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    I tried a “thank you” and it did not work.

    Like you, I cannot see the answers. The future does have some kind of reset baked into it.

    A large percent of the world population will be negatively impacted by the reset.

    Your observations have not even looked at the negative impacts that the other PEAKS will have on our present lifestyles.

    Its too bad that so few people have the ability to use a compass and do map reading.


    I couldn’t tell if The Onion Diebold video was a spoof or if there was a glitch in the machines. I think I am missing something. I have a feeling it was satire and not true. I am a bit gullible.

    On another note…regarding yesterdays gold/silver crash. Did Ben Bernanke give the signal to the big paper short players to crash the metals market after Ron Paul pulled out that silver dollar in yesterdays hearing in Washington and proceeded to berate the Fed chief on national television regarding what is real money and what is not ? Co- incidence… I am sure. right ?


    Re Hey,

    I actually think Ron Pauls comments on the Silver Dollar was disturbing.

    If you could buy 4 gallons of gas back some 50 years ago and now you can buy 11 gallons with the same Silver coin, then it’s not a very good store of value. It seems to me that those mediums that stores value dont actually rise in value when compared to other real value. They should only save you from loosing your buying power. Otherwise its speculation. As it adheres to the greater fool idea.

    It’s the volatility on silver and gold that keeps me from buying them. It’s a speculators market and I can not speculate with what I have. Invest sure, but not speculate.

    And when it comes to Ron Pauls idea about having a gold or silver backed dollar, he should read through the Chatham House report from feb 2012 titled Gold and the International Monetary System where they have some seriously intelligent things to say about gold-backed Monetary systems. It’s an interesting read.

    And El G, you’re really full of questions!

    I have to think that it’s with the CB’s as it is with the ISDA, the CDS market and The Hellenic Republic. If ISDA does not conclude it to be a credit event if the CAC’s are used, the CDS market (worth trillions of trillions), their reason for existing, simply vanishes.

    As CB’s are all about Fiat, debt and walking the fine line between hope (boom) and despair (bust). They would also vanish when the money vanishes. Just as Ron Paul said 🙂

    So between HI (annihilation of credit and FED) or depression (FED to the rescue after TPTB have bought up everything) I truly believe depression de luxe is our future. With Dept Slavery as an integral part of it until some kind of spark kindles up a revolution.

    So the lifeboat section should be a mandatory read for everyone 🙂

    el gallinazo

    Hey Swami,

    The Onion was both satire and truthful. The world has gotten so weird that this is now possible. The 2000 and 2004 presidential elections were both determined by electoral fraud, but as Obama has demonstrated, it didn’t make the slightest difference regarding national decisions. Gore is a complete globalist hypocrite as is Kerry. One could regard Obama as W’s third term. Perhaps our friends in Sweden will give him the War Prize next year. He could use it as bookends with his Peace Prize for his personal constitutional library, now a historical relic.

    The Onion serves the roll of the jester in feudal courts who can spurt out the truth about the king because everyone knows he’s nuts and not responsible for what he says. They often lost their heads anyway. Things have reached the point that the truthiness at the Onion and Jon Stewart is much higher than MSM news. I couldn’t even tell you who the anchors are on any of the big six networks. They are all clones anyway.

    The fact that you feel compelled to divide media up between “truth” and satire indicates you might be able to use a little reality rework.

    Regarding the PM crash yesterday, I assumed that it was connected with the Bernanke hearing. I haven’t watched it yet or read about what he said. Assumed he threw cold water on QE 3. The markets are so overleveraged that they have become junkies on ZIRP free money and monetization. And gold is now mainly tied at the hip with the S&P500. This is odd and I assume that it is because the price of both is determined by the liquidity and leverage available.


    Re El G,

    well actually it was the nutjobs in Norway who decided Obama of all people would get the Nobel Peace prize. Insane!

    The future of the Nobel Peace prize is actually being “dicussed” in courts…


    El G,
    Thanks for the reply. I do need a reality check when it comes to the news. I watch no television at all and I don’t read any papers or magazines other than Mother Earth News.
    I guess i just found it hard to believe that Diebold would even have Romney in their voting machines yet and come up the winner. It seemed like fiction to me. But now I remember that “Truth is stranger than fiction.”
    I must confess I was groomed to be an inflationist by being on other blog websites since 2009 but Iam getting the feeling that the depression/deflation is coming because of all the credit that has dried up. I am reading more and more from this site and getting new ideas.
    Thanks for your reply. I don’t think I will vote in the upcoming election. I am a Ron Paul supporter at heart.

    el gallinazo

    Hey Swami,

    I don’t follow the presidential crap either other than maybe see what effect Ron Paul appears to be having on the mass perceptions. Regarding TV, I just got cable in Mexico, but I use it mainly to watch the Simpsons in Spanish. Seriously, I never watch the news on TV. The cable is just a tool to improve my understanding of spoken Spanish, my weakest suit. I did download the RT daily half hour news for the first time today, but haven’t watched it yet. Thought I would take it around the block. Their half hour economic Capital Account, posted to youtube about 7 PM EST kicks ass. I am trying to correlate Lauren Lyster’s neckline with the S&P500. Today was a plunge.

    Ron Paul may run as an independent since he is not running for Congress any more. The latest Rasmussen poll says that he would beat Obama by two points among registered voters. If he ran as an independent, it would probably throw the election into the House, as no candidate would probably get a majority of the electoral college. I would like to see that happen as it would just serve to invalidate the process that much more. But the ballot control is so rigged that anything could happen as long as we wind up with a globalist stooge as POTUS. The one thing I would take odds on is that Paul will never make it to the oval office even if he had 70% support. But they are more subtle and sophisticated now than when the Kennedy’s were causing problems.

    It’s probably good that Paul is so old. Any movement has to be built on ideas, not cults of personality.


    If you think the world is weird now, just wait for even more weirdness, thus uncertainty as it is the ONLY thing that’s going UP, buddyyyyyyyyy.


    Can someone please tell me about the gold crash?

    I checked the price and it was USD 1,420 12 months ago and is now USD 1,720 – a 20% increase. It seems that when it goes up 20%, it is a bubble and when it goes down 5%, it is a crash. A sort heads I win, tails you lose situation. 🙂


    I am only presenting the data here, not encouraging anyone to buy or sell.

    Personally, I would not be surprised if it were to go back to USD 1,400 before heading to USD 2,000+, but that is only my opinion.

    BTW, I have been reading the autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini – the goldsmith and sculptor who worked for popes, kings and nobility.


    He spent quite a lot of time making the dies for making gold coins. Fascinating. It is clear to any reader the great importance that was attached to such a task in the Middle Ages. The rulers saw the importance not only of having genuine gold coins, but the importance of presentation. The coins had to look good too.

    It is equally clear that our current crop of rulers don’t have any aesthetic sense whatsoever. They have no respect for money. I expect money will get its own back on them.


    So what happens?

    All of the deleveraging, defaults in general along with all of the CDS and other derivative categories collapses and we go into deflationary depression but of course The Fed and the US Treasury go beserk trying to stop it (since it is imprinted into their DNA to never allow deflation, never allow reality to take its toll) and print money until its coming out of every orifice of every person.

    So we wind up with hyper-inflation, deflation, stagflation, disflation and every other -tion all mixed in to one big financial apocolypse now cake.

    Golden Oxen
    Tao Jonesing

    The Fed and the US Treasury go beserk trying to stop it (since it is imprinted into their DNA to never allow deflation, never allow reality to take its toll) and print money until its coming out of every orifice of every person.

    First, the Fed and the Treasury don’t only have one speed, and they don’t only go in one direction. They are “managing” the deflation by creating mini boom-bust cycles, the mid-points of which are defining a new, downward sloping mean.

    Second, if the velocity of money is zero, you can print an infinite amount of it without causing inflation in the monetary sense. The money that has been printed by the Fed has zero velocity and does not affect money aggregates such as M1 and M2 because it is held in bank reserves which are not considered by those aggregates.

    Of course, people have conditioned to believe that money-printing equals inflation, so they go and speculate in the secondary markets seeking yields that are greater than inflation they think will happen, even if won’t happen.


    Words of wisdom by Irving Fisher quoted in today’s Elliott Wave Financial Forecast (subscription):

    “Each dollar of debt still unpaid becomes a bigger dollar. If the over-indebtedness with which we started was great enough, the liquidation of debts cannot keep up with the fall of prices which it causes. In that case, the liquidation defeats itself. While it diminishes the number of dollars owed, it may not do so as fast as it increases the value of each dollar owed. Then we have the great paradox, which I submit, is the chief secret of most, if not all, great depressions. The more the debtors pay, the more they owe.” :silly:


    Good paragraph you posted there .Thanks. So as people pay down debt…then less dollars get put back into the economy thus slowing down the velocity of money and creating depression and the deflation of prices.
    I am beginning to think that since the ’08 crash….there is a mood and thinking sentiment of “lets not spend money”. I am in the furniture retail business and I see it daily.So I don’t raise prices yet I cannot not drop them because of fuel/freight costs and rising cost of materials and the Indonesian furniture makers charging more $$ because of a falling dollar and demand for goods in India and China.
    We could just well be headed into a long decade of no velocity and stagnation like Japan. Maybe hyper -inflation has no grounds to take hold. The recession mind set will be with us for quite awhile I believe.
    I now see that “money” is debt and “money” is credit at the same time.

    el gallinazo


    “Can someone please tell me about the gold crash?”

    When a global market drops 5% in a few minutes with no obvious cause, such as the outbreak of a major war, it becomes interesting. What word or phrase would you find inoffensive for this sort of event? Flash drop?

    Tao Jonesing

    Interesting point. In the USA, bank reserves held in the Fed have their own special category, MB. In the UK they throw them into MO. Never realized this until your comment sent me to Wiki. Of course, the Fed is not printing, and Helicopter Ben is not sprinkling those Franklins onto the teeming millions like Santa from on high. Most of it is going into the black holes of bank balance sheets, and then right back to the Fed. The little that does escape into the real economy keeps up the coke prices for the bankers or is used to speculate on commodity futures. Blow and commodities are the two major areas where it results in price inflation. Of course it is also holding up the bogus stock indexes, but how much of this is escaping into the real economy? It was released yesterday that the Israeli Central Bank intends to invest 10% of its foreign reserve currency in US equities or indexes. Of course, the Fed is prohibited from doing so by law. Guess they needed a favor.


    Food for thought. Guess that’s why they call it a downward death spiral.

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