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    How come you are not busy fighting all the dis-information coming out of the Ukraine?

    It is too early to cover the US truckers, as they have not arrived in DC yet!

    Veracious Poet

    Not too early, the psyop teams are already demonizing the movement…

    The MAGA Trucker Convoy Is Mad Ukraine Is Getting All the Attention Right Now

    What is the secret group funding the US truckers?

    The group funding the truckers has raised more than $500,000 for the convoy

    Bracing for Biden and Protests, Officials Fortify the Capitol

    A security fence, National Guard troops and more police surround the Capitol in preparation for the State of the Union address and a possible truck convoy of protesters.

    This will end badly…

    As long as We the Sheeple allow think tank row to think for them, K street to write federal legislation, the “pathocracy” will prevent the sane from bringing attention to their evils.

    Clown World Sucks!



    The Duran Podcast

    Massive Escalation: US & EU sanction Russia’s Central Bank (Live)

    The guy talking in the videos at the top beginning of this debt rattle has a youtube channel

    Coach Red Pill

    Here’s an interesting summary, he is actually in the Ukraine it the moment, so he’s a man in the street.

    Listen to Coach Red Pill’s comments from 1:28:00 to the end

    He I think is on the Duran link about Massive Escalation

    The ‘sanctions’ are going to hurt the people of the EU and US, not the leaders.

    Once Russia controls the Ukraine borders and shipping, they control, including their goods, approx 50% of Europe’s food imports and approx 50% of Europe’s fuel supply.

    If the US and UK attack the ruble on the international level, the Russians can raise the cost of the goods they control to cover the loss in ruble value.

    If you want to drive the value of the ruble to near zero, the Russians can drive the value of Europe’s food and fuel imports to Infinite and Beyond!

    Then we can watch Eurotard Clown World set it’s Hair on Fire and then try to put it out with a hammer.


    From The Stuff You Never Considered Department.
    Five essential commodities that will be hit by the war in Ukraine. Reverse sanctions anyone?


    How come you are not busy fighting all the dis-information coming out of the Ukraine?

    I am.

    Not too early, the psyop teams are already demonizing the movement…

    There is no “movement”.


    Diana Bathing with her Nymphs with Actaeon and Callisto 1634

    Soft porn before the internet: happy days.


    Omicron does not want death,
    Omicron wants life.


    War is breaking out in comment sections. I saw this several days ago.

    I certainly hope the Chechens are unleashed against the Azov battalion, that has been greasing their bullets in lard to kill the “Chechen orcs.”

    This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about hateful conduct. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.

    I guess it’s a thing according to Aljezzera.


    Putin may have ended the Covid-19 pandemic in the west, but here in Hong Kong we are a few months behind, hitting new spikes of Omicron. The amusing part is the totally inept response of the government. Initially it was the Hong Kong government but now the Beijing government has taken over.

    We had four suicide attempts within 27 hours at the main quarantine facility, where people who are supposed to be locked up for 14 days have ended up staying locked up for over 28 days! They have expanded the quarantine facilities into residential apartment blocks, but today it is revealed that the “isolated” people in these blocks have one bathroom to share among 24 people: so they will be spreading Omicron faster than if they were at home.

    Their contact tracing app required people to get tested within 24 hours or a fine of 5000 HKD if they were in the same location as a case. There were so many people waiting to get tested that the queues were literally miles long and took over 8 hours. Again, a great way to catch Omicron. In the end they stopped notifying people as the whole system came to a grinding halt.

    Now they are planing on testing everybody in Hong Kong three times during March. When they announced that idea they did not have enough testing facilities, so the mainland has stepped in to provide more personnel. None of us know exactly why they want to test everybody, that bit is still a mystery.

    The police have been instructed to follow a “No Mercy” policy, so no warnings if not wearing your mask properly (5000 HKD fine) or if you are less than 1.5 meters away from more than one other person (5000 HKD fine). Yet at the same time the public transport systems are open where people sit next to each other, much less than 1.5 meters, and the restaurants are open where people eat without their masks and less than 1.5 meters apart.

    Nothing like watching incompetent bureaucrats put under pressure to perform but having no idea what to do. The people are getting quite pissed off with the government, mainly because they had time to plan for this but were obviously doing nothing. It will be interesting to see what happens.


    Yanev argued that he was being targeted for removal so the government could install a defense minister who will be more willing to serve foreign interests, in some cases at the expense of Bulgaria’s security.

    WEF marches on: Bulgaria is just joining the rest of the EU in now having yet more politicians persuing the agenda of WEF to the detriment of their own countries. WEF or Russia, who will win this war?

    Veracious Poet

    None of us know exactly why they want to test everybody, that bit is still a mystery.

    The at-home rapid COVID-19 tests (Made in China) contained a toxic chemical that can be really harmful and even life-threatening when exposed to a large amount of the chemicals.

    Ohio and Texas issued a warning after seeing an increase in reports related to sodium azide poisoning, a chemical found in test kits after Biden promised to give 500 million Covid test kits to Americans.

    Ohio and Texas Issue Warning on Toxic Chemical Found in Mailed At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kit


    Toppling Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is the goal of the new wave of international sanctions introduced in response to Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine, a spokesman for Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters on Monday.

    WEF can’t have global government without controlling Russia: it is as simple as that. If WEF is to do its great reset, then it needs to get rid of Putin so that it stays on target to have global government by 2030. Putin is not obedient to WEF’s aims and the more I hear NATO, the more obvious it becomes that Putin would not have started this war unless he knew Russia was in existential danger: WEF’s backers are an existential threat to Russa.

    If WEF win this then Russia will be turned into another WEF controlled state with all that comes with: woke, globalism, anti-nationalism, anti-religion, anti-democracy etc. Russian culture would be removed and replaced with globalisation culture, as it has in most of Europe and UK.

    Veracious Poet

    Clown World politik witch hunts non-stop expansion…

    California bar investigating Trump lawyer who served as dean of Chapman University for ethical breaches

    P.S. Without stripping the worst offender MDs et al. of their right-to-practice, ill-gotten gains + incarceration there will be no reformation of “health care”. Namby pamby FE-FEs are how the “pathocracy” has advanced to the point of controlling western civ in almost every way…

    Only a fool negotiates with psychopaths, terrorists & small children.


    Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland was photographed on Sunday with a scarf promoting a far-right Ukrainian Nationalist movement linked to Neo-Nazis and extremism.

    Finance minister of Canada and WEF board member: you cannot make this shit up.


    From the ministry of truth. Just like the FDA and CDC.

    Historians Condemn Russian Invasion of Ukraine (February 2022)

    The AHA has released a statement “condemn[ing] in the strongest possible terms Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine” and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s abuse of history as justification for the attack. “Putin’s rhetorical premise for this brutal violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty is anchored by a set of outlandish historical claims, including an argument that Ukraine was entirely a Soviet creation,” the AHA wrote. “We vigorously support the Ukrainian nation and its people in their resistance to Russian military aggression and the twisted mythology that President Putin has invented to justify his violation of international norms.”


    April 2014 Interview with Stephen Cohen..


    The black and red banner Chrystia Freeland is holding says “Glory to Ukraine”.

    Globalist Oligarchs’ “free movement of people goods capital and services” requires the purposeful dismantling of nation states and supremacy of the corporate Empire. “Profit over lives.” The former democracies have become so corrupt and incompetent that they no longer serve or protect their people; just message propaganda.

    The Russian Federation was baited and the Kremlin snapped.

    To destroy Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Ukraine, and the USA, globalists use ethnic conflicts to do the hard work to divide and rule. National western armies have been privatized and downsized. In Ukraine it is a province in the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, Galicia that has been overrun by Poles, Germans and the Soviets in the last century that will provide the grunts in the take down of Russia like the Kurds were used in Syria to destroy the Sunni ISIS. It is sad feature of human nature that it works.

    Just as the coronavirus pandemic waxes and wanes across the West unaddressed except for profiteering, shortages of workers, energy, food, water and goods are about to engulf Europe and the Americas with the start of the new world war in the Balkans that is intended to regain Russian resources for western profit. Delusional but the death, maiming, grief and suffering are real.


    Smoking rumors-
    Pundits yammer.
    House on fire?
    Just try a hammer!

    (Thanks, Oroboros).


    On ZH, I have never seen so many up and down votes that wobble almost to even.
    “Practice” antiwar in the 60s and 70s didn’t have the divisive background of today- nor the surveillance and record keeping.
    Where will we stand in a war?

    While you were sleeping a door rumbled shut.
    While you weren’t looking, a few laws were passed.
    While you threw parties, the jack boots kept stomping.
    While you were distracted, the whole world collapsed.



    I lot at stake here, can’t say that we deserve it but some divine intervention is needed.

    Just finished this. I know there are quite few Canadians are amongst us but it’s essence is not unique to Canada. Found this to be heart felt but somber in tone. We are not making or leaving things better.



    Thanks for posting the link to Coach Red Pill. He is telling it like it is. Germany took 35 days to capture their half of Poland. Putin is only on day 6 and he has already won the war on the ground. So makes Germans look rather slow! OK Putin not winning virtual propaganda war but doesn’t need to! Virtual war will hit brick wall when it is ready to!


    Biden just gave us a list of all the many things that need fixing.
    Not a good place to live.

    those darned kids

    In case it hasn’t been posted the Australian fed police have used LRAD’s (basically microwaving people) on protesters in the nations capital.
    Speaker for the house of representatives has issued letter to confirm to MP who has requested info.

    So now they microwave peaceful protesters. People have been seriously injured.
    It’s not all about Ukraine people shit is going down…

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