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    TAE Summary

    American Culture
    German view of American Culture from the 1930’s


    The Houthis hit the carrier Eisenhower and the Capt posted a picture which was over a year old showing the undamaged deck and said the photo was current and there was no damage


    War Whores lying to Duh’merica’s face.

    Eisenhower Capt has a very, very long nose

    The Goat herders kicked Uncle Sam in the balls

    John Day

    @DBS: Fair assessment. I’m working on it. All of us need to work on it. Critical juncture, this year.

    : Lots of fine, insights recently. Thank You.
    @Excavator-Chick: You just dressed like that to throw us off. You relished this moment.
    You’re a ballerina with that shovel, or maybe Houdini, or a contortionist. I like you a lot..


    This video is rather more revealing (unless it gets censored as my previous comments have been):

    [video src="" /]

    also more of the story of what has happened to the USS (CVN-69) Eisenhower battle group:

    Do they really think they can keep this covered up? How many sailors did they lose? Almost has to be over 10,000. What a waste!


    City of Vovchansk near Kharkov

    Ukronazis always leave a trail of tears and destruction where ever their Satanic slime trail takes them.


    How arguments with neighbors are solved in Duh’ Florida

    Gee Willikers Batman, is this how the Empire of Lies rolls nowadays?

    Dr D Rich

    Was the Eisenhower hit?

    We’re gonna have it rely on Nap and Ritter?
    Right Dr Deeee?

    Dr D Rich

    it equals to

    D Benton Smith

    I just had an ancillary thought about how elite criminals (any criminal really) respond to the (INEVITABLE) consequences of the blowback to their crime(s). It is all based on two fundamentals, which are that they know it is a crime for which there will be consequences, and that they want to avoid those consequences for as long as possibly possible.

    First they simply hide it (the simplest lie of all).
    As that stops working they shift to lying about it (this gets more and more complicated)
    Then they ignore the complaints that start piling up.
    When too many victims are complaining they try to silence them with censorship.
    When that stops working they try to silence complaints by threats.
    This is followed by violence and terrorism
    Then comes outright murder, attempted murder and genocide.
    If the victims are still coming on strong the threat of violence grows to include complete annihilation of EVERYONE (perhaps even including themselves.)
    Finally they try to flee with as much stolen property as they can, change their identities, and start the scam somewhere else under a new name.

    This analysis could use some expansion and refinement (there are, for example more steps and stages to it) but the basic outline is at least there.


    The Eisenhower strike group has already expended more than 500 munitions during its deployment.

    Houthi Revenge: Missile Attack On US Aircraft Carrier – 2nd In 24 Hours After Airstrike On Yemen

    Hindustan Times
    6.86M subscribers

    182,069 views Jun 2, 2024 #hamasnews #israelattack #israelvshamas
    Houthis have claimed to target U.S. aircraft carrier Eisenhower for the second time in 24 hours in the Red Sea. The Yemeni rebels claimed they attacked the U.S. carrier with missiles and drones. Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Saree also said that the militant group also targeted a U.S. destroyer. U.S. Centcom later said that its destroyer Gravely was targeted by the Houthis. Watch this video for more information.

    Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro, meanwhile, disclosed in April that the Navy had fired nearly $1 billion worth of munitions battling the Houthis over the previous six months. The figure has only gone up in the weeks since, with attacks and interceptions continuing on a routine basis, underscoring the growing financial cost of the American naval presence in this ongoing conflict.

    Dr D Rich

    New York Post courtesy of:

      Petrified Columbia University students who have felt “harassed and intimidated” by anti-Israel protests which have gripped their college and disrupted learning for months will be provided safety escorts on campus.

      The move is part of a settlement in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Manhattan federal court, where the Ivy League school will now offer “walking escorts” across campus and appoint a “safe passage liaison” to address any students concerns over protests.

    Like a broken record, minute by minute and day after day the deliberations, postulates, theorizing and divergent parallelism of Dr D DBS are debunked by the very people those 2 defend and those people’s exercise of power, er ah, access to Justice.
    Justice it is!!

    This very same thing “happened” (no one did it) at naval hospital Bremerton early to late aughts.
    Except the harassment against female physicians and other female staff was carried out not by some ordinary miscreants but rather a crew operating under Command Authority…the security department entirely manned by Enlisted personnel.
    The Commanding Officers, that’s right 3 COs, took the “side” of their enlisted Buoys, dainty fragile psyches one and all, but the support didn’t quell their misconduct. The tacit approval only emboldened them further. These enlisted shits operating under the wide latitude theory imparted to Skippers during the Global War on a Feeling ((Terror))) escalated their misconduct to videotaping a Senior Chief’s wife and daughter during medical appointments at the hospital, physically isolating other women, assaulting and writing citations for imaginary transgressions.
    One female physician fought back and knocked one shit to the floor only find herself standing before The Man at Captain’s mast. In this context the aggrieved Senior Chief of the videotaped family and a half dozen other aggrieved employees brought their cases to the only person they trusted with their lives, well being and justice.
    The Navy, Risk Management, Two Congressmen and The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospital Organizations all did the same thing.
    Nothing….well, something as in undermined the victims, isolated the Captain those victims trusted and maximally emboldened Those Enlisted Security Guards to operate unchecked.

    It’s still covered up, but Scott “Clay-Feet: Ritter is still an ex-convict


    “That clip is 13 days old. It has no bearing on what happened to either Ritter or Nap in the past two days.”

    Wow! That’s interesting, I watched the show the yesterday and copied the url from my history and pasted it in haste on my way out to work. Hit send and left.
    Trying again:


    Oroboros said

    How arguments with neighbors are solved in Duh’ Florida

    They do the same in Israel, the difference is that the Jews shoot the Palestinian but then take his house and possessions as their own; as the Jews are the beneficiaries, the government supports such actions. And all the Duh’mericans cheered for the Jew.


    Dr D Rich said

    Petrified Columbia University students who have felt “harassed and intimidated” by anti-Israel protests which have gripped their college and disrupted learning for months will be provided safety escorts on campus.

    Still no moral outrage from the immaginary “non-Zionist Jews”, that rare breed yet to been seen in the wild. The bullshit from Dr D and Benton the Jews that not ALL Jews are complicit is wearing very thin. The evidence – and they both mouth off about science etc – is that the Jews in America support the genocide being committed by their tribe members in Israel.

    Still waiting for the moral outrage in the USA, still hearing the Hungarians, but not hearing any moral outrage from the USA Jews …. Dr D’s excuse is that they are all in shock. Such a lame excuse is very nearly an insult, except I know it is really the desperation of clutching at straws.

    John Day

    Ram posted a video talking about the Veterans Today article and here is the Veterans Today article about the Eisenhower multiply stricken.

    Hi Russia. Yes, two can play that game, as you point out..


    Outstanding. Thank you for articulating that.


    Duh’merica is beyond redemption on so many levels it’s hard to keep track of them.

    Here’s the latest depravity from Oregon.

    And a fucking cop trying to finesse the situation with Woketurdism no less.


    holy poop fratman. yall busy tonight. that was tbs #160514. thx 1022x


    Premeditated murder. Good thing they don’t use Old Sparky anymore.


    Can’t wait for the Houthis to get Kinzhals

    Twilight’s Last Gleaming

    by John Michael Greer

    “A chilling high-concept geo-political thriller where a declining United States and a resurgent China Russia come to the brink of all out nuclear war. The year is 2025…

    Spoiler alert: the Empire of Lies Military Mafia loses a nuclear carrier…

    The Houthis would undoubtedly have Russia “advisors” but as soon as Russia gives the Kinzhals to the Houthis they become:

    Ta-Da: Houthis Kinzhals

    Like Magic!

    In the Age of Hypersonic Missiles, aircraft carriers are like battleships at the end of WWII

    Big, stupid, obscenely expensive targets…….sitting ducks…..fuck-a-ducks…..

    The U.S.S. Independence on the day it died in an a-bomb test


    I confident a 10,000 lb Kinzhal (Dagger) decending at 3,000 mph straight down on the deck of the Eisenhower would look about the same.

    All gone!


    Just look closely at the sheer contempt Rothchild has for the buttboy king.

    The body language of the finger poke……



    For those who mourn the fatally over-confident Gonzalo Lira.


    Yo. Ilargi. “That clip is 13 days old. It has no bearing on what happened to either Ritter or Nap in the past two days.” I sat on the live stream yesterday. It was about the day before and nothing else. If there is someone there with you, blink twice.


    The Coming Novus Ordo Seclorum – Change We Must; There Is No Choice!
    Alastair Crooke

    Professor Michael Vlahos:

    “The Founders—our “creators”—had imagined more than a nation … They had also drafted the story arc of a divinely heroic journey, centring the U.S. as the culmination (to be) of History. This is America’s sacred narrative. Since its founding, the United States has pursued, with burning religious fervour, a higher calling to redeem humanity, punish the wicked, and christen a golden millennium on earth.

    “While France, Britain, Germany, and Russia stalked the world in search of new colonies and conquests, America has steadfastly hewed to its unique vision of divine mission as “God’s New Israel”.

    “Thus, among all the revolutions unleashed by Modernity, the United States declares itself — in its own scripture — to be the trailblazer and pathfinder of humanity. America is the exceptional nation — the singular, the pure-of-heart, the baptizer, and redeemer of all peoples despised and downtrodden: The “last, best hope of earth”.

    The vanity of the Americans, believing that they were something special. Why do humans go down this route, like the Jews being the “Chosen Ones”, yet Jews still die, they still grow old, they still get sick, yet they believe they are the “Chosen Ones”? How the hell did their parents stick that in their heads and how did they detach being the “Chosen Ones” from the reams of evidence that they are just another deluded group, like the Americans.

    Chosen Ones my arse, they are simply the stupid ones, same as the Americans, unwilling to look at reality and work out that their leaders are manipulating them into doing stuff that is not in their best interests. The sofa people are Special …. in the mentally retarded way.


    5–8 JUNE


    The main thing from Putin’s meeting with the heads of world news agencies within the framework of the SPIEF. Part 1

    – By and large, Russia does not care who will be the president of the United States, Biden or Trump.

    – The head of the Russian Federation called the accusations of Trump espionage for the Russian Federation complete nonsense and nonsense. He noted that the persecution of Trump in the United States “burns” the imaginary leadership of this country among democracies.

    – Putin is confident that after the elections in the United States, their policy towards Russia will not change.

    – The current US authorities are making one mistake after another, not only in international politics, but also in economic politics.

    – Russia has never interfered and does not interfere in the internal politics of the United States, it looks from the sidelines.

    – Putin believes that US policy will change if the future administration catches the shifts in public sentiment.

    – No one in the United States is interested in Ukraine, they are interested in their own greatness and leadership.

    – A change in US policy towards the Russian Federation and Ukraine is possible if the United States thinks about strengthening the country after the elections, and not about hegemony, the head of the Russian Federation said.

    – The North-South route will make it possible to deliver goods 10 days faster than through the Suez Canal.

    – The Russian Federation and Belarus always solve difficulties in relations based on the interests of the peoples.

    – Russia does not threaten anyone, especially the heads of other states, this is bad manners.

    – Putin assured that he did not threaten Scholz on the topic of Germany’s supply of weapons to Ukraine.

    – The tragedy in Ukraine began with a coup d’état, “this is the beginning of the war”, and it is not Russia’s fault.

    – After 2014, Russia made all attempts to resolve the Ukrainian conflict peacefully, the head of the Russian Federation said.

    – Russia has been “led by the nose” with the Minsk agreements for 8 years.

    – The Russian blood spilled in the Donbass is “not water” so that Russia can turn a blind eye to it.

    – The Russian Federation had the right to recognize the independence of the DPR and LPR in accordance with the decisions of the UN court.

    – Russia did not attack Ukraine, but defended itself and had the right to provide assistance to the republics of Donbass.

    – The West controls the weapons supplied to Ukraine, and this is a very dangerous step, Putin stressed.

    – The appearance of German tanks in Ukraine caused a moral and ethical shock in Russian society, which had a good attitude towards Germany.

    – Germany’s supply of new weapons to Ukraine destroys relations between Moscow and Berlin.

    – Germany after World War II was never fully sovereign.

    – The Russian Federation continues to supply gas to Europe through the territory of Ukraine and along other routes.

    – Putin called it illogical that Germany does not want to receive gas from the Russian Federation via Nord Stream, although it receives it through Ukraine and Turkey.

    – Gazprom will survive Germany’s
    refusal to supply gas through the remaining Nord Stream line
    – The French economy is teetering on the brink of recession.

    – The West planned to undermine the Russian economy within 6 months, but now everyone sees that this is not happening.

    – The goal of the Russian Federation’s entry into the top four economies of the world has been achieved.

    – The level of professional training of decision-makers in the West leaves much to be desired.

    – Putin considers it an important task to maintain the pace of development of the Russian economy.

    – The irretrievable losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine are several times less than those of the enemy.

    – There are 1,348 Russians in Ukrainian captivity, 6,465 Ukrainian soldiers in Russian captivity, the head of the Russian Federation said.

    – Ukraine’s irretrievable losses are five times higher than Russia’s.

    – The Armed Forces of Ukraine lose 50 thousand people killed and wounded per month, the ratio is about 50/50.

    – Mobilization in Ukraine is only to make up for losses.

    – The United States insists on lowering the threshold of the age of mobilization in Ukraine to 18 years, this is an “open secret”

    – the Armed Forces of Ukraine mobilize about 30 thousand people a month.

    – The West has several candidates to replace Zelensky.

    – The United States will tolerate Zelensky until the spring of 2025, and then they will change him.

    – At least 30 Russian journalists were killed in the war zone in Ukraine.

    – The Russian Federation does not call for a split in Euro-Atlantic solidarity, but the West itself is making mistake after mistake.

    – Relations between Russia and Iran are developing well.
    Boris Rozhin

    The main thing from Putin’s meeting with the heads of world news agencies within the framework of the SPIEF. Part 2

    – Putin considers it possible to cooperate more closely with Iran in the field of high technology, despite restrictions due to sanctions.

    – Russia is ready to organize work to investigate the death of AFP journalist Arman Solden in Ukraine, although this is difficult to do.

    – Russia and China are conducting and will conduct military exercises, Moscow also has something to offer Beijing in the military-technical sphere.

    – The Russian media in the West are prevented from working everywhere, this does not fit with freedom of speech.

    – Russia will supply gas to Kazakhstan, northern Kazakhstan needs Russian energy.

    – Russia and Kazakhstan do not have a single issue that would complicate relations between the countries.

    – Western advisers and instructors are in Ukraine and suffer losses.

    – The West prefers to hush up its losses in Ukraine

    – the Russian Federation can supply its long-range weapons to regions of the world, from where there will be sensitive strikes on countries supplying weapons to Ukraine.

    – Strikes on the Russian Federation with the participation of Western countries mean their direct war against Russia, Moscow will react

    – the West expects that the sanctions will affect the Russian Federation in the medium term, but Russia is overcoming the problems.

    – Russian manufacturers are not just taking the place of companies that have left the country, but are developing, which the West did not expect.

    – Not in Kyiv, but in the West they decide which targets to strike with long-range weapons, Putin said. The UK or the United States is behind this, depending on whose weapons are used.

    – The Istanbul agreements generally suited both Russia and the Ukrainian side.

    – The President of the Russian Federation called on everyone not to interfere with the possible peace process in Ukraine. Hostilities in Ukraine may stop in 2-3 months, as soon as the United States stops supplying weapons there.

    – The United States must stop supplying Ukraine with weapons, and then the conflict will end in two or three months.

    – Israel’s response to the Hamas attack does not look like a war, but like the total destruction of the population in Gaza.

    – Putin called the situation around Israel and Palestine the result of the actions of the United States, which monopolized policy in this direction.

    – The position of the Russian Federation on Palestine is stable and not subject to conjuncture: the problem must be solved by creating two states.

    – The Russian Federation has recorded several attempts by Ukrainian attacks on the Turkish and Blue Streams.

    – The threat to gas pipelines from the Russian Federation to Turkey is posed by unmanned boats supplied to Kyiv by the West.

    – It is necessary to build relations with the
    Taliban government
    – the Kuril Islands are sovereign Russian territory following the results of World War II, which are not subject to revision.

    – They are constantly trying to accuse Russia of waving a nuclear baton, but this is not the case, Putin said and urged not to bring to the threat of the use of such weapons

    – In the event of threats, the Russian Federation considers it possible to use all the means at its disposal.

    – The United States believes that “God fell asleep” on its shoulder, but new centers of power are emerging in the world.

    – There is nothing in the laws of Ukraine about the extension of presidential powers, even if there were no elections.

    – The President of the Russian Federation interpreted the extension of Zelensky’s powers as a violation of the article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on the seizure of power.

    – Putin is confident that a legitimate signatory to the agreement with Kyiv can be found, “if there is a desire.”
    Boris Rozhin

    The main thing from Putin’s meeting with the heads of world news agencies within the framework of the SPIEF. Part 3

    – Russia has no imperial ambitions

    – Putin said that he did not agree with Carlson that he would be a moderator at the SPIEF, admitted that he did not know who was chosen for this role.

    – Putin called the authors of statements about Russia’s plans to attack NATO “dumb as a table”, and such statements themselves are nonsense.

    – The West, claiming that the Russian Federation wants to attack NATO, is trying to fool its own population, to maintain its “imperial position”

    – Putin called on foreign media not to mold the image of an enemy out of Russia.

    – Russia is not trying to revive the USSR, “there is no need to invent from scratch”, the page has been turned.

    – Russia is not brandishing a “nuclear baton”.

    – Only unscrupulous people can deny the main contribution of the USSR to the defeat of fascism.

    – They are embarrassed to invite Russia to the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings, but they invite those who support the Nazis.

    – Russia does not see any signs of neo-Nazism in the activities of the Alternative for Germany and welcomes ideas to establish relations with the Russian Federation.

    – Putin responded with irony to the portrayal of him in the Western press as a villain: “Let them be afraid.”

    – Putin hopes that the situation between the Russian Federation and the West and in the world as a whole will move towards a settlement, and not an endless escalation.




    A Skeptic remains skeptical, but here is some claim of a hit on a carrier:

    #American tanker USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) after attack by #Yemeni Houthis

    Resting somewhere on the coast of #Saudi #Arabia with a torn deck.


    Maybe Russia will supply the Houti?
    Not Only Fab-1500! Russia Begins Large-Scale Production of Three Tonnes FAB-3000 Bombs

    Axx Military News

    21,414 views Premiered 14 hours ago
    It draws from the same bomb family but surpasses others in size and warhead capacity. Russian sources have revealed the FAB-3000 bomb is now in mass production, suggesting that Ukrainian stations will soon experience this powerful bomb, complete with integrated wings.



    Thanks for the good posts!


    Dr D Rich-

    Like a broken record, minute by minute and day after day the deliberations, postulates, theorizing and divergent parallelism of Dr D DBS are debunked by the very people those 2 defend and those people’s exercise of power, er ah, access to Justice.

    So true. Objective truth and reality mean nothing to hypocrites like dr d dbs… both intellectual and moral cowards. dr D works here every day spreading jewlies and propaganda.



    Still no moral outrage from the immaginary “non-Zionist Jews”, that rare breed yet to been seen in the wild. The bullshit from Dr D and Benton the Jews that not ALL Jews are complicit is wearing very thin. The evidence – and they both mouth off about science etc – is that the Jews in America support the genocide being committed by their tribe members in Israel.

    American Exceptionlism of the Regime is sickening-

    “The idea that they would issue an arrest warrant for the prime minister of Israel, defense minister of Israel at the time where they’re fighting for their nation’s very existence against the evil of Hamas as a proxy of Iran is unconscionable to us,” Speaker Mike Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, said on Tuesday. “And as I said a couple of weeks ago, the ICC has to be punished for this action.”

    Mike Johnson, Republican subhuman genocidal trash.

    The US House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to punish the International Criminal Court for seeking to charge Israeli leaders with war crimes in Gaza. The proposal passed with 247 votes in favor and 155 opposed. Every Republican and 42 pro-Israel Democrats voted yes.

    The US Regime is run by trash criminals for trash genociding chosen ones.

    D Benton Smith

    I think @DrDRich (Dr of what, exactly?) and the presumably worthy oriental gentleman (of mysteriously undeclared national loyalty, profession or political agenda) @aspnaz have checklisted the logical fallacies and just tick off the boxes one by one to make sure they don’t miss any. They disprove facts that I never claimed, destroy arguments that I didn’t propose, ridicule opinions that I don’t have, and never ever fail to state or imply that I support Jews in one way or another (which I don’t. I simply know …as does every other rational being on the planet… that Jews, like all people, are just people. Not better. Not worse. Not “chosen” and not otherwise.

    I’m guessing Dr D Rich is a shrink of some kind, which would make his neurotic sniping at me particularly “rich”, and more than a little ironic, because his unprovoked nastiness towards me personally says a lot more about him than it does about me or my opinions. Same goes for my self-appointed antagonist @aspie.

    That’s okay, boys, I think the both of you are very entertaining, and I particularly appreciate the fact that you’ve both got such a hard on about Jews. It’s an important subject to investigate because the underlying reasons that a disproportionate number of people with “Jewish” (not!) surnames are very very wicked indeed. If the two of you birds could get past your prejudicial hatred of a mere label (which neither of you actually understand in any historically useful depth at all) and inquire into WHY that is the case, we would all get to the inevitable conclusion much sooner, and I could spend less time preventing you from wrecking this very nice forum with your vitriolic (and, frankly, stupid and juvenile) attacks on me.

    Ah, well. The reason your bullshit keeps blurring your optics is that you keep hiding behind your sacred cows. You think you hate Jews, but you don’t even know who these self-proclaimed “chosen” people are, where they came from, why they’re so nasty, or even what it is about their behaviors that identifies who or what they really are. Maybe you’re not as anti-Jew as you think you are. Maybe you’re just lazy.


    Here’s the latest depravity from Oregon.

    And a fucking cop trying to finesse the situation with Woketurdism no less.

    Oh yeah…the entire West coast has fallen to the liberal woke mind virus…these coward cops are libtards to the core. They all took an obedient knee and got their jabs, masked up, and only “enforce” woke Liberal hysteria laws.

    Cops are “just following orders” of thr regime- they serve their paymasters and protect nothing.
    The Ritter passport clown show highlights the new gestapo rules based order.


    Never fear, the jew expert DBS is ever near…

    she’ll pull out her fiddle, and sing us a diddle, reminding us that none can hear…

    the everwatchful eye, of the giant jew surveilance in the sky, will always remind you how to think, and the wretched odour of dbs’s stink…


    Benton the Jew said

    wrecking this very nice forum with your vitriolic (and, frankly, stupid and juvenile) attacks on me.

    Here is another example of BtJ trying to educate us, from yesterday:


    Try your best to fuck yourself, if you can get it up. Otherwise just wave it around and dream of better days. Don’t bother to even try to think about it because your brain is obviously limper than your dick.

    Who’s spoiling the forum potty mouth?


    I wanted to know/verify if my searches for info was being monitored and acted upon.
    So, yesterday, I made a google search for “cremation”.
    Yep. Today, I received, (google sent me), advertisement from funeral business.
    Therefore, since my words are being “tracked”, and I want to give a good impression, I try not to say “bad things”.

    D Benton Smith

    You are, aspie, you and your not-quite-bright bevy of buddy fuckers who think a bunch of sheep herders are the root of all evil, and I think you know it. Your silly and pointless Jew baiting while a REAL enemy stalks the land unmolested won’t matter much once the nukes start flying. Israel will be just another smudge on the landscape (whether by missiles or other means doesn’t matter. They’re dead men walking already), with nothing solved thereby and the futile insignificance of your claptrap is not even a memory. But like I said, you HAVE BEEN entertaining in these past few months, so maybe I’ll just have to settle for that. This game gives us something to do in the meantime, and who knows what tomorrow may bring? Whatever it is, it’s gotta be more interesting than listening to your repetitious and unimaginative animus, which at the moment just bores me to tears, or maybe I’m just sleepy. It’s close to midnight and it’s been a long day. Good night.


    Benton the Jew said

    You are, aspie, you and your not-quite-bright bevy of buddy fuckers who think a bunch of sheep herders are the root of all evil, and I think you know it.

    Yeah, I didn’t get any further because I do not like reading comments written by people who cannot get their thoughts in order. If this is your primary sentence, introducing your message, then you are not trying to persuade me, you are trying to bloster yourself by insulting me. I can cope with that, but I know the rest will be in the same vein so I skip it.

    Same tends to happen when reading Dr D. If you cannot concisely communicate your thinking, instead of wandering around the bushes, picking up ideas, throwing them away, wandering like a tramp looking for something useful in the bins, then I am not interested. Complete your tour of the bins, pick out what you want to say, then communicate what you have found.

    D Benton Smith

    Sorry, @aspie, I was not aware that you have short-term memory problems. Here is a refresher: I was simply answering the question that you had asked me just minutes prior. You had asked , “Who’s spoiling the forum potty mouth?”

    My answer is that it was you. I see no reason to change it. Thanks for the slow ball.

    D Benton Smith


    The only thing I found in the bins was a pile of stuff written by a second-rate troll going by the name of “aspnaz.” Feel free to have the last word now. I’m going to bed , because it’s past midnight and not worth losing any more sack time reading bin liner like that. Maybe I can use it to wrap fish in or something, but that will just have to wait ’til tomorrow.

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