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    German-made Leopard tank joins NATO trophy display in Moscow


    Uber Assless!



    Ukraine on Wednesday presented an AI-generated spokeswoman called Victoria who will make official statements on behalf of its foreign ministry.

    The ministry said it would “for the first time in history” use a digital spokeswoman to read its statements, which will still be written by humans


    Dr. D

    Wasn’t going to do this but it got too long as usual. Look on my feed and what do you see?

    “01May: EPIC FAIL!!! Russians never learn: Russian flank attack on Vuhledar CRUMBLES!”

    Yup, Russians are losing every battle, every day, non-stop for 2 years and take a new Kilometer and 3 new towns a day. …Ask him what brand he drinks…

    So let’s go over to Times Radio, CENTER for perfect British TRUTH:
    “Welcome To Times Radio: Balanced. Trusted. Insightful. We present perspectives from all sides!”
    “The sharpest minds and analysis on the frontline of the war in Ukraine

    So, what’s goin’ on over there, Skippy??

    “Putin’s Crimea CRUMBLES!!! Ukraine could ‘certainly take Crimea’ as Putin loses grip | Hamish de Bretton-Gordon

    “Putin will ‘lose his life’ if he loses Crimea | Operator Starsky

    “Putin’s Achilles’ heel under fire as Ukraine plans ATACMS to hit Kerch Bridge | Frontline

    You mean the bridge that has no military value whatsoever?

    “Putin in limbo as ‘reckless’ military casualties cause unrest with Russian elites | Michael Binyon

    Certainly not with the Russian People; they’re signing up in droves.

    “Ukraine could “force Putin into a ceasefire” as China withdraws support | Michael Binyon

    Putin’s military ambitions ‘defeated’ by US and NATO aid | Frontline

    Bombshell: Walls are closing in.

    “How Putin ruined relations with his biggest ally | Diane Francis

    China abandons Russia! It’s OVER! Top local Housewives do this one weird trick to lose Ukraine.

    “Putin will pay ‘high price’ when met with modern weaponry in US aid package for Ukraine | Poroshenko

    “Petro Poroshenko: ‘I understand Putin’; Ukraine will win ‘together with NATO’

    “NATO aid allows Ukraine to target ‘the one thing Russia would not want to lose’ | Sean Bell

    The War? I had to click this one: Spoiler? It’s Crimea. Russia doesn’t want to lose Crimea, Sir Bell from UK says. Oh. Wow, to what do we owe this truly awesome insight, sir? Spoiler: it’s not anything Russia said, as he never listens to them. He says “Ukraine has very effectively targeting that bridge” … Because it’s wide open, always has been, thousands of vehicles a day, only shut twice in two years. Well we didn’t say they were effective in HITTING it: only effective in TARGETING it. …And we know EXACTLY where it is! It can’t hide from us now!

    Actual quote: “If Russia THOUGHT it was going to lose Crimea, that would be a strategic failure for Russia. Now I’m not suggesting for a minute Ukraine would be able to TAKE Crimea, as ‘Military Analysts’ say that would be a very difficult things to do. …Now I have no idea WHAT that strategy might be, but it’s ‘How do you do SOMETHING that changes the game and starts to give Ukraine an advantage.’”

    So they’re losing. They have no advantage. They have no strategy at all. And your own military says Crimea can’t be taken. Got it.

    “This is looking like an increasingly difficult battlefield.” Got it.

    “Interviewer: So IF you had any ATACMS, any long range missiles, raiding craft, dive boats, MIGHT be how you go about ATTACKING Crimea.? (I mean, in theory).

    Bell: “All you need to do is ATTACK and sever the Kirsch Bridge to stop resupply (this is actually untrue), have an armada of amphibious landing craft in the Black Sea, then get the entire Russian Black Fleet out of the way so they don’t stop you, then…”
    (I swear to God I am not making this up.)
    …Then? Then? Then Land on the “island” of 2 ½ MILLION armed, hostile citizens? And landing, occupy it? With they actual have NO Black Fleet landing craft at all, in the Black Sea or anywhere else?

    Ah. But you see, he has A PLAN: “Even if it didn’t happen, well the very THREAT of it…”he says.

    The threat? The threat that Zero men, Brits or Other, are going to land, with ZERO landing craft, INSIDE the Russian Naval Base, and then both conquer and OCCUPY, permanently, 2.5 Million hostiles, who haven’t fired a shot and are busy polishing their rifles in anticipation for two years, longingly dreaming of your arrival? THAT threat? You mean, your PLAN is a threat that doesn’t exist anywhere on this planet, nor indeed anywhere in the known Galaxy? That God will descend in a cloud of transhumanism and MAGIC 2-10 million soldiers into being, with 2,000 ships, which are already inside the Bosporus and will take no fire.

    THAT is his “Plan”.

    But that’s not all. His “Plan” continues: “The ingredients you would probably need (I mean, maybe) …COULD be enough …


    ...For Russia to RE-Brigade their military forces.” A little. Maybe. “This is what Ukraine has to do…because otherwise the thought of them ‘Liberating’ it is looking even more challenging.”


    They then go on to point out that Ukraine has no shells. But: Technology! Ukraine doesn’t NEED any rounds. One problem: “That’s why Western Doctrine is much more ‘round the use of Smart Weapons, the trouble is they’re bloody expensive, and there aren’t many of them. And you can’t go down to Sainsburies to top off the basket when you’re low on supplies.”(ha ha)


    “That’s Why: INDUSTRIALIZATION of our Industrial Base, Generating the quantities that are required, …and that’s something we haven’t yet done.” At all.


    But: Climate. But: You hate workers and work like Hell itself. But you – knowing this – just shut down the LAST steel mill in the country, putting everyone, an entire CITY out of work. I believe this was AFTER already selling it out to foreign owners.

    Interviewer: “Do you think we’ve changed our view on Escalation?” (ie. going nuclear?)

    (roundabout) “Containing Putin was in everybody’s interest. The trouble is today, most military analysts would say that Russia’s military capability has been shown to be wanting. (ie, they’re losing?) That it has lost well over 2,000 main battle tanks, it’s had a massive bloody nose against an adversary in Ukraine that …they should have been able to walk over. Is Russia a threat to Europe anymore? Almost certainly no.”

    Wow. Lies, but great! Reality. Call a victory and go home!

    Nope, never: “So there’s a RISK, right, therefore suddenly we don’t need to be involved anymore, sorry Ukraine, You’ve lost some territory, we’ll rebuild the rest [for exorbitant fees] and I think that’s the Trump play. The flip side is Putin succeeding will

    …Drum roll…

    ...Embolden him.” Wait. You JUST SAID a SENTENCE ago, that Russia got their -ss handed to them and are so shattered they are in no position to threaten anyone. NO THREAT AT ALL. Putin will be “emboldened” with naughty THOUGHTS? Ones he has no capacity to act on, YOU SAY?

    “It will embolden him. And where does that lead you…

    …Drum roll… (or eye roll)

    …With CHINA.” (dun dun dun)

    “Threatening rhetoric (of escalation) has limited Western appetite to get involved. …I think history books will look back on this and say, ‘If we had stepped in, even if Putin threatens a much broader war, Putin’s Russia would have no chance at all if NATO were to put a no-fly zone over Ukraine … Russia would have no answer to it. …not take on Russia in a war, but simply protect Ukraine. And even Russia’s doctrine doesn’t talk about Nuclear weapons is such a regard. It’s one thing to threaten it, and is HAS scared the West, but if you followed that through…”

    …The NATO will be completely, entirely in Ukraine? Which Russia says would be a complete mobilization and act of war? Which would then immediately telegraph up from the battlefield to blowing up all NATO IN Ukraine, THEN blowing up all supporting airbases OUTSIDE Ukraine, THEN from bombing US Bases in Poland, leads to a immediate counter-attack on Moscow that least to Mutual Assured Destruction of a full nuclear launch.

    …You know, just a little thing. Not to fear! Ha ha! he says. But Putin Bad.

    “Putin risks losing the initiative as US aid brings end to Ukraine shell rationing | Scott Lucas

    The “Initiative”? Really? Russia INVADED, that is, they were initiative ONE, and never stopped moving West. But now with no shells, missiles, or landing craft, if we can get the “Initiative” Russia will surrender. Just “Signal” “the Initiative” to them.

    US aid is ‘big defeat to Putin’s ambitions’ as Ukraine resumes strikes into Russia | Scott Lucas

    “NATO sends weapons to target Crimea that could leave Putin’s offensive in crisis | Sean Bell

    They’re taking three towns a day. Sounds like a real crisis.

    Putin’s dwindling Soviet stocks could end his invasion of Ukraine | Illia Ponomarenko

    Oh, so it’s him running out of SHERMAN Tanks, and 1961 Ladas that’s stopping him!

    “Putin faces new threat as ATACMS upgrade expected in US Ukraine aid | Illia Ponomarenko

    That is indeed a new “threat”. Bell above talks all about how they need to make a “Threat” somewhere, sometime or other, but he doesn’t know how because – Quote — “we have no strategy.”

    “Putin’s troop losses mount as US aid set to arrive in Ukraine | Frontline

    “Putin has now lost more troops in Ukraine than Brezhnev lost in Afghanistan | Kateryna Stepanenko

    “Putin’s meat-grinder tactics lead to catastrophic Russian casualties | Kateryna Stepanenko

    Who are you talking to?

    “Iran could be a nuclear threat ‘within 72 hours’ with help from North Korea | John Bolton

    Bolton? How is this guy still alive? IS he alive? No one can tell.

    How Iran’s major airstrike target could influence Israel’s next move | Adnan Tabatabai

    Huh, go on…

    “Why Iran is ‘too weak’ for a regional war with Israel | Adnan Tabatabai

    Uh, yeah, that didn’t age well did it? This is now back a few weeks in the feed. Now you see why it was only Ukraine for every day since then: no mention of Israel’s TOTAL loss of power, prestige, placement, and therefore all foreseeable wars, forever.

    Michael Reid

    now there is no freedom of speech in america per the video
    the government causing voilence

    that does not seem right

    John Day

    “It Was Brutal”: 2nd Boeing-Linked Whistleblower Dies
    A whistleblower at Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems died Tuesday morning following a struggle with a ‘sudden, fast-spreading infection,’ the Seattle Times reports.


    Afewknowthetruth said

    Violent attacks on peaceful protesters. The American way.

    The judge too thinks that the protesters are mostly Jews. Interesting. The USA whitey cannot stand up for anything any more, just don’t have the balls or loyalty to country; another yank thinks his fellow white, non-Jew Americans just cannot get off their asses to improve their world, they have to sit on the sofa and let the Jews do it.

    Yet Dr D was telling us that protesting was dangerous because of J6 and who wants to spend a lifetime behind bars … doesn’t seem to apply to the Jews. Maybe the DOJ knows that the Jews would kick up a fuss if that happened to them while the white non-Jews will just ask for a soda, a sofa and an alarm call when it is time to go home.


    John Day said

    “It Was Brutal”: 2nd Boeing-Linked Whistleblower Dies

    Boeing is primarily MIC, so they will have lots of military taking backhanders and none of them will want their brown envelopes to disappear.

    Boeing is an American icon, an icon of the land of zero corruption – that’s what Statista says – but we know that America is the land where corruption was legalised, so is no longer called corruption, it is now called “business”.


    And did any of it ever really make anybody genuinely happy?

    Sure as shit did. Incredibly genuinely spontaneously shit eating grin Happy !

    Check this out- pure fun, motorcycles and people watching- in the Spirit of creative adventure.
    It’s called a fucking joy ride for a reason.

    Life affirming activities are less about the activity, and more about experiencing happiness. Creating spontaneous space inside yourself to be happy is an Art of Life.

    When did you last see a happy American?

    I may not know shit from Shinola, but I know Americans are, bye and large these days, miserable twats.
    Liberals and feminists in particular exhibit their perma changing diaper face.

    Happiness is not a healthy permanent state of being- it is an experience and approach to living.
    Americans are not happy with themselves as themselves, and half of them hate each other.
    Laughter in bars/restaurants is barely heard any more, phones have replaced adventure with addiction of emptiness. Most of all, American minds are broken.

    Here is a great exploration of the current pandemic of broken miserable minds.
    Are We Enslaved to One Side of the Brain? – The Sickness of Modern Man-

    Life is short, being surrounded by miserable Liberal fuckwits sucks- but it has provided a realization gift towards cultivating happiness with the simplest of things.

    Iggy Pop – Lust for Life -> Passenger – Live 1977 at the Manchester Apollo – Raw

    I am the passenger and I ride and I ride
    I ride through the city’s backsides
    I see the stars come out of the sky
    Yeah, the bright and hollow sky
    You know it looks so good tonight

    Get into the car
    We’ll be the passenger

    Oh the passenger
    He rides and he rides
    He sees the things that he knows are his
    He sees the stars are out tonight
    And all of it is yours and mine
    So let’s ride and ride and ride and ride

    Dr D Rich

    On Bruce Meneley from Stars n Stripes

    -prior enlisted….prior enlisted

      The sailor According to Meneley’s personnel file obtained from the Navy Personnel Command, he enlisted in the Navy and served nearly seven years at the Navy Reserve Center in Reno, Nev. In 1982, he was assigned to the Naval Reserve Service until 1986, during which time he received a medical degree from the University of Nevada, Reno

    The Navy found Bruce’s 7 fucking years as an enlisted Navy reservist more compelling for Commanding Officer/Executive Officer Screening than 8 years besting the very best at a service academy and the nation’s military medical school.
    I mean, that’s a thing alright…distinctive as they say.

    And the Navy found a fucking pedophile.

    one of my patients offered his take on Seattle PD’s assassination of Bruce Meneley.
    And I quote him: “That was a sting operation on a known entity and that entity had contacts throughout the NAVY, NAVAL HOSPITAL BREMERTON, NAVAL MEDICAL CENTER SAN DIEGO, BUPERS (bureau of navy personnel), BUMED (bureau of Navy medicine), DoD Medicine, NCA (national command authority, PCO School, PXO School, FBI, California Medical Board who licensed him and still holds an active restrictive license to practice medicine and Bruce’s background was scrutinized for every license, each hospital credentials committee and dozens of times by the FBI. HOSPITAL CREDENTIALS are formally reviewed every two years. Licensure recurs every 2 years. Multiple personal references are required for every iteration. Admiral/Flag endorsements were required for every promotion above LCDR and screening for XO/CO. Many many august medical and military heavyweights affirmed Bruce The Pedophile’s bonafides AND THEY ALL BENEFIT FROM SEATTLE PD’s summary execution of the one man, the one witness who knew it all.”

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