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    Mr. House

    “Echo chamber here?”

    I disagree. Zerohedge comments are an echo chamber with a few trolls to spice it up. NC is an echo chamber who blocks anyone who questions the zietgiest. I’d be willing to listen to pro vaccine posts if they made sense. Problem is i haven’t seen any that made sense, heck i haven’t even read a covid “narrative” yet that has made sense. Except that i smell a rat

    madamski cafone

    @ zerosum

    I foresee a period when slaves working coal mines is economically vialke for awhile. Not long, though. If we’re not careful (we’re not), regions will collapse so rapidly and thoroughly that slavery will be too expensive… when you need that person for food.


    As for v accine-for-profit motivations: obviously the main motivator in this for the likes of big pharma, but there’s another level to this, one we saw when the covid craze first started: pharma entitiities looking to have the kick-ass vaccine.

    While covid — the actual virus — as experienced in most of Euromerica has been so mild as to disappear into waning flu statistics, there are places where people are dying in large numbers driven by variants and other factors. If, as we fear here, what I will call the Bossche Syndrome manifests, having a populace effective vaccinated against it will be a huge advantage as nationsd scramble to determine what they are Dr. Kovidian. Having a vaccine proven to actually work, in a safe manner, as the world flounders in Bosscher Syndrome pandemia, would be the finishing feather in Putin’s cap to turn Russia into the 21st Century’s Sanctuary for Sanity.

    Big pharm makes megabucks, Russia becomes the new Good Guy Nation, Russian populace becomes more cooperative with top-down mandates — a quality crucial to holding Russia together tyhrough the next few decades, Putin’s legacy enshrined, which is important not for Putin’s ego but his power in appointing a successor who is not a sociopathic power-climbing minion.

    Mr. House

    Heck i got a TDAP vaccine last summer, july i think it was. Actually had a strange reaction to that, red rash on my arms, very itchy, and occasional numbness in the arms also. Like i’ve said multiple times, Democrats and Republicans are mirror images or each other, just on a different side of the line. I try to straddle the line knowing neither is right or wrong, just extreme. I believe i had covid in Feb of 2020. Was miserable (i always seem to be miserable when i get the flu also) didn’t eat for three days and my description of what it felt like when i started to feel better can only be described as resurrection. cold and flu meds were all i took, but i was also 36 at the time so if i’d been in my 60’s or 70’s good chance i might not have made it.


    Yes, many Greeks don’t trust that the government cares for their health. They only have to visit a public hospital to see that.
    Today the PM announced that the young ppl who will get vaccinated will also get a bonus of 150 euros.
    Yes, many Greeks understand that the gov is desperate to vaccinate them and they don’t like it.
    They don’t like the public debate about privileges for the vaccinated and harsh measures against the unvaccinated.
    Yes, many Greeks are suspicious that the whole enterprise is highly dubious and very dangerous.


    I also recently commented on the Russian/Putin actions with regard to vaccines. It was something along the lines of Putin playing 14 dimensional chess. 😉 I don’t find it all that plausible that Putin is falling in line with the idiotic omg how can anyone be this stupid blood sucking give me all the money parasitic elites who are purportedly “leading” the western nations in the pandemic response.

    Sorry. In an angry mood today.


    anecdotal evidence
    In the fall of 2019 my spouse, ( age 75, 78), had a “virus/flue” infection.
    It was severe like never before and lasted more than one week.
    I got nothing from her coughing all over me.

    We are presently waiting for negative reaction to the second pfizer vaccine that we got 17 June 2021.

    Both time that we lined up for the vaccine, we were amazed at the number of “old people”, same age group as us, that appeared to be in poor health.


    “Echo chamber here?”

    Meghan McCain hated/hates Trump.
    Meghan McCain hates the Democrat
    Meghan McCain hates.

    Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain have another heated discussion on “The View”.


    Denninger makes the connection between drugs being pushed that are pricey (But have no real benefits, like the vax) with drugs like Ivermectin that work for cheap. Usually if the first thing I see in a Doctor’s office is a drug rep, my first instinct is to run because there are no ethics there. Unless I absolutely must, and then there will be much conflict.

    “We never give a measles shot to someone who had the measles. Why not?

    The scientific evidence is that they cannot get any benefit from it. While the measles vaccine is extremely safe and definitely safer than getting the measles there is no such thing as a completely safe drug. Ever. If you cannot get the measles because you’ve already had it and are immune then irrespective of how low the risk is it is unethical and gross malpractice to give you said shot because it is scientifically impossible for you to benefit from it.

    The question is always one of risk and benefit, both potential since no drug or vaccine is 100% effective and the risk of contracting an illness is never 100% for the person taking the drug. There is never any other evaluation, which is inherently personal to each individual’s medical situation, that is appropriate, ethical, moral or legal — period.

    For any drug, vaccine or other medical procedure or act where the benefit is statistically zero it is thus never, under any circumstance, acceptable to recommend, cajole or coerce someone into accepting it because if the potential benefit is zero then any amount of risk is unacceptable, no matter how low.”


    ‘Defunds’ $17 Million From Police Budget

    Redirect $17.4 million from its police department to other programs over the course of two years. A thorough examination of positions that could be civilianized, moved out of OPD, or a combination of the two.

    Defund does not mean lower taxes

    madamski cafone

    Wrote the following for some family/friends struggling with covid coercion syndrome: If anyone would point out errors or have suggestions, I’d be delighted! And I’m so good at being delighted.

    Russian “Sputnik” vaccine

    “Gam-COVID-Vac is a viral vector vaccine based on two recombinant replication-defective human adenoviruses: Ad26 (serotype 26) and Ad5 (serotype 5). The viruses contain the gene that encodes the full-length spike protein (S) of SARS-CoV-2 to stimulate an immune response.[6][15][18] Both doses contain (1.0 ± 0.5) × 1011 particles of gene.[1] Both Ad26 and Ad5 were modified to remove the E1 gene to prevent replication.[19]

    “The vaccine can be formulated in two ways: as a ready-to-use solution in water that is frozen at the common home-freezer storage temperature of −18 °C or 0 °F or lower; and as a freeze-dried powder, “Gam-COVID-Vac-Lyo”, whose storage temperature is above freezing, 2–8 °C or 36–46 °F, at the common home-refrigerator temperature. The freeze-dried powder must be reconstituted with water before use.[12] The lyophilized formulation of Gam-COVID-Vac is similar to the smallpox vaccine, circumventing the need for continuous “colder chain” or cold-chain storage – as required for the Pfizer–BioNTech and Moderna vaccines respectively – and allowing transportation to remote locations with reduced risk of vaccine spoilage.[13][14]”

    mRna (Euromerican vaccines) vaccine:

    “An RNA vaccine contains RNA which, when introduced into a tissue, acts as messenger RNA (mRNA) to cause the cells to build the foreign protein and stimulate an adaptive immune response which teaches the body how to identify and destroy the corresponding pathogen or cancer cells.”

    Russia’s vaccine uses an edited AND reproductively sterilized gene set to teach the antibodies that covid’s spike proteins are EVIL. It works well with extremely rare side effects.

    mRna teach the body (“into a tissue” not ‘into a cell’) to make EVIL spike proteins.

    First, it is bad to flood the body with junk proteins it recognizes as EVIL: if those spikes collect in human tissue (and this is proving to be a common consequent of the “jab”), the body will likely attack those tissues. Cytokine storm auto-immune overload. Make you very sick.

    Second, making all these spike proteins trains a buttload of your antibodies to become specialized spike killers that are useless otherwise. This means that a buncha of good solid general duty antibodies are put out of general service, having been drafted for the Covid War (CW), since the body only has so many antibody troops it can muster overall. A great many antibodies, once trained to attack spike proteins, won’t fight other bugs, as I understand the situation. They’re, like, Green Beret elites. But after awhile, the CW conscripts finish their term of service, and die or something. Your general immune system has been significantly weakened to other pathogens. Maybe you catch an ordinary head cold and die?… especially if your immune system has been weakened by a year and a half of social distancing, masks making you breathe your own pathogens and waste CO2 for long periods of time, lockdowns weakening your body via stress and stagnation while further weakening the immune system via lack of contact with other people and their pathogens. (A good army has to stay in training or it becomes too weak to effectively fight.)

    Third, it confers virtually no immunity. Your body can still mak copies of the covid virus and shed them contagiously, or so I understand although I don’t know why. The official narrative goes something like this: “Scientists are still learning how well vaccines prevent you from spreading the virus. We’re also still learning how long COVID-19 vaccines protect people.” The skeptical reports, that I hear from the brightest and least compromised/biased minds that the internet provides me with, are that mRna “vaccines” offer at best barely 2% non-transmissibility of the virus; getting the jab doesn’t protect others from you. You can get covid again and again although, hopefully, you’ll hardly notice after your first go round. Hopefully.

    Fourth, as implied above, those numbers also apply to the individual: at best, the “vaccine” prevents 2% of its recipients from getting infected. It allegedly helps prevent covid from becoming severe, but does virtually nothing to stop you from getting it again. In the process of reducing covid symptoms once contracted, it weakens your overall system while scarcely protecting you from repeat infections.

    Fifth, by killing off a specific kind of covid (as defined by its type of spike protein) in your body while allowing your body to be re-infected over and over puts very powerful selective mutation pressure to produce variants with a different spike protein. Some of those variants will be less harmful, others, like this Delta thingie, more harmful. So, rather than steadily weakening the virus to a small background population that most everyone is eventually mostly not susceptible to (full-blown herd immunity with, if necessary, yearly vaccine updates like the yearly flu vaccine), we will be creating a large population of super-covid along with a large population of sissy covid, making the situation both directly more lethal and that much more confusing.

    The “vaccine” is, best I can tell, MUCH worse than the disease it addresses.

    madamski cafone

    “nationsd scramble to determine what they are Dr. Kovidian”

    UNfinished joke or something about covid-killing or whatever. Got distracted. But at least I know when I’ve written gibberish, and that deserves a ribbon, ci?


    @Dr. D: just now found your post responding to the late 6/27 comments. About this: “Sorry, there can’t be a divorce. Red wouldn’t die: Blue would, colonized and treated as an African colony as planned. Red would be laid low though, and pressed to penury from all sides. …I mean more than now, if that’s possible. For both our sakes, please come back to a standard of logic and human rights.”

    Agreed. I thought about “the ports” last night after commenting and reached the conclusion … who can do what without ports? I then hoped no one would notice the error in my comment. 😉

    You concluded: “I guess cutting off the bloodsucking cities from their state hosts would be an important first step in bringing them to heel. What was that about “representation”?”

    I’ll have to think about how that would play out. Complicated. Thank you for the input.

    madamski cafone

    Take heart, o warriors and worriers:

    MAY 1, 2021 AT 5:14 PM
    okay, now do a hit piece on pfizer & moderna.

    i know 4 people who’ve had those experimentals. 3 became violently ill, requiring hospitalization for blood clots in the lungs and 1 died.

    i didn’t catch that anyone had become ill or died in this article about SputnikV.

    interesting, that.

    MAY 1, 2021 AT 3:23 AM
    The Brazilian agency Avisa did not measure the amount of replicating Adenovirus. The do not have laboratories to do that. They relied on the information provided by the Gemalaya Institute where it was stated that they there are less then 100 particles per dose because that is the limit of the sensitivity of the test. The article published in Science describes the situation mich better than the here interviewed scientist.

    Sagar Parvatkar
    APRIL 30, 2021 AT 3:12 PM
    Is it sputnik v vaccine safe or not?
    Is Dr any side effects ?
    I m from goa India always weather so hot.
    This vaccines it’s safe in hot weather or it will react?
    Plz reply me I m getting confused about vaccines .

    Sagar Parvatkar
    APRIL 30, 2021 AT 3:10 PM
    Is it sputnik v vaccine safe or not?
    Is Dr any side effects ?
    I m from goa India always weather so hot.
    This vaccines it’s safe in hot weather or it will react?

    Karl Lynam
    APRIL 30, 2021 AT 8:36 PM
    Look at who the authors work for and work from that basis.. Do ur own analysis but when I see nbc or any of these networks I go the other way automatically, that being said it’s not inconceivable they’re telling the truth. Find ur answers elsewhere e.g. WHO

    Misbah Khan
    MAY 2, 2021 AT 5:10 PM
    Hey Sagar. Sputnik V is safe and effective. U can take it in India. Stay safe.

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    From this bullshit hit piece:: by

    TAE Summary

    * Please don’t expose yourself and flounce off in public; Anger is like a storm rising up from the bottom of your consciousness. When you feel it coming, turn your focus to your breath until the storm passes

    * Which came first, the virus or the host? Covid was made for man and not man for Covid

    * The stakes are high; The world is all in on vaccines; The virus has an ace2 up its sleeve; Mankind will call the virus a cheater and pull out their Bowie knife but the Covid has a Derringer in its boot and will shoot first

    * Bat-Man virus transmission happened via unknown species; Penguin was suspected but it is now known it was an inside job and Robin invented it in the bat cave

    * Money is not moving but neither is the supply chain; Inflation is dead; Long live inflation

    * Critical thinkers are elitists; You don’t think critically; No YOU don’t think critically

    * Perfectly Normal is the new normal; Boots on the ground will remain stuck in the mud; Biden is now bombing Syria and Iraq; Georgia and Ukraine want to join NATO so they can be on the right side of hysteresis

    * The Vaccine Chronicles
    – The third wave approaches
    – The more doses the better
    – The only thing to fear is the loss of fear itself
    – CDC is sleeping with Big Pharma
    – The Delta Variant will cause outbreaks among the very dense leading to herd immunity

    * The US is resilient with the world’s largest reserves of hubris; The emperor has no gas and will need Russian oil to enforce sanctions against Russia; Putin is happy and Joe is delirious

    * We want the universe to care about us but either the universe is talking, or is pursuing, or is in a journey, or peradventure sleepeth, and must be awaked. Try crying aloud and cutting yourself to get the universe’s attention

    * Dead dinosaurs make the best slaves

    * Nonce upon a time there was a perfect world where the blockchain was immutable; The truth is a hash hiding under a Merkle tree of numbers; Bullshit is what’s in your digital wallet


    @phoenix: “I find myself frustrated by … the cryptocurrency discussions. Bitcoin is “created” by supercomputers that only those who are already generously endowed by the current system will ever be able to possess. How is this dramatically different from any other financial instrument that I am priced out of?”


    madamski cafone

    “Why is it when a person decides to stop visiting a website they feel the need to make a public statement and leave in a huff, slamming the door on their way out? Just curious …”

    Well, when I do it, it’s to make a point and experience a plerasant emotional shift.

    Yes, TAE Summary owns this corner of the web.

    @ TAE

    I get the cosmos’ attention by paying attention to myself, where it all happens for me. God is obviously to far to hear my cries excfept I phone it within.

    I can leave a message for Hem if you like

    madamski cafone
    John Day

    @Democritus: I noticed your public apology after reading further. Strong. Thank you.
    @Phoenix Voice: I was saying last summer that it might be good for Texas to let COVID spread to the young in the high vitamin-D months, and it seemed to go sort of OK, as such things might go. Your placing of the meme that Delta-Variant might be a good community vaccination strategy aligns with thoughts I have had since January or February of 2020, when I started seeing information suggesting a leak from Fort Detrick in May or June 2019 (COVID-presumed). There had been a 3 week chest cold going around from late summer , into winter 2019, consistent with a coronavirus. Jenny and I both had it. I got an antibody test in April 2020, when they came out, but scored negative. Wishful thinking… Currently, having avoided symptomatic illness so long, and having examined and treated so many positive patients, my current wishful thinking is that I’m cross-immune and vitamin-D-empowered, and probably have a guardian-angel (Anglo?) to boot.
    @people wondering about Russia g COVID-vaccination after Putin said it would be voluntary: The mayor of Moscow mandated it when Vlad was out meeting empty-Joe-the-leader-of-the-free-or-reduced-world. Russia has a lot of Sputnik vaccine, and probably wants to use it before it goes bad, like Israel tried to give late-dated-Pfizer to the Palestinians, who refused it, so Israel gave the shots to nice little Jewish boys and girls. Waste-not, want-not…
    Here is something interesting, a tidbit. Ukraine aint doin’ too badly without vaccine, because…
    “The Ukraine, however, has no vaccination. They refused the Russian vaccine; the West never provided them with Western vaccines. But nothing especially bad happened to the Ukrainians. Instead of vaccination, they treat covid with Ivermectin, and their results are better than those in neighbouring (vaccinated) Poland.” (That’s the end. Almost to the end, is the COVID vaccine stuff about Putin and the mayor of Moscow)

    : The main bad thing with genetic “vaccines” seems to be a bloodstream full of spike protein, which attaches to platelets, makes them clump-and-clot, and can remove them from the blood entirely, causing free-bleeding, like into the brain.
    You have done good homework. The DNA vaccines do induce spike-protein creation, but as you noted, they have a time-limiter, and they might stay in the muscle better than mRNA vaccines. I have not seen direct comparison data, and don’t expect it to appear, because researching it would be bad for business. We do know that the little lipid-membrane Trojan-horsies that carry mRNA into cells to impose the manufacture of spike protein upon the cells, CAN MIGRATE into the bloodstream (“To Infinity and BEYOND!”), so your ovaries, were you so afflicted, might make spike proteins. Since the trojan-mRNA-horsies got bloodborn, the blood bore them to organs in contact with the blood, so the regurgitated spike proteins can enter the blood. Another problem discovered with the mRNA messages-to-cells is that YOU CAN’T TURN THEM OFF. They are engineered to have much longer durability of function than regular mRNA, to go-and-go-and-go-and-go… Most cells in most people eventually get rid of the churning mRNA messengers, or the cell gets killed by the immune system, but there appears to be a WIDE variation in how long cells churn out spike protein. Lots of people never make it, like 24% don’t seem to get an antibody response to these vaccines (Sshh, Secret)
    On the Other hand, you have poor, noble, community-minded Hank Aaron bleed into his brain a little over 2 weeks after he got his vaccine on TV (Had to be buried, that story) “NATURAL CAUSES!” determined by no-autopsy.
    The spike protein directly attacks the endothelium, blood vessel lining, and causes clotting, ab=nd inflammation, but it also does a specific thing, which is to attach to platelets and make them clump, at which time the immune system attacks the clumps. If you have endless production of spike-protein into the blood, it might well kill you. Usual anticoagulants don’t stop this very specific process.
    You can get a big clot in your brain, millions of little clots in your lungs, or bleed in your gums, guts and brain, one not excluding the others.

    John Day

    Peter McCullough MD requests that this be disseminated:

    Breaking the Hearts of Children over Vaccines


    Is this site, TAE, tempting the silencers due to the info generated?

    madamski cafone

    @ Dr. Day

    Thank you so much. I like to understand what I think I know, you know? Unnastan? 😉


    @zerosum: likely


    @Dave Note: “There are several blogging platforms now being developed based on the Block Chain that will be the only venue for free discussions going forward.”

    I had to think about this for a while before responding. So … there won’t be any downsides in the future to this new “venue for free discussions”?

    A brief run down on how “free” begins and subsequently “evolves”. (The stages of evolution are numerous. Everyone here will work that out for themselves):


    Free discussions = face-to-face conversation, sans camera and microphone. We’ll get there again at some point.

    absolute galore

    @Mr. House wrote: I believe i had covid in Feb of 2020. Was miserable… i started to feel better…cold and flu meds were all i took, but i was also 36 at the time so if i’d been in my 60’s or 70’s good chance i might not have made it.

    Actually, if you were, say,61,there is a 98.3% (or greater, depending on damn facts and stats) that you would survive. And that’s Without Taking Ivermectin.

    Note how CDC chooses to present the same info ( I typed chance of surviving covid by age)

    Dave Note

    For anyone interested in the potential of Block Chain technology to change the game.

    The details are very daunting but a general grasp of the subject is doable.

    What is blockchain?

    Block Chains come in various flavors, as the article illustrates, Bitcoin uses a particular kind of decentralized Block Chain.

    Censorship and canceling are manifesting as cutting off payment to bloggers. for instance, for diverging from the official narrative.

    You can’t receive Paypal or Visa or any other centralized payment type.

    Take the SWIFT system of payments the US uses as a weapon to punish countries at don’t tow the line. A country not having access to SWIFT makes trade payments almost impossible.

    A decentralized Block Chain payment ledger (data) can’t be censored because there is no ‘there-there’. No central kill switch in the clearinghouse portion of the transaction like a SWIFT system has.

    Block chains get rid of the centralized ‘clearinghouse’ layer in a transaction.

    The centralized clearhouse function is replaced by a decentralized P2P network using a distributed ‘consensus’ clearing.

    “..Cryptography in blockchains makes the verification of data (i.e., transactions) trivial, and nearly impossible to forge…”

    Block Chain is not Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin however uses a particular configuration of Block Chain.

    The article does a decent job of explaining Block Chain as a database/accounting ledger invention.

    John Day

    @Madamski: You are most welcome. Glad to see you more in evidence again.
    I hope my written words were appropriately evocative of useful imagery in modeling microscopic and molecular level processes. I had a little fun, too.

    John Day

    MOSCOW, June 26. / TASS /. About 2,000 patients with COVID-19 are hospitalized in the capital every day, said Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin on Saturday.
    “We hospitalize about 2,000 people per day. Those are only the ones we take into the hospital. And there are so many people that come to examine the patient, bring him to the CT center. Of course, that creates a lot of stress for the medical system, but now it is almost completely normalized,” Sobyanin said in an interview with the Rossiya-1 TV channel.
    He specified that 20,000 beds were set up in Moscow to treat patients with COVID-19. “Today, a little more than 14,000 are occupied, approaching 15,000. That’s a large volume. We are already accustomed to such large numbers. In general, we have only 35,000 beds in the Moscow health care system that work for emergency planned assistance and 20,000 have been created just for covid patients,”


    TAE summary – that could have been your best yet. Hilarious.

    Madamski – thank you for your self-reflection and your Vaccine synopsis/summary – very useful and already sent off to a friend ‘who gets me’
    Also – re the anger and frustration – I think we will all be feeling it and good to check in here if anyone is feeling upset or emotional, just let us/me know and I am sure we will be able to lend support. These are difficult times. And during difficult times ya need friends – even disembodied diaspora can be friends – lookin’ at you upstateNYer.

    what ever happened to Bosco? Miss his mind and wild crazy heart


    Zerohedge comments are an echo chamber with a few trolls to spice it up. NC is an echo chamber who blocks anyone who questions the zietgiest.

    I have a love-hate relationship with NC. The blog is fantastic in that they cover a wide range of important topics that would otherwise be off my radar. But I try to stay away from the comments section because no dissent is permitted, or even any nuanced counterpoint. The site is run by a gaggle of well-meaning authoritarians who get things right most of the time, but not always. Read the articles but avoid the comments.


    Brief Australia Report

    The attitude here overwhelmingly is pro-vaccine. Endless propaganda. Doubters are ignored. The precautionary principle is ignored. Politicians, much of the medical community, academics, left- and right-wing media, and so on all suport jabbing. (Hmmm: new Star Wars character: Jabba the Nut ?)

    Sydney and now Canberra are resuming mandatory mask-wearing, for 2 weeks initially while the NSW government attempts to trace a small number of people. Is the Delta variant really so incredibly infectious? I have no way of telling.

    We’ve had the beta and delta variants, and maybe an epsilon is around the corner. Don’t know if a gamma was identified. At this rate we can make our way through the Greek alphabet and when we get to the omega variant we all drop dead. I’m getting to the stage where I would welcome that…

    Then we get stories such as the one in the ABC yesterday about a super-spreader party somewhere in Sydney where 40-odd people got infected and 6 didn’t. The 6 were all vaccinated. Ta-da! True? Why not? This vaccine must be good to some extent, otherwise the public would notice (wouldn’t they?) and turn against it.

    There is serious talk among TPTB in at least NSW to introduce vaccine passports, based of course on apps on the almost ubiquitous mobile cell phone. Ownership and carriage of a cell phone isn’t mandatory yet, but I suspect it will become so. We so enjoy our fetters.

    island raider

    United States Senator, Ron Johnson, held a press conference today (Monday) where he provided several people that were injured by the vaccine the opportunity to tell their stories. It might not be on youtube/Google for long, but here is a link. Worth the time:


    ezlxa 1949
    I couldn’t have put it better myself. The MSNM is shocking here. Aristocrats love Australia


    Excellent work. The simpletons among us will hate to read TAE’s denounciation of the lies being used to lure us into authoritarianism. The simpletons still think that WMDs existed, that Kennedy was shot by a lone gunman, that a few hundred people tried to take over the country on 1/6, even though Biden pointed out that they didn’t have the necessary F15s and nukes.

    The simpletons are our enemy because they refuse to see reality. Despite calling them simpletons, in my experience the simpletons cannot be identified simply by level of intelligence. The simpletons – I call them that because they are people who want the world to be simple where the government is your mother, your neighbors are your friends, you want for nothing and you have nothing to fear – are people who find it hard to remain rational because their emotional side, driven by fear, hijacks their thinking and overwhelms their unemotional rational thought.

    The thought of the government lying to the people in order to harm the people is such a big step for simpletons – and they are intelligent enough to understand the potential repercusions of such a position, such as society is a meaningless concept when the government is an adversary- that they cannot think about it rationally. Their response is to reject such a suggestion: it is a leap too far.

    island raider

    The video I attached above includes a statement by the mother of Maddie de Garay, Stephanie de Garay. She volunteered her child to participate in the clinical trial for one of the mRNA experimental vaccines. Heartbreaking…

    The universal story these folks are telling is one where there is zero attempt by the drug manufacturers to make even a modest attempt to try & understand what happened to these people and use that knowledge to prevent harm in future experimental vaccine recipients. You take that shot today, there is no effort whatsoever to correct the sins of the past. They are literally making billions. And they don’t give one shit.

    island raider

    Hey, wait a minute aspnaz! My neighbors are my friends… At least they used to be until they learned that we are unwilling to accept the experimental vaccine. Now they don’t invite us to cocktails anymore. Never mind…

    Doc Robinson

    Some warnings, from the New England Journal of Medicine, which parents should consider before having their children get injected with a Covid vaccine:

    The United States has developed a robust system for vaccine-injury compensation to alleviate the burdens of adverse medical consequences of vaccines. But this system will be unavailable to people who receive Covid-19 vaccines during the declared public health emergency. All potential vaccine recipients, and especially people in high-risk communities, therefore face a dilemma: should they risk becoming infected or risk having a vaccine injury without sufficient access to compensation?

    Normally, once the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves a vaccine and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends it for children or pregnant women, injury compensation is available for any recipient through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). The VICP covers the majority of vaccines administered in the United States. This no-fault program was created to provide an alternative legal avenue to ensure quick and fair compensation for vaccine injuries and to insulate manufacturers from liability to encourage them to pursue vaccine development. In many cases, claimants who develop recognized symptoms within a certain time frame after vaccination don’t need to prove that the injuries were caused by the vaccine, which leaves in question only the extent of damages. Successful claims and attorneys’ fees are paid out of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund, and they have exceeded $4 billion to date.1 Since 2015, the fund has paid out an average total of $216 million to an average of 615 claimants each year.

    The declaration of a public health emergency by the Department of Health and Human Services in March 2020, however, resulted in exclusion of Covid-19 vaccine injuries from the VICP. This declaration triggered the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act, a federal law that requires that all people injured by vaccines given as countermeasures during a declared emergency bring claims under only the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). The CICP is far less generous and less accessible than the VICP. It compensates people for only the most serious injuries, has a higher burden of proof than the VICP, has a 1-year statute of limitations after the date of vaccination, and limits awards for damages. For example, the CICP limits lost-income recovery to $50,000 for each year out of work and doesn’t include compensation for pain, suffering, or emotional distress.

    As a result, people who are vaccinated during the declared public health emergency will be less likely to obtain compensation for injuries associated with Covid-19 vaccines than they would be for injuries from vaccines included in the VICP. Furthermore, the process for pursuing compensation will be lengthier, more difficult, and more expensive because reimbursement for attorneys’ fees is unavailable. People vaccinated during a declared public health emergency can never pursue injury claims under the VICP, even if their symptoms manifest or are linked to the vaccine after the declaration is lifted.

    Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries — Preventing Inequities in Compensation


    @Mr. House

    I probably just missed it but can you tell me what the NC blog is?

    John Day

    @TAE Summary, Gosh, it’s just like the old days again, here in Gotham City. Archie spotted El Gallinazo alive on another site recently.
    Masterful summary today. Heart, Soul and Wit!

    V. Arnold

    I probably just missed it but can you tell me what the NC blog is?

    Naked Capitalism…ymmv…

    Mister Roboto

    Haven’t read all of today’s comments yet, so somebody might have said this already but…where the Sam Hill in the USA is this scary Delta Variant actually surging? Wisconsin? Nope. Michigan? Nope. Minnesota? Nope. New York state? Nope. Pennsylvania? Nope. New Jersey? Nope. Florida? Nope. Texas? Nope. Illinois? Nope. Sorry, don’t feel like looking up anymore states. I may be a little more suggestible and compliant than I probably should be, but I’m not stupid.

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