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    More info Crimean Bridge
    Ukraine update: Destruction of Kerch Bridge connecting Russia and Crimea sends war to new phase

    Mark Sumner
    Daily Kos Staff
    2022/10/08 · 06:15


    As a person living in upstate NY (about the middle of the state) my hope is that if there is a nuclear war, I’m vaporized immediately. Seems preferable to coping with radiation burns and radiation exposure after impact.

    To imply we little people can “get inside” Putin’s, Biden’s, European leader’s, etc., heads and figure out where this is going seems a waste of time. I know that’s not popular and people are putting hours into trying to figure this all out. But … to what end? We’re going to somehow change the outcome? How? Y’all got the nuclear bomb codes and can stop this? Maybe you’re sleeping with one of the power leaders and have his/her ear and can stop this?? Idk … maybe last night’s ‘detach emotionally’ conversation plays a part in this comment. But I honestly don’t see the point. Along the lines of man made CO2 levels … and the point is?? ….


    “Wonder if Merkel is involved in secret talks with Russia”.
    It would seem the war hawks are in ascendance in the US, and are not interested in peace talks. As someone once said, Russian real estate is too valuable to pass up (V Arnold), so they’ll continue to ‘go for it’. Plus anyone standing in the way of US global domination is to be removed and a subservient puppet regime set up in place.
    When she left office, Merkel made a final visit for several days to Russia. Have often wondered what transpired during that time. It seems that after her departure things rapidly deteriorated. Sometimes wonder that her last term was a holding back of the voracious wolves at the door from the other side of th Atlantic, a lull before the storm. She was able to maintain cordial relations with Russia, and to oversee the completion of the NS2 pipeline despite continual strong opposition from the US.
    Meanwhile it appears Shroeder is also trying to negotiate in the wings for peace in the region. Some leaders seek to find a way. Bravo to the Indonesian leader who tries to bring the warmongers together. “Blessed are the peacemakers…”


    I bought a smallish used compound archery bow at a thrift store today. Next, I’ll look into arrows. Also time to get a wrist rocket and practice my David skills for when some dumb Goliath comes at me wearing Kevlar and a buncha noisy disorienting gunpowder ballistic devices.

    Not that I expect to make it. My body is frail in many ways including old age. But I can at least set an example.Plus, I love the thought of a high-velocity marble knocking someone out and his comrades not knowing what hit him or where it came from. Get away from my tree fort!

    Regarding German/LNG/delivery pressure:

    This might apply:

    Compressor Stations

    As mentioned, natural gas is highly pressurized as it travels through an interstate pipeline. To ensure that the natural gas flowing through any one pipeline remains pressurized, compression of this natural gas is required periodically along the pipe. This is accomplished by compressor stations, usually placed at 40 to 100 mile intervals along the pipeline. The natural gas enters the compressor station, where it is compressed by either a turbine, motor, or engine.

    “Turbine compressors gain their energy by using up a small proportion of the natural gas that they compress. The turbine itself serves to operate a centrifugal compressor, which contains a type of fan that compresses and pumps the natural gas through the pipeline. Some compressor stations are operated by using an electric motor to turn the same type of centrifugal compressor. This type of compression does not require the use of any of the natural gas from the pipe, however it does require a reliable source of electricity nearby. Reciprocating natural gas engines are also used to power some compressor stations. These engines resemble a very large automobile engine, and are powered by natural gas from the pipeline. The combustion of the natural gas powers pistons on the outside of the engine, which serves to compress the natural gas.

    “In addition to compressing natural gas, compressor stations also usually contain some type of liquid separator, much like the ones used to dehydrate natural gas during its processing. Usually, these separators consist of scrubbers and filters that capture any liquids or other unwanted particles from the natural gas in the pipeline. Although natural gas in pipelines is considered ‘dry’ gas, it is not uncommon for a certain amount of water and hydrocarbons to condense out of the gas stream while in transit. The liquid separators at compressor stations ensure that the natural gas in the pipeline is as pure as possible, and usually filter the gas prior to compression.”

    and this:

    Delivery of Natural Gas

    “The delivery of natural gas to its point of end use by a distribution utility is much like the transportation of natural gas discussed in the transportation section. However, distribution involves moving smaller volumes of gas at much lower pressures over shorter distances to a great number of individual users. Smaller-diameter pipe also is used to transport natural gas from the citygate to individual consumers.

    “The natural gas is periodically compressed to ensure pipeline flow, although local compressor stations are typically smaller than those used for interstate transportation. Because of the smaller volumes of natural gas to be moved, as well as the small-diameter pipe that is used, the pressure required to move natural gas through the distribution network is much lower than that found in the transmission pipelines. While natural gas traveling through interstate pipelines may be compressed to as much as 1,500 pounds per square inch (psi), natural gas traveling through the distribution network requires as little as 3 psi of pressurization and is as low as ¼ psi at the customer’s meter. The natural gas to be distributed is typically depressurized at or near the citygate, as well as scrubbed and filtered (even though it has already been processed prior to distribution through interstate pipelines) to ensure low moisture and particulate content. In addition, mercaptan – the source of the familiar rotten egg smell in natural gas – is added by the utility prior to distribution. This is added because natural gas is odorless and colorless, and the familiar odor of mercaptan makes the detection of leaks much easier.

    “Traditionally, rigid steel pipe was used to construct distribution networks. However, new technology is allowing the use of flexible plastic and corrugated stainless steel tubing in place of rigid steel pipe. These new types of tubing allow cost reduction, installation flexibility and easier repairs for both local distribution companies and natural gas consumers.”

    I have no idea myself, but it may be that they also have supply chain issues regarding down stream compressors and so forth?

    Michael Reid


    I have found the following ideas helpful;

    I have control of my mind. I choose to think things and I choose not to think things.

    This simple realization puts the thinker in control ones mind.

    It is the simple way to overcome addictions or grief or worry.

    Catch yourself thinking undesired thoughts and correct it by changing the thoughts to something healthy. Discipline.

    Don’t think about things that make you feel bad as this will cause you to feel bad. Refuse. You are in control.

    Ground yourself in the present moment and positive execution of the activities of daily living.

    I wish you well.

    Whatever happens, once we have done what we can, the key seems to be to embrace honest reality.

    This is especially true as death approaches. No more time left to learn.


    Thank you, Michael. I will consider and attempt. The past months have been extremely tough as I lost a person who was one of the most, if not the most, important beings in my life. Getting through and past it is far harder than one can imagine.


    We have known for a long time that the worse they made everything, the bigger their lies would become, and the fewer people would believe them.

    I helped another acquaintance break out of the Matrix this morning.

    Hysteria has taken over in the propaganda divisions of NATOstan nations. Plus a greater degree of censorship, of course.

    I recall ‘The Shrub’ declaring: “You are either with us or against us!”

    Meanwhile the ‘Scorpion’s’ ‘Team NZ’ narrative is falling apart superfast.

    Here’s the latest joke: An ‘official inquiry’ into low voter turnout for the local body elections..

    Meanwhile, in one of the many truth departments of the real world:

    Michael Reid

    This is my hunting rifle


    “Obvious from Twitter that the bridge was a suicide attack. Not a word in the media”

    A lot of “suicide attack” in the media.
    It was a big truck.
    An extra 1000Kg of high explosive would not be noticed.
    Why tell the driver?
    Push the remote at the proper time.
    Badda-boom, badda bing

    @ Michel Reid: Advertising may be bad for your health.


    kultsommer, thank you for your advice and observation. I do notice that we don’t always read one another closely, and I’ll confess I skip over some comments —only to come back to certain of them if conversations hint contextually there’s value in doing so. But when the spirit moves me, all that old training in reading and rebuilding closely kicks in. The Logos taught and teaches me the spirit is not confined to any one book but to all text, even nonsense: Wittgenstein, beautiful haunted man, showed me how the difference between the senseless and nonsense is valuable, but even then, enacting rules of engagement revealing our uses of both have revelatory powers too. Silence still shows things; mystics still say things. Our words being inspired by the spirits moving through us at least show who has which gods within them: insofar as those are gods in formal spaces and geometric vectors, when grammars and logics drive wording. Other gods move us towards art, sculpture, engineering, farming, raising kids, shooting guns, praising beauty, dancing, self-destruction, addiction, boredom, annihilation, &c.

    That said, it’s interesting to think that what Afewknowthetruth’s list is really saying is that Ayn Rand is right and only those self-sufficient, logically driven, and materially free to live in Galt’s Gulch deserve to survive the collapse of a modern world that’s enslaved us and weakened us and made us so completely dependent upon it. We have allowed ourselves to be lazy, in character and practice and act, which means we’re corrupt, and ignorant and afraid. So, kudos to the modern judos who swiftly escaped the tentacled clutches of octopods, squids, and communally collectivist monsters: they are the Reardens and Galts and gardeners for the future.


    “Whatever happens, once we have done what we can, the key seems to be to embrace honest reality.

    This is especially true as death approaches. No more time left to learn.”


    Take me now!


    Biden or Trump talks to the Saudis and very one is up and arms , how disgusting to be dealing with this decapitator and terrorist supporter………….Putin gets together with MBS , every body cheers…….LOL.



    Today if I was buying a new bow, I would choose a compound bow over a recurve bow.

    The problem with the recurve bow is that the draw weight increases quickly to max, tiring your arms out as you reach full draw and are trying to aim. For example, a 40 pound recurve bow reaches 40 pounds at full draw (the draw gets harder as you reach full draw). One can not take your time aiming because your arms start to get tired and can start shaking making further aiming efforts nearly impossible. Often you have to stop and rest before trying to shoot.

    The nice thing about a compound bow is that as you start drawing the draw, the draw weight starts to fall when you reach full draw, allowing you more time to properly aim before releasing the arrow. Just an example, initial starting draw weight might be 60 pounds, then falling to 30 pounds mid-draw, and then finally falling to just 15 pounds at full draw.

    The compound bow’s pullies basically reverse the experience of using a recurve bow.

    Just my 2 cents.


    Michael’s rife tripod set up indicates that when hunting moose, it is very difficult to get close to a moose due to the wet marshy terrain that moose typically inhabit. So shots are often long distance. Being accurate is important to prevent unnecessary suffering for the moose.

    The real hard work of moose hunting, is in accessing the kill area, dressing the kill, and then transporting it out to bring the meat back home. It sure helps to have multiple helping hands.

    It almost seems like there are more moose living on the island of Newfound than there are people! And in Newfound there are no wolves, so the only way to keep the moose population under control is via hunting.


    My 2 cents on bow.
    My son got a small spiker with his compound bow.


    @ Polemos
    True, we all skip and rush over some posts – what gets me is rush to comment that usually includes touch of bragging, which is rewarded by stepping on rake.
    As I said, more power to all “prepared” whatever that means, however there are people out there still manning the posts and serving our daily needs with their doors open and absent of sign “closed – gone prepping”.
    As for the Ayn Rand’s writing: no architect had ever designed the building as her chap (can’t think of the name at the moment) by “violently slashing charcoal stick across the paper” as she described in her “Fountainhead”. So there is that.
    As for the “Shrugged” I would appreciate if anybody can name me a single Co or it’s owner in the history of the United States that even remotely embodies high ethics of Hank, aka “under no circumstances that they would or have accepted
    lucrative, or even better, no-bid contract from the government”.
    Ayn, in both writings does not conceal, through heroines of the book, that he loves to be violently raped.
    Thanks for the intro to Ludwig Wittgenstein. I’ll check on him.



    I remember last year you bought a number of different types of axes/wood splitters and possibly various wood splitter wedges to assist your wood splitting efforts.

    I wonder what your take is on the different axes after using them?
    Did they live up to your expectations?
    Any surprises?

    I remember when I was building crawler mounted blast hole drills, part of the tool kit included a hydraulic hand pump and jack set. This item frequently disappeared and rumors had it that these were highly prized for making a home made wood spiller by welding a wood spillter wedge onto the hydraulic jack’s piston.

    (But one needed to remember to put the weld ground on the piston head, not the hydraulic jack’s body, or you would fry the hydraulic piston seals!)



    Congratulations to your son. So your trail camera efforts paid off!

    I know many city folks get upset about hunting but since I started life out up north, I fully understand the why in hunting culture.


    Aspnaz says “ Only “poor” westerners burn wood, and in huge amounts, wasting most of the energy and very rarely using it for cooking.”
    So did Australian aborigines and this fertilized the Amazon rainforest.
    Did you know that millions of acres of hardwood forest burnt just a few short years ago here in Aus from LACK of wood use?
    Give me a break. The rule is simple. If your forest is not disappearing- keep cutting wood. It’s just not that hard to understand, I can’t for the life of me work out how people don’t understand natural systems anymore. Also, everyone knows eucalyptus is SELF-DESIGNED to burn. The seed won’t even germinate without fire!
    Are people going stupid here on TAE now? Timed with DR D departure.
    Nothing is more insane to me than disregard for wood burning in human and non human systems.


    Hi Wes,
    In two weeks, we will be back in the mountain so that my grandson can try to fill his LEH for a mule deer doe.
    If he doesn’t, I’ll be just as happy, because I got two cameras in a play yard of 6 does. Rutting season.
    I’m expecting great pictures.
    Cost: This year $100.00 of gas


    AFKTT’s List. An excellent list. I was slightly surprised to find that I have fulfilled each category. Many with prejudice. And a few more categories besides.

    Bosco: An excellent description of how the natural gas pipelines function. I have actually tested many of these compressor stations across the country, from Kentucky to California. They are quite the technology.

    It seems that someone had inadvertently (or not) contaminated some lube oil with PCB oil (PolyChlorinated BiPhenyl) and it had entered the nationwide gas pipeline system. They feared that it would end up into peoples homes where it would be burned by heaters, stoves and ovens. The fear was that it would generate Dioxins that would expose people. So we traveled around the country testing the natural gas delivered from these suspect pipes. Fortunately, they were able to “rinse out” the entrained oils and the risk faded with time.

    The surprising thing that I noticed about most of these compressor stations was that they were pumping ambient air into the pipelines. When I asked about why they were doing this, they explained that they had a minimum BTU value that they were required to deliver to their customers. Often the gas that they obtained for their upstream sources was of a higher BTU value. They were simply “diluting” the gas to bring the BTU value down while at the same time generating more volume to sell. They were not going to let their customers get a better quality gas for free. Instead, they were making more money by “watering down” the gas. All in the quest for the almighty dollar. The volume of air that was entering the system was not enough to drop the UEL (Upper Explosive Limit) into the danger zone.


    Someone did a nice analysis earlier on Swedish involvement in the Nord Stream nastiness. This seems relevant:

    A New Alliance Between Poland, Sweden, and the United States for Baltic Security? MAY 30, 2019


    “Just my 2 cents.”

    You’re even older than me, WES. What was two cents’ worth to you in your prime has increased via wisdom inflation to $2k-ish.

    While my chances of survival once things get seriously hard are currently miniscule, I believe in and aim for miracles. Why not, eh? So it just might be that your advice will help me hit a necessary target at the necessary time. Not every act of desperate scared-shitless heroism is quixotic. Sometimes even the losers get lucky and fools prevail. I might actually hit my target and maybe even someone from dire harm. Either way, it’s more fun than not.

    Undand Him You Varlet!

    I resemble that moment. I am very much a home-grown lunatic and proud to be one. It was a long path getting there. I worked hard for it. And man, you should see the size of my ego! (Ladies, don’t blush.) But the only thing larger than my ego is my awe-inspiring humility. Oh, how I have transcended my arrogant self! (bows to imaginary applause)

    Since I’m waxing melodramatic here, I’ll quote one of my favorite Nabokov short story endings, a story that describes a young woman in ’20s Berlin hitting her 30s, her first taste of growing long in the tooth, while Germany’s economy tumbles. She’s going broke, a woman alone, the future looks dark. She meets a fine gentleman, they fall in love:

    “Early in the morning, she came out again and sat down on the porch step that was already hot. Forstmann, wearing a dark blue bathrobe, sat next to her and, clearing his throat, asked if she would consent to become his spouse—that was the very word he used: ‘spouse.’ When they came to breakfast, Vera, her husband, and his maiden cousin, in utter silence, were performing nonexistent dances, each in a different corner, and Olga drawled out in an affectionate voice ‘What boors!’ and next summer she died in childbirth.

    “That’s all. Of course, there may be some sort of sequel, but it is not known to me. In such cases, instead of getting bogged down in guesswork, I repeat the words of the merry king in my favorite fairy tale: Which arrow flies forever? The arrow that has hit its mark.”
    The End

    The whole, nicely short story can be read here:

    A Russian Beauty

    Gone, Man

    Bishko: I adore how well you wrote your view on greenhouse warming, and deeply loved your modest rhap[sody on sonoluminescence. But I generally don’t with people who don’t answer questions about major claims they’ve made. I don’t know how much blowing smoke up someone’s ass (maybe even one’s own) contributes to greenhouse gases, but either way it smells like bullshit when it happens.

    Answer the questions of leave me alone.


    “maybe even save someone from dire harm — maybe even my silly old self

    “(bows to imaginary applause, admires reflection ins carnival mirror)

    “But I generally don’t dialog with people who don’t answer”
    Crazy edit function


    “Answer the questions or leave me alone.”

    Even crazier old man’s bad eyes…


    oxy said

    Nothing is more insane to me than disregard for wood burning in human and non human systems.

    Moron. I will give you the benefit that you are pissed …. that’s how you sound … … it is great fun posting pissed, the morning is a lottery of assholes shouting at you. Back to the subject, nobody is talking about burning the undergrowth, fire breaks, burning the Amazon or any of that stuff, we are talking about fire wood and when the Germans start chopping down the black forest they will soon realise that the best way to burn that wood is to turn it into charcoal. Wet wood won’t burn, but wet wood will convert to charcoal and charcoal gives you more bang for your bucks than wood, something that poor people – and the Germans are trying to join the poor people – will soon understand when they discover that it takes a 12 ft bonfire to get the chip fat up to temperature while a small charcoal fire could have done the same way quicker and using way less wood. Poor people know this because they do not have endless supplies of wood, and once the Germans joing the poor people, they will have to learn this if they are going to try to burn the black forest.

    As for the abos, I understand that they very rarely used fire for cooking, they would eat their food raw. They definitely used to burn down trees and … I can’t be bothered, just read this guy’s book and watch some of his TV series, a few episodes are on youtube and the theme tune is superb.


    Thx. for the compliment, Upstate 🙂

    zerosum, yes the map of Ukr. which shows 90s the division in Ukr.

    Maps based on ethnicity (a vague concept), language spoken, which is also odd, as Ukrainian is a version of Russian, and it uses the same script (minor details don’t count). It feels like the difference between German and Swiss-German (a dialect that is locally spoken here in CH.) In any *sane* context it is no big deal.

    Natch, the Ukr. ’voters’ insofar as they count for anything, can be said to be torn between pro-Russia and pro-EU, but, suprisingly, they aren’t reported to be pro-Ukraine…
    which might be their first impulse, heh.

    So I wonder how much of the split was encouraged or even engineered by outside influences, and internal forces in alliance with, or coerced by, one or the other factions. Color revolution prep…

    A partial explanation is that Ukr. because of its geo. position, its tremendous rich territory and ressources and its take-over by oligarchs (who run the Gvmt. with minions, more or less..) was primed for destruction as they will fight amongst themselves to become ‘rich’, be the ‘top guy’, which means owning banks and industry (e.g. Privat Bank..) etc. which makes them easy targets for corruption, being manipulated. Which has already been happening, since 2014 or before, many oligarchs have lost out, because of constraints on biz, sanctions, war, transport etc. failings, etc.

    Part of the picture, not the whole.

    Thx to all who posted advice about staying sane I read and think about it.

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