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    Vincent van Gogh Café, le soir, Arles 1888   • The Meaning of the FDA Resignations (Tucker) • Considerations In Boosting Covid-19 Vaccine Immune
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    V. Arnold

    Vincent van Gogh Café, le soir, Arles 1888

    I remember this from a while ago; gorgeous scene with a stary night included…
    This time I noted the people are without detail…mere symbols of humans…

    Veracious Poet


    I spoke to one of my brothers today, whom I hadn’t spoke with in a couple of months…

    He manages a franchise location of a large national pizza delivery chain in SoCal. He told me that he now believes, from first hand knowledge, that the vaccines were a mistake (He, along with his 3 girls got the clot shot, ignoring their crazy brother/uncles advise).

    Everyone at his store is vaccinated, and The Delta (his words) has been taking them down one-by-one.

    One 54 year old driver, with mild diabetes, had a heart attack about 10 days following the 2nd jab ~ He’s in a coma now, not expected to recover…

    Two 20-21 year old employees have been out sick for over a month, not sure if they’ll return ~ All of this in environment where they’re operating at best 1/2 staffed. They can’t find anyone interested in a job.

    Others have had The Delta as well, but recovered with difficulty. He says it’s probably only a matter of time for him, too.

    His ex-wife is suddenly having liver/kidney/digestive issues & was hospitalized for 3 days, weeks after the 2nd koolaid injection. No history of anything close to this issue…

    Moreover his landlord has been bedridden for 3 weeks with The Delta, but he’s a “anti-vax Trumper” (I reminded him that Prez Bigmouth authorized all of this vax madness).

    He also mentioned that everyone he is acquainted with (he speaks with a LOT of people on a daily/weekly basis) detest Guv’nor Newsroom +most were pro Larry Elder (everyone in my circle too) ~ I told him that the demoRAT machine is full of lying psychopaths ~ I doubt there’s been an honest Klownifornia election for over a decade.

    This is the same brother that 2+ years ago was fully self-obsessed, stream-of conscience gabbing non-stop about himself, his daughters & sports (not to me) ~ His demeanor today over the phone was serious, dark & introspective.

    He ended the call by saying he’d wish that he took me more serious over the years, especially back in SEPT 2005 when I advised him (+ everyone else) to sell his home & sink the equity into PMs and/or Treasuries until the market bottomed out.

    He asked me what I thought would be coming next…

    I told him that it’s very likely a LOT of people are going to become dead or disabled by next winter & to prepare for MAJOR supply chain disruptions. I could have said more, but I wanted to end on a less than catastrophic note.

    I also told him that I pray that I’m wrong…



    “But newly published modelling from experts on the Sage advisory committee warn the government not to wait too long, with cases, hospitalisations and deaths all higher than a year ago despite the success of the vaccination programme.”

    Do they not even hear themselves anymore? The stupidity is truly breathtaking.


    I have a bunch of anecdotes as well. Today, landscaping on my own in a half acre backyard I had a police vehicle pull up with the signage displayed in large lettering – SAFETY / COMPLIANCE. So we now don’t do police work we do safety and compliance work. They checked to tell me to put a mask on. I think they were worried I would infect the cherry blossoms I was pruning. I did as asked.
    THEN went to get a coffee in town – no one there. Ghost town. They ask me to put on a mask. I put one on. They then ask me to scan my QR code so the Government can verify I was there at 2 pm having a coffee. I comply. Then I go in and they ask to check my phone to see proof of QR scanning. I comply. THEN they request my drivers license ID check. To make sure I am not from Melbourne (some have escaped). I comply.
    This is not made up. This town has a population of 1500 people and is in the middle of fucking nowhere.
    We are screwed here.

    I’m not supporting any more businesses unless it is absolutely necessary.
    I am now actively trying to withdraw ALL support for this toxic shit.
    Rant Over

    Dr. D

    “vaccinated respondents were nearly four times as likely as those who don’t intend to get the jabs – 66% to 17% – to have ended friendships during the pandemic.”

    They’re safe. So what is their active, voluntary ending of friendships in service of? Not their own safety, nor the safety of others.

    “consider their former friends to be “full-blown anti-vaxxers”

    And their response – while sitting in perfect safety themselves – is to abandon their friends at risk rather than continue any action, however small, to save them. And save others. Explain? These are the self-professed moral superiors acting on a selfless, moral basis.

    “Those who don’t get the jabs should be denied hospital beds” Said our moral superiors. Denying health care is a primary foundation of the Hippocratic Oath. “I promise to provide health care to anyone, unless I don’t like their age, gender, race, type, beliefs, or talk. Then for to good of all, I withhold lifesaving medical care, knowing thanks to a licensed monopoly, they must surely die from my actions.”

    That’s how I remember the oath, medical practice, and the Red Cross, don’t you?

    Tolerance for vaccine autonomy is waning in America,”

    Oh is it now? Is that why whole states are doing the opposite, whole sporting events, no one’s following mask guidelines anymore, and people are fleeing to free states by the multi-multi-millions?

    “ Unvaccinated US Covid Patients Cost $5.7 Billion To Treat In Last 3 Months (F.)”

    Well if it cost money we should DEFINITELY remove all human rights forever and hand the oversight of medicine and society to unelected profit centers. That’s just common sense.

    “The huge surge in demand for what few medicines are licensed to treat Covid-19 in the U.S. has triggered nationwide shortages and rationing of scarce supplies.”

    Huh? TheWhat? If there are medicines licensed to treat Covid, there can be no Emergency Use. What medicines and therapies are they talking about? What shortages and why? Is it because so many doctors feel these therapies are working that they’ve massively prescribed these medicines? If the doctors en masse believe they are working, why doesn’t the pharmaceutical company make more?

    “The Covid-19 vaccines used in the U.S. are proven to be safe and highly effective at preventing serious illness, hospitalization and death from Covid-19, including against the delta variant.”

    That is a truly breathtaking statement at this point.

    Researchers from Harvard Medical School, Tufts Medical Center, and the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System took on the task of trying to figure out how serious Covid cases were in those hospitalized, and how many people counted as Covid hospitalizations were actually in the hospital for Covid, versus getting a Covid test after being admitted for something else.”

    Yes but who is Harvard Medical and Tufts really? Like John’s Hopkins and the Israeli medical system, a bunch of conspiracy theory cranks, I think. The real expert is Chad at Twitter and Facebook. He knows.

    “The problem with health workers points to a more general issue concerning the reluctance of people to get vaccinated.”

    Trust the doctors. 44% of them refuse to get vaccinated, so I follow their lead. I mean, plus the CDC, NIH, and White House, Congressional Staffers, and pharmaceutical companies and executives. Wouldn’t they know best?

    France Health Worker Vaccine Mandate Comes Into Effect (G.)”

    Well I’m proud to see the revolution starts in France again.

    “Sir Patrick Vallance, also said experience of battling the virus showed “you have to go earlier than you think you want to, you have to go harder than you think you want to”.

    Says a guy who did both and has the highest failure rate in the known world. Meanwhile, in Sweden… And Kenya, and Calcutta, and…

    His charts: Oh wait! Vaccines are working! Hospitalizations have doubled! Working = more sicker!

    “Three-fourths of U.S. adults have been vaccinated with at least one dose”

    Uh, what? “If they say it, it’s a lie.” “Open mouth, lie comes out.” So everyone’s vaccinated, you win! Who are you selling this to since you’ve already met all your goals? How is anyone getting sick, and why mostly in the vaccinated states? Who’s out there protesting since all this is true?

    What is this I hear about you shutting off all food to Blacks and Jews in NYC because they’re only 38% vaccinated? (But not actors and baseball players, DEFINITELY not the Met Gala) If 75% are vaccinated, how are 38% vaccinated? And if you want higher vaccination rates, shouldn’t you really be talking to the 1M illegal immigrants being bused to hot-spots nationwide?

    “Still, only slightly more than half of the overall U.S. population is fully vaccinated: 53 percent”

    If you’re talking ADULTS vs somebody, then maybe you should lead with that? And if so, who’s fault? According to your self-created rules, YOU said we can’t vaccinate that 25%: you won’t allow us no matter how we try. And is ¼ of the country really children? Doesn’t that seem high?

    Why would I look it up? Everything in that article makes no sense and it a lie, when I go to the CDC data, THAT makes no sense and has been proven for two years to be a lie. Who would I check with? Whoever Deflationista points at today?

    Germfree song: apparently somebody has had a psychotic break from reality? In that every mask place is worse than every mask-free place two years running? In a contest between reality and your mind, it’s a no-brainer who wins.

    Contaminated Pfizer Vaccines Reported In Several Japanese Cities (ZH)”

    Now why are people reluctant just ’cause Pfizer is constantly contaminated, J&J was shut down twice, and 20 nations outlawed AstraZeneca? I mean, don’t you know they’re safe and effective? OTHER than the contamination in Pfizer, J&J, and every vial of Astra worldwide? Other than that, safe as houses.

    It’s probably not illegal to book a conference to communicate and restrain the President. However, Milley, the General-shaped-object, was not IN chain of command as I understand it. He was a Presidential Advisor. Also, communicating with yourselves is wildly different than calling the enemy, coordinating with him, promising your actions on his behalf, and giving him the all-clear.

    “They are using the opportunity of this book by Woodward and Costa to hit Milley, place the blame for Afghanistan in his lap,”

    If so, it’s not working. Nobody’s thought of F-Stan, which remains Biden’s, and added several new levels of treason that now include Nancy Pelosi and almost certainly those around her. She said she asked the Generals to commit a coup after the election, but the generals said no. According to Woodward, the generals, and she, said “Yes”. That is, “Yes, we solemnly vow and promise to go outside the chain of command, and instead include China in our decisions and chain of command.” The oath at one level was not to the President, as it might be, not to the Constitution as it should be, but to Milley personally, who was not even in the structure.

    Oxy, that is deeply ominous. You’re in, or beyond, a Soviet situation. Learn what they did.

    “That was when they suspended the Constitution. They said it would be temporary. There wasn’t even any rioting in the streets. People stayed home at night, watching television, looking for some direction. There wasn’t even an enemy you could put your finger on.” — Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale


    I think this is the elephant in the room. At least someone is seriously looking into it

    Mr. House

    Evergrande defaults and only 15 days until October

    Mr. House

    Got cash?

    John Day

    John Ward has a very well researched and presented essay on The Slog today:
    Autoantibodies, Fauci the antimatter liar, Ivermectin the Saviour – & a way for those already vaccinated to avoid death

    John Day

    @Veracious Poet: Very Good, Sir!

    : That’s very bad, sir!
    Cops in clown-car: “see someone; say something”. They saw you.


    No joke.
    Ask/check yourself. ( anecdotal evidence)
    Another Possible Vaccine or Covid side effect?


    Australia, UK and USA to make major international security statement tomorrow 7 am Australian time. Anyone know anything about this?


    Tad long.

    Are you vaxed? No, I am vexed. That’s my latest approach and it seems to disarm the inquisitor as they feel they can help me with my vexation about vaccination. This way I can set them up for cross examination with all the misinformation I have gleaned from TAE, like a good lawyer…eh.

    Holy hell, oxy. I tend to approach this stuff like MLK. My wife on the other hand leans more towards the Malcom X approach. It just means I will be too late in pulling the trigger and likely dead and she will pull the trigger too soon and end up in jail.

    The Minaj fluff up the other day. Ya know, had she been a good sister she could have tweeted that her man got the shot and his wanker is so huge now.

    Anyway, my wife and I recently got the holocough. We are 56 and in good health. My case was very acute and short lived. I took HCQ and nutraceuticals. My wife had a rough time of it. She was on HCQ, IVM and nutraceuticals. She ran a fever for 10 days. Definitely impacted lungs, kidney and heart. Follow up EKG showed enlarged ventricle. She is doing better now. We have been riding again. She was able to do a 12 mile ride with me last night at about 90% of her pre-covid pace so that is encouraging.

    The experience got me thinking about the weaponized spike protein again. You definitely don’t want that thing finding it’s way into your cardiovascular system and reeking havoc. For this reason the injection has been marketed as the safer option. The case for the injection follows this kind of logic.

    “Most COVID-19 vaccines are administered by injection into our upper arm, away from any major blood vessels. Once injected, the muscle cells around the injection site express the spike protein, thereby eliciting an immune response from the body. A large proportion of the remaining dose in the arm drains through our lymphatic system, into the liver and then is destroyed by enzymes there. A very small proportion may ultimately end up in other tissues or the bloodstream. 

    Most people get infected by SARS-CoV-2 after inhaling virus-laden droplets from other infected individuals. In this case, the virus first infects cells in the airway, and then deeper in the lungs. Once in the lungs, it then circulates through the bloodstream to the rest of the body. This infection leads to significant damage of the endothelial cells of the lungs. It causes inflammation and inhibits much needed oxygen supply to our blood.”

    Here are some “preventionistas” raising the flag on unknown long term sinister outcomes.

    “Infection preventionists need to be able to articulate to those who feel that the young are safe just because their fatality rate is extremely low, that even in this age group there are major concerns regarding long-term consequences of this virus.

    Several recent studies have supported the growing hypothesis that coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is primarily a cardiovascular, and not a pulmonary virus. The narrative that those affected are usually asymptomatic and have very mild or no disease may be false. Many of those who are asymptomatic may actually fall victim to myocarditis, a sinister, stealth-like disease, whose resulting disability may take decades to manifest.”

    Back to this hypothesis that very little spike will end up in the bloodstream after injection. Does it matter if I get the shot in the left or right arm?

    The thoracic duct, where the two shall meet.

    In vertebrates, there are two vascular systems: the cardiovascular and the lymphatic system. To exert their functions, both vascular systems build highly branched, tree-like tubular structures. In the cardiovascular system, the heart pumps the blood through arteries into smaller arterioles and into capillary beds. From there, the blood returns via venules and veins to the heart to proceed to the lungs for new oxygen loading. Under physiological conditions, the major functions of blood vessels include the supply of gases, fluid, nutrition, and signaling molecules to the tissues with the capillaries as the actual sites of exchange. At these sites, plasma leaks from the capillaries into the interstitium, driven by blood pressure and osmotic gradients. The lymphatic capillaries take up this protein-rich fluid, thereby maintaining not only tissue fluid homeostasis but also exerting immune surveillance. The lymphatic network is composed of blind-beginning thin-walled capillaries without pericyte coverage and with incomplete basal lamina as well as of collecting lymphatic vessels with a smooth muscle cell layer, a basement membrane, and valves, which prevent back flow of lymph. The largest collecting lymphatic vessel, the thoracic duct, connects the lymphatic system with the cardiovascular system.

    The thoracic duct is the largest lymphatic vessel in the human body. Around 75% of the lymph from the entire body (aside from the right upper limb, right breast, right lung and right side of the head and neck) passes through the thoracic duct.

    While Fauci, Biden, your doctor or nurse will say it doesn’t matter I would probably go with the right arm if you are so inclined to risk the jab.


    “ The Covid-19 vaccines used in the U.S. are proven to be safe and highly effective at preventing serious illness, hospitalization and death from Covid-19, including against the delta variant. They are also supposed to be free and have no out-of-pocket costs. Despite being readily available for months, some states still have very low vaccination rates and many have still not hit the target of partially vaccinating 70% of adults that President Joe Biden set for early July. While breakthrough infections are rare, they can and do happen, though vaccines slash the risks of long Covid, hospitalization and serious illness. The vast majority of hospitalizations and nearly all deaths from Covid-19 are in unvaccinated people. The huge surge in demand for what few medicines are licensed to treat Covid-19 in the U.S. has triggered nationwide shortages and rationing of scarce supplies.”

    What a crock of propaganda bullsh*t. Do not use your own brain, we’ll tell you what to think.

    And: “ Preventable costs associated with treating unvaccinated American Covid-19 patients amounted to at least $3.7 billion in August and $5.7 billion since June, according to research by the Kaiser Family Foundation, as the disease rips through people who elected not to get free and highly effective vaccines”

    How much you wanna bet that they took the total costs of *all* hospitalized who were unvaccinated and tested positive for Covid, even the thousands of patients who were in the hospital for reasons completely unrelated to Covid infection. The purpose of his piece is to foment negative emotions in the vaxxed towards the unvaxxed. Those who don’t have “a star upon thars.”


    BTW – I have a hypothesis about the comments that can sometimes be edited and sometimes not. I believe that a comment may be edited until another comment is posted. Once another comment is posted the database is “locked” for editing.

    Mr. House

    thought this was a good quote, hat tip jessiescafeamerican

    “They support freedom for themselves and slavery for everyone else, and they use the freedom of the market to disguise this. Economic coercion is just a different form of force.”

    Robert Peate

    Mr. House

    Maybe they should just leave people alone? But as Dr. D loves to point out, they just can’t do that. Nor can they win arguments against those who argue against jabs, so they resort to gaslighting. One of the com mentors mentioned trust and i agree 100%. Pointed that out last spring/summer. The goal of the media was to destroy trust in my opinion and who do they get their marching orders from?

    Forceful Vaccine Messages Backfire With Holdouts – How Can It Be Done Better?

    John Day

    Got a picture of the “asymmetric warrior” harvesting okra in Aloha shirt

    On the 13th anniversary of the Lehman bankruptcy, Evergrande, China’s largest real-estate company, announces default, non-payment of interest.
    (Our son, Jim turns 30 today, also.) China’s decision to put limited funds into finishing construction instead of servicing debt seems practical.
    ​ ​According to Bloomberg, Chinese authorities told major lenders to China Evergrande Group not to expect interest payments due next week on bank loans, which takes the cash-strapped developer a step closer the nation’s largest modern-day restructurings, and guarantees that China’s “Lehman Moment” is now just a matter of days, if not hours.​..instead most of Evergrande’s working capital in now being used to resume construction on existing projects, the housing ministry told bankers…​ With senior leaders in Beijing silent on whether they will allow Evergrande creditors to suffer major losses, bondholders have priced in slim odds of a rescue…

    None Dare Call It “Ivermectin”? What day is this?
    ​ ​President Trump has responded to claims that Milley had a back-channel with his Chinese counterparts and would warn them of any impending attacks.”If the story of “Dumbass” General Mark Milley…is true, then I assume he would be tried for TREASON in that he would have been dealing with his Chinese counterpart behind the President’s back and telling China that he would be giving them notification “of an attack.”” wrote Trump in a statement.​..
    “For the record, I never even thought of attacking China – and China knows that,” Trump continued.

    ​John Ward has done thorough research here. His use of the English language is always exemplary:
    Autoantibodies, Fauci the antimatter liar, Ivermectin the Saviour – & a way for those already vaccinated to avoid death
    ​ ​Collating eclectic data from around the world, The Slog takes another stab at waking people up….while showing that, even for the doubled vaxxed, there is a still huge advantage in saying NO from here on.
    ​ ​One can observe categorically that medical researchers in Australia, India, France, the US, Germany and Japan are showing why the mRNA Covid “vaccines” tested by Oxford Recovery on dogs killed all the vaccinated animals. The detailed nature of deadly Cytokinic overreaction is closely allied to the study of how ‘autoantibodies’ develop. These little mothers are not always good news.

    ​ I have been waiting for the details on why these 2 distinguished career​ technocrats recently resigned. I knew it was about mRNA vaccines, but what?
    ​How significant is it that the two top FDA officials responsible for vaccine research resigned last week and this week signed a letter in The Lancet that strongly warns against vaccine boosters? This is a remarkable sign that the project of government-managed virus mitigation is in the final stages before falling apart.


    “..During the final months of former President Donald Trump’s term, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley made two phone calls to Chinese officials in fear that Trump would create conflict with the communist nation..”

    Generalissimo Milley Vanilly, pompous Four Star Manwhore and his crack elite unit of Transgender Paratrooper Trigger Troops is a showboat Tart.

    He phoned home to his CCP masters to get his marching orders straight from the top.

    Huge swaths of the US military think he is an outright traitor and should be dealt with as such.



    “ It remains to be seen whether Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ promise over the weekend of 50 gigabytes of free data for the smartphones of 15- to 17-year-olds will provide any kind of inducement.”

    Sheesh. The government is trying to pit the teens against the will of their parents, undermining parental authority. If my teen couldn’t understand the perfidy of the government after I explained the inherent manipulation tactic being used, and still wanted the jab for 50 GB cloud data, I’d pay for my teen to have 60 gb data contingent on not getting jabbed. It’s a stupid game to play. My 13 year old daughter wouldn’t fall for it for a minute…she has been gifted in seeing through such manipulation since she was quite small.

    However, it also means that after a time period, the carrot will be withdrawn and replaced with the stick. Why can’t everyone see this?


    Reiner Fuellmich and the Corona Committee

    Nobody can find a isolated purified sample of the alleged SARS‑CoV‑2 “virus”


    Anybody here at TAE have a link to a purified, isolated sample of the alleged SARS‑CoV‑2 “virus”???

    It’s as if it were made up, because it is made up.

    Like the article here the other day, researchers suing the CDC for massive fraud.

    “Is the Virus Fictitious”? Laboratories in US Can’t Find COVID-19 in One of 1,500 Positive Tests

    “CDC sued for massive fraud: Tests at 7 universities of ALL people examined showed that they did not have Covid, but just Influenza A or B – EU statistics: ‘Corona’ virtually disappeared, even under mortality.”


    chooch- here is picture of the lymphatic system drainage. I don’t know what it means in terms of right arm or left arm, but when I first saw it I was quite surprised how asymmetrical it is.


    “ Even though 81% of UK adults are double-jabbed, nearly 6 million are unvaccinated and vulnerable to the highly-transmissible Delta variant now most Covid restrictions have been lifted”

    More propaganda.
    1) many of the “6 million unvaccinated” have survived Covid and have more durable, thorough immunity to Covid than the vaxxed. These are the backbone of future herd immunity. Stop belittling them and the public contribution they are making.

    2) the vaxxed are ALSO “ vulnerable to the highly-transmissible Delta variant .”

    3) I’m not so sure that the “ Covid restrictions” actually made much of a difference in the trajectory of the virus. Specifically, masking is not efficacious and leads to more transmission because people “feel safe” when they are not.


    Plus no autopsies anywhere to actually discover what people are dying of.


    You think that is not planned.

    Are you a Coincidence Theorist???

    those darned kids

    how much did the pentagon cost in the last three months?

    how much ivermectin can you buy for 5.6$ billion?


    Thanks for the description of your bout with the holocough. Were you and your wife taking anything prophylactically?


    Israel has massive up tick in ‘cases’ for two reasons

    Either the Spike Protein, which is toxic all by itself and it NOT ‘alive’, is poisoning people, mostly vaxxed


    ADE is actually kicking in.

    They are one of the most Cull-Shot-ed countries on earth.

    They are the canary in the mine.

    Poison Spike Proteins or ADE

    I don’t see another explanation.


    A wheel within a wheel, within a wheel (wheel = puppet)
    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley


    Are you normal or is there an unknown/unidentified cause
    Fecal Incontinence in Elderly Adults: What You Need to Know


    Thanks for making me envision fecally incontinent grandmas, zero. That’s just lovely.


    “Are you kidding me, Pfizer, volume 1 gazillion. They want booster approval based on studies covering about 300 people – with no control arms. BUT IT GETS BETTER. They tested it in 12 (yes, 12!) people over 65.”

    Mr. House

    This is what happens when you’re sane and you don’t consider that maybe they do want society to fall apart?


    “One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.”
    The caption of this response is one of the many brilliant sayings of
    that great brain, Sir William Osler. In the twenty first century, I could
    only echo that great sentiment as a truism, despite all the tall talk
    about the “so called” evidence based medicine. Napoleon Bonaparte went one
    step further, but one could ague that he was not a physician. Napolean was
    at the receiving end of such a medical practice in Persia where he died.
    “Medicine is a collection of uncertain prescriptions the results of which,
    taken collectively, are more fatal than useful to mankind.” Napoleon,
    though, was more accurate scientifically today. Latest science says that
    uncertainty is the only certainty in the world. This is truer in medical
    science, if there is one. A proverb is a short sentence based on long
    experience. If that were so, this one from Voltaire takes the cake: “The
    art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the

    Time and again I had written in responses to the journal as also in
    my articles elsewhere that our evidence base has been built on loose sand.
    ) Of course, no one seems
    to take it seriously. They would have, if it had any financial interest
    behind it. The present RCTs and linear relations help generate billions of
    dollars in chemical therapeutics even if that results in thousands dying
    of our efforts directly or indirectly. (

    I found the above while looking for the history of thalidomide, I wanted to know how long after adverse effects were seen was the drug banned.

    It seems now that for many physicians the first duty is to ensure the masses take experimental untested unnecessary medicines…

    Disclaimer;: I was experimented on as a child with psychology and as a teenager with drugs and psychological methods in a cultures so am extremely skeptical of authority.
    Tell me I must do or take something and I won’t. Cajole, coerce or incentive me and I won’t even more, force me and I’ll bite your hand off…
    Or appear that I have complied but really I am planning my revenge and will get you when you least expect it.


    Our mask song
    Sounds like an ode to blind obedience
    Reminds me of the refrain to a Mormon children’s song:
    Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet – he knows the way
    And “the prophet” is the current leader of the Mormon church.
    At least they are learning to sing tunefully and learning an American folk song.


    Veracious Poet

    Many thanks for your anecdote. When stats are high enough, they should generally be corroborated by anecdote and vice versa. Combining anecdotes helps us to see the trends. I know of more injured by vax than dead or with long Covid from the virus.


    @ oxymoron

    I do not wish you to be a canary. But, if, against all our wishes you (and your Aussie peers) have become canaries, I thank you for being a LOUD canary.


    @ Dr D
    Enjoyed your rant today!


    @ chooch
    What do you ride?


    @ John Day — beautiful okra!


    “But newly published modelling from experts on the Sage advisory committee warn the government not to wait too long, with cases, hospitalisations and deaths all higher than a year ago despite the success of the vaccination programme.”

    It’s getting to the point where I wonder if they introduced crappy, leaky vaccines just so they could make the actual numbers of yearly deaths finally match the those predicted by the Imperial College modellers. Then they can point out that they were right all along.

    Doc Robinson

    Nomanisanisland: “…while looking for the history of thalidomide, I wanted to know how long after adverse effects were seen was the drug banned.”

    There’s still money to be made from Thalidomide. Interesting how a drug which was almost as popular as aspirin now costs over $5,000 to treat leprosy.

    By the late 1950s, thalidomide was marketed in forty-six countries with sales almost as high as those of aspirin.

    THALIDOMIDE is used to treat multiple myeloma. It is also used to treat moderate to severe new lesions of leprosy and to prevent and keep the skin lesions of leprosy from coming back.

    Mr. House

    They’ve already proved that half the country will beg for their “leadership” because of the “pandemic”, now imagine people don’t have electricity, food, gasoline? Who will you hang with? The soyboys in the city or the people in the country who just happen to be a bit more independent? Assuming they let you hang with them.


    Mr house, market-ticker

    I suspect we may soon see a flowering of the cash and non-monetized economies.



    5. DEATH & DYING
    7. GOSSIP
    8. INCEST
    13. MONEY
    15. POLITICS
    17. SALARIES
    20. SUICIDE
    21. TAE, – vaccine’s not working


    It’s been my working assumption for quite awhile that the destruction of civil society has been
    a long-term plan of our transnational ruling class. What I’m wondering at the moment- assuming for the moment that that’s true- is how far back that program goes; perhaps it was started even in the 60s. See, for example, how many music icons of that time have ties to the military, and to the -IAs. Then look at Hollywood’s recent (?) work product, and corporatist-pushed “woke-ism”, and the like.

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