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    Claude Monet The sheltered path 1888   • YouTube Is Always Right (Steve Kirsch) • Covid-19 Vaccines Are Killing At Least 2 People For Every 1 Lif
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle September 20 2021]

    V. Arnold

    The world is not a prison-house but a kind of spiritual kindergarten where millions of bewildered infants are trying to spell God with the wrong blocks.
    — Edwin Arlington Robinson…



    Interesting tidbit here: “All attempts for a meeting between the FDA and CDC have been stonewalled.”

    Mister Roboto

    Dr. D

    “Reiner Fuellmich – scary if true…”

    Not pleased seeing “Scary if true.” Yeah, so is everything. So we need to have at least some strength of confirmation that it’s true before saying it. If you think it’s true, say so. If not, search quietly until later.

    “Evergrande: Why Most Analysis Is Dead In The Water (Erba)”

    Shows why it’s not about transferring money; it’s about transferring RISK. This is generally why the rubes can’t beat the house: they’re chasing the money, the Street is watching the risk. Ultimately, the risk is what matters and the money takes care of itself. Also the type of crash is slightly different, and the exposure for China or the world is slightly different. Those tings may matter but it’s hard to get adequate details.

    And chart: Ireland is low? With the price of Real Estate in Ireland? Needs follow-up. How is Ireland’s GDP so high it can outrun their land prices? Search: Tax Rates. More isn’t always better, particularly since the more they “Tax the Rich” with AOC, the richer they get. For 100 years in a row. Too soon to draw any conclusions though: let’s not be hasty.

    “France Accuses Britain Of ‘Retreating To America’s Lap’ (Inews)”

    I mean, yes, but he’s missing it. So UK, who is using Steele to pick Presidents in the US and elsewhere, is the senior or the junior partner? U.S. runs Blair for Gulf II, or we have Israel fighting to the last American? No: these are all false, because governments are not primary and in control. Power blocs, composed of the CIA, Halliburton, Israel lobby, sub manufacturers, etc, run the show, as sometimes said, like dark clouds circling the earth, disregarding and above borders, votes, and citizens. And it’s not JUST corporations as is often claimed. So what “France” is he talking about? What “Britain”? The “U.S.” on populist Trump side is the same as the “U.S.” on the Clinton CIA side? Not really, not at all. You can’t understand the world if you think of it this way, and they do. That’s why it’s confusing and they keep getting it wrong — the diagnosis as well as the cure.

    “BlackRock and Citi Get on Board the Climate Nazi Train (Iman)”

    Several articles on this, which is an improvement. People are waking up to how this will kill everyone it touches, millions of people in no time at all.

    It goes further and has this fabulous key paragraph though:

    capturing the bulk of the energy market, and by the time we all wake up, they’ll control the world’s energy and logistics chains. And once they’ve done that, they’ll be able to control the reserve currency and once they’ve done that… well, they will be the dominant power. Game over.”

    You can start to add “Social Credit” and cutting off food to all the minorities that won’t cooperate with the state, ruthlessly purging them, as all fascists and socialists do as an innate structure of “State First”. That is, rule by the oligarchs in favor of the oligarchs, for the pleasure of the oligarchs. Borrowing your daughters to St. James. …Then we dump some hollow PR about “the people” on the side.

    As Hugh Smith says, if you have a real problem, you “manage” it, using words, or more accurately: lies. That’s ’cause, “We’re an empire now, and we make our own reality…”

    A horse is now a Senator? You beat Poseidon and stole his seashells from the seashore? Riot = Not Riot = Riot? I see no downside. I’m sure no one will notice and that’ll all work fine.


    Elementary Statistical Analysis. If one desires to compare the Covid vaccinated to those who are unvaccinated, create two nearly equal populations by randomization of the participants. Inject one half with the vaccine and the other with a placebo. Count the subsequent infections in the two populations.

    That’s what Pfizer did. 43,548 test subjects were randomized and divided in two. After about 3 and ½ months, eight of the vaccinated developed Covid and 168 of the unvaccinated developed Covid. That convinced me that the vaccine was somewhat effective in the short run. Safety requires more time and analysis.

    Then the variants started appearing, and some seemed to be able to not only bypass the vaccine but to even cause death. Now, if the medical establishment wants to continue using the vaccine, another controlled study is needed for the dominant new variant to prove efficacy. Obvious.

    Pfizer won’t do this. They know the current vaccine would not look good. If forced, Pfizer would create a new vaccine for the variant. At “warp speed,” that would require 6 months to test in a new pristine set of volunteers. Another variant might appear and take over before the new vaccine could be finished with testing. We would see the general public become frustrated and disillusioned with the vaccine program. Better to just pretend the vaccine works.

    From the Lancet article (TAE 15 Sep.):
    Randomised trials are relatively easy to interpret reliably, but there are substantial challenges in estimating vaccine efficacy from observational studies undertaken in the context of rapid vaccine roll-out. Estimates may be confounded both by patient characteristics at the start of vaccine roll-out and by time-varying factors that are missed by electronic health records.”

    “Substantial challenges” is a gross understatement. If someone claims that the vaccine is effective against other variants, show me the randomized control trial. Electronic health record data is useless.

    Denninger (TAE 12 Sep.) claims that the vaccinated are more likely to become infected than the unvaccinated in a Public Health England paper. This is a misuse of general health data base statistics, …in my opinion this is not a “controlled” study. The paper even states, “The vaccination status of cases, inpatients, and deaths is not the most appropriate method to assess vaccine effectiveness and there is a high risk of misinterpretation.” Later on in the same paper, a table seems to imply that unvaccinated are 3 or 4 times as likely to die. This is also a faulty assumption for the same reason. The differences between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated could be due to socioeconomic status, nutrition, life style, occupation, use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and a hundred other complications.

    Hirschhorn (TAE 13 Sep.) looks to me like another flawed attempt to compare the vaccinated to the unvaccinated from a general data base. (I can’t get full access to the article now, but I recall that an opposite conclusion would be found from the younger patients.)

    The recent CDC paper claiming that unvaccinated are eleven times as likely to die as the vaccinated appears to me to make the same blunder by using an electronic health data base. I consider the paper to be a deliberate fraud. No wonder responsible federal employees are resigning.

    The so-called “test-negative case-controls” observational studies that are used as a substitute for randomized controlled studies may be valid approximations if the people doing the study are highly experienced experts with real integrity. The studies are fast and cheap but prone to error. They need to be reviewed by other experts to validate the study and to make sure that the vaccines truly do provide some benefit above being unvaccinated. This is a situation where errors are easily made, but a valid study is very difficult. “Inappropriate control selection can lead to selection bias and, consequently, invalid conclusions:

    What would happen if one of these studies showed that the vaccine was ineffective against the delta variant? Wouldn’t that be politically incorrect? Politicians, agency bureaucrats, and corporate executives might be embarrassed. The vaccination program would need to be shut down. Start over from scratch. This looks like a case where there would be tremendous pressure brought to bear on those conducting the “test-negative” study to arrive at the politically correct result. So, it’s hard for me to trust this type of data.


    Generic – nice look into things.
    Dr D. The China thing looks like a tough ride. Empires are nicer to those inside them riding a rising energy tide but get shitty quick on the downside.
    The cheap oil moves to dirty coal and Brown Tech / command economy looks inevitable from here.
    Always time to make moves or break some useless law that no one cares about though. Just gotta be quiet about it. Like it always has been.

    Clueless Honky

    I am intrigued by Denninger’s suggestion that the 80% of folks that have some kind of natural immunity to Covid (as the Diamond Princess and the January paper in “Nature” paper) could come from previous exposure to a dramatically less harmful cold virus such as OC43, which could then be used to inoculate the population with.

    @ Generic, and others:

    I believe the points you make about England’s PHE data are important, but it should not get lost that this data does seem to be showing a clear trend over recent time.

    In this post, I include a graph that clearly shows that trend. I also acknowledge that for most specific age brackets, that – at this point- the vaccines do still seem to show some kind of short-term benefit. How does that pan out in the future – nobody knows.



    Huskynut. Sorry to hear about your dad’s health – sounds like vaccination, all the best.


    If you look forward to and enjoy Dr. D’s commentary everyday, this linked article/interview has that vibe.

    Doc Robinson

    “Singapore has fully vaccinated 82 per cent of its population…”

    Transmissions jump when vaxxed people act as if the vaxxes will work as promised.

    When the Singapore government announced strict segregation measures in August for those who were not yet vaccinated against Covid-19, it had an immediate desired effect. Vaccination numbers surged, from 70 per cent who had completed the two-shot regimen as of August 8, to 78 per cent just two weeks later.

    Restaurants reopened to in-person dining on August 10 for those who were fully vaccinated, and a week later, strict work-from-home rules eased, allowing as many as 50 per cent of employees to return to the office. Shopping malls and cinemas were allowed to expand capacity for those who were vaccinated, and temperature screenings at entrances stopped.

    Those who did remain unvaccinated felt they were being ostracised.

    Despite the “strict segregation” and ostracizing, there is still some sanity in Singapore.
    “If people want to judge me, it’s on them.”

    Mrs Tan is one of the vaccine holdouts. In her late 30s and currently breastfeeding a five-month-old baby, she cites as the main reason for her decision to forgo the jab the lack of knowledge on the mRNA vaccines’ effect on babies.

    “There are no long-term studies on the effect of the mRNA technology on the human body, therefore I prefer to take my chances on my immune system and the different immune-boosting strategies I’ve been using for a while,” she says. Mrs Tan takes vitamin C, D and zinc supplements, and follows a wholefood, plant-based diet, with regular exercise.

    A strong believer in personal responsibility and freedom, Mrs Tan believes that the unvaccinated are discriminated against in Singapore. However, she has “made peace” with the restrictions imposed on her for her choosing not to vaccinate. “If people want to judge me, it’s on them,” she says.


    Where are we?

    1. “effectiveness” ….the degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result;

    2. “A war of ideas”
    A war of ideas is a clash or disagreement of opposing ideals, ideologies, or concepts through which nations or groups use strategic influence to promote their interests abroad. The “battle space” of this conflict is the target population’s “hearts and minds”, while the “weapons” can include, among other sources, think tanks, TV programs, newspaper articles, the internet, blogs, official government policy papers, traditional diplomacy, public diplomacy and/or radio broadcasts.

    3. “a tempest in a teapot”
    … A disproportionate reaction of anger, concern, or displeasure over some minor or trivial matter.

    4. “shunned”…. persistently avoided, ignored, or rejected.

    Doc Robinson

    In Singapore, by July 23 the “vaccinated individuals accounted for three-quarters [75%] of Singapore’s COVID-19 infections in the last four weeks…”

    This coincided with when “Singapore has already inoculated nearly 75% of its 5.7 million people…”

    I haven’t found any further data on breakthrough cases in Singapore since then. The Ministry of Health makes no mention of them in their recent updates.

    Sweet Kenny

    Reiner Fuellmich – scary if true…

    Can someone tell me what this one was about? Reiner’s Twitter account is gone.

    There is this


    Germ, Many (and many more) thank you’s for the two links, they are both great! Really needed in these times.

    Figmund Sreud

    In following vid, starting at 5:27:04 mark, Dr. K. Jansen, Pfizer, states: “I think T-cell responses are really not important when we look at infection.” Er, … Whaaaat?


    Mister Roboto

    JHK today at this CFN blog:

    Events, you see, are closing in on all the fraught mendacious fakery that permeates the world, and the USA especially, in this time of the proposed “great re-set.” This is the week that will be the week that was. Try to keep your head together while other heads are exploding around you, and see what kind of country we are on Friday. Maybe not quite the same place.

    So what do y’all think? Typical Kunstlerian hyperbole, or might he be onto something?


    @sweetkenny – i came back from work too late to see this one before it was taken down by jack dorsey’s handlers as well. It seems that they have banned the user osler78 who uploaded the clip.

    Well, from reading the twitter comments it seems it references leaked contracts between world governments and Bill and Melinda Gates Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunisation (GAVI). 500k deaths since the vaccine rollouts is also mentioned. It references Reiner’s summary video that you have posted so the excerpt was taken from there if you can find the part about leaked GAVI contracts and 500k dead through the vaccines. Gates himself has admitted on camera in an interview that 700k could likely die from a vaccine rollout worldwide were it to be done.

    I hope Reiner and his team get the evidence to a judiciary that isn’t in the pocket of the devil. Most of the courts are bought out.

    I also hope that we can free Assange.

    I hope for a lot against these odds it seems. Still, we can’t take away hope or else we give up trying to fight at all.


    Claude Monet’s The Sheltered Path painting is very apt for me!

    This past week I have been busy everyday making improvements to a pathway that runs back of the cottage and runs the length of the island.

    I have removed dozens of rocks and tree roots sticking out on the path and filled in the holes with sand.

    If I knew how post a photo on TAE I would. It would look somewhat like Monet’s painting!


    If I knew how post a photo on TAE I would. It would look somewhat like Monet’s painting!

    Send me the photo by email

    Mister Roboto

    An impressive amount of air is wooshing out of the intertube of the financial markets today.

    Mr. House

    Evergrande is said to have 300 billion in debt……… the fed prints that in two and a half days, and has been since march 2020.


    SEATTLE — In King County, eating at a restaurant indoors, seeing a movie in a theater or working out at a gym will require proof of a coronavirus vaccination or a negative test beginning next month.

    Among eligible King County residents, 85% have received at least one vaccine dose, according to the public health department. Yet infection and hospitalization rates remain at dangerous levels.

    “In a community where we have some of the highest rates of vaccination nationally, we are still seeing a small percentage who haven’t been vaccinated causing tremendous challenges,” he said.

    The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation projects the current outbreak to worsen in the next six months, peaking in mid- to late-December, Duchin said at a briefing Thursday afternoon in Seattle’s Columbia City. The surge could overwhelm the county with up to 300,000 new infections, 8,000 new hospitalizations and up to 1,000 or more additional deaths, he added.

    Constantine said the county will rely on individual businesses and venues to verify vaccine compliance. He compared the verification to when businesses have to check identification to serve alcohol or ensure someone is wearing a shirt and shoes before they enter. The phase-in approach, he added, helps address staffing challenges faced by smaller restaurants.

    “We start with education and technical assistance, and we do everything we can to help [venues] be able to comply, but if they’re unwilling to, there are additional steps to be taken, just as there would be if there was a venue illegally serving alcohol,” he said. “But we don’t expect it to come to that.”

    Fuck Seattle, CDC. Biden, Pharma scum. Politicians, Media and the ignorant obese purple haired lesbians and the complicit dumbfuck vaxd little nazis….

    The war is ON. Bidet announced it on 9/9, the local liberal vaxzis are now just following orders.

    Seattle has fallen, I will be displaced soon and likely flee like an ostracized war refuge. Lines are being pushed and divided… May there be enough of us to push back this collective mass hypnosis insanity.


    Evergrande is said to have 300 billion in debt……… the fed prints that in two and a half days, and has been since march 2020.

    That’s not the problem. Which is that people who bought their WMPs and/or -mostly unfinished “properties” (over 1 million of those) themselves got into debt to buy them. That raises the problem at least tenfold. The PBNC could handle a $3 trillion issue, but when it’s out there spread among a million Chinese, that’s not so easy.

    Mr. House

    Hope you’re correct Raul, nothing would please me more then watching the corrupt finance system buckle under the weight of all its lies. Would be interesting to see how they spin that.


    I need to vent…

    After working my shift last night and closing up the bar- i heard about the latest King Co mandates for vax cards being implemented next month. Fucking Vaxzi scumbags !

    I am thoroughly f’n disgusted with this Govt Corporate Regime… Reds and Blues both suck, corrupt to the core.

    I suspected this was coming, the divided States and their mandate madness. The sense of being slowly choked out with blatant lies and horrific minds behind those lies. The- “I’m going to have to leave my city as it is being overrun with Vaxzi Tyranny”- that has nothing to do with health- and everything to do with an abusive power control scam has arrived.

    This is a fucking modern day crucifixion, a witch hunt. This is what true tyranny feels and looks like- it is enraging. This is the faceless nameless blob of insanity that destroys minds and bodies…

    The center cannot hold- it is falling apart.
    Civil Disobedience !

    Mr. House

    Something tells me this wouldn’t cut it these days 😉

    those darned kids

    “nothing would please me more then watching the corrupt finance system buckle under the weight of all its lies”

    buckle under and squish the desperate proles who’ll pay for the clean up.

    Mr. House

    “buckle under and squish the desperate proles who’ll pay for the clean up.”

    That was always going to be the case, deflation is deflation of everything. Me, i trust chaos more then those who have been calling the shots from 9/11/2001 thru 9/20/2021

    Mr. House

    Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum


    Seattle: “we are still seeing a small percentage who haven’t been vaccinated causing tremendous challenges …”

    The only question left is, how stupid can they get?

    citizenx: you’re allowed to be pissed. I know how you feel. NY resident here …

    Mr. House
    Sweet Kenny

    They have to figure out the right dose for minor children…



    I don’t know when, how, where, or why the first domino will fall and cause a cascade.
    Those with the most to lose will struggle the most to avoid the end.

    Our social/economic systems will fail/change because of too much money or not enough.

    Maybe, you prefer ” a house of card” crashing down.

    Fast or slow.

    How about dying or surviving an atomic bomb blast.

    It doesn’t change the ending

    Make your peace.
    Enjoy your life.
    Death will still be your ending.

    Mr. House

    “Make your peace.
    Enjoy your life.
    Death will still be your ending.”

    Indeed, i feel the same way about covid 😉

    those darned kids

    here’s your canadian election results: la même chose..


    Can Ivermectin be used as a treatment protocol with all kinds of flu?

    Thank you.

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