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    Edvard Munch Separation 1894   • Trump Held in Contempt With Fine, Jail Threat For Violating Gag Order (ZH) • There Is No Crime”: Dershowitz Says
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    Figmund Sreud

    I kid you not, … “The U.S. Senate unanimously voted in favor of a bill that would ban the imports of Russian uranium as the latest attempt to squeeze Russia’s export revenues amid its ongoing war on Ukraine. Yes! But, … “the import ban legislation contains waivers to make sure nuclear reactors have enough fuel,” Foot. Aim. Shoot.


    Dr. D

    “The United States has found that five Israeli units are implicated in gross human rights violations predating the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, US State Department deputy principal spokesperson Vedant Patel said on Monday.​..”

    Maybe this is what they’re protesting, Herr Texas?

    Sounds like you just authorized protests as legitimate, and discussions as legal and real.

    Does that look something like this?



    Change of guard on India-Pakistan border.

    The Markster

    Classic car culture sucks up a lot of time, money, energy and resources in middle and rural America, and does appear to make people of a certain generation wistful for the wheeled adventures of their youth. Back when there were only 5 billion earthlings and when the USA still made stuff and had a brand new global reserve currency and James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor living large on oil money in Texas. A Hollywood Dream of the good life.

    There is no comparable movement for pre-war urban culture, or libraries, or print newspapers and thick heady magazines, or civics/logic/rhetoric classes in high school, or chivalry in public spaces, or dressing and presenting oneself as anything other than an attention-seeking pimp, gangster or ho.

    Pedal to the medal in a postwar muscle car dream land, watching the world blow up from the passenger seat of a barracuda heading off a cliff into the grand canyon, leaving a burned out husk of civil society in the rearview mirror. Let the survivors pick up the pieces, jackhammer up all the weed-choked and unloved asphalt parking lots empty now since 1984, reinhabot the places that were driven past and over for the last 75 years.

    And did any of it ever really make anybody genuinely happy?


    The Markster said

    And did any of it ever really make anybody genuinely happy?

    Doing real stuff is always going to be way more satisfying than typing shite at the internet. Modern hobbies seem to involve things like, playing video games, courting ChatGPT, getting porn from ChatGPT etc …. you can see why real cars, real gals and real wind in your hair may just make you feel better.


    Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

    has there ever been a better example of plausible deniability?

    Does the CIA run the United States?
    is a pigs ass pork?

    who runs the CIA?
    the errand boys of the great philanthropists

    Just remember this “Greed is Good”. You do remember hearing that, don’t you? Good for whom? Not you, when has something a FED chair ever said that was good for you?
    You bought into it though, didn’t you?


    Californicate’s new Coin of the Realm



    Rumor has it that Canazida is perfecting “Assisted Suicide” to work out the bugs before it is rolled out on a larger scale in the Collective West.

    A trial balloon, running it up the flag poll, throwing pasta at the wall to see what sticks…

    !0,000 homeless elderly ‘patients’ have completed the course sucessfully.

    Looking good Canazida, looking good!


    Dr. D

    I don’t speak Russian, but that Pic is for May Day.

    “When Trump responds, Democrat Judge Juan Merchan–whose daughter is profiting from the trial–held Trump in contempt.”

    $9,000. Why nine? Why not $90.00, or $90 Million? “We Make S—t Up!” Explain? If he has the right, then these levels must be set and established. Who/how was that done? (they said $1,000 max. However, why 9 offenses? not 90?)

    And the trial is fake but the $10k stolen by the State of New York is very real. It would cost $100k in legal fees to get it back. Their theft is self-funding with your money. …They hate us for our freedoms.

    “Pecker said he did not pay to silence Daniels, who claims she had sex with Trump.”

    She also claims she did NOT have sex with Trump. And shouldn’t she sue HIM for damage to her career for the claim that she associated with Orange Hitler? Wait: she slept with Trump but that makes her a good person and a hero, because…I can’t keep up. #Logic. Get that right out of your head.

    Elon Letterman 2009” Sure, except Elon didn’t invent the cars and has nothing to do with them. He’s a programmer/finance guy. And that’s fine. And his cars are still the best among them, sadly almost the sole contender the others are so weak. They light everyone on fire and STILL are the best EV out there.

    ““They ought to be very careful about this because the Supreme Court of the Appellate Court in Albany just reversed Harvey Weinstein’s conviction on the ground that they put in too much information that wasn’t really relevant to the case,” Mr. Dershowitz said, adding that this is “what’s happening” in the trial against President Trump.”

    “What’s Happening” is that they just tied Trump = Weinstein in the Media. Oops! An accident, I’m sure!

    Again, he’s so guilty they have to go to these measures. There are so many crimes from this racist, chiseling, landlord screwing, builder cheating, misogynistic rapist that this was the clearest, best crime they had. #Logic: get that right out of your head. Because #Logic: given that, wouldn’t this case prove his exemplary INNOCENCE over a lifetime instead?

    ““..we live in a country today where most people readily admit that the CIA probably killed the president. Amazing.”

    Yes, but ALSO did NOT kill the President – that’s cray-cray. Both. Neither. Ai. Go ahead: ask them about it. That’s what you’ll find.

    Just like the last 100 news stories “Oh well the FBI is hunting and killing black people, lied about Iraq, lost $1 Trillion dollars, tracked protestors, — Insert story here – but THIS TIME the FBI/CIA/Daddy isn’t lying to me! THIS TIME he’s going to buy me a pony!”

    The election was also rigged (2016) but impossible to be rigged (2020). Both. Neither. And this all AFTER it was OFFICIALLY rigged – wrongly – in 2000 with Gore. But that never happened, because it happened, and sometimes they point to it.

    #Logic: get that right out of your head. There is no remaining logic coast to coast. The Sane and the Insane. Conclusion: LIes drive you crazy. That’s why they can’t be tolerated and must be punished. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” — Voltaire. Never more true than the last 100 days.

    “These days it’s the traditional left wing, based on workers’ movements, which need help

    Taking an intermission here, WHY the workers – who are almost as bad off as ever – have no support and get no help:

    From Fabio/Salon yesterday: “They are symptoms of growing systemic fragility, inscribed in the dialectical deployment of the collapsing logic of capital.”

    “The causal connection between socioeconomic collapse and relentless emergency may appear counterintuitive, and yet it is the existential requirement of global late-capitalist work society insofar as it is supported by the artificial creation of colossal and ever-increasing amounts of debt.”

    That’s what you can expect. It’s very deeply, foundationally, classically Marxist view, which is why it’s both 1) entirely unhelpful and 2) Misses all the critical marks after stating them plainly. It’s as if he said “Smaug the undefeatable dragon sleeps at 10am each morning and has a chink in his armor on the upper left side. Oh well, I guess there’s nothing we can do.” Except use fancy words to baffle that fact, the way mystery writers intentionally add red herrings. There’s nothing working people like better than rich, snooty guys talking down to them. Definitely organize the masses for the eternal People’s Revolution.

    This is the mastery of Marxism: as highly intelligent, motivated people of good intent are invariably shoved down a rabbit hole that will guarantee all their efforts will come to nothing and the ruling class will prevail forever, so long as they persist. — They might notice as it’s the ruling class that’s funding them, and all the so-called “Working people” have different ideas.

    I could go over the article line by line, but why bother?

    “Fabio Vighi is Professor of Critical Theory at Cardiff UK” Well, I guess another 10,000 years of oppression are in store thanks to Mr. Vighi.

    Our Zone of Interest: The Noise of Permanent Warfare

    Back to May Day, the reason no one can worker organize is because THEY HATE THE WORKING CLASS LIKE CANCER. Hate, hate hate them. Seething, hebephrenic, writhing in the floor in agony, marching, goosestepping hate. EVERY PMC, hates them like they hate Hell, all Montagues. (Butthole Surfers)

    You see, the Working Class DOESN’T OBEY. They don’t do what I say. I’m the Mommy and — I — Know Best!!!!! They Don’t know what’s GOOD for them. (ask any modern Democrat about MAGA, 99% working class) Now shut up and do what you’re told. Rent a van and learn to code, you bible-clutching neanderthals. How many times do I have to close your hospitals and kill your kids before you learn? You’re on the wrong side of history. You’re anti-PROGRESSIVE.

    So we have the weird situation where the “Progressives” the Leftists, that is, the Socialists, solidarity with the people, yo! Are killing the working class as fast as they can, with every action they can think of. And can’t understand that the Working class noticed. After 40 years of this stuff. And leading them into a ditch (dead and shot) for the 100 years before that.

    So yeah, it was always HIGHLY, DEEPLY, DISTURBINGLY offensive, “White Man’s Burden” for rich kids and bourgeois to “Organize” those d—n idiot “workers” for their own good because-they’re-too-stupid, but now it’s way beyond that. So why no workers no march, organize, join my party that sold them out and do what they’re told? Such a mystery to us schmart peoples. Who get richer every time we go “help” “The Poors”. Can’t understand it.

    Meanwhile, the only benefits the poor workers got came out of Capitalism: a JOB. My iPhone. My muscle car. Pizza up the road. Etsy. Cheap goods from China while the Bernank and Biden triple prices. Anything anywhere near government is a crater: College, taxes, health, housing, war. The Left: AOC, Talib, The German Green Party, all voted pro war, anti war protests. FOR Infinity money to billionaire CORPORATIONS if they are weapons profiteers that cause war in the solidarity of the international working class. Fight da Man! (Give him $61 Billion Moar today!)

    So…vote for them, I guess? So mysterious. Who can figure it out?

    ““…this hideous practice on the part of the Ukrainian authorities also unmistakably exhibits the legal elements of ethnic cleansing..”

    That’s true: is Russia killing 1M Ukrainians also ethnic cleansing? Is it war? Or what? What are the rules here?

    “Wallace and MSNBC pushed the false story of border agents whipping migrants in Texas.”

    Yes, but that happened a second ago so it never happened anymore. Both. Neither. Ai. If it’s good, I did it, when the same thing goes bad I didn’t do it/never heard of it/you’re crazy. Since the whole nation acts like this, they don’t notice. It’s that Beam in your eye: the greatest invisibility device known to man.

    • Russia Defends Traditional Values The West Is Abandoning – Dugin to Carlson (RT)

    2nd Intermission:

    Aspnaz: And about my “white” Christian (haha) conquests the other day. And again yesterday, the “Whites” (whoever that is) also don’t do anything. Only the Jews do. When you have Jews on the brain, you see nothing but Jews. Jews everywhere, under me bed! Jew goggles, like a kaleidoscope up to your eyes day and night. Why do I see them everywhere? Um, take off the goggles? See reality directly?

    Anyway, — I – can’t be responsible. In fact, no Christian every born can be responsible: Jews do everything. They control and direct everyone. Therefore it can’t be my fault. You said! I, and the universe, are helpless before them, we have no actions, no existence. Don’t give up on your core beliefs so soon! Run with them, embrace them. Therefore I did nothing, I am not responsible, but perfectly innocent and always will be.

    And so with yesterday. They can’t even protest right! And when Jews protest other Jews (Israel), they’re not real protests or real Jews. Poof! They vanish in a puff of logic. Like God in “Hitchhiker’s Guide” “Well, I had not thought of that,” God says,
    “Oh, that was easy,” says Man, and for an encore goes on to prove that black is white and gets himself killed on the next zebra crossing.” — Douglas Adams

    To me: silly. But that’s okay. It’s my job or liberty to point it out to you, not to change you.

    More to my point, you support “White” people – from China? Apparently? — and all our Western culture, the Enlightenment, etc, great. …Except that ONE thing, — I – choose that is NOT good: Christianity and Christian morality. You see, Europe would have been so much better without it. Everyone can clearly see how Europe – and the young Lion Colonies of Tarsus – would have been had there been no Christianity over the last 2,000 years. I mean, isn’t it obvious?

    …Well it ain’t obvious to me. You can’t even propose a “West” lacking Christian law, charity, and equality in a brotherhood of man. And slavery would still be a thing as it was in the Pagan world, the Muslim world, and has quite a comeback among non-Christians today. It’s crazy to even THINK about supporting a “White West” (whatever that means) without it. As has been made abundantly clear: if you erase Christianity, you erase all Western Morality, which becomes ruthless Utilitarianism. I’m sure glad Genghis the Khan never dun no genocides like the Western American wars were. That the Aztecs were peaceful, hugging people and totally not slavers and heart-rippers a bit! Nature’s happy jungle people. Nope it’s all the White colonists who were bad – wait no, they’re good – wait no, they’re bad, but only if they’re CHRISTIAN white people. Etc.

    See how that don’t work? Now you may not want to be Christian – JB isn’t – but it’s clear you need to put Christianity back into the CULTURE, or you can’t solve this. Even if you have to just pretend you have it and care, which is mostly true over the centuries. Oh yeah, that Cortez guy: totally great Christian compared to the Aztecs I JUST made fun of two seconds ago.

    Back to Dugin: Yes, the reason Russia can do this isn’t just that they took it in the shorts for 20 years and know what works or doesn’t now. It’s more than that. They are WILLING TO DIE. For their country, their values, which are decidedly NOT Utilitarian ethic. Why? It is a CHRISTIAN ethic. They re-established Christianity in Russia. (“They” is nobody. It self-formed, self-organized) Without it, you’d have the paint of valor, but no depth. You can’t get rid of corruption, etc, because some rich guy will always kill you for it. That means you have to be willing to die for it. And irony: once you’re willing to die for it, you don’t have to die for it, because you’re the moral majority. But it takes a commitment to something greater than yourself. Now can can be other things in other cultures, but it’s rare and in OUR culture so far, only this seems to work. So you better show me a deep set of proof before I trash and dispense with it.

    More than that, you see EVERY replacement is merely a mockery of Christianity all over again. Woke Religion and original sin. Woke Evinronmentalism and original sin, reaching “God” and heaven in transhumanism, etc. Booooor-ring. It’s just Christianity, why not have the original? If Christianity is some dumb made-up stuff, why you imitating it? (A: It’s the God-shaped hole they vehemently deny because then they would be subservient to a #Reality, a CREATOR. That would every so lightly diminish their child-like egos.)

    “the new incarnation of liberalism prescribes adherence to certain progressive values that are completely at odds with traditional values and in fact seeks to abolish them.”

    It’s horseshoe theory: if you go far enough in one direction, you pop up on the other side. That’s why we can make fun of the Left (or Right!) so easily. That’s what the “NeoCons” are: Trotskyist Revolutionarys galloped so far Left they ended up PaleoConservatives. That’s what the NeoLiberalism (different word, the name-stealers are tireless in stealing and corrupting the name “Liberal” “Libertas”, “Freedom”) turned to Woke: They are so free action free speech that they’re actually ANTI free action and Free Speech. Ha ha! Top that! I’m now to the left of Mao himself, that makes YOU the Bourgeois reactionaries! (Says the 13-year mean girls’ table Jesus Christ what a Feminine Culture) ALLLLL popularity, no reality. All talk, no action. Feminine. (sorry, but that’s true)

    For Dugin, Russia is doing this, demonstrating, BECAUSE of their extreme hard time we gave them, and saving the world, as in the Fatima Prophesies. And I appreciate it. We’re fighting a hell of a fight over here, but we’re real tired and can use a good ally like them right now.

    “Darya, a journalist and political activist in her own right, was a vocal supporter of Russia’s military operation against Kiev.”

    Aaaaaaand so was everyone else in Russia. So why kill just her? (CIA funds, arms, provides weapons, chooses target, you just push this red button. Then it’s “Ukraine’s” fault.)

    ““Everything has gone haywire in the White House,” Zakharova said.”

    On purpose? Seems kind of weird if you want to get elected. Like Carville yesterday “How DARE you care about your own issues!! DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD and make ME RICH!!!”

    “• US Politicians ‘Living In Wonderland’ – Moscow (RT)

    They did point out that the Elite are now barricaded in their fart-bubble, immune to everything. That is in fact true. And you can ask WHY is it true. Why now? But once they stop taking outside criticism – which we never stop giving them – then it’s certain destruction. Thankfully. SOmething was DONE, actively, some PERSON sealed the fart-bubble though. Who?

    ““There is a straight line between this relentless, politically motivated fear-mongering and the thought that Fascism in some American incarnation is hard upon us..”
    • This Isn’t Fascism (Patrick Lawrence)

    And it isn’t “Socialism” either. And China isn’t “Communist”. I know all that. Duran yesterday was with Jay Dyer works hard to describe the system without the slogans, which is fine and I understand. I use “Socialism” because it’s the clearest, they write it all down with great pride, and we have historical precedent that everyone is aware of to make mind-pictures. (aka, they always murder everybody) It doesn’t matter what you CALL it: it’s Power. And it’s that weird “Humanism” anti-Humanism they use right now. Because they’re insane crazy people who are an imminent danger to themselves and others, with a string of violent felonies reaching back years both personally and collectively.

    “Azzarello died in a state of confusion and delusion, and I draw this conclusion from the message on his placard. His death honored no one.”

    Same with all us jumping up and grabbing guns right now. It’s not the time: it’s just senseless killing. This is what we’re advised to do on all sides. Harangued, ridiculed, ordered commanded, right here on this board. I ORDER you to grab your gun you p—-y and go kill other Americans. Um, how about “No.” Maybe you’ve never read Christianity and self-defense. There are moral requirements, imperatives. That stuff. I should light myself on fire for no reason except to watch the flames. No, how about we do HARD WORK? If you’re willing to die, certainly you’re willing to do hard work, aren’t you? But nobody gets their rocks off for hard work. For their children, and generations to come. Plant a tree, you p—y, I dare you!

    Is there fascism? Actually yes. This author may know this and that doesn’t invalidate their point here, but yes. Okay then, how do you fight it? In Germany the ground was set up you can have the Communists or the Socialists (National type). Whoops! My guy won! What are the odds??? Jesus, no. That means to NOT be radical, which is his point here. There is fascism but you don’t fight it by becoming a fascist – the Woke people already got that angle covered. You don’t fight monsters by becoming a monster, then you got more monsters. That’s the point here. Keep yer brains on.

    “For us what constituted safety was visibility, good brakes, and maneuverability. …they were designed by designers and not by safety bureaucrats.”

    There is zero visibility in modern cars, highly dangerous. This is by LAW, Congress, etc, as they need stiffer roof pillars for that 0.00001% flipped crashes, and EPA aerodynamics, etc …Which then kill everyone, thanks. And are also immensely ugly and boring. Like the new Mercedes suck so bad the Hyundais look better. They were once also largely designed by machine engineers, practical people, and not foremost Italian artists who just put sheet metal on top, although that’s really nice, of course.

    They could therefore be fixed because nobody-got-no-time for making a new headlight and brake caliper for each model year. That saves money, time on the factory floor, warehouse parts… Yeah, all gone of course AND it’s bankrupting them as they did the #Opposite which seems like it should work – mindbendingly high dealer repair prices – but actually doesn’t. That’s okay because they are NOT selling cars to price normal peasants out of the market. They will sacrifice TRILLIONS for their weirdo religion and they’ve already been bankrupt (and bailed out by me, for free) once. The Honda Accord took this to heart and made the same parts that worked for decades. It did indeed make them a tonne of money, that supported the whole company. And was way, way, WAY easier.

    Capitalist-free Zone. All the way down. The 1955-1970 models are all Capitalist. Starting 1971 and EPA, all anti-Capitalist, de Lada. Yugo. Cars.

    Now why have working people stopped loving and obey us, just as we kill them all, steal everything they love, and destroy all their cars? Well, just a mystery, I guess.

    Damn, those cows go deep in the water and aren’t scared. They’re heavy but I bet very buoyant with their stomachs.


    Global Population Set To Fall For First Time In 700 Years


    The last time was after the the Black Death bubonic plague pandemic

    A fall in population would mark the first time in seven centuries such an occurrence has taken place.

    The last time it happened was after the Black Death bubonic plague pandemic killed as many as 50 million people in the mid-1300s, reducing the global population from 400 million to 350 million.


    Well the Collective West promoted feminism to the point were 60%+ of western women don’t want kids and of that 60% a third of them are infertile or have a partner who is sterile.

    Plus most young men in the west view marriage (50%+ divorce) and kids as a trap to financial ruin.

    Good thing we’re bring in all those illegal migrants, they’re ‘breeders’ not contaminated by feminism and low sperm counts.

    A major study published in scientific journal The Lancet has found that the global population will start to fall within decades due to vastly reduced fertility rates and may never recover.

    The study, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, found that by the year 2050, 155 of 204 countries are on course to have birth rates lower than required to sustain the population level.

    It notes that as of 2021, the “total fertility rate” worldwide was 2.23, hovering only just above the 2.1 children per woman needed to maintain population growth.

    That figure has fallen from 4.84 in 1950, with researchers predicting it will decrease to 1.83 in 2050 and go as low as 1.59 by 2100.

    The Future is So Bright I Have to Wear Shades



    Have you no sense of decency,
    It’s wrong.

    Gov are trying to hide the fact that they are the cause of murdering +35,000 people in Gaza.
    Listen to the student calling for peace and cease fire.
    Gag Order on Murder of +35,000 Palestinians by Israelis in Gaza.
    “ criticize Israel is anti-Semitic.
    May 4, 1970

    in May 1970 when the Ohio National Guard shot Kent State students singing and speaking out against America’s war in Vietnam.
    “Have You No Sense of Decency?”
    MICHAEL HUDSON • APRIL 28, 2024 • 3,700 WORDS • 185 COMMENTS • REPLY


    Christianity lost…

    In A Deepness in the Sky, computers have existed for 1,000’s of years. Our main character is educated to be a “programmer-archeologist.” He delves through all the accreted junk of eons and finds the right tool for the job, then modifies it to make it work with all the other stuff – hardware, software.

    He asks his teachers – why don’t we make a new operating system and new programs for everything from scratch? It would be so much simpler, cleaner, why don’t we start right now, instead of continuing to work with this messy, mismatched, convoluted junk? (All those bible stories don’t mesh too well either…)

    They explain to him yes, sure you can start over on such a mission. But it will take time. And in that time, you’ll discover mistakes you made, need to make modifications, addons, etc – by the time you are done, you will have just as junky and cluttered a system as we have right now. It’s called a Mature Programming Environment. Therefore, we’ll be very happy if you can get skilled at finding and adapting stuff.

    So much of what we still have is 8,000 years old. The CLOCKS are 8,000 years old. We use 12 for and multiples of 12 because of old dead dudes. Julius Caesar fixed the calendar 2,000 years ago.

    Christianity isn’t JUST Christianity – the stories in the bible. Nor is Christianity the dogmas created to stitch them into a coherent(ish) overall belief.

    As properly identified by the Marxists, it’s the key log in the beaver dam, which in turn supports the whole ecosystem of beavers, fishes, herons, egrets, frogs, ducks, etc. by providing them all with a pond. Tons of other sticks have accreted around this log, either in direct synergy with it – a solid network providing structure to the dam – or adjacent to it, affected if it is removed. ALL the traditions together holding up civilization, making life livable, meaningful, fun even.

    The other key log was Humanism. They came for that one first. They got it so bad, people shudder instinctively, in revulsion, at the hideous, reprehensible monster-thing going around wearing the humanism skinsuit. Saying “I am that thing you love.” But real actual Humanism is your birthright. It’s Plato, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Tacitus, Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Durer, Luther – I could list a hundred things and not be done.

    The partnership between Christianity and Humanism started early. Paul/Saul taking Christianity into the Western Roman Empire by way of Athens – the philosophers there hearing him out and saying “Oh yes, I see, you have one of those Christ religions, very good.” They already had the term for it! Quite a lot of retrofitting and improving was done by the West, starting with giving it its name.

    It worked imperfectly for a long time, but after centuries of beta-testing, it (the interwoven, messy, semi-coherent cultural skillset plus Christianity, which we may as well call Christianity) gained smooth function, relatively balanced – neither calcified nor swinging out of control. The suite of Christianity intermingled with Humanism, with the encrustations of many, many beta-tested traditions, values, ways of knowing (ha!) and meaning, all of that TOGETHER was the western ethos.

    Why can’t the Marxists be traditionalists? WHY on earth can’t they be on the side of the working class, “the poors,” for whom the accreted traditions and wisdom of 8,000 years is THEIR wealth. Also, it is what has been found to WORK after ages of sacrifice to discover it. They hate what works. And you can’t steal and use what works by totally smashing it and naming some horrible other thing by the same word.

    To the extent that the Marxists have won by their efforts over the past 50 years or so, Scientists aren’t scientists, Educators aren’t educators, Journalists aren’t journalists and so on. The base layer of science wasn’t science – without virtue and honor, the scientist is a liar and not a scientist at all. Same with doctors.

    Congratulations, you’ve severely wounded the western ethos. Now you can start your 8,000 year journey to end up at the same exact place if you’re lucky. Convergent evolution. The Dolphin and the Shark ending up with the same shape despite coming from totally different genetic lines. Because reality exists and the people of the next 8,000 years will prefer to adopt things that actually WORK for them rather than making your whacko narc dreams come true. It SHOULD work differently, but it doesn’t.


    Did you hear the digital autocorrect of the singer’s pitch? Weird.


    Don’t step over the line. The walls are closing in.
    The line is blurred. The line is gone. I can’t perceive my sin.
    Yet here I am in chains without a penny to my name
    I didn’t cheat- I didn’t play- but somehow lost the game.

    Burning man was a self-proclaimed socialist who had had his eyes opened to the grand conspiracy. Everything is a Ponzi scheme- zombie and insane bullshit tech companies, the lofty markets of recession, crypto coins of every sort, government contracts, NGOs….
    And that these Ponzi schemes are set to burst causing economic chaos which will lead to the coup where fascism takes over.
    When the woke wake up, they respond with raw emotion.


    Heaven thrives in every place
    Where it is an act of faith that
    If you die nobly- in a state of grace-
    You will go to heaven.
    But it’s a sort of lying
    That let’s you cope with how you might expire-
    By torture, battle, illness, cold, or fire:
    Heaven isn’t for the dead. It’s for the dying.

    Those who’d go to heaven when they’re dead,
    Are best at making heaven here, instead.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Here’s a tour-de-force that takes the whole shit theme to extreme (perhaps even fetishistic) lengths:


    Taoism: Shit happens.
    Confucianism: Confucius says, “Shit happens.”
    Buddhism: If shit happens, it is not really shit, and it didn’t really happen.
    Zen Buddhism: What is the sound of shit happening?
    Hinduism: This shit happened before.
    Mormonism: This shit will happen again!
    Sufism: Shit happens when you take yourself too seriously.
    Animism: We are the shit of the Earth itself.
    Shintoism: We are the shit of our Ancestors.
    Hare Krishna: Shit happens, Rama, Rama…
    Gnostism: We know the real shit.
    Authoritarianism: You shit when, where, and how much I say, or else…
    Communism: We’re all in this shit together.
    Capitalism: Our shit is bigger than your shit!
    Boulderism: If shit happens, go for a run. (after Boulder, Colorado)
    New-Ageism: If shit happens, form a support group to share your feelings and understanding, and learn how to grow from it.
    or Visualize the absence of shit.
    Isolationism: You leave my shit alone!
    Separatism: You’ve gotta shit over there.
    Islam: If shit happens, it is the will of Allah.
    Protestantism: Let shit happen to someone else.
    Calvinism: Shit happens because you didn’t work hard enough.
    or Shit happens because you didn’t suffer enough.
    Catholicism: If shit happens, you deserve it.
    Baptistism: You wicked little shit!
    Moonies: Only Happy Shit really happens.
    Judaism: Why does shit always happen to us?
    Jungism: What is the meaning of this shit?
    Rastafarianism: Dis be good shit, mon…
    or Dis shit be irie, mon…
    Zoroastrianism: Shit happens half the time.
    Fatalism: Shit’s gonna happen, and happen, and happen…
    or This shit’ll be the death of us!
    Athleticism: Just do (sh)it!
    Elitism: Our shit does not stink.
    Goddessism: Our shit is female-centered.
    or Our shit is just divine…
    Satanism: The Devil knows shit.
    Pentacostalism: Let’s shit in tongues!
    Anglicanism: The only worthy shit is English shit.
    Voodoo: Spells spell shit…
    Christian Scientism: Shit happens only in your mind; you have shit for brains.
    Existentialism: What is this stuff we call shit, anyway?
    Stoicism: If this shit doesn’t kill us it will make us stronger.
    Hedonism: There is nothing like a good shit.
    Fetishism: Shit happens and we carry it around our necks in a little bag.
    According to the regulations promulgated in ORG Publication NRP 35289.341 Revision 9/18 and supported by Administrative Decisions IV-14C and XIX-37N (as Amended 5/72), shit is not permitted to happen in circumstances under our jurisdiction or in sufficiently congruent jurisdictions. Therefore, we regret that if shit should happen, our department cannot accept responsibility or offer relief or support, except rarely in those cases described in ORGF Document 17. Unfortunately, we are unable to clearly identify another authority to whom we can properly refer you for resolution of your concerns. To determine if your situation may possibly qualify as a Document-17 exception, and to become entered into our records as potentially meriting notification if the legislative or administrative mandate or standing of this Division is modified, please fill out Form ORGFU 289/err, available upon submission of adequate identification and tendering of the proper fees.

    Technologism: If shit happens, it’s because the computers are down.
    Ludditeism: If shit happens, it’s because the computers are up.
    NIMBYism or
    Environmentalism: Don’t shit in our nest!
    7th-day Adventism: Thou shalt not shit on Saturday.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses: Let us in and we’ll tell you all about shit happening.
    Scientology: Feces Occur.
    Atheism: Shit never happens.
    or No Shit!
    Denial: Shit never happens to me.
    Agnosticism: Shit?
    Giardism: Shit happens fast.
    Botulism: Shit stops happening.
    Roadhog-ism: If you don’t like the way I drive, dial 1-800-EAT-SHIT
    Cubism: What happens when square shit comes out of a round hole?
    12-Step-ism: Shit happens and it’s not my fault!
    Extremism: Shit happens to the moderate.
    Never throw shit at an armed man.
    Never stand next to someone who is throwing shit at an armed man.
    TV Evangelism: Send more shit our way, Brothers and Sisters!
    Post-modernism or
    Deconstructionism: T. I. S. H.
    Masochism: It only hurts when I shit.
    Institutional-foodism: Shit on a shingle.
    Modernism: Oh, Shit!
    Catchetism: Shit, Shit, Shit. Shit, Shit, Shit. …
    Exorcism: Let’s get the shit out of here!
    Shamanism: Let’s dance and smoke shit.
    Classicism: Shit erat demonstrandum.
    Dadaism: Shit! Salvador.
    Hypothyroidism: No shit! Pass the iodine.
    Spiritualism: There is no shit on the other side.
    Impressionism: Shit is not the way you see it.
    Conservationism: There is too much shit.
    or There is not enough shit.
    Darwinism: Shit is evolving.
    Conservatism: Our shit is the right shit.
    Cretinism: Duh…
    Fascism: All your shit belongs to the state.
    Feminism: Clean up your own shit.
    Futurism: Hot new shit will happen.
    Fundamentalism: God knows what to do with shit.
    Alcoholism: Give me back my shit.
    Hypnotism: Concentrate on shit.
    Puritanism: Don’t talk shit.
    Solipsism: Only my shit matters.
    Imperialism: Shit rules.
    Commercialism: Buy my shit.
    Fanaticism: Do my shit.
    Sabotism: Throw shit.
    Plagiarism: Steal shit.
    Mysticism: I dream of shit.
    Monotheism: Shit on polytheism.
    Polytheism: Shit on monotheism.
    Eroticism: Orgasm is the best shit.
    Sadism: Shit hurts.
    Symbolism: Shit in Plato’s cave.
    Materialism: There’s a market for shit.
    or Shit matters…
    Expressionism: Emotional shit.
    Realism: Shit has definitely happened.
    Socialism: The People shit.
    Internationalism: Merde!
    Episcopalism: Holy shit.
    Methodism: Salvation is shit.
    Lutheranism: No Latin shit.
    Episcopalianism: Our shit is sweeter than your shit.

    If one is so inclined, one can find this stuff anywhere and everywhere…

    John Day

    @MPSK: Well spoken about the uses of “heaven” on earth.

    John Day

    @Alexander Carpenter:
    George Carlin: “Ever notice how your shit is stuff and other people’s stuff is shit?”

    Dr D Rich
      President Lee C. Bollinger said of his successor, “I feel like, if I had looked all over the world for the best person to next lead Columbia, I would have chosen Minouche Shafik. Her expertise, her experiences—both personal and professional—and her general outlook on academic and public life make her an inspired appointment. I offer her my warmest congratulations and very best wishes as she takes on what I believe to be the best job in the world.”

      Inspired…..of course you do Lee.

      The female-version of iL Fauci via Egypt and London’s School of……just what ails us in America, that is, a paucity (is it a word?) pretentious-as-shit-Egyptian-British academics leading us white Male deplorables out of our American Debt Servitude.
      Or perhaps the white professors at Columbia like themselves a little brown sugar too.



    @Alexander Carpenter:
    At the end of the day, the porta potty is full


    @jb-hb re: navigation time

    We still use base-12 time because it is an overlay on, a ‘module’ to accompany, navigation tools. Each cardinal direction is a whole number. Base-10, you only have 0 and 5. If you then go to base-20 or somesuch to solve this, you’re in a bigger mess than the clock issue.

    Also, re: Vinge and machine consciousness / op-sys

    I’m currently reading another old treasure, Frank Herbert/Bill Ransom, Pandora Sequence. I’ve finished Void and am starting The Jesus Incident. Ship becomes a God, by the work of cloned humans, and demands fealty. It’s kinda hand-in-glove with Clarke’s contention that advanced tech appears as magic to underlings. If Ship has been imbued with the consciousness of a human of questionable morality, why not? Vinge expressed similar in his concept of civilizational ‘ascension’ to some kind of singularity, and software archives as ‘abominations’ that you dare not open…like a cluster bomb with a candy cane and pretty bow on top.

    Figmund Sreud

    And so, … the wicked will never relent! The argument presented by a most not a bright of a person:

    The Four Key Reasons Why The U.S. Will Never Stop Targeting Russia’s LNG Sector

    – LNG has become the most important swing energy source in an increasingly insecure world.
    – Energy exports remain the foundation stone of Russia’s essentially petro-economy.
    – Russia’s LNG industry is closely associated in Russia with President Vladimir Putin personally.



    At first, it isn’t a war.
    At first, it’s a skirmish-
    A small confrontation,
    A salvo, a foray, a test operation.
    And finances end up all bandied about,
    And trade that was friendly
    Turns into a rout.
    And sanctions are drawn up;
    Some nations grow stronger;
    And things start to heat up
    As battles get longer.
    And something bad happens.
    And something good falters.
    And soon you might find yourself up to your ears
    In the rubble and stench built of blood, shit, and tears.

    War video should come with smell-o-vision.

    Thanks, John Day. I have no real concept of eternity.

    John Day

    Shades Of 1968

    Gilbert Doctorow attended Columbia U. Shades of 1968: The New York police assault on Columbia University demonstrators
    Yesterday’s NYPD storming of Hamilton Hall on the Columbia University campus which had been occupied by student demonstrators protesting Israeli genocide in Gaza has brought the clash between America’s non-academic, pro-Washington narrative university administrators and its more idealistic students to the attention of global media. After taking the building, the police arrested the demonstrators and, before television cameras, paraded them off, wrists bound, to waiting buses for dispatch to jail.
    As an alumnus of Columbia who entered graduate school there in the months following similar, shall we say, revolutionary developments in the student body in the spring of 1968, I take special interest in this development…
    ..At that time, much of the Columbia faculty sided with the retrograde administration, as I saw in my own department, Russian history. My academic advisor, Leopold Haimson, a leading scholar on the Menshevik movement and closet Marxist himself, was aghast at being in the midst of a real bottom-up revolution and sided with the administrators…
    ..That Republicans and other political conservatives with their all-in support for Israel whatever it does would uniformly condemn the students as ‘anti-Semites’ is obvious. [Not PCR, though.] For their part, Liberals are split on the issue… Many are saying out loud that attempts to instill uniformity of thought on the Israeli question destroy the underlying principles of higher education grounded in diversity of views and civilized public debate…
    ..I call for a time out to reflect on the destruction of the social sciences and humanities on American campuses that did not start yesterday but goes back in time at least 15 years. This passes unnoticed by our Liberals because it clashes with their own political correctness that acknowledges no other views than their own on the given subject. I have in mind the anti-Putin, anti-Russian doctrine that totally captured university policies on free speech when Washington launched its Information War on Russia…
    ..If you dared to pose a question in the time allotted for “discussion” that showed some variance from this consensus, you were immediately denounced as a ‘stooge of Putin.’ In effect, this institution of higher learning had descended to the level of a kindergarten.
    From following developments on campus ever since from the weekly program announcements of the Harriman, it is crystal clear that the situation with respect to freedom of speech and thought on the subject of Russia has only gotten worse…
    ..Until and unless I see a sobering up of our universities from their intoxication with Russophobia, I will not believe that freedom of speech on campus has been restored, whatever the outcome of the present confrontations over Israeli genocide.
    But who knows? Perhaps someone among the present day rebels will move beyond outrage over 34,000 murdered Palestinians and consider the possibility of hundreds of millions of dead civilians globally including in the good old U.S. of A. should the present clash in Ukraine be allowed to escalate to WWIII.

    Gen Z support for Hamas increases six percent in one month
    In a survey conducted earlier this month, respondents were questioned about the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. The poll aimed to determine whom respondents support more in the war, and it found that individuals within Gen Z, aged between 18 and 24, are increasingly showing support for Hamas. The poll results also indicated that 43 percent of respondents in this age category voiced support for Hamas, compared to 57 percent who backed “Israel”.
    In March, a similar survey conducted by Harvard CAPS-Harris revealed that 37 percent of respondents from Generation Z expressed support for Hamas, while 63 percent backed “Israel”.
    It’s noteworthy that these polls indicate a six percent increase in support for Hamas within just one month and a six percent decrease in support for “Israel”. This suggests a significant shift in sentiment toward the Palestinian Resistance faction among respondents, highlighting a growing endorsement of Hamas amid the ongoing Israeli genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

    Large police force invades Columbia University, seals off campus–students–st

    UCLA clashes: Pro-Palestinian protesters attacked by Israel supporters
    A demonstration against Israel’s war on Gaza at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) turned violent when a vigilante pro-Israel mob attacked a solidarity encampment occupied by peaceful pro-Palestinian protesters.
    Witnesses said the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) only intervened after nearly four hours of the attacks, which started overnight into Wednesday when masked pro-Israel counter-demonstrators, who appeared in their hundreds from outside the university campus, hurled fireworks into the encampment.
    The attackers, carrying Israeli flags, then tried to tear down the pro-Palestinian camp, assaulting students with pepper spray, sticks, stones and metal fencing. Police stood by, failing to protect students, who re-commandeered the metal fencing thrown at them to shield themselves, said Joey Scott, an investigative journalist speaking to Al Jazeera from the scene.
    Before the police arrived, a group reportedly piled on one person who lay on the ground, kicking and beating them until others pulled them out of the scrum.
    Eventually, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass issued a statement on X early on Wednesday morning that police were responding to requests for support from the UCLA administration…
    ..[Culprits not named, I note, just “the encampment”.] “Horrific acts of violence occurred at the encampment tonight and we immediately called law enforcement for mutual aid support,” Mary Osako, a senior UCLA official, told the campus newspaper the Daily Bruin.
    Reporting from Los Angeles, Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds said the student protesters had stood their ground. The number of injured was not yet known, but reports on social media indicated that some people have been led away with injuries, he said, as he described the “really shocking and ugly scene of violence”.
    The vigilante mob appeared to come from outside the campus. “They appear to be all largely people who are not of student age and they’re not from the UCLA campus, but what they’re doing is trying to harass and attack the pro-Palestinian demonstrators,” said Reynolds.
    Bass called the violence “absolutely abhorrent and inexcusable”. [But WHO did it, Karen?]
    The antiwar group said that “law enforcement simply stood at the edge of the lawn and refused to budge as we screamed for their help. The only means of protection we had was each other” as the attack went on for more than seven hours.

    John Day

    From last October, and going back for years. Netanyahu funded Hamas for decades. “Strategy-of-tension”. Soros funneled $15m to groups behind pro-Hamas protests
    The New York Post found that Soros money supports groups that “justified Hamas’ bloody attacks.”

    Investing in the Strategy-of-Tension … Is George Soros behind anti-Israel protests in Columbia, other US universities?
    The cash from Soros and his associations has been key to the protests in Columbia University. At the Columbia University, three groups set up the tent city last Wednesday. These groups are Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), and Within Our Lifetime…
    ..The SJP termed the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel as “a historic win”. The SJP reportedly received $300,000 from Soros’ Open Society Foundations since 2017 and also took in $355,000 from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund since 2019, as per media reports. The Rockefeller Brothers fund is chaired by Joseph Pierson and includes David Rockefeller Jr, a fourth-generation member of the oil dynasty, on its board of directors…
    ..At three of these colleges, protests against Israel are being encouraged by radicals who are “fellows” of a Soros-funded group called the US Campaign for Palestine Rights (USCPR). At an encampment in Columbia University, protesting students were seen using tents reportedly purchased from Amazon and getting pizzas and sipping coffee from Dunkin’, complimentary sandwiches from Pret a Manger, organic tortilla chips and rotisserie chickens, as per the report.
    The USCPR gives around $7,800 to its community-based fellows and an amount of $2,800 and $3,660 to its campus-based fellows for spending 8 hours a week to organise “campaigns led by Palestinian organisations.”

    Earning their stipends? Looking bad? Justifying harsh attacks? Who benefits? Chaos Erupts At UCLA After Pro-Gaza Activists Refuse Entry To Non-Allied Students
    Far-left activists have declared the UCLA campus a “liberated zone” and are refusing entry for many students not affiliated with the pro-Gaza protests. They have erected barriers and placed guards, creating makeshift checkpoints which require a special wrist band in order to gain passage.

    Israel’s Smotrich Calls for ‘Total Annihilation’ of Rafah, Other Cities in Gaza , The Israeli finance minister wants Netanyahu to end negotiations with Hamas

    Israel Won’t End War On Hamas As Part Of Hostage Deal, Bibi Tells Blinken

    John Day

    UN chief urges global action against Israel’s military operation in Rafah
    Antonio Guterres appeals to ‘all those with influence over Israel’ to prevent further civilian casualties, displacement in Gaza​

    ​ U.S. port off Gaza raises suspicions​ , “Aid” project won’t alleviate Palestinian starvation
    ​ The Pentagon has confirmed media reports that the pier that is being built by the U.S. military near Gaza will cost at least $320 million, which is double the original estimate announced for the project.​ “The cost has not just risen. It has exploded,” Senator Roger Wicker told Reuters.​ “This dangerous effort with marginal benefit will now cost the American taxpayers at least $320 million to operate the pier for only 90 days,” the Republican lawmaker added.
    ​ Around 1,000 U.S. military personnel have been deployed to Gaza’s waters, including from the army and navy, who are working in close coordination with the Israeli army and navy to build the pier that the Pentagon says will be operational in May.​..
    ..Essentially, the Israeli occupation forces, who have killed a record number of aid workers numerous times, will be in charge of handling the aid via this questionable project.
    ​ The United Nations has been calling on the Israeli occupation regime to allow a significant increase in the number of humanitarian trucks to enter the enclave to avoid famine.​ 500 trucks entered the Strip on a daily basis before the war. UN officials say the daily figures needed now vastly exceed pre-war levels.
    ​ Last week, the UN pointed out that the average number of trucks entering Gaza every day during April was 200, which is far below the required level.​..
    ..[A direct entry into ground war for the US Army?]​ The only party that is not involved in the project is the Palestinians, who have once again been sidelined.​ Hamas has warned it would target foreign forces, uninvited, on Palestinian land or water.​

    ​Lebanese Hezbollah is an effective, disciplined, and experienced army. Hezbollah destroys crewed Israeli vehicle in well-prepared ambush

    Alex Krainer has really condensed these insights effectively. Decoding the Russia vs. the West relationship​ , Condensed in a 22-min. podcast with Ivor Cummins

    The Four Key Reasons Why The U.S. Will Never Stop Targeting Russia’s LNG Sector ​ [Easily understood after Alex’s explanation above.]
    LNG has become the most important swing energy source in an increasingly insecure world.
    Energy exports remain the foundation stone of Russia’s essentially petro-economy.
    Russia’s LNG industry is closely associated in Russia with President Vladimir Putin personally.​

    John Day

    U.S. Senate Approves Bill to Ban Russian Uranium Imports
    ​ Plans are to step up local production and enriching of uranium to reduce dependence on imports, with one senator noting Wyoming was a top candidate for future uranium supplies for U.S. nuclear reactors.​ “Wyoming has the uranium to replace Russian imports, and we’re ready to use it,” John Barrasso from the Senate Energy Committee said. Wyoming is his home state. “Our bipartisan legislation will help defund Russia’s war machine, revive American uranium production, and jumpstart investments in America’s nuclear fuel supply chain”…
    ..Currently, nuclear power plants in the United States spend around $1 billion annually on Russian uranium imports—a bill that would swell considerably after the ban, if the Bloomberg calculations are accurate.​

    Ukraine suspended participation in European Convention on Human Rights and Freedoms​

    NATO’s wings were clipped: A German military aircraft lost navigation due to powerful electronic warfare suppression​ (US Navy AWACS-type reconnaissance​ plane)
    ​ Recently, a very non-trivial incident occurred in the sky near Kaliningrad with a German Air Force plane. The plane began to behave strangely, lost its orientation due to interruptions in communication and almost crashed. This incident has raised many questions and speculations. Was this a specially planned reconnaissance flight or did the plane simply go off course?
    ​ On April 4, 2024, a German Air Force Lockheed P-3 Orion coastal patrol aircraft took off from Nordholz Air Base in northern Germany to monitor the airspace over the Baltic Sea. Approximately 70 km west of Kaliningrad, the aircraft suddenly requested assistance and immediately changed course to the departure point. The German newspaper BILD writes that the Lockheed P-3 Orion plane allegedly barely made it to the base​.
    ​ The next day, April 5, 2024, at around 01:00 (local time), the plane made an emergency landing in Nordholz. The fire and rescue service arrived at the scene, but the landing went smoothly. According to a Bundeswehr spokesman, the reconnaissance aircraft are “carrying out the necessary technical work.” Details of the reasons for the incident have not been disclosed.​

    ​ John Ward asks, Where is Klaus Schwab, what will They call Charles III’s death, and why is the Secret State in Dollar Doom denial?
    ​ Within 72 hours of a Sino-Russian bid for the Anti-Dollar Brics alternative, the USA lost a 4.6 per cent share of major multinational debt settlements.
    That’s not conspiracy theory….it’s fisco-financial fact . By October 2025 – were the trend to maintain its current direction and acceleration – the US Dollar will have lost 68 per cent of its value [digital or otherwise] and, effectively, virtually all of its multinational bullying power. Get real: future US Presidents will no longer be able to play the FDR/Nixon devaluation card and stand the remotest chance of getting away with it.​

    ​Tom Luongo, It’s The End Of The Foreign Exchange Reserves As We Know It… Don’t Feel Fine About It​
    If the US really does pull the trigger and confiscates Russia’s financial assets, what are some of the potential consequences for the hegemony of the US dollar and financial system? …Are there any other alternatives to the US dollar and financial system that they could turn to?
    ​ This move will not have immediate effects that we’ll see play out in capital markets beyond accelerating trends already in place. As of right now there is no alternative to the US dollar because of its primacy in settling global trade. The euro gave up that potential role when they went to negative interest rates last decade.
    ​ The Chinese yuan is not ready for this role either. But with this move by the US, it will now gain momentum towards fulfilling that role. And, believe me, the Chinese government is fully aware of this.
    ​ In the short run, paradoxically, it will cause a run into the US dollar, as people who need them to service debt will hoard them, but with the intention of paying those debts off. This will put upward pressure on the dollar making our sovereign debt that much harder to service. The vandals of the Biden administration are fully aware of this, and if anything, are cheering it on.
    ​ But once trust is broken it is nearly impossible to regain it. Capital flows to where it is treated best. This was the US’s real super-power for all of these years.​

    John Day

    ​ Frustrating the potential alignment of Americans for their common good, against current power elites. The Biden regime has been importing illegals on charter flights since at least January of 2022 when we broke this news. This past year 200,000 Illegals were flown into the United States via international charters over only 8 months.

    Australian Politicians Demand Forced Online ID, AI-Assisted Content Surveillance To Stop Spread Of “Misinformation”​

    ​ Biden accused of plotting to declare climate emergency to boost his sagging polling numbers
    ​ Political commentator and the Daily Wire columnist and podcast host Matt Walsh recently wrote an op-ed for the website titled “The Government Is Gearing Up To Declare A ‘Climate Emergency,’ Which Will Wipe Out What’s Left Of Our Freedoms,” wherein he discussed that since Biden’s inauguration, the government has discussed the possibility of officially declaring a climate emergency…
    .. ​”So this is the most important point: There is not, in fact, a climate emergency and everyone pushing this hysteria understands that very well. But they will never stop pretending this is an urgent crisis, because the moment they do that, they lose some measure of control over our lives,” Walsh wrote…
    ​..”But the truth is, once it declares a national emergency, the federal government can pretty much do what it wants. The courts give the alleged ‘experts’ vast and completely undeserved deference. There are no guardrails in a national emergency. Everyone knows that after experiencing the COVID lockdowns (which, of course, were the pre​lude to the coming climate emergency). There were never any consequences for those lockdowns or mandates,” Walsh argued.
    ​ “There hasn’t really been any reckoning with the destruction those policies wrought on our lives. There’s been no accountability. Nobody even seems interested in talking about it. So now they’re doing it again. And make no mistake: If they can force the entire country to stay at home because of a virus – including young people, who are at virtually no risk from that virus – then they can absolutely restrict every single one of your freedoms in the name of ‘saving the climate.'”​


    John Day

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, The Pandemic Agreement. Clarifying (I hope) what seems to be going on. The Globalist Agenda versus the Global South’s agenda
    ​ The USA agenda for the Pandemic Agreement appears to coincide with the globalist agenda: pathogen sharing, gain-of-function research, massively increased genome sequencing for purposes yet to be acknowledged, rapid rollout of vaccines and drugs for all the new pandemics we will see (or at least hear about, such as bird flu), centralized control of health emergencies by the WHO with a new governance role for that organization. Nations will be obligated to obey the WHO. The “One Health” concept will be used to give powers to the WHO that have heretofore not been considered directly related to health, but are being redefined so they are included in “One Health”—such as the ability to issue orders in the name of protecting animals, plants, ecosystems and so-called biodiversity…
    ​..The WHO’s Secretariat and Bureau are jumping into the negotiations to create new procedures to try and reach agreement. As I have said before, this is evidence that the “member-led process” claimed by Tedros is a sham, as the procedures are shaped and reshaped by bureaucrats in order to achieve the aims of the WHO’s biggest funders.
    ​ Geneva Health Files also has some interesting things to say about the country negotiators vs their ambassadors and health ministers. Priti Patnaik, the author, seems to think that consensus can be achieved if the negotiators can hold back the senior officials from their governments. Presumably this means that the negotiators are tired (or bribed) and are ready to give in to the big boys on some issues, and if they can just be allowed to manage the treaty discussions in isolation, without obeying messages from home, agreement can be reached.​

    ​ Dr. Nass with hopeful breaking news: The Telegraph published a commentary today telling its august readership to NOT sign the Pandemic Treaty, Written by an MP and former Liberal party Minister

    Joseph Mercola DO , More Evidence Showing Vitamin D Combats Cancer (and sunshine provides more benefits than vitamin-D from supplements. Avoid burning.)

    Gardasil Vaccine Caused Cancer That Killed 22-Year-Old, Lawsuit Alleges
    The mother of a young woman who died of cervical cancer after receiving the Gardasil vaccine sued Merck, alleging the vaccine maker falsely promoted the vaccine for cancer prevention and failed to warn patients about the shot’s risks.
    When Haley was 13, she received the first of three Gardasil shots. Following the injections, she began to experience abdominal pain, cramping, nausea, vomiting, abnormal bleeding and heavy periods, among other side effects.
    When she was 18, doctors diagnosed Haley with metastatic cervical cancer/adenocarcinoma of the cervix. She underwent salpingectomy and bilateral ovarian transposition surgery. Doctors also treated her cancer with chemotherapy and radiation. However, Haley’s cervical cancer continued to progress, spreading to her liver, skin, uterus and eventually lymph node metastases.
    After each new tumor appeared in a different organ, Haley underwent various forms of chemotherapy and combinations of treatments, along with stronger rounds of radiation. She endured excruciating pain, lost her hair and developed severe skin irritation. She required oxycodone and morphine to manage the pain.
    On May 22, 2023, Haley died of metastatic cervical cancer/adenocarcinoma. Her mother maintains that her daughter’s Gardasil injections were responsible for causing the development of cervical cancer.

    ​ (​Especially the blue kind) PRIME Drinks facing lawsuit after tests show each beverage contains 3X the LIFETIME amount of “forever chemicals”
    ​ Paul’s electrolyte brand was found to contain PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonic acid), a grouping of toxic chemicals known as perfluorinated alkylated substances (PFAS) that persist inside the body and lead to health conditions like cancer and other chronic illnesses…
    ..”So prime is now going through a new lawsuit after it was discovered that their drink has PFOS which is forever chemicals but what’s really concerning is the fact that the lawyer who tested their drink is claiming it has three times the amount of forever chemicals a human can safely have in their lifetime and the lawsuit is claiming they found these forever chemicals in the grape flavored prime drink.”​


    must be hard to see a color revolution

    my parents said know – unbounded now

    Dr D Rich

    I read this:

      Netanyahu has asked the families of captives held by Hamas in Gaza to try to persuade the International Criminal Court (ICC) not to issue arrest warrants against him and other senior Israeli officials and military commanders, according to a report in News 12.

    And I thought is Netanyahu’s gambit “kosher” with the Jewish people of Israel??

    Is it Kosher with Jonathan Greenblatt’s ADL?

    Then I thought, Benjamin’s strategy while novel leverages the blackmail of desperate families by aligning The Chieftain of The Jewish State with people he/they oppress AND not just keep Chief Netanyahu out The Dock and Gallows at the Hague. Win win win appears to be Benji’s strategy with the 3rd pillar being Netnyahu comes off nominally in support of benighted Palestinian people and moreover Anti-anti-anti-semitic.

    I also read courtesy wikipedia. So it’s gotta be true:

      The names Land of Israel and Children of Israel have historically been used to refer to the biblical Kingdom of Israel and the entire Jewish people respectively

    Emphasis on entire Jewish people.


    The university demonstrations against the genocide/murder of the people of Gaza by the Israelis will last until the last one is dead.


    Dr D said

    It’s crazy to even THINK about supporting a “White West” (whatever that means) without it. As has been made abundantly clear: if you erase Christianity, you erase all Western Morality, which becomes ruthless Utilitarianism.

    So, according to you, the Roman empire – the one that allowed the ancient Jews to kill your Christ, the most successful white empire (if you count Italians as white) that we can see from our vantage point in time – was amoral because they were not Christians, they existed before Christianity. That makes no sense.

    People created Christianity, those people wrote down existing social morality into the Christian books, now you are claiming that it came from God and that we cannot get it back without Christianity? Still makes no sense.

    American Christians just do not make sense. It is as if, for them, there is no nature, no planet without Christianity. Nothing like a cult to make nonsense out of a nature.

    Then “ruthless Utilitarianism”? Wot, like the ruthless Americans? Were the Japan-nuking Christian Americans better than the Romans, worse, sort of the same but less successful empire wise?



    M1 Abrams Tank and M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle, Made in the USA, Arrive in Moscow



    Amazing flatbed
    Amazing crane
    To move a piece of junk.


    so sorry. had to cancel yet another debt card. I plan to use the opportunity to make the least globalized payment. will catch up.
    What happened had a little interest. I decided to throw a few dollars at X(twitter). after a half hour, I finally managed to find a user ID no one else had. I promptly forgot it and had not backed it up yet. Here is the punch line. If you dont remember the X user ID, you cant recover the account. I cant stop them from collecting every month. And the payment system defaults to re-publishing your new debt number so canceling your card is no help. I had to sit on a help call for some time while I explained all this. My bank (M&T) was very good. We got the republish turned off and the charges disputed. I need to pick up the pace of deglobalizing. Thank you CAF.


    Violent attacks on peaceful protesters.[ the American way.


    How did that happen? Try again.

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