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    Paul Cézanne Curtains 1885   • Israel’s Gaza Offensive Ends in Political, Military Defeat – Scott Ritter (Sp.) • Erdogan Dubs Netanyahu ‘Butcher
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    Dr. D

    “Special Counsel Jack Smith Demanded Info On Americans Who “Favorited Or Retweeted” Trump Tweets; Newly Released Docs Show …the information Smith sought were lists of all Twitter users

    You know: Warrant everybody, for everything, for always. Just like the 4th Amendment says, right?

    And for Us getting warrants on THEM, no mas:

    “Federal Judge Orders FBI to Finally Release Seth Rich’s Laptop

    Don’t worry: they won’t comply. They didn’t comply with direct orders from Congress, so…

    “What I care about is the reality of goodness, not the perception of it… And what I see all over the place is people who care about LOOKING good, while DOING evil. Fuck them.”

    Putting kids on milk cartons while every house of every street of every town of every state became more dangerous every hour of day of every year of every decade to now.

    Der Childrens! We wuz “doing something”! We cares so much! Helping!!!

    “According to Senator Ron Wyden, Hemisphere (Nationwide AT&T & co. wiretapping) has been operating without any oversight for more than a decade under the guise of cracking down on drug traffickers.

    This is how the government routinely breaks the law and gets away with it: in the so-called name of national security.”
    Might want to be more clear: this is how H. Bush transferred all national government to the CIA Department. That’s why he got Reagan to run the War on Drugs. We know for a fact they immediately vertically-integrated the cartels on purpose and made many small-time pot dealers a big, international de facto governments and armies, self-funding, reporting only to who? The CIA. Maybe directly, but if the CIA comes down and says they’re the only ones who can and will blow a hole in your side, buddy-can-you-do-a-favor for me, then it’s all the same.

    “In his executive order on artificial intelligence, President Biden is calling for guidelines on how the government will use AI while simultaneously insisting that corporations protect consumer privacy.

    Talk about ironic that the very government that has been covertly invading our privacy rights wants to appoint itself the guardian of those rights.

    Tell me this: how do you trust a government that continuously sidesteps the Constitution?”

    You shoot them in the face with 1A until they’re terrified of you. But I’m not supposed to say that what Hamilton said. And why is that, Herr Docktor?

    “Irish Villagers Erect Roadblocks To Stop Govt From Bussing Migrants Into Their Community
    Irish citizens are finding it necessary to protect themselves from the policies of their own government…

    Democide. Like every other year of every decade of every nation in history.

    “Blinken Says ‘No Fatigue’ Among NATO In Supporting Ukraine As Russia Amasses Missiles Ahead Of Winter

    You are kidding right? “No fatigue” is why the US Congress nor Joe Biden won’t send more weapons? Yes if “No fatigue” = “Totally fatigued” and “Stand with Ukraine” = “Got bored after a year” then sure. That is, if you live in #OppositeLand, where every day is #Opposite Day. With allies like the U.S. who needs enemies? We even make China look good.

    “Russia Takes Control Of Iraq’s Biggest Oil Discovery For 20 Years

    We discovered all the oil. We’re all out of oil. …Except for all that oil we didn’t. And keep signing new 50-year contracts on each year.

    “Rothschild Wants Merger between Corporations, Governments, & AI to “Save Capitalism”

    Well we all know “Capitalism” is the definition of a merger between corporation and state. “Free” Markets are when the Government runs them.

    Making fun of Republicans, Kennedy doesn’t know what the “Prison System” is:
    Sen. Kennedy Recoils After Witness Says Rapists Should Be Forgiven After Enough Time Has Passed

    So capital punishment for all crimes? I guess so. How Christian of him.

    “Panama Forcing First Quantum to Close Mega-Copper Mine Is a “Significant Event”

    Back to finance. So Powell has to raise to defend the US$ or die. That should kill stocks and bonds. So run to where? Inflation. Commodities. Yeah, well, except for this. These “Bear” markets (there’s always a Bull in something) are untradable. Look at Nikkei 1990. STILL down, but not shortable in a straight line, with short-killing spikes for no reason.

    And so here: go to commodities, right? Except that when the mines are the only thing producing, making money, the governments will nationalize them. Or this. Just shut them. Or demand collapses and all stocks tank until a couple go bankrupt and right the supply-demand balance. Trading this Bear cycle is not like just getting 10 shares of HP in 1990. This company could go bankrupt, to zero. And the fear will take a bunch of other miners down too. Which is why people move to gold: If it can’t go up at least it doesn’t go to zero either.

    Other stuff in Bear cycles:

    “In some German states, well over 70% of welfare recipients are migrants or have a migrant background, new data shows…”

    Tell me how to calculate this. Just like calculating who/what would prosper in the 1970s. Nothing comes to mind, does it? So is totally open border good for profits? Or will collapse companies instead? Cities? Will raise taxes to cover? Lower them? What?

    Gaza Media list:
    That is amazing. I’m sure that’s like 10x the number I expected.

    Calculate where to Bull Market your money in a war? Here? To Iran and Russia? To Germany above? Where?

    ““Even America, who has shown the ability to chug blood by the gallon, is saying ‘enough is enough’.”

    Yeah when the AMERICANS tell you: “Hey, slow down” you’ve got a problem. That’s like the Nazis telling the Banderites “Whoa partner”. That’s like when Iggy Pop tells David Bowie to slow down. (this actually happened)

    “• Israel’s Gaza Offensive Ends in Political, Military Defeat – Scott Ritter (Sp.)

    Pretty sure he’s just calling this wrong and it isn’t over yet. Not that it won’t end this way, but not today. Heck, the IDF could still finish leveling and killing all living beings in Gaza. With gas. I’m sure they won’t mind. I say that because we can’t just close the book and stop looking as this pivot could be very important. We’ve got WWIII open there, also BRIICS, also Suez, Hormuz, also open to sink our carriers, also flip Turkey out of NATO. I don’t think you want to stop watching, I don’t think Israel is out of moves.

    “…the military “had to pull money from existing operations and maintenance accounts.”

    Your money means nothing to me. What are you buying with “Money”? We have no factories, no commodities. You wanted to rob then sink the West, well, welcome to hell, suckers. You scuttled our ship of state, but didn’t actually have control of the new Pirate ship yet and you’re going down with us. Idiots.

    “CIA Director Increasingly Supplanting ‘Neocon’ Blinken in Gaza Diplomacy (Sp.)

    So….who’s the President again? Not Biden, we all know. But apparently not Blinken. Aaaaand then the CIA director is flying worldwide, negotiating? On what legal basis? Yeah, so the CIA/Derp State – which is merged with MI6, etc btw – THEY the “Other side” the Opposition Party, running things. “Who is ‘They’ though?” Right here: this guy.

    And “They” are opposed to what, again? Legitimate Civilian Government. Democracy and representation.

    I don’t think the CIA Director is running things. He may be President, but I want to know who HIS handlers are. He’s just the face and mascot of “They”, Mr. Global.

    “No Ukraine Ceasefire In 2024 – Moscow (RT)

    Their front is breaking right now, last night. In many places. But honest: props and all respect to Ukraine on every possible front. I can’t believe how competent they are in fighting with so little, so long, against just constant, relentless, pointless, ruthless punishment. So when Ukraine becomes Russia again, Russia can begin to respect them countering the loss of respect they’ve had since 1994 (and before sadly).

    That was also in the Russian movie (fiction) on the Ukraine war last year. Propaganda, of course, but they cast it as “Our honorable opponent” as good fighters, just happen to be on opposite sides. Why? They could shoot it as “The baby-eating Huns” like we do. Because they want reconciliation.

    Can you imagine being a satirical comedian like Jack Black and being installed as President? Way out of your league, your wheelhouse, your nature. I can’t help him though. You decided to ride the tiger, and that’s til the end.

    “Why did the Ukrainians decide to disperse their forces and advance in three operational directions during the summer campaign?”

    I think they said this yesterday: they wouldn’t allow Zaluzhny to fight the battles. It was all directed from the political side. So he had no choice. BUT! Like all middle managers, he has to take the blame. So no power or choice but all the responsibility and blame. Got it! …That’s how you can tell the insufferable West is running things. From Harvard.

    Granted, I don’t know what he could have done even in a perfect world, but this is Hitler overruling Rommel, etc. Look: you’re not a General, you’re not an expert: you’re a COMEDIAN. Let the Generals general. Go ahead and tell them your situation so they can adjust, but let them do what they do. Same with auto engineers and call center reps.

    “The French Are Desperate for a New Napoleon. Will They Get One? (Marsden)

    Yikes. Can’t you get a De Gaulle instead? I also doubt this. So the ultra-woke France wants a Hitler? Er…I suspect they will protest anyone.

    ““If somebody’s gonna try to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money – go f*** yourself..”
    Things you can say when you’re the richest man in the world.”

    Or the poorest. The rest of us have nothing to lose. It’s only and always the Middle Class that gets erased. Along with all pensioners.

    What was it yesterday?

    ““To block out such inconvenient truths (the voice of conscience) the privileged use ‘conversive thinking’, which means changing the outcome of the reasoning process to a more convenient outcome. This is accompanied by a rise in egotism and emotionalism. This growing ‘hysteria’ of the privileged classes (emotionalism, egotism and conversive thinking) spreads across society over several generations. National hysteria” [Mass Formation Psychosis]

    That is, at some point the “insiders” have enough control over the levers of power, they just lock the doors of the control room and shut everybody out. We have a standoff, not wanting to shoot them, start a civil war, not realizing the sands of time are failing. When the people finally realize they HAVE to break into the control room or have a national, nuclear meltdown, almost everything is already destroyed. This is the 200 year cycle we are trying to divert. THEY know it (the other They, they White Hats) but there aren’t a lot of historic cycles on a 200 year sine. Like 5 and they all failed? “The Undiscovered Country”. So far they’re doing okay. Stalling has drained just a tonne of emotion out of the Mass Psychosis, deflating it and therefore its destructive power. The insiders are being exposed, and it’s as if we are getting back only one small lever or button at a time.

    Americans are clever in this way. It was said and I wrote 4-6 months ago? We LOOK like we’re a conventional, European-thinking force. But we’re not. Really we just use that to cover our ambush, Indian, attack-and-melt ways. This is similar. We LOOK like a big dumb idiot, doing nothing, and mostly a lot are. But there are hit-and-run raiders on the border everywhere, striking small targets with no casualties, exposing and terrifying the stationary Redcoats. These are bad examples because too large but Musk taking Twitter. Tucker going solo. Deutsche testifying for Trump. The right size is taking a few seats in Wisconsin Election frauds. Outing a couple election facts in Arizona. Lawsuit that exposes Dominion. Etc. Very, very small. Narcissists think large: they have a MASTER plan. They wouldn’t deign to think in memes and comic books like the US Federal Reserve put out. Why fight or beat them where they’re strong? Raid them to death with no casualties instead.

    This is EXACTLY what we did to win the 8 or 28 year War of Independence.

    “listen, there’s only one way for us to win this: Provoke outrage

    Don’t engage, strike by night
    Remain relentless ’til their troops take flight
    Make it impossible to justify the cost of the fight

    Homefield. Always works. Who won in Vietnam, V Arnold? “They’re still there, he’s all gone” — Bruce Springsteen. Why do the Vietnamese have to win? THEY LIVE THERE. There’s literally no where else to go.

    Same with America. Where are we going to? We have no choice but to fight because they keep extracting from us, so obviously we will A L W A Y S fight that extraction, forever, every day for 100, 1,000 years. The more they extract, the more we HAVE to fight. We don’t wanna: We HAVE’ta. THEY made that true.

    That’s why we have to win, and are, with these tactics. What are the colonial overlords gong to do to adjust? NOT steal? That’s Impossible. I could compare to Ukraine, who COULD have won, but with different tactics. Not everything, not an open shooting war, but could have won their independence as we are again, or perhaps are for the first time. (What do you think of the American Revolution? A: It’s too soon to tell” –China) They didn’t, they picked strategy that wouldn’t work. WE picked a strategy that WILL work. And yes, it takes blood and sweat to be sacrificed for that, and we’re demonstrating we’re willing to pay that right now.

    Don’t think so? Look at what we’re suffering, in forbearance, in order not to start shooting our countrymen. And they call that love “Weakness” as they always call Christianity weakness. Wars, winnings, most often need a blood sacrifice, like Christ did, or Joan of Arc, or 100 others. We’re clearly paying that. So when event break, and they will, we will be internally WORTHY of taking the prize. Ukraine could have, but proved the opposite, and lost.

    “Musk said the general public will determine whether X will succeed in the long-run or if an advertisement boycott will lead to the downfall of the social media platform.”

    Get un-woke, go broke? Hmmm….I kinda doubt it.

    Einstein has a great theory there, but it’s also wrong. 100 years later, still doesn’t create any insights, that is, technology in the real world, and still isn’t in any way rectified into the Grand Unified Theory where all theories Science uses today conflict with themselves.

    100 years in a row. Too soon? Maybe give it another 100 years just to be sure? CERN and the HLC turn up nothing. Nothing. That has to be the largest failure of any object in world history, Ukraine war included. It’s been under construction since the 1950s, and uses more power than a European City. Nothing. No insights. No god Particle. Nothing.

    But not to fear: this is Science!™ “Always Wrong but Never in Doubt” with no discussion allowed. Okay guys: seat of the pants, when was the last time you were RIGHT about something, and produced something? Maxwell and Tesla? (Heaviside dumbed it down because the math was too hard and that might have been a mistake) And what was THEIR theory? Well Tesla said Einstein was a moron, and that appears to have been right. THEY believed in the ether, or what we might call today the Electric Universe theory, which is unified by design.

    Who else believed this? Well Feynman said he was sorry they called everything on the Manhattan Project “Nuclear” because it wasn’t. They were breaking electric bonds not “nuclear” ones, and that would lead to unclear thinking. Which it did, of course.

    And thus we haven’t progressed in 100 years. And we are still using prop planes and gunpowder? 100 years we never invent nuffin’? Cui Bono? This doesn’t set off any warning flags for anyone? “Close the office, All the patents have been issued, progress is at an end.” Yeah, sure pal, sure. So…who’s flying those tictacs the Navy posted?

    Life’s harder when you’re stupid. Stupid? These guys DENY REALITY, official, U.S. Government reality, posted right on the top of their public website. And we’re the nutters here. Sure pal. Check your meds.


    two of the happiest days in my life:
    1. i could afford a pocket calculator with the square root function
    2. the day i found out Mr. Feynman wasn’t joking and no one understands quantum mechanics. Just the thing for me.
    About forty five years after #2 i watched a conversation between Mr. Fred Hoyle and Mr. Feynman. Mr Feynman said “when I heard no one understands quantum mechanics I thought that’s just the thing for me”. As close to the shoulders of giants as i will ever get.

    serendipity, mention the high speed terminal and Mr. Meijer posts Keiser discussing the high speed terminal. Thank you
    Enzo Maiorca’s insight !!! stop grasping the world and let it touch You
    Newton was an alchemist

    work beckons, “come hither”


    The Elgin Marbles are a signifier – a message that London broadcasts. Similar to the broadcast made to journalists re Assange.
    We own you and we will let you know we own you by showing you our power and our rules based order. It is why they wont give them back. It is not diplomacy it is messaging.
    There are many of these to be found.
    Thanks John for the Prussiagate link – you are returning the favour – I had forgotten about the site but was blown away by the authors’ look into the surrounds of Frederick the dickless.

    I do hope Julian is released one day. Having interviewed his father for Melbourne radio and hung out with him I feel the selflessness the father possesses (very humbling) and get an eerie sense that although Julian had a fighting spirit associated with an individuated self – he must nonetheless be so much more for the people and the greater good than most of us. He really wanted equality and fairness.
    I believe there is much love in the type of risk and sacrifice he has made.

    This is a take on the country he is from – maybe the same as yours…
    Thanks James Duckworth and Mike Yeadon for the link share…


    Big Brother wants to know who’s naughty or nice.

    You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows



    Projection as usual

    Irish Woketard Pathocrats hate their own people

    This might be the time to give them the Hook





    New York politicians push bill allowing governor to indefinitely detain the unvaccinated on a whim

    When they reconvene on Jan. 5, 2022, the New York Senate and Assembly could pass a bill that would allow Gov. Kathy Hochul to detain “cases, contacts, carriers, or anyone suspected of presenting a ‘significant threat to public health'” – meaning the “unvaccinated.”

    Bill A416 would allow Hochul near-unlimited power to whimsically target whomever she pleases for pretty much any reason at all, and have her targets hauled off to “Camp Covid” for cleansing and reeducation.

    Sounds like a Plan!

    So when do the Sheeple wakethefuckup an attack the ‘shepherd?’

    Like now

    NY Twat Hochul is the one in black


    Can’t tell the players without a scorecard.



    The Markster

    Excellent piece from Sundance.

    Russiagate is the original sin that has been leveraged and used as a foundation now for SEVEN years by our psychotic MICIMATT actors. Russiagate directly fueled and intentionally incited:

    ✓ blatant election fraud;
    ✓ domestic political violence, rioting, looting and arson;
    ✓ federal censorship of political speech;
    ✓ KGB-like domestic political persecutions and partisanship;
    ✓ the brutal, fascistic, murderous terror of executive and corporate “Covid” lockdowns, closures and mandates;
    ✓ stupid and self-destructive anti-Russian sanctions and other acts of war or aggression against the Russian culture and people;
    ✓insane woke western leftists cheering on a far-right, racist, genocidal neo-Nazi war of choice in Ukraine.

    Trump deserves a chance to set the world and this country straight on the matter, all the way back to the beginning. Perps need hard time behind bars in a federal penitentiary after very public federal trials. Not sure he has the skills or manhood to do the job, but just the possibility of Trump doing so will get him many millions of votes next year.

    Despite my disgust at his cowardice in the face of Fauci and the WHO/Gates gang during the plandemic, the prospect of Russiagate accountability puts a righteous wind in Trump’s sails. Bon Voyage, President Trump!


    I don’t think the Pope is Catholic anymore

    Is that an ass’s tail?




    Map of the Opening of US Military Bases: 1948-2021

    In June, the Biden administration signed an agreement that will bring six new US military bases to Papua New Guinea.

    Under Biden, the following places have seen the build-up of some combination of US military bases, forces and weapons: Australia, Estonia, Germany, UK, Guam, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, North Africa, Mariana Islands, Norway, Palau, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Somalia, Spain and Taiwan.

    Meanwhile Duh’mercia’s Big Shitties decay and rot

    Maybe they should open a military base in downtown Chicago, the Windy Shitty

    D Benton Smith

    What Elgin dd when he went to Athens:


    Cancer uptick from the notavax? Don’t worry, we’ve got a ModRNA treatment for that…

    FDA Investigating “Serious Risk” Of New Cancers Arising From Gene Therapy Cancer Treatments

    Don’t worry, we’ve got an ModRNA treatment for that…


    The potential power of the ballot/vote
    Democracy means majority rules
    Corruption will result in Bad Laws/Gatekeepers
    Truthtellers/journalists can control the message
    Listen to the people/demonstrations for Ceasefire or you are out.

    Netanyahu dubbed ‘Butcher of Gaza’

    Erdogan expressed his view that Netanyahu’s actions in Gaza and the press they have elicited are “fueling anti-Semitism and endangering the safety of all Jews along with the Israeli people.”
    Path to peace in a democracy
    Presidential elections in Ukraine are scheduled to take place every five years, with the next one slated for next March. Zelensky was sworn into office in May 2019, meaning that his five-year term is set to expire in a few months.



    Word of wisdom
    Inflation fell because there were no buyers at those asking prices


    the Wicked Messenger is gone
    for his sake i hope there is not hell


    oroboros pope master card has invited the money changers back into the temple.
    excommunicado cradle catholic

    Mr. House

    Disney Admits Woke Strategy Pivot Has “Adversely Impacted” The Company, SEC Filing Reveals

    The report resembles the kind of thing I have written occasionally in a corporate setting. Just twisting the knife as hard as humanly possible and knowing it is registering with anyone but an idiot, all in mild corporate-speak that is difficult to make accusations against, argue with, etc. Would force the accuser to acknowledge everything openly themselves to make the objection.

    “Disciplinary action for what exactly, sir? Sorry, I want to be responsive to this feedback and change my behaviors but I’m having trouble grasping the specifics, if you could explain further…” (Authority figure chokes on explaining their own idiocy… meeting adjourned)

    Overall, Disney says, “The price of our common stock has been, and may continue to be, volatile.”

    According to the New York Stock Exchange, Disney’s stock is tanking rapidly.

    I read through the SEC filing myself. At times, it appears like an adult talking to a retarded child trying to explain the most basic concepts:

    “Our businesses create entertainment, travel and consumer products whose success depends substantially on consumer tastes and preferences”

    Sir. You don’t seem to even understand what Disney is or what business you are in.

    “The success of our businesses depends on our ability to consistently create compelling content… …must meet the changing preferences of the broad consumer market and respond to competition from an expanding array of choices…”

    We sell entertainment to people. People pay for entertainment they want and don’t pay for entertainment they don’t want. Sir… I am so sorry… we aren’t a monopoly. There is competition that might actually try to entertain our customers while we do not.

    “Moreover, we must often invest substantial amounts in content production and acquisition, acquisition of sports rights, launch of new sports-related studio programming, theme park attractions, cruise ships or hotels and other facilities or customer facing platforms before we know the extent to which these products will earn consumer acceptance, and these products may be introduced into a significantly different market or economic or social climate from the one we anticipated at the time of the investment decisions.”

    Your Ludicrious Speed Wokeist program sank billions into projects that are now total losers due to the inevitable, easily foreseeable backlash and it is too late to undo those sunk costs. We’re totally fucked due to your vanity project taking over our entire business.

    “Generally, our revenues and profitability are adversely impacted when our entertainment offerings and products, as well as our methods to make our offerings and products available to consumers, do not achieve sufficient consumer acceptance.”

    You purposely put out product you knew people didn’t want, but which you thought they OUGHT to want, sir. Or you thought the unwanted product could force them to want the unwanted product or something. But you don’t have any way to force them to agree with you.

    “Further, consumers’ perceptions of our position on matters of public interest, including our efforts to achieve certain of our environmental and social goals, often differ widely and present risks to our reputation and brands.”

    You’ve destroyed many billions worth of individual ip’s as well as the value of the brand. We are not the brand you plop your kid in front of for a few hours for babysitting purposes anymore. We went woke and became this weird alien entity that hates the customers, their country, their culture, their children. As opposed to functioning within the customer’s culture and values.

    (they go on to explain, as if to a child, what revenues are affected by consumer perception of Disney – uh, ALL, but they list them off painfully one by one)

    “Environmental, social and governance matters and any related reporting obligations may impact our businesses.”

    The gig is up. The wallets are closing. Customers won’t give money to people that hate them and everything they ever knew or cared about anymore.

    “There is no assurance that our initiatives will achieve their intended outcomes or that we will achieve any of these goals. Consumer, government and other stakeholder perceptions of our efforts to achieve these objectives often differ widely and present risks to our reputation and brands. In addition, our ability to implement some initiatives or achieve some goals is dependent on external factors.”

    Those damn customers and the general public don’t share our wokeist values. Damn them to hell, right sir?

    Fucking listen, bro uh, sir. You have no idea if all these things we are losing billions of revenue to do, spending billions on, losing billions of value in individual IP’s on, and have lost 20+ Billion in stock value are going to even achieve the things you say you want to achieve. There may be no causal connection at all between what we are doing and your desired results, you idiot… sir.

    All of your wishing for things is going to run into the REAL WORLD like a brick wall. Real customers, real competition, stuff like that. Things outside your bubble, outside your control. You cannot Manifest, use The Secret on this shit.

    “Damage to our reputation or brands may negatively impact our Company across businesses and regions.”

    Your damn wokeist garbage has metastasized through all our brands and all our global markets. You fucked up everything everywhere, you incompetent Dunning-Krueger loser …sir.

    “Our reputation and globally recognizable brands are integral to the success of our businesses.”

    I can’t think of any way to dumb this down further for you sir. Do you need me to repeat it to you 1,000 times or something?

    “Because our brands engage consumers across our businesses, damage to our reputation or brands in one business may have an impact on our other businesses. Because some of our brands are globally recognized, brand damage may not be locally contained. Maintenance of the reputation of our Company and brands depends on many factors including the quality of our offerings, maintenance of trust with our customers and our ability to successfully innovate.”

    You see we’re human beings, alive in a real physical world, and we run a business, and people exist, and people… ah fuck it.

    Look, ok. We seem to be incapable of creating ANY new ideas that people like and our old IP’s are ageing out of copyright and you ruined them anyway. We have to MAKE THINGS. <knockknockknock> Make. …things. Hello? McFly?

    “Significant negative claims or publicity regarding the Company or its operations, products, management, employees, practices, business partners, business decisions, social responsibility and culture, which may be amplified by social media, adversely impact our brands or reputation, even if such claims are untrue. Damage to our reputation or brands could impact our sales, business opportunities, profitability, recruiting and valuation of our securities”.

    How can I tell you the problem is you and you’re wrong without saying you’re wrong. Even if you’re not wrong, you’re still wrong? Are you getting this at all, sir?

    Potential credit ratings actions, increases in interest rates, or volatility in the U.S. and global financial markets could impede access to, or increase the cost of, financing our operations and investments. Any future downgrades could increase our cost of borrowing and/or make it more difficult for us to obtain financing on acceptable terms… …Elevated indebtedness or leverage ratios could adversely affect us, including by decreasing our business flexibility.

    There’s this thing called ACCOUNTING. No, no I can see you aren’t getting that one. There’s this thing called MONEY, sir, and… ah fuck it.

    Remember all the stuff you’re still doing, sir:

    Human Capital
    The Company’s key human capital management objectives are to attract, retain and develop the highest quality talent.

    We make entertainment and… oh god this is giving me a headache – okay, we make entertainment, sir. Looking in your eyes, I see a glimmer of semi-comprehension – we need to make GOOD entertainment. To make the money – and we can get back to that concept later, sir – and we need people GOOD at making entertainment to MAKE the good entertainment to sell for this “money” sir.

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I): Our DE&I objectives are to build teams that reflect the life experiences of our audiences, while employing and supporting a diverse array of voices in our creative and production teams. Our DE&I initiatives and programs include:
    ◦Reimagine Tomorrow, which is the Company’s digital destination for amplifying underrepresented voices and features some of Disney’s DE&I commitments and actions
    ◦Executive Incubator, Creative Talent Development and Inclusion, and the Disney Launchpad: Shorts Incubator, which are designed to create a pipeline of next-generation creative executives from underrepresented backgrounds
    ◦Employee development programs and fellowships for underrepresented talent
    ◦Innovative learning opportunities, which spark dialogue among employees, leaders, Disney talent and external experts

    yes, yes sir. These are also very good points. Good for you. We CAN hire stupid assholes who hate our customers and can’t write their way out of a wet paper bag and need hundreds of millions in extra production expenses to try to cobble together a movie of ANY quality – that has been our business model for the last 10 years, so great innovation there sir

    Yes, maybe we CAN change the corporate environment even more, increasingly even more terrify and make miserable our last remaining competent people, have them cower before the idiots we promoted above them, walking on eggshells afraid to speak, afraid to suggest competent actions for fear of bruising egos that believe they’re oppressed on a high 6 or 7 figure salary because that’s what we told them over and over, that’s the kind of leadership we expect to see, sir. From you.

    “Sustainability and Social Impact: The Company’s longstanding commitments to sustainability and social impact helps differentiate the Company as an employer. Our priorities include operating responsibly; investing in our people’s development and employee experience; diversity, equity and inclusion; environmental stewardship and conservation; and supporting our communities, with a focus on supporting children and families”

    Do you plan to keep “supporting” the children of Florida the way you’ve been doing sir? Losing our special status in Florida is worth it, if we can “support” even one child, is that it sir?

    So full speed ahead, got it sir. I’m just here to pull the oar on the galley, no concern. See you next year.


    Disease Could Become Bigger Killer Than Bombs In Gaza, WHO Warns.

    Disease may claim more lives in Gaza than bombs, the World Health Organization warned on Tuesday, highlighting the dire humanitarian conditions inside the Palestinian enclave as a truce between Israel and Hamas is on its fifth day.

    So WHO points to a competition between bombs and disease…warning one may win!


    Dr. D

    Disney: “Consumer, government and other stakeholder perceptions of our efforts to achieve these objectives often differ widely and present risks to our reputation and brands.”

    But I thought Diversity was da best? Now Diversity is a “Risk”, and we have to have all people agree on the One Thing? What gives? Diversity = AntiDiversity. Got it.

    Diversity” doesn’t work? “Equity” doesn’t happen? And there’s no “Inclusion” either? In the sense that the entire planet has banned and EX-cluded you?

    So actually you are the LEAST “Inclusive” of any media company out there. In the sense that “Inclusion” means “Anybody but you.” Anybody but Americans. Anybody but Christians. Anybody but Conservatives. Anybody but Libertarians. Anybody but rural people. Anybody but old people. Anybody but straight people. Anybody but rich people. Anybody but male people.

    Okay, right! Yes, we know you’re making movies for one, black, female, blue haired, left-wing, atheist, gay, immigrant, urban, progressive. You got that market clean locked up.

    …All 3% of it. The other NINETY-SEVEN percent are CUSTOMERS who would like to be “Included”. This isn’t your College art film thesis, Sunshine.

    I’ve heard that said about the New Star Wars, new Marvel. “Well” they said “This film wasn’t FOR you.” It wasn’t’made for you. You’re not the target audience.

    SOLD! You’re totally correct. Like “Bros”, I’m NOT going to see it, it isn’t for me. Just like “Conan” and “Dirty Harry” aren’t for you (I assume). We totally, totally agree. You told me black people aren’t allowed to watch white films and are too stupid to get them. So the same is true here, right? White people can’t watch black characters, right? We’re too stupid. Male people can’t watch female characters, you’re right! The characters have to be EXACTLY the same sex, gender, race, religion, age, haircut, politics, class, outlook as you, or I can’t watch it! YOU said!!!

    …So why am I being harassed and belittled for NOT seeing a movie you TOLD me not to see, and TOLD me wasn’t made for me??? You told me if I don’t like it, don’t agree with your views, please don’t see it. SO I DID. YOU told me that. I didn’t DO anything to you. I only do what YOU tell me to. Just like John Galt.

    Why do you make Ayn Rand right?

    Yet somehow, this is still all my fault, even when all I did was follow your orders. Mindless ‘Merican Middle Management at work.

    Dr. D

    Watching the whole Marvel setup for the next Generation. Wow. I think they have one(?) character? New Black Panther: fail. She-Hulk: Super epic fail. Kid-Lady Thor: fail. Ms. Marvel: catastrophic double-fail. The other Marvels: Fail although Rambeau had potential. Cassie Lang, Scarlet Witch’s sons, who? “America” and her two moms? A fat dumb kid as the next automatic Sorcerer Supreme? Who? Looks like they’re killing Morgan Stark as Ironheart, one of the few that might work.

    Kate Bishop as Hawkeye? She’s almost the only one who has a story arc and it’s not a grand one. She’s just a hack struggling to get by, and then she’s STILL rich as Batman. All the others INHERIT their powers FROM THEIR PARENTS. That’s it, that’s America now: Hereditary Titles. If your parents didn’t own a house or a company, you can’t either. Nothing YOU do, as a child, as a person MATTERS. Like Harry Potter, you’re either born “The One” or you’re cannon fodder to be a puppet in a rich man’s play, an NPC who might as well not bother. Yup, that’s the Marvel Universe now. They even did that treatment on Spider-Man, a nobody who had to get anointed by Tony Stark to mean anything. THAT, is “The Message”.

    “You suck.” “I hope you die.” “American children.” “Leave the action to us.” So? We did. We’re “Quiet Quitting” living in an RV side of a hill without you, like Oliver Anthony. We don’t come into work, we don’t buy your products. You win. You have no idea what we’re doing. It’s too small to get picked up in your nets.

    But these movies “Aren’t for us”. We as “normal” people like “The Hero’s Journey” where through hard work, tough decisions, and self-sacrifice, we all become stronger, better men, and eventually, given long enough, even overcome.

    It’s NeoFeudalism, and as in the Middle Ages, the thought of rising above your station is pure, seditious, treason. You will be assimilated. Resistance is Futile. Your cooperation is appreciated.


    The extended warning, in a few sections of the document
    –our IP’s are aging
    –our IP’s have lost value
    –we are not creating anything new that anyone wants and that’s our reason to exist

    All the people currently at the helm can conceive under the current worldview is theft. That’s what they were taught at University.

    They conceive of all these established beloved ideas – Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr Who, Marvel, A Wrinkle In Time, Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Shannara, Cowboy Bebob, Hannibal, Queen Elizabeth, etc as like natural resources or means of production that were stolen and need to be re-stolen.

    Batwahman steals everything of Bruce Wayne’s to be herself. Cpt Marvel steals a guys clothes and vehicle. Cannot make anything new. Have to appropriate the IP and then have the character INSIDE the IP steal. Theft squared meta.

    And they can never show the endpoint. The Wokeist, Marxist utopia. Star Trek was their opportunity.

    The original concept for Star Trek was – once we have achieved all of our dreams of progress, what’s the NEXT adventure for mankind?

    OK, so now you socialists have full control over Star Trek STD. What did you do with it?

    Put a mary sue woman with a man’s name in it – Micheal – just like Ray in Star Wars. And apparently the marxist future is a travesty of random rage and crying in space, using sonar in space (not kidding), and perpetually trying to prove to you that being Vulcan is just a social construct. Amidst a continual whirling vortex of shallow, dumb, stupid #antireason #antihuman #antimale. Golf clap. Great future.

    1,000 things stolen, did whatever they wanted with them, carte blance and billions upon billions to throw at it and total failure.

    Also – haven’t created one damn thing that approaches the iconic social awareness level of idunno, Airwolf??? Let alone Star Wars or Dr Who.

    Dr. D

    Airwolf. Lol. Riveting fiction.

    But you’re right, I’d rather watch the A-Team than anything they’ve put out. It’s so they even SAY they are putting something out — Dr. Who — AND I DON’T EVEN LOOK to see if it MIGHT be good. Because I’ll feel burned if I even lay eyes on the trailer.

    Ya know: it’s really hard to believe they, anyone, anywhere, at any time, could even BE this bad. I think they, we, have become #1, in the universe of all time and space at sucking.

    Like WE HANDED YOU A DIAMOND. And a diamond factory, and the diamond mine, and the diamond techs, and the diamond sales people, and you managed to make the WHOLE WORLD hate diamonds like cancer. How CAN you suck so bad? But it’s like they say, if they put the government in charge of the desert, in 10 years there’d be a shortage of sand. These are all the same Socialists. By definition, an #AntiMeritocracy.

    Well, glad we’re #1 at something at least: Best in Class at going face down.

    Dr. D

    They’re so bad they figured out a way to make men not like BEER.

    Let that sink in.


    Seth Rich

    The emails were time-stamped as they were copied so the download speed could be calculated. This was far quicker than the internet link and consistent with a local USB port.

    It was demonstrable that the Russians [or anyone else] could not have copied the emails over the internet and that Seth Rich was most likely the culprit.


    jb-hb’s comment # 147627 is an absolutely brilliant rant.



    I thought that shareholders voted for the Board members at the AGM, but perhaps that is just the UK. Certainly the shareholders must have some say so they must be okay with Disney’s wokeness.

    John Day

    Proxy War Swarm

    ​ There is one way in which regional war against Israel can be waged by the Arab states, Turkey, Iran, Russia, even China to which Israel and the US are vulnerable; against which they cannot achieve a quick and conclusive end to Hamas and prevent a multi-front, long and ruinous war for Israel; and against which the Israelis and Americans cannot fight by a firepower escalation against the major states when Israel’s survival chances are far lower than the US will risk.
    ​ This is proxy war by swarm.​..
    ​..Against proxy war by swarm, the US is currently monitoring Hezbollah along the Lebanon coast by long-range Northrop Grumman drones launched from the US airbase at Sigonella, Italy. At the same time, for safety sake, the USS Gerald Ford and its escorts have withdrawn more than a thousand kilometres westward, out of Hezbollah missile range. The Ford squadron is now reported to be under way in the central Ionian Sea continuing westward.
    ​ The USS Eisenhower and its escorts, however, are now moving into firing range of Iranian drone and missile attack, and also long-range Russian Kinzhals, as the USN force has passed through the Hormuz Strait sailing northward​…
    ​..But the USN-IDF combination is incapable of deterring, let alone defending against proxy swarms of either unarmed balloons or civilian motor yachts – unless they attack and destroy them. The futility of doing that with violence, as the IDF has done before, is the weapon the Palestinians hold – of winning the war by not losing, and in the process to demonstrate that Israel is a US-NATO protectorate for race hatred and genocide.​..
    ​..“I can’t see Putin letting them be killed”, a Moscow source comments, “as the Turks were in the 2010 Gaza Flotilla, or the crew of the USS Liberty in 1967. Yes, in a swarm of a thousand vessels the IDF would be unable to repeat a shipboarding commando operation. But the Israelis might mine the seas in front of the flotilla, or strafe the vessels from the air. Committing the small but potent Russian navy squadron at Tartous to covering the flotilla would defeat the proxy cover story.”​…
    ​..“In theory,” comments a US source, the Turkish plan is “the opening of another front. The organisers are certainly aware of of the unprecedented naval presence in the area. So the vessel swarm is upping the ante. But only if Erdogan and Putin decide to let it happen.”
    ​ A Moscow source concedes “this is a very fluid situation changing by the hour or the minute. It’s impossible to differentiate statements from intentions, or actions from counter-actions. If the major power are coordinating, then they are coordinating not getting involved right now. I just do not see the Turks, Indians, Chinese or Russians getting into any posture in the Middle East which might seem confrontational. Especially when the Saudis and Emiratis are not doing it, the Chinese and the Russians won’t. Iranian restraint speaks more than anything else.
    ​ I also believe this is the right approach, especially if Hamas can drag the war on for another 90 days. The condition of the released hostages tells that Hamas is well-entrenched. They have a lot more fight in them. A multi-day ceasefire might give them the long war which Netanyahu wants but Biden does not. However, I see no one coming to fight with them.”
    ​ “Let us say a Turkish aid flotilla materialises and gets to the new port and marina the Turks have built in North Cyprus. There are several problems with that. Small craft, especially leisure yachts and motor boats cannot ply the Eastern Med during the storm weather from December until April. Moreover, if Hamas is running the current ceasefire, it does not want Erdogan to give a reason for Israel to break it. A flotilla is therefore just PR at this stage.”
    ​ “The Gaza genocide will pave the way to something bigger, but later.”


    ​ Israel left premature Palestinian babies to ‘die alone’ after evacuating Gaza hospital
    ​ The five infants were found “dead and in a state of decomposition” in Al-Nasr Hospital after being alone for three weeks, in what may amount to a horrific execution and a crime against humanity.
    ​ The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor quoted the hospital Director, Dr Mustafa Al-Kahlot, as saying that he had sent an appeal to international organisations, including the Red Cross, to save the lives of the babies, but “he did not receive any response.”

    ​ The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PCRS) said on Tuesday evening that the Israeli occupation forces prevented the entry of aid and fuel trucks into the northern Gaza Strip, the official Palestinian Wafa news agency reported, citing PCRS’s statement.
    ​ In the statement, PCRS affirmed that it attempted to bring in fuel trucks, and 31 humanitarian aid trucks containing food, water, and relief materials into Gaza City and the north, but the occupation forces stationed at the military checkpoint that separates the north of the Gaza Strip from its south, prevented the fuel trucks from entering.
    ​ It stressed that bringing in fuel trucks was aimed at enhancing the work of the Red Crescent ambulances operating in the northern Gaza Strip, warning that it has seven ambulances that will stop working due to the lack of fuel.

    John Day

    Israeli army labels Jenin ‘closed military zone’
    Israeli troops have been conducting near-daily raids of the rebellious West Bank city, destroying homes and bulldozing vital infrastructure

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 54: Two children killed by Israeli forces in Jenin amid discussions of truce extension
    ​ As leaders discuss extending the temporary truce, Israeli forces kill two children, including an 8-year-old boy, in the occupied West Bank. Meanwhile, Gaza is still facing a grave humanitarian crisis, with children on the frontline.
    ​ 8-year-old Adam Samer Al-Ghoul and 15-year-old Basil Suleiman Abu Al-Wafa were shot dead by Israeli forces during a large-scale raid in Jenin, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the West Bank.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 54: Two children killed by Israeli forces in Jenin amid discussions of truce extension

    Occupied West Bank home to ‘two million Nazis’ says Smotrich
    Far-right finance minister is latest senior Israeli to make broad-brush inflammatory statements about Palestinians

    UN Chief Says Conflict Has Forced Over 80% of Gazans Out of Homes

    Number of People Living in Shelters Across Gaza Strip Reaches 1.3Mln – WHO—who-1115277401.html

    John Day

    ​ Israel and Hamas agreed to a one-day extension of the pause in fighting in Gaza early Thursday just minutes before the truce was set to end, according to a statement from Qatar’s Foreign Ministry.
    ​ The deal includes the same terms of the previous agreement, under which Hamas agreed to release 10 Israeli citizens in exchange for the release of 30 Palestinians held in Israeli jails​.

    ​ Jordan​’s King rejects separation of West Bank from Gaza
    ​ Jordan’s King Abdullah II, on Tuesday, reiterated his country’s rejection of any attempt to separate the West Bank from the Gaza Strip, Anadolu Agency reports.
    In a message to the Head of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (CEIRPP), King Abdullah II affirmed that both the West Bank and Gaza are an “extension of the Palestinian State”.
    ​ “The values of all divine religions and our common human values reject the killing of civilians,” he added.

    ​ Top Chinese diplomat says Israeli violence against Palestinians in Gaza is red line
    ​ “We should take more practical and forceful measures to protect civilians, to protect them in armed conflicts, this [violence against civilians] is a red line in international law,” he told a meeting on the Middle East at the UN Security Council. “All violence and attacks against civilians are unacceptable,” the Chinese foreign minister emphasized.
    ​ According to Wang Yi, any violation of humanitarian law is reprehensible. “We are opposed to collective punitive measures against the residents of Gaza, to the forcible transfer of Palestinians,” he stressed.

    ​ “The justice of the Palestinian issue is that the two-state solution is irreplaceable. Only if it is respected in full can peace be achieved in the Middle East,” the Chinese diplomat said at a UN Security Council meeting on the Middle East.
    ​ “The rights of the Palestinians to statehood, existence and return [to their own land] have long been neglected, and this is at the heart of the turmoil that is ongoing between Palestine and Israel.”
    Wang Yi added that Beijing calls for launching a multilateral settlement process and insists on convening a peace conference.

    ​ Israel must protect rights of all religious communities in country — Russian diplomat
    “We are extremely alarmed by the information about the increased provocative actions against representatives of the Christian community in Jerusalem,” Maria Zakharova emphasized

    John Day

    ​ Rep. ​Thomas Massie Casts Lone No Vote Against Bill Equating Anti-Zionism With Antisemitism
    ​ The resolution passed in a vote of 412-1-1, as Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) voted “present.” The bill states that the House “reaffirms the State of Israel has the right to exist” and “recognizes that denying Israel’s right to exist is a form of antisemitism.”
    ​ Massie explained his opposition in a post on X. “I agree with the title ‘Reaffirming the State of Israel’s Right to Exist’ and much of the language, but I’m voting No on the resolution because it equates anti-Zionism with antisemitism. Antisemitism is deplorable, but expanding it to include criticism of Israel is not helpful,” he wrote.
    ​ Tlaib said she didn’t vote in favor of the resolution because it “ignores the existence of the Palestinian people” and “brings us no closer to peaceful coexistence.” The resolution states that Jewish people are “native to the Land of Israel” without mentioning that the modern state was founded mainly by recently emigrated Jewish Europeans who drove over 700,000 native Palestinian Arabs out of the land in 1948.

    Rep. Massie Casts Lone No Vote Against Bill Equating Anti-Zionism With Antisemitism

    ​ Sen. Rand Paul to Force Vote on Syria Withdrawal
    ​ Paul introduced the resolution on November 15, and it would order the removal of the approximately 900 US troops stationed in Syria within 30 days unless President Biden receives authorization for war from Congress.
    ​ Sources told RS that the vote could happen as early as next week. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced a similar resolution in the House earlier this year, which failed in a vote of 103-321.
    ​ According to the Pentagon, there have been at least 73 attacks on US troops in Iraq and Syria, including over 30 in Syria. The attacks started on October 17 in response to President Biden’s support for Israel’s onslaught in Gaza.

    Sen. Rand Paul to Force Vote on Syria Withdrawal

    ​ Military Summary has insights into the Ukraine War, firstly that one Russian FPV-drone operator may have killed and wounded 98 Ukrainian soldiers in a 2 week period, over 1% of the total for the Russian military forces. This is important to comprehend as modern warfare rapidly evolves.
    Secondly, pertaining to combat morale, a Ukrainian infantry commander was harangued by a female Psychologist, also an officer in the Ukrainian military, called a “coward” and his men (& women?) were called cowards for refusing orders to advance (suicidally) on Russian positions. The commander drew his sidearm and shot the “lady” Psychologist, who lost the argument at that point.
    ​ They Only Need 100 Soldiers To Win The War. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.11.30

    ​ Ukrainian troops furious over leadership, lack of equipment, according to top German newspaper
    ​ “Ukrainian troops have to use 50-year-old Soviet civilian SUVs to get to the frontline,” some of the soldiers told Bild, pointing to an acute shortage of armored troop carriers and military SUVs. According to one source, the soldiers have to pay for repairs to their vehicles and fuel themselves.
    ​ “In a garage, we paid for everything out of our own pockets,” said the soldier. The Kyiv forces also suffer from a lack of reconnaissance and strike drones, which they also have to acquire themselves or ask various aid organizations and private donors for.
    ​ “We also have to pay for the houses we sleep in and for food, which is infuriating,” said one soldier, adding that while Russia invests huge amounts of money in its army, Ukrainian soldiers have to rely mostly on themselves.
    ​ Some acknowledged that Western air defenses were barely reaching the front. Dozens of Western anti-aircraft systems, such as the German-made Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, are used as stationary anti-aircraft systems in various cities, a soldier told Bild.

    Ukrainian troops furious over leadership, lack of equipment, according to top German newspaper

    ​ Frozen foreign mercenaries surrender en masse near Artemovsk
    ​ From the very beginning of the special military operation, Georgians and Poles formed the basis of the Foreign Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. As a result, representatives of these two countries suffered the greatest losses among the mercenaries. But if last winter their morale was, as they say, at the level, then the upcoming period of cold weather clearly does not add to their military optimism.
    ​ This is largely due to the serious reduction in humanitarian aid that Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel previously received. Now the soldiers in the trenches simply lack warm clothes and winter shoes, which would allow them to effectively solve the problems of holding defensive lines.
    ​ The Russian military, which captures foreign fighters, note that they often surrender in groups of 10-15 people. At the same time, many of them have frostbite on their extremities. Many admit that they would gladly throw down their weapons and go to the rear, but the nationalists from the barrier detachments do not allow this to happen.

    John Day

    ​ Manpower Now Ukraine’s Biggest Problem As Checkpoints Cast Dragnet For Conscripts
    ​ “To help fill the ranks, Ukrainian officials have set up roadside checkpoints to seek men evading the draft.” The FT report continues, “If they are deemed fit, they are whisked off to draft offices. Online videos of recruitment officers picking men off the streets and forcing them into minivans have gone viral.”
    ​ Thus it appears a military “medical exam” will be administered in the streets. But tragically, this is yet another grim indicator of the immense casualties Ukraine has suffered after almost two years of war.

    ​ Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov sees no chance for a ceasefire in the Ukraine conflict next year, on the basis that Kiev and its Western backers have taken a position that is totally unacceptable to Moscow​.​
    ​ He expects no breakthroughs, despite suggestions in the Western press that the US may be nudging Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky towards a negotiated settlement.
    “Unfortunately, the US leads the Western group, which recites the ‘Zelensky peace formula’ as mantra, claiming it to be the only possible basis for an agreement,” he said, adding that a dialogue is “impossible on this basis.”
    ​ Asked whether he expected a ceasefire next year, Ryabkov responded negatively. He said: “I expect the goals of the special military operation to be unconditionally achieved.”

    ​ Stoltenberg Preparing NATO to Accept Russian Demands for Ukraine’s Neutrality – Expert
    ​ NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has changed his rhetoric with regard to Ukraine to make it easier for alliance members to accept that Russia’s demands for Kiev’s neutrality will likely to be accepted in future peace talks, Belgian military expert Pierre Henrot told Sputnik.—expert-1115285850.html

    ​ SCOTT RITTER: The End of US Nuclear Superiority
    As Russia modernizes its nuclear arsenal it is no longer interested in trying to patch up an arms control relationship with the U.S. based on the legacy of the Cold War.

    SCOTT RITTER: The End of US Nuclear Superiority

    John Day

    ​ Celia Farber , BREAK IN SETH RICH COVERUP: Texas Judge Gives FBI A FINAL 14 Days To Turn Over All Documentation Around Seth Rich’s Work and Personal Laptop, DVD and Tape Drives—FBI Wanted To Stall For 66 Years , Extremely Likely DNC Emails Published by Wikileaks Came From Seth Rich

    “Sundance” has background details:
    ​ The bottom line of the latest development is that a judge has given the DOJ 14 days to turn over the contents of the laptop belonging to former DNC staffer Seth Rich. There are multiple points of information that point toward Seth Rich having downloaded the DNC email files and shared them with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
    Seth Rich was killed shortly thereafter in what DC claims was a “botched robbery.”​…
    ..This DNC hack claim is the fulcrum issue structurally underpinning the Russian election interference narrative pushed by the Weissmann and Muller Special Counsel. However, this essential “hacking” claim was/is directly disputed by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange…
    ..When you overlay the timeline of activity that touches the story of Seth Rich, a DNC staff member who was outraged at the DNC effort to block Bernie Sanders, the potential motive for Seth Rich’s death takes on an entirely different dimension.​..
    ​..Seth Rich was the likely source of the DNC emails. It is possible that Rich was coincidentally killed as a result of a “botched robbery.” However, that possibility diminishes very quickly when you look at the timeline of the Julian Assange arrest. There are just too many coincidences in the timeline to be, well, coincidences…
    ​..Julian Assange was not a threat to Donald Trump, but he was a threat to those who attempted to stop Donald Trump.
    In 2017, the DC system was reacting to a presidency they did not control. As an outcome, the Office of the President was being managed and influenced by some with ulterior motives.
    ​ Yahoo, via Michael Isikoff, puts it this way: “Some senior officials inside the CIA and the Trump administration even discussed killing Assange, going so far as to request “sketches” or “options” for how to assassinate him. Discussions over kidnapping or killing Assange occurred “at the highest levels” of the Trump administration, said a former senior counterintelligence official. “There seemed to be no boundaries.”​ …
    ​..DNC staffer Seth Rich likely downloaded the DNC emails then leaked them to Julian Assange. Seth Rich was killed under very suspicous circumstances and then Julian Assange was arrested on the day after Mueller’s report was released claiming the DNC email leak was from a Russian hack.
    ​ The Russians never hacked the DNC.​ The people around the Deep State all know what happened. SO DO WE!
    ​ If the Seth Rich laptop has the evidence of how he transferred those DNC files, every single interest in Washington DC will be in alignment against that explosive discovery.

    Potentially Important, but the Deep State Interests Are Massive – Judge Rules Contents of Seth Rich Laptop Must Be Released…

    Barack ​Obama’s Fourth Term Plans? Speculation Runs Wild After Michelle Obama Joins Clintons, Biden Alone on Air Force One

    Speculation Runs Wild After Michelle Obama Joins Clintons, Biden Alone on Air Force One

    Special Counsel Jack Smith Demanded Info On Americans Who “Favorited Or Retweeted” Trump Tweets; Newly Released Docs Show​ (Uh, “extremist threats”?​)

    ​Will Zoll , 1871 – Part V​: The Collapse of a Complex Enemy
    ​ German-banking sector in New York had become so powerful, that they successfully implemented the US Federal Reserve; a private central bank modelled from the German Reichsbank.
    ​ The architect of the Federal Reserve was Paul Warburg. While he was busy implementing a central bank, his brother Max was advising the Kaiser on military preparations for a war that had not yet begun. Unsurprisingly, America’s entry into WWI allowed the Federal Reserve to rapidly expand its balance sheet, and flood the nation with its new currency, known as Federal Reserve Notes.
    ​ In this final part to the 1871 series, we will bring the monetary fiasco into the modern era, and show how the United States and its mighty dollar have become hostage to the globalist elite. We will show how We The People have been forced to defend the value of a fiat system that serves the globalist beast and its desire for a New World Order.

    John Day

    ​Meryl Nass MD , A member of the Dutch Parliament has challenged the WHO’s procedures when the May 2022 amendments were approved
    This is linked to an earlier effort by 30 Dutch parliamentarians demanding that their Parliament approve the amendments, since they are a treaty, according to Dutch law

    ​ 35-Year-Old Firefighter Injured by COVID Vaccine and Forced to Retire Sues New York City for Disability Benefits
    ​ A New York firefighter is suing New York City for denying him expanded disability payments after he was forced into early retirement due to permanent heart damage from the city-mandated COVID-19 vaccine. His lawyer says the denial is part of a “disturbing pattern of deliberate cruelty” toward the vaccine-injured and anyone who spoke out against the mandates.

    35-Year-Old Firefighter Injured by COVID Vaccine and Forced to Retire Sues New York City for Disability Benefits

    New Zealand’s Top Female Rugby Player, 29, Dies Suddenly

    New Zealand’s Top Female Rugby Player, 29, Dies Suddenly

    John Day

    ​ Auto Dealers Call on Biden to Hit Brakes on Unrealistic, Unachievable Electric Vehicles Mandate
    ​ A coalition of nearly 4,000 auto dealers on Tuesday sent a letter to President Joe Biden explaining why his plans to force Americans into electric vehicles are unworkable…
    ​..The auto dealers wrote that “the supply of unsold [battery electric vehicles] is surging, as they are not selling nearly as fast as they are arriving at our dealerships—even with deep price cuts, manufacturer incentives, and generous government incentives.”

    Auto Dealers Call on Biden to Hit Brakes on Unrealistic, Unachievable Electric Vehicles Mandate

    General Motors Pulls Funding from Foundering Electric Vehicle Efforts in $10 Billion Bid to Appease Investors

    General Motors Pulls Funding from Foundering Electric Vehicle Efforts in $10 Billion Bid to Appease Investors

    Alberta Premier Defies Trudeau Carbon Agenda – Invokes Sovereignty Act

    Over 70% of Canadians Want Trudeau to Step Down – Poll–poll-1115282109.html

    John Day

    Henry Kissinger, secretary of state to Richard Nixon, dies at 100
    The towering diplomat and Nobel prize winner shaped decades of US foreign policy but was seen by critics as a war criminal

    ​ The Kissinger Continuum: The Unauthorized History of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program
    ​ The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program, Klaus Schwab’s supposed brainchild, is actually an almost exact replica of Henry Kissinger’s International Seminar that was originally run out of Harvard and was funded by the CIA. In this article, Johnny Vedmore investigates the people behind Kissinger’s International Seminar, the CIA conduits which funded the program, and Kissinger’s key role in the creation of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program itself.

    The Kissinger Continuum: The Unauthorized History of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program

    John Day

    @tboc: I like Feynman, too. Square-root function most useful.

    : Thanks. Preserve that 2-party system!

    Kissinger: “Only the good die young.”

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