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    Robert Capa Capucine, French model and actress, in her hotel room, Rome 1951   • American Leaders Are ‘Fundamentally Stupid’ – US Democrat (RT) •
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    TVASF (thank you SeaBirds)


    Brace for impact folks – it’s coming.


    TVASF (and deep down they know)


    @ Ilargi – “It is absolute insanity that the US subsidizes the demise of its own citizens, through foodstamps etc.”

    and the death vaxx



    An interesting post on ZH:

    Shlomos in Biden cabinet

    1) Doug Emhoff, J@wish Husband of Kamala Devil Harris
    2) Janet Yellin, J@wish Secretary Treasury
    3) Anthony Blinken, J@wish Secretary of State
    4) Robert Klain, J@wish Chief of Staff
    5) David Cohen, J@wish Deputy Director CIA
    6) Merrick Garland, J@wish Attorney General
    7) Alejandro Mayorkas, J@wish Secretary Homeland Security
    8) Avril Haines, J@wish Director National Intelligence
    9) Wendy Sherman, J@wish Deputy Secretary of State
    10) Victoria Nuland, J@wish Secretary State Political Affairs
    11) Eric Lander, J@wish Office of Science Technology
    12) Jeffry Zeints, J@wish Covid Czar
    13) Rachel Levine, J@wish Assistant Health Secretary
    14) and 15) Cass Sunstein, J@wish Senior Counselor at the Departmentof Homeland Security, and his wife, Samantha Power, Head of USAID
    16) Dana Stroul, J@wish Pentagon Senior Policy Official on the Middle East
    17) Rochelle P. Walensky, J@wish CDC Director
    18) Anne Neuberger, J@wish Director of Cybersecurity at NSA
    19) Chanan Weissman, J@wish Director of Technology at National Security Council
    20) Avril Haines, J@wish Director of National Intelligence
    21) Polly Trottenberg, J@wish Deputy Secretary of Transportation
    22) Jessica Rosenworce,l J@wish Acting Chairwoman FCC
    23) Jennifer Klein, J@wish Co-Chair of the Gender Policy Council
    24) Jared Bernstein, J@wish Member of Council of Economic Advisers
    25) Jeff Zients, J@wish COVID Czar
    26) David Kessler, J@wish Chief Science Officer of COVID Response
    27) Stephanie Pollack, J@wish Deputy Administrator Federal Highway Administration
    28) Gary Gensler, J@wish Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission

    Dr. D

    Trump: “I will totally obliterate the deep state.”

    Yawn. And you were going to begin when?

    P.S. DeSantis has now done more in action with one state than you did for the whole country.

    UK Growth. Yes, they’ve ceased to be a country. Didn’t learn from losing WWI, then losing the rest after Suez. They can still become Finland or Lithuania.

    Geoffrey Young in even saying that builds a foundation under so many Americans – or Kentuckians – who know something is wrong in broad brush but not specifics. Once the specifics are in, they can’t be dismantled. As I said before that lies are hazy and truth is detailed.

    Thus the response is to pre-pick all the candidates, however the stranger you make the reality, the harder it is to maintain propaganda until things more or less constantly leak out.

    Like the Covid, there are a few points. Such a creating such an overwheming s—t storm that even if you rolled back 90% of it all, they’d still have marched 100 miles into your territory, and tomorrow do it again – it’s only words, after all. Hot air. Yet people believe it, as if it’s real or something. Second is that they don’t care if you know. They WANT you to know. Because they want you to see you’ll get PUNISHED for telling the truth, even if – and better if – the FBI and everyone admit it later. Why better? If it’s all going to come out anyway, why should you fight and be crushed? It ends the same only with me unemployed under a bridge, so stand down. THAT is what they are REALLY teaching you, and I made the same calculation myself: Don’t bother. Don’t fight. Therefore let the evil do whatever it wants? Killing your children and erasing your family name forever?

    They’ve made their point; so why NOT let the FBI admit it now? No one will be arrested, which is the only thing that counts. YOU were punished, Fauci was lavishly rewarded. So if the FBI knew, WHEN did they know? Last Friday? And WHY was nobody arrested? Okay, fine Director Wray: then I will defund the entire FBI until you find out and probably even after then. Good luck buying your own pencils!

    Anyway, as seen from McConnell, KY is one of the deep corrupt states. There are limits, but in a time when you can have 110% of registered, vote, kick out he monitors, tape over all the counting windows, re-start counting at 3am, and be caught on camera putting boxes of ballots through 3x and nothing happens, those limits are VERY far.

    Trump 2 hour speech.

    This is why they pick and place a guy like this. What are three DNC people in hospital right now? They have no energy to say nothing of no ability. Fetterman — don’t even know what I can say. Speaking of voter rigging in the most corrupt states, here’s a guy who was unable to understand or speak words…DURING THE DEBATE. So he’s in…and Surprise! A guy who had a deadly stroke has a deadly stroke! Who knew? Then having achieved his life’s ambition and success was so depressed he needed to be hospitalized. Permanently. Call me crazy, but pretty sure you’re not, never hospitalized unless you are an immediate danger of suicide. But that seems so unlikely, isn’t the far MORE likely thing that he’s failed brain function, can’t take care of himself, wears diapers, and like other stroke/nursing home/dementia patients is disabled where “regulating his emotions” is so common it’s almost universal?

    So: not to be outdone, Fetterman is “depressed”. I would be too if I were a Congressman and had to work in DC. So much so HIS LIFE IS IN DANGER because they don’t keep you in hospital for nothin’. Since her husband is SERIOUSLY ILL, in the hospital, with what can only be suicidal depression unless somebody is lying, his wife leaves the country and TAKES A VACATION, to hang out and zipline in Niagara Falls. Because when your family or husband is gravely ill in the hospital, that’s what you do.

    ‘Cause his situation is so serious and all.

    Meanwhile, Fetterman – who has been in the hospital with a MENTAL CASE for weeks, ALSO presents legislation to Congress. And votes on it, I guess? ‘Cause he ALSO in DC doing his job?

    Why do I bother? This 3-ring circus with bozo the clowns is actually the least of the lies told and heard every day.

    Why not elect people who are dead (they have), who then go on and vote on legislation? (they have) A DNC special. Or via Zoom, where I vote by posting up and AI-generated cardboard cutout on the screen. RBG did.

    “Bakhmut, Strategic Or Not, Is Falling (MoA) “

    Following earlier, the U.S. sent a million rounds this year, Russia shoots 1 Million shells a MONTH. They are still outdoing by a factor of 12 and have no men in the theatre. Now that’s with $1B in artillery “borrowed” from the basements of all NATO. So $1B/month active burn, but adding also $1B/month in savings burn. So neither we, nor all Europe combined, HAVE 1M shells. It would in fact be different if we made them or back-filled them, but we can’t. We now have no weapons. NATO has been “de-militarized” exactly as Russia said. …Sadly NATO are still Nazis though.

    Russian 10:1 seems correct, even as Russia is 5-10x bigger, so proportionally 100x:1 losses. However, I suspect that you can’t have conscripted 60-year olds with only 200k or even 500k losses. That’s just stupid. Ukraine is a country of 25 MILLION. 12M males. Half? Are in average age? Let’s even say ¼: that’s 3 million men.

    No. Ukraine has lost 1-2 million or they wouldn’t be where they are on the battlefield. So losses are 20:1. Again, Russia HASN’T STARTED. They are only using Wagner and Donbass, they have 500k (maybe) resting and drinking tea back in the safe, warm barracks. Ukraine was the best army in Europe. Fully-armed with 2,000 tanks. So Russia could take on 5-10 million? That is, easily all of Poland and Germany? Probably, they did before, even shattered after WWII. Now you see why nobody’s acting.

    But you know all this. I’m just saying it because we hear these low, out-of-range numbers most commonly still. And Russia is mobilized and waiting for NATO to send in Poland, Germany, etc as they’ve said they will do.

    “shift the dynamic of the war in Moscow’s favor.”

    After trying a bunch of plans, they seem to have settled on “Muh, we were winning if only it weren’t for CHINA sending all those arms! Honest Injin!” Well at least unlike their other lies that’s at least PLAUSIBLE, if completely false.

    Matches the sudden revelation from the FBI, which as Kunstler said, “Um, how long have you known this and been sitting on it, Mr. Wray?” Illegally, treasonously? While destroying conservatives and truth tellers?

    I think “Ze”(meaning not-Ze but NATO handlers, I mean not-Nato advisors but THEIR handlers, Kolomoisky and the K Oligarchs) doesn’t want to give up Bakhmut until they get that other false flag attack going, in Chemicals or in Transnistria. As they are more obvious than a 5-year-old, both have been countered and cut off so far. But that’s why they delay: they have to LIE I tell ya! I don’t care how many 14-year-olds die in Bakhmut so long as I can LIE and protect that LIE with more LIES!

    So, a day ending in “Y”. Whyyyyyyyyy?

    I know why they tell them, I don’t know why the people love them so much.

    “China Is Finally Stepping Up To Its Role As A Superpower (Lukyanov) “

    You mean instead of just infiltrating, buying out, and directing US to be their poodle superpower? Go Fang-Fang, siting on the Congressional Security Committee, “How dare you” remove him?

    “EU Should ‘Get Ready’ For Stagflation – Jeffrey Sachs (RT)”

    As you see, they’re collapsing and need a war to print money and hide who’s responsible. How many times have we bombed Russia again? And of course I mean excluding all the 4 new Oblasts which are “Russia” that NATO is bombing constantly.

    77% of Americans aged 17-24 are unfit for military service.”

    Every time I hear this my mind goes to the opposite, where from 1950 – 1930 actually – the U.S. kept a high-effort for nutrition and calisthenics, in order to have the health to fight an expect Cold War. This was hard-won from the ruin of the Gilded Age and 1910s where the WWI soldiers were barely functional. Thin and white with hunger thanks to JD and Carnegie and the gang. Now we’re back there, except intentionally, as we were needed to LOSE the war. Suddenly, as the Handlers can’t escape to China and Europe is at risk, they need to re-activate the battleship America they drilled 10,000 holes in and planned to scuttle. Too bad, so sad.

    However, I add again, and especially living here, everything you can find to eat is toxic. Everything. Your only alternative to superhuman knowledge and self-restraint is to eat raw poverty foods — rice and beans from the Asian and Hispanic stores. Walk into a Wal-Mart and it’s stunning: factory-sized space filled with nothing but endless rows of the world’s most tasty, enticing foods. …ALL OF WHICH WILL KILL YOU.

    But of course, when you set the prison commissary, and everything put on trays is deadly, it’s the PRISONER’S fault when they get sick or overweight, right? I guess they should have eaten only the canned spinach if they wanted to be well. Uh-huh. Sure.

    Hey, if I put poison in your coffee at the drive-thu at McDonald’s, will I get arrested? So if I put food additives, pesticides, rancid food oils in your food at Kroger’s, most of which are illegal anywhere else in the world, do I get arrested? A: Not if it kills people. Killing humans is a universal good. It’s SAVING them that’s illegal. Ask Wray, Garland, and the others out arresting parents and Catholics rather than Monsanto and N&S who derailed again yesterday.

    Back to obesity, it wasn’t always this way and doesn’t have to be. It’s this way ON PURPOSE. This was all beta-tested and approved on Native Americans food stamp subsidies, who are deadly overweight, crippled, and dead from it. #Helping! Roll it out to the Whites!

    “EU-wide ban on the sale of new combustion engine vehicles as of 2035,”

    ♫Killin some folks. Killin’ some folks.♫ It’s always some good if you’re killin’ some folks.

    How about outlawing electric cars like MT and WY until there is proven adequate electric grid? And note this is merely devolution. If CT wants electric cars with not enough electric to charge, let them.

    “NED wrote to me to say that it was discontinuing support for the GDI. Microsoft also was forced into retreat after it was shown to be pushing the GDI’s biased blacklist.”

    Attack 100 men, then say “Aw shucks you won” when 90 of them retreat. 10 new men to conquer and occupy. Of course marching 10 men into THEIR space is violent and cray-cray you bigot.

    Atlantic doing a victory lap for how there’s no recession:

    This is with housing sales and starts down 40%. Consumer debt has doubled? Car repos up 50%? And so on. But being a PMC Laptop class, the only stat that matters is the fakest of all: the Dow. Oh, and the BLS numbers on inflation, unemployment, and everything else they’ve ever counted.

    Anyway, now all we need is a big Bitcoin Obituary and we’ll all ready for launch……pad explosion.

    How many are now probably killed in the North Island?


    Trump was funded by Jews: the USA moved its Israel embassy as a result. Trump did nothing else other than tariff the Chinese.

    Trump is Jew man. Is DeSantis a Jew man? Yes, he is supporting Israeli theft of Palestine. Is there any politician in the USA that is anti-Israel? No. Maybe ask yourself why.


    aspnaz said

    An interesting post on ZH:

    The @ sign is used because Google will likely censor you if you type “Jew” on ZH. You need to see who is your real enemy.


    Basically 600,000 men out of commision

    Meanwhile in the Empire of Lies®, 80% of military age young folks aren’t capable of Prime Time.

    The Russians and the Chinese must be shaking in their boots

    The Empire of Lies® by the way, can’t even make a pair of boots




    Alexander Carpenter

    Garland hit for admitting DOJ prosecutes more pro-lifers than ‘terrorists’ because pro-lifers act in daylight –‘Any fool knows that the time of day has absolutely nothing to do with it,’ said one Twitter user | 1 March 2023 | Twitter users blasted U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday after he explained that the U.S. Department of Justice has prosecuted more pro-life activists blocking abortion clinic centers than pro-choicers firebombing pregnancy centers because pro-lifers operate in the “daylight.” Garland made the point that it was easier for the U.S. government to carry out justice against pro-lifers than pregnancy center arsonists in a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on Wednesday. Garland’s claims came after several U.S. senators, including Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, grilled him on what they perceived as is a double standard in the DOJ’s treatment of pro-lifers versus violent pro-choice activists.

    This is pathetic. It’s like the drunk looking for his lost keys under the streetlamp because “that’s where the light is.”


    @ Germ

    I appreciate all the posts. That said, I’m troubled by what choices we have for modern Christians.

    I’m not a Christian but I’ve been defending them because I’ll stand up for anyone being attacked by bullies. Yet I haven’t seen Christians themselves doing much to defend their rights. Two Alberta pastors go to prison…crickets.

    I guess Christians are too busy staying home Sundays to watch the service on video, while pretending this is actually an improvement over the social activity of going to church to meet with fellow Christians. Want to run that fairy tale by me again. The one about Christians being thrown to the lions, dying for their faith. I’d like to meet a Christian willing to endure a government fine for their faith!

    On the one hand we have the majority of Christians who are either cowards or hypocrites(worshipping the Golden Calf of Big Government) or both. Now we have the other version of Christianity in the above video. I wasn’t hearing much compassion for ones fellow human beings. Putting on a hazmat suit and burying bodies doesn’t count as empathy to me. Seems more like virtue signaling. Besides sounding outrageously unrealistic(Rapture time anyone?) the video also sounded incredibly self righteous.

    Arrogance & cowardice. Is this why Christianity is dying out? They better get back to Plan A: infiltrating the ruling elites of society then forceably converting the population. It worked for over a thousand years.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Let us not forget another prescient book that illuminates both the malignant and disfunctional featherbedding of “administrators” and “management,” as well as the corrupt and hypocritical exploitation of our institutions by the “owners” and their minions:

    The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy, by Christopher Lasch, from 1996

    From the Amazon listing: “[A] passionate, compelling, and disturbing argument that the ills of democracy in the United States today arise from the default of its elites.” ―John Gray, New York Times Book Review (front-page review)

    In a front-page review in the Washington Post Book World, John Judis wrote: “Political analysts have been poring over exit polls and precinct-level votes to gauge the meaning of last November’s election, but they would probably better employ their time reading the late Christopher Lasch’s book.” And in the National Review, Robert Bork says The Revolt of the Elites “ranges provocatively [and] insightfully.”

    Controversy has raged around Lasch’s targeted attack on the elites, their loss of moral values, and their abandonment of the middle class and poor, for he sets up the media and educational institutions as a large source of the problem. In this spirited work, Lasch calls out for a return to community, schools that teach history not self-esteem, and a return to morality and even the teachings of religion. He does this in a nonpartisan manner, looking to the lessons of American history, and castigating those in power for the ever-widening gap between the economic classes, which has created a crisis in American society. The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy is riveting social commentary.

    D Benton Smith

    News Flash !!!!!!!

    It is now broadly accepted that large caliber bullets fired directly into the brain stem invariably cause serious injury or death. Talks at high levels have been urgently proposed to discuss whether or not to stop doing it.



    There’s the City of London®, a criminal casino

    and then there’s the Un-united Kingdom (cough,gag,cough)

    Basically the whole island is a decrepit, begging for the scrap yard, aircraft carrier for the Empire of Lies.

    (Except for the City of London where the ‘sailors’ can gamble away their wages and get coked up with whores)

    The Russians killed the equivalent of the whole entire UK military in total, in about 2 months of fighting in Ukronaziland.

    Jolly good show old man.

    UKtardistan® is actually a horrific parody that even Orwell’s imagination couldn’t have conceived of.

    The whole joint is a fully realized Monty Python skit.

    The Clotshot will have effectively sterilized the native breeding population, food rationing a la WWII will finish off the rest of it’s ever so Woke Sheeple.

    The Sun never even rises on the ‘British Empire’ ever again.

    It has sunk beneath the waves.

    Be very frightened of Old Blighty oh world!



    D Benton Smith

    A government which cannot restrain or prevent itself from arbitrarily killing its own citizens by the multi-millions is not actually a government at all, is it? Wouldn’t you have to identify it as something else?

    And a citizenry which continues to support, enable or even merely allow such an arrangement of pseudo governance can’t accurately be considered to be an actual citizenry either, can it? Wouldn’t the irreducible minimum of logic require that you give such a populace some name or label that better describes or defines them as something other than “citizen”?

    So what have we got going on here, folks? It looks to me like a non-government controlling a non-citizenry. And BOTH parties just going along going along with that screwball arrangement?

    How could total anarchy be much worse than that?

    Come to think of it, maybe that’s exactly what we’ve actually got, a two-pole anarchy. One side consists of people who do whatever people don’t stop them from doing, and the other side is the folks who let them do it.

    Dr. D

    “When the people finally…” You’re late to the party, “the people” already learned and did nothing. Not about this, but about 10,000 other things before it as well.

    Link above is wrong, you may mean this one:

    They put kids on milk cartons 40 years ago then did NOTHING to increase community safety. So they’ve already beta-tested killing that many kids, just not as fast. Parents applauded and said MOAR. Okey-dokie, you asked for it! How about we include you too?!? Yessssss! Thank you sir, may I have another? $2Trillion transfer of my money to you was Just. Not. Enough! Really it’s my neighbor that’s the enemy! He wears a stupid hat!

    Wake me when something ever happens.


    @ EoinWc – “Christians” ?

    Haha – he wasn’t just a Jew, he was King of the Jews.
    Christians worship the King of the Jews – what a hoot.

    We got all the bases covered!


    @ Oroboros – The City of London:

    D Benton Smith

    If I were a better graphic artist I could draw a cartoon of the following meme, but even by describing it with just words I think you’ll get the picture. It illustrates the world’s present predicament.

    We all get what it means and implies to “have a tiger by the tail”, right?

    Well the meme I’m visualizing is the same basic idea, but in a CIRCLE. Think of it is a quadruple combination of “Tiger By The Tail”, “Monkey Trap”, “Mexican standoff” , “Daisy Chain”, all rolled into one.

    Wheee, doggies! Ya better let go, but ya better NOT let go, neither.


    Recap on yesterday’s CHD event ?



    One 2022 study found a link between receiving food assistance and a greater chance of becoming obese through the consumption of unhealthy foods.

    A “link” is correlation, no causation proved.

    My children and I have been on SNAP for a decade. All SNAP does is provide a food budget or food budget supplement supplement for low-income folks. What are these “seven most subsidized foods?” SNAP covers the purchase of ALL cold and shelf-stable foods, including seeds and plants that are herbs, edible, or produce fruits grains and vegetables. (I purchased raspberry and blackberry canes on SNAP last week.). SNAP doesn’t require the purchase of any foods. (Which means that when my child has a birthday in elementary school I can purchase cupcakes from the grocery store for th3 class — just like all of the other parents — since homemade goodies are no longer allowed to be handed out at school.)

    The articles insinuate that SNAP causes obesity. No, the sedentary lifestyle and advertising that pushes high-calorie junk food chock full of preservatives and fillers causes most obesity. And, yes, those with low incomes will be affected less by “foodie” trends, mail-order meal kits that can’t be purchased with SNAP, organic foods, etc. So, having a low income correlates more strongly with obesity than high income.

    SNAP allowed me to purchase specialty foods when my son was on an elimination diet. It allowed me to get quick and deli items for dinner as an alternative to “eating out” when there was no money for fast food. It has allowed me to purchase whatever food tickled my daughter’s fancy when she nearly met the criteria for an eating disorder, and I just wanted her to eat. The ET article could be used to try to change SNAP to force recipients to purchase healthy foods. That will not fix the problem, they will still seek the high-calorie junk food. And the food companies will just adjust their recipes to nod to the new rules, and all will continue as before, with SNAP recipients jumping through more hoops.

    The poor do not need to be controlled. They need various things…but not coercion, not control. (I needed time to heal from trauma. The free therapy through Medicaid gave me a guide when I needed it. The free food through SNAP, food boxes, and free school lunches for the kids have alleviated stress regarding food, so that I could focus on healing from trauma, on parenting, on working.)


    @D Benton Smith

    “Come to think of it, maybe that’s exactly what we’ve actually got, a two-pole anarchy. One side consists of people who do whatever people don’t stop them from doing, and the other side is the folks who let them do it….”

    Well said, but we still need a catchy CB Handle name for these two groups which ever so richly deserve each other

    O Henry! It’s a perverted fractured fairy tale of “The Gift of the Magi”

    An abusive domestic Stockholm kinda thing.

    I’m sure if we put our collective brain power together we can find a slick marketing brand name for this Clusterfuck



    Abstract: The Limits to Growth was a remarkable, and remarkably influential, model, book and
    concept published 50 years ago this year. Its importance is that it used, for essentially the first time,
    a quantitative systems approach and a computer model to question the dominant paradigm for
    most of society: growth. Initially, many events, and especially the oil crisis of the 1970s, seemed to
    support the idea that the limits were close. Many economists argued quite the opposite, and the
    later relaxation of the oil crisis (and decline in gasoline prices) seemed to support the economists’
    position. Many argued that the model had failed, but a careful examination of model behavior vs.
    global and many national data sets assessed by a number of researchers suggests that the model’s
    predictions (even if they had not been meant for such a specific task) were still remarkably accurate
    to date. While the massive changes predicted by the model have not yet come to pass globally, they
    are clearly occurring for many individual nations. Additionally, global patterns of climate change,
    fuel and mineral depletion, environmental degradation and population growth are quite as predicted
    by the original model. Whether or not the world as a whole continues to follow the general patterns
    of the model may be mostly a function of what happens with energy and whether humans can accept
    constraints on their propensity to keep growing.


    So what have we got going on here, folks? I
    A small, secretive, cultic group has gone cuckoo over an ideology. Unfortunately, this group includes some billionaires, family dynasties, etc. This has enabled the group to capture some of the strongest levers of power that exist in our human societies. The group has the power to influence others, so it is using techniques of persuasion to cause others to focus so intently on the ideology that many behave as if they have blinders on, incapable of seeing anything else. As others fall under this spell, the power and influence of the small group increases, and this results in policies and actions that are increasingly warped, grotesque, and inexplicable to those who are not under the spell of the ideology. (I.e. a vaccine that clearly kills and maims, bombing the NS pipelines, pushing EVs, etc.)


    aspnaz: Your constant anti-Jew tirades are getting very tiresome. I am Jewish by birth, could not help being born Jewish. My parents were socialists and I have always opposed the Apartheid state of Israel and everything that it stands for. There is a difference between being Jewish and being a Zionist. Your racist rants against Jews are in aid of nothing positive, and they are personally offensive to me and probably to others as well. Who cares that some who lead our oligarchy are Jews? There are plenty of evil goyim as well. I could make a tidy little list like you did, starting with Bill Gates, the Clintons, the Bushes, etc. Please stop it.

    D Benton Smith

    Y’all do understand that you’re just an experimental model, right? Like a prototype? Think of us as a sort of “proof of concept” project rather than a finished product.


    “We actually don’t know,” Kirby said.
    It’s your story ….. with zero evidence
    disinformation – blacklisting operation
    Suck it up.
    You are not part of the club.
    They, ( SNOBS ), don’t care if you know. They WANT you to know. Because they want you to see you’ll get PUNISHED for telling the truth.
    Even the SNOBS are quiet quitting, working to rule.
    REALITY. Next. Suck it up
    NATO has been “de-militarized” exactly as Russia said. …Sadly NATO are still Nazis/snobs/elitists/the chosen/right to rule.


    Jimmy Dore.

    D Benton Smith


    Just as being Jewish is not proof of any guilt whatsoever, neither is it proof of innocence . . . . whatsoever. If I were aware of the assassination of an Orange Protestant bigwig in Belfast, and went looking for IRA terrorists I might start by looking for Irish guys Ireland. If I were of Irish descent but not a terrorist , this prejudicial approach to the investigation might make me nervous, but you just cannot successfully argue against it being a valid and effective approach. It certainly has a higher likelihood of success than searching for the assassins by checking up on black dudes in Harlem.

    Investigators worthy of their salt go where the facts take them, and indeed should only be faulted for doing it in ANY way other than that. In other words, all that should (and must) be demanded of them is that they get it right, not wrong.


    Re: European combustible engine ban.
    Luxury car makers want to exclude E-fuel from the ban.
    On general Google search page, in that quick Q&A column, one will find both:

    Fuels are produced with electricity from renewable sources, water and CO2 and are a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

    The e-fuels production process is inherently inefficient, converting at best half of the energy in the electricity into liquid or gaseous fuels.

    Latter was the one that I suspected as true, all along. Just as with solar and wind excluded from the fairy tale is the energy required for production of “apparatus”.


    The Myocarditis Blues

    (v1) One day I got a phone call
    From my favorite pharmacy
    Said why don’t you come right on down
    We’re offering the shot for free
    I went on down and I took it
    That was Jab #1
    Thought I was protected
    (They said) You’re gonna feel so good my son

    (V2) So now I went on home
    Didn’t think I had to beg
    But suddenly I felt this real bad pain
    Shooting right down my leg
    Called up the family doctor
    Said Doc I’m now livin in fear
    Doctor said “you don’t have to worry—what’s wrong I have no idea.”

    Chorus: Ya understand I had to take it
    They said I could not refuse
    No longer could I fake it
    Thought I had too much to lose
    They didn’t want to hear my story
    Said I’ve no right to choose
    I’m now fadin fast
    With the Myocarditis Blues

    (v3) Now I was a little worried
    Doubts drifting through my mind
    Family said you better take another shot
    If you don’t, you’ll cross the line
    I didn’t really want to take it
    Talkin bout Jab #2
    But I went on down and I done it
    Thought I had to pay my dues

    (v4) Called my family doctor
    Yes that was once again
    I said just tell me why I’m so sick
    Doc said well it all depends
    Maybe it was the shot all along
    That put me in my misery
    Doc said no that just can’t be right
    That’s a real impossibility

    Chorus: Ya understand I had to take it
    They said I could not refuse
    No longer could I fake it
    Thought I had too much to lose
    They didn’t want to hear my story
    Said I’ve no right to choose
    I’m now fadin fast
    With the Myocarditis Blues

    Guitar break

    (v5) Now I’m sittin in a wheelchair
    They said things won’t improve
    I look on down at my puffed up legs
    Oh now they sure damn won’t move
    But all my friends they insist
    You’ve got to take Jab #3
    So I went ahead and I done it
    But there still was no recovery

    (v6) Harmonica solo

    Chorus: Ya understand I had to take it
    They said I could not refuse
    No longer could I fake it
    Thought I had too much to lose
    They didn’t want to hear my story
    Said I’ve no right to choose
    Now I’m six feet under
    I had the Myocarditis Blues

    Coda: Why not start spreading the news?
    Taking the jab you will lose
    All you must do is refuse
    Open your eyes
    You’ve been livin a lie
    Here is your final clue
    You have now got the Myocarditis Blues

    TVASF (♬ ♫ ♪ ♩♬)

    That Bloke

    Comment disappeared into…

    That Bloke

    Try again


    To quell the natives

    I guess I know where the best party colleges will be.


    Two Canadian Companies Can Now Produce, Sell Cocaine and Other Drugs

    Hurrah! More choice in the ‘marketplace’


    Curlene is right. All I can add is that, as much as I try never to ban or censor anything here, I can not accept Jews rants like aspnaz’s. They drag down this site much too much.




    Yes, the criminal liars who are called governments are bought-and-paid-for criminal liars, working as agents of corporations, promoting the short-term interests of corporations and promoting their own destruction, whilst at the same time helping themselves to as much of the video below as possible.

    And they want us to buy into their shit???!!!! and sacrifice ourselves and our progeny to their shit???!!!

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