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    the total number of job openings remains a huge 10.438 million, which came in well above the 10.3 million expected, and just shy of the 11.1 million all time high.

    2.8 million, more vacant jobs than unemployed workers confirming that the US labor market remains painfully cracked.

    number of quits, which for the second month in a row soared to an all time high, jumping in September by 164K to a record 4.434 million.

    Employees have found ways of putting food on the table and the gov. cannot figure out HOW.


    Dr D. posted:

    As others have said: if the reality is as our TAE consensus suggests, why do nations like Russia ALSO behave this way? That tells me something larger is out there. mRNA could tag you for a following targeted bioweapon. (…)

    Opposition to this spiky COV scenario might have been expected from Russia (though imho many of the ‘measures’ are simply not enforceable there, plus the vaxx is different), but also Iran, badly affected early on, which officially at least, pushed non-travel etc, and now vaxxes, Sinovac, etc.

    See also Israel, which deprives the Palestinians of the vax, and is a super high vax country for Israelis. Imho, Israeli ‘leaders’ attitude to their Jewish citizens is not special, it is the same as Macron-> French citizens, for ex. The vaxx(s) are great is upheld…!

    The countries who have escaped the COV trap are poor, no money to spend on the vaxxes…(Rough corr. of course, caveats… needs look at this in more detail.)

    That Big Corps + conglomerates did not resist is also telling. E.g. the Airline, Travel, Tourist, Hotel, Conference industry. Of course they are splintered and don’t have a common platform/orgs. to form an agenda and act on it, and clearly some top ppl objected and obtained many concessions / exceptions behind the scenes, but it stops there.

    Mega-Sports bowed right away and has been vaxxing its athletes who are now falling dead on the pitch, terrain … OK this industry is not very powerful, yet it is a huge money-maker for some. What about Hollywood (and its equivalents elsewhere) – not a peep?

    World religions have mostly endorsed the vaxxes (though there are schisms within the Catholic Church) which was to be expected, they no longer have much power and must follow those who do, to preserve their look-in, influence, relevance.

    Defend-the-people type political parties in the W have been neutered.

    Oppo to the vaxxes in the W comes from what is called the ‘radical’ left (old-style leftists, pro labor, unions; defending the poor; communists, etc.) and the ‘radical’ right (pro- some form of libertarian, free-market, nationalist..) neither of which stand a chance against the centre mou (soft center) consensus, formed of parties in ‘fake’ opposition to each other in a camouflaged symbiosis with Corps. (Fascistic type Gvmt.)

    It is as if the world ‘that counts’ (Ethiopia, Afgh., Yemen, e.g. don’t count) is under the spell of Pfizer – and other Drug cos.

    Why? Well so Pfize / other can make money hand over fist is a simple answer, maybe not deep / explanatory enough. Many answers are poss…


    Germ posted the maskless moment, see above, the context was:

    Atlantic Council Awards:

    WASHINGTON, DC—October 21, 2021—

    The Atlantic Council announced today it will present the 2021 Distinguished Leadership Awards to H.E. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission; Dua Lipa, multi-Grammy Award-winning artist, founder of the Sunny Hill Foundation, and activist; Albert Bourla, DVM, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of Pfizer; and Professor Ugur Sahin, M.D. and Özlem Türeci, M.D., Co-Founders of BioNTech. The awards gala will be hosted this year on November 10 at the historic Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in downtown Washington, DC.



    Kyle Rittenhouse, the man-child, is/was not an EMT on the night of the shootings. He was asked about his status that night (it’s on video). He lied.

    Only a man-child grabs an AR-15 on the way out the door to do community volunteer work.

    The child-man sobbed on the witness stand. It was a sad and tragic sight.

    Kyle Rittenhouse is RESPONSIBLE for something? Or nothing?

    What gets me is that some claim he is innocent. That is not true. He had a role in creating/producing the outcome/deaths. How is it that we can’t find our way to identify what it is that was done/not done?

    Ackman can call him a “civic-minded patriot”. Does that somehow erase his bad deeds? We elevate on the good deeds and just forget the rest? It’s like only telling half the story.

    Why is it so hard for so many to be accountable/responsible for anything these days?

    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    henry: squirrels¡!¡!¡ i got ’em. oh, boy, do i got ’em. right now their favourite food are the leaves of my brussels sprout plants. they rip off the leaves, and then only eat the leaf stem. rinse and repeat.

    the seeds do contain lecithin, but for therapeutic uses you’d need a lot. egg yolks will give you way more, but still not enough for that task. lecithin supplements are quite cheap.

    those darned kids


    the u.s. could easily subsidize gas for many of its citizens. chevron et al. will never let it happen. venezuela used to give poor americans free heating oil. no longer. can’t have commies keepin’ ya warm, see..

    if the u.s. subsidized oil for its own citizens, soon they’d be asking for health care, too.

    Mister Roboto

    I think Rittenhouse should be found Not Guilty, but Not Guilty doesn’t mean Innocent. He arrogantly and presumptuously inserted himself into a situation in which he had no business being. I trust that Mr. House agrees with me that the Team Red cultists hailing him as a hero and the Team Blue cultists damning him as a white supremacist in training are both freaking morons.

    Mr. House


    Michael Reid


    Your comment. That is a very interesting idea.


    chooch wrote: posted: Pfizer joke meme, Seinfeld cleavage quip, then “Speaking of the sun”.

    And he thinks he can’t paint with words well. THat’s a segue to die for, I say.


    “I too am guilty of taking the simplistic view on global warming by defaulting to the notion that can all be swept away by the fact that fluctuations in heat input from the sun is the dominate overriding mechanism.”

    I’ll also note that, while sunspot activity has been rec orded during some period of history and give us some idea of past solar cycles that we can correlate into historical climate changes a few centuries or even (iirc) millennia ago (China, I think?), we only have solid metric data, with enough nuance to call adequately precise, since the advent of modern telescopes. So saying that we “We came out of a solar max that was off-the-charts & NOW the pendulum is swinging the other way” not only exaggerates the extent of our historical knowledge of solar/cimate interactions, but just plain exaggerates, period..


    Sunspot, Baby!

    those darned kids

    master rittenhouse is not guilty. america is guilty.

    what kind of place allows a 17 year old access to an ar-15?
    what kind of place allows anyone access to an ar-15?
    what kind of place allows people to riot and burn their cities?
    what kind of place allows people to be judged on something called twitter?

    a 17 year old boy should be chasing girls, not hoodlums.

    “hey, mom, just going to kenosha with my semi-automatic to do good deeds.” “have fun, and don’t be home too late, you know how i worry.”


    “Employees have found ways of putting food on the table and the gov. cannot figure out HOW.”

    Shared living expenses are probably the main method. Also, we have more and more homeless people. Not all homeless people are there by accident of fate, per se. Some of them by dint of freedom-focused orneriness. They’d rather not be homeless, but they’d rather not be vakzed, too. SOme of them are homeless more in name than fact: they have a couch to sleep on at night while people work but are out and about during the day hustling spare change, recycling containers for cash, selling ye olde drugs, walking dogs, ye olde sex-for-sale, etc… really, I suppose, it’s all a form of shared living expenses.

    Be homeless for a few months and you can usually get 1-2 hundred$$ food stamps, a bit of cash-cash, and begin the Medicaid shuffle.



    Population reduction mechanism

    1. Two degree temp rise – COP26 Ends In Hypocritical Whimper
    2. Covid pandemic – Damaging and ineffective vaccines
    3. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse –


    “hey, mom, just going to kenosha with my semi-automatic to do good deeds.” “have fun, and don’t be home too late, you know how i worry.”

    “Gee mom, I’m 23 years old, awreddy!”



    As for TPTB, this is my take:



    Reposted properly:


    Polder Dweller

    Noirette, don’t you think that Francis is a pope on a rope? Traditionalist Ratzinger got sidelined to make way for a pope who would toe the official line (which means that this pandemic has been planned for a long time) There’s probably a lot more to the story but that’s the simple way I read it. If a billion Catholics were told by the pope not to take the jab, that would have sent a very strong message right around the world.


    All in plain sight:


    “Traditionalist Ratzinger got sidelined to make way for a pope who would toe the official line (which means that this pandemic has been planned for a long time) ”

    I don’t see it. You could say that it “suggests” that this pandemic has been planned for a long time but no more than that.

    The Mormon Church leadership toed the line without question. They’re hardly on board with the DNC/liberal power bloc. A small church evangelical pastor I know, who is ardently opposed to vakzination, toed the line in public early on.

    I think there’s a considerably stronger case for the current pope being picked for his alignment with the prevailing liberal ideological triumph in Euromerica (a phyrric victory), something I’ve seen in every church I’ve attended since moving to Portland (maybe 4-5 before giving up on ever being able to enjoy modern Xtian congregationalism; I’m too wild and earnest a Xtian for them to tolerate me).

    Embracing the LGBT community makes good business sense for them. Church attendance whas been steadily declining for decades. Embracing queers (which is the Xtian thing to do) brought in new enthusiastic members. Also, they all seem to buy into ‘prosperity Xtianity’: they all sound like Dr. Pangloss: ours is the best of all possible worlds, look how everything is getting better and better over all, the rising tide that floats all boats…

    Jesus didn’t preach that. He preached being kind and gracious to each other despite the fact that we’re nutso hominids who think they have some firm understanding of right and wrong, i.e., what Genesis calls the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but steadfastly enslave and oppress each other or, at best, allow it to happen to others so long as we’re spared the worst.

    Modern Euromerican mainstream Xtianity has become secular humanism in a Jesus suit.



    If your name was Fauci, listing those deaths, then, maybe, those deaths would be recognized as not being rare.


    A peek into the belly of the journalistic beast:

    Pitch Me!

    This is marketing not journalism. News as consumer distraction.


    Before covidiology became our main course here, we pondered peak oil/rational economics, the radical alternative view of energy&economics, vs infinite energy/magical economics, the mainstream view of such matters.

    That in mind, this is a cunning metaphor:

    “A story is told about three experts shipwrecked on a desert island. Their situation seems far from desperate. The island is well-found in fire-wood and fresh water. Washed ashore with them are thousands of tins of baked beans, offering nourishing if monotonous fare. They even have saucepans, plates and cutlery.

    “The one thing lacking is a tin-opener.

    “The chemist proposes putting the tins in water which, in due course, will corrode them. Unfortunately, they would starve long before this could happen.

    “The physicist suggests heating the tins to a temperature at which pressure causes them to explode. This, though, would splatter beans across the island, as well as subjecting the castaways to lethal shrapnel.

    “Appealed to, the economist has a simple solution – assume a tin-opener.

    “This encapsulates the consensus line as the long era of rising prosperity created by fossil fuels draws to a close. If we assume a replacement for fossil fuels, and further assume perpetual economic growth, our problems are solved.”

    Surplus Energy Economics The home of the SEEDS economic model – Tim Morgan #214. Needed – a new model tin-opener


    This guys follows the Grand Reset by TPTB paradigm. That’s fine, although hiws logic overlaps neatly with simple old capitalism failing to do anything when the price isn’t right, in this case following classic Peak Oil lines as expalined so well and often by Raul ILargi and Nicole Foss:

    Now The Organized Takedown of Global Fertilizer Supply?

    Polder Dweller

    Well, getting a pope to push shots on the flock which make use of aborted foetal tissue is not really something your everyday trad pope would be exactly likely to do, that’s why I say the pandemic must’ve been planned for some time.


    Poor Nicole. By the time she spreads the mask-up doctrine here, the modest value masking had ( a) preventing super-spreaders, i.e., people blatantly sick in public coughing huge wads of droplets all over the mall food court, b) an annoying but effective way to make people conscious of things like ashing hands, not touching your face after public contact, etc.) was already passed, as I recall Raul explaining well at the time.

    Nicole Foss & Aaron Wissner 2020 06 22 Organized Corruption in the USA | The Deep Shock

    And, of course, the Orange Man thing. Trump Derangement Syndrome is not pretty in the modestly educated person of average intelligence. In a highly educated genius like N. Foss, it’s nasty ugly to watch.

    If only we could burn Trump at the stake before getting him to confess his sins by pouring boiling oil down his throat, all would be well! Oy.


    Rather than focus on using this valuable fertilizer resource, we plan to run electric cars and robotic pizza delivery drones with it. Reminds me of my fave Kunstler trope: “free fly-through sex-change clinics”.

    This is how Chile, the world’s great reserve of white gold, wants to escape its own curse


    “The Haber process,[1] also called the Haber–Bosch process, is an artificial nitrogen fixation process and is the main industrial procedure for the production of ammonia today.[2][3] It is named after its inventors, the German chemists Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch, who developed it in the first decade of the 20th century. The process converts atmospheric nitrogen (N2) to ammonia (NH3) by a reaction with hydrogen (H2) using a metal catalyst under high temperatures and pressures:

    “Before the development of the Haber process, ammonia had been difficult to produce on an industrial scale,[4][5][6] with early methods such as the Birkeland–Eyde process and Frank–Caro process all being highly inefficient.

    “Although the Haber process is mainly used to produce fertilizer today, during World War I it provided Germany with a source of ammonia for the production of explosives, compensating for the Allied Powers’ trade blockade on Chilean saltpeter.
    As of 2018, the Haber process produces 230 million tonnes of anhydrous ammonia per year.[42] The ammonia is used mainly as a nitrogen fertilizer as ammonia itself, in the form of ammonium nitrate, and as urea. The Haber process consumes 3–5% of the world’s natural-gas production (around 1–2% of the world’s energy supply).[4][43][44][45] In combination with advances in breeding, herbicides and pesticides, these fertilizers have helped to increase the productivity of agricultural land”


    “Well, getting a pope to push shots on the flock which make use of aborted foetal tissue is not really something your everyday trad pope would be exactly likely to do, that’s why I say the pandemic must’ve been planned for some time.”

    I get the logic. I merely assert that it is suggestive not conclusive. “must’ve been planned” is strong language for a mere correlation.

    However, in general, the presence of a correlation is not sufficient to infer the presence of a causal relationship (i.e., correlation does not imply causation).

    Most people I know endorsed covidiotic vakzination despite more cognitive red flags than a referee at the annual Drunk Hockey Players’ Superbowl. Just because some dude in a prominent position is as easily misled as the bulk of humanity mostly suggests that even people in high positions are easily misled.

    I submit that, deep in our subconscious, we prefer leaders who we perceive to be evil but in genuine control over leaders who appear to be benign but not in effective control. The idea that Captain Ahab is as cluelessly incompetent as deranged is, I suspect, less comforting, and less exciting (also a major emotional factor in our decision making aka ‘sell the sizzle not the steak’), than the belief that Ahab is a masterful madman, all-evil but also all-powerful.

    Putting aside that bit of parlor psychology, the more people reined in on The Plot, the more likely The Plot will be revealed. Sedcret conspiracies require secrecy to be secret conspiracies. It’s axiomatic. Secrets, to be kept, need as few sharers as possible (apologies toJoseph Conrad).

    For example, it’s no secret that Congress is bought and sold. Most everyone knows. But they prefer that their brand of “lesser evil” be in charge, and prefer to believe that in that charge they also exercise competent control.

    Evil that Succeeds is GOOD!

    We, like our oppressing leaders, prefer power over morality when push comes to shove. We only vote for candidates that are “electable”. Then we blame them for our lack of involvement and replace them with another “lesser evil” on whom we can blame all our ills. The original scapegoat in history was supposed to be the King. If the King fucked up badly, or the rains didn’t come after he and his priests had wagged their willies mightily at the sky for weeks, the King was supposed to be sacrificed to appease the gods. But good kings delegate, jah?

    I submit that the last vestiges of moral social responsibility by our kinds and such, left when we no longer held the king mortally accountable for not doing his defined job.

    God bless Brother THeodore, and god bless Lord Buckley

    those darned kids

    Gene Simmons: After seeing things like that from the vax cult, there’s a small part of my inner self that wishes this war would go hot. Luckily I haven’t heard this tripe from people I come into contact with, so it’s all good. For now.


    “how long before it’s a big one?”

    Um, yesterday?

    IN officially acknowledged reality, that is.


    Gene Simmons has always been a dishonest self-serving amoralist. And proud of it too. The Jewish Ted Nugent.

    TAE Summary

    A Cautionary Tale

    In the faraway land of Usapaloosa
    Lived a fellow named Maximo G. Van Caroosa.
    Max had lots to do, he had work, wife and kids
    And he worked hard like Usapaloosans all did.
    But then one bright day at a quarter to three
    Came a knock on his door. “Now who can that be?
    I’ve paid all my bills, my boss is in Spain,
    My dog is inside and we haven’t got rain,
    So who is it knocking my door this fine day?
    What do they want and what will they say?”
    Max went to the door, he opened it wide
    And there stood a very strange person outside.
    He had on a mask for his mouth and his nose.
    A hazmat suit went from his neck to his toes.
    He had on a face shield that covered his eyes
    And gloves on his hands that were too small in size.
    And quickly the stranger jumped back in his tracks
    As if he was fearful of being near Max.
    “Well this a new one” said Max to the knocker.
    “Your mask, glove and face shield; A bit of a shocker.”
    The man on the doorstep was frowning by now.
    Though Max couldn’t see it, he knew from his brow.
    The man started speaking, an earnest low tone,
    A mix of a hiss and a snarl and a groan.
    “Although you don’t know it you’re probably ill.
    If you don’t yet have it, you certainly will.
    Your illness is catching, it floats far around.
    You spread it by breathing and touching the ground
    Your disease travels far. Your disease travels fast.
    It’s symptoms are awful. They last and they last.
    And the fact that you’re living and breathing today
    Means I just might catch it from you in some way.
    So I have decided that you need to care
    And wear the same outfit that I always wear.
    A mask and a face shield, some gloves and a suit
    And even the underwear I wear to boot!”
    “But I feel just fine,” said Max to the person
    “I’m sure I’m not sick, but if I should worsen,
    I’m perfectly willing to stay here at home
    Until I am better and safely can roam.”
    “I see” said the guest, “you’re a dangerous man
    And since you refuse I will tell you my plan.
    Tonight when your sleeping, round ‘bout two o’ six
    I’ll come to your house with my sick-person fix.
    I’ll burn down your house, while you’re all abed
    And that will take care of the illness you spread.”
    But Max said, “Now really, just how can this be?
    It seems like you’re dangerous much more than me.
    You threaten my life, you threaten my house,
    You threaten my dog and my kids and my spouse!”
    The stranger then smiled, “Here’s what you don’t see!
    I’ve talked to the townsfolk and we all agree
    That you are a danger, we must be pre-emptive.
    To burn down you house is an action redemptive,
    For ridding the town of a person like you
    Proves we all have virtue. What else can we do?”
    The man turned around and walked off the porch
    But Max was concerned by the threat of the scorch.
    He went out and purchased a mask for his face,
    Some gloves and a shield and a suit just in case.
    He also got underwear, shiny and new
    Ah, yes this sounds silly, but what could he do?

    Mister Roboto

    Well, I’m starting to wondering if my case of the sniffles this autumn might been my dance with Madam Covid. My sense of taste appears to have been adversely affected, and a subtle sour-milk-like smell has settled into my nasal passages.

    Mister Roboto

    @ctbarnum: It just might end up being a hot-war in a manner of speaking if the conflict precipitates the long-expected economic collapse.


    but what could he do?
    Ask TAE for what to do.

    Veracious Poet

    sumac: I beg to differ from Kunstler where he says that the same people who question vaccine safety also question the climate change narrative. For me this has not been the case, nor for many friends. In fact it is odd to recon with the fact that I accept the broad scientific consensus around climate change (that it is caused by human activity in this case) but I don’t accept the broad scientific consensus that vaccination is the best way to deal with the pandemic.

    John Day

    @Starfish: I advise a baby aspirin (81 mg)per day for at least a week before and for 3 weeks after the COVID booster, and plenty of vitamin-D, hopefully on-board a long while, by now, but if not, take 10,000 units/d for a month.


    Well, crap. Just got an email from a very good friend. Pulmonary embolism caused by deep vein thrombosis. This guy is in his early 60’s and was in excellent health. Organic farmer, hiker, active and strong man. Double vaxxed………..beginning to sound familiar.

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