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    David Hockney The Pond in Autumn 1 November 2020   • Winner of Trump-Biden Race Will Be Determined By Courts (Jenna Ellis) • Nov. 7 – Biden Hasn’
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    Basseterre Kitona

    As the cliche says, possession is 90% of law and it is worth remember that Trump is already President and will remain President until at least January. With that in mind, I put the odds of next President as:

    60% Tump
    30% Harris
    10% Biden, Pence, Pelosi, crazy scenario, etc

    The vote counting fraud has been blatantly obvious. Dems may want chaos..but too much chaos benefits those already in power, i.e., Trump.

    Also, Biden is an incredibly weak candidate, old & frail. Very likely that Dems will throw him under the bus sooner or later, at most, Biden gets 90 days in office before Pelosi & co. hit him with 25th amendment.

    And lets not forget about the Hunter Biden laptop & Bobulinski testimony of Biden’s China dealings that have been presented to the FBI. Old Joe could soon be under investigation and would he even qualify for Security Clearance under those circumstances? As dirty as the FBI & National Security apparatus is, would they really risk a Chinese agent in the White House?

    As for the PCR tests, I’ve been saying they are BS for a while now. You need a doctor’s examination to determine illness. No medical professional makes a diagnosis per an x-ray or CT scan alone. Way to fraught with error. We need to forget about the “experts” on TV or at the capitol and start trusting our doctors again.


    Back to school

    safe harbor

    The law sets two deadlines for states, report the Atlantic (here and here), CNN and the New Yorker. One date, “the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December,” is when the electoral college meets to cast ballots for program. This year, the date is Dec. 14.

    The other date, which is six days before the electoral college date, is the “safe harbor” deadline for states to choose electors that they can ensure will be accepted by Congress. That date is Dec. 8 this year.


    PCR may be overdiagnosing but the trends and the admissions to hospital remain the same. Shave off positive cases by 50% or 60%, as setting the PCR threshold to 30 cycles would do, policies wouldn’t change because of that, the virus is nonetheless very dangerous.

    Maxwell Quest

    After what happened in 2016, the Deep State was leaving nothing to chance this time. But idiots that they are, they left behind a trail of election tampering evidence that even Barney Fife could follow. Don’t worry yourself though, because they control the media and legal system this mess can all be made to ‘go away’, like Hillary’s email server, Russiagate, Epstein, and Hunter’s laptop. The ‘cleaners’ are already at work with their mops and plastic bags. Over the next few weeks Trump’s fingers will be peeled off the White House steering wheel one by one.

    Let’s not forget, these are the same people who are willing to kill millions wherever needed to establish their ‘Dominion’, do you really think they’re going to let a TV reality show host get the better of them?

    However, because they had to resort to such ham-fisted tactics in order to control both the primaries and the general election, an increasing number of voters were jarred awake by this downward slap in the face. Not least were Bernie supporters and most recently Trump supporters. All these have a smarting red welt, but are now wide-eyed and wiser. They can’t be put back to sleep, neither will they forget the painful lesson of their betrayal – that the US electoral process cannot be trusted anymore. Period.


    While Trump is still far from conceding the election, whose outcome is called not by the media, but by the Electoral College on Dec 14…
    … Joe Biden is already busy forming his cabinet,
    In total, as he builds out his economic team Biden will need to fill out the nearly two dozen cabinet-level positions in his administration.
    While Biden will be mindful of the possibility that a Republican-controlled Senate would almost certainly scuttle nominees for top posts who belong to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, liberal groups will be policing Biden’s choices closely, fearful that he won’t reach into their ranks for top positions but will instead choose “moderate” Democrats in his own mold. Biden may try to tamp down that sentiment by putting a liberals in jobs that don’t require Senate confirmation.

    Most importantly, this means that “the swamp” which Trump vowed to fight – and lost – is back, because in forming his cabinet, Biden will rely on an inner circle of longtime veterans from the Obama administration as well as Wall Streeters.

    The Washington Post
    Biden plans immediate flurry of executive orders to reverse Trump policies
    Matt Viser, Seung Min Kim, Annie Linskey 3 hrs ago

    Pamela Pennington, a GSA spokeswoman, said that Murphy would ascertain “the apparent successful candidate once a winner is clear based on the process laid out in the Constitution.” Until that decision is made, she said, the Biden transition team would continue to receive limited access to government resources.


    fines of up to 300 euros …. for homeless too?

    Clashes With Police, Cities Empty Out As Greece Plunged Into 2nd Lockdown
    Greece is the latest to announce a nationwide strict lockdown which takes effect Saturday. Police have threatened to enforce regulations and hand out stiff fines of up to 300 euros. The new lockdown rules include a ban on all non-essential travel and the wearing of masks indoors and outdoors in any public place.

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