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    @ John Day

    John Ward is a cool cat! Love his take. Resonates

    Again I com back to this…heaven forbid the *strain* of thought !

    Ivan Illich would approve me thinks.

    Aug 19
    One of the great evils of media is the pernicious way in which it promotes the expert/laymen divide to the normie. Firstly, it characterizes expert opinion as homogenous, which it rarely if ever is.

    Secondly, it encourages him to surrender organic reason.

    If he is encouraged to view his reasoning criteria as inadequate, by what other faculty does he have confidence in the experts he selects to inform his worldview?

    The world is complex, error is costly, but by recommending he view the consequences of error in stark moral terms, he is robbed of the recognition that error is a precondition to knowledge.

    By shifting the issue to the moral plane, he is encouraged to select those authorities that flatter him as virtuous, and his confidence in them becomes an expression of his narcissism.

    He is alienated from his own capacity for reason, and the more his self-image is invested in adherence to popular consensus, the more likely he is to remain compliant, defaulting to that view which minimizes cognitive dissonance, the strain of thought.


    The article’s just the standard righteous outrage-porn, done well enough, but the photos are
    worth seeing. Greenwald seems to read it as inadvertent cluelessness from our ruling class;
    I think instead they’re sending ther helots a carefully crafted message.

    That’s some nice okra, John Day! Good stuff.

    Mr. House

    Sometimes i wonder: If we’d never shutdown in 2020, would we have noticed? I didn’t get sick until August this year and didn’t know anyone who was sick thru out all of 2020. Was the shutdown just another facet of keeping people from getting together and talking, making the biggly claims the corps and media were making more “real”? Is staying rich and powerful worth ruining so many lives? History would suggest most at the top would say yes.

    Mr. House


    Yeah why get worked up over her dress? She’s been proven a fake time and time again. I remember arguing that back at NC when she first came on the scene. Something struck me funny about her being on the cover of Vogue after winning her election. People who want to “Tax the Rich” don’t go on the cover of Vogue. They wouldn’t listen then, those people are truly charlie brown.


    Same for me early on re: AOC™, at that other place. Too many instant, ultra-photogenic images..
    Then when the afternoon guy said “she’s a very talented politician”..

    here we are


    Mr House: “something struck me funny about her …”

    I recall seeing her name in headlines, etc., when she first hit the scene (I don’t watch TV news at all). Then a friend mentioned how great she is – young, intelligent, etc., etc.

    SO!! ……

    I found a youtube video of one of her, um, rants (or whatever you call what she does) … made it about 90 seconds into it, turned it off, didn’t need to see anymore. Wtf. Haven’t watched any video where she is actually talking since. Useless.

    Veracious Poet


    Israel has massive up tick in ‘cases’ for two reasons
    Either the Spike Protein, which is toxic all by itself and it NOT ‘alive’, is poisoning people, mostly vaxxed
    ADE is actually kicking in.
    They are one of the most Cull-Shot-ed countries on earth.
    They are the canary in the mine.
    Poison Spike Proteins or ADE
    I don’t see another explanation.

    It would appear that the Palestinian vs. Israel war is about to turn…

    I wonder how that will play out, since the Israelis have F15s + nukes 😐

    Wanted to mention that it occured to me yesterday re: Protecting the vaccinated from the unvaccinated ~ Perhaps in the low IQ foggy mindset of the mass psychosis quislings the unvaxxed are responsible for the China virus variants?

    Of course it’s now more than apparent that DATA + The Science all but proves it’s the other way around?

    Or is it just another blatant ca$h grab by TPTB through their apparatchiks?

    Anyways, during times of advanced spiritual warfare, like the human race is currently suffering through, prayer & meditation are vital to remaining undisturbed, thus sane.


    Denninger (thanks for the link):

    “..To be sure I’m certain some around here are still scared of the coof. But for everyone scared of the coof there are probably three who are tired of being abused for the last 18 months and aren’t going to put up with it. They’ve rearranged their lives in the intervening time to not need to deal with that crap and won’t. Some of them (e.g. a married couple with kids) have figured out how to make it work on one salary and there’s nothing an employer can do to convince the second person to come back. Do remember that most of these people were screwed blind for a year and a half — first by telling them they’re essential and must take the risk of a deadly disease for the benefit of others and now by demanding they take a jab after they took said risk, got infected and thus are immune! Those who do put up with it because they must to survive will become increasingly surly and nasty, and I’ve seen that among public-facing staff members as well. You can’t fire the only check-out clerk you have without closing the store, can you? Exactly what incentive does he or she have under that circumstance to be nice?.. ”

    Yeah! Why won’t the helots get quadruple-plus-jabbed and wear a mask and stand behind that line and do whatever else they’re [arbitrarily] told to do on a minute’s notice, for ten bucks an hour?

    I think events are pretty much going according to Plan (not mine, for sure).


    Anyone else notice that yesterday’s supposed dropping of v. passports in the UK™ is now in question?

    unsurprised/ #softeninguptheProles

    “walk this way!- no- that way, you morons!”


    @Veracious Poet

    From yesterday, I to have an engineering background, In the early 70’s I was talking to a senior engineer who had worked on repairing the Empire State Building in 1945 after a B-25 Mitchell bomber hit it in the fog.

    The building was built like the rock of Gibraltar and while the photos he showed me from his personal records of the damaged areas were amazing, the repair was only about one million dollars in 45′ or about 10 to 15 million now.

    Several lower floors caught fire from the wave of ignited aviation fuel, the bulk of the damage was very concentrated on two floors. One of the engines, quite heavy blew sraight through the whole building and soared out across the street and landed on another building. The other engine went through to the core of the building to one of the main elevator shaft and cut the elevator cables. A single women in the elevator with the cut cable started to plunge to the cellar but was saved by the auto-brake mechanism but the engine had fallen with the elevator down the shaft and landed on top of the elevator. Miraculously firemen got to her in time and got her out. A large part of the flaming wreckage fell back out of the building and plunged 78 floors to the pavement below. Luckily it was a Saturday so only about 18 people or so died in the building.

    This senior engineer said that the steel girders and concrete building techniques used in 1929 took the shock quite well all things considered.

    Another engineering friend said that in contrast, the World Trade Center was built like chop sticks covered with a condom. Not in the same class as the ESB at all.

    The reason your comment peaked some interest is because this structural engineer had casually said that the whole incident had opened up an informal discussion about what would have happened if a bigger bomber loaded with ordinance had hit the building on a much lower floor and had actually destabilized the whole structure, what were the implications for the building falling over into the neighborhood in Manhattan.

    Years later another acquiescence who did structural building inspection in NYC oddly mentioned finding locked rooms and components in very tall building he was told to ignore. A strange comment at the time but in lieu of what you said, an interesting tid-bit.



    “This is a remarkable sign that the project of government-managed virus mitigation is in the final stages before falling apart.”

    That’s my hope, but my hunch is (given the propensity of gov to “help” and not leave alone) that the FDA officials resigning will be heretofore called “disgruntled” and the beat will march on.

    Michael Reid

    My reading today leads me to the conclusion again that this is the start of culling in the western world.




    Anybody here at TAE have a link to a purified, isolated sample of the alleged SARS‑CoV‑2 “virus”???

    I am not sure I understand the point of collecting a purified, isolated sample. What exactly is the point? We have scanning electron microscope images that show the virus as tiny compared to a human cell, and the human cells themselves are tiny. The virus particles are so small, I am not sure if there is a practical way to “isolate” and “purify” the samples. Purify and isolate them from what? But even if it were possible, who would want to do that and why? Why is it necessary if we can do a gene sequencing instead? We can do so many gene sequencings that we can even create the family tree, and identify where new variants pop up.

    I think that there are plenty of things to question about the official narrative, but questioning the existence of the virus is not one of them.

    V. Arnold

    @ Michael Reid

    Thanks for that link…very, very interesting, if somewhat disheartening…
    I don’t know if you saw my congratulations on your 5 point bull moose a couple of days ago…
    So, I repeat; congrats…


    Unfortunately, I’m coming around to agreeing with Michael Reid, “My reading today leads me to the conclusion again that this is the start of culling in the western world.”

    This has gotten bad.

    Oxy lives in Australia and only a fool wouldn’t think he is living in hell.

    I read the comments on Karl D’s post (So You’d Like To NOT Have Society Collapse?) and, from those, it ain’t looking good out there.There are undoubtedly supply chain problems in all levels of the chain, from chip manufacturing to packing boxes to shipping boxes to delivery of boxes.

    I’ve been experiencing this multi-faceted break down for months (escalating now), and I’m not much of a consumer. I don’t eat out, but also have anecdotal reports from people who do that tables are empty because there is not enough staff.

    Godspeed, folks.

    (oxy, stock up. you’ll need it)

    Michael Reid

    Yes the culling. What did you think was going to happen? We moved the manufacturing and technology to the east and allowed some to grow so rich that governments are under their control. They own everything nearly and if most of us were to no longer exist, wouldn’t that solve a lot of problems? We are no longer needed by those in control. Most of us no longer know how to survive if our civilization collapsed and had to fend with nature. I would have a rough time and would not see a lot of things again but I feel I would survive. Yes great reset for sure.

    Michael Reid

    @ V. Arnold

    Yes saw it but was so busy butchering it and now on to harvesting the rest of the wood required for winter which should already be done but was delayed by creating a farm this summer.

    @ WES

    Luckily I shot the moose from the deck of my cottage. Not so far away this year.

    John Day

    Thnks for the positive comments about “my okra”, folks. It really IS fabulous okra, and you can grow it, too. It’s Texas Hill Country Red okra,agriculture%20with%20vineyards%20and%20farms.
    For several years I tried growing multiple types of okra, but this was the most vigorous an best and best tasting every time so I just gave up on everything else. The pods get pretty big before they get woody. That pod was fine. Gotta’ go turn off the heat under it and the others. I test them with a serrated knife as I slice them up. You can tell what’s too fibrous.


    @ oxy understand if you don’t want to reveal but which region of Vic are you in? I too live in the rural parts and I have to say my experience has been very different. There is barely any compliance with the restrictions and looking the other way is the usual reaction. I have rarely worn a mask the last two years and although I get a few bad looks no business has ever said anything to me. The local cops are as sick of it as anyone else and always wear their masks on their chin. I have heard that other parts are far harsher. When people on this site and others comment on how crazy aus is I understand but it certainly hasn’t been my lived experience. If you turn the telly off you wouldn’t know much has changed.


    Good tip on the okra, JD. I saved the link and might order some seeds. Trying to mend the soil here a bit- a slow process. As I remember, overcooking works a little on the fibrousness. 😉


    A brief, fascinatingly wrong-headed (yes, I’m sure) review of Tom Cuthberton’s second bike-riding
    book, ‘Bike-Tripping’:

    The reviewer and I might agree that it wasn’t the equal of ‘Anybody’s Bike Book’, but it continued
    the same accepting ethos of that book. Wish I could have met Cuthbertson, who died at sixty around 2005.


    Making it difficult to comply with the administrative directives re the virus seems to be aimed at the naysayers for now. I think that that tactic will later be applied to the faithful, too, so that it will be almost impossible to be “in compliance”. Imagine the possibilities.


    Making it difficult to comply with the administrative directives re the virus seems to be aimed at the skeptical or questioning for now. I think that that tactic will later be applied to the faithful too, so that it will be almost impossible to be “in compliance”. Imagine the possibilities.

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