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    M. C. Escher Order and chaos 1950   • Donald Trump is Right About the Fed (Whalen) • Stocks Could Fall 40% To 50% To Reach Fair Value – Yusko (CN
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    Full quote:
    “The report cites Lisa Cauchi, a mother of eight in Salford, in the north-west of England, who said the nearest reliable source of affordable fresh fruit and vegetables was a big supermarket half an hour’s walk away. She occasionally gets a taxi but finds that depletes her food budget. “A taxi is a meal,” she said.”

    A mother or EIGHT?!

    Why would they quote a mother of eight, and not a mother of two – who would be a far more common person to find?

    It’s because this article isn’t designed to elicit empathy for the poor from us – but to earn our enmity towards them. A very clever and divisive tactic

    V. Arnold

    M. C. Escher Order and chaos 1950
    What a composition; fascinating in the detail.
    The center, I think, is a lure, that it’s order.
    I’m not so sure after carefully looking at the centerpiece…
    The egg shell; isn’t it the only natural object and represents order?
    The rest is chaos, yes?
    Anyhoo, that’s my laymens critique…


    The explanation you get when you click the pic is interesting. Masons.

    V. Arnold

    Masons, humph. Of course, anything’s possible, but the dodecahedron is not well centered on the plate/dish; or is it the angle of view?. For what reason?
    Oh hell, I have no idea; this becomes the point art can be boring; with the endless interpretations.
    Anyhoo, obviously, I hadn’t clicked the picture; but thank you, for the further exploration…
    It’s all an adventure that only ends with death………

    V. Arnold

    Okay; I give up. I just looked again and saw something entirely different…
    It’s not on a dish or plate…

    Dr. D

    Half an hour? That doesn’t sound bad at all. People often jaunt off around the neighborhood half an hour just to get out after dinner.

    I can vouch that every American city I’ve been to is a food desert, but we’re talking 10 MILES, or basically a DAY’s walk away. This is partially because of tax/development regulations, and especially their enforcement. Safeway, “they’re Pros, they’re good for it” while Pa’s Bodega is hammered by food inspection, IRS audits, and food stamp officials. That’s in ADDITION to 3x city rents and no tax incentives you get for paving a cornfield instead of using existing space. P.S., those tax “incentives” for WalMart come FROM those existing groceries and corner stores, who get a kick in the teeth. So if you ever want to know why inner city people are fat and nearly dead, who can’t get anything but Doritos and moldy apples in a 5 mile radius, and there are no small businesses providing jobs, look no further than your local officials, who destroy all competition of their real owners, exactly as directed.

    Not be unbalanced, as you see where my heart lies, and you can see what they’re up against, the OTHER major reason for stores to leave is security. They are robbed constantly, both in the dangerous sense, but also in the pilfering sense, and not just by the people, but the employees of those neighborhoods too, who feel it’s not a crime to rob a rich corporation. And maybe, so, maybe you’re just getting your own money back like they say, but why would anyone keep a store open against diminishing margins, rising government attacks, and in a hostile location? The only reason TO do that would be higher prices, and the neighborhoods can’t support it. So they leave, make 30% more margin, have no trouble, because they’re not in the social welfare business. They’re perfectly happy to be open in all kinds of places, even bad ones, but they won’t stay if you’re going to shoot them. And sadly, that’s what’s happening in the American cities I’m describing.

    Stop helping, stop bugging them, and the locals will seed good capitalists and hustle all the services the neighborhood itself needs from within, same as they once did when this city was but a forest. Human nature hasn’t changed. But between the police and lobbyists, they’ve outlawed these men and their stores, thereby collapsing the cities, and the black business community for instance. Let them do what they used to do, even in 1950, and they’ll bounce back instantly. STOP HELPING. LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE. They will self-organize and self-protect for almost no cost, as they’re doing in Mexico now. Or have they not killed and destroyed enough yet?


    • Stocks Could Fall 40% To 50% To Reach Fair Value – Yusko (CNBC)

    I would not take that bet. When the market fall to the last high of 2007 ( aprox. 14,000), then its time start to be concerned.


    The poor people are causing all of the problems for the rich.
    The rich would all be better off if there were no poor people !!!!!!!

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