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    Kazimir Malevich Sportsmen 1931   • A Possible Strategy For Peace (Gav Don) • American Roulette (Batiushka) • Fourth Leak Found On Nord Stream Pi
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    Amyloidosis – the toxic brew that will slowly destroy the vasculature of the death-vaxxed.
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock . . .

    “A central role for amyloid fibrin microclots in long COVID/PASC: origins and therapeutic implications”



    “Russia’s Vladimir Putin will hold a signing ceremony on Friday formally annexing four more areas of Ukraine after conducting self-styled referendums condemned by Ukraine and the West as a sham.”

    Also funny: there are voices who want to declare Russia a terrorist state because of the Nordstream attack(s).


    WInter is coming.

    Climate Change Denial

    (If we can call the annual cooling called winter a form of climate change. Close enough.)


    and a sham they are. How can only half of the population of a province decide the future for the other half that didn’t vote?


    A new scarcity is upon us.

    In May 2022, Andrew Bailey, the Governor of the Bank of England warned of ‘apocalyptic’ food shortages. At the time, the reason given was a blockade in Ukraine but all around the world squeezes on food supply continue to emerge.

    In the Netherlands, farmers are being put under pressure to cut emissions, and The Ministry of Agriculture’s moves to reduce excess nitrogen emissions could yet put tens of thousands of farms and farmers out of business. In The US food plants all over the midwest have seen fires damaging food plants, and the rest of the world fears increasing shortages of nitrogen fertilisers, a key crop ingredient for our ongoing food security.

    Meanwhile, pandemic-related lockdowns have blown up our global supply chains and war is encouraging nations to re-evaluate their resourcefulness. Given China controls 70%-80% of the supply chain for EVs and lithium-ion batteries, manufacturers are confronting a severe lithium shortage.

    The West, without much refining and processing capacity in its territories, is left wondering where its supply will come from. Lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite are going to be very hard to replace if east-west supply chains collapse altogether. Norway and Portugal might be looking at battery factories and refining facilities, but that’s not going to make up for what will be lost.

    Domestically, despite new Prime Minister Liz Truss’s recent energy cap, homes will go un-heated and cooking will be curtailed as fuel prices surge. Even within the newly-announced measures a typical household’s energy bill could rise to £2,500 a year from 1st October (from £1,971). That’s some improvement considering that before the announcement a typical bill might have been closer to £3,549 a year. But the cost of all this will be borne by the nation as interest rates continue to rise, and could escalate even further with many estimating that the support package already totals somewhere in the region of £150Bn.

    Until this week, support for businesses was rather meagre in comparison. However, on Wednesday, the UK government announced they would also be capping the wholesale prices of gas and electricity for businesses, though it will only last until 31st March, making it very much a short-term approach, particularly tricky for businesses that rely on accurate planning.

    Meanwhile, consumers have only just overcome the trauma of their recent holiday chaos, as airports do their best to reunite travellers with their luggage or compensate them for their losses. During the summer months, a quarter of flights from or within the UK, USA and Europe were disrupted. The bad news is, this could become the norm. If fuel costs continue to rise and recession takes hold, returning to pre-pandemic travel (where travel was frictionless and affordable for the most part) will become a pipe dream.

    It’s a depressing picture of growing scarcity, whether it be in energy, materials or food.

    Much of society had been so used to what they called the ‘age of abundance’, located within the first-world with its digital services and its branded experiences and plethora of premium price points, that hardly any mainstream commentators seriously considered it would be possible to return to a time where whatever was needed was not at one’s fingertips on a store-shelf- or a smartphone screen. But that time is here.

    As consumers we are going to be asked to travel less, to eat less, to shop less, to consume less, and to waste less. We will be encouraged to share more, repair more, re-sell more and store more. Only weeks ago, Selfridges announced that they are aiming for 50% of their transactions by 2030 to be in the re-sale, repair, rental or refill.

    I still hear brand managers talking about premiumisation and subscription services, but who is going to have the disposable income for those lovely little extras we have come to expect? We are being heavily nudged to set aside those expectations and only purchase what is ‘necessary’, a kind of language we first heard during the Covid lockdowns: only ‘essentials’ could be sold or bought. It now seems that was preparation for this emerging world of necessities not luxuries.

    Today, if your business cannot polarise towards a more luxury market or a budget market, then it’s going to get caught in the middle where people are most squeezed. As those people begin to struggle not only to pay for the little extras but also for their mortgages, even owning one’s own home could come to be seen as a luxury rather than the necessity we’re used to.

    Tracey Follows is the founder and CEO of futures consultancy, Futuremade, and author of The Future of You.


    Redneck says “and a sham they are. How can only half of the population of a province decide the future for the other half that didn’t vote?”

    Not disputing that but most of the west’s elections are decided by less then half of the votes and barely half that are eligible vote. So lots of times it is less than a third decides for all. Everything is normal on both sides.

    Dr. D

    US$, If we can conclude that the US Dollar short position is in play, that means we’re at the end. The long end, as it still might take a year for that part of it to flip. Like the Pound, it shows that the pin has been pulled and things are breaking. The 28th, at the Queen’s passing, ready to rumble.

    From other points of view, this will (probably) make the U.S. stock market look the strongest in the world, and world capital flows to move to it. This is silly as our economy is shambles, but you can only spend the numbers in your account, not the reality underneath.

    “American Roulette (Batiushka)”

    “Take that boy and put him in a mansion
    Paint the windows black
    Give him all the women that he wants
    Put a monkey on his back
    All of your so called friends
    Take you where the sidewalk ends
    I said, can’t sleep at night, no
    Can’t sleep at night
    Lord please save his soul

    American Roulette
    Stake your life upon it
    American Roulette” – Robbie Robertson

    “2. Another Russia”

    If so many people are leaving Russia, they are self-sorting. First, Europe has been abundantly clear that they hate their guts, and would be happy to shoot them on sight, so I don’t know how they’re leaving, or think they will, or what they plan after, but second, they have just strengthened Russia with their leaving. Just as we said when every Hollywood citiot promised to leave America if Trump were elected. But because they have no spine and every word is a lie, they didn’t. To our eternal sorrow.

    I have to think they are also illiterate, just as our self-same Western PMCs are. They are re-activating the already trained “National Guard” as it were, NOT drafting raw recruits as the West reports. Reports by implying, since they’re incapable of naming facts and speaking clearly. The U.S. does that all the time and also screwed our Guard white by activating them for Iraq tours like 20 times when they should be “retired” back in the private sector.

    How Putin could have blown up his own 20-year, $11B pipeline + $1B in gas in a furious effort to bankrupt Russia and lose the war.”

    I think that speaks for itself, but apparently not. Remember when they chemical weaponed themselves while winning in Syria in a desperate attempt to attract NATO involvement? And who can forget them day after day shelling their own military base in Zap? Since they attack themselves with heavy weapons almost every day, we should be very, very afraid of them.

    It’s shocking pipelines can be made at all, but there’s no point in making them if they can’t be fixed. And they can. But it takes years, it take security, and you won’t be out on the Baltic Winter seas doing it.

    But the response should be devastating.”

    So if you attack “Russian soil” with thermobaric daisy-cutter bombs end to end, leveling Donetsk, Mariupol, and Sevastopol, it’s all okay and will be well-received because they’re not nukes? Cue the Polish jokes, that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Since they ran out of conventional arms in just a few weeks, they have to go here, since medium and long-range weapons are all that’s left in the box.

    “John Helmer is sure it was Poland.” …Yet “Poland” themselves said it was the U.S. With this action Poland just declared war on BOTH Germany AND Russia. A smash-sandwich, a two front war with BOTH nations stronger than they are. Not that they haven’t done such ridiculous things before, but this is your opening theory, lacking most evidence? That they opened a two front war they were already “winning” (as NS2 was shut and Baltic gas was coming in anyway)? And all they need to grab 1/3 of “Polish” Ukraine is not to piss off Russia? Pass.

    “As multiple countries want to kick Russia off the council.”

    Hahahahaaha. They can “Want” it all they want. Without involvement of e.g. Russia, the U.N. ceases to exist, with even less credibility than now, if that’s even possible. Remember, they did this through the whole founding, the whole Cold War, etc. and NOW you think you can do this with no consequences? UN is irrelevant as the poodle of the Anglo G7. As you can tell with RUssia being unable to land at HQ in NYC.

    Brussels ‘Imposes’ Anti-Russia Sanctions on EU Members – Orban (RT)”

    The sanctions didn’t work but we have a solution: More Sanctions! Just like we have a solution to government screwing everything up, bankrupting everything, and harassing the innocent. Moar Government! Or this: “We owe a debt of gratitude to Science, which has solved the problems caused by Science.”

    Yet decade after decade this is promoted with a straight face by nearly everyone.

    “EU to Ban Russian Toilet Paper (RT)”

    Well that’ll larn ‘em. They’ll be sorry when all of Europe has red, infected behinds.

    “Eurocrats would never dare doing it against Germany or France.”

    Goes to show how some animals are more equal than others. As Noirette said, Germany thinks they’re king of the heap and all they need is France’s perpetual surrender to push their will and colonial extraction on everybody. But as usual, they completely screwed it all up, and are now king of a trash heap out on the edge of town. Hail the Burger King! And their paper crown. Kaiser rolls, if you please.

    This is the one thing these guys can NEVER learn because they are narcissistic sociopaths, is that you are only as rich as your people. The richer the people – meaning the more the people keep for themselves – the richer the king of the people becomes. The richer and more options that government has. While the more you TAKE (via taxes, but other means too) the poorer YOU become, to say nothing of the people. And the more you pay out in dead-losses like welfare and unemployment which double-ruins your tax intake. They cannot learn that water is wet. They never watched “Robin Hood”

    [Ardern] Calls for a new type of internet with “rules and transparency”.

    Me too! I want transparency of government and their interference with both rules and my speech. Oh wait: that’s already the law almost everywhere, but we have no transparency about it or rules enforcing it.

    White Rhinos, really about habitat. It’s the building, or the building type that doesn’t integrate with the natural world. But that’s not only not prohibited, it’s actively and legally required. Because we care about Rhinos, extinction, and the environment so, so much, we will arrest anyone who builds a cob house or lives in a tent. You can’t buy a Mexican truck in California, but you CAN pave 1,000 acres for a mall. Guess which one you get free money and 10-year tax incentives for?

    Ah, but when we cut down the Rainforest HERE in San Jose, it’s “Progress”. It’s only when YOU cut it down, in Bolivia or upper Michigan that it’s unenvironmental.


    How can only half of the population of a province decide the future for the other half that didn’t vote?

    I could say: Sounds like US presidential elections. But I’m more interested in knowing accurate turnout numbers.

    Michael Reid

    Doug Casey on the End of Western Civilization

    Doug Casey on the End of Western Civilization


    A group of senior German MPs were quick to point the finger at Russia and blame Moscow for the incident.

    Spot the guys whos jobs depend on them obeying their puppet masters.


    I’m reposting this video which was released last night.

    God bless these guys for shining a little light on the greatest crime of all time.



    Already lined up for tomorrow’s Rattle.


    “Maybe WWIII will consist only of sabotage, a passive aggressive war where we destroy each other’s vulnerable infrastructure without admitting what we do.”

    Quiet Quitting, work to rule, job description, responsibility, liability, cog in a wheel, oppose propaganda
    Military: limitations: energy/food/resource production, transportation limitations, drones, missiles
    Oppps! Bad info. unintended consequence
    (The pipelines were suppose to be empty because they were not delivering gas, shut down.)

    • Fourth Leak Found On Nord Stream Pipelines, Swedish Coast Guard Says (R.)
    • Nord Stream Damage Might Be Irreparable (RT)
    • Denmark Comments On Future Of Nord Stream (RT)

    Democracy in action
    Meanwhile, the EU and the US have called the referendums a “sham” and have vowed to “never recognize” the regions as part of the Russian Federation.
    Read more …

    Who done it is irrelevant. Live with the damage
    • Poland Attacks Germany And Blames Russia (John Helmer)
    • The Anglo-American Axis Benefits (Korybko)
    • Kremlin Says Nord Stream Explosions ‘A Big Problem For Russia’ (RT)
    That is how democracy works in Canada. Count the vote
    If you didn’t vote then you cannot bitch.

    and a sham they are. How can only half of the population of a province decide the future for the other half that didn’t vote?”


    In Florida, IAN storm has allowed all wildlife to travel/imigrate/escape and move into your neighborhood.


    The WEF globalists talk about their desire for an end to national borders, open migration, and replacing national democracies with a global technocracy. Blowing up the West with these sanctions and provoking the world’s largest nuclear power might just get them the first 2 things. Don’t know about the last one though. A global technocracy with the WEF in charge is hard to imagine if they manage to set off a nuclear war. Those starlink satellites and undersea communication cables look like sitting ducks. The WEF and the EU-Brussels are run by insane people.


    What is being touted as potential sabotage on the Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines might have dealt them irreparable damage, Germany’s Tagesspiegel reported on Wednesday, citing “government circles.”

    Barn burners.


    It’s coming …. does your municipality use electricity, does your municipality cut services or raise taxes.


    Now the west will sabotage the other Russian pipelines in order to achieve financial strangulation and take over of Russia.

    The question is whether Russia has the balls to declare the USA as the guilty party and respond in kind or whether it will pretend it doesn’t know who did it and back off, like it did with the Moskva.

    An appropriate response would be the destruction of some US LPG terminals and the Baltic pipeline. We shall see, but this is very likely to go nuclear before Christmas as the two parties step up their attacks, the USA willing to sacrifice Europe to capture Russia. Of course, that is assuming that Putin is playing a straight bat.


    One more point: the way has escaped Ukraine and is now global.


    Redneck said

    and a sham they are. How can only half of the population of a province decide the future for the other half that didn’t vote?

    True of most votes, but how can you criticise Russia for spreading democracy, that is the USA’s excuse?


    Regarding Russia and this “balls” thing people seem to think are so imp[ortant in geopolitical confrontations, I repeat from yesterday:

    Dmitry Medvedev says:

    “There are four reasons for the use of nuclear weapons. For the sake of interest and for the French public, I will name them: the launch of nuclear missiles, the use of nuclear weapons, attacks on critical infrastructure that controls nuclear weapons, or other actions that threaten the existence of the [Russian] state,” he said, adding that none of the above has happened so far.”

    Dmitry Peskov says Kremlin says: “Nord Stream explosions ‘a big problem for Russia’ ”

    Not an existential threat, however, except maybe for Germany and certainly for the EU as a binding political agency.

    One hell of a methane release, eh?

    A 50% turnout is standard in most elections. If a referendum, to maintain democracy as form of governance in an already democratic nation were held in most democratic nations, said referendum would probably fail due to lack of voter turnout.


    The WEF and EU globalists are starting to remind me of the Heaven’s Gate cult. Call the WEF the “Globalist Market’s Gate” cult.

    John Day

    I like Giorgia Meloni’s style so far. Macron is no match.

    Redneck said: “and a sham they are. How can only half of the population of a province decide the future for the other half that didn’t vote?”
    I saw the population percentages that cast votes, which were all over 50% by day #2 of 5.

    We are all finding the same information, so my blog post will have limited material that TAE readers have not yet seen.

    John Day

    “Imperial Convulsions” is notable for a picture of a mongrel in a housing project

    NATO was carrying out exercises in the Baltic sea from June to mid September, including a lot of heavy helicopter overflights for days, right over where the (now 4 identified) pipeline sabotages occurred Monday. The sabotage disabled all 4 Nordstream pipelines, not just 3, as initially thought.
    Nordstream gas this winter is impossible for Europe/Germany.
    The US will sell as much liquified natural gas to Europe as is possible, at prices 8-10 times as high as piped Russian gas.
    Poland and Ukraine control remaining Soviet-era gas pipelines to Europe, giving more leverage over Germany, and the ability to extract high transit fees.
    Germany is clearly the loser. German citizens demonstrated Sunday for negotiations with Russia and resumption of gas flows.
    How hard will it be for Germans to see that their country, their homes have been attacked by NATO, (somewhat) in the interests of Poland and Ukraine?
    British strategy, since German states united, has been to keep Germany and Russia separate from each other, and preferably at war with each other.
    Churchill manipulated Poland just before WW-2, with a mutual defense treaty, which Britain did not honor.
    Poland would probably have offended Germany and Russia less without that false-assurance.
    Atlanticist-interests are degrading European-economy, just as they shackle it more tightly to the service of the US. This is not an “alliance”, but a colonial arrangement in rapid decay, supporting the US, as German industry closes down, and German citizens prepare to freeze to death. The City of London is the only part of the UK which does not face a similar economic fate this winter. The “special relationship” is only for the “special”.

    Andrew Korybko (from 2 days ago, a long time in dog-years) The Anglo-American Axis Benefits From The Ecological Terrorist Attack In The Baltic Sea
    ​ ​This terrorist attack destroyed any chance of an energy-driven Russian-German rapprochement, immediately catapulted Poland into the position of being one of the continent’s most pivotal energy hubs, and thus took the Anglo-American Axis’ plans for dividing and ruling Europe to the next level.​..

    ..​T​he attack nevertheless does indeed serve Poland’s larger interests for exactly that reason even if it most likely wasn’t behind what happened or had any advance knowledge about it, which is why suspicion should fall on its allies in the Anglo-American Axis (AAA).
    ​ ​Both have an interest in dividing and ruling the EU by facilitating Poland’s rise as a continental Great Power capable of eventually competing with the bloc’s de facto German leader…
    ..In order to knock Germany out of the geopolitical and geo-economic game for good, the AAA must not only successfully trick it into committing economic suicide through its compliance with the anti-Russian sanctions, but also destroy any chance of a strategically meaningful rapprochement with Russia in the future.
    ​ ​Sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines accomplishes precisely that by completely disincentivizing Germany from potentially clinging to whatever energy-driven plans it might have for eventually repairing relations with Russia.​..Germany might also figure that it doesn’t have anything more to lose vis a vis Russia by possibly being the first country to send cutting-edge battle tanks to Kiev. This artificially manufactured strategic inertia would thus doom Russian-German relations for decades.

    ​Moon of Alabama (German) [This is overtly in Germany’s face. Germany is nationally humiliated, as well as being deeply injured and betrayed.]
    ​ ​This does not happen by chance or fate. It is part of a long term neoconservative plan for continued U.S. supremacy over the world. The Anglo-American axis is the only party to benefit from the recent events.
    ​ ​The U.S. allegedly warned Germany of sabotage of the Nord Stream system (in German).
    ​ ​This reminds of President Joe Biden’s warning of a Russian invasion in Ukraine early this year.
    ​ ​It is easy to predict such events when you are the one who intends to cause them.
    ​ ​The U.S. knew that the Ukraine was going to launch an attack on the Donbas republics. The U.S. knew that Russia would intervene to help its brethren. Russia had said so. The Ukrainian attack started with artillery preparations on February 17. Russia intervened on February 24.​..
    ​..​The Baltic Sea is controlled by NATO. This from June 2022:
    “BALTOPS, with the high degree of complexity, tested our collective readiness and adaptability, while also highlighting the strength of our Alliance and resolve in providing a maritime domain with freedom of navigation for all,” said Vice Adm. Gene Black, commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet and Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO)… .​.​While the Baltops 22 maneuver already took place in June and July of this year the U.S. Sixth Fleet left the Baltic Sea only a few days ago (in German, my translation): … The “USS Kearsarge”, flagship of the association and largest warship of the US Navy, which was in action in the Baltic Sea in the last 30 years, has 40 helicopters and fighter planes as well as more than 2000 soldiers on board, the escort ships about 1000. For the around 4,000 soldiers are heading back home on the east coast of the US after their six-month deployment. ​ ​ Parts of the Kearsange operations in the Baltic Sea were dedicated to test special sub sea mine destruction technologies​…​ ..The U.S. military is not the only force that was near the area of the pipeline damage. Just a 100 kilometer south is the Polish naval base Kolobrzeg (the former German Kolberg) which harbors mine laying ships and the 8th Kołobrzeg Naval Combat Engineer Battalion. Naval combat engineers are experts in blowing up anything that is under water, be it mines or pipelines​​
    ​ ​A significant focus of BALTOPS every year is the demonstration of NATO mine hunting capabilities, and this year the U.S. Navy continues to use the exercise as an opportunity to test emerging technology, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa Public Affairs said June 14.
    ​ ​In support of BALTOPS, U.S. Navy 6th Fleet partnered with U.S. Navy research and warfare centers to bring the latest advancements in unmanned underwater vehicle mine hunting technology to the Baltic Sea to demonstrate the vehicle’s effectiveness in operational scenarios.
    ​ ​Experimentation was conducted off the coast of Bornholm, Denmark, with participants from Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport, and Mine Warfare Readiness and Effectiveness Measuring all under the direction of U.S. 6th Fleet Task Force 68.
    Off the coast of Bornholm, Denmark, is where the pipelines were hit. Just days ago the USS Kearsarge was in that area…
    ..On September 2, interesting maneuvers performed by an American helicopter with the call sign FFAB123. Then it was assumed that this board was from the USS Kearsarge air wing, and today more details were looked.
    ​ ​According to the website , this call sign was used by 6 boards that day, of which we managed to establish the side numbers of three. All of them are Sikorsky MH-60S.
    ​ ​By superimposing the FFAB123 route on the scheme of yesterday’s accident, we get a rather interesting result — the helicopter either flew along the Nord Stream-2 highway, or even between the points where the accident occurred…
    ..Meanwhile, mine operations served as an ideal area of focus for testing new technology.
    Scientists from five nations brought the latest advancements in Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) mine hunting technology to the Baltic Sea to demonstrate the vehicle’s effectiveness in operational scenarios. The BALTOPS Mine Counter Measure Task Group ventured throughout the Baltic region practicing ordnance location, exploitation, and disarming in critical maritime chokepoints…

    ​..​In 2021, while Nord Stream 2 was still being build, the Polish navy had interfered and endangered the pipe laying vessels in the very same place…
    ..During the recent Ukraine crisis Poland has rejected to receive Russian gas. It closed the Yamal pipeline that transports natural gas from Russia to Germany. Poland continued to consume Russia gas. It received it from Germany which had received it through the Nord Stream I pipeline from Russia.
    ​ ​Poland and Denmark have build a new sub sea pipeline which connects it to the pipeline that brings Norwegian gas to the Netherlands and Europe.
    The pipeline was opened yesterday, the very same day the Nord Stream system was sabotaged.​..​

    ​All 4 pipes were breached by explosives.​
    Sweden’s coast guard discovered a fourth gas leak on the damaged Nord Stream pipelines earlier this week, a spokesperson told the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper.

    ​Pepe Escobar: ​Germany and EU have been handed over a declaration of war
    ​Now it’s painfully clear the imperial velvet gloves are off when it comes to the vassals. EU independence: verboten. Cooperation with China: verboten. Independent trade connectivity with Asia: verboten. The only place for the EU is to be economically subjugated to the US: a tawdry remix of 1945-1955. With a perverse neoliberal twist: we will own your industrial capacity, and you will have nothing. ​The sabotage of NS and NS2 is inbuilt in the imperial wet dream of breaking up the Eurasian land mass into a thousand pieces to prevent a trans-Eurasia consolidation between Germany (representing the EU), Russia and China: $50 trillion in GDP, based on purchasing power parity (PPP) compared to the US’s $20 trillion.
    ​ ​We must go back to Mackinder: control of the Eurasian land mass constitutes control of the world. American elites and their Trojan Horses across Europe will do whatever it takes not to give up their control.
    ​ ​“American elites” in this context encompass the deranged, Straussian neo-con-infested “intel community” and the Big Energy, Big Pharma and Big Finance that pays them and who profits not only from the Deep State’s Forever War approach but also wants to make a killing out of the Davos-concocted Great Reset.
    ​ ​The Raging Twenties started with a murder – of Gen Soleimani. Blowing up pipelines is part of the sequel. There will be a highway to hell all the way to 2030.

    John Day

    I still can’t get this post to take, so I’ll deactivate the Saker and Global Research links with spaces.

    ​Bhadrakumar, from Indian Punchline:
    ​ W​ith Nord Stream lethally damaged, if Russia were to resume gas supply to Germany in the conceivable future, it can only be through the Soviet-era pipelines that run through Poland and Ukraine. But Warsaw and Kiev will not be in a mood to cooperate in the prevailing circumstances.
    ​ ​Principally, Russia loses whatever leverage it has over German policies at a juncture when a grave economic crisis looms ahead and there is growing demand to review Berlin’s decision against the commissioning of Nord Stream 2. Last week, large demonstrations took place in Germany calling for the commissioning of Nord Stream 2 to resolve energy shortage.
    ​ ​As for the German leadership, it too no longer has an option to bite the bullet and seek resumption of Russian gas supplies (except by begging Poland and Ukraine to cooperate in the reopening of the Yamal and Druzhba pipelines.)

    Attack on Nord Stream kills prospects for dialogue in Ukraine

    ​Gilbert Doctorow, on the ground in St. Petersburg, and fluent in Russian, comments on draft evasion in Russia. He’s a Vietnam-era peacenik. I pick this cameo:
    ​ ​My 50-year old main taxi driver, infantry captain in the reserves, has little doubt he will be called up, if not in this first “partial” mobilization then in the general mobilization that is sure to follow once Russia declares war on Ukraine, which may be within the coming two weeks. And what does he say about it? “I already have the best years of my life behind me. I am ready to go and, if necessary, to die for my country.” Verbatim and without a hint of jingoism. It sounds a bit like the charming “my country write [sic] or wrong” that my grandfather Max, who emigrated to the U.S. from the Russian Empire in about 1910, wrote to me in the 1960s. Both expressions were heartfelt and merit respect.
    Draft evasion in today’s Russia

    Poll: Americans support quick diplomatic end to war in Ukraine​ (US midterm elections are less than 6 weeks away.)
    ​ ​Nearly 60 percent of Americans would support the United States engaging in diplomatic efforts “as soon as possible” to end the war in Ukraine, even if that means Ukraine having to make concessions to Russia…
    ..The survey also found that 47 percent said they support the continuation of U.S. military aid to Ukraine only if Washington is involved in ongoing diplomacy to end the war, while 41 percent said they would support aid regardless of whether the United States is engaged in negotiations.
    ​ ​Just six percent said Russia’s war in Ukraine is among the top three most important issues facing the United States today, with the top three being inflation (46 percent), jobs and the economy (31 percent), and gun violence (26 percent).

    Poll: Americans support quick diplomatic end to war in Ukraine

    ​ An Orthodox Priest presents the case for slow-motion Anglo-American suicide, as the western empire consumes itself and involutes.
    American Roulette​ ​, By Batiushka for The Saker blog
    http://thesaker .is/american-roulette/

    The Taliban have signed a provisional agreement with Russia to supply gasoline, diesel, gas, and wheat to Afghanistan, acting Afghan Commerce and Industry Minister Haji Nooruddin Azizi told Reuters.
    The announcement marks the first major international economic deal by the Taliban with a foreign government beyond its borders since the group came to power following the US’s chaotic withdrawal from the country in August 2021.
    No country, including Russia, has formally recognised the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan, although Russia is one of several countries that has maintained its embassy in the capital Kabul.
    Azizi said that Russia had agreed to discount supplies to the Taliban, compared to average global commodity prices. The deal will see Moscow supply around one million tonnes of gasoline, one million tonnes of diesel, 500,000 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and two million tonnes of wheat annually, to the country.
    The agreement will begin with a trial period for an unspecified amount of time and a final deal will be struck if both sides are satisfied with the arrangement…
    ..The US is also engaged in talks with the Taliban. This month Washington announced that it would release roughly half of the frozen $7bn in funds for monetary and humanitarian aid. Details of the plan are scarce and the Taliban has demanded the full amount. It’s unclear how the agreement with Russia will impact negotiations.​ ​https://www.globalresearch .ca/afghanistan-taliban-sign-import-agreement-russia-report/5794847

    John Day

    ​ Iranians are really tired of the brutal “morality police” squads that roam their streets, beating women.
    Iran Oil Workers Threaten To Strike If Government Doesn’t End Crackdown​ ​

    ​ No science is ‘settled”, it seems: Not all scientists agree that mankind had a single birthplace or origin. For example, an article in Arkeonews claims that Africa may not be where the first humans evolved.
    It states that researchers have found evidence that the ancestral link between gorillas and humans occurred in the Eastern Mediterranean and not in Africa. According to them, the evidence shows that the first pre-humans entered the Balkan region of northern Greece.
    Researchers found specimens of a fossilized hominid in Greece and Bulgaria. They had already believed that such hominids were extinct more than 3 million years ago so it was surprising to discover these remains. Using computer tomography, the researchers determined that the specimens were pre-humans. So pre-humans already existed in the Balkan region.
    ​ ​Thus, scientists claim that the split between humans and chimps occurred in the Mediterranean region.
    ​ ​Still, another scientific theory is that modern humans did not originate from a single population or a single location. Rather, human traits emerged from multiple populations that came into contact with each other and mixed.​ ​

    tony smyth

    I dont often post on here but I’m not letting this one from D Benton Smith go by. Referring to the bombing of the Nordstream pipeline he wrote “It removed the last lever of influence that the collective West could bring to bear to persuade Russia to stop conquering. There is now ZERO reasons for Russia to do anything else other than continue conquering. (first Ukraine, then Europe, and almost immediately thereafter the US and UK)” . Sorry matey but this is utter bollox.

    First of all it is likely that the bombings were done by the US – they had their fleet in that exact area just a few days ago – what a coincidence. Biden is on record as saying they would not allow Nordstream 2.

    “Russia continue conquering”. Again bollox. No mention of the Maidan Coup funded by the CIA, promoted by Victoria Nuland and other neo-con Russia haters? No mention of NATO funding and training the Azov brigade? No mention of The Ukrainians shelling and killing 14,000 Russian speakers in the Donbas over 8 years? No mention of the buildup of NATO trained Ukrainian troops to attack the Donbas this spring?

    The truth is that Ukraine is country split down the middle between those mostly nationalist who inclining more to Europe esp Poland and Romania, and those in the south and east who incline towards Russia. You can see this clearly in the voting patterns before the 2014 coup. Sadly I cant post the map but its very clear. Pretty much a 50-50 split. Now there were many pre-2014 who could be both, and marriage between Russian speaker and Ukrainians was common. But with the shelling and persecutions since then not anymore, Thats why so many in the Donbas etc have voted to join Russian. Well done Azov and Zelenski. You brought this into being.

    So this contention “that removed the last lever of influence that the collective West could bring to bear to persuade Russia to stop conquering”. The Russians don’t want ALL of Ukraine – they want to save the Russian speaking part and to create a buffer zone from US/NATO encroachment,

    As for “wanting other countries and the UK” – Who in their right mind would want to UK ? – thats complete fantasy.


    Response by Reiner Fuellmich


    Sabotage of NS1 & NS2

    This was an act of war, principally against Germany and carried out by their ‘allies’.

    This is part of the continuing isolation of Europe. It started in earnest when Russia reclaimed Crimea. The EU was more than happy to harm EU industries and farmers by imposing sanctions. This year it has gone into overdrive and isolation from Russia is nearing completion.

    The first shots have been fired to isolate the EU from China. The US has been trying hard to provoke China into invading Taiwan. If they are successful then they will demand the EU cease all trade with China, and it will! Iran is already in the bag.

    This will leave Europe as an impoverished backwater and remove a commercial competitor to the US, along with Russia, China and others.

    As a trading block is forming between Russia and China it is attracting other countries to join. The World could end up as the West and the rest!



    Thanks for those links. These two sentences from the Amyloidosis paper caught my attention:

    “We here make the case (with evidence) that much of the aetiology of long COVID can be attributed to the formation of aberrant amyloid fibrin microclots, triggered in particular by the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein, ”

    “Importantly, the addition of purified, recombinant SARS-CoV-2 S1 spike protein to coagulation-competent normal plasma is sufficient to induce the formation of anomalous clots [118] that adopt amyloid states that are also resistant to fibrinolysis [108].”

    What does the vaxx do in the body? oh, right. Are long covid and vaxx injuries cause by the same process? Worth investigating.


    “Degradative Effect of Nattokinase on Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2”

    If you’ve had Covid/Long Covid and haven’t fully recovered, then get yourself on a course of Nattokinase.

    Armenio Pereira

    Nord Stream pipelines: those are (were?) supposed to be key infrastructures (both in logistics and political terms) – for all logical reasons, it should be one of the most controlled/under surveillance infrastructures on the planet. Yet, it was partially “damaged” by “unknown” agents. Makes one wonder if the main culprit for all what is going on on the world stage isn’t a supranational entity. (I’m not talking about NATO, because NATO=USA, and no, not necessarily the WEF: to my mind the WEF is just a clown world cover for something a tad more enigmatic.)


    We changed the email subscriptions from Feedburner, who no longer support it, to “”. I see no comments on that at all. Would like some feedback.

    Armenio Pereira

    Like the WTC, the Nord Stream pipelines could have been booby-trapped at the building stage.


    Also, we’re poised to change our ads provider on Oct 1. Cross your heart and hope to die. These changes are never easy. And we know this because we did 4 (5?!) in the past 2 years. Google has the monopoly, and I don’t want Google. Simple as that. If you see crazy ads over the next few days (casino, xx), hang in there.


    Meloni has stated undying support for Israel.

    top of google MSM, ex. times of israel

    Meloni is a staunch supporter of Kiev, Zelensky, and the ‘freedom of the Ukrainian people.’

    ditto, ex. reuters

    She has no energy policy / proposals (imho) and simply veers between blaming the EU, calling for more nuclear power plants, blaming Macron for shutting off gas from Lybia, putting a cap on prices, etc. etc.

    She is not anti EU.

    she embraces European integration and distances herself from her movement’s neo-fascist origins

    ex. the guardian

    Re. Italy’s foreign policy. The coalition agreement signed with the parties of Salvini and Berlusconi details:

    — respecting the Atlantic Alliance — supporting Ukraine (Kiev against Russia) — for EU integration (with less bureaucracy, ha ha) — + only one other point:

    — the defense and promotion of historic roots of Judeo-Christianism in Europe.

    link in F

    She is a kind of supercharged version of Marine Le Pen, having a big impact, because ‘newness’, but she follows an old, tired playbook.

    These left-right division, often called extreme left / right by the MSM, have absolutely nothing to do with what is going on. It is just guff to corral / fool the ‘voters’ into adhering to one figure or another.

    Armenio Pereira

    WTC: for further reference, see this (and then ask yourself: how could a team alien to the construction site smuggle and assemble all the required equipment to pull it through? And if they did, why not others with less entertaining – albeit quite spectacular – ends?)

    The Kremlin has revealed when Russian President Vladimir Putin will sign treaties on the inclusion of the two Donbass republics, as well as the self-proclaimed states in Kherson and Zaporozhye, into the Russian Federation. The move follows referendums held in the respective territories.

    Is this a declaration of WWIII?
    The EU and the US have repeatedly refused to accept the results of the referendums, calling them a “sham.” Western leaders have also vowed to never recognize “any kind of annexation in Ukraine.” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen claimed she was “determined to make the Kremlin pay for this further escalation,” while US State Secretary Antony Blinken stated that Kiev had “every right” to take back the territories that are trying to secede from its rule.

    Ukraine wants to put anyone who voted in jail despite which option they voted for. Also, EU wants sanctions against their citizens who were observing these elections for fairness.

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