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    Yep, the great turning has arrived- but not the one the great reset fuckers envisioned. We are all watching the self induced ‘check’ before the check-mate. A spectacular moment in history and a great turning of the tides.

    Seeing as most of you are from the ‘West”- I’m guessing you have all been under oppression by some entity/ person. Your tormentor, abuser, controller- the emotional manipulator that keeps you under their thumb and messes with you emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually ?

    You know- a more personal bad relationship- like what the Regime did to all of us who resisted the Covid Cult psycopathy assault of the last few years?

    And when you finally broke free from that person, job, abusive addiction that had its fangs in you trying to inject its poison into your consciousness ? Controlling you, owning you, making life hard for you?

    I think the wheels are finally coming off the Empires bus. The entire narrative shtick has run its course right into the ground. The threats and insults from the controller-

    You’re anti-semetic, anti science, homophobic, racist, anti vax, a terrorist, conspiracy theorist, not a patriot, extremist, facist, nazi, right winger, entitled, toxic male, holocaust denier, a loner, a groupie, a follower, on and on with their labels for control….

    “They”, the regime, the controllers and the abusive manipulators have no control over anything or anyone. They are vapid empty lost bullies who have lost the plot and the control. Joe Biden- a creep who can barely walk and talk – what a joke- all of these ‘political leaders’ and lying media ‘talking heads’ are just fucked up humans- with no power over anyone or thing anymore-

    Break the spell, release yourself and fellow human from these fools. They have no dignity and desevre no respect…and soon they will be given no quarter anywhere they try to hide. Fuck them all, fuck every single one of these pathetic clowns.

    The Great Awakening has begun, release yourself from under the yoke. Sure there will be ‘hard times’ ahead- but not at the mercy of these ass clowns ruining everything for everyone but their own little retarded club.

    Who cares what these spineless morons say and think any longer? Slap em upside the heads and rub their faces in their own bull shit- literally. Breal free for the illusions of their control over you and your life- as the Empire collapses, take back your dignity, sanity, and life !

    Remember, it’s all a Cosmic joke, and it ain’t on you. Laugh again, take some deep breathes, mock these pathetic fools for how they act- they have no power over you. Fucking rejoice and shake off the chains of apathy from the Empire of Lies and Hate. They are murderous fools and should be treated as such- it is time for them to sit down and shut the fuck up.

    Real humans are taking over now. Stand up and show some dignity in your life and for others.


    @ citizenx

    Surprise, I saw/heard journalists on CNN, CBC take the first steps ….
    re. bombing of hospital
    “… Break the spell, release yourself …”

    Keep watching … hoping
    The Biden team cannot take the necessary step.
    Biden should be in a care home.


    @ citizenx, right on!

    “I think the wheels are finally coming off the Empires bus”

    Yes .. that is my thought / hope as well .. I’m afraid though it will cost a lot in lives, and the final outcome is unpredictable.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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