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    Henri Matisse Sorrow of the King 1952   • Pulling the Roof Down on Today’s Paradigm (Alastair Crooke) • This Way for the Genocide, Ladies and Gen
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    Ione Belarra has got some serious ovaries going after the Khazarian mafia. I guess he’s somewhat expendable like all attention seekers but hey – he is still a psycho.
    The truth-seekers are becoming more emboldened by the day. This fourth turning is a real front row seat affair and the fourth wall gets broken more each minute.


    the war involving Israel and its enemies can be averted without giving Hamas a pass on consequences for its recent murder spree
    I think Kunstler is no longer reading TAE. His viewpoint appears very lopsided – Israel just being ‘involved’ in a war but Hamas going on a ‘murder spree’
    Framing is everything I guess.
    Dr. D and Covid have trained me to watch for bullshit or angles like a hawk. and watch, I do.

    Mister Roboto


    “Being at War”.

    Killing people and finding creative ways of telling lies is not “Being at War”.
    Sending 2,000 soldiers in a supporting role is not “Being at War”.
    Diverting billions of dollars is not “Being at War”.
    Depleting you inventory of ammunitions and war machines/equipment is not “Being at War”.
    Keeping your navy within shooting distance of the front line is not “Being at War”.
    Demanding the release of hostages, people, and non-combatants, is not “Being at War”.
    Turning cities into rubble is not “Being at War”.
    Evacuating non-combatants is not “Being at War”.

    Putting soldiers on the front line killing and in being in danger of dying and being crippled is the only definition of “Being at War”.


    The gov. must declare “Being at War” otherwise you’re not.

    Dr. D


    “Stockholm to Ban Gas and Diesel Cars Starting in 2025

    What are they up to? That’s like tomorrow. I was exaggerating 3 years ago when they said that although in infrastructure terms it’s true, but like, and they expect what? The details don’t indicate, at least not to me. Stockholm is doing “areas” – so you want walkable districts? It’s not like I can come in from Umea and just swap cars. Likewise, against all reason Norway targets heavy trucks in Oslo, the last thing I would go after, after we have the trucks and technology.

    You tell me. It looks like thoughtless suicide to me, like just habitually having that extra drink when you should already notice your health is failing.

    “Germany: AfD Reaches New Record High, Gains Unprecedented 8-Point Lead Over Ruling SPD

    Elections, so…according to Germany’s own media, Germany is run by far-right Nazis now. True or false? YOU said they were, they won the election, so now THAT is “you” right? Capital should flee according to your own reporting, right? …Or are you saying there’s no Democracy, we don’t care who is elected? Everything still runs the same? Or is it that AfD is NOT actually “Far-Right” but merely “Center-right”, or even “Center”, having a platform that would be considered Far-left in 1965?

    To add opposition to my quote of “Three World Wars”

    Which states it is one of the 19th centuries greatest and most outrageous hoaxes. That is, yes, as I’ve said, the quote (at least one of them) can be confirmed before 1900, but the context is wildly different.

    “New York Supreme Court Upholds Ban on COVID Vaccine Mandate for Health Workers

    See? The legal system is working great. All you have to do is wait three years and pay $10M in legal fees, possibly being executed in the meantime, and you can get justice. …All the Justice you can afford.

    “Jihadist in Brussels.” Well that can’t be right. Guns are against the law in Europe. …Just like murder is. Surely no Jihadist or murderer would break the law.

    Gun control also instantly over in Israel. …Um, guys? A “Gun” is not a magic talisman, a genie that gets up and walks around by itself. YOU NEED TRAINING, non-stop, and not gun range stuff, or they’ll just take it and beat you with it. So great! Now you can hand a bunch of amateurs a gun and think nothing bad will happen. …Well, thank God they have IDF basic training, so mostly should be okay.

    Speaking of, as intelligent – but the media isn’t – Hamas’ first target was the Army stations to get all the Israeli weapons. Like any army. Now they will shoot IDF with their own expensive, high-quality guns. The media is made of pudding-headed sappy “feelz” and doesn’t notice when an event of tactical and practical importance occurs. Only festivalgoers and babies who WEREN’T killed, because: more Feelz.

    “Spain’s minister for social rights, Ione Belarra, urged the coalition government of her nation to request that the International Criminal Court launch an investigation into war crimes committed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

    It should at least be started, as the allegations are serious and well-documented on camera. He can make his case to the court. We can also bring up George Bush, Tony Blair, Barack Obama, and probably Donald Trump for the same things.

    “If We Don’t Unite for Peace, We Are All Going to Die At War” –Celente

    Well that sounds ominous.

    “.the US, UK, France, and Japan just voted *against* a UN Security Council resolution on Gaza”

    This is despite the terms being wildly Pro-Israel? That is, if executed, Gaza would be empty, ready for occupation, and Hamas would be naked and alone? Anyone shooting Israel would be condemned, and the hostages would all be safe? Yeah, who wants that? It seems this is not going Israel’s way. They are just thrashing around.

    “One key commitment of Netanyahu’s Cabinet colleagues is to build the Jewish (Third) Temple on Temple Mount,”

    Remember that David was going to build the Temple, but he was an -sshole and God wouldn’t let him. So it was prevented. …A little odd, that, since Solomon seemed that much worse. But if he wants to take that approach, I’ll be happy to throw that back at him about attempts to restore the Temple. …Like David, Israel has all the parts waiting to go in a warehouse. The Temple isn’t very large in modern terms, where we have buildings the size of WTC1; it’s probably smaller than Al Gore’s second house.

    In addition, I thought we weren’t for Theocracies here in America? Calling the Left? And that’s okay since the Left is divided strongly today’s conflict, I believe? What can you say about the Right but “What country are you a citizen of?” If you think you are Israeli, get up out of South Carolina and move there.

    “Lindsey Graham Threatens to Force Iran ‘Out of Oil Business’ (RT)

    “Graham Threatens to Raise Oil Prices to $300/bbl.” Applause all around. …If you think he was actually elected down there, without voter fraud. There’s nothing Americans like better than high oil prices!

    BTW, this is also true of places I make fun of like California. The people there also are not in favor of the policies and fraud (like high speed rail) their (un)elected politicians promote. I don’t know how many as they are indeed pro-Left, and violently repress all expression, but there’s a substantial base, under half. That’s a huge minority.

    “Asked whether Washington should “bomb Iran,” even without evidence the country aided Hamas’ deadly October 7 terrorist attack on Israel, Graham simply replied: “Yeah.”

    So did Dick Cheney, as he tried to get Iran and WWIII a few months before leaving office and was only stopped by the high-level career sacrifice of key U.S. diplomats. DB probably knows what that is. …Just to keep score, Cheney also said they should have nuked Russia in the 90s when they were weak, that what their only real opportunity, and he turned out to be correct. But they picked the Brzezinski plan back from 1975, which I got to point out to someone this week. So if this is all Russia unprovoked aggression, how can it follow OUR war plan from 50 years ago?

    ““We [Washington] can’t kid Americans about this. We need to start telling them the truth, which we haven’t been doing in a very long time.”

    Well, he’s the enemy then. “The only enemy is the Truth” and he’ll be arrested for treason shortly.

    “The Biden Administration’s relentless Ukraine aid has plunged the US military into becoming overstretched”

    “We” opened a new front on Russia? As Armstrong says? “We” are now in a 3-front war, Ukraine, Israel, and China, having already lost Africa. You might want to consider who’s being stretched and who’s losing.

    He might also want to review the issue of debt-based monetary systems in compounding interest if he wants to know why we need some excuse to print $1B an HOUR now. 1. They can have a war. Or 2. They can be arrested and shot. Hmmm…I’ll take #1. As that is perfectly predictable, what do you do as the Good Guys when you’re pressuring and purging them? It’s like the Mafia is the Mayor’s and Governor’s office, and you’re like a police inspector. There is a way, but it’s going to be complicated.

    “Ukraine has never enjoyed the status of a US ally, meaning that Washington has no obligation to defend it per se”

    Translation: now that all their people are dead, “our work here is done…”

    “the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan had emboldened Russia to start its military action less than six months later.”

    No, we left F-stan not to have a mult-war and to redeploy those arms. Which were. Those U.S. weapons from Afghanistan are now in Gaza.

    “John Kirby warned that while Washington would “keep that aid going as long as we can,” it is “not going to be indefinite.”

    “As long as it takes.” “Trust us.” …When have the Anglos ever lied? Or the Americans wandered off after smashing everything like some retarded trust fund kid?

    “Much of the document was contradicted by the Mueller and Horowitz reports, with the Durham report criticizing the FBI …when it couldn’t corroborate anything”

    And yet they continue on and on. They’re still doing it, Hillary did it the other day, Maher was shocked by it, if you ask general Democrats they believe it was all true. …And no thoughts appear as to why, when totally true, Mueller didn’t arrest anyone. Is he a bot? A Putin puppet? Trump got to him? Nope, never occurs to even ask. Never happened, the thought stops here.

    “which reinforces my question: Do the American people have enough intelligence to survive?”


    “Even Republican presidential contender Ron DeSantis calls for Israel not to hold back in the destruction of Hamas”

    Dodged a bullet on that one. Imagine as expected, all Republicans were behind DeSantis mostly for Domestic actions, but is run of the mill, general GOP outlook on foreign policy. Right now the GOP would be Pro-Genocide and ethnic cleansing against Muslims and brown people. (we knew this by his campaign managers – like West – and their pin-headed decisions) However, DeSantis is less popular than Zero-runners like Haley and behind Ramaswamy.

    Because it’s Biden who is pro-Genocide of 1.1M Muslims, genocide is now a GOOD thing. Bonus question: since Biden and DeSantis have the same platform, does that mean there’s a UniParty?

    “If they fail to elect Trump President in the next election, they will have committed themselves and all future Americans into tyranny, or, perhaps, civil war.”

    Sure. Except there’s not going to be an election.


    Your reality depends on believing your liar.


    Banning gas and diesel vehicles. Great idea “for the climate”?
    Driving oil to $300 bbl? Great idea for geopolitical advantage?
    Politicians are idiots?

    Looking further into it, gas prices are key for a number of derivatives…. From the Duran.
    Derivatives and the coming collapse w/ Alex at Reporterfy


    His job was to rotate about 60 words until cows come home.

    “Human animals” surprised the guards and unleashed the terror in the surrounding area.
    Warsaw ghetto uprising, 80 years ago.
    Oddly that escapes Kunstler, man of a great insight and intellect, who is under the spell of tribal belonging two blogs in the row.


    The Ukr war we are not suppose to talk about or even remember:

    Looks like Ukr’s Mr. Z has finally achieved “Trudeau” status! No one wants him to come visit their country anymore!

    From Down South;

    Ukr is suffering “the sudden lost of attention” syndrome from the west. This is hurting their once booming corruption industry which is now facing “bust” due to a lack of foriegn money.

    Ukr’s best case estimate for foriegn financial aid contributions towards it’s 2024 budget is $24 billion. The worst case estimate is $14 billion. The very worst case is only $4 billion!

    Ukr military is now suffering from a shortage of foriegn eye balls watching what the Russians are doing, leading Ukr to being blinded in battle sometimes,.due to the lack of timely intelligence info.

    Ukr’s farmers are suffering from low Ukr food prices, often below their costs of production. There is little to no financial lending available to farmers now. Only self financing farmers remain. Transportation costs to export crops can now be as high as 50% of the value of crops. So the west’s war on Ukr farmers is working out very well.

    John Day

    I have a recurring fantasy of Iran dropping weighted fishing nets on an Israeli sub, carring nuclear missiles, in Iranian waters.
    The US is sitting and waiting for anybody to shoot an American aircraft carrier with a missile. Israel might be able to do it and make it look like Iran, Egypt or Syria, then the nukes can fly.
    What the world needs now (“Love sweet Love”) is something really embarrasing for the imperial fleets, but not actionable…


    I keep thinking of an alien in Larry Niven’s book ‘Ringworld’ [A Kzin]. He was a diplomat for a very aggressive race and his official title was ‘Speaker-to-Animals’!

    It seems to me a very apt job description for many Western ‘diplomats’. They certainly give the impression they are speaking to inferior beings. They do not feel they need to understand the mindset of those they are speaking to. It is a form of White Supremacy by the elites and neocons, not necessarily the general population.

    Hamas is already widely described as being ‘animals’, vermin who can be exterminated without any guilt. By extension all Palestinians are ‘animals’ and have no rights to be treated as humans.

    Mister Roboto

    The Hedges piece really summed it up on the situation on the western edge of the Middle East. Thanks for posting it, Raul. 🙂


    Oxy: Dr. D and Covid have trained me to watch for bullshit or angles like a hawk. and watch, I do.

    I’ve been doing that since building 7 fell….
    It was why I was driven to understand what the hell was going on with Covid, and how I found TAE….

    Dr D: The legal system is working great.
    That is, actually, an illustration of a part of Libertarianism that I question — leaving everything to the courts and litigation can cause atrocities along the way.
    For example:
    Right now, if the question of where my boys are to live is left up to the family court, I have no doubt, given the situation, the evidence, and the boys’ own wishes, that the result would be that they live with me full-time. However, by the time the court comes to that conclusion we would be a few weeks before — or possible after — their 18th birthday and high school graduation. So, instead, I’m trying to negotiate with their father, who told them two weeks ago that starting 1.5 weeks ago that they could live with me full-time…but then he spoke with his attorney, and is now reneging on what he told them. (I think that possibly his attorney told him what the child support would be like and he blanched.) The prevailing beliefs of the family court is probably why my daughter quietly became suicidal in 4th grade, curiously at the same time that the court insisted that the kids have regular overnights with their father. (Parents have rights! — point out the attorneys. Then how is it, I wonder, that the actual AZ statutes say nothing about “parent rights” and speak of “the best interest of the child?” I think that it is because parents are adults and hire attorneys, while children are nearly voiceless to the family court.)

    We need courts to stolidly define laws, defend rights, etc. But we also need alternative mechanisms that have the capacity to act faster, more “in the moment,” etc. There is no “perfect system” — only flawed, human systems.


    Echoing I. Bellara, link at top post, Spanish Min. of Social Rights (Podemos Party – they have also achieved some possibly positive changes in Spain) demanding Netanyahoo be indicted by the ICC (which won’t happen, other story):

    Varadkar, Ireland’s Taoisach, Irish Times, Oct 12, 2023.

    Varadkar accuses Israeli government of breaching international law in Gaza siege

    Huff post, Oct 13, 2003.

    Leo Varadkar Issues Warning To Israel Over Gaza Air Strikes…..“Israel has the right to defend itself, but Israel doesn’t have the right to do wrong…”

    Clare Daly, Irish MEP, here in a short clip, 16 Oct. 2023. (Note the Parliament in empty.)


    The “Banners” – and their imposed control on free life.
    – banning free speech or speaking freely
    – banning self defense
    – banning the right to choose (my body/ my choice)
    – banning freedom of/to travel

    The banners might think about watching their own step and carbon footprints, lest they wind up banned from life for their own egregious behaviors.

    – speech, say what we tell you, think what we tell you, or you will be cancelled, jailed, fired?

    – self defense, we will take your right to defend yourself and murder you in the process?

    – my body/ my choice, only when it come to killing unwanted fuck babies, but we will force inject you repeatedly with experimental poisons. lie to your fucking face, force inject your kids, we own your body- sniff harder Joe

    – travel, we will tell you where, when, how you can travel and for how long- now show me your papers !

    “They”. the Regime and its MSM corporations have done this for the last how many years? They are doing it right now, right here, in this moment in time- Are you good and cool with that? Asking for a dead friend.

    “Wake up” does not apply to brainwashed retards, you’re late to your own party- and it’s over anyway.
    How far do you let them rape fuck you, your children, the future, before you truly actually make “them” stop?

    You can you know, make them stop.

    New York’s Supreme Court has upheld its previous ruling invalidating the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers, a decision that will have ramifications on the power of the state’s executive.

    New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, had previously explained her opposition to rehiring health care workers who lost their jobs as a result of the vaccine, saying that this was “not the right answer.”

    There are plenty of right answers- Liberal Democrats existence in power is not one of them.
    Three years later and still pondering the constitution, basic human rights, health and choices ?
    Impressive- drum roll Nuremburg (jews only need apply)

    Israel asks US for ‘emergency’ $10 billion –
    The White House has been working on a package that would combine aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan, the NYT newspaper said

    The ability of Ukraine’s armed forces to effectively fight Russia is dependent on US economic assistance, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claimed in an interview with Sky News on Monday.

    JewLensky, JewBibi, JewYellen GIVE US MONEY for War !!!!!

    Hahahahaha. Jews begging for WAR money !

    Jesus (Fucking) Christ. Make it stop.


    Don’t take your eyes off Israel but the US neocons just escalated the Ukr war by doubling the range of US supplied missiles!

    The Ukr just launched a salvo of these US 300 km range missiles at a Russian helicopter air base.

    This will make things harder and more costly for Russia but it won’t stop them.

    D Benton Smith

    Linked here is the breaking story about a You Tube incident (yes, a measly little You Tube kerfuffle!) that may well blow up the whole bloody You Tube corporate existence as we know it.

    On top of that it is the PERFECT metaphor and example of how the world’s collaborating elites are genociding their own slave.

    Basically an extremely big, rich and criminal asshole You Tube influencer, “SSniperWolf”, got called and criticized with the TRUTH about how she (SSniperWolf is a woman) getting rich by ripping off other You Tubers. So she doxxed the critic, presumably to shut him by using her influence to terrify him into silence or possibly even get him killed by one of her 33 Million fans. So far (at least) You Tube is protecting her and not punishing her AT ALL.

    It’s microcosm of the whole world order. Get rich with crime and use the ill gotten gains to live big, commit crimes at will, and kill anyone who speaks the truth about it. Tidy and efficient. Until it blows up.



    I have a recurring fantasy of Iran dropping weighted fishing nets on an Israeli sub, carring nuclear missiles, in Iranian waters.

    Given the scenario file it under “wet dreams”.

    D Benton Smith

    speaking of metaphorical examples, check out the linked review about the just released major film, “The Creator” SciFi flick of humans vs AI/robots, wherein humans are the bad guys.

    When you grok how stupid our ruling class is you will feel a lot safer, except when you also consider the level of stupidity required to allow such idiots to rule over us in the first place. Scary.

    linked video:

    Dr. D

    NY Court of course said in the greatest sarcasm. Now that they have settled this, they are going to arrest and counter-sue everyone involved for egregious violation of human rights, correct? I don’t think it’s too much to ask for everyone in NY to be put in jail as an warning to others. Otherwise, how do human rights attacks ever end?

    Yes, we dearly need EVERY human method to all operate. Social, of course, collective, religious, monetary, but the courts REALLY need to work. No one is going to like me taking out Hatfield and McCoy justice on the guy next door. I won’t, they won’t, the community won’t. That’s why we pick neutral arbiters. Neutral. Lacking that, there is no CHOICE but street justice. Which is bad in almost every capacity.


    Israel-Hamas war:

    At least 500 people killed in hospital bombing in Gaza,


    Your reality depends on you believing your liar.
    ” 500 people were killed in hospital bombing in Gaza”


    “It is an entire nation out there that is responsible … this rhetoric about civilians not aware, not involved, it’s absolutely not true,” Herzog said. “They could’ve risen up, they could’ve fought against that evil regime that took over Gaza in a coup d’etat.” He added, “We will break their backbone.”

    Wake up America! Only kidding, how can you wake yourself up when you are comatose.

    John Day

    Survivor of Hamas assault says Israeli army ‘undoubtedly’ killed their own civilians (Thanks Gilad and Cat.)
    The survivor of the initial attack by the Gaza resistance also says Palestinian fighters treated their captives ‘humanely’ before the arrival of the army
    ​ A survivor from the Palestinian resistance offensive on Israeli settlements on 7 October says the Israeli army is “undoubtedly” responsible for killing many of their civilians.
    “They eliminated everyone, including the hostages, because there was very, very heavy crossfire,” 44-year-old mother of three Yasmin Porat told the Haboker Hazeh radio program on Israeli Kan radio last week.
    ​ When the interviewer asked if Israeli troops were responsible for civilian deaths, Porat said, “Undoubtedly.” Her interview has been scrubbed from the online version of Haboker Hazeh and the Kan website; however, Electronic Intifada procured a copy and translated it from Hebrew.​..
    ​..Porat says that, before the arrival of Israeli troops, she and other civilians had been held by the Palestinians “for several hours” and treated “humanely.”
    “They did not abuse us. They treated us very humanely,” Porat said, adding, “They give us something to drink here and there. When they see we are nervous, they calm us down. It was very frightening, but no one treated us violently.”
    She recalled one Palestinian fighter who spoke Hebrew saying: “Look at me well, were not going to kill you. We want to take you to Gaza. We are not going to kill you. So be calm, you’re not going to die.”
    ​ “I was calm because I knew nothing would happen to me,” she added.
    Furthermore, during a lengthy interview on Israel’s Channel 12, Porat speaks of intense gunfire after Israeli forces arrived and elaborates that, although the resistance fighters were heavily armed, she never saw them shoot captives or threaten them with their guns.
    ​ She also highlights that the Israeli army announced their arrival at the settlement “with a hail of gunfire,” catching the resistance fighters and their captives by surprise.​..
    ..The accounts from survivors stand in stark contrast to the widespread claims found in western media outlets that say Hamas forces did everything from “beheading babies” to torturing and raping settlers.

    ​ Chris Hedges has perspective: This Way for the Genocide
    I have been in urban warfare in El Salvador, Iraq, Gaza, Bosnia and Kosovo. Once you fight street by street, apartment block by apartment block, there is only one rule — kill anything that moves. The talk of safe zones, the reassurances of protecting civilians, the promises of “surgical” and “targeted” air strikes, the establishment of “safe” evacuation routes, the fatuous explanation that civilian dead were “caught in the crossfire,” the claim that the homes and apartment buildings bombed into rubble were the abode of terrorists or that errant Hamas rockets were responsible for the destruction of schools and medical clinics, is part of the rhetorical cover to carry out indiscriminate slaughter.
    ​ Gaza is such a small area — 25 miles in length and about 5 miles wide — and so densely populated that the only outcome of an Israeli ground and air assault is the mass death of those Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant calls “human animals” and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls “human beasts.” Israeli Knesset member Tally Gotliv suggested dropping “doomsday weapons” on Gaza, widely seen as a call for a nuclear strike.

    Chris Hedges: This Way for the Genocide, Ladies and Gentlemen

    ​ The World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday condemned Israel for issuing evacuation orders in Gaza ahead of an expected ground invasion, calling it a “death sentence” for the sick and injured Palestinians in hospitals in the region.

    WHO condemns Israel’s Gaza evacuation order as ‘death sentence’ for sick, injured

    Hundreds Reported Killed Following Strike On Gaza Hospital: Channel 4 UK Reports It As a “Devastating Israeli Strike;” Israel Says Palestinian Militants Misfired A Missile And Hit Hospital—WHO DID IT?​

    Sy Hersh: Israel Gearing Up to Flatten Gaza, Wants Egypt, Qatar to Handle Refugees
    ​ First, the Israeli Air Force would wipe out the “remaining structures in Gaza City.” Then, Israeli aircraft would start dropping US-made 5,000-pound bunker buster bombs in the “flattened areas” of the Gaza Strip in order to destroy the Hamas’ underground facilities hidden deep beneath the enclave.
    ​ An Israeli insider told Hersh that the “current Israeli war planners” believe such munitions – “upgraded version of JDAMs (Joint Direct Attack Munitions) with larger warheads” – would be able to penetrate up to 50 meters deep before exploding and “killing all within one-half mile.”
    ​ After the bunker busters do their job, Israeli infantry forces would move in to conduct mop-up operations.
    ​ One Israeli Defense Force veteran, however, told Hersh that “the Israeli planners don’t trust their infantry,” with the journalist clarifying that the Israeli leadership is concerned about their soldiers’ potential “disastrous lack of combat experience.”
    ​ The Israeli planners thus seem reluctant to immediately send IDF forces into the Gaza Strip to engage in urban combat with Hamas militants, and seek to first flatten the city before commencing ground operations there.

    John Day

    ​Pepe Escobar , The war against Russia in Ukraine and the Israeli “war on terror” in Gaza are just parallel fronts of a single, horrifyingly evolving, global war.
    ​ It’s by now confirmed that Egyptian intel warned their Israeli counterparts only 3 days before Al-Aqsa Flood that something “big” was coming from Hamas. Tel Aviv, its multi-billion dollar security apparatus and the IDF, “the strongest army in the world”, chose to ignore it.
    ​ That configures two key vectors.
    1) Tel Aviv get its “Pearl Harbor” pretext to implement a remixed “war on terror” plus a sort of Final Solution to the “Gaza problem” (already in effect).
    2) The Hegemon abruptly changes the narrative away from the incoming, inevitable, cosmic joint humiliation of the White House and NATO in the steppes of Novorossiya – a strategic defeat that configures the previous humiliation in Afghanistan as a masked ball in Disneyland.
    ​ The total blockade of “human animals” (copyright Israeli Defense Ministry) in Gaza, in fact a civilian population of 2.3 million, has been imposed this past Monday. No food, no water, no fuel, no essential commodities.
    That’s a war crime and a crime against humanity.

    Slouching Towards the Final Solution

    ​ M.K. Bhadrakumar, at Indian Punchline has lots of specific diplomatic details , US faces defeat in geopolitical war in Gaza
    ​ Meanwhile, the US project to resuscitate the Abraham Accords loses traction and the plot to undermine the China-brokered Saudi-Iranian rapprochement faces sudden death.
    ​ As regards the power dynamic in West Asia, these trends can only work to the advantage of Russia and China, especially if the BRICS were to take a lead role at some point to navigate a Middle East peace process that is no longer the monopoly of the US. This is payback time for Russia.
    ​ The era of petrodollar is ending — and along with that, the US’ global hegemony. The emergent trends, therefore, go a long way to strengthen multipolarity in the world order.

    US faces defeat in geopolitical war in Gaza

    ​Lots of countries support Palestine. This follows Bhadrakumar’s insights well. ‘Just struggle’: Countries criticise Israeli atrocities in Gaza

    Spanish Minister Says Netanyahu Should Be Brought Before ICC for War Crimes
    “Using the horrific murders of Israeli civilians by Palestinian armed factions as an excuse to justify Israel’s crimes in general and the massacre in Gaza in particular is unacceptable,” said Spain’s minister of social rights.’s%20minister%20of%20social%20rights%20released%20a%20statement%20Monday%20calling,Strip%20and%20the%20devastating%20blockade

    ​ The perfect false flag attack to justify all-out war would be to have some target country “assassinate President Biden”. No valuable US or Israeli assets would be lost.
    ​ Biden To Make ‘Solidarity’ Visit To Israel On Wednesday
    ​ President Biden will travel to Israel and Jordan on Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced on Monday night.
    “The President will reaffirm the United States’ solidarity with Israel and our ironclad commitment to its security,” said Blinken. “President Biden will again make clear, as he’s done unequivocally since Hamas’s slaughter of more than 1,400 people, including at least 30 Americans, that Israel has the right and indeed the duty to defend its people.” …
    ..Some observers speculate that Israel isn’t likely to launch an anticipated ground offensive into Gaza while Biden is in Israel. The specifics of Biden’s Israel itinerary have not yet been released. Biden’s presence will set the stage for a major Hamas provocation, if the group wants one: Since the Oct 7 attacks, Hamas has demonstrated that Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are within its rocket range.
    ​ When he visited Israel as vice president in 2010, Biden was on the receiving end of a humiliation delivered by a previous Netanyahu government. With Biden still in the country, Netanyahu’s interior minister blindsided the Obama administration by announcing the approval of 1,600 more housing units for Jews in hotly-contested East Jerusalem, where many Palestinians aspire to position the capital of a Palestinian state. Biden promptly condemned the announcement as “precisely the kind of step that undermines the trust we need right now.”
    ​ This week, after Israel, Biden will proceed to Amman, Jordan, for meetings with Jordan’s King Abdullah, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

    John Day

    ​Bernard @ Moon of Alabama has this:
    ​ That is why I believe that the real aim of this build-up is to finally ‘regime change’ Syria and to kick out the Russian forces who are there to support its government.
    Israel Radar @IsraelRadar_com – 17:39 UTC · Oct 9, 2023
    ​ Israeli warning to Hezbollah: IDF will destroy Damascus, target Syrian President Assad if Hezbollah joins war; US warships will support Israel in war. Message relayed via France (@ynetalerts)
    ​ Israel Radar @IsraelRadar_com – Oct 9
    IDF instructs Israelis to prepare for 3-day stay in bomb shelters/secure rooms, ensure supply of food, water, battery-run devices in case power is down. This is a clear indication of imminent escalation into larger war.
    ​ The recent Israeli bombing attacks on the airports of Aleppo and Damascus, disabling both of them, point into this direction.
    The neo-conservative lunatics in the White House may well think that they now have a chance to eliminate Russia’s presence in the Middle East.
    They will think of this as a revenge for their loss of the the war in Ukraine. They also believe that it will prevent, or compensate for, their geopolitical defeat in Gaza.
    ​ Russia is undoubtedly prepared for that. Still, its contingent in Syria is too small. A combined attack by all U.S. forces in the area, more than 150 airplanes, would certainly defeat it.

    ​Ukrainian forces continue to prepare for a cross-Dnieper-river assault near Kherson:
    Preparations Have Begun For The Landing Of Troops On The Dnieper. Military Summary For 2023.10.17

    ​ Former ambassador and Assange advocate Craig Murray detained under UK terror laws
    ​ On the morning of October 16, counter-terror police in Glasgow Airport detained journalist, whistleblower, human rights campaigner, and former British diplomat Craig Murray upon his return from Iceland. After grilling him intensively about his political beliefs, officers seized Murray’s phone and laptop.
    ​ Murray, a proud Scottish nationalist, flew back to Glasgow after several days in Reykjavik, where he attended a popular Palestine solidarity event, and also met with high-ranking representatives of the Assange Campaign, which raises awareness about the plight of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Once his travel documents were processed at passport control, the officer informed him he would be detained for questioning. They then led him to a small backroom to be grilled by three nameless British counter-terror agents.​..
    ​..Murray has since consulted with lawyers, who informed him that according to Section 7 of the 2000 Terrorism Act — the draconian legislation under which he was subjected to the intensive questioning — he would be legally entitled to consult a lawyer if the interrogation lasted longer than an hour.
    Once the hour of questioning was up, the officers sent him on his way, but failed to return his phone or laptop. “I’m used to the idea of British and American spies having my computers,” Murray said…
    ..Anyone who has agitated the British national security state and plans on traveling to the UK may want to be careful what they keep on their devices. As one of Ernest Moret’s interrogators boasted to him, Britain is “the only country where authorities can download and keep information from private devices” forever.

    Former ambassador and Assange advocate Craig Murray detained under UK terror laws

    ​This Chinese media interview with Russian President Putin is cordial, and is informative reading. No substantive talke with Xi Jinping until tomorrow. Putin has had lots of meetings with other leaders already. Thanks Christine.
    Putin Interviewed by Chinese Media​ , Putin will attend BRI Summit in China this Tuesday-Wednesday

    John Day

    ​ Israeli boy featured in COVID vaccine campaign dies of heart attack at age 8
    ​ An Israeli boy featured in a video used to push COVID vaccines on children in a nationwide campaign died tragically from a sudden heart attack in late September. The boy was only 8 years old.
    ​ According to reports, Yonatan Moshe Erlichman, grandson of a distinguished physician in Beit El, Dr. Mati Erlichman, “died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest while taking a bath.”

    ​Sasha Latypova , Israeli government “found” lost Pfizer agreements!
    ​ Four agreements between Israel and Pfizer have been released via FOI lawsuit, still in a heavily redacted form. They prove that the Israeli government conducted forced experiments on people.​
    ​ The most important finding from these two documents is the real date of signing of this agreement. In the latest released version, (see link in this paragraph, p.4 of the pdf) the IMOH admits that this agreement was signed on December 1, 2020 – about five weeks earlier than was claimed before (i.e. January 6, 2021).
    ​ This proves that the IMOH actively concealed the true date of the signing of the agreement and lied about it while claiming a later date. This deception is important since the Israeli government relies entirely on FDA and EMA for approvals of medical products in the country and has little to no capacity to formally verify the completeness and rigorousness of the data used in making decisions by these ex-Israel government agencies. Thus, the Israeli public was entirely misled by the Israeli government.
    ​ The EUA was granted to Pfizer by the FDA only on December 11, 2020. An EUA by the FDA simply means “we have no real evidence this works or is safe, but you can use it if you are desperate” – an EUA product is unlicensed and unapproved for anything. Thus, “The Information Sharing Agreement” with Israel was signed about ten days before even an emergency permit was received from the FDA for this product, and the IMOH tried to hide it and lied about it.

    ​Thanks Christine. This is well researched and well written, but the view of how some of the wars are happening is rather “American”. Others would see them differently.
    10 Reasons Our Civilization Will Soon Collapse


    The United Nations says 12 of its staff have been killed by Israeli air strikes, 21 out of 22 UNRWA health facilities in Gaza have been damaged and hospitals lack basic medicines and supplies.

    Every Jew and every American is morally responsible for this. America could have stopped this years ago, instead depravity reigns and nobody does depravity like the Israeli owned USA-Israel team, staffed by the Jews and Christians. Hitler, he was a mere amateur, the Jews are going to show us how genocide really should be done, how extreme racism works, how brain-dead jihadism works, how extreme they can be to get their own way, how complete amorality works. Meanwhile the American people just don’t care, they have been brainwashed by the Jews and even the Christians are supporting this mass murder aimed at the theft of a nation.

    The world would be a better place without Israel, the USA and their rulers.


    And all the kids had protein bars in their packed lunches because their parents were too lazy to boil eggs? Sounds about right when you see the amount of fat on western kids. The west is now a game of “spot the person who is not obese”, kind of the opposite of the people in China. But the people of America just do not care, they have lost the ability to care about anything, even their most precious possession, their body.


    It’s over for Israel and the US, I predict both will be “going down in flames” as they say, and soon.

    Zionist Israel (and jews) have cried victim one too many times. The World is sick of their bs. So to the American Exceptionalism Leaders of Hate and Lies.

    The entire Middle East, Nations pitted against each other by the Zionist Jews- Middle East Nations bombed, invaded and divided by America have had enough- so has Russia and China.

    It’s over for the US and Israel- we, the citizens, let our Regimes- bomb, invade, rape, overthrow, torture, lie, steal and cheat for far too long- we too deserve to pay for our apathy and indifference. If we do not own ourselves- and keep our Regime in check- then wtf can you expect? Bully time is over.

    American exceptionalism ? Ha
    Jew exceptionalism? Haha
    What a nightmare we have unleashed on the world while sauntering around chanting USA! USA!

    There is some relief that the sick charade we have all been playing along to get along – is unveiled.
    Masks are coming off- just in time for Halloween ! Covid masks, democracy masks, war masks-

    Wait til the world fully realizes (some already know) that the US, West and Israel were behind the “pandemic”. Oh Boy !


    An Israeli ground offensive in Gaza will likely only take place after US President Joe Biden concludes his visit to the country, news website Der Spiegel reported on Tuesday.

    Israel has denied striking the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza on Tuesday. More than 600 people have been confirmed killed and 900 more wounded at the hospital, with the death toll expected to rise through the night. In addition to patients, the hospital was sheltering many Palestinian civilians seeking refuge from Israeli air raids.

    The Department of Health and Human Services, headed up by Joe Biden’s transgender ‘Admiral’ Rachel Levine, has enforced a mandate that all employees must use ‘preferred pronouns’ and acknowledge the gender identity of their colleagues.

    The buttfucking Marines are heading to Israel ! Fresh meat. The Middle east trembles in fear- NOT.


    American tax payers’ money going towards the deaths of Palestinians and the theft of a nation … There are loads of Israeli American billionaires who could fund this, but no, the tax payer must fund it. The rich Jews are farming the poor to pay for their own pet hobby, the theft of a nation.


    Woketards Virtue Signaling {WVS}


    This is the Butthead the Empire of Lies wants to lube up and insert into the White House


    Just in Time for Halloween



    Wake the Fuck Up





    Russians pioneering creative use of Drones, the Wave of the Future

    Two drones, first one blasts off metal door to cellar hidey-hole

    Second one flies in for the Coup de Grâce

    Hamas is watching this video


    Ron DeZiontis Says “All Palestinians Are Anti-semitic”


    How can they be anti-semitic when they are themselves Semitic people, Ron?


    U.S. “Army” Showing Its Professionalism


    Empire of Lies ‘shock troops’ in training, beating the snot out of each other.

    Hey, he/she/him/it, save some of that Spunk for the Enemy

    John Day

    The Israelis targeted the most prominent hospital in Gaza, killing about 500 people, and the capitals of Muslim countries are filled with street protests.

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