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    Andy Warhol Mick Jagger 1975   • The Balance In Attrition (BoT) • Ukraine Is Now America’s War, Too (New Yorker) • Lavrov Interview With The Xinh
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    Armenio Pereira

    (what the heck is a star that doesn’t want to shine forever?)

    Conservatives can’t prevent change; progressives can’t control it. Due to the constraints with which they were conceived, humans are unable to successfully tackle a third way. Their fate is sealed.

    You can fight it or accept it.
    Resisting means trying to change others; accepting means trying to change the self.
    Resistance is hard and futile; acceptance is harsher and yet, smooth (once achieved.)
    Either way, things shine, and then fade.

    The fire burns bright until the watcher sleeps (and sleep he must, ’cause sleep is granted, awaken’s not.)

    a kullervo

    (philosophia perennis / urreligion)

    Not all philosophers are poets, still
    all poets are philosophers.
    Not all philosophy is poetry, still
    all poems are philosophy.
    Philosophers and poets perish,
    Poetry/Philisophy won’t:
    Man is the supreme poet,
    God as The Supreme Poem.

    Consciousness is a time bomb which we have no plans from and which we must learn to defuse.

    Dr D Rich

    Trevor Noah, pleasant ineffectual guy and watched his speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Someone will have to explain what they saw that I didn’t hear.

    Quickly, Tulsi Gabbard = Controlled Opposition

    V. Arnold

    Andy Warhol Mick Jagger 1975

    Umm, no! I don’t like this Warhol…at all…

    V. Arnold



    …and now back to your preferred media……………….

    Dr. D

    Trevor is a weird cat. They had to import him like a Canadian comedian because the Americans are too direct, too uncaring, and too mean. So he doesn’t lie directly the was the Americans do, however, he completely fails to tell the truth that works around to a bold lie. Part of the reason I stopped watching TDS, although most of my media comes from the left and far left. Here he is again, lying. “Journalists in Russia”…are possibly MORE free than in America right now. “If you tell the truth”…you’ll lose your job before you get back to the office here. We haven’t told the truth since CNN’s green screen in Gulf II. It is possible that America puts out more truth than in Russia, but none of the people doing it are at that dinner. They should have hired Ricky Gervais to read them the riot act instead.

    “It didn’t want to poke the Russian bear—or provoke Vladimir Putin personally.”

    Speaking of bare, open lies, The New Yorker. Media Rating says: “They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports, and omit information that may damage liberal causes.” Huh. Does that sound like “We lie carelessly and all the time” to you? It does to me.

    “Throughout our history, we’ve learned that when dictators do not pay the price for their aggression, they cause more chaos and engage in more aggression,”

    I quite agree. And one of the people in question was legally elected, comes from a nation not founded on a illegal western coup, and has not outlawed all opposition parties and people. Furthermore, one has followed the legal requirement of claiming the war properly to their parliament and people. That country is not the United States. Apparently $33 Billion and estimated 10 years is not a war, and not a thing to be discussed.

    Ahead of his invasion, he publicly expressed deep paranoia about the military alliance”

    Gee, NATO WAS attacking and Russia WAS in fact fighting the entire west, who would give $33B from just one nation, within one month. Yup, sounds like “paranoia” to me! Where does Vlad get these crazy ideas? Etc. You guys make me ill.

    Space is one of the last remaining areas of cooperation between Moscow and Western nations”

    Yes, but they are maniacs and religious zealots, a theocracy who cannot allow a single un-religious thing to persist. They must politicize everything, razors, cartoons, sports, and at last the Olympics and Space, which were created for the sole purpose of creating peace and unity, the things they cannot stand.

    “Firms that fail to comply with British censorship after the passage of the Online Harms Bill would likely face fines of up to 10% of their global revenue, with executives facing consequences that include jail time”

    End of sovereignty, the corporations supersede nations now. That is, if a single jurisdiction claims something, the whole world stops for them. This is the norm for these people. The old and bad utilitarianism was to sacrifice the 1 for the 99. The new Woke system is to sacrifice the 99 and save the 1. (Maybe. Probably not.) So Luxembourg and Monaco now control the legal system of the United States, and all corporations in it. Somehow this never happens vice-versa.

    “We should not overlook the impacts of online hate speech, which followers the flames of prejudice and results in appalling and tragic real-world violence.”

    Absolutely. So we in the U.S. must arrest Mr. Khan for appalling racism against Russians strictly by race stealing their assets like Krystalnicht, which is leading to a deadly war of 100 thousands. The U.S. can freeze Khan’s dollar assets. I can provide his home address.

    Personally I’d block them the way the EU has blocked all news and commenting, and make them use a proxy, so that proxies, and non-state entry locations become universally common.

    “fertilizer shortages would provide farmers the opportunity” Yes, think of the opportunity.

    “Fertilizer shortages are real now because Russia is a big exporter of fertilizer.” And we have embargoed ourselves. Therefore are actively, intentionally killing our own people.

    “we’re working with countries to think about natural solutions like manure and compost” Right here from my living room in my pajamas on this spreadsheet. And you know a month later I still haven’t talked to a single person because like windmills they would have laughed me out of the house, and you’d still hear the laughter and mockery across the country today.

    I thought these geniuses were going to outlaw meat? But now they are going to make up a 10x of chemical fertilizer on them? And do what, have the cows die of old age? She does know cows take “grass” and “hay” out of the wheat production acres, right? A: No. She does not know these things. Because: ya basic.

    Answering disinfo, the purpose was for the Feds to declare, and then Facebook can point to it being the GOVERNMENT said so, so they just HAVE to censor it en masse. Meanwhile the government can say “We aren’t censoring. We never MADE Facebook delete anything, it’s totally voluntary!” So both sides can lie, cheat, and steal and blame the other! Nobody’s responsible at all, anywhere! The perfect bureaucratic merger of corporation and states.

    Nurse strike. Finally one got into the national news.

    That’s because this time it happened in one of only three cities where the Important People live. The rest of the 330 Million can pound sand and die.

    Do you have any idea how bad things have to get for Nurses etc to strike? Because they’re aware they’re making a mess and risking lives if they have to get to this point, and it’s only because striking will save MORE lives in the long run, and not just theirs. Just saying, it’s like 100x a normal strike.

    The Nasdaq’s 13% plunge in April was its biggest monthly drop since Lehman’s collapse in 2008.”

    I’m sure that doesn’t mean anything and will be fine. “That is the 12th worst month ever.” Dow at 34k, can’t see how. They usually rotate out the bad components or let one drop first, then another. “The S&P 500 slipped -9.60% in April, marking its worst month since the COVID-19”

    Worst since 1939. And worst inflation since 1945.

    Good news? Markets still optimistic, indicators nowhere NEAR capitulation yet. BuyBuyBuy. Oh, wait, I think that’s the Bad news.

    “The government will be happy to “pay” that out- in the form of politically manipulated treasury digital currency, and you can have it if you just do as you’re told.”

    Yes, they absolutely will.

    Archie: Studs Turkel interviewed people from the front and when the U.S. and Russian soldiers met at the Oder river, the U.S. dogfaces were told not to talk to them and celebrate the end of the war and liberation from Nazis. …Because they, the U.S. Allies were planning to attack Stalin’s Russia immediately, already. Russia WAS their ally. Only their lack of local military power prevented them from attacking their ally right then, the one that fought +2/3rds of WWII while we watched safe at home. We DID immediately attack them economically, causing us to lose half of Germany in the embargo, then the wall. There are things about history you don’t want to know. Maybe people could just NOT attack each other for one day as a pleasant change? Maybe just to prove that you can? Not so long as the schmartz, caring people are in charge. They’re for the latest thing. Evil Reds! Dominoes! Mushroom clouds! Save the Kurds! Save the Yezidis! (Kill the Christians) Save the open slave markets in Benghazi! Save the Ukrainians! Punch a Nazi! Save the Nazis! Save your breath. Save some change. Possibly not a single day of my whole life we haven’t killed someone we didn’t need to, had no business bothering, was illegal under international law, and I didn’t want killed. Maybe not a single hour of a single day of my life. Now Russia is going to have to nuke us to the bottom of the ocean just to get our meth-addled attention. What can we say?

    Sacramento man blocks street to slow down runaway crime, homelessness, robbery, theft, and prostitution. City’s response: “Sacramento responded to Eaton’s barricade with an order to stop blocking the street.” They won’t fix it, but they WILL stop YOU from fixing it. No right to self-defense? You have a right to pay taxes and get nothing back for it though.

    Mister Roboto

    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    Heads I win, Tails you lose

    “Anybody who desires to profit from this market must fulfil our guidelines,”

    Musk follow all of the EU’s laws and regulations, including those governing the censoring of unpopular ideas.

    ….. obligations to adjust to our personal guidelines for hate speech, revenge porn [and] harassment.
    Pfizer thinks they are promoting Paxlovid

    Pfizer is running TV ads recommending people take ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak, and fluvoxamine if they get COVID
    If you are not informed, then the situation doesn’t exist.

    Health Canada Reporting of this, is that these deaths are: 1. Not being accurately recorded as Vaccine Injuries. 2. This problem has grown by over 600 deaths in the last Month.
    It’s easy to predict a disaster when you created the disaster.
    We know how to make a profit

    We just sent $33 billion in militarized aid to Ukraine.

    Meanwhile, here is Philadelphia.
    Correspondents Dinner. Someone will have to explain what they saw that I didn’t hear.

    Quickly …. hidden/deep double entente/insults/truth
    The haters will not/can not let Trump die because they fear losing their position of influence and power.

    Definition: Siege – a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling the surrender of those inside

    She, ( Nancy Pelosi ), said, ( to the Ukrainian white supremacist), during the surprise visit,
    “We are visiting you to say thank you for your fight for freedom, that we’re on a frontier of freedom and that your fight is a fight for everyone. And so our commitment is to be there for you until the fight is done.”

    Definition: Supremacist – a person who believes that a particular group, especially one determined by race, religion, or sex, is superior and should therefore dominate society. Same as snob.


    The republicans have been warmongers ever since they dumped their isolationist wing. So when the democrats want war, we get war: yea! bipartisanship!
    Sorry, rest of the world.
    I’m going to have to see if there’s a correlation between the age of leadership and the willingness to kill the world before they go.

    NATO’s on a joyride.
    Wanna come along?
    Gonna raise a ruckus
    Won’t do nothin’ wrong.

    NATO’s on a joyride.
    Quick- get in the car.
    Gonna raise a ruckus.
    Gonna make a war.

    What does manure look like from an “Impossible”, “Beyond Meat” cow?

    New York Times indicates for a second day that Tucker Carlson scares the crap out of them. (wink, wink.)

    So that dreadful “art” has a name: alegria. Indeed, it reminds as well of Peter Max’s “Yellow Submarine”.

    Mr. House

    So what “crisis” do we get after the Ukraine?

    Polder Dweller

    Ever thought that face masks might do more harm than good? I certainly did. Anyway, this study suggests that that might be true that they definitely don’t help reduce infections.

    TAE Summary

    Congressmen feathering their nests have very little time to rest
    While taking bribes and giving favors out
    Although they’re giving us the shaft
    They have to cover up their graft
    They know a trick to get consent real quick

    Saying Vlad Putin’s evil helps the thievery go down
    The thievery go down, the thievery go down
    Saying Vlad Putin’s evil helps the thievery go down
    In a most delightful way

    Mister Roboto

    So what “crisis” do we get after the Ukraine?

    The grocery store shelves being bare, more likely than not.

    Mr. House

    I give it 50/50 between that and internet going dark.

    If they start to get really bad Mr. Roboto you’ll have to give us a heads up. So far i haven’t noticed anything very out of line here with the past two years.


    Empty saving accounts, Empty shelves, Empty stomachs, ends internet/smart phone payments for the 90%

    Mister Roboto

    ….aaaand the DIJA is now officially in a correction.

    @Mr. House: So far, the only thing I’ve noticed is that I have had to do some substituting more often than not for my preferred brands. That’s only remarkable for the fact that I have never really had to do that before now.

    Mr. House

    “….aaaand the DIJA is now officially in a correction.”

    Nothing is final until 3:30 hits, the fate of the market for the day is usually decided then.

    Mister Roboto

    True, and the PPT has been just frantically desperate about keeping the DIJA out of correction lately.


    The Pathocrats and Deep State Perverts want you to ‘go green’ and get an electric lithium powered vehicle.

    Well, fasten your seat belt kids. You’ve all seen the videos of Teslas burning bright along the highways and byways.

    Here’s an electric bus in Paris spontaneously igniting on a street. I wonder if there are mothers and babies on board.

    People’s lives don’t matter, but making more Mammon does matter, a lot.

    Well, it doesn’t matter, there’s an agenda to push and a narrative to pull, yay, Go Green, save the planet!!!


    It takes +20 tons of water to extinguish a Tesla vehicle battery fire.

    A car combustion engine needs, on average, 3 tons of water to extinguish

    Imagine putting out a bus


    Electric buses are like pipe bombs driving around your town or city.

    Or maybe like the Hindenburg with wheels!

    Go Green!


    Oh, and sure when you get on your electric ladyland bus you mask up, the Coff never sleeps!


    Maybe the bus was hit by a Russian hypersonic missile!


    Mister Roboto

    Yep, it looks like the PPT is doing one of its famous last-minute helicopter-drops.


    Since the US hasn’t yet run out of Ukrainians, the war is on it’s 67 day of killing off living Ukrainians, today. How long it will take for 7the US to kill off the remaining Ukrainians is unknown. However there are rumors that many of the remaining Ukrainians, of fighting age, are not willing to die. There are reports that the vast majority of Ukrainian men of fighting age, like 70% to 90%, have not bothered to show up when called to report for duty. Instead they have either fled the country or more likely have simply gone into hiding! None of this can be proven, due to western censorship but if true, then the US may eventually have a problem of fighting the war until the last Ukrainian, sooner rather than later.

    The latest casualties estimates, that I have seen, if true, run at 47,000 Ukrainians, killed, wounded, or captured. Russia officially says 4,000 Ukrainians have surrendered so far or about 60 per day. That means 43,000 Ukrainians have been either killed or wounded. That amounts to about 650 Ukrainians taken out of the fight, the hard way, each day. So far that hasn’t yet been enough to knock the stuffings out of the Ukrainian army.

    Right now there seems to be very little new news about the grinding fight in the Donbas. My view is that the Russians have switched to an artillery war, which is a very boring slow moving form of fighting, but very deadly to those on the receiving end of the artillery shelling. The Russian use drones to ensure all the Ukrainians are dead, before moving forward. This type of war is slow but the Russians are in no hurry. This has 2 benefits for the Russians. It greatly reduces their own casualties while maximizing Ukrainian casualties. I would characterize this style of fighting to simply; “Let the other bastard pay!”

    Mariupol’s steel plant seems to be getting most of the news coverage these days. Some civilians have been evacuated (per Zerosum above). For the neo-nazi this makes sense if they are running out of food, as then there are less mouths to feed. There have even been reports the neo-nazis want their 600+ wounded evacuated too. Again less mouths to feed, so they can hold out longer. Best estimates are 6 days of food supply left.

    None of these trapped neo-nazis are ever going to get out of this alive, after killing over 10,000 Ukrainian civilians in Mariupol. That is more than one Ukrainian civilian killed per neo-nazi. Initiation rites into the neo-nazi unit, required proof of killing Ukrainian civilians. Donbas Russian Ukrainians will see that no neo-nazi escapes alive. Donbas has retained the death penalty for this very reason. Only prisoners allowed to live will be tried in Russia which does not have the death penalty.

    This whole Ukrainian situation is nuts, except for the US wanting the war to last forever. I am hoping the US runs out of willing Ukrainians more quickly than they expected.

    SUNDAY, MAY 01, 2022
    Is Housing a Bubble That’s About to Crash?

    1. Housing in many urban zones are out of reach of all but the top 10% without extraordinary sacrifice, and now that employment isn’t necessarily tied to urban zones, the bottom 90% of young people without family wealth or high incomes are coming to realize the benefits of urban living are not worth the extreme sacrifices needed to buy an overvalued house.

    If you’re not making $250,000 or more a year as a couple, the only hope for a middle-class life that includes leisure and some surplus income to invest is top move to some place with much lower housing and other costs. That place is rural America.



    @ Mr.Roboto…….
    ” So what “crisis” do we get after the Ukraine?
    The grocery store shelves being bare, more likely than not.”

    Just returned from our local grocery store. Now shopping for food will give you a heart attack.
    Butter $16 per 450gm (just under a pound)
    Organic butter $26 per 450 gm ! ! ! !
    Shelves not bare, but wallet is now bare


    Maybe Homeland Security has some of these posters still available. Just substitute in the word “virus attack.”

    Meanwhile, in Italy:

    Italian Court Rules Mandatory Vaccination Unconstitutional, ‘Fatal Side Effects’ too Risky (Video)

    Italian Court Rules Mandatory Vaccination Unconstitutional, ‘Fatal Side Effects’ too Risky (Video)


    I just saw a civilian woman coming out of the underground tunnels under the steelwork in Mariupol.
    After all of those, approx., 68 days of no water, electricity, she had a fresh red die job. No roots showing.
    Also, I was told that the civilians had run out of food. There was dog food since I saw two hot dog pets on a leash.

    Michael Reid

    Life is change. If you have ever wondered how the Germans could have supported Hitler and done what they did then one only has to look at the insanity of the western world today. Most everyone is disconnected from the truth.

    At this point, it is a race against time. Will those who can see through the manipulations succeed in laying bare the lies and breaking the spell before the masses are tricked into supporting the neofeudal, technocratic Great Reset? This is the existential question that the human species is facing.

    Lots of good articles here


    @Trevornoah: “In America you have the right to seek the truth and speak the truth, even if it makes people in power uncomfortable.”

    Without censorship people like Trevor Noah would still be an unknown and real comedians would still be doing the job of standup comedian. No wonder he loves woke and lies so enthusiastically, his salary depends on it.


    Has anyone noticed, now that the covid pandemic coverage has suddenly disappeared from the front page of MSM, suddenly we are finally getting sensible court rulings about the mandated vaccines being illegal?

    Only now are “some” court judges daring to do the right thing. Where were these cowardly bastards two years ago we we really needed them?

    In Canada however, there are still no brave judges. All judgements have solidly favored vaccine mandates.


    London Mayor Sadiq Khan has also called for further regulation on social media sites in the name of preventing “prejudice.” “Free speech can’t imply a free go for hatred,” the mayor wrote online after information of the acquisition emerged.

    Only official hatred is allowed: unvaxxed and Russians.


    official hatred
    Critical Thinkers



    I’ve been harping on what cowardly scum judges are for years, glad to see someone else finally taking notice.

    NOTHING will change however before prosecutors, especially US Attorneys, grow a pair and bring cases against the criminal mafias that infest the Western World and Western mindset and Western political classes.

    I don’t even see that here on TAE, namely that prosecutors and judges are the keystone to all other problems in Western life just like fossil fuels are the keystone and Master Resource for every single aspect of the economy.

    Why do you think Soros invested so much time and capital in rigging and installing his own prosecutors all across the legal landscape?

    Prosecutors can indict COPS if they can make a case.

    Prosecutors can indict LAWYERS if they can make a case.

    Prosecutors can indict JUDGES if they can make a case.

    Prosecutors can indict SENATORS if they can make a case.

    Prosecutors can indict GENERALS if they can make a case.

    Prosecutors can indict PRESIDENTS if they can make a case.

    Prosecutors can indict other PROSECUTORS if they can make a case.

    Do you see a pattern here?

    Prosecutors can indict ANYONE if they can make a case on.

    So why not doctors and Big Pharma CEOs?

    Because prosecutors are even more cowardly and chickenshit than judges, and that alone is saying a mouthful.

    We are spiraling towards collective madness because we no longer have a shared consensus of Reality.

    It’s all lies, all the time, in every direction and dimension known to man and woman.

    We have no competent leadership in the West, up or down the food chain, just grifters and thieves out for themselves, and it’s never going to change in time before the Consequences of real Reality arrive in the near future.

    Famine, real plague, ubiquitous civil war in every direction and scale large to local.

    Russia does have leadership, and it’s not just Putin, it’s their culture, it has the Right Stuff to survive. It’s done so again and again and again thru the centuries.

    The West is like the Pillsbury Dough Person fat, corpulent, holding a grossly overpriced lukewarm double ristretto venti nonfat organic chocolate gluten free brownie frappuccino extra hot with triple foam and virgin whipped cream upside down quadruple blended with extra ceylon cinnamon standing in the sleet and rain waiting for an Uber on the wrong side of town. Good luck with that Cupcake!

    Soft as grape, waiting for a break.

    The Sheeple of the West are fuckedsomanywaystosunday it’s as if they’ve been given a Swirly in a public rest room by their Lords & Masters and believe it was for their own good.


    a prank that involves immersing someone’s head in a toilet bowl as it is repeatedly flushed: informal


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