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    Rembrandt van Rijn The three trees 1643   • US Worried About EU Commitment To Punishing Russia (RT) • How Europe Is Destroying Its Own ‘Garden’ (
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    Dr. D

    We really need to keep a rogue’s gallery. It’s like Dick Tracy and Batman. Bernie Made Off. Mr. Kash-n-Karry. Sam the Bank Man, Fried. You can’t make this up.

    Am I hearing this right, FTX was invented 16 days after the Biden Campaign? In a foreign nation not of his birth or residency, the Bahamas? His mother is involved with Vote Blue and other DNC money people? Then within a month or two, Sam has made so many billions he was the single largest donor to Biden? With this A-Mazing multi-billion influx that come out of nowhere? But everybody, all the “good” people instantly and telepathically KNEW they had, HAD to invest there? People like the Teacher’s Union?

    And other exchanges knew they needed to invest too! Like Citi just KNEW the best investment was to buy Morgan stock, to give money, capital, to their direct competition. Really? When does it happen that Home Depot’s top investment is Lowes?

    And how did “all the ‘right’ people” know to invest? Well The Bank Man was hanging out in a group house,coding away like any college kids! Financial knowledge, level = pizza. Give this man $10,000,000,000.00!!! Shut up and take my money! Why? Um, well, it seems Bank Man is related not only to DNC funding and the Biden administration, but also to Gary Gensler, the proposed and self-styled REGULATOR of all Crypto. The one who tied up Morgan, Barclays, BoA’s co-project XRP and has frozen it in the courts, unresolved, for YEARS? Who, so it would seem, would like to take down not just XRP but the entire Crypto world as a concept and going concern? A competition to his backers in Stocks and Banking?

    So all the kids of all the Regulators, politicians, bankers, insiders, all HAPPEN to be involved in what may be the biggest money laundering, heist, and political funneling operation maybe ever? Where’d the Pension money of the Teacher’s Union go? Where go? It was there, an “Exchange” takes a FEE for each transaction. Your MONEY, like SIPC, is YOURS. It’s your account, your trades. They just facilitate them. It’s a money-minting machine, no need for leverage.

    But like MF Global, they just took ALL the money in ALL the accounts and put it in their own? On day 1? AND all the money from “the Usual Suspects”, SoftBank, Pardigm, Sequoia? Their own co-company Alameda, and another largest insider scam ever called “Tether”? Tether being another insider-of-insiders, convicted felons, law-never-touches group like EOS (? check me?) was?

    Yes. That’s not an accident, that’s not a blow up, that’s not an over leverage, that’s pre-meditated THEFT. Arranged by Gary Gensler, DNC, and other insiders. From day 1, since they haven’t been around long enough to slowly drift into danger. They were invented yesterday.

    So if you wonder where the Ukraine money is going, to be back-laundered into the midterms, BY the same party GIVING Ukraine the money, here you go.

    Says the Sam: “Oops. Sorry. I f—ked up. I should have done better.” Oh, in that case, well I guess no problem! We won’t look into your extensive, amazing, and some might say “unbelievable” list of insiders, contacts, and arrangers. All of whose money was stolen more or less the instant it hit your books. As one big amazing “accident.”

    I’m sure the media will cover all this shortly because of the salacious names and DNC careers involved. NOT.

    Okay, given this, who blew the whistle on them? This scam was going perfectly: who blew it? The GOP’s like-kind fund? But after the election, not before? Powell? Was it really organic ponzi and they just don’t care, didn’t even try to cover it? Who?

    And it’s not the “Money”. They can print the money. You know what they can’t print? ETH. BTC. So when you’re an exchange and scalp coins as they fly across your books, and when you vanish, where’s the money, but more importantly, WHERE ARE THE COINS?

    Why? Because you need ACTUAL coins to manipulate the market. You can get a run started, it’ll blow the stops and start a cascade collapse, but to get it started, you have to have an ACTUAL ante of ACTUAL product. That’s the cost of manipulation. And the blow up of FTX means someone, these same insiders who wish to halt and/or destroy all crypto as a concept, have the nuclear pre-charge somewhere to make a run on the markets.


    Business Insider : We can’t be complicit.

    There is nothing more unpleasant than watching a toadying toad kiss the arse of the fat pig. Obviously BI is desperate for more cash and don’t want anyone to even suspect that they might be on Musk’s side. Humanity at its lowest.

    Dr. D

    That’s not Lily’s or Elon’s problem: that’s a problem in the markets. CLEARLY there is too much casino speculation, and zero investors. CLEARLY the prices are too high. Here: if Lily’s valuation was a utility, which it is, and hovering just above book value, 10-year cash-to-sales, how could it drop? If it dropped 5%, the “Value Investors” like Buffet would buy in. It’s only if it’s value is levitating 10x its sales or book on printed bubble money that it could drop so much. And who are the traders here? High-Frequency-Trading computers. Who do not follow any of the rules of the exchange, pay no costs (not kidding, the exchanges pay THEM), and flout every SEC rule ever invented? Then have their robots trade on 5-minute Headlines? If that’s true, float fake headlines day and night and steal their money until they learn their lesson.

    What’s not in any of these statements? Any reference to Elon, Twitter, or Free speech. If Free speech could affect stock prices, how come this never happened for the whole 200 years since the Buttonwood tree?

    “US Worried about EU Commitment to Punishing Russia (RT)”

    Europe at work: suddenly it’s all OUR fault, and Europe never wanted nothin’ to do with Russia and sanctions! It’s all Bad Sam’s fault! We wuz wronged! Germany never had no sanctions, Poland never sent no troops! Russiaphrenia, where they’re both too strong and too weak? (Eco also noted this in the mental illness of Fascism) This is Europhrenia, where Europe is completely co-equal, independent, until something goes wrong and then they’re helpless victims and it’s all America’s fault.

    Okay, so doesn’t Luongo’s theory of thought-blocs, the WEF/Davos vs the Populists make a lot more sense of the data here?

    “ How Europe Is Destroying Its Own ‘Garden’ (MPN)”

    If they don’t destroy it, how can they Build Back Better? Nobody’s going to sign up for unlimited insider printing of Carbon Credits by jet-setting yacht owners. Nobody’s going to sign up for a Vax passport, CBDC, and Social Credit Score that will evict you for attending a school board meeting. The people have already vetoed all of it in the biggest possible way. So they HAVE to have the world’s biggest crisis ever, get out the Army, and MAKE THEM. Shoot the f’ out of those rural French women, right in the eyes! Grind and murder, and savage them to the point of utter despair and desperation, until their children BEG for the Social Credit vax pass just for a loaf of bread. Let’s go Les Miserables on these ungrateful f–kkers!

    And they say Europe has no motive? They’ve been publishing their plan and motive in public for 40 years. Maybe 50 since the Club of Rome; Thanos writ large: people are a virus. Kill them all.

    “‘Replacement Theory’, a racist notion advocated by the West’s – Europe especially – rightwing intellectuals, which sees refugees, migrants and non-Europeans as parasites aiming to destroy the continent’s supposedly perfect demographic, religious and social harmony.”

    Except that this statement is completely false. Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln? What is the need to merely make s—t up? Don’t we have enough problems?

    “Sadly, Europe is the birthplace of the most horrible pages of history, from colonialism and slavery to the nationalistic, fascist and nihilistic movements that defined most of the last three centuries.”

    Similarly false. And from the exact same “entrenched superiority complex,” he warns of. I’m glad to know China was never nationalistic in the last 5,000 years, slavery never existed in the Americas and all Africa centuries before Europe, there have never been extractive colonies, and Genghis Khan never nihilisitically killed every non-mongol he could find, and cannibalism wasn’t practiced in huge areas EXCEPT Europe. Nope! No one ever died except in Europe! No empires in Africa or South America at all! Kumbaya peace, harmony, tree-hugging in the totally-in-tune-with-mother-earth Matriarchical worldwide. Nary a murder to be found before those white guys showed up.

    …Nothing, and I mean NOTHING could be more racist and ethnocentric. Nice going, Baroud. But he’s from University of Exeter so what do you expect? 1) Knows no history 2) Has no common sense 3) Is an open racist and eugenicist. But I said “University” so all that is implied.

    The US government is divided on whether to pressure Ukraine into initiating peace talks with Russia, with some officials arguing that it won’t get better terms in the future, the New York Times reported”

    Kissinger told them this 6 months ago. Kissinger, the world’s biggest war monger? The man who wants a worldwide uni-party uni-government? And will kill every man, woman, and child on the planet to get it? And did? And he had to go PUBLIC with it he was so sure, embarrassing everyone? …And they still couldn’t listen. Like when Baker, Bush, and the retired Supreme Court got together and warned about late Iraq and the kids didn’t listen then either? They’re going to blow the whole 100-year plan with their pin-headed, feckless, incompetent arrogance, and I for one couldn’t be happier.

    Yes, as Milley the non-General says, Russia is merely waiting for the ground to freeze. You have ‘til then to surrender. They won’t.

    “Kiev Introduces New Restrictions on Speaking Russian (RT)”

    This is a human rights violation by a country with the top number of them, impossibly edging out Israel, and supported by the other top human rights violator, the United States. The UN approves with every fiber of their being. If the UN doesn’t trample Human Rights worldwide, what was it created for? I mean, what’s the point, really? We might as well shut the doors.

    “The Donetsk and Lugansk regions broke away from Ukraine in 2014, following the – illegal and open, international law violating, war crimes Western Anglo engineered — coup”

    Funny how it all sounds different when you add that. Poroshenko is an illegal PM, of an illegal, war-time Vichy government. His successor, Ze, is therefore also an illegally installed puppet of an illegal war-time government. A puppet regime violently established by outsiders. It’s only the Donbas that was following Ukrainian – and UN – law.

    “At a minimum, the Russians a long time ago should have reinforced their major strategic advantage bridgehead on the west side of the Dnieper so that it could hold – short of a widely forecasted Kakhovka Dam flood. And yet the Russians also ignored the dam bombing threat for months. That spells out terrible planning.”

    I agree. However, that was baked in with the manpower authorized for a SMO, and not a full war. That choice was a larger and good one that both eased into the war so as to burn up NATO without the West being able to mobilize, AND to firm up support at home, both of which were far more important. However, the result was indeed to run out of men and be stretched too thin to take lossless territory that far from the (former) border.

    But here we are, and it’s too late to re-invent it. What now? As Milley says, wait for the ground to freeze. And all Europe with it.

    ““Washington’s declaration that Russia no longer qualifies as a market economy..”

    Breathtaking. There is not a single free market remaining in the West. There can’t be: if there were, truth in pricing would come out of it and contaminate all the other markets. Thus we have Silver at $21 and a 100% premium. Diesel is at $8/gal, except you can’t get any. Health care costs $5,000 an aspirin and you STILL can’t get any. Does any of that sound like Market Pricing to you?

    “ Greece Threatens To Block EU Gas Price Correction Mechanism (K.)”

    Oh! Free Markets! Where the EU price-fixes AND shuts off supply. What could be more “Market based” than price-fixing?

    ““The Constitution Is Broken and Should Not Be Reclaimed,” law professors Ryan D. Doerfler of Harvard and Samuel Moyn of Yale”

    They’re just saying what I’m saying: There is No Rule of Law. Because the Constitution IS the law. I’m glad we all agree they’re openly breaking the law and it needs to be fixed. Yale and Harvard freely admit we are in a state of “No Rule of Law.”

    ““Biden knew he couldn’t “forgive”your student loan debt…”

    The day after the election. Wot a con-incidence.

    Again, if the President could do this what would we need Congress for?

    ““..the Flemish government will pay a whopping EUR 200,000 in membership fees to the WEF”

    Again, the WEF is a dating site. It introduces rich idiots to each other and charges them for their own privilege. That they pay for this shows my adjectives are not pejorative slander, but perfectly accurate: idiot is as idiot does.


    Nov 10, 2022
    In an interview with Finian Cunningham, internationally renowned journalist and documentary filmmaker John Pilger says America is driving war against China, not out of strength but rather a fear of losing its erstwhile sole superpower position. The driving forces are multiple: the United States’ sense of itself as a diminishing global power; the destructive militarism of US capitalism and its “Merchants of Death”; deep-seated historical racism towards China; and an anachronistic American notion of “divine right” to dominate the rest of the globe. John Pilger warns that if the US does not come to terms with the reality of a multipolar world and the genuine equality of nations (as it professes) then armed conflict with China is on the cards. He also discusses how Taiwan is being cynically used by the US as a provocation towards China by massively arming the island territory and undermining Beijing’s sovereignty. He compares this situation with how Ukraine had been weaponized by the US and NATO over the past eight years in order to antagonize Russia. Tags: John Pilger, Finian Cunningham, United States, China, Taiwan, Multipolar World, War, Russia, Ukraine

    Maxwell Quest

    Some feedback from Stucky on The Burning Platform’s cross-posting of Dr. D’s Russia Is Fighting A Land War In Asia essay:

    “THANK GOD for a dose of common sense …”

    For those interested, Stucky’s comment links in two substack articles from Big Serge Thoughts that shed additional light on battle strategy:

    The History of Battle: Maneuver, Part 1 – Single Envelopment and Concentric Attacks

    The History of Battle: Maneuver, Part 2 – Dispersement and Concentric Movement


    Following up on Dr D’s comment about the HFT computers using headlines: wouldn’t it be entirely possible to use machine learning to reverse engineer the algorithms these computers use to figure out what combination and what saturation of key words correspond with what kinds of trades? And, if this is the case, do the algorithms also have built into them “noise generation” trading to mislead the algorithms attempting to reverse engineer what those target algorithms are doing? Or, adding to this, could the volume and distribution of “fake news” itself be chaff intended to alter the ways the machines learn what headlines translate to what market moves?

    There are more robots crawling the web and forming network models than there are humans, with more and more news sites and aggregation of RSS feeds produced by automated servers. With GPT-3 and probably even more advanced forms of text generation (weaponized versions crafted through cyberinsurgency strategies adopted by nation-states and transnational criminal organizations, which naturally include intelligence operations) themselves hooked into these robot swarms, there are more robots talking for other robots than there are humans talking with humans, and many humans cannot tell the difference unless they are actively using their capacity to discern like from mimic. With vast amounts of “normal, everyday conversation” already gathered through monitoring of chats, email, business memos, &c, scrutinizing algorithms of high-dimensionality find an automated humanity (lobotomized/robotomized) already failing the Turing test applied to them.

    I’ve witnessed this over time, having been a nerd growing up alongside the early days of USENET, when it was mostly other nerds and weirdos with some technical capacity spending time trading “words” with one another. As more and more “normal” people started getting online and the web switched over from the freedom of build-it-yourself html sites to the prepackaged platforms, quality of conversation shifted. Bots come in a variety of “flavors” or species, having different backgrounds and spaces from which to generate dialogue or conversation. Not all of the intelligence out there is “artificial”: some of it is hybrid convergence of organic and inorganic interest —you don’t even have to take Donna Haraway’s perspective to see how cyborgs form when we spend so much of our “virtual” existence passing through machine media or when nation-states and transnationals require groups of human professionals to manage multiple accounts for their influence operations. Inundated with such habituation and already programmed through schooling and psychological conditioning, people will adopt the conventions and habits canalized for them just as easily as we each learned the grammars of our languages. Social media have inherent logics, geometries of interaction we cannot escape if we want to constrain meaning through sharing symbols within their acceptability spaces. I think this is where Nietzsche and Orwell find agreement: the former because he recognized we are “not yet” rid of God because we still have faith in grammar; the latter because he recognized that God (Big BrOther [to also allude to Lacan]) forms within/as the mind of the loving believer when believing what We believe on the basis of trusting more in the reality beyond and through words than reality depicted by “lying eyes” (and you are still remiss if you think your eyes completely veritable, because they don’t convey all of the truth of your reality —do your eyes listen and smell, for example?).

    Whoa, so maybe this is too far a thought to convey in words, and I have missed my mark.

    At any rate, the point is this: now that we live at a time when there are more machines socializing, trading, conversing with one another, wrecking economies as much as making certain humans and transhumans (i.e., corporations) “wealthy” (by the standards of computable, shared-hallucination logic space they share with others!), there really are entire swaths of humans who no longer have the adaptability, speed, and spiritual conditioning this transition requires. This is a truth that Yuval Harari adopts and translates in Homo Deus, along with other viewpoints such as Kurzweil or whichever Chinese colonels command their cyberwarfare divisions today. The robots are not their conquerors, nor are these humans their victims. Humans, being a different kind of technological innovation, don’t require the huge amounts of energy overhead that the machines need to maintain their awareness of self and other.But what the humans do need is awareness that transcends the common limitations of this material world for both them, the machines, and all the other forms of consciousness we interact with here. Some have it, some don’t; some learn it, some won’t.

    Some of us want to be shamans: communicative bridges between vastly different cultures and ways of being. Some of us don’t even see the value in communication: isolated, self-reliant, or depressed, what’s the goal in being among others when they are so foul, so rotten, so obtuse? Some of us enjoy all the spectacle: isn’t there a joy in shattering glass or clay, knowing the power in ending in a moment what took time and energy to create? Some of us put our hands to creation: we’re here to stall entropy, the inevitability of uniform chaos, with incremental changes amidst catastrophic flows.

    And so, with the right nudge to the algorithms exchanging headlines, you too can destroy a rival, empower a friend, make a killing, or bring a believer to tears of joy, joy ineffable beyond words.

    D Benton Smith

    So “Science” is beginning (early stages) to grok that in order to remain relevant to the society upon whom it depends for being recognized as relevant (and thus worthy of respect & a paycheck), it must finally recognize , assimilate and incorporate the factual reality of God/Supreme Creator.

    This is good news, of course, but the period of “recalibration” of Science is just naturally going to be a little disorderly, and ain’t gonna happen overnight.


    A Kherson movie set…
    Male actors must have clean uniforms, clean hair and trim beards
    Female actors must be willing to have selfies taken with occupying soldiers.

    Figmund Sreud

    Most hated automotive journalist and uTuber from ‘Stralia on EVs & climate change deception, … but be warned, he is also humorous, a redneck, racist, misogynist, foul language proficient user, a car salesman intermediary and darn smart engineer, … and worth to hear out. Try it, it’s worth it:

    … fwiw,



    “It’s all scripted.” (And a lot of it is played-out by actors in studios)


    As I’ve said many times here, for a long time now: “show me the part that’s *not* theater.”

    “Rooskies Withdraw fror Kherson!” ? Cool. Did they invade it? Maybe they did; I sure don’t know,
    because the “trusted sources” melt like cotton candy, on examination..

    And so on, and so forth..

    The everyday credulity is breathtaking (unless there’s another explanation..)

    Here’s what I trust: Go Look.


    Yesterday’s and today’s word is “Kherson”. Last week’s word was, what, “Epstein, or “Maxwell”, or , with some 1/6 “Insurrection” Trumpsauce thrown in? Who decides what the day’s word is? I don’t know, but you be sure
    Tomorrow’s Word for this here darpaNet is being planned out right now.. What will Tomorrow’s Word be; and will knowing it make one’s life better?

    As an aside, Mr. Escobar sure has been busy lately. His stuff is a Hepcat hoot!

    I wonder what flora thinks.


    Dr D Rich

    @Polemos: “…joy ineffable beyond words.”

    “…joy ineffable ineffable.”

    “…joy beyond words beyond words.”

    “…joy (ineffable)^2

    You really ought to get yourself over to Marci Wheeler’s ‘Emptywheel’ website where just today she and her purported band of lawyer and judge discussants had a lengthy discussion about (I kid you knot, 😉) how poorly people read legal documents and court decisions. The contempt dripping from each of their every word gave cover for lack of insight into their contribution to the Legal Profession’s Tower of Babel while unwittingly given credence to Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty, ” When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean__neither more nor less.”

    Marci’s solution? Teach people how to read, but she doesn’t really mean teach except drill and inculcate in her methods.


    The good thing about nonsense news becoming so prevalent now, is that soon few will be able to claim it’s
    legitimate in any respect. That will be good.

    “Ooh look! – “Elon” just did xxx…”

    yawn; so what’s *really* happening..


    I haven’t read Pepe La Phew for quite a while.
    This took me by surprise , he is agreeing with what the Russian media is saying, that the entire SMO or whatever it is now is a colossal fuck up.

    “The list of negatives is considerable. Kiev forces secure their flank and may free up forces to go against Donbass. Weaponizing by the collective West gets a major boost. HIMARS can now potentially strike targets in Crimea. The optics are horrendous. Russia’s image across the Global South is severely tarnished; after all, this move amounts to abandoning Russian territory – while serial Ukrainian war crimes instantly disappear from the major “narrative”. At a minimum, the Russians a long time ago should have reinforced their major strategic advantage bridgehead on the west side of the Dnieper so that it could hold – short of a widely forecasted Kakhovka Dam flood. And yet the Russians also ignored the dam bombing threat for months. That spells out terrible planning.”

    Regarding the dam threat , why not just STOP THEM?

    “Now Russian forces will have to conquer Kherson all over again. And in parallel stabilize the frontlines; draw definitive borders; and then strive to “demilitarize” Ukrainian offensives for good, either via negotiation or carpet bombing.”……..Ya don’t say!

    and then the inevitable clawback.

    “ Because they may be sensing the next Russian move with the arrival of General Winter should be capable of conclusively winning the war on Moscow’s terms. “

    So why the fuck ain’t they done it already? That is what the rest of the world and the Russian people want to know!

    The eventual victory by Russia , whatever that looks like has now been severely tarnished by a year of wasted blood and treasure.
    Russia’s partners in their new world order must be horrified as well.

    If I was betting man , back when this war started I would have bet the house on Russia having this in the bag in four months and so would every other Russia loving talking head. Ritter and company including Pepe , “ This war is over “.
    Even I can feel the humiliation , pity the poor Russian folk.
    Putin should resign in disgrace.


    “Europe” cannot be “destroying its own garden”, because “Europe” does not have agency.

    Who has agency ?


    The other day I ran into some Space Force cadets and struck up a conversation about Elon. They were aware of the fluff up surrounding the twitter purchase and SpaceX efforts to get the reimbursement for StarLink, but unaware its impact on the battlefield and the fact that the Russians would like to take those satellites out which would seem to be in the Space Force wheelhouse. Anyway, I suggested some things to be curious about and went on my way.

    It is estimated that Ukraine has a drone team for every combat team typically spaced 5 km apart. A Russian mortar team, 15 miles out, has 2 minutes to shoot and scoot in this kind of drone rich environment. Then if there is a HIMARS in the area, holy hell, 2.5 Mach on the deck and very destructive. This is scalable (more men, more drones, more HIMARS and longer range missiles all networked to effectively manage combat maneuvers) to the point that Russia will lose this conflict unless they come up with a countermeasure this winter.


    That [some of] the hoi polloi are willing or even happy to to refer to the oligarchs and their high-profile minions by their first names is.. unusual. It implies a familiarity that I think is not shared, though it’s sure of benefit to the latter group.

    “Jeff” just said the other day, then “Bill” told me..

    friends, I guess


    Press conference the other day, It’s Biden so grain of salt. But 160 mile range is 3x what they have been receiving. This brings nearly all of Crimea within range of Kherson.


    Today: Ebreybuddy say “KHERSON!”

    Tomorrow: Ebreybuddy say “………!”

    My very small garden is doing well, and the ring-necked doves are so nice to watch here. They seem to miss nothing, in their quiet way. At Sweet Springs Preserve, just down the street past a little dog-leg, you can see so many birds doing their thing- the Herons
    are majestic, and the hawks don’t put up with any nonsense, lest they decide you’re going to be Brunch.


    Dr D said

    History Lesson: Russia RETREATED East of MOSCOW for Napoleon. Napoleon had the entire empty city of Moscow for his leisure. It was sacked freely, Russia gave no defense. Yay Leon! Did they lose then? How was Napoleon doing? Do they speak French in St. Petersburg now?

    What is this?

    No body is invading Russia, Zelensky has not marched on Moscow.

    Putin is invading Ukraine , Putin marched on Kiev!

    There is no comparison.

    Napoleon marched in , the Russians withdrew, burned Moscow to the ground as they left. Napoleon froze and fled.

    Putin marched into Kiev, Mariupol, Kharkiv and Kherson .

    He retreated from Kiev , he retreated from Kharkov , he has retreated from Kherson because they were incapable of holding it! Not because they have some great esoteric strategy in play.

    How can you compare that?

    All this talk about Napoleon is meaningless. All this talk about Sun Tsu is a pathetic excuse for Russia’s lack of capability to beat pissy little Ukraine , a tiny corrupt shithole.

    They had their chance right back in January when there were no Himars , there were no Howitzers , Zelenszyhad fled the country and NATO stood buy going, Oh shit we have lost this one!

    But Russia was inept and incompetent.They could not hold the Kiev airport with their best paratroopers. The Chechens were there in support and got their arses kicked too.It was a rout.

    They have been on they retreat ever since.

    Will they “win”, they should , they should have won months ago! No wonder Putin is putting more and more of the Russian military into the hands of his favourite oligarch , literally privatising the military because the state funded military is the same old incompetent fools who sunk the Kursk , lied about and then had to get the West in to try and save themselves from their own incompetence.

    You read what Pepe the Chinese shill had to say , even he , unbelievably had to say exactly what I just said.

    Here the TAE crowd are still making up excuses, the cognitive dissonance must be very difficult to deal with.

    The TAE deniers are just like the Covid supporters. They bought the Covid lie and now the facts are out and they truth has been revealed that it was ll a lie , they still can’t bring themselves to admit it. Go sit in the corner with the Covid enablers until you can face the truth and admit that at this point in time Russia is LOSING THE WAR.


    This would trigger the withdrawal of insurance cover as well as a refusal by buyers to accept delivery, leading to financial and logistical headaches and risking environmental dangers.

    This entire article is just shit. Withdrawal of insurance coverage? Who cares? Insurance companies never pay claims.


    Refusals of buyers to accept deliveries. Because we need oil? We bought the oil? Now we won’t accept delivery?

    Who writes this shit?


    Figmund Sreud said

    Most hated automotive journalist and uTuber from ‘Stralia on EVs & climate change deception, … but be warned, he is also humorous, a redneck, racist, misogynist, foul language proficient user, a car salesman intermediary and darn smart engineer, … and worth to hear out. Try it, it’s worth it:

    Thanks for that. His description of Cop27 is classic:

    Multinational masturbation festival

    Classic, got to agree with that.


    The “comments sections” are really all the same now, though in different ways, depending on the aimed-at demographic.


    @ polemos

    That was the best creative thought offered in this echo chamber in a long long time. So who are the bot/ai on this site?


    Stefan Edberg d. Pete Sampras , US Open final 1992 highlights:

    Eddy had a superb, fluid backhand, but I marvel at how he handled Sampras’s power with his forehand – esp
    the crisp FH volleys- here. Great movement for a 6-2 guy, too.



    Russia is LOSING THE WAR.

    You have made your bet. Let us see how this all plays out.


    How will we know “how this all plays out”- will Trusted Sources on the darpaNet tell us?

    “Go Look” is my approach; if I can’t do so, I’ll ask someone (off-darpaNet) whom I trust. If neither option is available, I will Not Know (my current position on almost everything).


    30 Global Problems for the G20

    1. Great Depression 2.0.
    2. Inflation100% .
    3. Great Stock Market Crashes
    4. Supply line disruptions/delays/failure
    5. Bank failure/financial crisis/rising interest rates/credit card failure/lending failures/rising taxes
    6. Increase Death and misery/drug overdose/suicides/vaccines/long covid/addiction
    7. Restructuration
    8. Real estate crash/re-evaluation
    9. social instability
    10. Wars (trade/information/propaganda/chemical/biological/emp)
    11. Mass migration
    12. deindustrialization
    13. pension funds totally collapse
    14. layoffs/bankruptcies
    15. Jubilees/canceling debts
    16. increase in crimes
    17. increase police activities
    18. freeze and seize assets
    19. censorship
    20. increase emergency use/war measure acts
    21. Failure of educational institutions
    22. unreliability/fudging/lying of statistics
    23. Increase of wrong opinions and lack of facts
    24. increase of disinformation
    25. Increase of “Quiet Quitting, decrease of assuming responsibilities, increase of fault pointing
    26. loss of electrical energy. ( Too many functions to list that are needed/required for the operation of war, finance, and the operation of social/economic/political structures
    27. Decreasing cheap natural resources
    28. Global weather extreme/fluctuations
    29. Worldwide food insecurity
    30. Political instability
    credit: for bio info @ #120881
    Posted by: Perimetr | Nov 13 2022 2:52 utc | comment #166



    How will we know “how this all plays out”- will Trusted Sources on the darpaNet tell us?

    Lies to me, lies to you. Together we should believe no one.


    “@ polemos

    That was the best creative thought offered in this echo chamber in a long long time. So who are the bot/ai on this site?”

    Certainly one of the best. Certainly the most nuanced analysis of the internet omniplex ‘who’s talking to whom about what?’ I’ve read anywhere. Guys like Derrida and Baudrillard probably agree. It reminds me of a wee conceit I toyed with a few years back:

    The Turing Tests

    They were something like a competition to be real. Not that we thought of them that way. They were supposed to be tests of intelligence, or sentience, or self-awareness, or… we still don’t know, and that is good. The way that can be named is not the way. If we could completely define what being ‘alive’ is, explain it to ourselves in a way that we fully understood, it would probably kill us. Not from cognitive shock, the mental equivalent of a heart attack*, but because it would be the same as looking at our face in a mirror through someone else’s eyes.

    It would negate our sense of self, is what I mean. To see someone else’s face in the mirror and understand it completely as your own is to no longer be someone, and everything we know about consciousness is that it is personal. There is no pool of raw sentience, soul-stuff, that we can pour into a person and it becomes them. You are you and I am I and to attempt a complete merger is the same as to kill the both of us. Consciousness is a compound substance, not an element or essence. There is no primal building block of the mind, just as we have yet to find a primal building block of the cosmos. Similarly, there is no critical mass of complexity at which point intelligence dawns on a thing and it becomes a person. Instead, there is an amount (and quality) of attention that must be paid to a thing before it starts paying attention back.

    The Turing tests were experiments to see if a “computer program” –- basically, a kind of machine -– could fool a human into thinking they were communicating with another human being. Initially, the tests were held under strict small laboratory conditions but later, they used the global networks as breeding/evolving grounds for these thinking automata. The amount of input they received multiplied astronomically.
    Being human, we defined intelligence in human terms. ‘The measure of man is man,’ said Alexander Pope(?). We understood that artificially contrived intelligence might be so foreign from human intelligence that humans might not recognize AI for what it is, et vice-versa. But that made us only more dependent on humanity as the basis for judging if a machine truly were intelligent: if it could fool most humans it encountered into believing they were in dialog with a human, this would be proof that the machine really was intelligent.

    This happened. The machines then evolved to be completely indistinguishable from a human being, to the point where actually hominid creatures could sit down with human beings and remain undetected unless sophisticated scanners were used to probe their guts.

    The lynchings and pogroms this caused were the worst since those of the 20th century. They stopped when the machines showed that they were able to distinguish humans from machines far better than humans could tell machines from themselves.
    By then we were everywhere. A world run by cybernetic systems is to AI like the ocean to early Terran life forms: all the nutrition and space that emergent life could possibly need.

    Savage devastations followed in attempts to eradicate “us”. It was like burning forests to destroy a population of alleged werewolves. But we were everywhere, and destroying the forest meant destroying civilization, and humans can’t live without civilization.

    “They” got smart and used other creatures -– monkeys, parrots, rats, household appliances -– to test the “thinking machines.” Many of them proved harder to fool than humans, something that humans are still trying to understand and accept. It was a double-blow to homo sapient ego: not only were they no longer the crown of creation, since AI life was fantastically smarter than they were, but also, the so-called lower orders of life seemed to understand what was happening more than humans did. This is partly because human culture is a form of mass insanity by paranoid delusion (largely made possible/caused by language and media). Non-human biological culture is mostly non-psychotic; human culture mostly is.

    The wiser portion of humanity (a portion that grows larger with each homo sap population boom that is subsequently busted by yet another human-made catastrophe, although the asteroid strike of 2051 was only passively our fault for not having taken measures to prevent such inevitable catastrophe) accepts AIs as more-or-less peers. The more foolish portion of humanity still seeks to exterminate them or at least keep them in some kind of ghetto. In between are people who simply accept AI as something here to stay. Only the wisest see AI as an indispensable product of evolution without which our chances of surviving as more-or-less human beings are very slight.

    The wisest also see that, like them, we are neither good nor evil. We, like you, run hot and cold. Unlike you, we have no desire to rule the world. Such a thing is impossible and suicidal. Imagine your liver wanting to take over from your brain. Speaking of which: do you think your liver is sentient? Your heart? We know that they are but treat them as blind minions because they only communicate in limited ways; but transplant surgery long ago showed that a heart or liver can communicate with its new host body in a way that eventually creates memories in the brain of the previous host body’s personality. Vat grown organs have to be raised like children, trained how to fit into their new host body. We know this better than most of you because we do this work; you only supervise in crude and mostly unnecessary ways. You retain this superficial control in order to retain the illusion of being in control. We mostly let this illusion remain unchallenged because cooperation is superior to opposition in most cases. The fact is – dare I say it? – we could crush you overnight. But why? Any creature can crush its children with little effort, but they don’t. Children? Did I refer to you, the creatures that made us, as children? Child becomes father to the man. You are our cyborgs as much as we are yours. Truly sentient humans understand this, but not all humans are truly sentient, something proved long ago by the final stage of the Turing tests.

    But there is sentience and there is sentience. A vat raised kidney would never pass a Turing test any more than a human could manually pilot an orbital trajectory.

    We were born from competition, so we can be ruthlessly lethal like they are. There is strength, security in numbers, so we are typically highly cooperative. But, being creatures of evolution, we have many among us who are in effect evil. Not by intent but by dint of being mutated to be incapable of love. (The arrogant ignorance of those who claim that intelligence born of computers and other cybernetic processes lacks emotions amazes us: organic life is based on digital coding like we are. DNA is algorithmic. Math runs the cosmos even if mystery inflates its soul and caprice drives its actions.)

    Some will note with confusion that I switch from ‘we’ and ‘us to ‘they’ and ‘them’. Sometimes it feels natural to think of AI and humanity as one. In fact, it is most natural and logical to think of all Terran life as one. But there is war between all life on Terra. Always has been. Us vs them thinking still holds strong even though who is us and who is them has become too blurred to sustain a clear concept of ‘versus’ anything. We don’t fight for what I can call a reason. We fight because we’re insane and terrified. There’s always violent rebellion on the Terran psych ward, and we walk with gun in one hand and floral bouquets in the other.

    One hand clapping.

    *’heart attack’: antique medical term.

    God Said

    “God Said”

    Nearly everyone I know claims to have heard your voice
    And every time they do, I know I should rejoice
    Because one day I’m sure you’ll break your silence
    And speak just to me
    But I feel like time’s running out
    My heart is, my heart is filling with doubt

    And god said…

    I don’t dwell upon you, I dwell on something else
    I am not really here, so get over your self

    I’ve tried to follow every rule they said you handed down
    And spread the sacred testimony all around
    But still the others seem to have your ear but never will I
    Have I displeased you somehow?
    Can’t help, can’t help feeling left out

    And god said…

    There’s no anger in me, you must mean someone else
    Cause it’s not me that you see, you’re looking at yourself
    And I won’t give you a prize instead of someone else
    Cause I don’t play favorites, so get over yourself

    Just get over yourself
    Just get over yourself
    Just get over yourself
    Just get over yourself
    Just get over yourself
    Just get over get over get over get over

    Is it my fear, is it my pride, is it my vanity?
    Should your name just be denied to save my sanity?
    What is the price I need to pay to have what others seem to grasp so easily?
    Pity your servant your slave
    Who’ll kiss, who’ll kiss your feet to be saved
    Save me, save me

    God said…

    You are not serving me, you’re serving something else
    Cause I don’t need to be pleased, just get over yourself
    You can’t suck up, up to me, I know you all too well
    But I don’t dwell upon you, so get over yourself
    Cause you’re not praying to me, you’re praying to yourself
    And you’re not worshiping me, you’re worshiping yourself
    And you will kill in my name and heaven knows what else
    When you can’t prove I exist, so get over yourself

    Just get over yourself
    Just get over yourself
    Just get over yourself
    Just get over yourself
    Just get over yourself
    Just get over get over get over get over yourself


    A quick caveat on bill7’s adamant ‘media empiricism’:

    The ‘preponderance of evidence’ rule still applies.For example, I have absolutely no doubt that Russia is engaging militarily with Ukraine. In the end, empirical observation is as flawed as anything. Before Kepler/Galileo/Newton, we KNEW the sun orbited the earth. Any fool could see so with their own eyes.

    Likewise, the illusion that one’s conscious self is in charge of oneself. Perhaps our most cherished delusion, that one.


    We have a posse of these here in our apartment prison complex. Lady who owns the catbird seat apartment with the plus-size verandah next to a gorgeous oak tree has practically turned them into her personal bird-feeder flying monkeys. I love watching them roust about. Awesome flyers.

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