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    Thanks, @Noirette, for the brief synopsis of where Meloni stands on many of the issues. It will save me the time.


    ‘and a sham they are. How can only half of the population of a province decide the future for the other half that didn’t vote?;

    I don’t recall the exact year, but I do remember that Tony B Liar managed to acquire the power to loot countries for his own personal benefit and instigate illegal wars that caused widespread death and destruction of the basis of getting 36% of the votes in a roughly 50% voter turn-out, i.e. the support of about 18% of the populace.

    In NATOstan nations the operation of a slave camp (concentration camp, actually) in which legalised deceit and crime are the norm is called ‘freedom and democracy’.

    The ‘freedom’ part is the freedom for banks and corporations to do whatever they like. And the ‘democracy’ part is the opportunity for the slaves to participate in a rigged voting system that normally delivers member of ‘the club’ to a position of power: on the rare occasions when a ‘wrong candidate’ achieves some kind of electoral success, ‘the club’ has various mechanisms for neutering that ‘wrong candidate’, or if necessary, having them eliminated entirely via murder which somehow becomes “died unexpectedly/mysteriously.”

    One of the reasons I have to tread very carefully these days is that it is not safe for truthtellers in NATOstan nations. Never has been, of course. But these days the forces of evil are better armed and have more surveillance systems.

    However, the days of trying to bring the totally system corrupt western system down have come to an end because the maniacs who run the system in NATOstan nations are now trashing around like rabid dogs, destroying their own systems of control. And the fake financial system NATOstan nations use has finally reached the unravelling stage.

    Sure, there are still a few people who think Adern is not a professional liar hell bent on acquiring a bigger personal fortune at the expense of everyone else.

    Sure, there are still a few people who think she cares about their welfare.

    But the number of people who believe in ‘the system’ declines by the day.

    And when the fake NZ government has destroyed the economy and most of the environment, when the jabbed are sick and dying in droves (2023? or 2024?) I guess the treason trials will commence for those politicians who have not fled or committed suicide.

    That Bloke

    So, whether or not Russia gets fitted up for blowing up NS1 & NS2 doesn’t really matter. They will anyway be blamed for a revenge attack on the undersea internet cables which takes the entire internet down. It’s called cyber polygon.

    Something to look forward this autumn.

    D Benton Smith

    The absurdity has become so extreme that it’s nearly impossible to make up jokes about it because the plain facts are funnier than anything you could make up. For instance, the EU has decided to “punish” Russia with a sanction that prevents Russia from selling toilet paper to Europe (where all the toilet paper comes from China, using Russian wood pulp).

    Europe shakes a fistful of of rather odorously soiled rags and tree leaves defiantly towards Russia and yells, ” We’ll show you! We’re going to stop wiping our butts until you buckle under and surrender!”

    D Benton Smith

    It is a severely flawed strategy to become existentially dependent upon things that are controlled by one’s enemies, because those enemies will of course use that dependency as a means of control.

    One way to defend against this is to make the enemy totally dependent upon something that YOU control and which THEY need. This usually backfires if the enemy decides to just steal it from you with force of arms.

    The better way is to simply NOT become dependent. This typically results in a more rustic lifestyle (e.g. wood heat , book-reading-instead-of-internet, home grown food, etc.) but that sure beats starvation, vaccinicide, or being herded off to the crematoriums in cattle cars.


    How interesting, having pummeled Florida, Ian is strengthening and will pound the east coast through to Viginia.

    “I will never be the same.”

    D Benton Smith


    Well, I must say that your commentary on my commentary put me in the extremely peculiar position of disagreeing with your conclusion by agreeing with almost everything you said.

    I think the only significant difference between your comment and my comment has to do with what I consider “conquering” to mean, and what you think I meant.

    What I meant is NOT that Russia is going to march roughshod across Europe laying waste and raising a flag of New Empire. I do not see Russia in those terms at all. I APPROVE of what Putin is doing (for the most part) under extremely challenging circumstances, and I AGREE with the factual points you raised in your comment.

    What I had meant to say (and apparently did not succeed in saying well enough) is that the Russian Federation is poised to emerge victorious from the current conflict, will thereby escape from the hegemonic deviltry of the so-called “Collective West” ( US, UK, NATO, WEF, WHO, Big Tech, Big Pharma, etc. , etc., etc.), and will then participate with other free and sovereign nations in a much improved World Order that is considerably better than the old dying one.

    John Day

    @Germ: It stands to reason that those with post-vaccine spike-proteinemia should take nattokinase, since that can persist 6 months. May be hard to ‘splain that to them, though…

    @RIM: What, there’s an email subscription to TAE?
    I just keep it up in a tab.

    John Day

    That’s preposterous. Hurricanes only weaken after landfall.
    What are “Ian’s” pronouns again?


    I think this is not supposed to have happened. Either that, or it is a planned demolition.

    John Day

    @Tony and D Benton Smi/yth:
    I saw that it was just a word-misunderstanding, and I thought about it, even on my bike ride, but I knew Y’all did not really need my help.

    John Day

    @RIM: You weren’t kidding about the ad change.
    I just got an ad for scratch-and-sniff children’s hair sample cards.
    Completely fabricated.


    Discussing various kinds of nuclear war.


    The video of Fuellmich 117211 in comments is interesting but I do not know how to repost it. Where is the original?
    This is his response.

    REINER FUELLMICH of the ‘Corona Investigative Committee’ Accused of Stealing $1.3 Million by Co-Founder – Sense Receptor News

    TAE Summary

    Farewell to the Farm

    The coach is at the door at last;
    The eager children, mounting fast
    And kissing hands, in chorus sing:
    Good-bye, good-bye, to everything!

    To house and garden, field and lawn,
    The meadow-gates we swang upon,
    To pump and stable, tree and swing,
    Good-bye, good-bye, to everything!

    And fare you well for evermore,
    O ladder at the hayloft door,
    O hayloft where the cobwebs cling,
    Good-bye, good-bye, to everything!

    Crack goes the whip, and off we go;
    The trees and houses smaller grow;
    Last, round the woody turn we sing:
    Good-bye, good-bye, to everything!

    — Robert Louis Stevenson

    John Day

    Joe calls upon the dead to answer a question for him, and …
    Kamala Harris In High Stakes Gaffe At DMZ Hails Strong US “Alliance With Republic Of North Korea”


    That’s preposterous. Hurricanes only weaken after landfall’.

    Yeah, hurricanes weaken rapidly when they meet land, and then they drop their water.

    But when hurricanes cross land and meet super-warm water again, they strengthen again 🙂

    And then they drop the new lot of water when they meet land again.

    🙁 if you happen to be in the path of the monster first time round and second time round.

    Who was it that said: “Shit happens!” ?

    John Day

    Well, the Pentagon says there’s no evidence the US blew up the pipelines, so I guess there isn’t…

    “No Evidence” US Involved in Nord Stream Pipeline Attack Because Pentagon Says So


    @ John Day – I expect that Nattokinase, along with Lumbrokinase and Serratiopeptidase, assists in degrading the amyloid fibrils induced by Spike.

    The Potential of Serratiopetidase and Lumbrokinase for the Degradation of Prion Peptide 106-126 – an In Vitro and In Silico Perspective

    “Lumbrokinase for degradation and reduction of amyloid fibrils associated with amyloidosis”

    Nattokinase: A Promising Alternative in Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases
    ‘Nattokinase is capable of degrading amyloid fibrils …’

    John Day

    @AFKTT: “Ian” is like the 9/11 of hurricanes, or “a man with 3 buttocks”, something-completely-different?

    John Day

    Further thanks, Germ.


    Looks like Truss’ gamble payed off. She managed to get the BOE to finance her recession. In fact … the dollar’s fall in the last few days suggests the Fed may be indirectly buying UK gilts. She must have figured that if Italy is too big to fail, all the more so the UK! Contagion to the US would be instantaneous.



    [NZ] ‘Petrol is going to get more expensive again this summer after the Government confirmed the fuel excise tax will be reintroduced in January.’

    Still wondering whether NZ will have an economy in January 2023. I suppose there will be some sort of economy.

    Will NZ still be able to import petrol in 2023?

    Yet to be seen.


    The War Has Just Begun The Winter of Yuri

    Nifty, non-hysterical analysis.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. John Day – Well, the Pentagon says there’s no evidence the US blew up the pipelines, so I guess there isn’t…


    Well, … perhaps that’s true – the US just acted as supervisors? Dunno, still, … I have been digging around – and was directed to this:

    … base for this activity took place at:łobrzeg#/map/0/15/54.1853/15.5519

    Brits and Yankees still there – confirmed by an olden sailing buddy.




    As near to 100% confirmation that US did as we need.

    Also, everything changes at 3 pm Moscow time 30th September.

    A new world as of 1st October.


    ‘Chinese Heat Pump Sales Boom in Europe on Green Agenda, High Gas Prices’

    Just wondering what the Europeans are going to use to run them. Bullshit?

    ‘And [Australian] electricity major AGL has sharply brought forward is decommissioning of coal-fired electricity generation.’


    boscohorowitz said

    Regarding Russia and this “balls” thing people seem to think are so imp[ortant in geopolitical confrontations, I repeat from yesterday:

    The point is that Russia knew that the USA was involved in the sinking of the Moskva, but Russia decided to not accuse the USA and continued as if the USA had not just sunk one of its battleships. In other words, Russia ignored reality so that they did not have to abide by their own rules of war and retaliate. I suspect that when Russia uses nukes in Ukraine, the USA will also ignore reality and pretend it never happened.



    I have been following TAE almost daily for some time now. One thing I do every time I visit the site is to copy your art selections to my Artworks folder and I have accumulated over 1600 files in this folder. I run a background screensaver that uses this Artwork folder as a slide show and I must say that I’ve really appreciated the variety of the exposure you’ve provided over the years. I’m at a point where I can appreciate the various styles and often guess just who the artist might be. Thank you for the education!

    Recently I’ve been watching a TV series called ‘Leonardo’, a fictionalized account of the life and loves of Leonardo Di Vinci. The last episode revolved around the meeting and rival interactions between Leonardo and Michelangelo. Frankly it never dawned on me that the two were contemporaries, Leonardo Di Vinci (1452-1519), Michelangelo (1475-1564).
    I went to my Artworks folder to contrast the two and found, to my surprise, that I have no artwork for Michaelangelo! Now maybe I just didn’t tune in on the days you posted works from Michaelangelo but it just seemed surprising to me that you have excluded his works.

    Just a curious observation.


    Armenio Pereira said

    Nord Stream pipelines: those are (were?) supposed to be key infrastructures (both in logistics and political terms) – for all logical reasons, it should be one of the most controlled/under surveillance infrastructures on the planet.

    Absolutely. It is difficult to imagine putting that amount of investment into a pipeline without a monitoring system that will listen for ships and also monitor for mechanical integrity. Given the attempts at sabotage during the construction of the pipeline, I suspect that it is monitored and that the Russians know perfectly well who is the guilty party. The question now is when will they reveal that information as the Russian public will expect retribution.


    brazza said

    Looks like Truss’ gamble payed off.

    Truss is an ambitious imbecile sponsored and promoted by rich owners. She does not need to think, she is going to enjoy achieving her ambitions while obeying then she will be discarded in the bin along with the UK and the Zimbabwe chancellor.



    The pipeline is over 900km long and in NATO controlled waters; that’s a lot of ground to cover. The Russians would have a hard time doing real time monitoring of such a large structure but I’m sure they have their suspicions. I’d bet that NATO has a much better picture of events in those waters. Crazy, crazy shit.


    O vent of spleen! Why on Ford’s raped earth does it require 1:46:15 to tell us why Everything Changes Tomorrow at 3pm Moscow time?

    Can anyone gimme a simple summary?? Yeesh. No need to explain or justify, just the basic gizmo.

    As for Russian retaliation: an entity with “balls” does what it will when it’s good and ready to. Putin surely would chuckle reading all the armchair generals telling him why he’s losing the war. Oy vey.

    As for pipeline monitoring: there are a LOT of pipelines in this world, many underwater. There are a LOT of ships in a busy place like the Baltic.

    I’m pretty sure that Russia has an idea of who did what but it doesn’t have to tell what it knows unless it wants to, and would do so when it wanted to.

    “To know how to hide one’s ability is great skill. Francois de La Rochefoucauld”


    More Pipelines

    John Day

    @Boscohorowitz. I subscribed to Big Serge for free. He doesn’t write very often, but he’s very good when he does write.

    @Figmund Sreud: Thnks fir the Polish harbor scuttlebut update.
    How can Russia not know everything. They have sensors and microphones on the pipelines and satellites and aircraft looking down. They monitor radio feeds. They have human spies.
    They saw the NATO exercises in the Baltic.

    I said Liz Truss was right for the job becuse of the traits Aspnaz detailed.
    It’s BREAK-time…


    So off topic: What is the total value of the outstanding “rewards” credits out there? Miles, bonus points, cash back,…. all of ’em.
    I usually pride myself on getting the words right enough to get a pretty good answer on goggle. This one is eluding me.

    Doc Robinson

    @ mpsk

    Customers Sitting on $100 Billion of Unredeemed Loyalty Points
    Bond Brand Loyalty
    May 23, 2017

    $27.5 Billion in Unused Miles Could Lead to Devaluation as Travel Ramps Back Up
    by Dan Miller
    updated May 10, 2021


    Embracing and promoting fraud and crime:


    Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has registered with New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment on the Financial Service Providers’ Register under the name Investbybit Ltd. Binance says this allows it to offer a range of financial services in NZ including spot trading, staking and NFTs. Binance NZ will be led by general manager Ben Rose, who has a sales and marketing background. Rose says Binance will offer access to the lowest trading fees, plus many exciting global product and service innovations. Registered in the Cayman Islands, Binance has been the subject of interest from regulators in several countries over the past couple of years. Just this month Reuters reported that US federal prosecutors asked Binance for extensive internal records about its anti-money laundering checks, along with communications involving its CEO and founder, Changpeng Zhao, in late 2020 as part of an ongoing Justice Department investigation into the firm’s compliance with US financial crime laws.’


    ‘Can anyone gimme a simple summary??’

    The difference between kicking a homeless dog and kicking one with a caring guardian who has a big stick and is prepared to use it.


    Redneck said: “and a sham they are. How can only half of the population of a province decide the future for the other half that didn’t vote?”
    So what you are sayings that Russia organised and collected the votes on the Ukrainian side of the frontlines and they were submitted and counted? Some how I doubt that happened . Du=id the UKY government allow the referendum to go ahead in all the territories it still controls. As far as I understand the percentage numbers of voters are from Russian controlled territory only Correct me if I am wrong.

    Pentagon reveals ‘full’ list of military aid to Ukraine
    Officials also promised 18 more HIMARS systems, calling them a “core component of Ukraine’s fighting force”

    While the US arms industry currently produces about 30,000 155mm howitzer rounds per year, the Ukrainian military is now burning through that number of shells in a period of just two weeks, CNBC added. Moreover, the better part of 9,000 Javelin launchers have been shipped to Ukraine, yet the usual annual output sits at just 800 units, suggesting the United States has drawn heavily on its stockpiles to keep Kiev flush with weapons.

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