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    Francisco Goya Witches’ Sabbath 1797-98   • OSHA Suspends Enforcement of Biden’s Vaccine Mandate (NR) • FDA Asks Judge to Grant it Until 2076 to
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    Veracious Poet

    Low resolution thinking…is not going to unite us.

    Nope, it’s just going to create more “feel good” cults. with superiority complexes:

    Wonder which cult will ignite the “powder keg”?

    P.S. Rumour has it that Greta “the actress” is already worth more than $1 million @18yo, wonder what AOC is worth now?

    Mister Roboto

    And in a flash of lightning, my opinion of unions does a complete 180:

    Labor unions sue Biden administration to expand Covid vaccine mandates and cover smaller businesses

    Mister Roboto

    The next two elections really are going to make the Democratic Party go the way of the Whigs.


    Australian Tourism Commercial – 2021 edition. Don’t know about you but I am so excited to hop on the next flight to Australia after watching this 🙂

    Mr. House

    Are you still so certain they won the last one? Remember when i was saying 2020 was a coup? 😉

    Mister Roboto

    Are you still so certain they won the last one?

    I’m not certain at all. But the true results of balloting have to be at least somewhat close for a stolen election to be logistically possible. Of course, I don’t take it as a given at this point that these upcoming elections will happen. But if they don’t, then “Katy bar the door”!


    The Francisco Goya art you chose today is relevant but very disturbing. Thanks for collating this news for us each day.


    Dodgy connections Aus gov


    Despite a classically sensationalist headline, the article itself reads as balanced snf nuanced. The story it tells fits in more with the logical Putin I’m familiar with. Not that ‘logical’ equates with ‘correct response’:

    “It’s the country that developed and gave the green light to the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine.

    “But it’s finding it impossible to persuade many of its own people to take it. Tens of millions are point blank refusing to get jabbed.

    “Now strict new restrictions are coming into force to halt a surge in Covid cases and more than 1000 deaths a day.

    “Russia is facing a grim battle in its battle to overcome the pandemic. Distrust in the government, distrust in its vaccine and huge disinformation campaigns online are hampering its efforts.

    “On Tuesday the mayor of Moscow, Russia’s vast capital city, ordered the city’s first coronavirus restrictions since the northern summer.

    “With every day the number of people hospitalised with the severe form of the disease is growing,” Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said.”

    Seems as if RUssia is becoming the first example of blatant ADE run amok. SOme background context:

    Russia vaccine roll-out plan prompts virus mutation worries Aug 21 2020

    “Viruses, including the pandemic SARS-CoV-2, are known for their ability to mutate all the time – and often this has little or no impact on the risk posed to people.

    “But some scientists are worried that adding “evolutionary pressure” to the pathogen by deploying what might not be a fully protective vaccine could make things worse.

    “Less than complete protection could provide a selection pressure that drives the virus to evade what antibody there is, creating strains that then evade all vaccine responses,” said Ian Jones, a virology professor at Britain’s Reading University.

    “In that sense, a poor vaccine is worse than no vaccine.”

    “Sputnik-V’s developers, as well as financial backers and Russian authorities, say the vaccine is safe and that two months of small-scale human trials have shown that it works.”

    While the vaccine itself has minimal side effects, it’s a non-sterilizing vaccine emplyed at the start of en epidemic, the precise condition for creating an ADE pandemic.

    Poor Putin. Logic alone is not enough. Picking the right data set is how you prevent GIGO. Accommodating while contraining oligarchs worked well for Putin in restabilizing Russia from the USSR collapse aftermath. BUt it appears that this strategy: letting the corporatocracy gets its pound of flesh while adequately serving public needs in a ‘good enough for government work’ fashion so long as the corruption didn’t outweigh public benefit, has failed.

    cuz things like mutating viral epidemics involving chimerical lab=made vaccines requires more than ‘good enough for government work’. It requires you get it right the first time or likely face large and awful consequences, as Russia is ex[periencing.

    No Second Chance


    Frozen Germany. Let’s hope they have a warmish winter:

    A “perfect storm of Russian aggression during the coming winter months” is all but inevitable. Watch it on your screens while you properly freeze.


    “balanced snf nuanced”

    I found my glasses at last but firgit I did, so used to being fog-eyed am I.

    Dr. D

    Top 1% Gains More Wealth Than the Combined GDPs of Japan, Germany, UK, France, India and Italy, Bottom 50%–You Get Nothing” –Hugh Smith

    That’s not true: what we get is to fight with each other about nothing. This conflict is well paid-for and well engineered. Getting peasants to kill each other doesn’t come cheap. …Or THAT cheap, anyway. There are 300M of us. It adds up.

    Don’t cry for them: It’s still very profitable or they wouldn’t do it. Our job is to make ourselves too difficult and expensive to bother with, guerrilla-style. Their job of course is to murder us all if we make trouble for them, and they have. Many times.

    Deflationista: seems like the doctors are disagreeing. So thanks for confirming and supporting my whole argument. We’re on the same page! Like brothers almost how much you agree with and support me.

    For Communism, you may notice I pick on it a lot. But I pick on our present system almost as much if not more, if I’m not interrupted. The only thing to do when you have a bad problem is to not make it worse. It goes like this: “You can vote your way into [Socialism], but you have to shoot your way out.” For it it’s faults, we may not have to do that under our bad system. Or not yet.

    “As we all know death is life.”

    War is Peace
    Ignorance is Strength
    Death is Life

    Nancy Pelosi believes in walls. Strong, good, high, walls. And in moving to Florida, apparently, where she can live free and safe. “Well, my work here is done!”

    Austria: they need to “Feel” it. They need to “get” it. The problem is, that lesson has costs. But what can you do? Fight a war with no casualties? We told them not to do it and look at the response we got. 99.997%. Still supported. Still not rejected. Still totally ignored in favor of raw, slobbering fear. And in that fear to kill friends, families, neighbors, round them up for Australia’s towered, armed, dogged, double-razor wire camps. Oops, I mean Hotel Happies of Higher Educations.

    “Fauci Says Covid-19 Booster Might become New Standard for Being Vaccinated (NYP)”

    He’s lying of course. His lips are moving. He wants 200 shots or 4x/year for a lifetime. Then they’ll add vaccines for overeating, blushing, and haircuts, each with 200 shots a piece. Offhand count, a thousand, ten thousand shots?

    Ten thousand shots to stop the spread.” Why you so cranky?

    And if you haven’t heard, Mr. Gates is shilling for smallpox now. So I guess he’s got plans or something, a day before the FBI finds smallpox vials (perhaps with no smallpox in them, ever) in an open lab when only two places on earth should have them. And after pharma created a new vaccine and therapy for an extinct disease. Huh, what? How? So once again, amazing, statistically incredible timing. He’s our own Angela Lansbury: if “Murder She Wrote” happened at every English dinner party, month after month, eventually Scotland Yard starts getting suspicious, don’t they? (A: Nope! They’d help hide the bodies!)

    Dr. Paul Marik—co-chief medical officer of the FLCCC, tenured professor, and the Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.”

    Therefore: not a doctor. We listen to the DOCTORS, not the Doctors. I mean, seriously, people: why are you listening to and following the advice of Doctors when you could follow Doctors instead? Because: The Science is Settled.

    “Dr. Marik, as the “attending physician” of his patients in the ICU, is personally and legally responsible for the exercise of professional skill and judgement in determining what a patient under his care receives. Because Dr. Marik is prohibited from giving his patients medications that are potentially lifesaving”

    Uh-huh. By whom? Didn’t we do an article on this one? Where the U.S. Army was forward-positioning to remove Doctors from the Doctor-Patient equation? It’s the Insurance-accounting-ledger-Patient equation. Doctors don’t decide: bureaucrats and Twitter do. Otherwise, what are insurers for except to deny doctors both procedures and payments? Why did we pass Romneycare? Since the Insurers paid billions for years for ACA to be passed, they would have been much amiss to make it create health care and not DENIAL of health care + a lot of unnecessary billing. And so they did. Cheers all around! Love wins! Let the denial of healthcare commence!

    “37% of US Truckers Will Not Comply With Vaccine Mandate (CTH)”

    Like the rest of us – the non-PMC billionaire-handler class – they want to quit every day as it is. Try it for a week, tell me what you think. That long article describing it demonstrated how they are paid sub-minimum, like $2/hr if they have to wait at the gate at Long Beach. That’s to carry a $150,000 truck. This isn’t just them: same thing now that no one’s at the door of Joe’s Warehouse and Pickle Factory in Jasper, Nebraska. He just loses an hour, two hours, drives back full, when no one shows up there either. So: quitting? I am So. There.

    The development of mRNA vaccines, a long-promised and much-touted biotechnology, is regarded as a great victory of medical research spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    Clearly these guys are both illiterate, and not scientists. It was a failure before, during, and always, and it’s a smoking, cratered, epic failure now. Sadly, if they’re illiterate these days, they probably ARE scientists.

    “USA Today poll shows that Biden’s approval has sunk to 38%.”

    All America’s penchant for 99 44/100ths% pure bulls—t. He never had that rating to begin with. That’s why there were 6 chairs at his mostly-cancelled rallies. But what do you expect from the guy who passed the “Imprison all black people” laws and then helped bomb 5 more black and brown countries? But to be fair, they only bombed them until they ran out of bombs. So, they stopped then, for a few weeks anyway. Pure love. Rainbow Hug bombs. Bomb Lives Matter.

    “Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Moves For A Mistrial With Prejudice (AT)”

    Is this like the 10th time the Prosecution tampered with evidence and created grounds for a mistrial? At what point does it stop? Like I said, w/ Prejudice is the best possible outcome: they can claim the Judge, Jury, and America are all racist. …Because they’re all illiterate, uncurious boobs who can’t read! That how I know you’re wrong: because I’d rather die than look! (How’s 10pm looking for me burning down your house? Schedule free then? Good.)

    It’s all boring, tired, “Rules for Radicals” stuff. The book he dedicated to Satan, good, loving, peaceful, upstanding citizen that he is.

    “The Steele Dossier and the End of Shame In American Politics (Turley)”

    There is no shame, only power. There is no race, only power. There is no reward but power for power’s sake, to grind my enemies to dust and make them all pay! Mwahahahaha! (Translation: ego. All the world is ME.)

    But clicked it to point out that the U.K. and monarchy is setting up for election tampering via the more DIRECT route in 2024: They are going to install our new Queen Meghan Markles. She may HAVE a husband, but all I ever see her with is a stuffed blow-up doll like in “Airplane.” The media were very very worried about her again this week, and protecting her privacy. (Keeping her warm in the media) Signalling her love of privacy by going on Oprah and issuing regular press releases, and having the paid press write regular articles about how super-awesome a victim she is, like all multi-millionaires.

    But hey: we’re run by psychotic British Billionaires already, and have been since 1913, why not make it official?

    Roboto: never you fear, once we have the Queen, we’ll have no need of elections. Life will be MUCH more peaceful. …Or else.

    Dr. D

    “Russian Aggression”? Coming from a nation that shut off all their power, shattered the grid, wasted their money, and denied the pipeline for decades?


    Now you see why they’re psychotic, and poor Russia has to put up with them.


    Regarding things like Moloch:


    Roman culture was a kind of Ellis Island of the Gods, immigrating the ancient gods of their neighbors into the modern ken, often corrupting the good name of a perfectly good theos into a “Theo’’. Thus Zeus became Jove, and Zrvan Akarana became Saturn, as theogony gave way to neology.

    There is more here than scholastic word games. The neologisms of divine nomenclature have served the politics of empire handily, from ancient tribal theocracy on through the divine right of kings (a right usually expressed as the power of kings to be right even or especially when they were wrong), to the modern American’s pledge of allegiance to “One nation under God”. This may help to explain how, for example, the old Grecian name, Theodore, meaning ‘gift of God’, became the Teutonic name, Theodoric, meaning ‘ruler of the people’, eventually becoming today’s Theodore as in Roosevelt.

    Anyway, it is quite clear that, originally, December 25th had nothing to do with Christ’s actual birthdate, which is unknown to current history. December 25th as J.C.’s birthdate is strictly a mythopolitical borrowing. For that matter, Saturnalia was not entirely nor originally Saturn’s festival. The earlier Greeks paid tribute during solstice to Cronus, big daddy of all their earthly deities and father, in fact, of Zeus (or Jove or Jupiter or, perhaps, Theodore, Simon, and Alvin, the ancient Monks of Chip). Cross-culturally associated with Saturn, Cronus was falsely identified by mythologians as the father of time. “Falsely identified”, says my copy of the 1947 Encyclopaedia Britannica. A teste paternity suit which, we shall see, was resolved only by the removal of its two key witnesses.
    Associated with agriculture, Cronus was known for swallowing His children and, for some reason, not much worshipped. Go figure. Cronus was represented by the image of an old man carrying a sickle and still seems to hang on in our winter festivities as Father Time (apparently He wasn’t totally successful in contesting that temporal paternity suit). He has become the Grim Reaper, traditional New Year’s master of ceremonies, carrying the sickle which represents not only the hoped-for harvest and ultimate triumph of Death but also the curved sword with which He removed His father’s testicles at the request of His mother, Ge or Gaea (Earth), who was titanically tired of being kept barefoot and pregnant. (Thus resolving the paternity suit; “testicles” is a Latin word meaning “little witnesses”.) EB’47 states that “among Her offspring by Uranus”(Her now-neutered husband) “were the Cyclopes, the Hundred-Handed Ones[the Hecatoncheires] and the Titans, along with five sea-deities by Her other husband, Pontus, the sea-god”… she’d had enough.

    To clarify this trailer park mytholineage: Cronus was the avenging son who sliced the family jewels; Uranus was His daddy; Gaea was Cronus’s overbred mother. Ancient mythology degenerates into a senile genealogy, like an antebellum Mississippi plantationer’s family tree. Modern Christianity has clarified divine lineage for the most part, shuffling the whole mess into poor Mary’s lap with the Immaculate Conception (or, as the Babylonians termed it: ‘Kindasorta Didbutdidn’t’).

    Uranus was dethroned by the very same avenging son who detesticalized Him, and currently lives out of state, about 1,800,000,000 miles from Sol. Having let Himself grow soft, He is now an immense gasbag some 32,00 miles wide, a planetary couch potato whose rotational axis lounges horizontally (as opposed to all the other planets’ ‘upright’ position of a north /south rotational axis).

    Cronus’s daddy Uranus may have been an old hillbilly peckerwood but Cronus was even worse than His old man. Attempting to evade a prophecy stating that one of His offspring would dethrone Him, Cronus ate His offspring at birth. I remind you here that, to Cronus, dethronement was synonymous with visceral demasculation. Of course, if He had only applied His sickle to His own ‘little witnesses’, He could have circumvented the prophecy altogether. Apparently the gods too have difficulty seeing past the ends of their totem poles. Either way, Cronus was more than a little insecure about His masculinity. His wife, Rhea, was His sister before Their marriage. (One begins to see the difficulty of establishing paternity short of eliminating witnesses.) Rhea tricked Him at last by substituting a stone in a blanket in place of Their newborn, Zeus. A palate accustomed to the tender flesh of one’s children would not, of course, be fooled by this. Suffering indigestion, Cronus hurled and spewed mighty chunks. Gods do not merely vomit. They hurl, titanically, upchucking great volcanic cuds of primaeval nausea. In so doing, old Cronus inadvertently disgorged his previously cannibalized children. And you think you have a hard time raising your kids, or explaining why Mom’s third husband is younger than your big sister…


    Still, all things considered, Saturnalia rightly belongs to Saturn. During solsticial Saturnalia, a temporary Golden Age was enacted. (It is only fair to mention that Cronus’s reign was also considered a Golden Age for mankind – if not for His kids.) Again quoting EB’47 :

    “All business, public and private, was at a standstill; schools were closed, executions and military operations did not take place, slaves were temporarily free, feasting with and even waited on by their masters and saying what they chose. All and sundry were greeted with ‘io Saturnalia’ (i.e. ‘yeah Saturn!’), and presents were freely exchanged, the traditional ones being wax candles and little clay dolls.

    “Concerning those quaint gifts, the antiquaries had a story telling that an old prophecy bade the earliest inhabitants of Latium send ‘fota ’ to Saturn and heads to Pluto” … “that they interpreted this as meaning human sacrifices, but that Hercules advised them to use lights and not human heads” (apparently fota can mean both ‘head’ and ‘light’; the two separated only by a twist of pronunciation). “Gambling with dice, generally forbidden, was allowed, a custom which is exactly paralleled from Nepal. Saturnus himself was untied, presumably to come out and join in the fun.”
    No kidding; I didn’t make any of this up (except for the part about the Chip Monks, and Kindasorta Didbutdidn’t). Strange bit of scholarly lore. Nepal? Beats me. I don’t write encyclopedias; I just read them.

    So Hercules possibly saved innumerable criminals and prisoners from sacrificial beheadings by suggesting a semantic sleight of hand. As shell games go, switching homonyms is subtler than swapping a stone in a blanket for a swaddling babe and, apparently, more effective; Pluto didn’t even burp. The bit about untying Saturnus’ feet alludes to the ropes of wool that were normally kept tied around the feet of Saturnus’ statues (probably to prevent Him from gadding about collecting those unspeakable “fota’s” that presumably were symbolized by little clay dolls). One can see why the term ‘pagan’ has come to have a bad rep, just as modern Christians avoid seeming too… Inquisitive?

    On such Dark Nights, candles would be appropriate, of course, but “little clay dolls”? If candles replaced heads, what would dolls replace? Specifically little clay ones? Baked in ovens? Little terra cotta gingerbread people? The suggestions are grisly but the truth is unknown and I have a point to make before I finish this paragraph. I have a theory regarding gifts of candles and little clay dolls. May I suggest that this marks the start of the tradition of senseless Christmas gifts? You know: “I didn’t know what to get you, so I got this little clay doll…” One can envision false gratitude as the father of all irrational gift-giving, observing how one display of false enthusiasm (“I LOVE it!”) begets more of the same. Eventually, entire industries would be built around the mandatory giving of the unnecessary. Greeting cards, pet rocks, fruitcakes, Tickle-Me Elmoes… no wonder Cronus ate His kids.

    Mythology is a strange thing. Consider the Christmas story. Camels and Zoroastrian priests (the Magi, or Wise Men), Caesarian tax rates, tinselled fir trees, Judean Messianic prophesies, virginal mothers, shepherds, stables, stars and lowing cattle – what all of these have to do with our annual passage through the Dark Days is almost as muddled in my mind as is the relationship between clay dolls and candles, or the family tree of the gods (which seems effectively symbolized in the glitteringly intertwined chaos of the modern day Yule tree).

    You may note that candles get around, from Saturnalia through Channukah’s Feast of Lights (there’s a name to make a headlight-hungry god happy) to Christmas – which is certainly an highly illuminated event. A candle is to ritual pageantry what alcohol is to taverns and revelry : How else ya gonna set the place on fire?

    “Ritual pageantry.” A happy mid-twentieth century American childhood ideally included a series of happy Christmases spiritually jazzed by sacred music, an abundance of shining lights, bright colors, innocent material lust and a week off from school. Many of us portrayed Wise Men or shepherds or Immaculate Virgins in Christmas pageants. To kneel onstage in front of one’s church fellows in celebration of the birth of a divine being, wearing sacred robes of bath and hoods of towel while carrying some enormous stylization of a shepherd’s crook, was one of the stranger yet more comforting events of my young life. Blue stage lights in my eyes, little Johnny Hauwiller giggling about thieving ‘shepherd crooks’, parents and parishioners before us in the darkened church’s pews: imagine Sir Laurence Olivier attempting Hamlet in pajamas. Of course he could pull it off – and so did we when I and several other prepubescent lads pulled back together in mock fright while angels in sheets, tin foil wings and jiggling haloes, appeared from the backstage heavens singing hymns to the baby Jesus. I imagine we looked more like The Three Stooges recoiling from a sudden adversary – perhaps the landlord or a man in a gorilla suit – than we resembled The Three Wise Men shrinking in fearful awe.

    ‘Three’, by the way, is a Biblically unsubstantiated number only guessed from the three Biblically mentioned categories of gifts : gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Three gifts: three guys. Sure. The Magi were high priests of a sect, originating from Persia and beyond, thought to be the precursor of Zoroastrianism /Mithraism. This is the religion from which the mighty Zarathustra spake thusly, long before providing Richard Strauss the inspiration, via Nietsche’s book of the same name, for Thus Spake Zarathustra, Strauss’s symphonic tone poem. This is the music that provided such eerie musical accompaniment to those grisly slo-mo shots, in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, of apemen (or men in gorilla suits) discovering the mighty power of The Club as they triumphantly smashed bones and brothers into bits beside the silent and mysterious monolith. Note that this giant stone was not wrapped in a blanket – nor in wrapping paper.

    The Magi were regarded as the real thing : high-tech voodoo practitioners capable of performing wondrous miracles, hence the word Magi-c. They certainly brought appropriate gifts for newlywed out-of-towners down on their luck and camped with their firstborn in a smelly stable. Gold, frankincense and myrrh: cash, room deodorizer and cologne. Clay dolls and candles wouldn’t have been nearly so thoughtful, yes?

    As a time of ritual giving, the solstices of times past had certain advantages. Being at the end of harvest and before the winter planting, there was both abundance and leisure. When else would an agrarian community have both the materials and time to make, for example, candles and little dolls? It was the one time of the year when the larder was full. The term ‘larder’ derives from ‘lard’, and lard was a precious commodity in ancient, even recent, times past. Fat is one of those instable isotopes of which there is always either too much or too little.

    Lard kept people warm, both through calories and insulation. Equally or even more importantly, lard made candles and oil for lamps. It was so precious a commodity that whale blubber made fortunes for any Ahab able to capitalize a whaling ship, manage it well and land a few fat whales.

    Fat led humanity beyond. The quest for lard led men to Arctic waters and into oversized rowboats to harpoon Leviathan. Imagine, for comparison, taking on a grizzly bear with a Swiss army knife. Oh, I’m sure that Hercules or Sir Laurence Olivier could pull it off, at least against a man in a leviathan suit, but we’re talking about men in wooden boats playing picador/matador to the largest water buffaloes known to man. Lard was, in fact, so scarce that soap and bathing were largely ignored until recent times because of the scarcity of fat for making soap. A great perfume industry toiled to hide our stench from each other. Hence the overnight fortunes for whaler captains if they scored some ambergris, that mysterious substance (essentially whale bile) so vital to the perfumes of previous centuries.

    Solstice time was dark and candles weren’t cheap. They made perfect gifts. Little clay dolls? Some mysteries remain impenetrable. Some of the harsher realities of human existence remain – not unspeakable nor unprintable but – unpalatable? Ask Cronus, or whomever you can find to answer to the name: Father Time.

    One reason that a good or ‘real’ Christmas is so difficult to achieve nowadays is today’s relative absence of scarcity. A famine of abundance grips the land. How to celebrate abundance in a culture whose poorest often have more than did all but antiquity’s wealthiest? Who have little or no concept of how incredibly wealthy they are? Only one hundred and fifty years ago, December was Fat City. Early winter was when there was both a pig to roast and an apple to put in its mouth, along with time on your hands (unless you were a factory worker). Even slaves were able to take it relatively easy, which partially explains the Roman tradition of temporary manumission during solstice. Indulge a slave with time on its hands lest it plan a successful revolution. Keep it drunk and generally sated.

    Anciently, there were numerous Roman festivals besides Saturnalia: Bacchanalia, Lupercalia, Liberalia and more. Other cultures and countries had theirs as well, but Roman culture is about as representative of European culture as it gets. Saturnalia was the biggie, the great survivor from antiquity. A study of Saturnalia will suffice to trace the pagan roots of today’s winter religious festivities of contemporary Christendom.

    Xmas is coming. Shhhh!


    those darned kids

    For Dr. D.: a good constitution attempts to protect the people from their government. An example of a bad constitution is what ours has become, a constitution that tries/claims/pretends to protect the people from reality.

    But then, denying reality while claiming to ever more understand it (why, hello, Science!), has been the trend in human affairs since Roger Bacon and WIlliam of Ockham got high sniffing the fumes of a moonshine alembic.


    Truth is suppose to be the winner.

    Why do all the bloggers have less influence than Fauci?
    Farmers that are flooded and trying to save their animals don’t have time to worry about Fauci or bloggers.
    Immigrants, in the north or the south, have bigger concerns than the vaccinated and the unvaccinated debates.
    The millions of refuges, and poor, are living the truth.
    The 9.9% are occupied trying to keep the social/economic systems operational for the 0.1% of the elites.
    Manure pits have been diluted by flood waters.
    There will be a shortage of manure fertilizer for the fields of corn used to feed the cows.
    Isolated, stranded travelers are able to continue their trips.

    Success comes with “A grain of salt”


    • Hospital Files Motion to Dismiss Dr. Paul Marik’s Landmark Case (FLCCC)

    This is where the rubber hits the road, today.

    If Dr Marik—co-chief medical officer of the FLCCC, has no ‘standing’, he can’t protect his patients, and all is lost.


    If the Manwhores that masquerade as judges in the US don’t back Marik, ‘They’ win hugely.


    No upbeat ‘positive’ spinning to a defeat today.

    El Duce Fauci wins and will mercilessly consolidate the Win.

    Doctors will officially be Cotton Pickers on the Medical Industrial Plantation.

    Jump down, spin around, pick a bale of cotton





    You all should simply ignore the three posts above. Any information that runs counter to your bias should be ignored and the person delivering the information should be painted as a troll, a bot, or an agent of some government agency to spy on the group.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    Beep. Bop. Boop.

    Figmund Sreud

    Authoritarian Yoga Session



    Jordan Peterson, biggest scam

    For me, the scam is the idea that a relatively small group of people are going to coordinate and plan out how all of humanity is going to navigate the existential ecological crisis, and that this crisis somehow justifies “command and control” tactics, that this crisis justifies tyranny.

    I agree with Greta’s concerns. I haven’t observed Greta going into details of the exact methods that should be used to get people to change their ways. So, if Greta is on board with some whole-scale suspension of human rights in order to accomplish dealing with the ecological crisis…then I don’t mind being educated about that. (However, some platitude she says about how “we need to change” doesn’t meet my bar…I’m talking about rhetoric such as Jeff Bezos the other day claiming the earth will be turned into a park and the proles will live their lives in orbiting space stations.).

    In my views, the way change is effected is by transparent communication — people share stories of ecological devastation, we see people displaced by it, we have scientists studying the earth, weather, climate, etc., and sharing their findings, we suffer the high prices for fossil fuels because most of the easy to reach fossil fuels are exhausted. When all of this comes together, in the absence of heavy corporate and government distraction and propaganda, the people start to realize the problem, and will look to their myths and storytellers, artists, scientists. Myths will become promoted that I’ll help people to understand the problem, and then they will act to deal with it on every level of society as societal values shift to adapt to the situation. Yes, change needs to come, but it must come because the people long for it. And that longing needs to come organically, not because it was implanted and trained in a specific way to serve to keep current power structures in place.


    “No Cookies For The Kids!” ™


    Start from the 20:00 min mark, and listen – especially from 30:00min.


    I like the follow-up tweet to what passes for a hard right in robots with logic gates pre-set to pick data that only fits their programming::

    “The best Quote about India ever has been by @ShashiTharoor – Any truism about India can be immediately contradicted by another truism about India. Anything you can say about India, the opposite is also true.”

    Meanwhile, if we’ve been lied to about Ivermectin, then ivermectin at worst is what the Vakzines are at best: uselss. Meanwhile, at worst, the vakzine fosters ADE, is itself a toxic entity, and by promotion via falsehood driven by greed and, some think, sinister megalomania, fosters lack of belief in modern medical authorities that we might need if a REAL pandemic of genuinely severe scope appears rather than this half-real/half-fake (must we do everything in half-baked half-measures these days?) Whirl-a-rama that Fauci helped happen as well as helped make worse, much worse, than it otherwise would’ve been (with considerable help, I’ll note, from Trump’s inability to say things he doesn’t later contradict, sometimes even in the same sentence).

    So if I’m going to take a drug that doesn’t work to protect me from things like covid, I will take Ivermectin. At least it gives good placebo and only charges $20.

    Placebo Magic

    The left hook just snags itself:

    “How on earth is the fact that cases come down as quickly as they went up in Uttar Pradesh, which routinely happens in pandemics, evidence that ivermectin does anything?”

    Case count is about infection not virulence and associated serverity and mortality.

    As for the claims made by David Fuller, served up last as some kind of knockout punch, disqualifies itself right here:

    “No credible group supports the use of ivermectin Professional & government organizations – no major professional or national body recommends use of ivermectin. NIH, WHO, EMA have all independently looked into IVM and none recommends it outside of a clinical trial. FDA has refused to grant an EUA and is actively recommending against using it in COVID. CDC has also warned against using IVM to treat COVID. Additionally, many other professional organizations such as IDSA, AMA, ASHP, and APhA recommend against using ivermectin to treat COVID19.”

    If these are credible groups than robots are human. I’d buy penis enlargement pills from a dumb argubot, wouldn’t you?

    Again: smart people with open minds are immune to cosplay Jedi mind tricks.

    Thank You, Star Wars Kid

    Well, that is what happens when you make sideways legal challenges (isn’t a “grave threat” because it doesn’t cover all businesses) rather than address it head on (a federal vax mandate is unlawful/unconstitutional.)

    Go ahead and try to make it affect small businesses too. Then watch the underground economy take off like never before.


    As for Greta, it appears that she was quickly scooped up by the climate-change=buy-my-solar-panels crowd, which of course instigated a reactionary kick-back by buy-my-solar-panels=climate change-is-bunk crowd, who then throw every ad hominem slur they can at a brave if misguided lass who at least gives a shit. (Check the hoistory; she was doing this on her own before being backed by Big $. Unless one can locate the MKUltra microchio that the CIA implanted during sleep via alien abduction ordered by Al Gore, I recommend one not call her a phony.)

    Maxwell Quest

    A USA Today poll shows that Biden’s approval has sunk to 38%. The trend line here is truly devastating. We can speculate why. Inflation plays a role. But also the vaccine mandate seems to have hit the Biden approval rating very hard.

    Like Hillary, Biden’s so-called popularity was always a media created façade, which only needed the honest breezes of reality to topple. Even now, the only thing keeping the masses from demanding his removal is the non-stop cheer-leading and protection of corporate media.

    He has always been a lying, pompous, plagiarizing, preening, corrupt, hair-sniffing, perverse, political hack, eager to abuse his power by fingering young interns in the hallway and then threatening them with destruction when they resist his brutish attempts – the kind of politician that predatory credit card companies slobber over.

    Like Hillary, nobody came to his rallies except media flunkies who were unlucky enough to draw the short straw. He is not a leader. He has no vision. And with the onset of dementia, he can barely function in the office that the global shadow govt gave him.

    Don’t be fooled, his presidency is no different than Weekend at Bernie’s. If it were not for the corporate media propping up his every failure, he would immediately fold like a cheap card table.

    Weekend at Bernie's

    Figmund Sreud

    News: Canada just approved for 5 – 11 years old kids kiddy-vaccine. Yes! Official announcement will come tomorrow. Three million doses of “kid-rated” vaccine are currently being distributed across Canada, … enough to jab all kids with the very first jab!



    Greta Thunberg was born on 3 January 2003, in Stockholm, Sweden,[16][17] the daughter of opera singer Malena Ernman and actor Svante Thunberg.[18] Her paternal grandfather was actor and director Olof Thunberg.[19][20]

    From her TEDx Talk
    I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, OCD and selective mutism. That basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary. Now is one of those moments.

    — Greta Thunberg, Stockholm, November 2018[21]
    Thunberg says she first heard about climate change in 2011, when she was eight years old, and could not understand why so little was being done about it.[22] The situation made her depressed and as a result, at the age of 11, she stopped talking and eating much and lost ten kilograms (22 lb) in two months.[23] Eventually, she was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), and selective mutism.[22] In one of her first speeches demanding climate action, Thunberg described the selective mutism aspect of her condition as meaning she “only speaks when necessary”.[22]

    Thunberg struggled with depression for three or four years before she began her school strike.[24] When she started protesting, her parents did not support her activism. Her father said he does not like her missing school but said: “[We] respect that she wants to make a stand. She can either sit at home and be really unhappy, or protest, and be happy.”[25] Her diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome was made public nationwide in Sweden by her mother in May 2015, in order to help other families in a similar situation.[26] While acknowledging that her diagnosis “has limited me before”, Thunberg does not view her Asperger’s as an illness, and has instead called it her “superpower”.[27] She was later described as being not only the best-known climate change activist, but also the best-known autism activist.[28] Thunberg commented in 2021 that many people in the Fridays for Future movement had autism, and were very inclusive and welcoming. She thinks that the reason for so many people with autism becoming climate activists is that they cannot look away, and have to tell the truth as they see it: “I know lots of people who have been depressed, and then they have joined the climate movement or Fridays for Future and have found a purpose in life and found friendship and a community that they are welcome in.” She considers that the best thing that has come out of her activism has been friendship and happiness.[28]

    Picking on a kid is surely bound to make people take you seriously when you try to show them the truth about fraudulent green/alt-energy claims and scams. I’m always impressed by grownups bashing around little kids for the sins of the wealthy.


    Couldn’t help piggybacking on Star Wars kid, Chris Farley in the making.


    fwiw, I find it hard to believe that Genius Evil Masterminds would attempt to cull the populatin with a program that selects for the ornery contrarian autodidactic erudite free-thinkers who are traditionally their worst enemy.

    “Kill all the weak and compliant who serves us! Leave only the strong and willful who oppose us!”

    Jumping at Shadows


    Just in case you had any doubts about the Democrat Party now being the party of the rich.


    “Picking on a kid is surely bound to make people take you seriously when you try to show them the truth about fraudulent green/alt-energy claims and scams. I’m always impressed by grownups bashing around little kids for the sins of the wealthy.”

    Why do you think the media and “handlers” placed here there? An additional bonus is getting the rubes to give you more money while still having the carbon footprint of 1000 people even with the yacht.


    “Cookie No Good!” ™

    “In every age group over 30 in the UK, the rates of Covid infection per 100,000 are now higher among the vaxxed than the unvaxxed. Indeed, in the cohorts aged between 40 and 79, infection rates among the vaccinated are more than twice as high as among the unvaccinated

    Yup – the vaxxed are fucked.


    Rejoice: My opinions are irrelevant

    Save the poor
    Culling the population
    Saving the the earth eco system
    Re establishing a balance
    Vaccine all the rich societies 5 + years old
    First, Vaccine the old, the obese, the weak immune system or the compromised immune people.
    Ignore natural herd immune of people and weaken their system with a vaccine.

    Rejoice: Life expectancy is 80 and dropping


    “Here’s a Cookie for You, and You, and You!” ™

    Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets
    Sifting through over 30,000 grants in the company’s database, MintPress can reveal that the Gates Foundation has bankrolled hundreds of media outlets and ventures, to the tune of at least $319 million.”

    Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets

    those darned kids
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