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    This week is Fed’s meeting week.

    In case you haven’t noticed the pattern, in the days leading up to the Fed’s meeting, gold and silver paper prices get roundly thrashed and suppressed.

    Since the silver market is tiny, only a few billions in size, this is where the bullion banks start the carnage. They massively short silver, it only takes a few billion of paper money – chicken feed, in a manner no self respecting trader, wanting to make money, ever would. You can see this by watching the gold/silver ratio shoot up from the 70s to the 80s. That shows the amount of pressure being exerted.

    Once silver has been routed, then the bullion banks insanely short gold. Now gold requires using a few 10 billions of dollars to rout. All of this is done using paper dollars on the London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Chicago Metal Exchange (CME). These exchanges are set up solely to protect bullion bank shorting. Not only that, the bullion banks do not have to deliver real gold but can force you to settle for paper money. So these are not places where you can buy real gold, only paper gold. Everybody else, for decades now, gets rountinely royally screwed. Why they never learn is beyond me! Guess there is an endless supply of of suckers.

    Once the Fed meeting is over, gold and silver might be allowed to rise slowly. Gold is only allowed to rise limit up $20 max each trading day. However there is no limit down each trading day. The bullion banks know where everybody’s paper gold position is at all times. You can’t see other trading positions so you are always trading blind. This is a very corrupt paper gold play pen. It pays to know who the mark is.

    Buying and holding, and never selling, is the only way to beat the bullion banks (I.e. never playing their game and never letting them hold your gold either. If you don’t hold it then you don’t own it!). But remember gold and silver are only insurance against disaster. Gold and silver will never make you rich. But it can get you nicely killed.



    The only flaw in your prosecutors argument is they do not need to prove their case.

    They can simply make up a false case and drag anyone they want into court while bankrupting and ruining their lives.


    Yes, the bad ones can.

    In fact they can ‘indict a ham sandwich’ as the old saying goes.

    But a good one, if such a thing exists, can go after a real bad guy.

    A long shot, but no one else has any power to enforce laws.

    Cops can arrest but a prosecutor can refuse to indict.

    If fact dirty cops can only be checked by prosecutors.

    It a small club that most are not in.

    those darned kids

    can we just reboot this guy?!

    those darned kids

    naomi wolf channels karl denninger (in an obviously more subdued fashion)

    Dr. D

    “Just in –”

    But they’re wearing masks! Masks work! Safe and Effective! ??? 2 years and 7 Billion people later, still haven’t learned?

    The West is F’d, yes but by design and slow engineering for +50 years. I do hold them responsible but I hold the intentional engineers more responsible.

    These exchanges are set up solely to protect bullion bank shorting.”

    Yes, as you say, they are not markets: they have no pricing, and they also allow no delivery. I have no idea how or why they can exist, or it’s so bizarre I can’t even come up with a metaphor for it. Like, I post a car for sale on Craigslist? A 2002 Corvette? Except I don’t own a Corvette at all. Then my friend claims to have bought it and we post the price in Hemmings Motor News. No car, no price, no sale, no delivery. Instantly all of America’s Corvettes re-price to what we say. Corvettes are now worth $50. Me and my friend buy them all up and store them in a barn, mission accomplished. Everyone sells their cars to us and applauds. Good show, old chum. Very cricket.

    From the outside, maybe like this: Local Mercedes dealer posts price for a new BlueMotion in the city paper. Sounds good, I show up, we spend all month negotiating price up and down, standing next to the car. Then the papers are signed and I take delivery. He says I now own the car and paid for it, but he’s not going to deliver it. Ever. Whot? I want delivery! I bought a car, I want my car! He says he won’t deliver, but I CAN have my money back. Listen moron: I just gave YOU the money, if I wanted money, I would have just kept the money. I want the Mercedes we agreed on on the day you said it would deliver, that’s what “Selling” means. He shows me the contract fine print showing that they are not selling cars, they have no duty to deliver, they only sell US dollars back to all buyers. The next guy walks in behind me for the same thing. Next month I walk in and try to buy a car from the Mercedes dealer again.

    It’s truly, truly inexplicable.

    It can only rise $20/day because they have to control “volatility” WES. See how much they care? However, 7 margin hikes and $100 down days are NOT volatility. That’s just normal. That’s what the SEC said in the BTC market: “they had to control it” to stop volatility. On the upside. Markets only go down, but not up. Except the Dow, which only goes up and not down. See? Markets that go only one-way are normal, only have sellers and no buyers are normal and that’s “Capitalism”. And also, the SEC controls all commodities trading markets? They “control them” daily? Do tell. Who tells them what price to set them at? Who, besides the 4 now-retired Fed officials, know and trade it ahead of time? And hey, wouldn’t it be your job to both NOT have insider trading and NOT have market rigging?

    Nah, when they say it in public, the NY Times reports it, the SEC is staffed by the banks’ top people, then the Fed official all retire for it, it’s a conspiracy theory.

    Mr. Gates: like his operating system, he stopped working a long time ago. Anything installing his products, freeze up, keel over, and die. Then we don’t look for alternative that work! Then we buy more!


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