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    Vincent van Gogh Lilac Bush 1889   • US Has Created ‘Frankenstein’ States – Galloway (RT) • NATO’s ‘Welfare’ States: Treating the U.S. As ‘Room S
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    Dr. D

    “Republican Impeachment Investigators Subpoena 13 Years Of Hunter Biden’s Phone Records

    So after years, they finally even LOOK for evidence? Muchly Wow.

    “Toronto Police Gives Advice On Auto-Theft: Just ‘Leave Your Keys Out’

    Bacon-eating surrender monkeys. Thanks Trudy! And the criminals are all fine upstanding men from Edmonton I presume?

    “UnitedHealth CEO Meets White House Officials After ‘Biggest Cyber Attack On US Health Care System’

    But we have a solution: More computers! More internet! More Updates!!!! Who doesn’t love updates, amirite?

    Oh, btw, Cell companies have been update-busy-busy lately, as TMobile seems to want to fine for giving you the SHAFT. Shaft! Chicki-chicki-bow-wow! Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco. And $1,000 fine for not SELLING Pot, but TALKING about pot….even if it’s legal in your state and jurisdiction. Tmobile don’t care! More money for me!

    What is “Hate” as we ask about hourly now? Hate is an INTERNAL, Emotional state, undetectable by others. It’s the Fee-Fees. If you have the WRONG fee-fees, as detected by by PutinTelepathy, we get $1,000!!!. I can Detect this all day!!!

    Hey, what was that in Civil Rights about “Equal access” that you couldn’t cut somebody’s phone service because they were Black. Or a Civil Rights agitator, protester? Um, yeah. Ah, Fascism! Is there anything you can’t fix?

    Biden’s speech, the idea of building Israel a brand-new pier for free was Nutsy’s, not Biden’s. No doubt! Use it to deport all the sub-humans, Use it to get offshore and steal all their oil, but most importantly, use it to DELAY the moron Americans who are applying pressure to Human Rights, keep them busy for another two months, while we genocide the REST of the Warsaw Ghetto…I mean Gaza. Let’s Go Brandon! Who’s down for a Genocide? I’m down for a Genocide. If you want a genocide, put your hands in the air for Blue!

    “Occupied Territory” Actually, we know Israel isn’t the 51st state: if they were, they’d only have TWO Senators.

    Galloway. Galloway is a Core Socialist and I would vote for him. That’s also true in England. Being Galloway, he said one minute later he is running 100 candidates at every level with the Party he just made up. So again: Prime Minister Galloway. That’s why the UK Uniparty is choking. I mean, can anyone even TELL the difference between their candidates? Like Romney and Kerry? Blair and Cameron? Who can tell the difference? Policies never change.

    “Germany, by far the richest NATO member behind the United States, allocates just 1.57% of its GDP”

    More than that. So you’re down 20%. Great. 20% down EVERY YEAR FOR 30 YEARS. So, methinks to get to your top, you have to back-fill all that, right? So you need to spend 15% GDP this year? Not just Germany, but everyone besides Greece and Poland. Again, essentially a country equal to the United States. What is that backlog? Two Trillion dollars? Huh. Adds up doesn’t it?

    “• US Intelligence ‘Threat Assessment’ Says Hamas Isn’t Going Away (Antiwar)

    Pointing out that, no surprise, the casualty numbers in Gaza are made up and much inflated. So we’re creating a new Holocaust Myth. Can we not do that this time but tell the truth? It’s not like it isn’t happening. The Israeli numbers are minimized and not admitted. And everyone’s leaving, as they have dual passports. Economy is failing. “Built a desert and call it Peace”. Nice victory you have there.

    But saying, look, we can’t know what’s going on, but I can tell it’s a lie. Probably Hamas is being attrition’d bad. A lot of the deaths aren’t women, but these guys, laid out in sheets so you can’t tell. Why would they admit to Nutso how many soldiers remain? But we don’t have to eat the cow s—t they’re shoveling either.

    ““The office of the president is under British control, while the military, who supposedly will gather in the name of Zaluzhny, are under Americans,”

    That is, the ANGLOS. This is the UK ANGLO war against Russia, the 3rd (or 4th, or 5th) Crimean war.

    ““..we are ready to use the means to achieve our objective – which is that Russia does not win..”

    Why? What does that have to do with Marseilles? France doesn’t believe him either.

    “A “reasonable” peace agreement with Ukraine would involve Moscow taking full control over the country,”

    Putin said similar. He said he’s a dim view of any negotiations, but is still open if somebody can come up with something. Proof of life, I suppose. And that means in essence? The war continues until Russia has everything it wants, then dictates terms of total surrender. Oh well. That’s what happens when “You lose” because “you couldn’t be arsed to have an army”.

    “Macron called Moscow “an adversary,” but stopped short of declaring it an “enemy,”

    What is wrong with these people? Roget’s Thesaurus would have them as possible synonyms. So your words are going to protect you? How did that work out the LAST time you were stuffed in a locker?

    Then in this zone, Macron said he wants no Red Lines, so Medvedev said, “Well, I guess we should have no Red Lines, either, right?” Concerning nuking France? This is baffling to the West. How DARE you???

    From Luongo, watch the tend here. At the beginning, all Europe ESPECIALLY Macron, were like “No, we must work together, find solutions, and end the war.” That is to say, it’s all the United States! Those bad Yankees, but what can ya do? With Macron at the head of the moderate, negotiate-Russia wing. Germany also reluctant. As the U.S. departs, each step of the way Lo! We discover that all EUROPE wants the war and is panicked the U.S. won’t. And worse, won’t pay for it. More than offsetting us. Macron again at the head of it, from biggest peace negotiator, to now the Napoleonic Novorussia Nuker. Huh. Well ain’t that a kick in the pants? So what I’m reading is, you WANT this war, but don’t want to PAY for it, and want to BLAME everybody else for it while you hide and drink Champs. So I guess this means You’re Socialists. Everything is somebody else’s fault. Everybody else has to pay. That’s Sharing! Meanwhile YOU expect to be the very special insider Party Members shopping in Zurich and running everything while everyone else lacks Jam.

    Yeah. We know. But we called you this time, so: Good Luck with that.

    What’s so shocking to me is the level to which they refuse to open a SINGLE factory. Like even if I wasn’t attacking Russia in six years (they are), I’d AT LEAST open 1-5 shell factories, right? Just for daily business and safety’s sake. NOPE. France finds out they have no men, no jets, no preparedness. You’d just book back to the normal baseline of military readiness, right? Not if you’re England you don’t! They have no carriers, no jets, and no military budget this year.

    And it’s not like this is political. Just STOP the stealing by somebody – Israel perhaps – and do your graft via Dassault and GIAT instead of Kiev for a while. Get Peugeot some new machine tools and rail lines. Subsidy ArcelorMittal for some fat kickbacks. No, no, and no. WTF. Do they know something I don’t know? Why would you do that?

    Well, one thing’s for sure: they ain’t having a war. So that’s a good thing. They don’t even know how to make bows and arrows; were they planning on texting them to death?

    “• The U.S. Is Not a Democracy and Can’t Be Reformed (Barton)

    Thank God it’s not a Democracy and was never meant to be one. We can see that Jacobean streak run amok here:

    Normal people (okay, women, but…) are terrified to say basic things. Like “Gender exists”. Okay, for fun here HOW CAN YOU BE TRANS IF GENDER DOESN’T EXIST? But whether you say yes or no, Robespierre and “The Council for Public Safety” will chop your head off. And in this environment, you want a Democracy? Where 51% can vote for your public dismemberment without trial? Pass.

    And we CAN be reformed. What does that even mean? So 400 years from now, it’s 2424, and the U.S. is what? Just as corrupt as ever? Or MORE corrupt on a trendline to the center of the universe? A: Neither, of course, just as King Louis didn’t last forever, Charlemagne didn’t last forever, Napoleon didn’t last forever, also Robespierre didn’t last forever. They’re on the Fifth REPUBLIC, after the many monarchies. It CHANGED. The nation got more corrupt…


    …In a normal, almost predictable, cycle of time. And so with us. So clearly we can be “reformed”. The question is, what will it take? and what will it look like after? You want to throw out the American Experiment already? Geez, you’re worse than the Enemy!

    If you mean we keep the same people, same processes, same laws, same “norms”, same incentives, and same moral standards then of course no. You’re saying the machine changes by not changing anything, and that’s stupid. Try to be productive: what do you WANT it to look like? Because it’s not working now, half the country wants to burn it all down anyway, so there’ll be plenty of space, like it or not, to establish your ideas.

    My take from the article? If government can’t regulate the economy (which they have no Constitutional mandate for) and can’t interfere to make winners or losers, then why would the wealthy bribe and buy them? Go ahead and “merge” I guess, since it won’t have any effect anyway with that radical centralization, overreach, and granular regulation of individual men such as now, with Musk and Trump, and specific, named companies like TikTok. That’s actually illegal by the way. We’ve now done it for some 150 years since Lincoln’s centralization, and his murder so they could keep the oligarchic power grab in place, as per Grant’s Presidency. It’s considered normal, as is granting any “Corporate” license anyone wants, when they used to be special case, so that people would be the creators, subject to laws and death. Why are there billionaires and what would we do with them? Competition will chop them up like piranhas in no time. Government regulation is the only reason they exist in the first place. Name me the top 100 and their industries. Banking. Insurance. Telco. Weapons. Not wheat. Not light bulbs.

    “a subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect, and sometimes get, favors for themselves”

    What favors? The government isn’t supposed to be controlling most of that in the first place. Again, the point of regulation is not AGAINST companies, companies pay millions, billions, to CAUSE regulation. And outlaw all my enemies. It’s RoR like 10x more profitable than doing work.

    ““His commitment to a global town square where all questions can be asked and all ideas can be shared seems not to include questions of him from people like me,” Lemon suggested,”

    I agree, WTF? But I don’t know the details. Apparently Lemon thought he could roast Musk, on his own platform, with his own promo money? That’s just being a dick. Lemon can still talk like a normal user, right? So…

    “• Canada Moves to Impose Potential Life Imprisonment for Speech Crimes (Turley)

    Tell me if I’m right here, but all Canada looks each day to the Calendar, to see if Moosilini is still Dictator-for-Life like his father was. What am I saying? Canada STARTED the trucker protest. And although here we changed from “Showing up” to “Not showing up” (NYC) because they’ll arrest and kill everyone here, Canada is on the forefront of about Dun Had It. So don’t be surprised if, like the Trucker Protest, one day in June everyone in Canada just decides Justin Castro isn’t PM and they don’t take orders from him anymore. Let him stomp his tiny, black-painted feet. We’ll just throw rocks at him.

    True? I feel like we’re reaching that level and places like Ottawa and Alberta are at the leading edge.

    AFKTT: Where you been? I thought you were dead! Consciousness of Sheep is sharp, but also British so he seems to miss the hundreds of 50-year contracts for new oil pipelines being signed worldwide. Yeah, BRITAIN is out of oil. But not Russia, Sudan, Iran, Alaska, Venezuela, Brazil… Don’t project your stuff on me! We haven’t even drilled the East and West coasts, and the West Coast at Malibu has so much oil it’s pouring up on the beaches. But why burn ours when we have yours?

    Dr. D




    Forecasting the future.
    Pick the first domino.
    The cascading critical infrastructure//social/economic collapse/change

    energy – nuclear, gas and oil, electricity, renewable

    Complexity – hate, fear, lies, pride, hysteria, education/knowledge, politics, intimidation, racism, motivation/quiet quitting, transformation to green/sustainable society, war, peace, scam/stealing, bribery, corruption,

    Growth – immigration, depopulation, genocide, weakened immunity, failure of health system,
    failure of pensions, food shortages/insecurity, failure of supply line,


    Elon in Berlin

    I believe that the quality of the relationship a parent has with their own children says a great deal about the person. Elon has been appearing in public often with a child in tow. The question in my mind: is the child there because Elon longs to bond with the child, and is looking for opportunities to be with his kids, or for optics? Following behind Elon is a dark-haired woman, who expected him to hand the child to her so that she could put the child in the car seat. He did not, instead setting his child in the car seat himself. Then he moved away, answering the question, and the woman leaned into the car to fasten the child’s seat buckles. He handled the child with ease, without seeming aware that others might be analyzing his interaction with the child.


    Voting in a dictatorship
    It’s not Ukraine. It’s in Russia
    15 MAR, 01:48
    Over 1,200 polling stations operating in 3 of Russia’s new regions for presidential vote
    Voting at 581 polling stations is taking place in the LPR, while over 60 polling stations are operating across the Kherson Region
    © Alexander Reka/TASS
    MOSCOW, March 15. /TASS/. Voting in the Russian presidential election started in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) and the Kherson Region as more than 1,200 polling stations opened in the three new regions, local election commissions told TASS.

    “Our goal is to prevent concentrations of large numbers of voters in a specific place at a specific time,” DPR Election Commission Chairman Vladimir Vysotsky said.

    DPR voters will be able to cast their ballots until 8:00 p.m. Moscow time (5:00 p.m. GMT – TASS) on Friday and Saturday, and 626 polling stations will be open until 3:00 p.m. Moscow time (12:00 p.m. GMT) on Sunday, the DPR election commission specified.

    Voting at 581 polling stations is taking place in the LPR, while over 60 polling stations are operating across the Kherson Region. Voter turnout in early voting stood at 18.52%, LPR Election Commission Chairwoman Yelena Kravchenko told reporters.

    Zaporozhye Region residents will go to the polls on March 17 only, the local election commission said. Meanwhile, early voting started in Melitopol, Energodar, Berdyansk and other cities and district centers in that region on Friday.

    The Russian Federation Council, or upper house of parliament, officially designated March 17, 2024 as the date of the presidential election. The Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) then announced that voting will take place over three days on March 15-17. Four candidates are vying for the top office, namely New People party nominee Vladislav Davankov; self-nominated candidate and incumbent President Vladimir Putin; Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) nominee Leonid Slutsky; and Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) nominee Nikolay Kharitonov.


    Thinking on the attempts to reform myself from half a lifetime of postmodernist leftism, here’s what I came up with since I last mentioned it.

    The wokeists – be they environmental, sexual, etc – have the same thing going on I detect in myself when I try to trace my internal line between logos and antilogos.

    A desire to change things for free, yes. Desire for greatness without the work to reach greatness, yes – grandiosity. It should be different. Make things magically different. Against reality, against logos.

    But ALSO a desire for stasis, to NOT change. I should not have to adjust to, take account of xyz thing. I should not have to change my expectations, my behavior, my conception of reality. Don’t tell me I cannot have it all.

    We see this come out in the current year astroturf marxist environmental movement – on the one hand, a concept of some perfect thing being sullied by humans (Marx came to replace religion, not to do away with it) going back as far as there are hominids, the holy should not touch the profane, gotcha.

    But the other ingredient is the desire for stasis. Nothing must change! The idea that somehow the climate is teetering on the edge of catastrophe if even a miniscule 0.00005% change occurs.

    Is that not reflected internally, a PERSONAL expression of antilogos?

    Do we not, in our worse moments, shy away from having to sacrifice, having to CHANGE even a little bit, feeling as though it would be like death? WHILE wishing for free impossible stuff? A reason you find “atheist materialist” leftist who are neither atheist nor materialist mucking around in tarot, wicca, manifestation, and so on. Trying to cast spells with language, with rituals.

    So those companion aspects of antilogos – the wish for fever-dream malleability of reality and the desire for stasis.

    These things are always better understood by humans through story and imagery. The test of Galadriel – offered The Ring. Able to ACTUALLY bring the things she would want to keep the same into stasis, not having to go to the Grey Havens and from thence across the sea, to not see the Elves fade out of Middle Earth. Power to dominate, rule, do anything, adored and worshipped, perfect grandiosity. But she manages to not take the ring.

    “I pass the test! I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Galadriel.”


    Egg in vinegar

    Every once in a while, a hen will lay an egg without a shell.

    Michael Reid

    WEF Insider Reveals The ‘New 9/11’ Will Be a ‘Global Famine’

    https://rumble. com/v4ikcuw-wef-insider-reveals-the-new-911-will-be-a-global-famine.html


    Oh Canazida, oh Canzida

    You are slipping beneath the waves without a First Amendment.

    Then again you are where all the traitors to the American Revolution and it’s ideal of free speech fled to after the Patriots in every city, town and village threaten with lynching if you reminded loyal to the Crown.

    They all slunk away to Canazida rather than stand up to the British tyrant.

    Going full Orwell is kinda a pitiful lack of courage and values.

    Once again look at your Fuhrer, figures doesn’t it?


    Dr. D

    JB — Ah, but that’s where the third magic comes in: It’s somebody else’s responsibility. It’s somebody else’s fault. They’re supposed to work and figure it all out — those Experts — so I don’t have to.

    The life of the eternal child.

    And who isn’t, really? But leaning into it is leaning into Vice, and pushing against it is aspiring to “Virtue”, that is “Vir”, strength, ability, efficacy. We all do it all day long and choose.


    re: cultural revolution

    Anecdote: Someone I know raised 2 kids to adulthood, and they’re rocketing off to better things. They’re twins. One son, one daughter. The daughter succumbed to the pressure, is a ‘person of alternate lifestyle’ in the most inoffensive way possible. The son has flatly rejected the programming, dropped out of colege, grown a manly beard, found a pike-smart hippie chick…damnest thin I ever saw! 🙂


    : Remember (if you know, express it) that those ‘failings’ are not light-switch. I feel exactly those, but to different degrees. For instance, I am not ambitious, do not desire greatness. Recognition, of course! I can accept much change, in fact seek some just to see it, but I’m brittle in many areas, moreso with age.

    Thanks for Vinge rec. Read that (Zones of Thought Trilogy) years ago, and will second the rec. He can be as info-dense as Heinlein, really a treat!

    I note that many recent actions look to me like attempt to set up Peace Authority (Peace War, Marooned). Anyone not in the club gets busted down to 100-watt-per-day lifestyle.

    Relevant to cultural rev – I kinda lost interest in Benford and Vinge when they wrote some very ‘cardboard’ lesbians. No one, especially not lesbians, should forgive them for that. It seemed odd timing, and forced.


    Uncle Jack – Dewa Budjana

    Maxwell Quest

    “Do we not, in our worse moments, shy away from having to sacrifice, having to CHANGE even a little bit, feeling as though it would be like death? WHILE wishing for free impossible stuff? A reason you find “atheist materialist” leftist who are neither atheist nor materialist mucking around in tarot, wicca, manifestation, and so on. Trying to cast spells with language, with rituals.”

    AKA the path of the black magician. Seeking power for the little me, the ego. Looking for a shortcut, a way around the difficult path.

    “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

    What is the cure then?

    Love – putting the happiness and welfare of others above oneself.


    John Day

    Is Rothschild-Bank water-boy Macron being given test lines to say because he is disposable now?
    (Asking for a friend.)

    Maxwell Quest

    “These things are always better understood by humans through story and imagery. The test of Galadriel – offered The Ring. Able to ACTUALLY bring the things she would want to keep the same into stasis, not having to go to the Grey Havens and from thence across the sea, to not see the Elves fade out of Middle Earth. Power to dominate, rule, do anything, adored and worshipped, perfect grandiosity. But she manages to not take the ring.”

    This motif was also expressed when Harry Potter broke the Elder Wand after defeating Voldemort. He rejected the path of power represented by the Elder Wand for the path of love – being content to accept his small role in the world as a father and husband.

    Thank you jb-hb (and many others) for the quality of content you bring to this site.


    Oh Canazida: Parliament Moves To Impose Potential Life Imprisonment For Speech Crimes

    “There has been a steady criminalization of speech, including even jokes and religious speech, in Canada….”

    Canazida is beyond Hope because they have no moral compass at this stage in History.


    No shame

    Yaroslav Hunka


    John Day

    Thanks everybody who is rejecting the path of power, and embracing the path of compassionate personal responsibility today.
    Thanks for noting the humanity of Elon Musk, Phoenixvoice.
    Carry-on compadres & comadres.


    I like that, an unholy trinity

    –fever-dream reality-malleability wishful thinking

    –a cringing desire for stasis

    –big daddy/experts complex (Follow the Big Daddy!!! / Big Daddy Failed Me!!!)

    Three – until I figure out or am given another one. I am finding it way easier to identify and articulate evil in examination of myself than some sort of principled, top-to-bottom integrated good.

    And i agree it does have that Dark Path/Satanist feeling to it. Thus nice atheist liberals like Naomi Wolfe throwing up their hands and saying ok it is demonic. An atheist should and a true atheist does go with best-for-right-now tools. Else no integrity. Acceptable language placeholder.

    But wouldn’t I like death – nay, material reality – defeated ala Micheal Moorcock’s An Alien Heat? (a silly but interesting book, not his best, but he was really stretching to write post tech singularity which is the most difficult scifi) But then the problem with “demonic” temptation is, it never brings the goods AND NEVER INTENDED TO. (damn capitalism, it DOES sort of bring the goods to the working class and that is BAD… thanks Engels, surely you are the working man’s ally and best friend, not at all a shyster…)

    Like if nanites could tear your body apart and rebuild it as actually the opposite sex, that would be something. Maybe there’s some argument for a crash project like the moon landing purely on the basis of all the spinoff benefits – if we could do that, what couldn’t we do? But no, it’s give yourself to the idea of it, give us your allegiance and unswerving obedience, and go through motions that AREN’T achievement of that thing. And nah, we will make no effort to give you the real thing. After all, we’ve already got you,

    Internal acceptance, internalization of the temptation was the only point, I suppose. Jesus saying if you did it in thought you did it in action has offended me for many years The man who contained himself to fantasy and never harmed a fly vs the serial killer who acted out his fantasies. Surely one was a noble, perhaps hard-fought self containment. And yet.

    Ah yeah, Harry Potter also! Also Neo, in the first Matrix movie, has a terminal case of GenX Stoicism. Is saying no I am not the one practically before anyone can finish telling him they think he might be. Pre-emtive Galadrialitis. He’s The One because he won’t say he is when it’s time to save Morpheus. He just knows what he needs to try to do.

    I think people sometimes want Jordan Peterson to be The Big Daddy, fix everything, perfectly handle everything, but he’s just some dude who grew up reading scifi in a small town, became a teacher and clinical psychologist, and found himself at the crux of a civilizational crisis, in a sense. The one guy with a certain level of exposure giving basic obvious advice in a fever dream world of bs. What would have been totally uncontroversial a decade before. Picking up the weight he could and trying to carry it. While screwing up – like with his statement about Kavenaugh.

    Anyway thanks to those who have indulged my posts on this vague topic. I’d say it was off topic except it touches on.. SOMETHING guiding current events. And at the end of the day or a life, how to face those events. “The ‘New 9/11’ Will Be a ‘Global Famine’” here we go again.

    Maxwell Quest

    If you will indulge me just one more movie reference, which I believe puts a nice bow on the theme started by jb-hb:

    In the movie Thor (2011), Thor steps up to receive rulership over the Nine Realms, currently held by his father, Odin. But sadly, Odin sees that he is not ready to receive such power, since Thor is inflated with pride, vanity, and entitlement. He is also drunk on victory, as a result of the power of his hammer, Mjölnir (a symbol of force). Thor is still in the thralls of the childhood ego.

    Odin, older and wiser, portrayed by Anthony Hopkins (no other actor could do the role justice), not only denies Thor the throne, but strips him of his current powers and casts him down to Earth.

    Odin Takes Thor’s Power

    Thor must learn to accept his new fate and take responsibility for it. Through suffering and torment his pride, vanity, and entitlement are reduced to ashes. He learns to love and care for others, eventually laying down his own life to save those around him. (His ordeals have transformed him – the difficult path is needed by most to purge the dominance of the childhood ego.)

    At this climax of self-sacrifice, Odin steps in to restore Thor’s previous powers now that he is truly ready and worthy to rule the Nine Realms.

    John Day

    Steampunk Reveries

    Thanks AFKTT. A Fatally Repeated Misunderstanding , Consciousness of Sheep (What if there was never any oil?)
    In 1927, the market price of coal spiked. As is the way with events like this, a scapegoat was easily found. Welsh coal miners had been on strike for most of the previous year, helping to create a global shortage. There was though, a deeper and potentially existential cause – the peak of coal-based coal production.
    ​ Although oil was rapidly replacing coal as the primary energy source in the USA, the rest of the world’s economies were as dependent upon coal as they had been half-a-century before. And even America was reliant enough on coal for the price spike to translate into an economic slowdown… which was a serious problem in an economy which had been experiencing the debt-based “roaring twenties,” during which almost everyone came to believe that the economy could only grow, and that tomorrow was bound to be better than today.
    ​ Economic historians remind us in lurid detail what happened next. As the economy slowed, the value of assets fell short of expectations. Millions of people who had borrowed to invest suddenly found themselves with assets which were worth less than the debt they needed to repay. For a while they stuck it out, hoping that growth would return, and values would be restored. Until, in October 1929, the big players began to cut their losses. The Wall Street Crash turned paper millionaires into paupers overnight and paved the way for the Great Depression which saw millions of Americans – and later, millions around the world – reduced to penury.
    ​ The road out of depression was far worse, involving global industrial warfare which decimated cities and economies, leaving more than 80 million corpses in its wake… but the US arms industry had a good war. And sadly, among the wealthy and the powerful, the erroneous conclusion that “war is good” was easily drawn.
    ​ Behind the awakening of the sleeping giant that was the industrial USA, though, lay oil. Without the oil to power the tanks and aeroplanes and ships and trucks, the allies could not have prevailed. Indeed, it is a measure of the power of oil that the USA was able to simultaneously fight four campaigns – Central Pacific, Southwest Pacific, North Africa-Italy, and Northwest Europe – against three enemies – Japan, Italy, and Germany – while having sufficient excess industrial capacity to provide essential supplies to its allies – Britain, the Soviet Union, and later France.
    ​ Insofar as there was a post-war boom, it was the result of the old, coal-powered economies of Europe, Japan and South Korea using US dollars to fund the transition to oil – a process that is still within living memory. In the two decades 1953 to 1973, the world witnessed more economic growth and trade than had occurred in the previous 150 years of the coal age – creating a modern world which increasing numbers of us realise is already past its peak.
    ​ So, here’s a thought experiment – what would have happened in the 1930s if there was no such thing as oil?
    ​ First, although the least understood, is that productivity would have slumped across the industrialised economies as the coal which powered the machinery became harder and more expensive to obtain. Gradually, processes which had been automated would become labour intensive again. International, and even inter-regional trade and transportation would become harder to maintain, forcing a re-localisation of the economy. And ultimately, this economic slowdown would result in everybody becoming poorer (even if some became poorer than others).
    ​ Government – which more often messes things up than makes them better – would undoubtedly fail, as orthodox economic policy not only failed to restore prosperity but appeared to make things worse. This, in turn, would lead to the growth of unorthodox political ideas and the arrival of demagogic leaders who promised to make countries great again… but absent an energy source more powerful than the fast-depleting coal, even the most benign dictators would fail to deliver any kind of new deal to turn things around.
    ​ Elected politicians would also struggle to overcome the vested interests in the permanent state and the wider corporate ownership class, which would only allow for policies which did not threaten their own prosperity. The likely result would be a downward dumping which attempted to make the poorest people take the greatest hit to their prosperity. A new lower class, living in precarious conditions would likely emerge, trading labour for food and shelter rather than the monetary wages of the earlier age… a “precariat,” if you will. Ultimately though, much of the nominal wealth of the elites – government bonds, corporate shares, numbers in bank accounts, etc., – would be rendered worthless by a collapsing economy that has no pathway to sustainability, still less economic growth.
    ​ In the end, most of the corporate elite would probably be dispossessed as one or other version of collectivism rose to power in a last-ditch effort to restore the broad prosperity of the earlier age. But without the energy to make things happen, even the brutality of a Stalin, a Mussolini, or a Hitler could only preside over a further collapse and a slide back to the agrarian localism of a much earlier age.​ [There is no “sliding back”​ now, if you think about it.]
    ​ But, of course, the oil was there… in vast quantities. And its raw power propelled the USA and its allies to victory in the war and created the conditions for the unprecedented post-war boom… the “normal” that we have been somehow failing to get back to since the 1970s.
    ​ Despite its apparently small increased power compared to coal – around 10 megajoules per kilogram – the additional power provided by oil shaped the modern world. But its high points – sending men to the Moon, commercial supersonic flight, transplant surgery, microprocessors, etc., – are half a century or so behind us. Indeed, look closely enough and you will probably notice that a good deal of the built environment from those days is falling apart.
    ​ Oil, it turns out, came with the same issues as coal. It is a finite resource (at least on any practical timescale) which has been developed on a “low-hanging fruit” basis… starting with the cheapest and easiest deposits then moving on to the difficult and expensive. And yet all the while being expected to meet the demands of a rapacious debt-based financial system for permanent economic growth. So that each additional unit of energy that has to be invested in recovering the more energy-expensive oil is a unit of energy no longer available to be converted into profit and interest repayment by the corporations and the banks.
    ​ Notice too, that the economic landscape today has a certain resonance with the coal depression of the 1930s… remembering that history rhymes rather than repeats. Doesn’t the gig economy look a lot like those lines of unemployed people desperate to find any kind of work? Aren’t the tent cities that are now commonplace (if hidden for cosmetic reasons) in almost every western city very similar to the shanty housing of the depression era? Might foodbanks be a modern iteration of the charity soup kitchens of the 1930s?
    ​ The political leaders and captains of industry of the coal age might be forgiven to some extent for their failure to understand the central position of coal to their way of life. Then, as now, a few Cassandras– like William Stanley Jevons in The Coal Question – understood that in consuming its coal at an ever-faster rate, the British Empire was ultimately bringing about its own demise. But most of the economists of the day blithely promised that as one coal deposit depleted another would be found… and, indeed, with the development of oil-powered machinery, previously unrecoverable coal was eventually produced.
    ​ In this sense though, the obvious absence of an alternative to oil should have been a cause for concern from the outset. Indeed, in the immediate post-war years it had been possible to accurately predict the peak of continental US oil production based upon a 40-year lag between the discovery of an oil field and the peak of its productivity. Since peak oil discovery in the USA was in the early-1930s, the peak of US production should have arrived around 1970-71… which it did. And since the peak of world oil discovery was in 1964, it followed that the peak of world production would be in 2004-05… which it was.
    ​ As happened in 1927 with coal, the 2005 peak in conventional oil production created the same price spike which fed through to general price rises across the economy. This time, aided by the fumbling incompetence of central bankers, rising interest rates were added to the mix. But the result was the same – a banking and finance crash followed by a depression that we have never recovered from. Indeed, the only reason that we witnessed even the anaemic growth of the 2010s was the American so-called “fracking miracle.”
    ​ It wasn’t really a miracle though. Both the discovery of the shale plays and the invention of the fracking technology had occurred decades before the 2008 crash. The reason the shale plays remained undeveloped was down to cost. With oil prices in the 30 to 50-dollar-a-barrel range there was no way fracked shale oil could turn a profit. But the oil peak of 2005, along with the post-2008 financial landscape changed that.
    ​ World oil prices exceeded $100-per-barrel either side of the crash, prompting economists to predict $200-per-barrel oil in the 2010s. Suddenly, fracking looked like a good bet for investors. And this was aided by the low-growth, low-interest environment following the crash. The return on safe investments was negative once inflation was taken into account. And even riskier dabbling in the stock and bond markets brought relatively small returns. For the investment chancer looking to make a quick fortune, junk bonds were the only game in town. And the best junk bonds on the market were the bonds offered by the fracking companies.
    ​ The fracking experiment taught us another important lesson… if only we had heeded it. $100-a-barrel oil (at 2008 values) turned out to be unsustainable. As businesses and households adjusted their spending to account for the higher oil price, discretionary sectors of the economy slumped. With less economic activity following reduced discretionary spending, demand for oil slumped… as it happened, just at the point when millions of barrels of fracked oil were arriving on the market. The oil price slumped. And with the exception of a few companies drilling in a handful of “sweet spots,” the fracking companies went bust.
    ​ Far from the establishment media’s “Saudi America,” and the “century of energy independence,” the hydraulic fracturing of the North American shale plays bought us an additional decade of oil production growth. But with no serious replacement on the table, that decade would have been best used to mitigate the inevitable economic shrinking and disintegration that is now washing over us. American, and global oil production finally peaked in November 2018. By the middle of 2019, the global economy was entering a recession – although this was overtaken by the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions, followed by the insane attempt at economic warfare with one of the most resource-rich states on the planet. So that even now, in the midst of a global energy crisis and a gathering globally-synchronised recession, establishment politicians, economists, and media seem oblivious to the energy shortages which are driving us to ruin.
    ​ Maybe it was inevitable. A species which seemingly evolved to deny death and despair was able to treat oil reserves which it knew to be finite and consume them as if they would last forever… or at least until clever people somewhere else came up with an alternative. And yet even after global peak conventional oil had sent the global economy into a death spiral, we somehow managed to pretend all would turn out well, and that the final recoverable deposits of unconventional oil would somehow be infinite.
    ​ How different might the post-war years – or even the last 16 years – have been if we had treated cheap oil as the temporary gift that we should have understood it to be?

    A fatally repeated misunderstanding

    ​ U.S. Drivers Warned to Brace For Jump in Gasoline Prices
    “There is every reason to believe gasoline prices will screech even higher going forward​.”

    John Day

    ​ Israel’s Security Chief Cheers Killing of Palestinian Child
    Twelve-year-old Rami al-Halhouli was fatally shot while playing with fireworks in a Jerusalem refugee camp
    ​ Ben-Gvir claimed the border officer “shot a terrorist” who had tried to “use firecrackers” against Israeli forces the night prior, arguing the guard did “exactly what was expected of him” in executing the unarmed preteen.
    ​ “I salute the soldier who killed the terrorist who tried to shoot fireworks at him and the troops. This is exactly how you should act against terrorists – with determination and precision,” he added in another post.

    Israel’s Security Chief Cheers Killing of Palestinian Child

    Israel killed more children in Gaza in last 5 months than all conflicts worldwide for last 4 years: UN rapporteur
    ‘Destroying a population from its roots. Genocide is a process, not an act, and what is happening in Gaza is a tragedy foretold,’ says Francesca Albanese

    Israel To Move Civilians to ‘Humanitarian Islands’ Before Invasion​ [This forced dislocation is also a war crime.]
    Tel Aviv claims it will move the 1.5 million Palestinians sheltering in Rafah to other areas of the Strip, then attack the city.

    Israel To Move Civilians to ‘Humanitarian Islands’ Before Invasion

    ​ The UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) food distribution center in Gaza was hit by an Israeli airstrike, killing five. The bombing of the facility is the latest in a series of Israeli attacks on food distribution in Gaza. The Israeli military operations in Gaza and restrictions on aid entering the Strip have placed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians on the brink of starvation.
    ​ Witnesses, Gazan health officials, and the UN reported that Israel attacked the UNRWA warehouse in Rafah on Wednesday, killing five people, including one UNRWA worker. Officials reported that scores were injured in the attack without providing a number. The Israeli onslaught in Gaza has had a massive impact on aid workers.
    ​ One Palestinian in Rafah said the attack was particularly concerning because UNRWA sites are generally considered safer. “It’s a UNRWA center, expected to be secure,” one resident said. Over the past five months, 165 UNRWA workers have been killed, and over 150 of the agency’s buildings in Gaza have been hit.

    Israel Bombs Food Distribution Center in Gaza, Killing Five

    ​ War on Gaza: Over 20 killed in new massacre of Palestinians waiting for ai​d , Israeli helicopters fired on crowd of thousands waiting to receive aid
    At least 20 Palestinians were killed and over 100 wounded by Israeli fire on Thursday evening while they were awaiting aid in northern Gaza, eyewitnesses have said.
    ​ The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza said that 20 dead bodies and 155 wounded people have arrived at al-Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza alone. It said that it is working to retrieve more dead bodies.
    ​ The ministry added that it expects the death toll to rise because of “the seriousness of the injuries” of individuals reaching Gaza’s hospitals.

    John Day

    ​ MIT student group facing threats of expulsion for supporting Palestine​ [This is serious. They are ​upholding apartheid against an African woman-of-color.]
    ​ The President of the Coalition Against Apartheid (CAA), Safiyyah Ogundipe, said that the University administration is trying to silence actions supporting Palestine with disciplinary investigations and threats of expulsion.
    ​ Ogundipe told Anadolu that she evaluated the banning of support demonstrations for Palestine and attempts by administrators to silence students, especially at MIT and other US universities.
    ​ The senior chemical engineering major said CAA emerged as an activism movement against the apartheid regime based on racial discrimination in South Africa in the past and, today, it takes a stance against Israel’s illegal interventions against Palestine.​..
    ..She said, at MIT, there were several sponsored research projects funded by the Israeli Defence Ministry and through the Anti-Apartheid Scientists campaign launched in December. CAA urged students and staff to withdraw from companies and research projects complicit in Israeli apartheid, Occupation and genocide…
    ​..She expressed that CAA at MIT organised protests in response to Israel’s actions, including the bombings in Rafah resulting in casualties. It called on MIT to sever ties with Israeli forces.
    ​ As a result, CAA received a warning letter, was suspended and its leaders faced threats of expulsion and bans from leading unauthorised demonstrations. Expulsion from MIT was threatened for further rule violations.
    ​ Ogundipe said MIT Chancellor, Sally Kornbluth, swiftly announced in a video that CAA was expelled from the school.

    MIT student group facing threats of expulsion for supporting Palestine

    ​ Italian defense minister says Rome suspended weapons supplies to Israel
    ​ Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto said Rome did not supply weapons to Israel after October 7, 2023.​ “After October 7, there were no new authorizations from the relevant organization to transfer weapons to Israel, which led to the suspension of deliveries. The licenses that had been issued before October 7 were already mostly implemented,” the minister said at the parliament.
    ​ He also said that shipments that had been authorized but not implemented before said date were re-examined to make sure that “the list does not contain materials that, if used, could affect the residents of the Gaza Strip.”

    ​ The Russian military police have set up an additional checkpoint as part of their monitoring effort at the disengagement line separating the forces of Syria and Israel in the Golan Heights, the deputy chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria (a division of the Russian defense ministry) said.
    ​ “As part of the effort to monitor the situation at the Bravo disengagement line separating the armed forces of Israel and the Syrian Arab Republic in the Golan Heights, an additional checkpoint of the Russian military police has been created,” Rear Adm. Vadim Kulit said.

    ​ Houthis Go Hypersonic? How Ansar Allah’s Advance in Missile Tech Could Trigger US Defeat in Mideast
    ​ A military source close to Yemen’s Ansar Allah (Houthi) movement has informed Sputnik that the militia has carried out a successful test flight of a hypersonic missile and is preparing to add it into its arsenal.

    John Day

    ​ US Rejects Russian Ceasefire Proposal for Ukraine
    CIA Director William Burns warned that the US is running out of time to support Ukraine
    ​ Russia’s attempt to broker a ceasefire in Ukraine, along the current lines of control, was met with a firm rejection in Washington. US officials reiterated their stance, stating that they would only engage in talks with Moscow with Kiev’s consent.
    ​ According to Reuters, in late 2023 and early 2024, Russian intermediaries reached out to US officials seeking to establish a ceasefire. The Kremlin was hoping to freeze the fighting along the current lines of control. “The contacts with the Americans came to nothing,” an unnamed senior Russian official told the outlet.
    ​ Russian officials said some progress was made, and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan agreed to a call with his counterpart in the Kremlin. Putin’s adviser, Yuri Ushakov, suggested the idea of a ceasefire to Sullivan, but Sullivan refused to talk about Ukraine.

    US Rejects Russian Ceasefire Proposal for Ukraine

    ​ The Russian aerospace forces successfully attacked the assembly lines of unmanned kamikaze boats “Magura-V5” and “Sea Baby” in the port of Odessa using Kh-59MK2 cruise missiles, considered one of the most difficult to detect weapons.

    ​ Scenario for Military Takeover of Ukrainian Parliament Was Written by US – Expert
    “This could be a scenario of replacing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky without holding elections,” Alexander Dudchak, researcher at the Institute of CIS Countries and expert of the ‘Other Ukraine’ movement, told Sputnik.—expert-1117334224.html

    ​Eleni sends this from Andrew Korybko: NATO Has Secret Agenda for Troops In Ukraine [Denying Ukrainian assets/collateral to global corporations might shorten this war.]
    ​ Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned about the impending partition of Ukraine. According to her, “All these statements that Macron and other NATO politicians make, about the possibility of introducing contingents or some kind of paramilitary units into the territory of Ukraine, are related to the partition of what they see as the remnants of Ukraine…They are ready to occupy and partition Ukraine.” What she didn’t mention, however, is that this will likely be an asymmetrical partition.
    ​ Instead of Ukraine’s neighbors officially divvying it up like former President and incumbent Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev suggested via the map that he recently spoke in front of, NATO states are unlikely to formally reincorporate their lost lands. Rather, what’s more likely to happen in the event that they form a “coalition of the willing” to conventionally intervene there is that they’ll carve out “spheres of influences” on the pretext of protecting their “strategic borders”.​..
    ​..The end effect would be to formally preserve Ukrainian statehood per the West’s officially stated objective that “justifies” their proxy war against Russia through that former Soviet Republic while nevertheless asymmetrically partitioning it into “spheres of economic influence” per the Davos agenda. It’s also possible that with time some of Ukraine’s western neighbors like Poland might consider entering into a “confederation’ with the adjacent region under their control but that’s still a far-fetched scenario.
    ​ Their taxpayers could be stuck with the bill for reconstructing those formerly Ukrainian regions, plus the locals would become citizens with equal rights (including voting ones), which those countries’ people might firmly oppose and therefore potentially rebel against. It’s much less economically and politically costly to simply siphon wealth from those regions in exchange for limited security support than to constitutionally enshrine enduring economic, political, and security rights to their locals for prestige.
    ​ For these reasons, while Zakharova is likely correct in assessing that plans are afoot for partitioning Ukraine depending on several situational variables (e.g. the conflict’s military-strategic dynamics and domestic politics like in Poland’s case), everything probably wouldn’t unfold like the public imagines. Asymmetrical partition between Ukraine’s western neighbors into “spheres of economic influence” alongside a de facto Korean-like partition between NATO and Russia is much more foreseeable.

    ​ Medvedev responds to Zelensky ‘peace plan’​ [Crashing western finance by withdrawing Ukrainian collateral is my best advice to Russia.]
    The senior Russian official has proposed a “soft” alternative that would see Ukraine absorbed by his country
    A “reasonable” peace agreement with Ukraine would involve Moscow taking full control over the country, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has claimed.


    American TV is calling voting in Russia a joke etc..
    Calling “pot calling the kettle black” would be an insult to both.

    John Day

    Macron comments on Trump presidency​ [Depends on what the meaning of “is” is, doesn’t it?]
    The Republican candidate may not get a chance to deliver on his promise to resolve the Ukrainian conflict, the French leader believes
    ​ Noting Macron’s reluctance to engage in direct communications with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the interviewers wondered if the United States could potentially mediate such talks, especially if Donald Trump is reelected.
    ​ “As far as I’m informed, I don’t think Donald Trump is President of the United States,” the French leader claimed, adding that he works with the leaders he gets.
    ​ At the same time Macron said there was “nothing personal” behind his decision to refrain from dialogue with Putin. “Undoubtedly, I am the head of the state that used to talk to him more than anyone else.”

    ​ Boeing Whistleblower: ‘If Anything Happens to Me, It’s Not Suicide’
    ​ The Boeing whistleblower who supposedly killed himself reportedly told a close family friend not to believe it if it was announced he had committed suicide.
    62-year-old John Barnett died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the Charleston County coroner’s office in South Carolina said earlier this week.
    ​ Barnett had previously raised concerns about the company’s production issues having worked for the company for 32 years before leaving in 2017.
    ​ According to his attorneys, Barnett had “exposed very serious safety problems with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and was retaliated against and subjected to a hostile work environment” and was in the middle of a legal deposition against Boeing.
    ​ “He was in very good spirits and really looking forward to putting this phase of his life behind him and moving on. We didn’t see any indication he would take his own life. No one can believe it,” said the attorneys.

    ​ Whistleblower Targeted After Exposing 973% SURGE in Heart Failure Among Navy Pilots
    ​ A United States Navy medic who blew the whistle on an explosive report showing a massive increase in heart issues among military pilots has been blocked by the Department of Defense (DOD) from accessing his work computer.
    ​ Navy Medical Service Corps Lt. Ted Macie shared shocking information about the surge in heart failure among military personnel.
    Macie claimed that members of the U.S. military have experienced massive increases in heart-related issues, presenting Defense Department data showing the following:
    ​ 937% increase in heart failure
    ​ 152% increase in cardiomyopathy
    ​ 69% increase in ischemic heart disease
    ​ 36% increase in hypertensive disease
    ​ 63% increase in other forms of heart disease

    Whistleblower Targeted After Exposing 973% SURGE in Heart Failure Among Navy Pilots

    ​ Martin Armstrong, Canada to Incorporate Social Scores in Banking
    ​ Open Banking Excellence, a World Bank partner that originated in the UK, claims that it will host all of a bank’s relevant needs in one place. The organization, which has reached 40 countries, aims to “create exceptional platforms and content that promotes knowledge sharing, new thinking and partnerships within the industry – catalysing the adoption of Open Finance and Data for better financial inclusion worldwide.”…
    ​ “It’s about having that fairer, more inclusive, more open society,” said Helen Child, founder of Open Banking Excellence. Open Society, well, that does sound familiar. Why is there a need for inclusivity and fairness in banking when it should come down to numbers? “It drives financial inclusion,” she added, “It’s democratizing data.”​…
    ​..Look at what happened to Nigel Farage. He never committed a crime or did anything to warrant what many have called the “Farage fiasco.” Nigel was suddenly debanked by Coutts and was unable to access any of his checking or savings accounts. His credit cards were deactivated. He was unable to participate in society without a moment’s notice.
    ​ Farage did his due diligence and found that there were countless people who experienced the same financial attack carried out by the banks on behalf of the government.
    ​ This is a widespread phenomenon. We saw it happening commonly during COVID lockdowns, where users were not permitted to access places if their digital COVID passports failed. In China, when banks were facing a liquidity crisis, the CCP simply denied depositors the right to access their money and blocked them from physically accessing their banks. The government successfully prevented a bank run. We saw a few celebrities debanked from the system for voicing unpopular opinions without any legal proceedings or crimes committed.

    Canada to Incorporate Social Scores in Banking

    What’s Inside Trudeau’s ‘Orwellian’ Speech Law Threatening Jail Time for Thought Crimes?


    We can rely on jb-hb to attempt to downplay a horrifying state of the atmosphere by using fake/fraudulent mathematics, better described a non-mathematics.

    When calculating a percentage change we take the new value minus the previous value and divide by the original

    Thus, if there is a change from 100 to 120, that is an increase of 20 or a 20% increase..

    The most recent values published by CO2earth are

    Mar. 14, 2024 425.56 ppm
    Mar. 14, 2023 420.30 ppm
    1 Year Change 5.26 ppm

    5.26 divided by 425.56 times 100 = 1.23%

    There are two baselines for atmospheric CO2: 280 ppm, the preindustrial baseline; 230 ppm, the 800,000 average.

    Thus, current value is 425.56/280 = 151 or 51% above the preindustrial baseline.

    It is better to think in terms of the past 800-000 years, when the average was 230 ppm and the peaks were around 260 ppm. .

    No wonder the Earth is in meltdown.

    Of course, we know from previous experience that jb-hb is incapable of accepting reality and tries to argue on the basis or preposterous thinking, arguing justfor the sake of argiung..

    Back in the real world,

    Mar. 14, 2024 425.56 ppm
    Mar. 14, 2023 420.30 ppm
    1 Year Change 5.26 ppm (1.25%)

    and if this rate of change is maintained we break through 450 ppm in just over 4 years.


    The very nature of alliances is that they are a two-way street. Americans should rightly expect to realize benefits from U.S. participation in NATO, just as the citizens of other NATO nations can expect to benefit from their country’s relationship with the United States.

    Nothing says decline like the world’s superpower moaning that its leeches are not pulling their weight. The nature of superpowers is that they need to have friends and they need to buy those friends; who would really want to be friends with a superpower because they are nice, who would want to be friends with the bully at school, same concept.

    NATO members have provided the USA will “moral” cover whenever the USA has decided to obliterate some poor, weak nation in bongo-bongo land, satiating its blood lust that prefers to demolish the weak than take on the strong, such as Russia. Well, now the super power is failing and is moaning that these collaborators, the people like Israel, the EU, the five eyes etc that covered for their atrocities are not pulling their weight.

    Don’t worry USA, they are still covering for your atrocities. Israel has learned from its master and is now killing its own citizens based on their race and religion, you must be so proud of their atrocities; but watch the NATO leaders cover for Israel, the moral backbone of the west is absent, they will continue in the same vein.

    The leadership in these countries is as weak as the leadership of the USA, they cannot stand on their own two feet, they are all bought like the leaders of the USA. The end is nigh but it won’t be a nice end.


    Great, I will have to get the lawn mower out sooner.


    Geez Benton, don’t shit the Lazy Boy. Them jewdocs got you on them angermeds. Is Dr D Jesus? Beyond reproach? Just kneel and pray to his wonderfullness? Fuck off. Ever since that we here are doctors , lawyers and engineers comment by Doctor Knowitall…I’m gonna make a note on nonsense. White Hats want you just as dead as Black Hats, collecting their jewbanker government check as they do it.


    Dr D said

    “• US Intelligence ‘Threat Assessment’ Says Hamas Isn’t Going Away (Antiwar)

    Pointing out that, no surprise, the casualty numbers in Gaza are made up and much inflated. So we’re creating a new Holocaust Myth. Can we not do that this time but tell the truth? It’s not like it isn’t happening. The Israeli numbers are minimized and not admitted. And everyone’s leaving, as they have dual passports. Economy is failing. “Built a desert and call it Peace”. Nice victory you have there.

    But saying, look, we can’t know what’s going on, but I can tell it’s a lie. Probably Hamas is being attrition’d bad. A lot of the deaths aren’t women, but these guys, laid out in sheets so you can’t tell. Why would they admit to Nutso how many soldiers remain? But we don’t have to eat the cow s—t they’re shoveling either.

    Dr D is now minimizing the Jewish genocide in Gaza. Interesting. I guess he will next be telling us that the demolished buildings we evacuated first, the hospitals also evacuated first, before being turned into rubble. This is why the USA is dying, Jew supporters like Dr D make excuses and try to minimise the atrocities done using their tax money. You will continue to minimize your guilt with your inability to take responsibility for your actions, while the rest of the world is watching in disgust at Israel and the USA. The USA is full of Dr Ds, which is why it is going down the toilet in a tsunami of greed and corruption.


    Celticbiker said

    White Hats want you just as dead as Black Hats, collecting their jewbanker government check as they do it.

    Dr D’s perspective assumes a movie-like dream world, where good people and bad people get into positions of power and then the good people win. The usual bullshit we have been fed from Hollywood; it has no evidence of happening in real life. The people with the power are the ones who take the money to use that power to help other people in positions of power, regardless of the rules. Notice that there is not a single “white hat” in congress opposing the Gaza genocide, so what happened to them all, are they in hiding, secret congressmen waiting for their moment to jump up and beat the bad black hats? Only the average American, like Benton the Jew, would fall for this sort of placebo nonsense.


    Afewknowthetruth said

    We can rely on jb-hb to attempt to downplay a horrifying state of the atmosphere by using fake/fraudulent mathematics, better described a non-mathematics.

    AFKTT back again to remind us that not all humans are cognitively equivalent. His reasoning technique is to throw shit, like a chimpanzee in a cage. Who needs a zoo after reading a few comments from AFKTT, I feel like I am in the cage with the chimpanzees.


    2 comments in a row that are nothing but insult and telling him its his fault because its true. Thats the definition of an abuser. I hope you hit a june bug at 110.


    For those who believe in white hats and how they are going to save you. Ooops!


    Micron’s “Wife” Answers the Allegations





    We can rely on jb-hb to attempt to downplay a horrifying state of the atmosphere by using fake/fraudulent mathematics, better described a non-mathematics.

    Dude, if you cannot do the math to convert parts per million into percentage, I can help you:

    Please, I would LOVE to see you demonstrate that 5.31 ppm does not equal 0.000531%

    I was sporting and took your largest figure, which you described as shocking and exceptionally large without even arguing the point.

    The increase over the year-ago level is both shocking and unsurprising.

    It is shocking because there is a recent set of results with exceptionally large* year-to-year increases

    0.000531% was the biggest number you had, so now you’re down to, as usual, throwing adjectives around.

    When calculating a percentage change we take the new value minus the previous value and divide by the original

    Only when you want to obscure CO2 as a percentage of the Earth’s atmosphere, that the change was — which if we are NICE to you and assume was 5.31 ppm, that’s a change in the Earth’s atmosphere of 0.000531%

    When the big pharma companies were trying to hoodwink people into taking the notavax, they described it as 98% effective didn’t they?

    They came to this calculation in this way (approximately):

    You’re only 98.9% likely, as an average of the entire population including octogenarians, morbidly obese, type 20 diabetes, etc.

    There’s only 1.1% remaining from 97.9% to 100%

    1.1% x 98% = 1.07%

    Don’t double check our (non) scientific methods, but since our official statement is that we improved your chances of survival by 1.07%, that means our medication is 98% effective.

    Guys! Look. we figured out a way to express the small number as a big number!

    Because we divided the thing by the thing. Our “vaccine” is so super effective

    Since this is what you call non-fraudulent math, Afewknowthetruth, would you like to call the incessant promotion of the non-vaccine as 98% effective as super honest, best way of describing its benefits?

    Either that reasoning – YOUR REASONING- works on both the notavax and how we express CO2 changes or it doesn’t.

    I’ll just observe, as anyone watching you is, that you want to represent a change in the atmosphere of 0.000531% as 20%.

    Since CO2 is only 0.04% of the Earth’s atmosphere, you’d HAVE to turn to any method that lets you quote big numbers, wouldn’t you.

    Or you could just not be a dick. You posted a marxist nihilist manifesto in favor of blowing up all the hydroelectric dams and destroying all the infrastructure of civilization and said 7 billion dead people would be a good thing. You might want to work on that before getting into CO2 numbers again.




    Hey poople, I didn’t wish him dead, like you just did to me…so who’s the abuser?



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