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    Pable Picasso Le Pengouin 1907   • Credit Suisse Borrows $54BN From SNB: “Pre-emptively Strengthen Liquidity” (ZH) • EU Shrugs Off Silicon Valley
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    This is the face of utter idiocy and ignorance . And you just know she’s death-vaxxed.

    Tilda Swinton, who had COVID multiple times, bravely declares that she’s not wearing a mask anymore

    “… Swinton has now joined a list of heroic celebrities (including Woody Harrelson recently) who have bravely declared that we should all just decide that the pandemic is over because we’re tired of it, ….”

    Brave? Heroic? Excuse me while I vomit.

    For these death-vaxxed fools. the funny thing is …. the pandemic and the repeat infections will never never be over.
    Their future is one of repeated illness and disease.

    They bought the ticket, they’re taking the ride.

    Fuck ’em (excuse my poor bedside manner)


    Dr. D

    I wonder how long they held Credit Suisse off. We knew it was dead last month when JPow bailed them out.

    Yes, SIVB is a takedown. Why and by who is the question.

    No bail out SVB, then all the others? No. They have to: remember, now they have lashed all things to the ONE thing. Any failure is now ALL failures. Welcome to Hell, idiots. But there’s still time to throw Bernank and Yellen in prison.

    Newsom bails himself out. He was neck-deep in SVB.


    Now as reliable as Time’s Man of the Year or the Nobel Peace Prize.
    A more personable explanation of the same events. Bringing it back to us and why we’re crazed and struggling.

    Kiev Independent.

    Again, their concern is their Feeeeelz. How do the Russians Feel? How are our signals? Do we need to rewrite a book or attack another statue or something?

    “Credit Suisse is labeled systemically important, aka too big to fail”

    Yes, but what does the U.S. Federal Reserve have to do with it? Do we bail all banks worldwide? How about Russian and Chinese banks? Nigerian banks? Ohio? Omaha? No?

    So you’re saying “We only bail our friends.” “Socialism for me, Capitalism for thee.”

    ““I don’t see any risk of contagion,” French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Monday.”

    Well, that confirms it. And really? Credit Suisse is down and what? It’s just a small local bank? Uh-huh.

    “imagine Washington’s reaction”

    As infants and narcissists, they are incapable of imagining being in the shoes of others. This is literally like saying “Blah blah blah blah blah, Fluffy” to them. Reality for thee and not for me. Save your breath. You’d get about as far explaining to that man in the ward that a dragon doesn’t really live in the keyhole. That is: nowhere. You’ll only get attacked.

    That’s madness, and in a world of nuclear hellfire madness can indeed lead to you glowing in the dark.”

    Yes but they ARE mad, insane, and believe dragons like in their ear-hole and Putin is under their bed. Everything and everyone is in on the vast conspiracy. Putin both controls all elections and gets Joe Biden elected. Yes, Insane. ‘Round the bend. Foaming at the mouth, barking at the moon, “danger to themselves and others” madness.

    ““We’re still assessing whether there can be any kind of recovery effort.”

    Well, let’s see: we have no ships in the Black Sea. Probably not.

    Ukraine Wants to Legalize Controversial Hacker Brigade (RT) “

    Let’s see: are these the guys that keep the kill list on children? Or were they the “CrowdStrike” guys that “proved” Hunter’s laptop was fake and that Russia cybered the DNC emails? I always trust my security and antivirus to E. European hackers. That’s just common sense.

    How Russian Identity Was Wiped Out In What Is Now Western Ukraine (Plotnikov) “

    They’ve been after Russia always, for 200 years in a row. Why?

    The Tyrants Are Passing State Laws to Push CBDCs (Thomas Renz) “

    And failing. States are also passing laws outlawing the laws. Gold is tax free in many states now, and some are outlawing CBDCs and forcing acceptance of cash.

    Are we at a new high for gold? Yes, of course no one mentioned it. Wouldn’t want anyone buying the way up or anything. Silver: still a zero.

    Charts and charts:
    $2621 in 1980 inflation-adjusted.
    $2058 in 2020 actual.
    We’re at $1950-ish today.

    Silver is at a nose-bleed, never-in-history +80:1 ratio. And has been near there for YEARS. In 2020, 110:1 ratio.
    Silver leaves the ground at a 16:1 ratio or so and has no stocks. 10x out of whack, minimum. (Longer than you can remain solvent”)

    All-time high $140 Inflation-adjusted, 1980.
    Presently $20-ish.

    How can I put this: Dow:Silver ratio is 40:1 at the 1980 high. Trends at like, 250:1?
    Right now the level is almost 2,000:1 Again, warning it’s been over 1,000 since 1994. –You know, when Larry Summers wrote that paper about breaking the gold price to hide inflation and get Bill elected?? Yeah, that one.

    Benton I don’t really grasp it. Is bribery not a bad thing? Do we believe in sovereignty and therefore doing what is good for our people? Whatever “us” is? China bribing us is now a good thing? Not a bad thing? And NY? The whole point was to ask: “Hey, I thought these Jews run the world! And here they don’t even run New York, one of their most powerful centers. What gives?” So…what gives? Your argument is, they run all Banking, even down to tiny transfers from 2nd tier banks – where the whole board and everybody else transferred a day before too that’s WHY there was a run – and yet somehow they don’t run NYC, their 2nd largest center? Also 90% killed in Israel where they definitely run things.

    What gives? Sounds a lot like they’re taking it in the teeth like the rest of us.

    Or is it really my way? All Mafia are Italians, or nearly so; yet all Italians are not the Mafia. Isn’t that easier?

    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Le Pengouin 1907

    Just 2 lines…


    The disinformation service, Bloomberg, takes the lead. Bloomberg points its finger at Donald Trump and “Trump era deregulation.” In Bloomberg’s rewriting of history, Trump is responsible because he signed a bill passed by Democrats and Republicans that allowed mid-sized banks to “skirt some of the strictest post-financial crisis regulations.” So, where was the federal reserve? Where were the bank regulators? Bloomberg doesn’t say.

    Presidents don’t write financial legislation. Financial legislation that the Federal Reserve and the SEC don’t approve doesn’t get passed. A third world immigrant-invader, Ro Khanna, who somehow represents in Congress Silicon Valley says: “Congress must come together to reverse the deregulation policies that were put in place under Trump.”

    What utter total BS.

    Silicon Valley Bank failed because in 1999 the Clinton regime signed the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act and because the Dodd-Frank Act allows failing banks to seize the deposits of depositors in order to have a bail-in instead of a bail-out. The foolish legislation causes depositors to withdraw their deposits on any sign of bank trouble.

    Just Some Randomer

    Sorry @Red – you appear to have missed the essential point of the matter which is ‘Orange Man Bad’.

    Once you internalise that starting premise, everything will make sense.


    @just-some-randomer: Orange Man Bad, Putin bad, Xi bad, Orban bad, the list goes on. I believe the essential premise may be “it wasn’t us”. Or “look over there” just not here. I’m trying to stand outside and look in, easier said than done, without doubt. The financial system as it stands is a ponzi scheme and as such cannot be tapered, it’s grow or collapse. CBDC’s are nothing more than a new type of fiat to be used to keep the scheme running a little longer. They look good to TPTB but have a fatal flaw bigger than the current physical fiat in circulation and that is the dependance on a stable grid to function, already losing trust in some parts. The claims that the current financial system has put on the future physical production of goods cannot be met. A re-valuation of everything isn’t far off. The system has played itself into a corner and I believe it is only a few moves from finding itself in a self imposed checkmate. Something wicked this way comes. What say you?


    I’m a bit surprised is not the wars fault.

    SOFIA, BULGARIA — Oilseeds production in Bulgaria will stay flat at 2.4 million tonnes in marketing year 2022-23 despite 8% more area harvested than the previous season due to lower yields from summer heat and drought, according to a Global Agricultural Information Network report from the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the US Department of Agriculture.

    The rapeseed crop for 2022-23 is projected at 299,250 tonnes, 20% lower than 2021-22, while sunflower production grew to 2.077 million tonnes, about 4% above the previous season.

    Bulgaria has become the top European Union (EU) importer of price-competitive sunflower seeds from Ukraine with a 40% share in total EU imports and also increased its crush. Bulgaria currently leads with 66% of total EU exports of sunflower meal and 47% of EU exports of sunflower oil.

    Farmers, however, have expressed concerns that the imported sunflower is depressing local prices. FAS Post Sofia’s early forecast for marketing year 2023-24 is for higher oilseeds production if the weather cooperates and depleted soil moisture reserves are recovered in the spring.

    “Overall, marketing year 2022-23 precipitation to date is significantly lower than in the previous marketing year,” FAS said. “Although rapeseed has developed well so far, there is a serious risk about the spring development when the water needs of the crop will increase. In addition, there is a risk for the spring planting conditions for sunflower if there are not sufficient rainfalls in March-April to recover low soil moisture reserves.”

    Related Articles
    Bulgaria corn crop hampered by drought
    EU crop monitoring service projects lower yields
    Bulgaria wheat, barley crop suffers dryness
    Dryness could lower Argentina’s wheat yields by 50%
    Bulgaria sees decline in grains output


    The IT Army calls itself a “worldwide IT community” that represents President Vladimir Zelensky’s team and is “the supreme power in Ukraine, capable [of blocking] over 800 targets simultaneously.

    Known outside Ukraine as the CIA and its bitches.


    Democracy – Expensive Entertainment – Freedom to Chose – Happy Days are Here Again

    Catch a Chinese Balloon or Catch a USA Spie Drone

    Hide the Numbers – War, Covid, Bank, Biden,

    Blame someone else – Russia, China

    Who is the judge/God?
    “All humans are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights”

    No Interference – regime change – no more my way or the highway – no meddling – live and let live – no more bulling.


    Just Some Randomer

    @Red :- I can’t disagree with any of that. Checkmate indeed – a predicament rather than a problem. As I see it, the chain of events that leads to the end/reset of the financial system began when cheap energy became a thing of the past and the creation of sufficient wealth to maintain our consumer society was no longer possible.

    Personally, I have been reasonably active of late buying any durable goods/tools/equipment that I think will be needed over the coming years, as I strongly suspect they will not be available at any kind of reasonable exchange rate for Fiats in the near future – if indeed they are available at all.

    CBDCs are as much a distraction to the real world of currencies as windmills are to the real world of energy generation. A techno-utopian ‘Fix’ that cannot possibly work but gives those who support them some hope to cling onto.


    “Those suspected of ‘Russophilia’ were hung on these trees in front of the windows. People were hung right on the trees. They would hang there for a day, then would be taken off and others would take their place… ”

    Humanity is evil. Why are Ukraine’s Nazis not able to formulate their own direction in life, why are they following the failed leaders of the past, like Stephan Bandera? Because they enjoy violence, they want a life overflowing with violence, the target is irrelevant, they just want to be beating someone.

    An intelligent person will realise that they have one chance on this earth and so they need to do their own thing. For the Bandera Nazis and the Pentagon Nazis this means beating up people, torturing people, threatening people, assassinating people. They see this as the life they want to lead, to be top dog showing the world who is boss.

    Not everyone is like you which is why there have been mercenaries on this planet for a very long time. The thugs out there are in huge numbers, they love the opportunity to kill people and they will come into their own more and more as society in the west disintegrates.


    Trembling me thinks? Perhaps even shaking!

    The fresh losses came after the chairman of the bank’s top shareholder, Saudi National Bank, ruled out investing any more into the bank in a Bloomberg interview on Wednesday. The Saudi bank has just under a 10% stake in Credit Suisse, and crossing that threshold would subject it to new rules.

    On Tuesday, Credit Suisse said in its annual report that it had material weaknesses in financial controls. Credit Suisse has lost money for five straight quarters, and its wealthy clients in the fourth quarter withdrew about $100 billion from the bank.

    “Rarely seen level” yeah sure. I think you mean “rarely exposed”.
    Bloomberg) — The cost of insuring the bonds of Credit Suisse Group AG against default in the near-term is approaching a rarely-seen level that typically signals serious investor concerns.

    “The status quo is no longer an option” for embattled bank Credit Suisse, according to a JPMorgan, and the most likely endgame is a takeover by bank UBS.
    The investment bank said in a note to investors Thursday that “ongoing market confidence issues” in Credit Suisse — rather than its capital position — had led to a record 24% fall in the lender’s stock Wednesday.
    Credit Suisse said it would accept a 50 billion Swiss Francs ($53.7 billion) loan from the Swiss National Bank Thursday to help stay afloat, but JP Morgan said that liquidity injection may not be enough.
    “We see a resolution scenario as most unlikely in our view and more likely… a takeover as the most likely scenario especially by UBS,” JPMorgan said.


    I am visiting Taipei, Taiwan, again for a few days. Today I saw a queue for eggs and asked a friend, a restaurant owner, what was going on. She told me that there is a shortage of eggs and that people are expecting a food crisis in the next few months due to climate change, the cause of the egg shortage is just the beginning. Oh dear.

    You have to understand that Taiwan is a “western” country when it comes to political games. CNN is the most frequently quoted western news media over here, they play endless CNN clips on local news. The Taiwan government has apparently decided to go along with the WEF culling of chickens. They have been culling chickens for bird flu – sounds very familiar – but this is a very suspicious act in Taiwan as there has been a meat-import ban in Taiwan for a number of years. Nobody is allowed to import meat, certainly not live meat, unless that meat is inspected by the government and the importer is licensed. Many have taken this to be just another Taiwanese monopoly, a way for the well connected to fleece the population, in the same way as Taiwan only has a single importer and distributor of liquor … totally corrupt. Returning to bird flu, you have to wonder how the birds in Taiwan managed to catch bird flu when meat and live animals cannot be imported. Were they poisoned by CIA agents? If so, will the Taiwanese government discover this or will they continue in their usual ignorance? You can just taste the corruption.


    @just-some-randomer prudent moves for sure. I spent most of my early years in the garden of my paternal grandfather and the winters in the basement workshop of his, where he made everything from lobster traps to wheelbarrows to shaping handles for his tools, garden and others. I spent hours turning the water stone wheel by hand as he sharpened everything from knives and axes to his scythe, which he used to mow the small orchard and old ruff pasture land around the place. I’m presently constructing a smithy shop,( I know nothing about smithing) to learn how to metal smith without electricity. If all goes well should be working by fall. My grandfather was born in 1892 and passed in 1984. He had very bad cataracts but did all of the above up until his late eighties.


    Talking of egg shortages in Taiwan: China has a never-ending supply of eggs, we never run short and the shops are full of great eggs. Must be something in the western water, or it is Bill Gates’ Beyond Eggs killing birds through corruption, which seems to be the Bill Gates way.


    @ Red – “CBDC’s are nothing more than a new type of fiat to be used to keep the scheme running a little longer.”

    You couldn’t be more wrong:

    Central Bank Digital Currency Is the Endgame – Part 1


    One more and I’ll shut up:

    When Biden, Yellen, and the rest of the Wall Street protection team tell you the banking system is safe and they have it under control, they are lying, just as I said fifteen years ago.


    Was there anybody NOT injured by this rat juice?




    @germ I could definitely be more wrong and have on many an occasion.


    Europeans will have to go to Russia even for turnips – Putin

    “It’s not Iran, Russia, China, or North Korea that poses a threat to America, but the US government’s $31 trillion debt” – US Senator Roger Marshall

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine have been destroying civil infrastructures/house in Donbass the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, since 2014

    The American drone MQ-9 was found at a depth of 900 meters. Above it is the duty of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet, so as not to let anyone to the place of the fall. The issue of raising it is being resolved.

    The Black Sea Fleet has a vessel that is capable of doing this – the legendary “Commune” built in 1913. Repeatedly rebuilt and having a huge track record of underwater work (including the lifting of several submarines, as well as aircraft and ships), it has deep-sea vehicles capable of operating at a depth of up to 1 km


    The US has released an edited video of the two Russian Su-27s dumping vodka on the poor little drone. The US says the second Su-27 hit one of the drone’s props.

    However, notice that the drone remains stable in flight, the drone is turning to try and avoid drinking the offered vodka, and then notice the bent prop blade is bent forward in the same direction as it is rotating.

    If the second Su-27 had hit the prop it would have been bent backwards in the other direction. The only way for the prop blade to be bent forward, the way it is, would likely be from hitting some liquid vodka.

    So the Russians didn’t make contact with the drone nor did they use any weapons either! The drone simply couldn’t drink vodka and fly at the same time!





    He’s a Mafia Don



    Page 22 and 23 of the UK “Daily Express” today.




    Compensation denied to hundreds of Covid vaccine victims suffering ‘severe’ side effects

    “Dr Tom Merritt, part of the Oxford University team who developed the AstraZeneca vaccine, admits some who had the jab were “collateral damage to the bigger scheme”. He added: “Some tragically died, a number had their lives changed forever. They believed in vaccines, now they don’t.”





    Germ, Red, re: feasibliity or longevity of CBDCs, see Tim Watkins’ article., evaluating the issue solely from the UK perspective.

    “If the CBDC really were just a digital replacement for cash, it would use far less energy even than the current card payment systems. But there’s the rub, the technocrats behind the CBDCs have no intention of simply issuing them like cash and then allowing us to transact with them in the same way we do now. Rather, there are going to be hidden layers of digital control built into the system . . .

    “The trouble is that the more of that digital surveillance and programmability is built into the system, the more the energy and resource consumption profile begins to look like Bitcoin rather than Mastercard. . . . But – assuming the proportion of transactions is similar across the world – under a fully-functional CBDC system, these 98 percent or so of all transactions would be digital and would require similar energy and hardware costs to those currently incurred by Bitcoin. That is, instead of the 144TWh per year used by Bitcoin, CBDCs would consume some 7,056TWh – more than three times the UK’s total 2019 energy consumption of 2,185TWh… In an increasingly energy-constrained global economy, it should – but likely won’t – be clear that programmable CBDCs are a non-starter… a solution looking for a problem to solve indeed!”

    Mr. House


    Yes the energy requirements would be insane, if we still had 7 or 8 billion people on the planet. What if that is reduced to say a billion? Unfeasible then?

    Just Some Randomer

    @Mr. House – definitely not feasible. The economies of scale that make the infrastructure of the internet affordable for us would be lost. As Gail Tverberg points out occasionally, it’s only because so many people are watching Youtube videos of cats and sharing the cost of maintaining the infrastructure that we can use the internet for online banking at reasonable cost.

    Same applies to most of the things we enjoy if the global population is dramatically reduced. Without so many people paying taxes to maintain roads or buying the cars that giant factories can turn out so efficiently in massive quantities and so on, the whole thing becomes unaffordable for everyone.


    POOF, the magic dragon
    Access to CBDC requires access to electrical energy and the associated infrastructures.


    Shut him up!



    It’s too funny, US spending 2x $400k missiles to shoot down a $50 balloon, and Russians spend $50 of fuel to dump and down a $50 million drone.

    D Benton Smith

    Everybody is running around warning everybody else that if we don’t do something right now then something really really bad might happen. As if really bad somethings haven’t been falling down around our ears for the past 7 years. The corrupt system that made those bad things has been totally rotten for a lot longer than that, of course, but the actual, physical, REAL and tangibly injurious “really bad things” have been flamboyantly falling down around our ears for at least 7 years. (CIA operatives working from inside the Whitehouse to depower and dethrone a sitting President IS a rather “really bad thing” and that specific bad thing most definitely fell down more than 7 years ago.

    My point is simple. The collapse is not imminent. It is not mere days, weeks or at best months into our future. It is years and decades into our PAST. Critical mass was reached when we were children. The detonator was fired when we were adolescent students. The chain reaction initiated when we were young workers, and it has been in progress ever since. What makes present conditions so attention grabbing and “newsworthy” is only that the expanding wave front of the nuclear explosion is just now reaching our collective consciousness.

    From this point forward the numerous revelations, crises and casualties will increase at a rate that exceeds human input capabilities. In other words, “really bad things” ( and great things, too!) will be happening and multiplying so rapidly that we literally will not be able to keep up with it all except in the most generalized summary fashion.

    Take heart from the fact that the Good Guys have not been sitting on their hands all this time, either. Their work is primarily where most of the counter-fight has been coming from. They have seen it coming for decades as well, and have amassed a body of documented information and capability that is staggering in range and scope. Alternative media is not an accident.

    FOR EXAMPLE, check out the genocide lawsuit just filed in Utah [at ]
    which had to have been preceded by hundreds of thousands of hours of expensive top level lab work to compile, because that’s the only way such information can be acquired. I don’t see any shortcuts in virulogical biochemistry. It’s pretty self-evident that massive high IQ technical grunt work is the only way that it can be done.

    If you do nothing else today, listen to Dr. Flemming’s summary (on the site) of the facts supporting the lawsuit. I bet that it will make your day.

    Mr. House

    But isn’t it unaffordable now?

    D Benton Smith

    The projected over-the-top energy consumption of ubiquitous CBDC use sure looks like a game stopper before the game even starts.

    But there is another flaw that not only “would be” a game stopper, it already IS NOW a game stopper, and one that is a LOT closer to being immediate rather than long term.

    That flaw is the literally IMPOSSIBLE logistics of rolling out such an ambitious project as a whole & complete operational sufficiently integrated system to almost everybody almost all at once. Can’t be done. The software and procedural policies alone would take many years to integration into the legacy system of buying stuff and getting a receipts that are legally useful. Sure, it COULD eventually be hammered out, but we’re talking many many years to get it working at all, not a measly few months.

    Big Tech Big Communications giants knew for decades that computers and telephones would have to be converged and integrated eventually, so they started early and worked hard at it. But even then, how long did it actually take before internet capable smart phones were in everybody’s pockets? Around 30 years is all, and that was at “warp speed”. Pulling off that sort of transition of paradigm with MONEY is a much MUCH bigger job, and don’t forget that the whole damned thing has be made “people useable” on a level of simplicity of use level that it could be easy peasy routine even for educationally and intellectually way-below-average people. It can’t just be for brainy techy types. If money itself is going to be transmogrified into CBDC then that means ALL money.

    Nope, Ain’t gonna be a happening thing . . . . although I’m just as certain that those suicidal morons are going to keep on trying until it (or it’s victims) kills them.

    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D

    By they in they’re you mean (((they))) who can’t be named on Raúl’s blog, right? Or maybe you’re saying because ((they))) also mistreat and steal from ((their own people)) that they are just like the rest us….people in glass house so on so forth.

    D said: “Sounds a lot like they’re taking it in the teeth like the rest of us”

    Wait? Because deBlasio spoke harshly to the scofflaw Hasidics who defied the critical ublic health prescriptions against a pandemic that Taleb and Fauci was gonna kill a “Fibonacci number” of humans, you conclude…
    “yet somehow they don’t run NYC, their 2nd largest center.”
    That “2nd largest center” label doesn’t by itself convey the scale and scope of “their” running the show.
    I mean, I don’t see “them” here running Johnstown, Seward, New Florence or Nanty Glo.
    Yeah, Nanty Glo, look that one up.

    Bribing isn’t bad? Let fat man Desantis adopt that strawman casus belli for his presidential platform War on China plank. Bribing is bad enough to go to war while the Navy, Army and VA bribe loyalty out of servicemen and Veterans through disability evaluations AS the money is channeled through Lockheed’s aircraft maintenance division named QTC.
    How’s that for loosening of associations!


    Regarding programmable CBDCs using too much energy. I am calling bullsh*t on this!

    I hate to pop your CBDC energy bubble but if a programmable “world wide” CBDC only requires 3 times the UK’s electrical consumption, then your masters will deem it to be a cheaper way for them to obtain total control of you, than their current systems for only being able to partly control you. Your masters see this as dam cheap!

    Look at China’s social credit system for a reality check. That system requires a lot of energy to run but that has not stopped the CCP one bit! They like it so much that they have even bigger plans!

    This false narrative that a programmable CBDC requires too much energy to run, is just to get you to stop worrying about CBDCs, while they quetly implement it, until it is too late for you to stop it. (Look at number of US states that have already passed CBDC laws.)

    Even if the CBDC system requires that much energy, your masters will force you to pay for the extra energy by forcing you to use less energy somewhere else!

    Once they have this degree of control over you, your masters will never give it up!


    CBDC’s = much larger black market, currency yet to be decided. Energy be damned.


    Eurasia 47; Oceania 3.

    If you were betting on a win or a draw, ‘wrong bet’.

    Ponzi forever’…..until it’s not.

    Project Fourteenth Century underway: most are totally unprepared.

    Far worse to come before Project Industrial Civilisation fails.


    Dan, the event organizer, is noticing a few things, including class action law suits.

    The Panic is Out There

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