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    Dr. D

    “Dr D’s excuse is that they are all in shock”

    Is it? I fear Benton is right. You just make up quotes from me, make up arguments, make up positions, and like Don Quixote ride off victorious having vanquished all the windmills. Why? You’re a smart guy. So why? Are my actual arguments not easy enough to engage and vanquish? I never said it, don’t believe it, why make it up? Just. Lie.

    Every day I point out Jews who are protesting Gaza — and other stuff — The foremost. TOP. Bernie Sanders. Jill Stein. Reporters, university people, Etc. Like AFKTT, every day, it’s as if I said nothing. Fact presented: No it wasn’t. Reality does not exist, only my mind. Then as Benton does but I do less, point out that, just as Israel is about to get sacrificed — with her population of Jews (already, post vax) — the people that CAUSED it ride off into the sunset, with YOU providing cover for them. Same as UK, EU, and elsewhere. Why? I find it hard to believe you’re actually that dense, or you actually work as a Mossad disinformation expert, as entertaining and well-supported as that idea may be. So don’t work for them for free. Your resistance to thinking or looking deeper is what’s helping this keep happening, once we have a thoughtstopper — just a name. “Them”.

    Great. Who is “They” though? It’s like everywhere else, “The Americans”, “The CIA”, “The Bankers”, “Aliens”, whatever “They”, the magic name is today, or for somebody. WHICH Americans? WHICH employees of the CIA? WHICH Bankers? All of them? 100%? At birth, or does it take until they are in preschool?

    There’s no “100%” of anything. Ever. Anywhere.

    So to be more productive, you again rail on Americans. But not Europeans, Chinese, Taiwanese, or Japan? Why we so special? Y’all demonstrate the exact same problems and human nature that we do. So again I will say the same thing: WHICH Americans? The fake ones on the news? The fake ones PRINTED in the news? The great mass of us you never talked to or met? You shook hands with all 330 Million of us? You’re a busy guy. YOU’RE BELIEVING ALL THE NEWS, buddy. The news you say you don’t believe. That’s where you’re drawing your data set from.

    Okay, let’s do it your way: everything is run by the Jews. Therefore the news is run by the Jews. Therefore your data set…is run by the Jews. Yet you believe the Jews. Deeply, passionately, implicitly. Cozying up to them JUST SO TIGHT!!!! OR: You could suspect the news, doubt it, double-check it? Since it’s wrong like 80% of the time? Maybe?

    Try again: WHICH Americans? Which ones believe/act/do which SPECIFIC acts? Luckily there are no criminals or bad actors in any other nations, just America. And luckily, IF a murder happens in any nation on earth, and the murderer isn’t caught, then the WHOLE nation helped and supported it, right? Every. Single. One. Including babies, at birth. WTF?

    Rich, again I try not to be insulting because I know you know something about Ritter I ALSO never heard or don’t understand, but Ritter now blew up the Eisenhower? Whut? WTF man. I’m now gobsmacked and speachless. Afaik he was trapped in the ‘States last night, his passport pulled. He may have done something that you also won’t name, but he has an good alibai for Yemen at least. So please: WHAT are you saying? Implying? What are you saying or implying about me when I quote him?

    Have you seen “The Professor and the Madman” 2019? In it, they are building the Oxford English Dictionary, a list of literally all words with literally all (English) history. That’s as innocuous an example as can possibly be. Well in it, they have some favorite contributors, word-people, and they come to find out that their foremost contributor to English and this project is an American prisoner in Britain. That’s why he has so much time on his hands to do a treasure hunt in language. Not only that, but he’s also quite probably and profoundly mentally ill, schizophrenic, perhaps. They go an visit him after these 20 years of letters, but this is not a release movie. He was not wrongfully convicted, and he remains dangerous and prison is where he belongs. One question:

    He did a wrong thing once, should we throw away the 20 years of work in the Oxford English Dictionary because a man who committed a crime was “associated” with it? (As JB would say yesterday) If ANY man, commits ANY crime, at ANY time…well, that’s it. It’s over. No redemption.

    You are the world’s foremost argument for the death penalty for ALL crimes, large or small, man or woman, young or old. Pack of gum? Death penalty. Felt up a girl in Jr High when she wasn’t into it that much? Death penalty. Born of the wrong parents? Death penalty. Because NOTHING you can do later ever matters, and you are never allowed to speak or act ever again. You’re dead to me, go die and be quick about it.

    Now compare that to my position: Is his INFORMATION good? Is he USEFUL? His crimes are appropriately and justly prosecuted on an entirely different track. We’re talking about AFTER. Many commit rape, get away with it. Go check all Ministers of Parliament, and the entire CCP for instance. I can’t prove that, but should we chuck them all on suspicion? There are people who commit crimes and pay the price. …But you reject the courts, and personally decree the punishment was not enough FOR YOU, and continue. Well EVERY criminal got a sentence either too high or too low for their crime, should we punish one half forever? Who are you personally to decide? Once they pay that crime — true or false, too long or too short — they are FREE, under the American system. It’s OVER. That is the path to redemption and must be, otherwise: death penalty again, all men, all children, all crimes.

    Again, I can’t follow the pursuit of his alleged crimes and the alleged accuracy of his punishment — and you’re not helping as you’ve provided data on exactly neither — but I can confirm if his information NOW is good. And it is useful, so unless his person or his legal case gets on my desk, THAT is what my function and purpose with him is.

    It’s so very, very simple, that it takes a lot of words to describe just how very simple it is. IF I eat a tomato, do I need to know if it was grown in a manure pile or not? No. I neither know, nor care where to came from, and its seed of its great parent’s seed back to the 1880s. Growers don’t keep track and tell you because they know, you know, that everybody knows, no one cares. DOES IT WORK. Is it a tomato? Does it “Tomato” for me? Then IDGAF, like any good American, I got work to do.

    Is this an Old Man thing, that after some time, they can’t get over the “Name” any name, EVERY name, so the “Name” blinds them forever to the thing, complete ThoughtStopper, and the “Thing” is never seen again? Some following of Man-Logic right over the cliff at the edge of the earth? Where did you all lose your senses? It’s like 90% right now on this one fallacy, and y’all look like fools, you who are the most intelligent and most caring, most concerned men out there.


    Dr. D said:

    It would take all week to explain the very subtle ways you got everything wrong about American Jews, and also Americans in general. Let’s just point out: Jews, tops in all Civil Rights events, for generations, usually as lawyers, defending all minorities, blacks, gays, free speech, etc. That’s not a secret, so like literally they are all about helping the downtrodden underclass. That’s exactly WHY it’s so shocking to see the opposite with the ONE issue.

    Yeah right Dr D, keep it coming; you are the victim, where have I heard that before.

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