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    (Allow for the English-as-second-language awkwardness)

    “..icons that show the real picture in Ukraine. I believe that the 23rd of November people will remember in ages, in years, because today was the first day when the Ukraine energy system has been collapsed completely.”

    Also, the Russians have made further progress westwards in the eastern sector.

    There is interesting speculation that Kiev could fall quickly and the Zelinsky regime lose what little credibility it still has amongst the uninformed and propagandised populaces of NATOstan nations.


    I think Germ is just trying to remind us that the horrors and death that Dr. Fauci and company have so wilfully sprung upon their fellow humans beings continues unabated. They continue to hide and deny such results, 9aided by the MSM. These are extremely evil people and we must not forget what they have done and that they continue to do so.

    Germ does us a great service by trying to find such truths which the MSM goes to great lengths to suppress and hide.

    At the same time I can also understand Kultsommer’s feelings and reaction to Germ’s postings. Kultsommer’s English is so good that I had always assumed it was his native language! So I have learned something new today about Kultsommer! Thank-you!

    So I am hoping Germ and Kultsommer will repect each other’s points of view going forward. I think both have something in common. Both been harmed by the actions of these evil people. I know I have. My relationships with family and friends has been hurt, probably beyond repair.

    Now as for using “brake” verses “break”, remember we are all royally subjected everyday, to Auto Correct’s politically corrected versions of our words! This AI malware has spread around the world and plagues us people more than anything else I can think of!


    Nothing i have presented here has evey been “self-serving”
    There’s nothing to “prick”

    The vaxxed ARE fucked; I take no “glee” in that.
    Many of my friends and family are fucked.

    I am surrounded by sickness and ill health.

    I take no glee in that.
    I do take 36mg IVM qq. week.

    I’m moving to Mexico shortly – with my family.


    Interesting. The same intense emotions that surrounded the vaxxed / unvaxxed saga in families and communities for the past [almost] two years is showing up in comments here.

    It’s been tough to be unvaxxed. Yes, I am one. How did I do it? Well, one remote job went out the window because they required the vaxx (100% remote – employer was in Utah and I’m in NY). After that I took another job for 1/2 the pay. I’m now pretty broke.

    Luckily, family didn’t harass me. Probably because they know better at this stage in life. However, lost some friends over this. Or what I thought were friends. Comments like “I’m tired of the people who don’t take this seriously.” I’m one of *the people* so you can figure out where that friendship went.

    And we unvaxxed had to look at headlines in publications on a daily basis and – even worse – hear it from the political leaders here in the US …. that unvaxxed are scum. Let them die. That’s not easy to hear.

    And so here we are, nearly two years later. Still fussing and fighting about an injection that was not adequately tested, and it never will be, and that has killed and injured, at the very least, 10s of thousands of people. Not sure what the argument is. Not sure why everyone doesn’t see it, and tired of wondering why they can’t.

    This is a fuster cluck of epic proportions. Nearly every person I know is vaccinated. I’m in NY after all. I often lay awake at night and wonder and worry.

    Germ is allowed to post and say whatever he wants. Since we’ve never met him in person, has it occurred to anyone that we don’t actually know what his style of communication is? Written is different. Always was, always will be. Cut him some slack. He’s a valued contributor.


    “Well you can tell the level of respect Putin holds him in.’
    The length of the table illustrates how scared Putin is of the Kung Flu , nothing else. He is quad jabbed and believes the entire BS!

    Now that NATO has humiliated Russia there might talk but no way that NATO or Ukraine will let the annexed territories go , so , no deal!


    I think we have to remember we are basically all victims of torture. Vaxxed and unvaccinated alike. Locked in, locked out, denied movement, forced facemasking, dehumanising behaviour modification and threats of recriminations and economic suffering. We had constant conflicting information from when a virus was active and not active (ie the insanity of curfew – as if viruses go to work in Belgium at 9 but round the clock in Melbourne).
    We have been censored, marginalised and made to feel like planning a future is impossible. Music and the Arts were destroyed but selling alcohol encouraged. Our carers – docs and nurses etc, became our most dangerous foes.
    Innocent children could be the killers of grandma.
    The whole thing has been a terrible crucifixion.

    Our job now is to calm the mind that sees all this and be reminded by the image of Jesus or similar that when you are nailed to the cross you are not hashtag-living your best life but you can STILL chose peace.
    Or if you are like me – choose rage but know you can choose peace when you have had enough.

    Dr. D

    Phoenix: Yes, that was my thought as well: ignore all arguments except blind authority. This week someone commented that their work asked them why they won’t take the Vax and the 29 point answer? Don’t care: we want to know what AUTHORITY you adhere to that is not OUR authority. It’s literally being a Peasant-Lord status with the according papers of owernship. If the Lord were, say, the archbishop, they would accept his social position as being preeminent and give you an exemption. If it were his local priest, they would protest. But a man HIMSELF, using LOGIC? Does not compute. Ask again. Does not compute. Ask again. To this mind of humans, free autonomy of the soul does not exist for themselves and also others.

    So much the worse for us.

    I felt Germ was also schadenfreude, but there’s nothing in the text itself that demands it. The vaxxed are f’d, or some of them, according to his data and belief. So to get bent I’d have to ask more. There’s enough trouble I don’t need to look for it.

    Same idea as Bosco, it’s not Covid Putin fears, or most probably with Russia’s own and different vax: it’s straight bio-assassination. Which they DEFINITELY want to do and have said so. They would then blame on Covid, so any protest would sound stupid although perfectly accurate.

    I have heard that the withdraw from Kherson is okay, the vacuum they left in the city Ukraine can’t not fill and occupy. However, having evacuated it’s a free-fire zone for Russia with nothing Ukie can do about it. Suck-fest common in war, but if they had tactical brains they would find a solution rather than throwing valuable men into a pre-targeted kill zone.

    Still, having left they will still need to get back there, which is a big detour in time, men, and location. Again, such is war. If things are going well, the enemy isn’t doing their job. And is therefore a trap.

    Michael Reid

    @ Oxy

    I don’t know what is going on these days. I am glad I have wood and I am now an amateur distiller of ethanol.


    Last week the world stood on the very edge of a nuclear war, as Ukraine’s US-funded president, Vladimir Zelensky, urged NATO military action over a missile that landed on Polish soil.

    Nonsense. It does not take much observation and thought to realise that the US nukes are only going to be used to save the USA, all other countries are considered second class citizens and will be sacrificed to save the USA. Of course, this does not apply to conventional warfare, and the problem that Zelensky is causing the USA is that he keeps on calling for NATO action and every time he does that, the world gets more and more suspicious that NATO is afraid of Russia, that NATO is conceding defeat. Zelensky is just rubbing it in their faces and when Russia decides to wipe out all NATO advisors, troops and mercenaries in Ukraine, NATO will be left looking very sad, leaving the USA looking like North Korea. People will realise that the USA is only capable of nuclear war, not conventional war and that they will not sacrifice their homeland for any of their allies.


    Neither the Covid-19 pandemic nor Russia’s offensive against Ukraine has played a pivotal role in bringing about the current economic downturn in Europe, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has argued.

    Why do people listen to this oaf? He is trying to pretend that Merkel left Germany in a mess and it is therefore not the oaf’s fault that Russia turned off the gas. The oaf gave in to the USA which appears to want to sacrifice Germany in order to save itself: the Germans still believe NATO will protect them militarily. The oaf offered to do anything the USA wanted, including national suicide, in order to keep his job and the approval of his bosses, but he is now pretending it is not his fault. Typical sleazeball coward. Of course, the government pandering to money has been going on forever, hence the transfer of manufacturing to China in order to increase profits, the importing from China to realise those profits, etc. The oaf is not solely responsible for that history, but he is doing the same now, he is pandering to money in a way that will terminate Germany. Mind you, the Euro has kept Germany on the boil for far too long at the expense of other European nations, now is their time to go down with an oaf at the helm. Maybe he can do one good deed and remove Germany from the EU and the Euro … some chance, he is a coward.


    Michael Reid
    I feel exactly the same. I feel like the squirrel who missed the summer good times but now it’s cold I’m glad I put away my acorns. My sense of things a little shattered but I think there is some good in that. My ego humbled has brought out a little compassion.


    New WHO Pandemic Treaty In Final Stages, Would Overrule US Constitution (NN)

    Gates crowns himself as the first king of the USA, All hail King Bill.


    kultsommer quoting Germ

    “Yup – the vaxxed are fucked, and the boosted are so, so fucked!”

    Of course Germ was gloating, there is no other interpretation. But, Germ still buys food from vaxed people, still relies on a vaxed government, vaxed police force, vaxed utilies etc. He/she/it is letting off steam, he is being hypocritical, there is no substance to what he/she/it says, so better off letting it go, rising above it, it is not a battle worth fighting. Ignore it like a fart in a lift, it has no more value than that.


    “Our job now is to calm the mind that sees all this and be reminded by the image of Jesus or similar that when you are nailed to the cross you are not hashtag-living your best life but you can STILL chose peace.
    Or if you are like me – choose rage but know you can choose peace when you have had enough.”

    That warms my heart right next to where the courage boiler burns.

    You can’t choose peace until you’ve faced your rage. Rage be a fearsome beast. Whoa.

    MUsic Soothes the Savage…

    ONe last thought on the alleged glee of Germ: none of us can know so let us not pretend otherwise.

    Germ might want to consider our subjective reactions and reconsider certain terms and phraseology. Like Confucius said: “When walking through a neighbor’s melon patch, it is wise not to stoop down to adjust one’s sandals.”

    Even if Germ secretly did gloat, it wouldn’t offset all the effort Germ has taken to help us prevent people from submitting to the Vakzi Stasi. More I think about it, I painfully admit (being perhaps the first to suggest, long ago, that Germ was gloating) that it is none of my business. Who am I to take the high moral tone of calling out what I think might be mean-spiritedness when it doesn’t hurt anyone; meanwhile, Germ provides a reliable stream of helpful information?

    Frankly, it’s often hard not to gloat about the vaxxed. I gloat but relegate it to my subcon basement where it can hump itself all it wants. Recognizing that it’s just the standard inevitable inescapable old depraved side of my ego-driven human consciousness, I acknowledge that that dog will never be properly house-broken, will hump everything in reach, and that I will never be free of it but I can do my best to keep it away from the guests.

    What You Do With What You’ve Got

    Dr D Rich

    I’m with Germ.
    I see no justtification for the vilification, but I see the error applied to him/her from Berne’s description of the Antithesis. The vaxxed should look for targets of condemnation no further than their own mirrors and to the whiny weasels who led them astray namely Rochelle, Anthony and Scott.


    Put another way, my pointing the finger Germ is a form of gloating.


    Dr D Rich said

    The vaxxed should look for targets of condemnation no further than their own mirrors and to the whiny weasels who led them astray namely Rochelle, Anthony and Scott.

    Many people had dependent families and therefore took the vax simply to be able to continue working and support their families. They didn’t have the resources or the lack of responsibilities that enabled many to remain unvaxxed. Some companies had no choice but to implement mandates in order to protect the company and the people working there from the government. Life is not as simple as right or wrong.

    That said, the government and big pharma contain many crooks that need to be rooted out and flogged.


    “Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces.”
    – Étienne de La Boétie


    I think there increasing evidence that the Ukrainian Nazis have been selectively rounding up cannon fodder from certain eastern areas of the Ukraine as a form of ethnic cleansing. Then the Nazis stand behind the hoosen cannon fodder, threatening to shoot any who refuse to fight.

    Naturally western Ukraine has been largely spared such treatment.

    The ironic thing about Russia turning out the lights in the Ukraine, is any areas with lights on are easy to spot for additional attention!


    Saying it quite clearly. Government is a crime syndicate, composed of murderers and thieves.


    ‘Now that NATO has humiliated Russia there might talk but no way that NATO or Ukraine will let the annexed territories go , so , no deal!’

    Keep posting the jokes, Redneck. We need some light relief from the misery that NATOstan governments are imposing on us.


    Nailing it. The honesty is as brutal as George Constanza, in a good way like I can’t look away, it’s funny and awkward at the same time.
    I’m kind of feeling like the group could use a hug or a smoking ceremony or something. None of us are saints but we all give a shit so let’s remember that. If you REALLY want to do damage – kill ‘em with kindness.

    Great quote UPSTATER


    I appreciate Germs comments. I didn’t sense glee or gloating, only anger at the damage done by so called government experts who have a lot to answer for.

    On another topic: ftx, crypto and the global elites attempting to create a new financial system.
    A Grand Unified Theory of the FTX Disaster

    Sweet Kenny

    I find it ironic that people are expressing feelings around their interpretation of what or how Germ has “said” something. Your perception of something is based on your state of mind and so assigning that to Germ is unfair. I could easily as say that I interpreted what she wrote as expressing anxiety. I remember on occasion laughing in stressful moments (which is never received well obviously) but it wasn’t that what occurred was funny, I just couldn’t properly process it and the laugh was a release of tension. There are theories that the vaccinated all have blood clotting on micro level and most are damaged in ways that will result in life long suffering and an early death. Upwards of 70% of the population in some countries – how do you process that? My youngest child who is autistic was vaccinated and boosted as he does not live with me so he is one of them. My mother and many relatives as well. How does on process that. I don’t know but it’s not my place to question how Germ does.


    The discussion regarding Germ’s motives for saying certain things in certain ways has been a very great blessing for me. It opened a window onto why certain things bother me so much, and gave me a perspective from which I can let certain bothersome things go without feeling like I’m evading or otherwise running away from certain problems.

    To give some sense of scale of how powerfully it influenced me, it showed me why I found VP so bothersome and felt compelled to challenge him as I have. It helped me separate in my mind why I felt VP was being harmful (if mostly to himself) and why I felt the need to point it out repeatedly. It helped separate the pointless insecure ego boost I got from feeling superior to someone’s faults from the meaningful logic contained in pointing out why said fault is harmful. It separated the gloating from the moral concern. In so doing, it also highlighted the goading within the gloating.


    I too find the quote upstate provided powerful. It expresses, in ways better than I have, why I stress individual volition above group solidarity. Now I have a new long dead French hepcat to read up on.


    oxy: the thing about “killing with kindness” that (imo) makes it so powerful is that (inverted tautology alert) kindness is so powerful that it not only knocks ’em down but picks them back up.


    I said I was looking for a ‘few good men’ (although what a ‘good man’ is transcends gender in my book; some of the toughest ‘men’ I’ve known were female). Well, there may be no such thing as a ‘good man’. That is probably an illusion we enjoy. Humans are inconstant despite their best efforts. But we all have our moments. I’ve stopped looking for a few good men and now focus on looking for men being good.

    Good is as good does, I suppose.

    Non-Speciesist Specieism

    Dr D Rich

    “I turned down a movie because I didn’t want to get the motherfucking jab,” Cube said, confirming the Oct. 2021 reports. “I turned down $9 million. I didn’t want get the jab. Fuck that jab. Fuck ya’ll for trying to make me get it. I don’t know how Hollywood feels about me right now.”

    Iced Cubed


    $9 million could buy a lot of guns but dead people can’t shoot. That Cube quote warmed my heart.

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