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    Mark T

    This post may be of interest to the Canadian readers of this blog.

    The link at the end of my post is to a credit market summary data table (as of Sept. 30, 2012) on Statistic Canada’s web site. The total debt outstanding in Canada was 5.17 Trillion $ (bottom line of the data table).

    From Jan. 1, 2012 to Sept. 30, 2012 (a period of 274 days) the total debt outstanding increased by 194 Billion $. Over that 274 day period it increased at a rate of 708 Million $ per day.

    I can’t see how this can end well.


    Ken Barrows

    The hope for President Obama will end when he nominates Jamie Dimon to be the Secretary of the Treasury. But who would be a hopeful pick? Elizabeth Warren? Too bad she’s in the Senate.


    ….really don’t think Obama is on track for any upside surprises. So far it’s been nothing but broken promises, drone killings, nefarious executive orders, and a lot of teleprompter hot air. The guy is all show, one of the best puppets they’ve had in years. He is not a free agent. He is following a script. He’s not going to break out into a new persona. What kind of hopium are you ingesting to think the future will be anything different?


    I guess the question really amounts to is whether the choice is even his to make. Every President since Kennedy knows pretty well what can happen if they wander off the res.
    I’ve always felt that Obama’s candidacy was just a little too slick and easy. He was putatively a protégé of Dick Durbin but I wonder if he was more like a Manchurian candidate of the elite. Just a thought.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Seldom does one find such an undistorted view of what is, comprehensive, cohesive and consistent.

    One possible addition: There has not been a legitimate government of the United States since the election of 2000 when the constitution was shredded by the Supreme Court in electing a president. Usually coup d’état is the term used but media propaganda altered the language and camouflaged the act. An ill educated and economically abused population was none the wiser, the corruption of government was complete and matched the corruption of the law, all to polled public approval, or so the story goes.

    History is an independent creature in the long run although victors are allowed short term privileges in the writing of it. ‘Too big to fail’ is not ‘too big to fall’ and gravity has not surrendered its effects upon mass; what is in store is going to hurt – big-time.

    About the only institution remaining connected with facts (of necessity) is the military and they have massive appetites. The longer the governance that feeds that appetite is in functional deadlock, the more likely it becomes the military will presume control of power, nature abhorring power vacuums. Not even the billions of the wealthy are enough to feed the new boss for long and they too will be swallowed into that insatiable maw. As force becomes less effective over time, military power will evaporate until it too is replaced. By what, will be anyone’s guess. It may come to pass that knowledgeable intelligence will come to the fore, but that is a hope (sure liked the hopium remark), not a prognosis; a working understanding of the complexities of economic process needs be constructed and widely understood, nothing likely is on the horizon. But the world will probably have baked by then.

    Golden Oxen

    Repealing The Patriot Act, is the only action that would cause me to consider a president Great. Dealing with the swill on Wall Street is secondary to restoring our freedom.


    USA will get its Great President at some point, alright.
    It won’t be Barry, but the country still has the best chances in the world to be ruled by a Great One, Grandson of God on Earth (the Son of Ra being out of fashion for the last 4000 years). Other countries might not have a shot at having a Holly Supreme Leader, but USA just might. For example, Canada might not, because a Great Leader requires having a whole bunch of [strike]slaves[/strike] devout followers to smack around with impunity, and -40 temperatures work fast against The Great Ones, suddenly leaving them having to cut their own heating wood and raising their food all by themselves. Neither will Japan, UK, and MENA, where Egypt is actively trying to pull the 5000 years old trick yet again without much hope of success this time around.
    Rest assured, though the “Great President Fallback Alternative” will be tried yet again sometime soon.


    Make that One Last Chance. Luckily those sorts of errors are rare for me. But still…


    @ Ilargi; “Make that One Last Chance. Luckily those sorts of errors are rare for me. But still…”

    Yeah, I’m still dreading my first mistake too, but on to the point.

    To advocate “rule” by “executive order” is anathema to Representative Democracy, wouldn’t you say? I mean, sure, under Mussolini the trains ran on time, but I thought the point here was to send “Representatives” to Washington, not “Rulers”?!?

    What we have here instead is protection of the corrupt by government, not representation of the electorate. How may we expect a Corporatist President to suddenly change spots? Unless of course, the process might add even more $millions to his already rapidly expanding “nest egg.”

    Didn’t Lord Acton have a little saying ’bout power?


    There is a 90% chance that we get hyper inflation within a year, and 10% that we get a crushing deflation, in my view. Whether one wants to argue that those odds should be reversed matters not. Either way, no one is going to consider Obama ‘great’. There is absolutely nothing he can do about it either.

    The fed is monetizing almost 100% of government debt, and John Williams, of Shadowstats dot com says that the annual GAAP Federal Deficit is now $7 trillion, up from $5 T annually a couple of years ago. Clearly, we’re well into the hyper inflationary phase. Williams says he will have more precise figures next month.

    How does one close a $7 trillion per year funding gap when the goods producing portion of the economy is about the same size?

    The one thing ‘they’ could do, whoever the committee that bosses Obama around is, is to allow this hyper inflationary sequence to wipe out most debt, then default on the federal govt. debt and obligations (social security, medicare, etc.). If this is done as part of a controlled restructuring, the fallout might be manageable. The timing would have to be impeccable, to even have a slight chance of success.

    Since I’m an optimist, I’m hoping this is the planned outcome, since anything else would be infinitely worse.


    “There is a 90% chance that we get hyper inflation within a year”

    Try 0%. You know, check in the mirror how it suits you, see how it makes you feel, does it go well with your eyes, your skin tone, do you have any shoes that would do it justice.

    “Clearly, we’re well into the hyper inflationary phase.”

    Clearly we’re not. With the levels of leveraged debt where they were and where they still are after 5 years, hyperinflation in not an option. John Williams has religion, and that is never good for analysis.

    “There is a 90% chance that we get hyper inflation within a year”

    Not even in Serbia you won’t.


    America’s elites have a shared project and that is to keep and expand the United States as the dominant global power for this century and beyond. Obama is on board with this project 100%.

    There is a problem with my simple assertion however in that among the elites are corporate ones, including banks of course, and global corporations have no home, no country, except by the accident of where they are incorporated. (corporations are I maintain the emerging predominant global organizational model which is superseding or co opting nations) So the complication for them, and the Nation, and thus Obama is how to merge their interests. That is being accomplished by making the US the very very best place for corporations to operate. Most importantly by the forbidding of criminal prosecution of corporations or their executives. The US has suspended the rule of law for major corporations, obviously and proudly, and this will resonate more and more as time goes on. If global power politics and its struggles including military ones are of no direct interest or benefit to individual corporations most of the time by being part of the team guarantees that when specific help is needed for the corporation by the Nation the help will be there. Also by active blending of corporations executives and boards into America then corporate strategic decisions can be informed and shaped by America. The other part is by the virtual elimination of corporate taxes and continued minimization of them for corporate leaders.

    For American ‘conservatives’ and a majority of Americans the most important thing outside their daily lives is living in the knowledge that America is the worlds #1 power along with the belief that we deserve to be, are fated to be and have been chosen to be, by God. American exceptional ism is alive and well, perhaps more powerful than ever. So called liberals and alt. thinkers of various stripes believe such is absolutely wrong but I maintain no matter if it is wrong America can simply not function politically without that belief being carried by our president. Illargi’s idea of a great president is an impossibility. Now events may force some absolute decline of American power, as defined by exceptional ism but no President will go there willingly. No person can be president who falls outside the bounds our elites in any case.

    It is still not apparent evidently that Obama’s project is to meld elites into a more perfect union under the US flag and thus make America greater. By the way 50% of the population has nothing to do with that. I suppose the view is that those who don’t believe in American exceptional ism are simply naive and don’t understand that their life such as it is is totally dependent upon America as a Great Nation. Those citizens are not even secondary, even to Obama. Romney’s 47% comment could have been spoken by Obama really.


    >>>”Clearly, we’re well into the hyper inflationary phase.”

    Clearly we’re not. With the levels of leveraged debt where they were and where they still are after 5 years, hyperinflation in not an option. John Williams has religion, and that is never good for analysis.>>>

    Uh, no, John Williams knows how to read an accounting ledger, and apparently you do not. The actual ANNUAL budget deficit is $7 trillion. That is not opinion, or religion. That is a fact.

    I can tell you where you are making your mistake. You are looking at a trillion in student loan debt, a trillion in credit card debt, and the unsecured portion of mortgage debt (another couple or so trillion).

    Contrast that with $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities of the federal govt. that WILL NOT be defaulted upon, at least while the USA is representative democracy. You are on the wrong side of the argument by almost TWO ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE, lol!!!!!

    We know how the story goes. We saw it in Weimar Germany. Hyper inflation first, fascism second. Watch and learn.



    I used to think we were well into a hyperinflationary phase too, until I read Nicole’s views on hyperinflation vs. hyperexpansion. I realized she was right – we’re not in a hyperinflationary phase, which is to suggest money is being printed and circulated at an increasing rate, but in a hyperexpansion where insane amounts of debt are being created and used in lieu of debt.

    Debt is a substitute for money, but it is not money. The two behave differently, especially in terms of how they can be retired/destroyed (read: defaulted on in the case of debt).

    The credit bubble will burst and cheap credit will dry up, causing massive deflation. At that time production will likely collapse as well as credit-driven demand will have also evaporated. At that point I would worry about hyperinflation – money printing (paper bills being technically worth next to nothing other than to burn in fires a la Weimar Republic) at a time when industry output is severely reduced suggests to me the number of $’s will start to vastly outnumber the amount of goods in society (inflationary) after a long depression where people have not had access to money and thus are ready and willing to spend that money (increased velocity of money; again, inflationary).

    Inflationary x inflationary = hyperinflationary?

    So you’ll be right, but you might be wrong first as deflation needs to take hold through a credit collapse before the way is paved for hyperinflation. At least that is my understanding of the Automatic Earth’s view on how things will play out (apologies if I got it wrong?).


    “Try 0%”

    Really? I’m a staunch believer in the scenario I proposed above (again, I think it is in line with your beliefs), but even I am unwilling to say 100% that we will have deflation, and is why I own a very small amount of gold and silver as a hedge (as i have few other physical assets and mostly try to sit on cash). “Never say never” and all that…


    “and used in lieu of cash”.

    Sorry, my mistake.



    I understand the theory JW is trying to put forward, but I believe he’s wrong. A GAAP deficit doesn’t inject money into the economy. Only a CASH deficit does that. Why does that matter?

    Inflation requires one of two things to happen:
    1) money velocity increase
    2) money supply increase

    GAAP deficits don’t result in a money supply increase, nor does it cause a money velocity increase. They do represent the promises we’ve signed up for, but much like a parent who eternally promises the kids a trip to Disneyland, there’s no actual impact on the economy until that trip actually occurs. You could call a GAAP deficit “latent inflation”.

    CASH deficits on the other hand DO result in a money supply increase, and that causes inflation today. That’s because money is spent by the government directly into the economy – on social security payments, weapons systems, salaries, SNAP programs, medicare reimbursements, etc, where that new money competes for goods & services with all the existing money.

    So CASH deficits are immediately inflationary, while GAAP deficits are promises of inflation yet to happen.

    I believe JW correctly summarizes the promises we’ve made as a nation. We can debate whether or not we believe the promises will be kept, but any inflationary ACTION must await the moment when we as a nation have to make good on those promises. At that moment, we will have a CASH deficit in order to fund them, and that is when the money will be injected into the economy and create the inflationary effect.

    We can all guess what the probability of the US being able to make good on its promises – its vanishingly small.

    Will the default on those promises be explicit (sorry grandma, off the cliff you go) or implicit (inflation numbers fudged + benefits paid with monetized CASH deficits)? I have no idea. Likely a combination of both.

    The Fed is currently monetizing 100% of our current cash deficit. If this continues in perpetuity, then JW’s inflation scenario will play out. But there are limiting factors in play here too. For instance, will oil exporters continue to export oil to us in perpetuity while we do this? With oil gradually becoming more scarce?

    My guess is, they’ll yank our credit before hyperinflation from monetizing the CASH deficit arrives – but who really knows.

    John Day

    I don’t think Barak Obama was allowed to get where he is without having multiple kill-switches attached.
    He can’t really do anything independent of his masters.
    FDR could.
    Different days back then.
    We’ve had hints all along of the kind of scandals which could eject Obama faster than the bullets that got JFK.
    I’m sure there are bigger things than that to pop the top on.
    No surprises from Obama.
    He shrinks the economy while supporting the top 0.01%.
    He lives, and prospers.
    At least we can see that.

    Figmund Sreud

    Hoping that this ‘Hopee ‘n Changee’ fellow will act … finally?

    Desperate. Brutal. Very last emotional appeal to action. Pathetic, …

    This latest article from TAE misses one crucial point: that Obama is (… always was!) a “plant provocateur”, an agent fronted by the elites to act – undercover – on behalf elites! Period.



    Hope springs eternal but just appointing a few capable subordinates..William
    Black for financial czar would be a good beginning…is not going to be enough.
    There are just too many powerful people who have a vested interest in extending this corporatofascist neoliberal mafioso power trip as long as possible. Social waves will need to get higher and choppier to sink the S. S. One Percent.


    There is nothing that can be done because we are looking at a reserve-currency economy. With that, borrowing and spending leading to a weakened economy are inevitable.


    Ilargi has been too busy writing to look up. In no way, even in his imagination, could Obama be a bad president, much less the worst one. Faced with the right wing nuts that the Tea Party elected and a Senate that Republicans have decide to rule by minority, no progressive president could have done much more. Obama has contended with the hardest foreign events since WW2, got gays finally accepted in the military, passed a national health care act (single payer would have been better), killed bin Laden and pulled the US out of a certain depression.

    Saying the Republicans never had a chance is underestimating the warped minds of the Republican voters who jumped for joy with Bachmann, Cain, Santorum and so many other nut cases. While President Obama will be know as a good president in the future, he does need to use his last term to fix even more. The Senate must stop the filibuster as it presently is used. If the Republican party comes back (and they did in 2010) even more extreme, a civil war will be needed.



    Anyone who thinks that the “National Healthcare Act” is anything other than yet another unfunded entitlement program – for the pharmaceutical companies and allied industries – is someone who has not “got it” yet.

    Writing of “Republicans” and “Democrats” as though they were truly opposing representative parties is a bit of a bore. It reflects the success of the MSM at deluding ordinary Americans as to what is really going on. 🙁



    If Obama does not tackle the financial issues head-on in his second term, if he continues the way he has in his first (he did not pull the US out of a depression, he merely set it up for a worse one down the road), he will be known to history as the president who led the nation into chaos, bankruptcy and worse.


    The War of Central Aggression

    HE has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary to limit his powers.

    HE has dialectically demonised the Right to Bear Arms in Self Defense, for opposing with manly Firmness his Invasions on the Rights of the People.

    HE has excreted a Multitude of new Orders, and sent hither Swarms of Agents to harrass our People, and grope out their Substance.

    HE has affected to render the DHS independent of and superior to the Military and Judiciary Power.

    HE has combined with others to subject us to a Jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution, and unacknowledged by our Laws; giving his Assent to their Extremist Agendas.

    FOR quartering large Bodies of Armed Troops among us.

    FOR protecting the Corporate Oligarchy, by a mock System of Justice,
    from Prosecution for Crimes which they commit on the Inhabitants of these States.

    FOR imposing taxes on our bodies without our Consent.

    FOR depriving us, in many cases, of the Benefits of Murder by Drone.

    FOR transporting us beyond Seas to be tortured for pretended Offences.

    FOR stealing away our Charters, abrogating our most valuable Laws,
    and subverting fundamentally the Forms of our Governments.

    FOR bypassing our Legislatures, and declaring himself invested with Power to order executively in all Cases whatsoever.

    FOR Levying War against us,
    without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress.

    FOR accepting sovereign presidence over the UN Security Council
    while holding an Office of Trust under us.

    FOR politically persecuting dissenting speech against him.

    FOR his identity fraud, being the bastard son of a communist agitator
    or a stateless enemy combatant pretending to be eligible.

    HE has multiplied our debt, plundered our Treasury, ravaged our Economy, crushed our hopes, and foodstamped the Lives of our People.

    HE is not yet, at this Time, transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries, supplementing such smaller Armies already positioned,
    to compleat the Works of Death, Desolation, and Tyranny,
    already begun with circumstances of Cruelty and Perfidy,
    scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous Administrations,
    and totally unworthy the Head Puppet of a civilized Nation.

    HE would constrain our fellow Citizens captured in the Collapse to bear Arms against their Country, to become the Executioners of their Friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.

    HE has excited Supersecession amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the Inhabitants of our Frontiers, the merciless Banker Savages, whose known Rule of Usury, is an inextinguishable Debt, of all Ages, Sexes and Conditions.

    To be clear; this checklist of committed offences by the regime does not yet enumerate such open hostilities against the people which would automatically legitimise a violent revolution or constitutionalist coup against the federal government at this time.

    However, regarding the prerogative to Kinetic Constitutionalism, the Criminal Oligarchy now in control of the federal government, using Barry the Butcher as a vessel of treason, is openly preparing to collapse and overthrow the old republic and genocide the citizenry.
    By now, the department of Homeland Security has been clearly revealed as a hostile occupying force intended to persecute and imprison the populace, to target all political resistance against tyranny and dictatorship, and to facilitate the systematic extermination of the people during the economic collapse.


    A handful of user accounts were accidentally deleted. Apologies. Please reinstate your account if you notice it’s gone.


    Barry the Butcher is already amongst the worst corporatist puppets and treasoners in US history, altogether worse than Bush by being a more talented demagogue, smart enough to realise what monsterous agenda he is collaborating towards. Unlike Bush, who’s evil intent was clearly visible and openly communicated, Barry fools many more people into accepting the authoritarian agenda of his evil puppetmasters by lying about everything he does, and totally obfuscating his evil machinations in secrecy while promising tranparency.

    He could partially redeem himself and martyr himself for the Republic by openly defying his owners, by merely speaking the truth about the criminal oligarchy, or dissolving the criminal DHS or the CIA by executive order, although they would immediately assassinate him for such an act, it would be worth it.

    Opinions such as what poster Babble conveys do exist as a function of utter ignorance, yet it is also suspiciously possible that poster Babble is a paid provocateur and enemy weapon used to disseminate disinformation and to disrupt civil discourse. The federal regime is admittedly funding cognitive infiltration operations online to create confusion about the administrations factual malice.


    Obama may have helped to get openly gay people accepted in the military, arguably a minor advance in civil rights, but then he went ahead and signed the NDAA, after promising not to, being the most devastating setback in civil rights ever legislated in US history, regarding the barbarous indefinite detention provision.
    That magnitude of damage to the rule of law cannot be undone, it gets him directly in the top 10 of worst presidents ever, just for that.

    The obamacare debacle is a despicable corporatist power grab towards medical fascism disguised as a social reform. All issues concerning coverage have actually gotten worse, people who couldn’t afford health insurance are now forced, by imposing a direct tax on the use of their bodies, to pay for an overpriced service they will still be denied for pre-existing conditions or by the arbitration of a death-panel. Brilliant.
    Its expected that jobs above the 30 hour threshold for mandatory coverage will simply disappear and be replaced by 29 hour jobs. In the best-case scenario it will only collapse employment even further and not enrich the sickcare cartel as much as they hoped for while writing the obamacare legislation.

    Obama announced that the mischief wall street and the banks had done was unethical, but not illegal. Much of it was very illegal. But instead of properly denouncing the banks as criminal, or criminalising their unethical deeds, the white house issued instructions to the MSM to ignore all banker crimes in perpetuity.

    Obama is a serial drone-killing treasoner and ideological fanatic who disrespects the rule of law at every opportunity, seizing dictatorial powers, despite being a constitutional scholar. Arguably, he’s done more damage, with greater cognizance, to constitutional integrity in one term than Bush accomplished in two.

    And the more he does to you,
    the less you seem to believe he’s doing it.
    ObamaDrone! And he’s gonna do more…

    Obama’s presidency may in fact be the last presidency of the republic, destroying any pretense to american democracy, especially if the economic collapse accelerates during his second term, in part because of his ruinous economic policy, he might become directly complicit in the genocide of the people and the establishment of a technotronic tyranny.

    Maybe his advisors and spin teams successfully insulate him from the true nature of the disasterous policies his corporate masters make him complict in. And there may be mitigating circumstances to his willful collaboration, the oligarchy and corrupt federal agencies would definitely threaten his family and children should he dare to betray them, for maximal leverage.

    The Teleprompter Tyrant cannot possibly do anything with financial policy to become a great president, he’s done too much damage and too much evil to be great, but if he was to single-handedly outlaw the Fed for being a criminal cartel, or demolish wall street most fully, he might not end up as the worst POTUS in history, and perchance save some millions from starvation.

    It is conceivable that, despite his previous collaboration, Obama may still help to prevent the imminent Enemy takeover or civil war by means of deliberate policy, if such policy can be formulated. Otherwise his greatest possible service might be to resign and take the VP and most of congress down with him, forcing a constitutional crisis to collapse the federal regime by denouncing them all.


    Yeah, that’s pretty much it, Gravity.

    I was giving him the benefit of the doubt one last time here, so for me it’s a little too early still to call him “a serial drone-killing treasoner”.

    If he names another bunch of yoyo’s to his finance team, we’ll know.

    And he’ll go down in history as the man who blew up the country. The US can’t take another four years of fake recovery.


    I’ve been reading a bit about the Fall of the Roman Empire, but now I wonder if more useful lessons could be learned from studying the Fall of the Roman Republic. Perhaps the buying of votes is all it has taken to make the loss of a functioning republic certain.

    We might even have one “good” Augustus, before the raving maniacs that followed him. Course we could go straight to the maniacs.

    Homeland “Security” gives me the creeps, big time. What a recipe for frightened conformity. A maniac could do a holocaust so easily with that.

    Oh, and have as happy a new year as possible. I’m still enjoying my abundance of eggs from my chickens. Perhaps they can be my urban barter coin.


    In some ways, Obama is a victim himself, being captured by the logic of the system. His first mistake was to accept the job, for which he is accountable. All his subsequent transgressions as POTUS are resultant from his taking the job, but may make him complicit to a lesser degree, especially if his handlers threaten him.

    Obama, if possessing adequate volition, could still do great things for the federal budget and the republic in his 2nd term, by tasking himself, in conjunction with congress, to dissolving the worst of the federal bureaucracies and chartered agencies; DHS, the CIA, the Federal Reserve and the department of education.
    To lessen the deficit, the pentagon budget must at least be cut in half, abandoning several hundred military bases around the world would help to lessen imperial overstretch and anti-american sentiments. FEMA, the NSA, FBI and ATF, being suspect bureaucracies susceptible to institutional abuses of power, must be reorganised and downsized to become more accountable, transparent and less corrupted.

    Apart from the direct spending reduction, removing the deeply negative labor productivity and menacing threat of the DHS and the TSA will lessen societal anxiety and distrust in government and enhance economic confidence. Scrapping the NDAA horror and the Patriot act would be paramount to reinstate the rule of law and stop the erosion of civil rights.

    De-funding or outlawing the CIA, for their many crimes, abuses and overall uselessness or outright hazard for security, would not break their power at once, but legalising, regulating and taxing narcotics should destroy the black market for narcotics and remove their principal revenue stream. This would also diminish crime and narcotics use, cut policing costs, provide additional revenue and remove the militaries objective to police the afghan opium trade for the CIA’s profit.

    Laying low the Fed and the wall street cartels will break the central monopoly on money and credit and allow the mega-banks to be cut down to size, while using the savings to fund massive programs of debt and tax reduction and localised reindustrialisation should greatly boost economic activity and productive capital allocation.
    The department of education has a highly negative labor productivity. It only seems to provide corporate programming to brainwash children, retard their learning and ruin critical thinking skills, greatly reducing labor productivity and innovation overall. The whole thing should be scrapped to reduce spending, the socioeconomic damage it has caused will take a generation to dissipate.

    It would be less damaging to the economy to have the resultant hundreds of thousands of ex-federal employees, originating from negative-productivity bureaucracies, on wellfare, until new labor opportunities with positive value are created by reindustrialisation. Comprehensive programs of relocalisation and decomplexification are needed to rethink power generation and break energy cartels, to rebuild a resilient electric grid, to produce transportation infrastructure outfitted for mass transit and to reduce logistical complexity, to domestically build tens of millions of new cars with vastly increased mileage, and to decentralise and revitalise agricultural industry.

    The department of agriculture should be downsized and maintained only to oversee the transfer from monopoly and monoculture industries towards a subsidy-less system than produces a non-toxic food surplus by smaller farm output. A purification program for agriculture and the meat-industry based on biotrophic consolidation must eradicate pollutant sources, pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones from the environment and food supply, while limiting artificial fertiliser use, employing methods of land use to replenish topsoil, creating more sustainable water management, and diffusing the dangerous concentrations of political and economic power from agricultural biotechnology cartels into a viable free market for food. This program of reindustrialisation should provide millions of productive jobs for decades to come.

    Then, after the intractably corrupted FDA and EPA are thoroughly purged or disbanded, federal mandate should remove certain edible poisons like high-fructose corn sugars and GMO’s from the food supply, or curtail their production, and eliminate water fluoridation and overvaccination to lessen chronic illness.
    Plans should be made to lessen the impact of fukushima fallout, impose strict regulations on the negligent marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical toxins, psychotropics and anti-depressants, fund synergistic nutritional programmes and eliminate federally-funded medical fascism. These measures should cause an increase in general labor productivity of at least 5% within 5 years and reduce healthcare expediture by at least 10% within 5 years. This would save trillions and break the pharmaceutical and medical cartels.

    Meanwhile, under Obama’s auspices, the states should assemble a constitutional convention, to allow for legitimate seccession proceedings for any states who want out, to formulate a new sovereign and sound money system, or free market of currencies, to transition into after the Fed is abolished, and to proscribe new amendments facilitating additional checks and balances on federal power, so that no Fed or DHS will ever emerge again.
    Maybe a redesign of the SCOTUS is necessary to increase their constitutional fortitude.

    Both the democratic and republican parties are now largely criminal organisations unable to mediate political discourse, and should be abandoned and replaced by several new parties, preferrably providing a system of multi-party coalition governance, which seems less corruptible, especially after commercial lobbying is banned in politics. Congressional insider trading should be totally outlawed.

    A new amendment, supplementing and expanding on the 1st amendment guarantee to freedom of speech and of the press, may be required to adequately protect the domain of the free press from corporate colonization and control, independent journalism being vital for political discourse of the citizenry and to constrain political corruption. Oversized commercial media conglomerates and news cartels should be broken up to reduce their highly concentrated economic power and corrosive ideological influence over political debate.
    To avoid further confusion, perhaps a new amendment should unequivocally specify which orginal amendments can never be repealed without destroying the republic, such as the 1st amendment, and which vital amendments counterbalance and safeguard these as an inherent duty, such as the 2nd, being more necessary than ever to protect individual liberty while the imminent threat of DHS and a totalitarian takeover persist. Indeed, if the federal government remains so large and unchecked, the threat of a totalitarian takeover will always persist.
    If economic collapse could somehow be reversed entirely, the oligarchy would lose their interest in a domestic police-state takeover to safeguard their assets.

    If Obama could forward this agenda, and survive the subsequent attempts on his life by aforementioned parties, I might honestly call him a great president, providing that he lets the courts judge on all his previous drone-killings, and that he accounts for the Libya treason and other transgressions. He should be justly imprisoned for these acts after his term is up, but history might still judge him favorably if he could accomplish even one of those tasks.

    Obama did inspire me once, back in 2007, when he first announced his run for presidency. I had never heard of him before. His speech seemed anti-establishment, criticising the power of money and special interests in politics, and promising to fight corruption.
    At the time, I wondered how long it would take the system to compromise him, or if he could genuinely make a difference. By the time of the election of 2008, I’d seen enough campaign rhetoric from his side to completely lose faith in his power to change the system from within. Its the media system too that makes it impossible to communicate real ideas in campaigns, but his political platform seemed fully compromised and emptied of integrity by then.

    Happy new year and best wishes to all, btw.


    Gravity,[greetings from the northwest]

    It would convince me that I should burn every conspiracy book I own,change my entire world view,and go work for the green party if I saw O-man do what you said.

    He wont,and, I have a pretty good idea why….it went like this,sorta…

    After the election,a couple of his most trusted advisers ask him to come by for a national security briefing of the highest sort.It was held,with only 2 others present,and consisted of a longish film of the Kennedy assassination,except the films shown were ones that had never been seen publicly before,that clearly showed the shooters to be members of the[fill in the blank]…..

    At the end of the film,as he left the private white house theater,he ask the more senior of his advisers”Well then,what is my agenda?”.

    [Yes,this is somewhat in jest.somewhat.]

    Bee good,or
    Bee careful


    Viscount St. Albans

    Obama is expected to announce Jack Lew as Geithner’s replacement at Treasury Dept.

    Lew is a Citigroup man.

    From wikipedia: “In June 2006, Lew was named chief operating officer of Citigroup’s Alternative Investments unit, a proprietary trading group. The unit he oversaw invested in a hedge fund “that bet on the housing market to collapse”

    At least Lew knew how to place his housing bets correctly. Nominating a housing bull would be even more discouraging. I guess this puts Lew in the select few who saw the tidal wave forming and bought flood insurance on his neighbors’ beachfront condos.

    He’s a realist. But he clearly has lots of friends in high places on Wall Street. I guess we can close the book on the 2nd term.

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