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    Taking a deep dive into the World Economic Forum’s propaganda about the glorious dystopian technocracy Klaus Schwab and his fellow travelers have planned for the plebs has made me a “Covid skeptic.” I don’t think the virus is fake or a deliberately planned hoax but its “deadly effects” are being greatly exaggerated.

    The constant media driven panic (with Schwab, Gates and the Silicon Valley oligarchs in the background offering encouragement) is being used to keep the public’s fear level high, thus giving the WEF and the tech monopolies the perfect excuse to roll out their “solutions” in the form of “social distancing” (i.e. isolation), lockdowns and “virtual” everything. It’s social engineering that gets the frightened plebs used to obeying government authorities’ orders to hide inside, because “safety.” The point of Covid lockdowns is to condition people into mindlessly accepting state mandated lockdowns. The propaganda around Covid-19 also reinforces the message that isolation and technology are “safe” while nature and people are “dangerous.”

    You never know what kind of scary viruses might be floating around “out there” so mask up when you walk the dog, scrub your hands dry with alcohol 20x a day, stay inside as much as possible and “live” virtually via your screens!

    Governments around the world are tapped into the UN system, which the WHO is part of, and these NGOs are very much influenced, if not controlled by, the technocratic oligarchies and their affiliates. The technocratic elites have the ear of governments (i.e. influence) and are always happy to pass on their sage advice, which invariably profits their companies and furthers the WEF and friends globalist agenda.

    When people ask me “so you think Covid-19 is a hoax!?” I tell them no, it’s not a hoax but it is absolutely being blown way out of proportion and used by the technocratic globalists to accelerate their dehumanizing tech-driven dystopia. Ironically it is Naomi Klein, who has since gone over to the dark side, who described their basic strategy in her book The Shock Doctrine: global capitalists use periods of crises and social disruption to push their agenda onto people faster than is possible during “peacetime.” I would add that powerful governments and agencies therein are no different. The classic example from recent history is of course 9/11, which has raised the level of fear in society and conditioned the public to see the police, intelligence agencies, military and various government authorities as their protectors who will “save” them from death and violence. The post-9/11 era has normalized, among other intrusive measures, domestic spying and intelligence agency snooping that would make a STASI agent blush and has seen many countries roll back constitutionally protected rights and freedoms with very little pushback.

    The WEF, very wealthy oligarchs, governments and other powerful players on the global stage are poised and ready to take advantage of disruptive crises. They war game possible scenarios and hold dry run exercises to prepare themselves.

    In the case of Covid-19 it’s remarkable how a few months into the outbreak the WEF’s Schwab had a book published, The Great Reset, all about “the new normal” and all the tech dweebs from Bill Gates to the zombie Faceborg guy immediately got airtime and column inches to push their “solutions.” A creepy, possibly sociopathic, “philanthropist”, Gates, known best for his ruthless anti-competitive business practices, was reinvented as a kindly cardigan-clad nerd who cares so much about humanity he wants to “protect” every last person on earth from deadly diseases with his helpful vaccination programs. What a mensch! Yeah, nothing at all odd about a guy who isn’t a doctor and who got rich peddling buggy bloatware now presented as a credible “expert” on infectious diseases and vaccination.

    The twisted dystopian fantasy world envisioned by these profoundly antihuman, anti-nature technocrats won’t be constructed overnight. Some of the technology is still being developed plus they know that the global public would never accept such a world were it to be explained honestly. So they push it in increments backed up by lots of slick propaganda. The Covid “event” is the perfect opportunity to push onto the public in months a level of tech immersion that would have otherwise have taken years. Klaus Schwab positively gloats about this in his The Great Reset book. It’s difficult to miss the glee and high-fiving…the technocrats are ecstatic about Covid and don’t even bother hiding it.

    For a while I was on the fence regarding Covid-19. I wasn’t prepared to dismiss as a complete hoax, as some skeptics have done, but the more research I did and the more I read on sites like The Automatic Earth and Off-Guardian the more uneasy I became about the “killer pandemic.” It just didn’t add up. The flip-flopping, the wildly exaggerated death predictions, the parade of technocratic “experts”, the constant media-driven fear porn and reminders about “safety.” If the media stopped yapping about Covid-19 would the public even be aware of this “killer pandemic”?

    It was after reading about the WEF/Silicon Valley tech oligarchs and their very clearly stated agenda that the final piece of the puzzle clicked into place. Skeptics may differ on how they perceive the agenda but they all agree that the evidence pointing to an agenda is overwhelming. This post sums up how I came to join them. Thanks for reading and for keeping the flame of skeptical inquiry burning.

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    The piece by the Sri Lankan dude is spot on. Human beings have an amazing ability to adapt to almost any situation, no matter how horrific. People in Damascus who never experienced war prior to the Syrian Civil War (2011- ) talk about how the sound of gunfire and artillery quickly goes from something that caused them to reflexively flinch and duck to banal background noise that nobody pays any attention to unless it’s really close by. As the guy in the article writes, life goes on. You learn to identify by the sound whether rounds are incoming or outgoing, mortar or heavy artillery and unless the shells are falling on top of your head you take your chances and go about your business as best you can. When friends and family get killed you quickly learn to deal with it.

    Hell, even something as unthinkable as being interred in a death camp in the midst of a genocide eventually becomes banal. Holocaust survivor Viktor Frank talks about this in his excellent book Man’s Search For Meaning.

    The author of the piece is right when he says there is no catastrophic moment of collapse where everything radically changes overnight. It’s a gradual process to which most people will adapt and, at some level, learn to accept.

    I think governments and big business regularly take advantage of this human ability to adapt to hardship and undesirable circumstances. They know that offshoring manufacturing jobs, say, will disrupt or destroy families and livelihoods, cause longterm community disruption etc. but figure eventually people will just get used to it and accept their downgraded status as the “new normal.” Less than a generation later barely anyone will still remember that it wasn’t always like this.

    In the 19 years since 9/11 Americans and westerners have “gotten used to” governments and tech companies spying on them at levels that would make the STASI jealous, the idea of endless war against a rotating cast of shadowy foreign bogeymen, the corruption of core freedoms and liberties and, perhaps most significantly, a tech oligarch controlled internet that essentially replaced a relatively autonomous day-to-day existence with a matrix-style pseudo reality where every word, thought and action is channeled through hypnotic digital devices that are controlled by said monopolistic tech behemoths while providing the end users with the illusion that they are free and in control.

    So, yeah, we really are sleepwalking into an era of decline and collapse. Many people still think electing their preferred candidate/party will get things back on track and that the present weirdness is just temporary. In my experience mentioning to family and friends that maybe, possibly, perhaps we are already living in a declining and post-democratic society meets with a lot of resistance and even outright rage. This suggests that there is a lot of denial going on. The hardcore political polarization that has emerged in the last two decades is itself a sign of a failing society.

    The left and the right love to argue (or just yell at each other) about how things ought to be and changes that need to made to get to fix the dysfunctional mess we are currently in. I am not so sure this is even possible anymore. Or, to put it another way, that no matter what changes are made to the system the collapse trajectory western civilization seems to be following can no longer be altered. What if accepting that collapse is happening is the only realistic option available? After all, societies and civilizations collapsing and rebuilding is the stuff history is made of.

    Western civilization as we know is it today with its pathological focus on the individual is at a distinct disadvantage vis a vis more cohesive and culturally homogenous societies. What does the west believe in? What unites the people of western democracies? What do they collectively take pride in? (It the answer is “nothing” or “individual liberty” that’s a problem.) It doesn’t help that westerners have deluded themselves into believing liberal capitalist democracy is a universal system that every right thinking nation can and should adopt, at the point of the sword if necessary. Fanatically blaming Russia, China, Iran etc. for our own failings is typical behavior for broken and dying empires. Pointing fingers and doubling down on polices that don’t work and increase geopolitical tension and the likelihood of an accidental nuclear apocalypse is not a good sign.

    Anyway, this is turning into an epic and disjointed rant so I will wind it down by saying that my gut feeling after delving, as a layperson, into the social, political and economic problems plaguing the western world is that we, particularly our leaders, are deeply in denial – to the point of delusion I would argue – about what the problems even are. So in all likelihood western civilization will continuing along the collapse trajectory regardless of which party or “savior”candidates get elected. The fragmented citizenry, while currently in denial about how deep the west’s problems are or, conversely, predicting imminent civil war, will do what people have always done, i.e. adapt and learn to live with the realities they are thrust into.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 27 2020 #63877

    Few people have the imagination for reality.
    – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Wow, that is a mind bender…….
    …but simple actually…denial is a powerful force for not having the imagination to get past denial into reality; otherwise nown as the now…
    If you’re not centered in that, then you’re caught in a downward spiral ending in oblivion.
    In any event Goethe pretty much nailed it for me…

    I agree, it’s a great quote. But isn’t part of the problem today that reality has become fragmented and the notion of a shared objective reality that all lucid people agree on, regardless of their politics or personal beliefs, is fast becoming a quaint notion from a time gone by?

    People can’t can’t even agree on how seriously to take Covid-19. The spectrum of opinion ranges from “relax, it’s basically the flu” to “omg we need an indefinite, strictly enforced lockdown”. And once people make up their minds they tend to cling to their POV like their lives depend on it.

    Each side can produce links to credible-appearing articles and studies that “prove” their take is the undeniably correct one and that competing claims are trash. It’s a potent combination of denial, ego and delusional thinking.

    Keeping an emotional distance between oneself and “the news” and political bickering and being able to say “I don’t know” or “I don’t have enough information yet to make up my mind” are good ways to avoid falling into a trap where you are stuck defending a dubious or unproven claim come hell or high water. But few people seem to be able to do this.

    I must say it’s quite disconcerting noticing how not just reality but also the agreed upon methods of inquiry we use(d) to determine what is real and what is not are being torn to shreds while the vast majority of the population either doesn’t notice, doesn’t care or gleefully joins the fray.

    This is not something strong and stable societies do. It is not something that goes away after a few election cycles. It’s more like the beginning of a paradigm shift, in this case the beginning of the end of post-Enlightenment civilization.

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