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    Robert Capa Anti-fascist militia women at Barcelona street barricade 1936 • America’s Trade Advantage: Large Deficits (Pettis) • All Aboard Post-TPP W
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 25 2016]

    V. Arnold

    Welcome to the monsters ball.
    Where the dancers must dance til they drop; lest the whole thing unravels before their very eyes.
    So, the band plays on…


    I like Pepe Escobar a lot but the entire monetary/debt thing is totally off his radar. Either he doesn’t know much about it, doesn’t understand it or perhaps most likely, dismisses it. We do have to consider that ever more extreme amounts, and even forms. of money ‘printing’, which is the only thing which will keep the system intact, could continue to delay a debt reckoning.

    The Fed is about to open up the swap lines again with the ECB, in essence trading newly ‘printed’ Euros for newly ‘printed’ dollars. More QE is always an option at a moments notice. etc. etc.


    While I was reading Pettis I was thinking the Dimitri Orlov needs to read this… and I concur Pepe does too.

    I enjoy your blog it is my first go to site over morning tea.


    Scott and Shackleton logbooks prove Antarctic sea ice is not shrinking 100 years after expeditions

    As for the Arctic, it is low now, but not as low as 2012.

    Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice extent

    I guess that as the effects of el Niño wear off, and as the low activity of the sun begin to assert themselves, we may be heading for a great series winters for 2016 onward.

    The New Little Ice Age Has Started

    Down here in Melbourne, we still have our electric blanket in regular use – at the end of November! 🙂

    John Day

    Hi Ilargi,
    I’m not sure how to say this, but The Automatic Earth didn’t make the list of subversive-Russian-tool-propaganda websites. Zero Hedge made it, and Naked Capitalism, and even Charles Hugh Smith at Of Two Minds made it.
    I emailed them and asked politely for Johnday’s Blog, to be added to the list.
    My contention is that since I link mostly to sites on their list, I should also qualify for membership.
    I almost feel that any site that I link to has a right to be included, and yours sure does.
    I hope they start catching up soon.


    You beat me to it JD, was most disappointed to find TAE not on the list of fake news purveyors.

    C’mon Raul, sort it out, are you real fake news or fake fake news? Or have you been pointing out fake news all this time and the msm are just a bit slow to catch on?

    John Day

    Hi Debtserf.
    It’s clearly some kind of administrative oversight at a start-up website, which has a lot of promise, but might just be one guy part time in Langley, or even Bangalore. This could be a Clinton Foundation employee, and their donors are dropping like flies. Norway quite tithing. Australia just quite sending checks, Saudi Arabia has too cut costs, and I suspect the teenage-girl-party-favors on Epstein’s Island or in Haiti just went away, too.
    TAE is on ZH and NC quite regularly and prominently, and has been bigger than ZH and earlier, as I recall. I discovered ZH through TAE, not the other way around. ZH started very modestly.
    Anyway Propornit, just look at the comments. Everybody in the commentariat here is subversive, too, tinfoil-hat-conspiracy-theorists talking about elite pedophilia and stuff.
    MURDERS; the Clintons have murdered people for decades, too!
    There, that should do it…


    thank you Racine


    John Day,

    if at all possible I’m even more insulted than you are.

    but perhaps it opens unforeseen venues?


    Debtserf and John,

    All I can think is I’ve been too light on Hillary. Like on Sep 13 when I wrote she was unelectable . And/or all the other times I’ve written she’s not presidential material. There are people who stopped reading me because of this for pete’s sake!

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