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    Vincent van Gogh The sower 1888   • Trump In The Bronx: Thousands Expected To Show Up For Massive Rally (ZH) • Trump Claims Biden Authorized FBI
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    Vincent van Gogh The sower 1888

    Wow, I love the colours, VvG was definitely a colours wizard, they make his paintings look out of this world in a good way.



    Duh, drones can do that today but they won’t yet. The problem with using such a device in war is that it means you have to have pictures of all the people you are fighting and want to kill. Not very realistic.

    It is still cheaper, for the rich, to just pay a pleb to assassinate someone. No big deal whether they do it by drone or in person.

    Who this should really worry, and the reason they are not currently on the market, are the oligarchs and anybody who is famous. Even now there could be drones that would wipe out an oligarch and his children, the technology is easy. The only problem is that most people are lazy so will not do it for their own pleasure, and the people with the money cannot see the use case.

    How does wiping out this oligarch improve the world? That is a difficult question, there are plenty of totally stupid and abhorent people without money waiting to take the place of the oligarchs. So you have a drone to destroy one shit to just have another pop up, costing you a second drone. Ummm, not worth doing.


    “Biden presents as old and ancient. That [Trump] does not look old.”

    Wow, look at those haircuts, these guys are so big on their haircuts. I wonder if they go get a waxing together, compare removed arse hair and cremes that make their sphincters feel sooo good.

    Why are we having to watch these pooftas on TAE?


    Ghoneim says. “It can be very hard to see if you don’t know what to look for.”

    Yes, I am sure it is, but I don’t do by look, I go by smell and this is all very farmyard.


    Germany Would ‘Abide’ By ICC Netanyahu Arrest Warrant

    Before this latest ICC song & dance the German body-politic had already reverted to their stereotypical mindless Teutonic Totalitarian Derangement Syndrome.

    Blow up their cheap energy source pipeline and deindustrialize and ruin their economy: no problem

    Criticize illegal migrant invasion ruining traditional social fabric: you’re a right wing extreme racist you deserves jail time.

    Post a social media comment slagging the Woketard gender perversion agenda: massive fine and jail time.

    Yeh, Germany’s hypocrisy is world class about “following the law”.

    German’s love being in touch with their “little inner nazi” 24/7/365 then claiming their religious devotion to Law.

    The sheer spectacle of Germany arresting Bibi would be Teutonically Tectonic!

    But German is just another little yappie toy poodle bitch for the Empire of Lies at this point in history and would never disobey the Duh’merican Jewish Mafia.

    Germans live in terror of not following orders from their superiors because deep down they know they will never be Top Dog, they are only put on this Earth to be followers no matter how clever and hard working they endeavor to be.

    Girlie man bride’s maids, never The Bride :>(

    The German’s actually invented this first before the Duh’mericans

    It’s so logical a solution

    The Cone of Silence

    Dr. D

    “Netanyahu Issues Warning To US Leaders Over ICC Arrest Warrants: ‘You’re Next’

    Don’t tease me like that…

    “Charges Dropped Against New Jersey Gym Owner Who Defied Strict COVID Lockdown Rules

    Like J6, “charges” still 4 years after they happened. “A Speedy Trial”. Why not when he’s 99?

    “Rep. Stefanik Alleges Major Conflict Of Interest In Trump Trial, Calls For Judge’s Recusal

    Trial is over. Did you notice? NOW you want to recuse so you can do it over again and get Backsies? Of course: like the EU, “Justice” is when we do it over and over again until you get it right.

    “• Trump In The Bronx: Thousands Expected To Show Up For Massive Rally (ZH)

    Words have meanings. Therefore, always lie. It might be massive for a church picnic, but not a rally in 2024.

    “Look, there is no “standard procedure” for raiding a former President’s home. It never happened before.”

    Styx had a similar take. That since this is clearly special, clearly could meet Secret Service, clearly could meet anyone like the President of Lithuania staying there, it should also have been careful and used special forms. Also points out that “Engaging” Secret Service, etc doesn’t mean “Pop up and have a firefight”. It means you call them on the phone, and if met, talk to them as guns were never drawn to begin with. But yes, shooting people is a fun, daily entertainment for the FBI for everyone, on every “Raid” and they did not change protocol for this.

    The other problem we already knew: Trump was cooperating. They said put another lock on the door so he did it. It was all solvable with coming into the lawyers office, so it was all always show, always election tampering. Why go through Melania’s underwear? Roust out all the guests? Well, for fun of course, but really they were looking for the Crossfire Docs they knew he had (and declassified). Since they’re not in the official room, they must be somewhere else. But they can’t admit they’re looking for them, since that would make us ask questions. And Trump almost certainly knew this and “leaked” to put them up to it at the time, as I said for local news reasons at the time.

    So people aren’t asking questions to find out. Like usual.

    “Lethal Force: GOP needs Hearings!”

    They’re the Republicans, OF COURSE they won’t do that and rather get shot instead. Tell you what: you can call all the hearings you want when you’ve settled all the J6 cases for your OWN CITIZENS your OWN BASE. Because those are four years old in solitary, a UN recognized form of torture, which their own investigations show on public record, no (real) crime happened.

    I’d rather Trump get shot and those guys go free as they’re all just humans and their case is more pressing and more grievous. Politicians aren’t a special class. If anything, they are a sub-human class deserving of WORSE treatment.

    “• CIA Prevented Hunter’s Tax Sugar Daddy From Becoming Federal Witness (ZH)

    It’s nice the CIA can help us all by involving themselves in all these domestic political issues, as their mandate requires. Oh wait: entirely prohibits? Same thing, bored already. All things and their Opposites are the same.

    ““By claiming I work for a foreign government, Newsweek is trying to justify a FISA warrant that would allow the Biden administration to continue to spy on me. It’s disgusting,”

    Wow. That’s over the top even for 2024. And I was just hearing Jimmy Dore post the clip of AOC saying “Censorship works”. Stopping all speech and all discussion using the power of the law to oppress people is a top Liberal value. Worker’s Rights, the little guy, amirite?

    His crime? Talking to people. Newsflash: we’re SUPPOSED to talk to people. Even or especially bad ones so we know what they’re like, their point of view, and if we’re in an existential war with them (as Biden said we were) because you have to negotiate peace with them. Again, conclusion: THEY think that if any human hears any word from any one at any time, they instantly OBEY. WTF did they grow up ‘cause it ain’t Chicago. Pre-Harvard Swiss boarding schools, I guess. Out here where NORMAL people live, the 99,999%, HEARING something NEVER equals obeying it. …Ask any policeman or parent. So therefore HEARING an interview on TV has no risk at all to anyone. There’s no such thing as “Platforming”; it can only exist if we are Minions who OBEY. …Which Leftists believe. Their world is based on ordering others what to do while they sit at the top directing them like an ant farm. “HEY! Ant #42713! Move a little to the left, you dummy! Don’t make me come down there and berate you in my middle manager Karen voice.”

    ““Yeah, you can clap all you want,” Graham replied, as a group of protesters in the chamber began to applaud at his “we’re next” comment.

    Yes, Graham may be at the top of that list and I’ll help, however, we cannot have ICC court jurisdiction over America. That’s the long, thin wedge where they’re no such thing as sovereignty. However, them embarrassing us worldwide could change our behavior. So, I agree it’s funny and approve but ultimately I’m not actually going to put anyone on a plane to the Hague when I can put them on trial myself, here.

    …We have the death penalty.

    “..the Ukrainian president’s status could call into question any future treaties he may sign with Russia..”

    Russia has made it clear Ze can never sign any treaties. The End. That’s AFTER saying the WEST cannot sign any treaties. They are “Not Agreement Capable”. …And they said all that BEFORE Merkel and all Germany said, “Yeah, really we immediately broke Minsk and hadn’t the slightest intention of ever not re-arming and attacking you.” So.

    “• Scientists Reveal Hidden Branch of the Nile, May Solve Pyramid Mystery (Sp.)

    That’s bananas. No. If the pyramids were made of two blocks stacked neatly that might make sense. But have you seen the hilarious, non-nonsensical review of how they were floated on a reed raft? …That’s after cutting them out with twig and picked up on the back of a donkey. Okay boys, great! How did you move a MILLION blocks and how long does that take? About 10,000 years?

    One reason it’s so much fun to follow this is there’s no place in all of science or archaeology that says dumber, more obvious things.

    Maybe a more important article is BIDEN IS NOT ON OHIO BALLOT. at all. Nor does he care. Why? If he can get adequate fraud in Just Texas, where 30,000 fake applications suddenly appeared (they’re dead), or TX and Missouri, then it doesn’t matter what Trump wins anywhere.

    Around the ‘Net (I know I shouldn’t)

    How American Women Could Lose the Right to Birth Control
    The slow creep toward contraception restriction demands our attention now” –Time

    …Apparently American women don’t have the vote? Or liberals don’t think they should be allowed to vote? Because otherwise I think we’re just voting for what WE want, right? So I guess they better go Libertarian and Conservative today! …Those cats do not conscience the government being involved in those decisions.

    Should I go on with how far over the horizon of #OppositeLand they are?

    The article itself is such a mishmash of misrepresentation it would take me all week to unpack it. For instance: Author feels certain children should get medical care without parent’s knowledge or consent. As a given. Factual opposition to one lawyer’s case was that he once represented Trump. That Dobbs ends all abortion, not that it merely changes jurisdiction. That it’s all a matter of Conservatives not liking Privacy. That there is no right to privacy anywhere in the Constitution (4A) and that Conservatives are notoriously opposed to the Constitution.

    Her roster at Time Mag at least shows two deep, abiding passions: Love for abortion and hatred of men. What is this type? This quote: ““When people make the argument about threats to contraception being overblown, they’re talking about the U.S. Supreme Court or Congress,” Ziegler says. “They’re saying Congress isn’t going to ban contraception and they’re right … they aren’t going to ban contraception, but they aren’t going to protect it either.”

    That is, the horrifying idea that she and government might have to leave people alone. Then we’ll all stay up nights worrying Ant #42713 won’t know what to do and move that grain of sand incorrectly.


    Tesla water: Teslas are just built different

    Then sell them as underwater cars and leave the rest of us to buy ICE cars for dry driving. This is the only thing that I can see that is an advantage to having a Tesla; the battery seals are good enough for it to drive through water, but it will explode if you park it in water and those seals fail ,,, do you deel lucky. I wonder how much Elon pays this muppet to publish this shite.


    The man has a point, I would be pissed off too if I lived in the USA, instead I live in a country where we don’t eat popcorn – because it is shgar on shit – but still watch the suicidal Americans doing their stuff. It is a bit like watching a cast goat trying to stand up; the knife will be the only solution.


    Dissolution of Ukrainian society:


    Nazilensky’s goon squads trying to grab more meat puppets for the frontline grinder.

    Meanwhile Russians are lining up to JOIN the Russian Army at 35,000 a month.

    No need to dragoon them like the hysterical loser Ukros.

    Nazilensky, who ‘s your Daddy?


    from aspnaz

    “……the problem with using such a device in war is that it means you have to have pictures of all the people you are fighting and want to kill. Not very realistic.”

    Yah, but what if you wanted to hunt down and kill domestic “enemies”?

    You already have their driver’s license photo plus surveilence and CCTV captures

    “Yes, please, may I have more Sir!”

    Having massive murrerations of Killer Facial Recognition Drones tracking down the Unworthy

    AI driven of course

    Each facial recognize killer droid is disguised as a bird

    They visit your neighborhood looking for a face ‘match’


    Clouds of FPV killer drones with 2kg of plastic explosives chasing you down the road on your electric assist high tech bike……


    All gone


    The Russians don’t have to ‘take’ Kharkov like the feeble minded Mediawhore Tards keep spinning

    They can just surround it a cut off ALL supplies to choke it to death.

    No fuss, no muss

    Let the civilians pass through check point leaving only Ukronazis inside, then ariel bomb the shit out it.

    2 Ukrainian Logistics-Supply Bridges in North Kharkov Region Leave the Chat

    John Day

    I’ve thought it through, Senator Graham, and I’m ok with the ICC coming after you next…


    It’s my story and I’m sticking by it.
    (NO facts, ONLY opinions. Irrelevant)
    How to Spot Manipulation Tactics
    biased views
    ‘We’re next!’ US senator warns about ICC

    A group led by Lindsey Graham has urged sanctions against The Hague-based court.

    “reasonable grounds to believe” that they were guilty of “war crimes and crimes against humanity” in the Gaza conflict.

    Democracy, in Ukraine and Zelensky’s legitimacy vs
    Russia just finished having their elections.

    Tuesday marked the first day after the expiration of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s five-year presidential term. His government declined to hold a new election, citing martial law put in place due to hostilities with Russia.



    Deflation – “no one” to work, but also “no one to buy.”


    Some thought on Collective West Butthurt

    Boy is it sore, sore losers that is.

    “The defining feature of the West’s “elites” is their complete inability to calculate consequences.

    They view Russia’s patience and legal approaches as weakness……..

    …..this is expected from people of low culture and education which most Western “elites” are.

    Baerbock is even suing X (Twitter) for the post about her being the dumbest foreign minister in the world, which she is…



    Andrei Martyanov’s Blog


    Here is President Vladimir Putin of Russia claiming that, the Western world is being run by demonic pedophiles.


    Even Putin is now using the correct rhetoric!

    The Russian leader questions why anyone sane would teach tiny children – “that women are men and men are women”.








    The only thing Americans will not believe is the truth…

    ‘Unified Reich’ Hoax One Of The Most Blatantly Dishonest Attacks On Trump Yet-

    Which hoax, which lie from which liar ?

    The lie about Trumps ad being a nod to the Reich ?
    Or Trump lying that under his presidency there will be “no more wars and the American dream is back ” ?

    Trump sure as fuck will not save Amurica from itself the second time around. America is long gone and nothing will redeem or rectify it. Failed State. It’s game over hope and changey wishful liars.

    It’s ALL blatantly dishonest, just like American clown politicians and media.



    Blackwater mercenary Prince? Well that will just make his Regime work easier.
    Where’s wagner group these days?

    Fascinating and disgusting to watch Trump being positioned as the second coming savior of Amurica.
    Saved from the clutches of retarded FJB and the Liberals…as if the Retarded Republicans have anything better to offer?

    Americans hate truth, themselves, and life in general. A nightmare Regime run by retarded clowns left and right.

    Be sure to vote for your favorite evil ‘choice’ next and every election. Look around at how effective they are in destroying everything, every election, every time.

    Where has sanity gone in America ?


    The fastest way to find/get an answer to a that has been asked/answered before on the web.
    Ask copilot

    The student demonstration are advocating for peace.
    Our leaders are advocating for war.

    It’s disheartening when there’s a disconnect between the actions of leaders and the aspirations of those who seek peace. While I don’t have a crystal ball, I can share some insightsPro-Palestinian protesters have been actively advocating for peace, calling for a ceasefire in the war and expressing support for Palestinians in Gaza1Students for Peace and other groups have demanded an immediate ceasefire and an end to the siege on Gaza2. However, achieving lasting peace requires collective efforts from both grassroots movements and political leaders. Let’s hope that dialogue and diplomacy prevail over conflict.

    Why do leaders sometimes choose war over peace? What motivates them?

    Leaders’ decisions to choose war over peace can be influenced by a complex interplay of factors. Here are some key motivations:

    Power and Control: War can consolidate power and control for leaders. It allows them to rally their supporters, suppress dissent, and maintain authority.

    National Interests: Leaders prioritize their nation’s interests, which may involve territorial disputes, resources, or geopolitical influence. War might seem necessary to protect these interests.

    Economic Factors: The military-industrial complex benefits from war. Arms manufacturers, contractors, and related industries thrive during conflicts, creating economic incentives for leaders.

    Political Calculations: Leaders consider public opinion. War can boost approval ratings during crises, divert attention from domestic issues, or strengthen their political position.

    Historical Precedents: Some leaders emulate past successes. If history portrays war as a path to greatness, they may choose it over peaceful negotiations.

    Fear and Insecurity: Leaders fear external threats, real or perceived. War can be seen as a defensive measure to safeguard their nation.

    Psychological Factors: Ego, pride, and personal beliefs play a role. Some leaders perceive war as heroic or necessary for their legacy.

    Remember, these motivations vary, and not all leaders prioritize war. Diplomacy, dialogue, and empathy remain essential for lasting peace.

    Creating and sustaining peace is a multifaceted challenge, and having leaders who actively promote peace can be elusive. Here are some insights:

    Negative vs. Positive Peace:
    Negative peace refers to the absence of conflict or violence. Leaders often focus on preventing war and maintaining stability.
    Positive peace goes beyond this. It involves creating conditions where people can thrive, fulfill their needs, and live harmoniously.
    Leadership Attributes for Sustaining Peace:
    Understanding Polarities: Effective leaders recognize and leverage opposing ideas (polarities) rather than seeking one-size-fits-all solutions1.
    Inclusive Decision-Making: Sustainable peace requires involving diverse voices, including women, in decision-making2.
    Holistic Approach: Leaders should address root causes of conflict while nurturing conditions for well-being, justice, and security.
    Complexity: Peacebuilding is ongoing, not a one-time intervention. Leaders must navigate intricate societal dynamics.
    Economic Interests: War can benefit certain industries, influencing leaders’ choices.
    Historical Precedents: Some leaders emulate past militaristic successes.
    Despite challenges, there are examples of visionary leaders who prioritize peace. Costa Rica’s national vision for peace and Ethiopia’s Ministry for Peace demonstrate this commitment.

    China advocates peace as part of its global vision. President Xi Jinping proposed the idea of building a global community of shared future a decade ago. This vision aims to create an open, inclusive, clean, and beautiful world with lasting peace, universal security, and common prosperity1. China emphasizes values such as development, equity, justice, democracy, and freedom, respecting diverse understandings across civilizations1. Additionally, China opposes hege Certainly! China advocates peace as part of its global vision. President Xi Jinping proposed the idea of building a global community of shared future a decade ago. This vision aims to create an open, inclusive, clean, and beautiful world with lasting peace, universal security, and common prosperity1. China emphasizes values such as development, equity, justice, democracy, and freedom, respecting diverse understandings across civilizations1. Additionally, China opposes hegemonism and bloc politics, consistently advocating for peaceful development and supporting developing countries2.

    In summary, leaders for peace must balance prevention strategies with holistic well-being, inclusivity, and a long-term perspective.


    Caption Contest:



    The media are focusing people’s attention on Julian getting a fair trial, while the justice system is busy killing him out of sight.
    Nobody ever wonders what the crime was or why he is even in prison.
    Isn’t the trial entertaining you?

    The Ukrainian elites running the government are gleefully using the new full mobiization law to shake down any other less politically connected elites by demanding money and sale of their businesses!
    Or their current employee’s military exemptions will be removed and all of their male employees will be conscripted.

    The corrupted Ukrainian elites have a “bottom to top” plan!

    First, they strip the poor of any loose change before shipping them to die at the front.
    To be poor is to be dead.
    Second, they strip the middle class of any money before shipping them to die at the front too.
    Death is now just 3 or 4 days away.
    Third, they are now shaking down the rich of any of their wealth.
    Fourth, they continue stripping foreigners of any donated charity.

    Once they have accumulated all of the wealth to be had in the Ukraine, then the war will end.
    So maybe, we are at the “beginning” of the end?

    Waiting for Trump’s “guilty” verdict.
    Hasn’t the Roman coliseum’s show trial circus entertained you?

    Nice new racket you have there!

    Dr. D

    Yup, guess everybody better just give up. Better lie down and stop trying.

    That’s the way everything gets fixed and all our lives are better.

    Mr. House

    Bet you guys don’t remember this, a test run for 2020

    In January 2010, Wolfgang Wodarg, a German deputy who trained as a physician and chaired the health committee at the Council of Europe, claimed that major firms had organized a “campaign of panic” to put pressure on the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a “false pandemic” to sell vaccines. Wodarg said the WHO’s “false pandemic” flu campaign is “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century”. He said that the “false pandemic” campaign began in May 2009 in Mexico City, when a hundred or so “normal” reported influenza cases were declared to be the beginning of a threatening new pandemic, although he said there was little scientific evidence for it. Nevertheless, he argued that the WHO, “in cooperation with some big pharmaceutical companies and their scientists, re-defined pandemics,” removing the statement that “an enormous amount of people have contracted the illness or died” from its existing definition and replacing it by stating simply that there has to be a virus, spreading beyond borders and to which people have no immunity.[117]

    Mr. House

    No conspiracies though, right? Just a world full of coincidences

    Mr. House

    So strange that they both happened during financial crises huh? Just a world full of coincidences


    The Art of Giving Up Comes in Different Flavors:

    Since May 18th, most Ukrainian men are now hiding at home.
    They are afraid to go out in public or go to work.
    So at least they have all passively stopped trying.

    They are no longer bothering to train the forceably conscripted men now.
    Just slap a uniform on, and off to the front you go!
    Turnaround times from rear to front, is now just 3 to 4 days.
    Then death on the frontlines in 4 hours.
    At least the dead Ukrainians have stopped trying.
    But how many deaths does it take to stop a war?

    For the Russians, it took over ^70 years of pretending to work, to bring communism to it’s knees.
    When I was in Russia in 1983, I sure noticed the system wide lack of trying.
    If I hadn’t been soundly educated in Africa first, it would have driven me crazy!
    Little money, little work!

    It takes the passive resistance of all the people together, to bring a police state down.
    Violence is the one thing the police state understands and is ready to ruthlessly crush.
    Notice how during Biden’s presidency, there has not been one single demonstration in Washington, DC?
    Yeah, January 6th.


    Boris Clowntard posing with stylized Nazi flag and Ukronazi goons



    Presidementia Pedoturd’s profound Wisdumb



    Rotate on these

    Yes Master, please more!



    The line for Trump’s rally in Bronx


    Empire of Lies

    We Love It!

    Country of Gumps

    We Love It!



    Pissing on your head and telling ya it’s rain….



    Another path than Feminism



    A group of ducks witnessed the meteor that fell in Portugal



    Quite a butch bitch



    Dying Empire

    Dying Country

    Dying ‘Kulture’


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