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    Lady G suffers from an itch in her behind but The Doctor is Here


    Moodys down grade the entire banking sector: “Move along, nothing to see.”

    Central bank digital currency (CBDC)
    Understanding CBDC
    Simply put, a CBDC is digital money issued by a central bank.

    If a Canadian CBDC were issued, individuals and businesses could use it to pay for products or services using a mobile phone or a special card or device. It would be like cash but with the added benefit of being able to be used online.

    This official digital currency would retain its face value in Canadian dollars because it is issued by the Bank of Canada, just like bank notes.

    What would you do …… no electricity …. off grid …. no mobile phone … no card//devise …. debit/credit recording problems

    John Day

    Thanks everybody. Monitoring the feed.
    Sealed the decks outside. Old body and paintbrush…


    @ Afewknowthetruth

    Banking collapse
    Stock market is up/gains with all the central banking printing to cover the possible loses of the rich.
    (Had to do it to save the payrolls.)
    (Cheated on fractional banking 10X)

    John Day

    Oh, I noticed this action, and I notice that the explanation for the action is that these are very nice people, these TBTF banks , like JP Morgan, and they have so much faith that they pitched-in $30 billion to help out a little guy; didn’t even ask the Fed.

    We know that to be completely out of chracter, so they are acting in their self-interest.
    What could that possibly be?
    Derivatives going bad in an unpredictible cascade, which must be prevented, perhaps?

    Bank of America, Citigroup,. JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BNY-Mellon, PNC Bank, State Street, Truist and U.S. Bank to make uninsured deposits totaling $30 billion into First Republic Bank

    March 16, 2023

    Action by the largest U.S. banks reflects their confidence in the country’s banking system and helps ensure First Republic has the liquidity to continue serving its customers.

    Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo announced today they are each making a $5 billion uninsured deposit into First Republic Bank.
    Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are each making an uninsured deposit of $2.5 billion
    BNY-Mellon, PNC Bank, State Street, Truist and U.S. Bank are each making an uninsured deposit of $1 billion, for a total deposit from the eleven banks of $30 billion.
    This action by America’s largest banks reflects their confidence in First Republic and in banks of all sizes, and it demonstrates their overall commitment to helping banks serve their customers and communities.


    If the drone had a lot of plastic parts including the propeller (composite of epoxy and carbon fiber), would the dumped fuel melt the propeller and plastic parts?

    John Day

    The Russians located the Reaper underwater and will pull up what they can with a 1913 ship, made for heavy underwater lifting, and remotely operated mini-subs.
    That durned Reaper went down near Russia’s South Stream pipeline, too. What’s the odds?



    My best guess is the drone’s turboprop engine ingesting vodka would cause the engine to overspeed, overheat, flame-out, or catch fire. All would provide the temporary heat you need for the prop blade to melt.

    Clearly the US drone couldn’t drink and fly!

    The part I don’t get is the wisdom of releasing the video, as it makes the US the laughing stock of the world.

    Just Some Randomer

    “The part I don’t get is the wisdom of releasing the video, as it makes the US the laughing stock of the world.”

    The world isn’t laughing at the fact the clowns in the whitehouse released the video. The world is just laughing at the clowns.



    Lol. I guess the US needed to remove all doubts that they are clowns.
    Everybody seems to be admiring the skill of these 2 Russian pilots.

    Participant said

    “The trouble is that the more of that digital surveillance and programmability is built into the system, the more the energy and resource consumption profile begins to look like Bitcoin rather than Mastercard

    This statement is completely untrue. The use of excessive energy in the Bitcoin system is not due to the transactions themselves but by the race to encrypt those transactions. The purpose of having a race where everybody takes a lot of energy to encrypt the data is to ensure that nobody is able to go back to a historical date and re-encrypt the data … this is the encryption race that prevents people changing the bitcoin history. Bitcoin uses the premise that if the bitcoin miners are pushing the encryption forward at the fastest possible rate using current technology, then how can someone come from behind and overtake the bitcoin miner leaders? They would need superior technology. That is what consumes the energy as it involves thousands of machines all doing the same calculation to see who comes up with the amswer first … duplication of effort. But that duplication alsos enables a distributed bitcoin infrastructure. Distribution of the CDBC infrastructure is not required, duplication of effort is not required, neither is encryption, it will be run by your government. That website is lying to you for whatever reason: CDBC is easily achievable.


    Dr D Rich said

    @Dr. D

    By they in they’re you mean (((they))) who can’t be named on Raúl’s blog, right?

    You can say (((they))) are good, you just can’t say (((they))) are bad: (((they))) is just a conspiracy theory when it comes to (((they))) being bad.


    Ignoring a problem is not a solution.



    Jet fuel is K-i kerosene

    Not a very good solvent, more like light oil, hard to ignite, unlike say gasoline.

    Fuel oil on the cameras and lens of the Grim Reaper Peace Drone would be like me spraying oil out the back of my car on your car’s windshield while we are driving down the highway at 300 or 400mph.

    Pretty hard to see, eh?


    I just tested bing chat

    Do you have a link to the telegraph
    Sent message.
    Oops, I think we’ve reached the end of this conversation. Click “New topic,” if you would!

    Bing Chat keeps cutting off conversations after a few responses from Bing_ChatGPT


    Thanks, Oroboros


    The compliant will comply; the invested will invest.
    The abandoned will survive- having passed the IQ test.


    WEF culling Taiwan chickens, the culling of 13,000 ordered yesterday and many more to come …


    And here we discover the reason why there is a bird flu outbreak … vaccinations for chickens … Bill Gates will get you one way or another …


    All you folks with chickens in your back yard, it won’t be long before the law requires your chickens to have the Bill Gates vaccination. He will get you any way he can.


    Governments are using PCR testing (fake gold standard) or Lateral Flow testing (even worse standard) on the chickens. I am sure they are all manufactured to USDA and WHO guidelines. They have also started calling the tests by different names, such as “Molecular testing” to try to disguise the fact that it is yet another totally fake test. All the humans reported as infected with H5N1 were tested using PCR tests. Looks like bird flu is the next Covid: The test is the pandemic. I just wonder how many of these we will have to live with in the remainder of our lifetimes: 60 years with no pandemics then two within five years. And every time Bill Gates gets richer. Coincidence is a bitch.


    Chickens are our most valuable and efficient forms of meat. Governments are trying to destroy that form of meat in order to replace it with patented food that makes us all dependent on corporations. We see this with crops and farming, now they are including animals. Chickens are more efficient in creating food than are insects, here is a good summary:

    The bird flu assault has been going on for some time, the consequences are starting to bite and the Taiwanese government is complicit. Even a year ago in the USA people were complaining about this latest assault on humanity

    D Benton Smith

    It ain’t “currency” unless everybody who has something can (if they want to) swap it for the currency, and everybody with the currency can (if they desire) swap their currency for the stuff.

    Until a so-called “digital currency” attains that benchmark for basic utility it will remain an arcane boutique practice between specially trained and equipped (and trusting) parties. It might be “money” of a sort, but it won’t be currency until it can efficiently do what currency already so readily does.

    In other words, crypto is a fever dream in the heads of people far far removed from deep personal comprehension of the role that currency fulfills in the complex world of value exchange.

    At present ALL of the so-called crypto-currencies are limited to an extremely small circle of savvy practitioners who are swapping encrypted IOU/Ledgers for an extremely small set of “types” of transactions which are peculiarly amenable to the complex and top-heavy electro-magic that is required to perform digital money exchanges. It has a minor temporary role to play in the game of money.

    And yes, that game of money is big, but the money game is by no means the biggest category of activity in the larger game of human exchanges that must take place for human life to continue.

    The exchanges (and fakeries) involving money constitutes an extremely small and narrow subset of the myriad number of tokens, symbols, trusts, promises, obligations, records, counterfeits, lies and beliefs which are irreplaceably necessary to fulfill the human need and practice of trading one thing for another.

    Crypto and digital can only replace those forms which they CAN replace, and that is a very very small proportion of the number and types of transactions that always shall exist because they always must exist.

    I don’t know what to say to those who do not grasp this fact, except to exhort them to think more broadly. What is blackmail except a form of extorted transaction? Tom knows a secret that Dick wants concealed and by promising to reveal it extracts from Dick the obligation to betray Harry. And what is a money bribe other than a way to short-cut all the leg-work and skulking around that blackmail entails?

    I’m not saying that crypto magic can NOT be accomplished, I’m saying that until digital representations of currency CAN replace that myriad of human desires and necessities that it WON’T replace them. Something other than digital currency (encrypted or not) MUST fulfill those functions and therefore something other than digital money SHALL fulfill those functions, and that substitute WILL be a “currency” of some kind.

    It is plain to see that digital currency is years (if not decades) away from the level of ubiquitous fluidity
    accessible to everyone (honest and dishonest alike)who has something valuable that they need or want to exchange for something else of value.

    I’m also not saying that the fools won’t try, nor am I saying they can’t WRECK the current money system in the process. (Frankly, the current death and misery generating psychotic money system could use some wrecking.) What I’m saying is that their deranged techno-nightmare of universalizing such delusional nonsense to billions of people almost overnight is utter nonsense, dreaamed up by folks who never MADE anything in their entire lives,, and will not work worth a damn even if it were eventually rolled out en masse because it would be incapable of providing universal utility to the gen pop.

    The assholes who are hyping such adolescent bullshit talk big, and scare big, but when it comes to actually MAKING stuff, the lunatics are sub-pathetic. They can’t do shit. Or maybe I should say, shit is about all that they CAN do, and even that would require a trans-nursemaid to shove the laxative up their wazoo..

    In conclusion, in the absence of a universally accepted, efficient, useful and simple means of swapping symbolic value (like cash) people will naturally resort to some other means of accomplishing the task out of sheer necessity . . . and whatever that turns out to be it will NOT be the hallucinatory CBDC that doesn’t even exist yet and can’t be made to exist, world wide, overnight.


    Ď B Smith:

    CBDC already exists. See China, Nigeria etc.

    Another thing. CBDCs are not a product or thing that the government has to make. They are a control mechanism. Something governments, sadly, are really good at.

    Now i will admit it isn’t going too well in Nigeria. But the the Nigerian government has only just started forcing people to use it’s CBDC. Time is on their side, not on the people’s side.

    China will have a much easier time implementing their CBDC because they already have their social score in place and working.

    D Benton Smith


    CBDC already exists. See China, Nigeria etc.”

    Yeah, but . . . .

    . . . . what we’re really talking about in each of those cases is that they are in practice just partial and/or experimental central bank digital currencies, not full (or even preponderant) replacement of good old paper, coin, and IOU. A few other questions about them also come to mind.

    First off, what was the time span involved, starting from date that when their CBDCs went into actual hardware/software/system integration and production (including roll-out to the public) And ending on the date when the local paper and coin money was fully taken out of circulation and recognition as legal tender. I bet dollars to doughnuts that the following statements are true:

    1.) The total time span [including only: a) engineering and build up phase, b) roll out phase, and c) common usage by most citizens] come to a total of at least 15 years, AND

    2.) The are still a long way from cessation of printing and minting physical currency or the removal of physical money from the system as officially recognized legal tender. (in other words, digital has NOT replaced analog, but merely coexists with it.)

    Secondly, the jury of public reality is still out on whether the attempted CBDC will work, will last, or will ever ACTUALLY replace the older fashioned money in those countries. Maybe the country will collapse instead, or people will devise their own adaptations to the situation which circumvent or hack the digital hooha. A “Door #3”, so to speak.

    Figmund Sreud

    “Bird-Brain” on nuclear energy – starts at about 2:30 min.


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