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    Understanding Banker’s Ukrainian War Business Balance Sheet Accounting Model:

    Balance Sheet:
    – Assets: (costs of producing Ukrainian cannon fodder – socialized, War & New Weapon loans to US/NATO) /
    – Liabilities: None (KIA – pay death benefits – socialized, WIA – pay to recover assets – socialized, Weapons Costs – socialized)

    Off Balance Sheet:
    – Assets: (profitable tax free organ harvesting) /
    – Liabilities: (MIA – no liability acknowledged – socialized, WIA – unrecoverable damaged assets – socialized)

    Ukrainian KIA & WIA numbers very low. MIA numbers very high.
    Ukrainians are just “lost leaders” for banker’s proxy war business.

    Banker’s War Business Model:
    – 100% profitable – no costs incurred
    – socialize all war asset losses, operating expenses, and liabilities
    – privatize all profits


    Serfs, don’t try to do “Off Balance Sheet Accounting” at home or you will hurt your credit score!

    Only bankers, corporations, and governments are allowed to do “Off Balance Sheet Accounting”.

    Why? Because you are the only Asset backing their “Off Balance Sheet Accounting”!


    The old talmudic lizard king, killer of millions, finally ran out of babyblood.


    I haven’t commented much on the Gaza war because everything happening there is obvious and there is nothing new happening. Same 100 year old plus stuff happening inside.

    But outside something has changed.

    So, US navy carrier assets in the Mediterranean are positioned well out of the reach of Iran’s proxies in Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria,.

    But, US navy carrier assets are well within range of Iran!

    What does that tell you?
    So who is winning/losing?


    FBI Agent Carjacked Near Capitol Hill In Washington Amid Crime Surge

    Too bad the Perp didn’t bust a’ cap on that FBI maggot.

    Incredibly funny however seeing scum like the FBI get mugged outside work.

    The FBI is a criminal racket, a RICO case, and a real US attorney could easily bring, prosecute, and convicted the whole lot of J Edgar drag queens.

    G-man’ by day, drag fag by night



    Once You See It You Can’t Unsee It



    LA Social Justice Advocate Shot and Killed by Homeless Woman Who Broke into Home

    A Los Angeles social justice advocate was killed on Monday when a homeless woman, who lived out of her car, broke into his home and shot him.

    He carelessly didn’t use the correct pronouns with her.


    Veracious Poet


    You do realize that the juice media is full of climate change whack-a-doodle cultists, righteo? 😉

    In for a penny, in for a pound!

    With spellbinder brainwa$hed ideologues, prostitutes-for-hire & featherbrained dolts, when you overlook one psycho trait, you soon find yourself marinating in a toxic soup of totalitarian madness.

    Caveat emptor.



    Veracious Poet

    @oxymoron part duex:

    Hope you love reparations, and/or are ready to be deported to mother England, cause The Juice Media (TJM) are also rabid re: Aussie colonizers too!

    Australia Day “Piracy Parody”:

    On 24 January 2017 TJM released a parody video called “Australia Day (Piracy parody)”, which compared celebrating Australia Day on 26 January, when the First Fleet planted a flag on Australian shores, to celebrating several appalling historic events, including the “Final Solution” by Nazi Germany, dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and 11th of September attacks on the Twin Towers.

    All done with those disarming smiles…

    Maybe these tyrannical spellbinders can go back 2000 years & find descendants guilty of being related to the idiots that crucified Jesus?

    Oh, wait…

    Vultu blanditur cave, saepe fraudem celant.

    V. Arnold

    @ Dr. D

    Homefield. Always works. Who won in Vietnam, V Arnold? “They’re still there, he’s all gone” — Bruce Springsteen.

    Rhetorical question of course; certainly the Vietnamese did.
    But I think more importantly, the U.S. lost humongously, and has yet to recover…if ever…

    D Benton Smith

    Kissinger thought he was the smartest guy in the world because he had mastered what he also thought was the smartest trick in the book . . . CRIME (lying, cheating, stealing, killing, etc.). It was easy for him to sell that idea (along with his personal services as the worlds smartest one trick pony) to other psychopaths because pretty much all psychopaths think in much the same way. Basically, they are all halfwits because they are only thinking about HALF of what they are doing. (the half that they see as a benefit to themselves.)

    They are extremely deficient in seeing the other half of what they are doing because giving much thought to the ultimately inescapable consequences of what they are doing might kill their buzz.

    Turns out that Kissinger wasn’t really even a one-trick-pony, much less very smart, because he only knew HALF of the trick. In that sense I suppose you would have to say that he may have been the world’s dumbest half-trick-pony.

    Stealing, you see, is only half of a thing, just as lying is half of a thing, and killing is also just half of a thing. Whenever that “half-of-a-thing” is created the OTHER half is also created, at the same time, every time, no exceptions. And the other half ain’t good at all.

    The WHOLENESS of what they are doing is simply that stealing creates an impoverishment, lying creates an ignorant fool, and killing creates all manner of resentments, hatreds and desire for vengeance. And all of those crimes create injustice, which endures forever unless (and until) it is set right.

    So old Henry was selling the notion that it was not just possible, but actually desirable, to win at all costs. That’s because he was a halfwit who thought that “winners” could go just on winning virtually forever, or at least for as long as they were willing to continue lying, cheating, stealing and killing.

    He was a halfwit because he could not comprehend that those “things” (lying, killing, and so on) were only half of what they, their own damn selves, were creating each and every time they lied, stole, cheated and killed. They were also creating the other half, as well. The half that made him insane, relegated him to the cesspit of history, and eventually killed him even in his own estimation.

    For he is not just merely dead, he’s really quite sincerely dead.

    Michael Reid

    Empire in Decline – Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen

    Veracious Poet

    LA Social Justice Advocate Shot and Killed by Homeless Woman Who Broke into Home.

    Multae iniuriae ex oratione stulti oriuntur.

    V. Arnold

    D Benton Smith #147654

    Nicely said; agree by half… 😉

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