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    V. Arnold

    So, where’s the remedy?
    Is there a remedy?
    Yes, there most assuredly is; but where do you think it is to ne found?
    Your problem to solve…
    Excuse me if I laugh; Hahahahahahahahahahaha……..

    Dr. D

    Remedy is it will crash itself naturally. All natural processes do, and we are no different.

    See this chart? Some would characterize it as a “wolf wave”, that is, they keep interfering in the market, adding energy and distortions for profit that slosh back and forth ever-harder until the boat (society) capsizes. Next wave in theory is down to 6,000-4,000.


    Problem is, charts have two variables. It’s not to say when stocks are universe-long highs they won’t fall, but that doesn’t mean they’ll fall in US$ terms: the best stock markets in the world are Venezuela and Zimbabwe. So in gold, oil, or wheat terms it may reach 4,000 and probably will. But this actual chart Dow/US$ could show Dow 40,000. Anyway, God is not mocked. Nature comes last at bat.


    Chart Porn. A goal-seeked elucidation of what “really” happened yesterday. Extrapolate it out to future expectations and,,, well,,, see how that play’s out. Of course it will give one an opportunity to edit and update the charts.

    To wit, the past is gone, the future is unknown. Looks like that only leaves the present. But then, Americans spend most of their lives preparing to start living. Just like the best days for fishing are always yesterday and tomorrow?


    Aside from that, Akaw! That Megaphone chart looks like a cleanup set. Don’t lose your baggies!


    Algorithms. Although nothing really apropos to the above, a book which I have just read, fiction, is called The Fear Index. It is just fantastic


    I forgot to tell you – it is by Robert Harris. A fantastic author. I can recomend all his books.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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