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    Wow. My head is in a spin- the order of posts seems to have changed. Trivium didn’t show up on my thread until much later- not before bosco’s post.
    Trivium- I can’t seem to discern what you say from what the Rothschild says. Why don’t you post your reconstruction of the html garbage of the archive post so we can all read it for ourselves?


    Interesting, All of the Sudden, the Media’s No Longer Interested In Blaming COVID on Political Ideology


    LIES by omission
    All of the Sudden, the Media’s No Longer Interested In Blaming COVID on Political Ideology



    Take it from an expert, Mark Twain. The dead always vote Democrat!

    P.S. The proper way to bury a Democrat, per Mark Twain, is face down! That way on election night, they will dig themselves even deeper!


    @ chooch

    D…. did not include any references


    Nobody has to own the shitlibs. They own themselves. Greenwald says it better than I could.

    Beep bop boop engaging in fascist projection again.


    Those who speak in secrets tell lies.

    Forgive us our secrets as we forgive those
    of our friends and our loved ones.
    We only suppose our secrets are hidden
    from curious eyes.
    Let us not be mistaken:
    Our secrets breed lies.


    See the left/right flip again?


    Here is the closing paragraph from the red/blue county article. Totally nuts.

    “Still, nobody knows what will happen next. Much of the recent decline in caseloads is mysterious, which means it may not last. And the immunity from vaccination appears to be much stronger than the immunity from infection, which means that conservative Americans will probably continue to suffer an outsized amount of unnecessary illness and death.”

    © 2021 The New York Times Company


    The bot is testing new algorithms.


    I usually try to harbor a few box elder bugs over the winter, but they were sparse in this extremely low insect year. I feed my anole (she’s 8 this February!) crickets and one always escapes and chirps away under the refrigerator- now they have bred voiceless crickets: this is sad. Any life gives us clues to all life. Though I know I have been depressed lately, I know it is not pervasive because nature gives me more joy than I lose to the oppression of my political life.
    Birdman of Alcatraz. That’s kind of how I feel right now.


    Get this. I have had some pain building in my lower back. Yesterday I get up and it is more intense. By noon, I am unable to urinate, the pain is making nauseous and I am sweating bullets. Finally leave work and when I get home take some heavy duty pain killers. Wife gets home and can tell something is up. I tell her that I think I have kidney stone. She gets me some lemon oil and fills a couple capsules. Then she gives me a capsule of frankense, Idaho balsam fir and copaiba. I couple hours later I can finally urinate freely and the pain is gone.


    Chooch- I have subscribed to the NYT since 1981. I love the puzzles. Maybe I should read it sometime, but I think it’s been garbage since it started putting in pictures in color. They sell bling to wokesters. I have always loved following advertising, and theirs is as big-bucks as it gets.
    My guy still reads it. He is still terrified of the virus. I tell him- get it while it’s still minimally dangerous. Luckily, he is even more suspicious of the “vaccine”.

    Mister Roboto

    @my parents said know: Oh wow. Usually every year around this time, there’s always a bunch of box-elder bugs (before I knew their proper name I called them “Sandinista bugs” for their red and black coloration) making their way into my apartment to escape the cold. This year I saw zero of them in here. None.


    Mr Roboto- It’s weird- they love box elders and we have a bunch of them- but I saw less than ten “Sandinista” bugs this year (as opposed to hundreds, sometimes thousands). Moreover, they died within a week inside the house. I had a box elder bug two years ago that lasted six months!
    I was sad when it died.
    A dozen moths instead of hundreds. Three toads on the window instead of dozens. Two cicadas instead of dozens. One miniature katydid instead of everywhere. It was a very sparse year for insects and bugs. We didn’t even get Japanese beetles this year.
    We’re kind of close, geographically. I would love to see more sites that capture anecdotal info on regional phenology.


    those darned kids

    mpsk: gather up some brown marmorated stink bugs. i know we’ve got plenty. i bet the attic is full of ’em.

    those darned kids

    thankfully in my little backyard habitat we had plenty of bugs, and as my beloved is an entomologist, all were properly identified. it was quite the battle against the squash borer moths!


    Having trouble falling asleep tonight for some reason. It is 4:30 am. Very reassuring to read that TAE has gone to the Bugs!

    What’s up doc!


    Two steps back
    I would guess that rabbits, rodens, bugs, and worms have been displaced by the flooded Sumas Plains in BC.
    Manure and carcases etc. are polluting the flood waters.

    John Day

    @Boscohorowitz: December 25, the first day that could readily seen to be slightly longer after winter solstice, was Mithras’ birthday, the son of the Sun.

    An 1,800-year-old temple in northern England that is dedicated to the god Mithras was built to align with the rising sun on Dec. 25, a physics professor has found.

    The temple is located beside a Roman fort in Carrawburgh, near Hadrian’s Wall, which served as the most northerly frontier to the Roman Empire, beginning around A.D. 122.

    Some modern-day scholars believe that the Romans celebrated Mithras’ birthday on Dec. 25 — the same day eventually chosen by Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ. (Scholars don’t really think Jesus was born on that day.)…

    “It means that, probably, the orientation of the temple was chosen to recall the birth of Mithras on December 25,” Sparavigna added in the paper.

    Scholars know that Mithras was popular among soldiers who served in the Roman army, because temples dedicated to the god are sometimes found near Roman forts.

    “Mithras is the god of light, the new light which bursts forth each morning from the vault of heaven behind the mountains and whose birthday is celebrated on 25 December,” wrote Manfred Clauss, a history professor at Goethe University Frankfurt, in his book “The Roman Cult of Mithras: The God and His Mysteries”

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