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    First of all, apologies for the delay in posting the dates for New Zealand. Let’s just say there were some misunderstandings concerning the rele
    [See the full post at: TAE is coming to New Zealand!]


    And here was I getting all jealous of those Aussie types 🙂 I did see that NZ was on the list but figured I’d be too far away to come to anything. Now I’ve got the choice of TWO days 🙂

    viv in dunedin


    Ilargi, I’ve been dying for news of the tour. Thanks for the update.As for ” generous to a fault ” I am so glad you are being cared for. It lifts my spirits to hear about kindness and generosity in the current global cycle of police state legislations, austerity,Cdn election fraud,mafia type fiscal fraud and even rumours of assassination.
    Heart to heart feels so-o good.


    What about Wellington??? Surely you wouldn’t want to miss visiting the capital?


    Awesome! Looking forward to reports on those visits AND your analysis of current situation, especially relative to Greece. Thanks!


    I find it hard to find Kiwis who are thinking in terms of a deflationary scenario. Much more common to hear the dogma of the status quo over and over again: real estate and commodity prices in New Zealand will go up forever. Hopefully with TAE coming to NZ, I’ll get an opportunity to connect with a few more like-minded individuals. It’s not a giant country and could be an ideal location for the sharing of knowledge and sustainable living communities.


    gliescin et al

    The schedule will be updated as dates become available; I just put in Wellington and Turangi, and I know Auckland is also there. North of that, I don’t know, it would be nice to do some talks there too.


    Would be nice to organise a Waiheke Island talk, if you guys have the room for it. It’s a unique community of 8,000 permanent residents that swells to double or triple that on sunny weekends — and only 40 minutes ferry from Auckland. Very alternative culture (mixed in with the super rich nowadays). If you want help booking a Waiheke venue or I can facilitate any organising of such a talk, I’d be happy to do so.


    Woohoo! So you are coming to NZ after all 🙂 Auckland will be close enough if you’re not doing a presentation in Hamilton(?). I’ve been reading TAE since Sept 2010 and found it very insightful. I was already cashed up prior to Lehmans (not because I was smart but because of doing voluntary work o’seas) and ready to play wait and see and TAE reinforced that and stopped me doing what the herd has been. I’m from a farming background – very grateful for such knowledge and skills and that community I could slot back into (relationships ARE everything!), although if power and fuel supply networks go down or get too expensive farmers will be very seriously in the poo too.
    Now I work helping reintegrate released prisoners back into the community. These guys typically have no assets, socially and materially, just hate to think what it’ll be like for them if the S really HTF. I worked a few jobs in rural East Africa over a 10yr period and have seen first hand what no capital and no cheap easy energy supply is like.
    As for NZ folk, most don’t want to hear ‘negative’ talk as they all believe in the current way of life so what to do except help my own small circle – some of whom I may be able to motivate to attending these talks. Always thought I must be strange for refusing to borrow for anything (God doesn’t say “the borrower is servant to the lender” for nothing) but right now I’m happy to have ‘missed out’.

    Hope to be meeting other NZ readers of TAE soon 🙂


    Hi Stoneligh – I see you are coming to Windy Wellington on the 5th of April – is seating first come, first serve or do we need to register beforehand? Looking forward to the visit.


    I agree pikipiki about the Kiwis’ refusal to hear anything negative. I’m from the U.S., and so I saw first-hand how a relgious devotion to real estate can bite the population in the arse. But honestly, the devotion to real estate is far, far more maniacal here in New Zealand. I’ve never met so many people for whom real estate is the one and only investment and saviour for their woes, present and future. Despite the fact that this pet investment has been biting the feeders’ hand lately, the Kiwi resolve remains unwavering. Real estate only goes up in New Zealand apparently. It’s different here. You get all the same reasons: limited land, limited housing, commodity growth, you can’t stop Australia, you can’t stop China, every rich person in the world wants to buy in New Zealand, etc., etc.

    Dr. Doom

    This is my first comment to post, so I’ll be brief. If New Zealand were so great, it must be in the light of the present paradygm. When things change, so will New Zealand. For example, how wonderful will it be there when the Chinese Navy shows up in advance of a major landing party? Who will New Zealand call upon to protect it’s lovely real estate from foreign takeover? Probably the better question is who will be able to afford to rescue them (and their lovely sheep) from takeover and what will they use for propulsion to get there?

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