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    Vincent van Gogh The good Samaritan (after Delacroix) 1890   • Trump Calls For Supreme Court To Intervene Before Sentencing (MN) • Dershowitz: Tr
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    “Not only Scott Ritter was pulled off that plane to St Petersburg, so was Judge Nap(olitano).”

    That’s a hard no. The judge says so himself,

    Dr D Rich

    Kevin O’Leary wears a red wristband(ed) watch.
    That’s interesting.
    And prominently displayed.
    So it’s important to Kevin who thinks of himself as an important man.
    Does Elongated Musk wear red tubular cloth around his wrist?

    Acquisitive Projective Identification IS taking credit for other people’s achievements. 

    And the Mark of the Beast.

    Whereas ex-convict is conflated with Judge.

    There’s no affront to the Freedom of Speech removing Ritter or Nap (LOL) from a plane to Russia. It qualifies as a welcome respite from word salad, pressured speech and loosening of associations.

    Is it already debunked that “not only Scott Ritter was pulled off that plane to St Petersburg, so was Judge Nap(olitano)”?

    Say it isn’t so, Joe!
    Clay feet
    Hat-tip to another Joe, The Yankee Clipper
    Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you
    Woo woo woo

    a kullervo

    Tucker Carlson in sheepdog mode.

    Tucker Carlson on Meeting Klaus Schwab & What Motivates the Ruling Class

    “He’s like an elderly idiot who seems a little senile, doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about…The closer you get, the more you realize the people running things are mediocre. Like buffoons.”

    No, Mr. Carlson: the puppets under the limelight are buffoons – the puppet masters know what they’re doing (out of sight, out of mind.)


    Republican Scorched Earth Policy! Is this going to be like what the Russians did ahead of Napoleon’s Grand Army in 1812? Or is it going to be: “I’ll teach you Democrats a lesson. I’ll mow your lawn!”


    I’m always hearing that half the population will buy anything. Yes I see people wearing masks in June and conclude that too many people still watch the CBC. But that’s only 1% – 2%. Now is “half” it 50% exactly? How many insane actions will it take to drop to 49%? Seriously, this sounds as scientific as Climate Science.

    Who cares if it’s half when the other half – with guns – continue to endure lockdowns, mandates and an illegal immigrant invasion? Might as well be 100%. Until the day the system breaks and everyone’s credit rating stops covering it up. Then you can forget 50%. If they ruin the currency and can’t even bribe their government workers then they won’t even get 5% support.

    Why would anyone support chaos? Even the Baby Boomers aren’t that dumb.


    Tucker Carlson made the best point we need to remember: They don’t create anything.

    They got rich and powerful by gaming the system. Being the most corrupt in a corrupt system. In their fantasies, they talk about building back better( like they talk about Ukraine winning) but they are not competent enough to do anything.

    Their talent is in wrecking things, which is what they’ll do. But we all consented to this destruction of western society. We’ve been going along with it, selling out the future with endless debt, my entire life. Being irresponsible we’ll blame it all on these idiot Globalists. However this ship was always going to sink.

    They are not omnipotent Gods. And we are not innocent victims.


    Not only Scott Ritter was pulled off that plane to St Petersburg, so was Judge Nap(olitano).”

    That’s a hard no. The judge says so himself,

    That clip is 13 days old. It has no bearing on what happened to either Ritter or Nap in the past two days.


    beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    “So I think that what you’re going to see here is what I call an ugly russian victory.” – Mearsheimer

    “Americans should pray it never actually has to defend the United States.” – Vine/Arriola

    murder a few more children so there can be a beautiful and profitable victory?

    People say I’m crazy
    I got diamonds on the soles of my shoes, yeah
    Well, that’s one way to lose these walking blues
    Diamonds on the soles of our shoes – Simon/Shabalala


    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Edition®

    Check out the Duran yesterday with Dr. Neema Parvini .

    It was nominally about Ukturdistan elections but the principles talked about mapped perfectly on to Duh’merica and it’s Tweedle Dumb & Tweedle Dumber “political system” i.e. Control Grid.

    Jolly well done


    Pronouns: he/haw


    Just Some Randomer

    Ritter/Napolitano on the illegal seizing of Ritter’s passport:


    Also another Beacon of Sanity

    Crossing red lines w/ Jeffrey Sachs

    The Nuclear Precipice

    Most Duh’mericans don’t know what a ‘precipice’ is.

    They vaguely think it’s something used in baking like Allspice.

    Yeh, a ‘precipice’ does involve a lot of domestic heat…….




    Triple Crown for the Duran the past few days

    NATO Escalation & Propaganda – Glenn Greenwald, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen.

    Dr D Rich

    Some in fact were and still are called ‘Hooversville’……HooverSville Pa.

    The jerks at Zerohedge really couldn’t give a damn about the White Folk who survived and thrived in Hooversville’s suburb, Baker-Whitely or survive in the modern incarnation, Biden’sville(s) appropriately named after a monumental prick, sophicate from Levittown.,_Pennsylvania

    Legend has it Hooversville Pa was named after The J. Edgar type not the Herbert iteration.


    EoinW – “Even the Baby Boomers aren’t that dumb.”
    you are most gracious kind sir!

    “And we are not innocent victims.” – EoinW
    “We are all just prisoners here
    Of our own device” – Eagles

    Dr. D

    “Democrats Vow to Arrest as Many Political Opponents as It Takes to Defeat Fascism” — BBee

    “BMW Admits Not Changing Logo To LGBTQ Colours In Middle East Due To “Cultural Aspects”

    I want that. I want you to just sell cars and not be social and political, and frankly communist, where all actions are political, in service of the Party and the Glorious (Eternal) Revolution. How do I get that? You tell me I have to burn you down and never buy your products again? Wow, Done!

    “Farage: “I Do Know One Thing, A Woman Can’t Have A Penis”
    Renegade politician vows to be “a bloody nuisance” to the political establishment…

    Wow, be still my heart. A politician who will be slightly less insane on entirely irrelevant issues than all the others, yet still be totally pro Prison Planet Panopticon and ProWar. Pass. Rather have incompetent tyrants than competent ones.

    “German Lawmaker Urges Activation Of 900,000 Reservists Over Russian Threat To Europe
    “Putin is training his people for war & positioning them against the West.”

    Speaking of pure insanity. Putin is training HIS army inside HIS country?? My God, nothing is more inflammatory than that! Next he’ll be doing Russian Army exercises….IN RUSSIA! Where will it end??? (They literally did this in 2020 to this very same rhetoric)

    Um…Ukraine is the “West” now, you say? Positioning them against “The West”, or did you mean also INSIDE RUSSIA, but near Finland? You ma’am, are bat s—t insane.

    Okay, let’s follow, Germany could use a brush-up in the Army, activate them. Go ahead. You DO know they are all bakers, linemen, truck drivers, etc? And all THOSE jobs will stop inside Germany when you remove them further destroying your collapsed economy? Central Planners: Not Even Once. The one thing we learn from Ukraine is “Everybody dies”. …In 1932. Too soon?

    “Lest We Forget The Tiananmen Square Massacre On This Day In 1989

    Pictures of “tank man” all ‘round. “Tank Guy” who wasn’t killed because iirc, the driver got out, talked to him, then went around and everyone went home safely. Some revolution. Ah, the Anglo West. “If they said it, it’s a lie.” But this is the old-school COMPETENT lie. They didn’t SAY anything happened, they just let you assume it did via context.

    “Massachusetts Regulator Probes ‘Roaring Kitty’s’ GameStop Trades Around Pumps 

    YOU are not allowed to make money. That is only allowed for our friends. Your stocks are in the market to LOSE money. Example: in the GOld bull run, biggest in 50 years, if you Bought NY and sold the close, you would have lost 70% of your money, in a 500% up bull market. …But Armstrong says there are no rigged markets or nothin’. And that wouldn’t be “Capitalism”!

    “Power of the Press” — Biggest letdown in movie history, Bourne Identity when they CALL A REPORTER and fax them the leak and news. YGBFKM. Wow, then NOTHING happened. The reporter didn’t write the story, the editor didn’t print it, the owner didn’t approve it, and like the 8 NYC Policemen that saw Weiner’s “Insurance Files” about Hillary, they all committed suicide in then next 6 hours. All your beating up Euro-cops and dodging the CIA for 2 hours for nothing.

    WE are the press. That’s why you don’t need a licensed, government-issued Press card. …Same as for guns.

    Special Council: Geez it’s about time. You let them roam all over for years on this? Arrest him. Like if I impersonate a policeman and start kidnapping arresting young women in my “Jail” then is that maybe a bad thing?

    Suppose a policeman pretends to be an FBI guy or maybe a pilot, borrows a B2 bomber, decides he’s a diplomat to China, same thing? No? No bells here?

    “• Trump Calls For Supreme Court To Intervene Before Sentencing (MN)

    You can tell they won’t because they have this coordinated down to the day. The PLAN. Sentencing is a day before the Nomination so the GOP can’t do anything. …Or do anything that isn’t pre PLANNED.

    British expert pointed out a basic fact: All governments are ALWAYS an organized minority running over and ruling a disorganized majority. So PLANNING, coordination. Minions. So since we play the part of the herd, how do you get us up to speed in being in an ungovernable mood?

    “.the Supreme Court has an obligation to review the case before the election so that the American public has resolution..”

    If so, it would be nearly the greatest shock of my lifetime AND the remaining lunatics would just call the Court partisan and that they should abolish it. Also Them: We must obey everything the courts says on Roe V Wade, but NOT Dobbs, Everything about Exxon and “Corporations are People” but “Fight da Man!”.

    So even IF the USSC did this, it wouldn’t be a win. They also already did NOT do this after the election, nor with Texas, in cases that are CLEARLY, Unequivocally Constitutional. Texas had all her rights removed concerning the election with the actions of other states. That could not BE more Constitutional – didn’t care. Bored already, take you and your case and pound sand right up the Republic’s cloaca.

    “Spurred by the volcanic temper of their base, Republicans are now preparing to scorch the earth in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s conviction, potentially setting off a chain reaction that could fundamentally alter the American political system entirely. No one knows exactly how far they will go in their response.

    Will it be more than the zero of all 40 years since Gingrich in ‘94, all the zero since 2015? More than the #Opposite of all law, American, and Conservative values since 2000? Show me.

    ““I don’t want to hear elected Republicans complaining. I don’t need to see their tweets and statements condemning the verdict. The only thing I want to hear from these people is which Democrats they will have arrested. Don’t tell us that you’re sad about the verdict. We don’t give a shit about your feelings.”

    “• The Fake Conviction (Newt Gingrich)

    Speaking of the-man-who-never-dun-nothin’. Still out doing more nothing today! Now here’s the problem: like a skin suit, he’s taking the place of an ACTUAL Republican who could be taking that chair, raising that money, cruising the talk circuit and DOING SOMETHING. Like Gaetz and MTG, who BARELY does anything now except make quotable comments on TV. Yeah, so does “Law and Order” also a fake drama.

    Year 24: I can see 100,000 felonies committed, via the biased news, from under this bridge, without a subpoena. Nothin’? Really? Well I’ll expect another dump truck of mo’ nothin’ shortly.

    “• Joe Biden’s Health Is About To Be Put To A Severe Test (Sadygzade)

    Aaaaaand on the fake staged drama of taking out the OTHER candidate.

    I did not know and I have to check, but should the election go to Congress, they can elect ANYONE President. Kamala, Hillary, Oprah, Taylor Swift, Kim Jong, Putin (okay not those last two) ANYONE. I mean, clearly they already have, we have Joe and “W”, but just sayin’. Again, what’s the TIMING? Comedic timing. Ohio already has to pre-nominate the nominee before he’s nominated so he’ll be nominated. WHICH DOESN’T MATTER. Not only did California prove that the DNC is a “Big Club” and has no legal requirement to uphold the candidate that wins and you voted for (Bernie) but that at the Convention, they to can nominate ANYONE. Bill Barr, Bill Burr, Wild Bill Hickock, anyone. Grusome Newsome, Michele, whatever – they don’t run the country anyway, what’s the dif?

    Anyway, that’s why the timing of the Biden nomination and why it had to be so late. So they can “Select” not “Elect” and no actual morons who think we’re in an actual election go around signing names like RFK tried to do. Or Bernie. Or Stein. Or Nader. “If voted changed anything it’d be illegal.”

    “I’ve come here today to do what Republicans in Congress refuse to do, secure the border.”

    Pretty sure this is all staged, scripted, show?

    “Not only Scott Ritter was pulled off that plane to St Petersburg, so was Judge Nap(olitano).”

    I was also alarmed by the round up and pulling of passports (Rich demanded this, but now that it’s happened is still not satisfied. Like Lira, it means nothing. Lira is still a protected plant, after he was killed, and Ritter is still protected even as he’s illegally and summarily removed).

    Here’s the thing though: IF Russia is about to scare the s—t out of us, like this week, and the new “Let’s bomb every city in Russia with long-range missiles and add F16s” make that likely – and remember we need WWIII and the market to crash, the currency fail under BIDEN – well then the White Hats also wouldn’t want their media heads trapped there, would they? It could be a favor for the Judge, etc. Why assume you know? You don’t.

    Ritter is now property of the King. He cannot leave the manor, as his Passe’ Port serfdom papers have been revoked and he can’t even go to Tijuana or the Caymans. You know, like all free men. He can’t LEAVE the country, therefore renounce his citizenship and become, Columbian or Turkish. Like Lira. If he’s a PITA, then LET HIM LEAVE. Bon Voyage, good riddance, right? Not under fascists like Kiev and Biden. They also pulled Snowden’s passport, that’s WHY he’s in Russia, a transit country, and lived there for years with no passport at all, not knowing the language and having no work visa. Good work.

    Just trying to get you to think more about the variety of implications. Especially the TIMING. Trump sentencing, Biden removal, the market needs to crash, and Russia is breaking through Kiev, all SAME WEEK. Funny ol’ world. But I am a Coincidence Theorist…

    “most people fully understand that Ukraine is doomed. The only interesting question at this point in time is how much territory are they going to lose”

    Oh wait: he doesn’t mean when they illegally overthrew their elected democracy and sold 9/10ths of the country and a million men to BlackRock? That’s way, way more territory lost and far more doomed than anything Russia is doing. Ohhhhhh. Right. Reality starts February 2022 and nothing ever happened before then. Like Covid!

    “• NATO Preparing Troop Plans For Potential Russia Conflict – Telegraph (RT)

    It is fun to watch their fantasies and “let’s pretend” in real time.

    “• Punish Hungary To Ensure EU’s Future – Bloc Presidency Holder Belgium (RT)

    Yes, but isn’t Belgium themselves look like they’ll leave the EU…and the HQ is there? And they’re going to win Europe by … punishing, fining, and removing members? Bold plan: hope it works.

    “• People are Not Reading Your Stuff: Publisher Drops Truth Bomb at WaPo (Turley)

    Because they have the Woke Mind Virus, a religion, they cannot be converted even as the paper that writes their paycheck has no paycheck to write. That’s the difference under capitalism: there’s an “Or else”. “Or else what?” Or else I won’t read your paper and you won’t have any money to keep going with it and doing your dumb stuff. Only GOVERNMENT can keep these losing enterprises, the FANGS and banking, car companies going when they lose money year after year, with ever-increasing bonuses.

    Tesla: speaking of losing, government companies. Also anyone else feel like Nvidia is a scam, at minimum a pump-and-dump where it’s in the headlines because “Dumping”? Nortel 1999.

    “It is a fact that a national security document was used for political purposes,” government spokesman”

    It was in fact, letting the People know what was really going on. How dare he let Pakistan decide for themselves? Goes to show “They have 8 ways to Sunday to get you” – Sen Schumer on the domestic spy agencies. “Get You” is interfering in domestic politics and policies and is expressly forbidden not just for the CIA but FBI and every other agency too. No one blinked. Toppling our democracy, “Democracy’s on the Ballot” in 2024.

    “.The closer you get, the more you realize the people running things are mediocre. Like buffoons.”

    No, if you’re running things, you don’t WANT smart people. You want policemen who are notoriously sub IQ. It’s only in an emergency you send in someone with talent that is actually valuable as a hit man and fixer that then disappears again. But these are middle managers, the body-shield. If there is a smart man among them, they’d be fired. Jeff Sachs is now on that train: after years of being a credible and useful moron, he’s now seen that – gasp – people have been LYING to him. Oh noes! It took him a year ON THE COMMITTEE for Covid (he’s everywhere, and why? BECAUSE he believes everything like a child) to realize Dazsik, Fauci, (yes, also on the committee) were LYING to him. Or really, the LEVEL to which they are lying, the Big Lie.

    Now he’s become persona non grata. Up til then he was their bestest friend. That tells you WHO is pulling his strings is fully aware of when he’s useful and when he goes ‘round the bend into intelligent. And you have to sympathize: where on earth do you find guys intelligent enough to be competent (not Blinken) yet too stupid to catch on this is a mass-murder robbery-treason, like ‘Nam? There are very, very few people that dumb, but they groom them in Harvard. Trained form birth to be very, very busy and believe anything they’re told (or they fail) – literally anything. The Maldives are under water don’t you know, along with all the polar bears. Luckily China is the world’s greenest country and stopping all that. You can fight wars with no food, no oil, no men, and no tanks. Stuff like that.

    Speaking of “No one blinked” Dazsik (or someone) wrote how they would commit all those felonies to make money IN AN EMAIL, then how smart they were because they hid all the emails IN AN EMAIL. No one blinked because…apparently that’s not a felony that leads to the bodies buried of 140 other felonies….that are the bodies of 20M dead people worldwide? No? Nope, guess not! Not when it’s Republicans asking! Media reported it, Public didn’t blink either. See their problem: they need guys intellegent enough to create bio-murder, and run expansive bureaucracies, but still smart enough to know what an “Email” and a “Felony” are and not write it down with CC all the names. They’re not, but thankfully Congress is on the case and doesn’t know either.

    Tree Frog

    a kullervo – Per Carlson – To me also, western leaders seem both deeply stupid and deeply ignorant. You appear to consider them tools of puppet masters – which i think they are. But what does it imply per the puppet masters?

    One has to go back to quite away to find western leaders free of stupidity and ignorance, e.g., JFK, RFK, MLK. They, of course, they were murdered by stupid, ignorant people who, consequently, came to dominate in the west from the mid-century on. It starts with Truman over Wallace at the 1944 Democrat Convention.

    So here we are.


    Like most ReThuglicans in the Uni=party Newt Gingrich is a mouthy little Pussy.

    ReThuglicans role in the Uni-party charade is Righteous Indignation over Sacred Principles = RIOSP

    As one of the black brothers working construction with me used to say, “Founding Father Shit”

    Yes they a good at that.

    So Newt the Salamander, in the subfamily Pleurodelinae, has wisdom to impart on all things lofty.

    With that and 50¢ Newt can ride the trolley.

    Newt is a Bloviating Gas Bag. BGB

    A do-nothing, know nothing

    Newt Out Gassing

    Step back!



    NATO Member Turkiye Would Like to Join BRICS


    Erdoğan showed what a limp wristed nothing-burger he was but allowing Iran to take the leadership position in the Muslim world on Gaza.

    You seriously think Erdoğan will be allowed to join BRICS????

    He will be Bitch-Slapped© senseless by the Collective West like a beta harem slut.

    Can’t even fill Ataturks shoes, how he going to kick the Collective West in the Nads?



    Tools to challenge the power of the establishment.
    Read TAE to see HOW their Embodiment/Display of HATE/FEAR/IGNORANCE/CHANGE has been used to manipulate society


    In the Trump case, the underlying crime that was alleged was seeking to interfere in the 2016 election by using non-disclosure agreements to prevent unfavorable media coverage about an alleged affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels that the former president has denied.


    In the Trump case, the underlying crime that was alleged was seeking to interfere in the 2016 election by using non-disclosure agreements to prevent unfavorable media coverage about an alleged affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels that adult film actress Stormy Daniels has denied.

    That would seem to be the more relevant thing to report in a news article.

    So…. gripping my head here with a massive stupidity headache… so… if you pay someone to not lie about you, and their refraining from lying about you omits harm to your election attempts….

    …then that’s 34 Felony Election Promotions?


    ” But these are middle managers, the body-shield. If there is a smart man among them, they’d be fired.”
    “where on earth do you find guys intelligent enough to be competent (not Blinken) yet too stupid to catch on this is a mass-murder robbery-treason,
    offer them another week off with pay, a corner office with their name on the door, and a reserved parking space? make them a Manager! cultivate capricious indifference as the path to success!

    “wrote how they would commit all those felonies to make money ”
    of course, everyone knows corporate duty is only directed toward value for the shareholders, Bhopal em.
    i do not personally know anyone who graduated Harvard, yet i have known contractors and developers in the residential construction industry who, as Lowell George sang, were “Willin”

    (note of disclosure: i do know one who graduated Brown and one who graduated Princeton)


    Biden’s executive order on the border merely streamlined the process to make it easier and faster to cross the border!
    Expect even more people than before!

    They are protecting Hunter Biden as expected.
    Would be nice if Hunter could be tried twice for the same crime.

    SCOTUS has already ruled that Trump has to appeal in NY State courts, first.
    So why the hype about appealing directly to SCOTUS?
    So a desired political result remains cloaked in legal legitimacy!
    The courts are being used accomplish a political outcome.

    Republicans are saying they are 100% behind Trump.
    Meanwhile they are busy planning to dump Trump at the RNC nomination convention!

    Well maybe the Democrats are busy planning to dump Biden at their DNC convention too!

    So the November 2024 election will feature 2 pre-selected choices!
    The 100% perfect election!


    Newt – Contract on America – Gingrich. knew things were bad when they dredged up Kissinger, now Newt. Must be worse than imagined.

    “can I have some of those purple berries?” – CS&N



    Lol. Brown and Princeton! You are tainted!

    PS: I have a nurse niece who took an ethics course at Harvard! An oxymoron!
    God help you if you fall ill at her hospital because she will recommend MAIDs!


    The Apartment Construction Boom Ends, Major Economic Impact Ahead

    Interest rates are too high for many projects to start. Some started projects are in trouble. Let’s discuss the ramifications

    so… apartments are renting at unaffordable rates. Houses are 100% unaffordable anywhere.

    ALSO if you don’t have anything but ridiculously low interest rates as opposed to just low interest rates or normal, regular interest rates, then it makes no sense to build more housing.

    I’m thinking there’s some Ayn Rand quote I could find with sufficient searching that would go like: “When demand and supply no longer meet on a graph of what is happening to you, know that your society is run by cartels and monopolies unconcerned for profits – unconcerned for providing value in exchange for value – and your society is doomed”

    Really? THIS is when you STOP building new housing? I was just looking at places to rent last night and it is really bad out there.

    Don’t we need to build a couple new Chicagos every year just based on unlimited undocumented immigration?

    I’ve heard “there was no demand for it, so we stopped it” but “There was near unlimited demand for it, so we stopped it” is a little weird.

    Also our modern construction is crappy. As close to a rip off and not-housing as it can be made. Using as much underpaid illegal labor as possible.

    But with all that, if the interest rates are anything but RIDICULOUSLY low, just can’t see how it is worth it to house human beings. Damn you, Capitalism!


    So the November 2024 election will feature 2 pre-selected choices!
    The 100% perfect election!

    Don’t forget to count the ballots.


    “I don’t care who does the electing, as long as I get to do the nominating.” ~ Boss Tweed


    so… apartments are renting at unaffordable rates.
    Houses are 100% unaffordable anywhere.

    We need new kinds of cheaper housing
    or less people,
    or less demand
    so that supply is greater than demand and price becomes affordable.


    Unlimited undocumented immigration, banks buying up housing on 0% interest, every level of government subsidizing the unlimited undocumented immigration to be “welcoming”

    Working poor cannot compete with a printing press.


    Wes should you ever need something described mathematically the Princeton man is the One. The finest human being i have ever known.

    D Benton Smith

    Labels can be (and too often are) a stop sign for thinking. Further reasoning or thought becomes literally impossible when there is a refusal to make new distinctions between the data or things (or people!) that are contained within the “data set” which the label describes. The inaction of making no distinction between different things is, very very literally, the complete cessation of rational thought altogether. The consequences can be, and all too often are, dire.

    It’s fine, harmless and useful to put names to things so that subjects can be referenced in conversation and other ways of communicating. But to mistake that name or label (Jew, for example, or American, or Russian) for the actual thing or things or people that it names is a grave grave error, and leads to death, and sometimes worse.

    Committing that serious error, or encouraging others to do so, is just about the dumbest thing you could do, because not only does it cause you and others to make really stupid (and evil) mistakes, it also makes you dumber, so that the mistakes are made more often.


    a kullervo said

    No, Mr. Carlson: the puppets under the limelight are buffoons – the puppet masters know what they’re doing (out of sight, out of mind.)

    Anal Schwab is a pawn, the people calling the shots have hundreds of the best brains hand picked from the best universities to help them work out the best things to do. Do you really think that the oligarchs do not know what their money can buy? Look at Rothchilds bank, the people employed start on over one million pounds, they are all the best of the best and they make the owners the returns that they want.


    EoinW said

    They got rich and powerful by gaming the system. Being the most corrupt in a corrupt system. In their fantasies, they talk about building back better( like they talk about Ukraine winning) but they are not competent enough to do anything.

    I think you will find that the top oligarchs are all, absolutely all, trust fund kids. Their families have been handing down cash for a few generations by now, they have no idea how their fortunes were created.

    Sure, they do not create anything, they could never create anything, their business interests are run by a private company that employs managers etc who recruit people who ensure that their cash grows and that they don’t miss the next big opportunity. They get reports and someone explains those reports to them, whether they understand the reports is anyone’s guess.

    Fuck, even Rupert Murdoch, the 90 year old fossil, is a trust fund kid, he didn’t create anything, his daddy did it all.


    Kevin O’Leary – an epitome of a D-bag living large.
    When in hotel, for me the “Shark tank” would be the choice when the TV is on. People with even the most lame invention were more lively to me than “panel” of moneyed assholes who were making the process as a soft version of “longest dance contest” during the Depression era, being forced to go through insulting loops in order to promote the product.


    in the event Senator Kennedy’s eight million number is accurate that represents 0.023% (8/350) of the population of the United States. I guess that is meaningful when one considers we are governed by 0.1% of the population as the Occupy Wall Street movement claimed.

    the ones who don’t buy the climate crisis buy the immigration crisis and the antithesis applies
    “there are lies, damned lies and statistics” Clemmons

    the immigration is fueling a large growth in personal debt. Find a yard with four brand new pickup trucks and you have very likely found a home occupied by immigrants. The spice must flow. At least someone is working. As the housing industry goes into decline the delinquency rate in the automotive market will increase with the mirrored trajectory of the housing decline. One of my favorite short novels is Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me. Mucho Maas and the paregoric Pall Malls was fun to read. Describing my life using the name of a novel no one had read was always fun. C’mon man, join the fun.

    D Benton Smith


    Do you really think that the oligarchs do not know what their money can buy? Look at Rothchilds bank, the people employed start on over one million pounds, they are all the best of the best and they make the owners the returns that they want.”

    No, Mr Aspnaz, the oligarchs did not get the very best. They got the very worst, and it’s showing. How’s Israel, Ukraine, The US dollar, WEF and the Democrat Party doing right now? [Hint: they should, but won’t/can’t get out while the gettin’ is still good.]


    “At least someone is working.”

    The particular “someones” working is exactly the point — Tax-free AND undercutting the working poor, driving down their wages.

    WHILE ALSO competing with the working poor for housing, education, medical care, food, etc with government subsidies

    Working poor competing with people subsidized by the taxes they pay, the debt they are put on the hook for, and the money printer

    we’re so glad “someone” is working, but that someone we are glad about is never the working poor. Always someone else.

    D Benton Smith

    Boy, do those bastards want war. They want it so bad, and are yammering for it so fervently that people are starting to notice. I mean, how crazy is it to hype the risk of global nuclear war to this fever pitch, and then double-down the tough talk when challenged by pretty much anyone? A war in which they themselves would, for certain, be reduced to profound poverty, dead meat or worse.

    The more that slightly (at least) saner people look at these powerful Hell mongers askance, then the louder the Hell mongers scream and the crazier they are seen to be.

    They have already fled from all of those places where it has already become too physically dangerous to reside (No Democrats, Hedge Fund Managers or Main Stream Media Hosts moving to Moscow, Bejing, Iran or Israel any time soon I think.)

    As they retreat (or are uncermoniously thrown out) from these places where they will never be allowed to return they grow smaller, weaker and louder. And the gaps the absolutely enormous gaps they leave behind their departure are being filled by people who will never trust them again. The ridiculous lies and threats grow more grotesque and more absurdly impossible to actually DO, as their capacity to actually deliver any of the big promises grows smaller and smaller and smaller.

    Robot overlords under every bed? Storm Troopers kicking down every door? All the boys turned into girls? Another jab in every arm? How about beating the combined forces of Russia and China in a land war anywhere? Get real.

    The dollar is aboard the Titan submersible on it’s way to meet Davy Jones, the Police can’t arrest shoplifters drug addicts or wetbacks, and practically NOBODY is gonna let themselves or their kids get vaxxed for ANYTHING after what happened last time (no matter how much they are forced to pretend otherwise to anyone they don’t trust with their lives. QUIET disobedience.). Transgenders? How big of a medical Chop Shop would it take to do that to a BILLION children (and that number is growing constantly at a rate of over 1,600 per HOUR of new arrivals).

    The ensuing chaos is already going hocky stick, and as chaos grows things break. As things break the capability of doing any of those grandiose crimes against humanity gets smaller at a compoundingly exponential rate and so on until the whole Satanic apparatus just goes “clank!” and isn’t capable of doing any gawd damned thing at all.

    You already see it. Disengage with them. They’ll be finished removing themselves (one way or another) real soon now. Let them. Warn them first, of course, because they are us (under somewhat more morally challenging circumstances), and save those that you can. But let the rest of ’em just get on with it, because that’s what they’re gonna do anyway. Just don’t join them.

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