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    Dr. D

    V Good point. They reason is because WE created it. Therefore the Chinese would need a copy to defend against us. This is the lame excuse for all their deadly Frankenstein experiments, “Because the other guy will, so we need to be MORE evil to be less evil.” Right!

    Good catch on Deitrick, the clown show that brought us fake anthrax back to put Congress in line to vote anti-democracy, headed by Mueller. This is related, as are the Harvard and Canadian arrests, but not sure how yet.

    They don’t have tests on purpose, silly. But what the full purpose is, I’m not sure. I’d say it’s because they released it previously and don’t – yet – want everyone to know everyone in the U.S. ALREADY has it. …And therefore there’s no death rate. (or 0.01%, the flu) Because then it couldn’t have come from China TO here. We’d have to be in on it somehow ahead of time. “The American government is insanely lackadaisical.” Uh-huh. It is. WHY? We can do stuff fast if we feel like it. Why do we suddenly not feel like it? Because believing China was an existential threat, we first-strike them after the trade negotiation went nowhere? That’s whether or not anyone told Cheeto, and I’m not saying he didn’t authorize it.

    Donald Trump said today people infected with the novel coronavirus will get better “by sitting around and even going to work.” Sigh. No he didn’t. He said people DON’T KNOW they have it, and they ARE going to work anyway, which is a fact. Also, we’ve already established a 98% recovery rate, so 98% of people ARE getting better by sitting around. But if he said the sky was blue, people would say it’s red. Let’s stick to the facts. Occasionally he can say them.

    What does Donald Trump know that I don’t?”

    Basically everything. Because he has classification, knows what the CIA is doing, what happened in Ft. Deitrick, what is happening in China, and what the WHO and CDC are up to. And he’s putting his neck out and saying it’s influenza. Yet you don’t believe the only guy talking who actually has facts and clearance. Okay. It’s a free country.

    I wouldn’t say Taiwan’s article can work. Yes, IF the disease is real, natural, and wild. This one isn’t, it was engineered, probably in several forms, and released in several variants in several places. You know, like Cruise ships, to get into the news good and propper. Therefore the theory of “spreading naturally” and “mutating naturally” can’t be trusted.

    Italy wouldn’t inflate the numbers per se, but they also wouldn’t want to panic by saying infections are 10x higher than suspected … and therefore the death rate is merely 0.3%, either. It’s a balance.

    I’m not saying it isn’t dangerous, neither is Trump. If it’s Influenza, +1M people will die. However, 11 people die every 2 hours in NYC. No one cares. That’s only double the rate of being killed by vending machine accidents. Get a grip, when did everybody become such sissies? You’re all GOING to die, it’s just a matter of how. Don’t cower: pick a heroic way.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)
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