s been sleeping with big pharma for decades. People talk openly about the evils of big pharma – it’s headline news on a continual basis – but few people transfer their distrust in big pharma to vaccines. Baffling.


    The US shale oil con job has lost it’s stiff erection status.

    The US will have to import a significantly higher amount of fossil fuels, much of it from Russia (haha) and that was probably ‘on the table’ at the latest meeting between Putin and Sock Muppet Joe.

    If the US Military Industrial Complex were not burning through ungodly amounts of oil to keep 800+ formal military bases in 80 countries (a number that could exceed 1,000 if you count troops stationed at embassies and missions and so-called “lily-pond” bases) maybe the amount of oil required to keep the Empire running could be reduced.

    When the dollar craps the bed, the balance of payments will sky rocket trying to buy enough oil to keep the Land of the Brave lubed up.

    And the US also has no real grain reserves, Obama sold them off and they have not been replenished. No resilience, no ‘buffer’

    Ironically, the US will end up, at the end of the day, after climate change droughts have devastated crop yields, having to import grain from, wait for it……Russia. hahahaha

    Old White Joe begging for Oil and Wheat from Russia, how rich, who by the way just got rid of ALL their US securities (Free at Last!) and will so not need the SWIFT payment racket.

    To Uncle Sam I say, “Well played Sir!”

    Mr. House

    “The ordinary modes of human thinking are magical, religious, social, and personal. We want our wishes to come true; we want the universe to care about us; we want the approval of those around us; we want to get even with that s.o.b who insulted us at the last tribal council. For most people, wanting to know the cold truth about the world is way, way down the list.”


    ” …. maybe the amount of oil required to keep the Empire running could be reduced.”

    I’m of the opinion that “boots on the ground” will keep happening longer than I’m going to live.


    Mr. House
    I’m going to add to your list ….
    People don’t want to be told that they are wrong/(arrive at wrong conclusions)

    Figmund Sreud

    … slight u-turn from topic of COVID-19: … a message from Russians post-Geneva randezvous, but a tiny snip first:
    ”We will always remain open to honest dialogue with anyone who demonstrates a reciprocal readiness to find a balance of interests firmly rooted in international law.”

    Go pound sand! article:
    Article by Sergey Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, “The Law, the Rights and the Rules”, Moscow, June 28, 2021


    Dave Note

    I was reading about the Block Chain as a decentralized un-censor-able accounting ledger.

    Pretty awesome regardless of your opinion of Bitcoin.

    Using the Block Chain as a payment transfer mechanism to replace the corrupt censorable politicized weaponized SWIFT racket would be a global game changer.

    Because the Block Chain can’t be censored, the payment system to run and fund a blogging platform that uses the Block Chain can’t be ‘canceled’.

    Freedom of speech is now tied to a un-cancel-able payment system.

    Any system tied to fiat and/or central banks can be silenced by blocking payment transfer to that blog.

    There are several blogging platforms now being developed based on the Block Chain that will be the only venue for free discussions going forward.

    madamski cafone

    The idea that there is a cold truth at the bottom of it all is just an idea. Along with the idea that humans are capable of recognizing such a thing.


    I don’t think we’ll have boots on the ground much longer. Less than a decade, imo.

    madamski cafone

    P.S. I think Putin is happy. The USA lunatic war fever is finally unplugged. If USA wants affordable oil, they’ll have to play nice. PLenty other natins want that oil too.

    Mr. House

    I think the idea you espouse is the reason we find ourselves in the circumstances we do 😉

    Dr. D


    With binoculars you can Rickards perched waaaay up there at the top.

    madamski cafone

    @ Noirette:

    Madamski noted:

    “It intriques me that Russia is pushing vaccination so hard. My hypothesis: they are scared of covid variants driven by the selection pressure imposed by mRna “vaccines”, so much so that they will risk considerable political fallout at the polls by imposing harsh measures to get them all vaccinated with a real vaccine that will help the body fight covid variants. They take people like Bossche seriously, methinks.”

    But I would also add that here in Moscow at least, the traditional low credibility of the authorities ensures that voluntary compliance will be limited.

    General comment…

    There is an element of mimicry and competition inherent in this whole ‘reactions to covid’ and particularly vaxs, business. A kind of hysteria and group-think has taken hold, and it reaches high up, way beyond your frightened glued-to-TV watcher.

    Of course, tremendous pressure via long-implemented corruption play a role. Corruption and partial take-over of int’l med bodies like WHO, country ‘ministers’, advisory, regulatory, control boards, Doc. associations, and many more.

    The end result is pressure to vax, thru manipulation and propaganda, making Gvmts., those in authority needing to be seen to ‘act smartly’, provide solutions, do the ‘right thing.’

    A ‘miracle potion’ (here a vax) is essentially a standard move to deal with a crisis (covid is not dire.. though I suppose made to seem so comes down to the same thing.. other topic..)

    Plus, not to forget that Gvmts readily embrace reasons to impose restrictions, control, corral ppl, etc., and that profiteers, Big Tech for ex. producing covid digital passes, will jump eagerly on board to make money (or joined the planning long ago..) This is corp-state melding, an aberration, extremism, of the center.

    Vaxs have become politicized, with countries / blocs only recognizing -abc- vaxs. Typically the West refusing to certify Russian, Chinese vaxs as effective or ‘acceptable.’ In this way, vaxs are assimilated to lowly consumer products (blocks on trade, monopolies) that exist merely for some to make a profit. It is clear that medical / effectiveness considerations play NO ROLE whatsoever.

    Russia is not immune (sic), it is not outside this circuit and accepts the terms of the competition.

    While I can’t certify that Putin is hysteria-free, his ordering a distrustful populace to trust him on this is the kind of gamble a person like Vlad doesn’t take unless there’s an urgent need and/or the odds are in his favor.

    SO I still think there’s more to this than standard government incompetence.

    madamski cafone

    @ Mr. House

    “I think the idea you espouse is the reason we find ourselves in the circumstances we do 😉”


    Haven’t seen the movie, but I like how Goodman’s character fights.


    Cheapest energy –

    Is coal cheaper than other energy sources?
    Cheapest source of energy. It (coal), is by far cheaper than nuclear, natural gas, oil. … Unlike other forms of energy (nuclear, natural gas, oil, hydroelectric), coal provides many jobs in removing coal from the earth, transporting it to the utility, burning it, and properly disposing of coal

    Is slavery a cheap source of energy?

    Fossil fuels dissolved the economic justification for slavery. When the concentrated and versatile energy stored in fossil fuels was converted to mechanical energy, the economic limits under which all societies had formerly existed were blown apart. A life of back-breaking drudgery was no longer the inescapable condition of the overwhelming majority of mankind.

    What is another word for slavery?

    bondage enslavement
    human trafficking menial labor
    domination tyranny
    confinement persecution
    exploitation duress

    Indentured servitude was not slavery as individuals entered contracts of their own free will. However, indentured servants could be sold, loaned, or inherited, at least during the duration of their contract terms.

    What are the 6 types of human trafficking?

    6 Types of Human Trafficking:
    Forced Labor. “Even though we smiled and seemed happy in front of customers, the truth was that we were quietly suffering,” said a survivor who spent nearly a decade enslaved. …
    Sex trafficking. …
    Organ trafficking. …
    Child Soldier. …
    Child Marriage. …
    Debt bondage.
    Traffickers might use violence, manipulation, or false promises of well-paying jobs or romantic relationships to lure victims into trafficking situations. ( Employers, (it takes money to buy a contract from the traffickers), are never mentioned as being part of the problem of Human Trafficking.)

    Dr. D

    BS News, whoops! CBSNews says “WHO Urges Fully Vaccinated People to Continue Wearing Masks.”

    Because vaccines don’t work. How many ways do they have to tell you? Get the vaccine? Great! 50% chance of getting the virus, PLUS no behavior will change and you’ll remain under martial law.

    So we got the vaccine why? To go back to normal? Nope. Because “Do What You’re Told!” Yes, sir, lying, mass-murdering world-bombing maggot, sir! Anything Daddy says! Sigh.

    Oh, and I think that’s the opposite of what WHO said yesterday. But it is CBS, so it’s a toss up if it’s them or the WHO that’s lying.

    Why do they never have the WHO lie and say, “Lockdown!” while CBS then lies and says, “No Lockdown”? Just a coincidence every lie aligns every time, one direction only, forever, amen. FOR dictatorial power, AGAINST all human rights. “Alas!” the NY Times says, “If only we were North Korea, singing ‘All Hail Great Leader’.” Like Britain. Then we’d be the Utopia we dreamed of. High prices. Supply disruptions. Going well as planned.

    So the next time someone says, “So we can go back to normal” tell them…well, why bother, they won’t listen anyway.


    Well, democritus, if you’re not reading the articles anyway, yeah, what’s the use? You’re not going to learn much that way, are you?

    Sorry, I was in an angry mood this morning and didn’t read past the first line. I take back what I said.

    Mr. House

    ” They all stood looking up at him with their white faces. He stared back. And suddenly he thought, I’m the abnormal one now. Normalcy was a majority concept, the standard of many and not the standard of just one man.

    Abruptly that realization joined with what he saw on their faces – awe, fear, shrinking horror – and he knew that they were afraid of him. To them he was some terrible scourge they had never seen, a scourge even worse than the disease they had come to live with. He was an invisible specter who had left for evidence of his existence the bloodless bodies of their loved ones…

    Robert Neville looked out over the new people of the earth. He knew he did not belong to them; he knew that, like the vampires, he was anathema and black terror to be destroyed… A new terror born in death, a new superstition entering the unassailable fortress of forever.

    I am legend.”

    Dr. D

    “The Delta Variant Will Cause ‘Very Dense Outbreaks’ in These Five states, Expert Says” -CNN

    …Say the people who said Florida was terrible, Sweden would cease to exist, and opening Texas would kill millions, who said NY was best and restaurants were the main spread in Tennessee. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Want to bet $500? Or just flap your gums and be totally, deadly wrong again?

    In the article: “Fortunately, evidence so far points to the US being equipped with powerful tools to protect against the Delta variant’s spread.”

    WRONG! Again, this is AFTER they already known for weeks that vaccines have no help against anything Delta in UK and Israel. It’s easy to be wrong when it doesn’t cost you anything. The wronger you are, the more-er you get paid. So really you’re on contract per-death-caused.

    Yummy yummy dead people. A CNN favorite. Just follow Joy Reid’s recent call that “It’s Team Red who’s defunding the police! Team Red wants to end the military!” Huh? Da fuq? Yes, as a call to action for Team Blue to double-down on police and military budgets, support bombing brown people in Syria and Yemen. Pro-war, all day, every day. This message is Raytheon-sponsored, Raytheon-ready. We’re in a live-action death cult, moving fast. Can no one get an Operation Valkyrie in here and get back control of this plane?

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. If they said it, it’s wrong, it’s a lie. It kills people. YOU. This is what happens when you have no consequences. This is what happens when you don’t discredit lies. Tell the truth. What was last week’s article “We scientists all knew it was a lab leak but we lied for a year because Orange Man said p—-y?” So you lied and got people killed, then slept like a baby, safe in your lies. Got it. Stop lying. The immune system of the nation, the rock of the people: Seeking truth.


    Perhaps the delta variant is a “blessing in disguise.” For those of the “unvaccinated” who are Covid naive, and also naive to ivermectin prophylaxis, this variant is more contagious, plus the lockdowns are not happening so much. It sounds like iinfection-with-delta could be a very quick way to lead the unvaccinated at least to “herd immunity.” Let delta storm it’s way through…then the unvaccinated survivors will be able to shrug off vestiges of fear, the urges from others to vaccinate. Pretty soon, the only people coming down with and contracting Covid will be the recipients of the “leaky” vaccines. That reality would be difficult to spin. Then we can use ivermectin, et altri, and “save” the vaccinated from delta and her cousins, and assuage many (sadly, not all,) of their adverse vax reactions.

    Sounds to good to be true. But here’s to dreaming peaceful dreams. I eventually left a bad marriage and subsequently found a man who feels safe and who feels “right.” Storms do have eyes and deserts do have oases.

    I find myself frustrated by the words of the financiers, both politic and private, those who study them, and the cryptocurrency discussions. Bitcoin is “created” by supercomputers that only those who are already generously endowed by the current system will ever be able to possess. How is this dramatically different from any other financial instrument that I am priced out of? I have been raising 3 children “on a shoestring” for 9 years. I have no influence or control over the financiers nor over crypto. That realm is unreal. I can’t “buy in” to any of it. The rapidly rising housing market is jeopardizing my opportunity to declare bankruptcy to offset the debt I incurred to prevent my ex from using lies to remove the children from me. Whatever increases in prices that come my way, I’ll deal with them just as I’ve dealt with every other impossible economic mountain I’ve had to climb in the past decade.

    And my left leaning neighbor is upset because construction is finally starting on the low-income housing project in a vacant lot a few blocks away. He is worried about the value of his house. I am thinking: hooray! That vacant lot is FINALLY going to be developed! The elementary aged kids at the bus stop in front of the lot will no longer be tempted to skirt under the fence. If what is being built is what has been planned for more than a decade (maybe 2?) it will be condos that will be priced so that low-income folks can BUY them. Buyers tend to be more community minded than renters — and this neighborhood has been about half renters since the aftermath of the 2008 crash. (Some renters are great — like the Hispanic neighbors to the south, were there nearly 7 years, their daughter was besties with mine for years. Others are, well, amusing…late night parties with loud recorded mariachi music behind us, or like the druggies across the street who would get angry and yell at each other in the front yard. Kind of entertaining, in a way….didn’t mind so much when they left.)

    absolute galore

    @upstateNYer wrote: “Why is it when a person decides to stop visiting a website they feel the need to make a public statement and leave in a huff, slamming the door on their way out? Just curious …”

    The technical term for this is “flouncing out.” But welcome back, democritus. I can relate little to your frustration at the constant stream of similar info from the world wide web presented here–I’ve pushed back a bit myself, though of course in a more mature, erudite, humorous, attractive manner. Must be my personality.

    think it has a to do partly with the echo chamber effect discussed yesterday. It can get a little claustrophobic in here. Especially if you keep thinking any of this will leak out to the wider world–I’m looking at you, Ivermectin. And even when it does, it goes away with a whimper–Hello lab escape theory, we hardly knew ye.

    absolute galore

    @madamski wrote: While I can’t certify that Putin is hysteria-free, his ordering a distrustful populace to trust him on this is the kind of gamble a person like Vlad doesn’t take unless there’s an urgent need and/or the odds are in his favor.

    SO I still think there’s more to this than standard government incompetence.

    I tried to find my comment made several days/weeks/amonth? ago about Russia’s reaction. I felt a slight unease that Russia’s response seems to be along similar lines to everyone else. I agree it does not quite add up given how astute and well-informed Putin is in most matters involving world leadership–especially compared to the hairbrains running most of the West. Then again, it’s hard to make sense out of any of this nonsense.

    I suppose I’m a TAE centrist in matters of Covid and the vaccine.


    @absolute, thank you for providing the technical term, although “flouncing out” sounds a bit, um, er, kinda like some type of … oh, forget it. 😉

    Lots of people seem to be in an especially frustrated mood today – Dr D. with several posts, democritus having a bad morning, and Karl Denniger … who posted a seriously angry rant, “More Crazy” on his Nad site.

    Frustration, anger, fear, anxiety roiling to the surface. This is a tough situation. Globally. Stocking up on popcorn and watching the show sounded funny, right? Until it wasn’t.

    Echo chamber here? Of sorts, yes. That’s human nature. Maybe it’s nature, period. Birds of a feather and all …

    TAE Summary is going to have a field day with this.

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