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    Maybe a NC commenter or two would be interested in an alternate forum (not this one), given recent events.


    Some people enjoy exploring the numerous facets of our collective predicament, the nature of the societies we live and the nature of life.

    Others enjoy making a nuisance of themselves by making facile comments on blogs.


    It seems that Russia is now targeting the NZ electric grid, not using missiles or drones but using utility vehicles:

    ‘Power out, ute engulfed in flames after smashing into transformer on Auckland’s North Shore

    |A crash has knocked out power and set a ute on fire in Auckland’s North Shore on Saturday night.

    Police said the accident happened after the vehicle collided with a power transformer at about 7:30pm on East Coast Road in Windsor Park, Mairangi Bay.

    Witness photos and videos show the ute and the power transformer on fire, with massive flames leaping into the air.’

    It must be Putin’s fault. Everything that goes wrong in NATOstan nations is Putin’s fault.

    Putin’s agents are everywhere, no one is safe, and careless talk costs lives.

    (Nice little blue-and-yellow icon on that link, ‘to demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine’.)


    The double-spacing is tedious [look at me; notice me!] and unnecessary. It’s also become ubiquitous on this here darpaNet.

    Christopher Lasch wrote well about the” spread of stupefaction” in The Culture of Narcissism (1979-80).
    He wasn’t wrong, but even he didn’t go deeply enough (or something, heh.).


    DBS said

    Basically, people know not to behave like that because it’s a one-way ticket to the same hell those monstrous morons are in. The inescapable hell of being being 100% dead wrong, and yet egotistically delighted with being the best and smartest guy in the room.

    Great post, very interesting idea. In one sense I think you are right yet in another sense it terrifies me that you may be right. Fear makes one excel yet can also make one fail. I suspect that the reality is more that people feel have too much to lose: even if their child was killed by the vaccine, they feel that their remaining family would be better off if they did not kill Gates.

Viewing 5 posts - 121 through 125 (of 125 total)
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