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    John Day

    Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo saved the life of a man suffering from a heart attack at the State Capitol on Tuesday.
    The man underwent a “cardiac event” in the Capitol Courtyard on Tuesday, Spectrum News 13’s Jason Delgado reported.
    “Ladapo rushed over, performed chest compressions and stabilized the man using a defibrillator,”
    Angelic Ladapo

    Can’t tell if Willie Davis Jr. 57, was vaxxed or not…

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    John Day

    Here is the FLCCC post-vaccine treatment information:

    and their Long COVID section, which is more for doctors evaluating patients:

    I think Germ could add B-complex to what he is taking. Certainly take Vitamin-D, K2 (his dose is good), fresh vegetables, and a diet low in processed foods. Avoid sweet drinks and charred/smoked meats.

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    John Day

    ​The United States has a census counted population of 332 million. Thus, if even a small percentage of these people are injured or killed from COVID-19 vaccines, it’s still a frightful number.
    ​ ​Consider that 58,000 men were killed in ten years of fighting in Vietnam. This was just a tiny percentage of the 100 million American men counted in the 1968 census, but it was still a huge number of men to die in their early twenties.
    ​ ​Yesterday, former BlackRock portfolio manager Ed Dowd and his analysts at the research firm, Phinance Technologies, published a report on the cost of the COVID-19 vaccine program in the United States for the year 2022….​ ​26.6 million injuries; 1.36 million disabilities; 300,000 excess deaths. Note that this death count in one year is 5.2 times the number of [American]​ men killed in ten years of combat in Vietnam.
    ​ ​Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about this state of affairs is that most Americans don’t know it’s happening. Every day, young people are dying from heart attacks, strokes, and seizures caused by COVID-19 vaccines.

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, ​I cite 4 papers (2 by USG scientists) which showed in 2004, 2005 and 2014 that repurposed drugs could kill SARS-1 and MERS at usual safe doses. This should have prevented the EUAs for COVID vaccines

    ​ ​A new report estimates that 26.6 million people were injured, 1.36 million disabled, and 300,000 excess deaths can be attributed to COVID-19 vaccine damages in 2022 alone, which cost the economy nearly $150 billion.​ (same report)​

    Pierre Kory MD, ..Policymakers must recognize that snap crisis decisions can leave people hurt. No one expects a perfect public response, but there must be safety net for those who get caught up in the single-minded approach. Consider vaccine associated enhanced disease (VAED), the ghastly scenario where a vaccine not only fails to prevent transmission but creates a more serious illness in a vaccinated person than one who is unvaccinated.
    According to the CDC’s “V-safe” safety monitoring system, 33% of people who received a COVID vaccine experienced severe adverse effects, and 7.7% have required hospitalization. I have never in my career prescribed any medicine or administered any therapy which even came close to a 1% risk of requiring medical attention as a result of that therapy. This risk of a treatment is unprecedented in the history of modern medicine.

    ​ ​The Decades of Evidence That Antidepressants Cause Mass Shootings​ , A Midwestern Doctor​​
    ​ ​As we have seen with the vaccines, almost no social cost can keep a lucrative pharmaceutical off the market

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    John Day

    ​Deactivating the Russian links with a space between “dot” and “com” to get them to upload…

    ​It’s a war for the dollar—and the big banks. The rest of us better hold on tight.​ , ​By James K. Galbraith
    ​ ​So why did the Federal Reserve invert the yield curve? To fight inflation? To kill jobs and stall wages? If so, the stupidity—or the economistic groupthink—is shocking. Most price increases have already faded from the economy (for now). Though job growth is strong, wage increases lag prices: Real wages have fallen. The Fed obviously operates in total disregard of its full-employment mandate—nothing new in that—and indifference even to the textbook logic of labor markets. Why is that? Among specialists, opinions differ on how smart top officers of the Federal Reserve actually are. Personally, I vote for dishonest over stupid.
    ​ ​The Fed works—as a wise Republican monetarist told me many years ago—for the biggest banks. The big banks are not the friends of smaller banks, even if they scramble to help out when the smaller ones are in danger. And the big banks, which operate across the globe, depend on the God-almighty dollar. The Fed raises interest rates, first and foremost, to defend the dollar. Paul Volcker in 1981 raised interest rates to the skies and established a dollar-based world system that is now beginning—just beginning—to unravel. I believe that this, above all, lies at the heart of the inverted yield curve. SVB and the US regional and community banks are only the beginning of the consequences.
    ​ ​What happens next? Obviously, Europe and Japan must match US rate increases and deposit guarantees, and as all those interest rates rise, a global slump will follow. If they don’t follow suit—and perhaps even if they do—hot money will flow massively out of European and other foreign banks, notably Japan, and out of commodities, such as oil and copper. The money will flow into the United States. Into the money market funds and the biggest banks. Enhanced swap lines—to keep dollars available to foreign central banks—were trotted out on Sunday. They signal that the dollar is still boss.

    ​ ​Russia’s deputy foreign minister has listed the steps Kiev must take before hostilities can end​.
    ​​ ​For Ukraine to bring about peace, its military forces must stand down and the West must halt all deliveries of weapons to Kiev, Galuzin told the outlet RTVI.
    ​ ​Several other conditions he listed have been on the table since the hostilities escalated in February 2022, such as Ukraine’s demilitarization and “denazification,” a pledge to never join the EU or NATO, and the affirmation of Kiev’s non-nuclear status. Another was added in October 2022, and involves the recognition of “new territorial realities” – commonly understood to mean the decision of Kherson, Zaporozhye and the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk to join Russia.
    ​ ​Ensuring the protection of the Russian language and the rights of Russian-speaking citizens, as well as all other ethnic groups in Ukraine also made Galuzin’s list.
    https://www.rt. com/russia/573822-ukraine-peace-conditions-galuzin/

    ​ Nobody can tell where that 20% goes after that, either.​
    ​ ​Washington hands over only about 20% of financial aid allocated for Ukraine directly to Kiev, with about 60% of this money being received by the US side itself, head of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Michael McCaul said during Committee hearing Wednesday.
    ​ ​”Of the $113 billion appropriated across four supplementals, approximately 60% is going to American troops, American workers and modernizing American stockpiles. In fact, only 20% of the funding is going directly to the Ukrainian government in the form of direct budgetary assistance,” the lawmaker said.
    https://tass. com/world/1596247

    Ecological Data Point to COVID-19 Vaccines as a Determinant of Increased All-Cause Mortality
    Countries Must Urgently Merge Vaccine Administration and Death Databases​, ​Peter A. McCullough, MD
    ​ ​The biggest global news story in 2021, 2022, and now in 2023 is that people around the world are dying in ever great numbers as the pandemic winds down. This is just the opposite of what was expected since COVID-19 mortality was largely in the elderly and those with many medical problems, the viral illness should have had a “culling” effect leaving 2022 and now 2023 to have decreased mortality.
    ​ ​Multiple sources of data suggest the swell in mortality occurring is not just among the elderly. Edward Dowd’s book “Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022 numerous sources of insurance data are cited suggesting death claims among working age persons are skyrocketing.
    ​ ​Aarstad et al have published an ecological analysis demonstrating that deaths tracked with increased COVID-19 vaccination rates.

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    John Day

    ​ ​Hungary and Poland have both voted against the European Commission’s new proposal to extend a regulation that requires a 15 percent reduction in the use of natural gas from member states, said Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó at the EU Energy Council in Brussels on Tuesday.
    ​ ​According to a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Szijjártó said at a press conference at the summit that the European Commission has come up with a proposal that would again require a reduction in natural gas consumption instead of pursuing more worthwhile goals like investing in infrastructure.
    ​ ​Such a regulation was already adopted last year despite Hungarian and Polish opposition, but this one poses a greater threat to Europe’s economy. The previous reduction was during the winter period.

    ​ ​This week Honduras delivered a shock to Taiwan and its powerful backer Washington, as the Honduran government ordered Taiwan to vacate its embassy in the country within 30 days. As Reuters underscored in its biting headline Tuesday, Taiwan was told to ‘pack up and leave’ Honduras after ties severed. Adding insult to injury, driving President Xiomara Castro’s decision are efforts to gain more Chinese investment and jobs, at a moment diplomatic ties have been formally established with Beijing.

    ​ ​TUCKER CARLSON: This is about introducing flat out totalitarianism​
    ​B​ut election interference from TikTok is totally unacceptable. OK. But in reality, and you should know this, if you’re opposed to TikTok as we are, This bill isn’t really about banning TikTok. It’s never about what they say it is.
    ​ ​Instead, this bill would give enormous and terrifying new powers to the federal government to punish American citizens and regulate how they communicate with one another. For example, the bill would regulate “certain transactions between persons in the United States and foreign adversaries.” Now, what’s a foreign adversary and who gets to decide? The secretary of commerce and the department and the DNI, not the Congress, get to decide what foreign adversaries are. Well, that ought to trip a switch in your brain and then the transactions with foreign adversaries would include “any acquisition, importation, transfer, installation, dealing in or use of any information and communications technology, product or service, including ongoing activities such as mandated services, data transmission, software updates, repairs, or the provision of data hosting services.” Well, that’s pretty broad.
    ​ ​Under this bill, if you engage in any of that with a so-called foreign adversary as determined by, in this case, the Biden administration, that would allow the Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimando, and the director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, to decide whether you’re acting in the “interest of a foreign adversary.”
    ​ ​Again, that’s another term that the executive branch, the secretary of commerce, gets to define without the interference of Congress. So, if the Biden administration decides that you’re doing this, then the secretary of commerce can then enforce “any mitigation measure to address any risk arising from any covered transaction with any person or with respect to any property subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.” Oh, these covered transactions can involve “current past or potential future transactions” and the mitigation measures include, but are not limited to, throwing American citizens in prison for 20 years.

    RESTRICT Act Is Orwellian Censorship Grab Disguised As Anti-TikTok Legislation​ (Abbreviated version)

    ​ In Britain, and envisioned for everyone, everywhere…
    ​ Smartphones, under the two years of lockdown, were the instrument onto which the COVID-faithful downloaded the software applications (or app) that connected them to the Test and Trace tracking programme that identified and recorded their location, movements, associations and personal contacts.
    ​ ​In the imminent future, smartphones are the instrument onto which, in the guise of the digital verification of our identity — the Government’s ‘consultation’ on which closed this month — the compliant will upload their biometric data (fingerprints, photograph and DNA swab) to a centralised database to which the 32 public authorities presiding over the UK biosecurity state will have access.​..
    ..Smartphones are the instrument that will monitor whether their owners are up-to-date with what the UK biosecurity state decides is fully ‘vaccinated’ with whatever our Government and its partners in the pharmaceutical industry decide we must inject into our bodies as a condition of access to the rights of citizenship.
    ​ ​Smartphones are the instrument that will monitor and record how many times we leave or enter our 15-minute grazing range currently being implemented by our public authorities to restrict and limit our freedom of movement on the justification of ‘saving the planet’.
    ​ ​Smart phones are the instrument that will track our carbon footprint in order to monitor and control the quantity of meat, dairy products, energy, oil, petrol and other products to which the UK biosecurity state — under the terms of the agreements of Agenda 2030 signed by the UK Government in 2015 — will progressively cut off our access between now and 2030.
    ​ ​Smartphones are the means by which our compliance with lockdowns, masking mandates and programmes of gene therapy dictated by the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response Treaty and enforced by the UK biosecurity state will be monitored, recorded and enforced by, among other recourses, cutting off our access to the electronic and digital grid.
    ​ ​And, within the next few years, smartphones will become the digital wallet through which the Bank of England will have complete control over how much, on what and where we spend its Central Bank Digital Currency​…
    ..Smartphones, therefore, are the technology of our enslavement, and the fact that, knowing all this as more and more of us do, we still — still — won’t discard them, shows how addicted we are to this technology, how deep it has penetrated into our psychology, and in effect into our biology.​..
    ..The truth is, we don’t programme smartphones and we don’t use them. They programme us, they change how we use them. They use us.​..
    ..A smartphone is not a tool. It is not a ‘convenience’. It is biotechnology, and the fact that it isn’t yet implanted into our bodies doesn’t mean it hasn’t already become a part of us — and a part of us you have just demonstrated you are ready to sacrifice your freedom to rather than discard.​//
    ..Compliance with the UK programme of gene therapy was not — as was claimed by those who willingly complied — a personal and individual choice to be ‘vaccinated’ against a deadly virus, and therefore none of the business of those who opposed the national programme. It was, and is, an act of collective obedience that created the consensus with which the non-compliant were and are socially ostracised, demonised in the media as murderers, fired from our jobs and treated under newly-made laws as citizens without rights and freedoms, prisoners in our own country and homes.
    ​ ​In the same way, using a smart phone is not an individual choice — whether chosen freely or out of habit or addiction; it is a collective act of compliance that is creating the digital camp in which all of us will one day be imprisoned. Only when millions of us stop using the instruments of our enslavement will we escape this camp.

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    John Day

    “Free To Follow Orders” is up. (Weird when Trump is the “Straight-Man”)

    Andrew Korybko presents this case that the US deep state is driving the longstanding tension between Israeli factions into open, sustained confrontation. I had thought that it was the opportunistic Netanyahu aligning with the far right Jewish Nationalists in a power play to remove the checks on his power.
    The US-Backed Color Revolution In Israel Just Reached Crisis Proportions

    ​No news stories on this for 24 hours. What’s up?
    ​ Despite Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to delay the planned judicial reforms that have so destabilised Israeli society, the country’s crisis of democracy is far from over.
    Protests at Netanyahu’s plan, which have rocked Israel for weeks, redoubled in intensity last weekend after Netanyahu sacked his Likud colleague and defence minister, Yoav Gallant, for calling on him to freeze the reform.
    Within hours Netanyahu announced that the plan would be delayed until May. But he ignored advice from the US president, Joe Biden, to “walk away” from the judicial overhaul, insisting he doesn’t make decisions based on pressure from abroad.
    The government’s plans to weaken the powers of Israel’s supreme court have been savaged by opponents as a major attack on the checks and balances within Israel’s unwritten constitutional system – an attack in democracy itself…
    ..Netanyahu has blamed everyone but himself for delaying the judicial reforms. Listening to him announce the pause, it wasn’t the provocative nature of the changes that his far-right government wanted to steam-roller through the Knesset (parliament) that was to blame for the protests. Rather it was what he called “a minority of extremists that are willing to tear our country to shreds … escorting us to civil war and calling for refusal of army service, which is a terrible crime”.​..
    ​..The speech had been delayed from the morning as the prime minister first needed to secure his coalition’s support. The ultra-Orthodox parties had already fallen behind Netanyahu, but it was his far-right flank that proved more difficult.
    ​ I​n the end, Bezelal Smotrich, the finance minister and leader of the Religious Zionist party caved in, realising that his resignation could end the coalition and with it the far-right’s first taste of power. National security minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, the leader of the Jewish Power Party, held out for more: the creation of a national guard under his command, something many have described as a “private militia”.​ [Wolfsangel or swastika insignia?]

    Strikes Cripple France’s Fuel Supply​ (It is feeling like 1968 to me. Remember 1968?)

    France Buys 65,000 Tons Of LNG From China In First Ever Yuan-Denominated Trade

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    John Day

    @Kassandra: I looked at the link for the “incredible parallel healthcare system”.
    “Incredible” means “not credible”, though it is often misused these days.

    Sorry your subordinate got date-drugged and identity-money-smartphone robbed.


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    John Day

    Per Dr D:
    “The top 1% of US taxpayers paid 48% of total US income taxes… the top 10% paid nearly 72%… Meanwhile, the bottom 40% of US income tax filers paid no net income tax at all…”
    …”Now I ask, does that sound fair? Honest question. 1 in 100 people pay half. Let’s say it’s a summer Boy Scout camp. 100 kids. One kid’s father pays half, nearly the entire camp, all the land, all the rent. A mere 10 fathers pay almost all the rest, all the food, payroll, maintenance, etc. The other 90 kids pay $20 a week, a mere pittance, not even charity. If they reduced affairs only slightly, they could not have to pay at all.
    So shouldn’t only those 10 men vote?”

    The fallicy contained within is that this is a fair starting point for the analysis. The 40% who appear to work have such little currency or property as to not be income-taxed. Their contributions to the system feed wealth and property to those higher in the food chain, who are income-taxed.
    There are sales-taxes and other forms of rent-collecting “taxes” on the working poor. They live with the constant threat of becoming dispossessed street-people. If they could be squeezed any harder, they would be. It’s been done progressively since 1976. it just breaks the economy to push it farther.
    It IS being tried again, though, to “save the dollar”.

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    John Day

    Joe Biden video… Yep.

    Tibetan monks levitate huge stones collectively through horns and chanting > movie confiscated..

    Hmmm …

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    John Day

    This Greek War News video of Douglas Macgregor opens with his statement (last week) that he” would be surprised if President Biden was still in officce in 90 days”. That would be Summer solstice.

    «Κεραυνός» Αμερικανού Συνταγματάρχη: «Θα εκπλαγώ αν ο Μπάιντεν δεν πέσει μέσα σε 90 ημέρες» (vid)

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    John Day

    @Dr D Rich and SeaBirds: Here is a half hour of Colonel Macgregor discussing Russian and German old-school diplomacy, including his lunch meeting with Sergey Lavrov as a young officer in Germany. He was very impressed. Lavrov was commanding and deftly countered so many parries by multiple intellectual contestants.
    He goes on in many instances to thoughtfully regret the propaanda and oligarchy which have degraded the United States.

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    John Day

    @Dr D Rich: Lavrov has a brilliant sense of humor, absolutely brilliant. He strikes it all perfectly. “English is not my mother tongue. I prefer not to sound … indecent. There are so many ‘pussies’ surrounding both sides of your presidential elections that I prefer not to tak about it.”

    This nails his condition of being a non-native speaker, a diplomat, a polite and reserved man, and technically he chooses to “not comment” on the “pussies” that he was so heavily baited with. Yes, the middle aged “intellectual” interviewer was “titillated”. She blushes and giggles girlishly, “I didn’t expect that.”

    The guy is brilliant. Gotta have an IQ of around 170 to pull that shit off in real time, hesitantly, with a completely straight face and humble demeanor… Sun Tzu would be rolling on the floor laughing.

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    John Day

    ​ Yeah, but Pfizer never claimed their product would not cause excess deaths; never claimed that, and never studied it…​
    ​ ​We were all told that the vaccine itself was supposedly 95% effective against hospitalizations and deaths, if not against transmission. Yet a new preprint study estimates that Aussie excess deaths in 2021 were seven times higher than during the pre-vaccine pandemic year of 2020 and an unfathomable 19 times higher in 2022. That was the year of mild Omicron, and everyone was boosted. Checkmate.

    ​Gardening definitely helps, too, partly by improving your microbiome. This meta analysis looked at over 1000 review papers.
    ​Study Confirms Physical Exercise Should Be First Choice For Mental Health Treatment
    ​ ​Anxiety is the most common problem—and seems to be becoming more pronounced among children and younger adults—while depression poses the greatest burden to normal life function.
    ​ ​The Australian researchers discovered that exercise provided the best results when used for treating depression. More specifically, exercise was 150 percent more effective than pharmaceuticals or Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
    ​ ​It was also better than psychological consultation or “talk therapy.” In fact, exercise was shown to reduce depressive symptoms by 42 to 60 percent, whereas talk therapy and pharmaceuticals only reduced symptoms between 22 percent and 37 percent.
    ​ ​Exercise was shown to be the best treatment for both anxiety and depression, even though pharmaceuticals are the most commonly recommended treatment for both.
    ​ ​Every kind of exercise worked.

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    John Day

    ​ Mexico sees this as a good moment to openly refuse to capitulate to Washington. This is like 1937, when Mexican President Cardenas (a military general) nationalized the railways and oilfields, just ahead of WW-2, while FDR’s America was secretly preparing to join it.​ Is this presaging the US/China war?
    ​ ​President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly opted to escalate a trade dispute with Mexico, making plans to demand that its neighbor to the south opens up its power and oil markets to US suppliers or face an arbitration and the threat of retaliatory tariffs…
    ..At issue is Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s decision to roll back reforms aimed at opening Mexican energy markets to outside competitors – allegedly in violation of the 2018 US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USCMA), a trade deal that requires the countries to curtail protections of state-owned enterprises…
    ..The White House had held off on pushing forward with the trade dispute, trying to avoid an escalation of tensions as Biden sought Mexico’s help in addressing an illegal immigration crisis and drug trafficking, Reuters said. Relations between the two governments have deteriorated in recent months. Just last week, Lopez Obrador blasted US officials as “liars” after Biden’s administration accused Mexico of human rights abuses. “That’s just how they are,” he said. The US believes “it’s the government of the world.”

    ​ Bibi Netanyahu is such a wily weasel… Thanks Christine.
    ​ While backing off of the controversial judicial reforms may be seen as a chink in the armor of Netanyahu that was once thought to be impermeable, a deeper examination into the recent on-goings in the Knesset proves the contrary. Veiled beneath the spectacle of civil unrest, Israel’s legislature recently passed a law which dramatically limits the circumstances in which the nation’s prime minister can be deposed. The new law may further insulate the embattled prime minister who only just reclaimed his title for the sixth time following an ouster not even two years ago.

    ​ The United States Embassy in Jerusalem has told Americans to “Leave Israel Immediately.” The country of Israel is descending rapidly into what some have called “Civil War.”
    ​ ​Unions have gone on strike. The airports have all shut down. Restaurants, banks, shopping malls, have all joined in a national strike against proposed changes to the government that would basically gut the Judiciary of Israel.
    ​ ​Members of the Israeli military are openly DESERTING after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu FIRED the Defense Minister for opposing judicial reforms.
    ​ ​Former Prime Minister Ehud Barack says Netanyahu and his “gang” are “acting insane and bringing civil war to the country.”
    ​ ​Israel’s Counsel General in New York has resigned.
    ​ ​For almost a whole week, hundreds-of-thousands of protestors have taken to the streets in every major city of the country.
    ​ ​There are now open calls from the far right inside Israel, for people to “take up arms” against left-wingers in the country.

    M. K. BHADRAKUMAR​ ​US is stirring up the Syrian cauldron​ Thanks Eleni​ ​​ [Israel sure could use a quick war next door to forestall civil war at home.]
    Saudi Arabia has established an air bridge with Syria to send relief supplies for those affected by the devastating earthquake in February.
    The backdrop is that the normalisation of relations between Syria and its estranged Arab neighbours has accelerated. It must be particularly galling for Washington that these regional states used to be active participants in the US-led regime change project to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad. The Saudi-Iranian rapprochement badly isolates the US and Israel.
    From such a perspective, it stands to reason that the US is once again stirring up the Syrian cauldron…
    ..Israel too is a stakeholder in keeping Syria unstable and weak. In the Israeli narrative, Iran-backed militia groups are increasing their capability in Syria in the last two years and continued US occupation of Syria is vital for balancing these groups. Israel is paranoid that a strong government in Damascus will inevitably start challenging its illegal occupation of Golan Heights. (The source of critical water for Israeli agriculture.) …
    ..Syria is an exception as a battleground against “terrorism.” The US is vastly experienced in using extremist groups as geopolitical tools.
    The US’ real intention could be to confront Iran on Syrian soil — something that Israel has been espousing — taking advantage of Russia’s preoccupations in Ukraine. The Russian-Iranian axis annoys Washington profoundly.
    The spectre that is haunting Washington is that the stabilisation of Syria following Assad’s normalisation with the Arab countries and with Turkiye will inexorably coalesce into a Syrian settlement that completely marginalises the “collective West.”
    In retrospect, the unannounced visit by General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff to northern Syria in early March falls into perspective. Milley told reporters traveling with him that the nearly eight-year-old US deployment to Syria is still worth the risk!

    US is stirring up the Syrian cauldron

    ​No, no, it really is an even-break this time. Go ahead!​
    BioNTech comes to Jerusalem: Mayor Moshe Lion announces new mRNA vaccine center
    Israeli govt signs agreement with BioNTech to build R&D center for mRNA-based vaccines in Jerusalem.

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    John Day

    “Fragmenting Dollar Empire” is up

    Sasha Latypova presents On US Dollar and Debt, reviewing the workings of the vast fake-reality which is composed, in order to maintain the imperial system of wealth extraction through lending US dollars at low interest “loosely”, then “tightening” with high interest rates, to gobble up factories, farms, mines and oil wells across the world. This cycling of deer-corn and hunting-season is on top of the steady return of lending fiat money at interest. [Notably, the “going direct” actually began in September 2019, “before” COVID, even before Event 201, when around a $US trillion got injected into the repo crisis, because JPM, BoA, Goldman, Deutsche Bank and BlackRock couldn’t trust each other overnight any more. They knew…]
    ​ ​Why a “Plandemic” Was a Convenient Method to Prop Up Failing US Currency in the Global Context
    ​ ​As previously described, the US was piling on debt that was becoming unsustainable for the economy as well as for the reserve currency status of the US dollar. Traditional measures of stimulating the economy, such as interest rate decreases, were no longer possible as interest rates had already hit rock bottom by 2019. At this point, clever central bankers and Blackrock had determined that going ‘direct’ to stimulate the economy, strengthen the dollar, and increase inflation to reduce the debt burden were the only solution to all of their problems. However, some external event was needed in order to be able to justify these unusual steps.
    ​ ​As the pandemic was declared, the US went all-in on the going ‘direct’ approach.

    ​ ​US congressmen game out war with China in 2025​ (Thanks Christine. China knew this timeline in 2017, and it was already a few years old.)
    ​ ​At the Republican Party policy retreat in Orlando, Florida, retired US Navy Rear Adm. Mark Montgomery oversaw a simulated war with China that led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and the potential sinking of US aircraft carriers.
    ​ ​While the exercise was presented as a defensive response on the part of the United States to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, the US is systematically working to provoke a conflict with China by ending the one-China policy, arming Taiwan and expanding the presence of US troops on the island.

    ​ Indian Punchline, Bhadrakumar, Thanks Eleni. Russia’s answer to DU from British tanks is to even the old score of the US arming NATO countries with American nuclear warheads. Bhadrakumar thinks the UK might have a specific motive for its provocation.
    ​ ​Moscow calls out US’ rules-based order in Europe
    ​ ​Why is Britain behaving like an outlier? Britain appears to be creating conditions in Europe to justify the basing of nuclear-armed US bombers at Lakenheath in Suffolk, which were removed in 1991 in line with the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty.

    Moscow calls out US’ rules-based order in Europe

    ​Poland suddenly cancels the transfer of 28 Mig 29s to Ukraine. What underlies that decision.?
    The Mig 29 is a capable and versatile early 1980s Soviet fighter jet.​ Will Poland need them soon?

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    John Day

    D Benton Smith was delving into hierarchical bureaucracy and the diffusion and transmission of responsibility for evil within the hierarchy. jb-hb has thoughts on it. Dr D sees it killing and killing because that is the solution to all of those problems caused by all those other people.
    Joe Stalin quoth, “no man, no problem”.

    So that gets me to thinking, that it feels different to somebody within a bureaucracy. It feels like one is just doing what is necessary to support the tribe, and it’s not that much, after all, not compared to …

    Bureaucracies are created by somebody, the “Great Founder”

    The bureaucracy is designed to remove all individual initiative, except some minimum, which is tightly contained to one specific function per person, in order to carry out the purpose of the founder. No one person is in a position to change the organizational structure, which carries out the organizational imperative. It’s a job, even at the “top”, excluding the founder. The founder ages and dies.
    Werner Von Baun WAS NASA. What is NASA now? What was NASA (really) in 1969? Reports vary…
    After the founder dies, any bureaucracy drifts towards a prime directive of self-perpetuation and growth. Everybody keeps their job and gets raises for good-compliance.

    Military bureaucracies have to get people to do “wet work”. They conscript young men, rn them through a bunch of training to make habitual responses pertinent to battle, then put them in battle. Sometimes they just put them into the battle without the training, like the Russian-speaking conscripts getting sent to Bakhmut to get killed by Russians.
    The people who excel at wet work are a different breed, the “dogs of war”. “Bad people”, per Dr D.

    So the purpose of bureaucracy is to make evil banal, so anybody can do it, and the fundamental drive eventually becomes that of helping the (bureacratic) “tribe” survive, which is a fundamental human drive. Everything is banal, not just evil. jb-hb found solace in actually helping another person despite having to carry out the orders from above.
    I used to really like being a doctor, because I had a unique position of being able to help people within certain boundaries, which kind of sat there, like no-money.
    Bureaucracy found that the ideal bureaucrat is a computer program, which could control any meat-puppet if it were set up properly.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 28 2023 #132233
    John Day

    The creeping oligarchic power-struggle positioning for 2024 edges away from Clinton-Podesta a little more today:
    “Special Counsel John Durham is revealing new smoking gun evidence, a text message that shows a Clinton campaign lawyer lied to the FBI, while putting the courts on notice he is prepared to show the effort to smear Donald Trump with now-disproven Russia collusion allegations was a “conspiracy.” In a bombshell court filing late Monday night, Durham for the first time suggested Hillary Clinton’s campaign, her researchers and others formed a “joint venture or conspiracy” for the purpose of weaving the collusion story to harm Trump’s election chances and then the start of his presidency.”These parties acted as ‘joint venturer[s]’ and therefore should be ‘considered as co-conspirator[s],’” he wrote.”

    Trump/Netanyahu consolidating in US and Israel, but the whole structure shakes in the wind.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 28 2023 #132230
    John Day

    How much testosterone does it take to become Rambo in a school you hated a dozen years ago?
    “T” is addictive…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 28 2023 #132229
    John Day

    Bibi Netanyahu already got legislation passed that makes it harder to depose him, without having to scuttle the Supreme Court.

    Picture Bibi’s face here, and Israel is “the bomb”, of course:
    Bibi forever

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 27 2023 #132199
    John Day

    Thanks Doc Robinson. Israel is stll trying to pretend the mRNA “vaccine” deal with Pfizer was a special-good thing, and they can now build on it.
    The commenters don’t think so.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 27 2023 #132186
    John Day

    @WES: The deep fissure in Israeli politics has opened up.
    Netanyahu, still going through criminal trial process, has to align with far-right ultra-orthodox religious Jews, who mostly go to religious school, are exempt from the draft, and are state supported. The largely-immigrant secular Jews who do work and join the IDF have very different views, and do not want Israeli courts to be neutered by elected politicians, since Israeli politicians like the current Netanyahu coalition are a particularly vicious tribe, lacking in insight and self reflection.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 27 2023 #132184
    John Day

    ​ The mud might be dry in May, but if there are not enough men and equipment, there can be no spring offensive. The west cannot send what it does not have, so is this a prelude to capitulation?​ Who will get blamed, if so?
    President Volodymyr Zelensky has said Ukraine’s counter-offensive against Russia cannot start until Western allies send more military support.

    ​ ​Seymour Hersh Accuses US of ‘Cover Up’ Over Nord Stream Sabotage​ (Blaming Biden w​ould be easy. Then what?)
    ​ ​The veteran investigative journalist alleged that Biden administration officials have been “feeding” the press false stories to “protect a president who made an unwise decision and is now lying about it.”

    ​ Things like this are usually whitewashes, like the 9/11 Commission, and the Warren Commission, but young athletes keep “dying suddenly”.​ Limited hang-out?
    ​ ​The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) has appointed a committee to review evidence on the relationship between the vaccines and specific adverse events that have occurred after vaccination, including infertility and sudden death.
    The committee’s process includes establishing methods, reviewing literature, drawing conclusions, and preparing a report.
    “The committee will make conclusions about the causal association between vaccines and specific adverse events,” the NASEM website states.
    ​ ​While their work is funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the sponsors will not be able to examine the report before it is published to the public, Kathleen Stratton, a NASEM official, said during a recent meeting.
    ​ ​“What that means is that if a sponsor doesn’t like what the committee has to say—the conclusions of the committee—… the sponsor can’t prevent the report from being made public,” Stratton said. “This is a very powerful tool that we have.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 27 2023 #132183
    John Day

    ​The secretive Israeli think tank behind Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul​ Thanks Christine. Lots of details of Israeli domestic politics are elucidated here.​
    ​ ​The Kohelet Policy Forum, founded by an American Israeli and funded by a U.S. libertarian billionaire, quietly authored and helped introduce the far-reaching package of judicial changes that has sparked a national crisis and driven hundreds of thousands of Israelis into the streets.
    ​ ​Likud member Keti Shitrit, in a recent interview with Israel’s Channel 13, said Netanyahu’s party never internally discussed the judicial overhaul bills supplied by Kohelet before fast-tracking them through the parliament.

    ​ ​Netanyahu Pauses Judicial Overhaul To “Avoid Civil War” As Rival Protest Groups Clash
    ​ ​[Who comprises the “extremist minority”, “tearing Israel apart”, ​Mr. Prime Minister​?​ Your enforcers are deserting now. That has gotten your attention.​]
    ​ ​In a much anticipated 8pm (local) speech, at a moment hundreds of thousands of protesters are in the streets, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed in a televised speech that he will pause his ultra-controversial judicial overhaul plans which many say would destroy Israeli democracy and court independence.
    ​ ​He emphasized that he is aware of the deepening divide and tensions in society as a result of the legislation, but called the anger in the streets the product of an “extremist minority” that is “tearing Israel apart.” The crisis not only resulted in massive national strikes on Monday, but escalated to the point of growing numbers of refusals of recruits and soldiers to serve in the Israeli Defense Force’s reserve units, putting the country’s security in peril.

    ​It was established forensically that the rapid downloads of the emails had to be from a memory device attached to a computer, not a “hack”​, but a leak.
    Seth Rich was working for the DNC, and was murdered on his way home from a work party at a bar, leaving his smartphone and credit cards on him.
    The analysis has been that Seth Rich, deeply offended at the disenfranchisement of Sanders voters in 2016, sent the Clinton-Podesta emails to wikileaks.
    Seth was Jewish, and might have also provided the information to the Mossad. The Mossad seems to have had it, and used it to influence the 2016 election.
    (Is this why Biden won’t invite Netanyahu for a state-visit?) The FBI still has a couple of Seth Rich’s computers. Can we see the contents, please?
    Moon of Alabama has the story.
    ​ ​There was no ‘Russian intervention’ in the 2016 election but an Israeli intervention that was all over the place. As usual the deep state covered that up:
    ​ ​Throughout this chain of events—including the trial, the Mueller Report, and the nearly 1,000-page Senate Intelligence Committee Report—no hint of the involvement of Israel was made public. Despite the clear violations of US law and months of clandestine, high-level attempted interference in the presidential election, no details were released, and no congressional hearings or investigations took place. Nor was there ever a hint in the press, which remained transfixed by Russia.
    ​ ​The evidence, however, suggests that throughout the summer and into the fall of 2016, Israel illegally interfered in the US presidential election. A top agent of Netanyahu was secretly offering intelligence and other covert assistance to Trump to get him elected—all with virtually no oversight or scrutiny by the FBI or the US media, though both had numerous personnel in Israel at the time.
    ​ ​Finally, nearly 8 years after it happened, we have for the first time a reasonable explanation for the ‘hacks’ and releases of the Clinton, DNC and Podesta emails. Natanyahoo’s agents did that in exchange for political concessions to Israel by Trump.
    ​ ​Those Israeli agents will have had a great time laughing about the ‘Russian intervention’ nonsense the U.S. public has fallen for.

    ​Thanks Eleni in Athens: Poll shows several NATO members would feel safer under Russian military alliance
    ​ ​A new poll reveals that NATO’s controversial eastward expansion hasn’t really gone according to plan. Former Warsaw Pact member Bulgaria and former Yugoslav Republic Slovenia, which both joined NATO in 2004, say that they would feel safer being defended by the Russian military in the event of war than they would by NATO.
    ​ ​Perhaps more worryingly for NATO top brass are Turkey and Greece. Both joined the alliance in 1952 and have a history of being at odds with each other (to put it mildly) say that they too would feel safer being defended by Russia in the event of war.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 27 2023 #132182
    John Day

    “Alternative Analysis”

    Thanks for this, Eleni. I had suspected that Russian diplomacy lay quietly beneath the surface.
    The Middle East Frees Itself From the West
    ​ ​The reconciliation between Saudi Arabia, leader of the Sunni Muslim world, and Iran, leader of the Shiite Muslim world, finally makes possible an era of peace in the Middle East. It was made possible by Russia, ally of the two enemy brothers, and negotiated first in Iraq and Oman before being concluded by China, Iran’s millennial ally, acting impartially. This agreement closes eleven years of wars and Western influence.​..​
    ..For 7 years, the Middle East has been paralyzed. No conflict can evolve because it always opposes the two sides of Islam. This is exactly what the West wanted and what Israel has maintained. It is not surprising, therefore, that the only people who have been outraged by the Saudi-Iranian peace are Israelis.
    The agreement just signed was negotiated by China on the basis of non-interference in internal affairs. The Iranians might have feared that the Saudi Shiites would pay the price, as they did six years ago with Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. But Tehran has understood that times have changed. Riyadh will respect its Shiite minority, because it too has an interest in peace.

    ​ This military assessment of global finance and economics by the lead general of the Chinese military college, published in Italian in 2017, reflects a major theme in long term Chinese strategic assessment of global economy and finance. It looks at the $US taking over the imperial currency baton from the British Empire after Bretton Woods, then leveraging that to the Petrodollar regime in 1973, after having to default on the gold standard because of expensive wars in Korea and especially Vietnam.
    Tying the dollar-dominance to the flow of oil, the most critical economic resource in the world, without having to “own” the oil, facilitated the rapid growth of an imperial regime of resource extraction, part of it through cycling 10 years of cheap/easy dollars to fund industrial expansion, such as in Mexico and Thailand, then following with a crisis, and 6 years of expensive, high interest dollars, to crash the businesses and buy up their assets for pennies on the dollar.
    China played along, while carefully guarding against victimhood. Meanwhile, the productive economy of the US hollowed out, which happens with any global reserve currency over time, due to “Triffin’s Paradox”.​
    ​ The $US financial regime has made financial attacks on the Euro, Iraq, Libya, and has limited Chinese regional trade potential by creating crises in the islands of the South China Sea​. Crises are used by the empire to deprive rivals of the ability to take $US financial hegemony. Having global trade currency hegemony allows users of the currency to be forced into losing positions. The wars of choice the US has engaged in have not been for oil or specific resources. The general makes the case that all of the wars have served the currency hegemony, which is the wealth-extraction tool.
    China has long maintained that it did not want the Yuan/Renminbi to be a global reserve currency, a wise position, in order to avoid attack. This paper makes clear that General Liang sees the global reserve currency status as the prize for having the biggest, most dynamic economic engine, and that the Chinese Yuan/Renminbi should logically have that status, when Chinese and linked economies achieve critical mass.
    The contest between the US and China was already seen as inevitable in 2017, and that was not new. The US military had seen it approaching, expected around 2024 – 2025, which is what the US military has recently said again. Thanks Noirette. Google translate works.
    ​One Belt,One Road , General Qiao Liang​

    Christine sends this recent piece by Michael Hudson, an outline of his recent book, The Collapse of Antiquity: Greece and Rome as Civilization’s Oligarchic Turning Point, about the history of debt and war in the west over the past few thousand years, beginning with the rise of financial oligarchs, more interested in power gains, than in societal stability and cohesion. (Michael Hudson is highly regarded in Washington for his book “Super Imperialism”, which provided the analytical framework for the Nixon-Kissinger “petrodollar” deal in 1973. He is highly regarded in China for this same and subsequent analysis of global capital movements. General Liang drew liberally on Hudson’s work in the analysis above.)
    The aim is to make governments borrow from bankers and bondholders, giving them interest as well as control over what gets funded.
    ​ ​The ideological umbrella for this power grab is to accuse governments of interfering with “free markets,” that is, with the financial sector’s ability to act as society’s central planner in allocating credit. Debt creation is seen only as helping economies grow, not as inflating asset prices for housing, stocks and bonds, obliging homebuyers and retirees to run further into debt to afford access to housing and retirement income. Society’s economic ideology is transformed to accept the concentration of wealth in creditor hands as a natural phenomenon, not a predatory power grab at the expense of society’s overall prosperity.
    ​ ​Automatic stabilizers are said to make government regulation unnecessary, and credit (that is, debt creation) is depicted as productive, not corrosive. What really is at issue is not whether governments are strong or weak as such, but whether they act in the broad public interest to limit creditor claims on the increasingly indebted economy, or protect creditor privileges as “rights” over those of debtors. It is as if business “cycles” do not recur in the context of steadily rising debt/income and debt/asset ratios.
    ​ ​Credit can finance economic growth best when organized as a public utility. But private creditors and bankers seek financial gains for themselves, maximizing claims on debtors without limit. A jockeying for dominance ensues as the magnitude of debt grows to exceed the ability of debtors to pay. Private creditors translate their economic gains into political power, polarizing the distribution of wealth and income by deregulating and untaxing financial gains. These laws of motion produce an oscillation between financial drives gaining dominance over society and a reaction by society as it realizes that the “cleanup costs” of debt are much like those of physical environmental pollution, pushing the overall social balance into deficit.
    ​ ​The interaction between financial dynamics and the economy at large has changed the character of government throughout history. Mesopotamian rulers annulled grain debts, but classical antiquity’s oligarchies used state power to prevent debt cancellation. Christianity took the side of debtors, but the medieval papacy supported English kings, excommunicating advocates of parliamentary checks and balances. Subsequent creditors pressed for parliamentary reform to make entire nations responsible for paying debts, but pressure is rising today to restore public control to subordinate debts – and hence their counterpart creditor claims on debtors – to social needs.

    How Debt Dynamics Polarize Economic and Political Power

    ​ But when, Charles, WHEN? (Is the Powell Fed raising interest rates until something breaks, then patching what it wants, to impose losses on non-allies?)
    ​ The Everything Bubble and Global Bankruptcy
    ​ ​Sorry, but global bankruptcy is already baked in. Too much debt has been piled on phantom-collateral and income streams derived from bubble assets rising (for example, capital gains, development taxes, etc.). The asymmetry is now so extreme that even a modest decline in asset valuations/collateral due to a garden-variety business-cycle recession of tightening financial conditions will trigger the collapse of The Everything Bubble and the mountain of global debt resting on the wind-blown sands of phantom collateral.
    ​ ​There are persuasive reasons to suspect global debt far exceeds the official level around $300 trillion, most saliently, the largely opaque shadow banking system. When assets roughly double in a few years, bubble symmetry suggests that valuations will decline back to the starting point of the bubble in roughly the same time span.
    ​ ​The resulting erosion of collateral will collapse the global credit bubble, a repricing/reset that will bankrupt the global economy and financial system.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 27 2023 #132170
    John Day

    Consider this in light of the Tom Luongo view of the Swiss National Bank being allied with the Fed/US-retail-banking interests, and having just prevailed over Davos in the C.S. AT1 bond battle.

    “There are two types of assets – state property that belongs to the Russian government and private assets. The former mostly refers to nearly $300 billion in Russia’s foreign currency reserves, which have been frozen by the West. According to Ahnlid, they are easier to seize legally. The latter, however, are much harder to identify and can be seized only in a few cases, for instance when they can be proven to be the proceeds of a crime. The diplomat says the task force may decide not to confiscate these assets permanently, but only seize income or interest on the capital. Ahnlid is not the first to point out the difficulties surrounding the plan to confiscate Russian assets. The Swiss government, for instance, has been opposed to the move, saying last month that it would violate international agreements and Switzerland’s constitution.”

    in reply to: Zelensky Admits Ukraine Already Ran Out Of Ammo #132127
    John Day

    Nice intro and good advice, Bishko.

    “Addictive durg of global reserve currency” feathers into a link that Noirette put up yesterday:
    (Noirette: thank you for fleshing out the Seth Rich story details up to the present, with the MoA story about Mossad having the Podesta-Clinton emails, too.)

    I fell asleep trying to read tha 2017 Chinese military analysis of the way the imperial dollar is used t pump and bleed global economies with 10 years of easy-dollars, followed by 6 years of high-interest, tight dollars and a local crisis, like the Mexican debt crisis, or the Asian economic crisis, wherein the booming industries can’t make payments during the crisis, and are bought out for pennies on the dollar, or repossessed by the lenders.
    We’ve seen that, and he said it was pulled on Europe with the war on Serbia, right after the Euro went live, and suddenly the Euro was worth less, and there was dollar extraction.
    That is happening with the ukraine crisis, and also happened in 2014, as he observed in 2017.

    The General, who is the head of the Chinese War College, so an official voice, observed that the free-trade agreement between China, Japan and South Korea was thwarted by the US, by creating crisis in those South China Sea islands, so it never happened. It would have rapidly been a threateningly large economic bloc, and would have peeled Japan and South Korea away from faelty to the US…

    Here is the punchline. He goes on to describe what might have been and how it would/could have grown form there, to be bigger than the US 7 EU combined, and says that it would have to use the Chinese Renminbi as its currency. He says that it would be possible to make some trade currency, just for trade in this large union, but that the only practical thing to do would be to use the Renminbi.

    In the recent interview of Sergey Glazyev by Pepe Escobar, Glazyev was disheartened about ever getting the BRICS currency off the ground. “This is going to take a long time; everybody has to agree”, he said , as I recall. He didn’t say WHO didn’t agree, but recently Russia said the Yuan/Renminbi could be used for trades with Africa and South America, for instance, pending some other, better solutiion.

    China has said officially, that it does not want the Renminbi to be a global trade currency (well, a little bit is ok), but this paper lays out the defensive maneuvers China has long employed against $US extraction of wealth/assets. In this 2017 paper, in Italian, which must be Google translated, the clear projection into the future, a future where China succeeds, is that China will have the global reserve currency. We all know, now, how poisoned that chalice is, but it is slow poison, and it’s lovely to drink from for 15-20 years, right?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 25 2023 #132067
    John Day

    Good Work, jb-hb!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 25 2023 #132066
    John Day

    D Benton Smith: Happy late birthday. You’ve been “Geriatric” for a decade already. I’ll get there in a week.
    Here, a song about somebody turning old. 🙂

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 25 2023 #132059
    John Day

    My grandmother explained to me how electricity worked and made a circuit between the two sides wher the metal went it, that it was dangerous for it to make a circuit through me.
    I took this thoughtfully and held it in consciousness for a long while. Later, in second grade, I devised my experiment with the uninsulated ends of a coat hanger, putting both into the sides of the socket to make a circuit without me in it.
    It worked. It made big sparks and blew a fuse. I got rid of the evidence and feigned ignorance.

    This is interesting. Seth Rich almost certainly downloaded the ClintonPodesta emails and got killed going home from the party, and Wikileaks got them, and we all figured Seth sent them to Wikileaks, and he miht have.
    Israel had them, too and sent an operative to Roger Stone to try to get some leverage with Trump. Moon of Alabama has the story. Bernard keeps putting “hack” in quotes.
    Now it may make more sense why Biden won’t invite Bibi for a talk, and Bibi says noody else can go before he goes.
    Thanks Christine. I know you read, but don’t comment.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 25 2023 #132042
    John Day

    @Oroboros: How would you go about designing and building smooth, but eccentric bicycle wheels, as in the short video above?
    Having calculated and built a few symmetrical bicyce wheels, I know that I had to take a lot of orecise measurements of the rim and hub diameters, widths , hole patterns, figure how many spoke-crosses i would have on each side of each wheel, how much offset of the rear rim from drive-side to non-drive-side, use a truing stand and meticulously build the wheel tighter and tighter, until the soke tensiometer said it was tight and even.

    I’m pretty sure that this is the project of a master bicycle wheel builder with a bike shop full of every length of spoke to work with slowly and meticulously. The rims lok like they have a bit of depth to them. Double wall rims with plenty of depth would be somewhat forgiving of spoke length, but just a little bit Spokes are only threaded for about 1 cm at the ends.

    Ukrainian government arrests preists from church the government says it now owns, goes in to arrest them… This is the corrupt government installed in 2014, replacing the prior corrupt government, which wasn’t murderous. When did the human-child farming for organs and perversions start?
    Are they all fully vaccinated and wearing N95 masks, so they can attend the big satanic temple gathering in Boston?

    Wen will it be ok to state what is obvious and act on it appropriately for the benefit of the psople of a society? How did we get here? Where are we?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2023 #132021
    John Day

    @Dr D: Yes, that was mysynopsis of 90 minutes of Luongo, and all that other stuff at the other links. We’re monitoring the same feeds/

    : Thanks for clarifying. Glad you’re not a troll.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2023 #131984
    John Day

    I have been wondering about the International Criminal Court issuing an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin, for evacuating Donbass children found without their parents, out of the war zone. What is that really about? Is this the best “crime” they could find?
    ​ ​EU country says it won’t arrest Putin
    Enforcing the ICC warrant against the Russian president might violate Hungarian law​

    ​ There have been reports of organized trafficking of children out of Ukraine for years. I am ​deeply​ disturbed to see this. I have a feeling it is not a fabrication. ​ Ukraine Is Farming Children in Factories for Elite Pedophiles, Russia Is Saving the Children – Media Blackout
    ​ ​Russian soldiers are claiming that they’ve made a hideous discovery inside Ukraine, where they say that children between the ages of 2 and 7 are being raised in factory farm conditions before the attractive ones are sold as sex slaves to elite pedophiles and those who don’t find buyers are “carved up like discarded waste” as their organs are harvested and sold for use at European and Israeli transplant centers.
    ​ ​In video footage from the frontlines of the Russo-Ukrainian War, a visibly emotional Russian officer describes children being treated as if they are “livestock, piglets, or rabbits” by their Ukrainian captors around the town of Izium, where the discovery of an commercial scale child organ harvesting factory was reported.
    ​ ​“They had taken organs [from the children],” the Russian officer explained.
    ​ ​“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Until seeing all this with one’s own eyes, one cannot comprehend it. But when you see it, you won’t forgive.”

    Ukraine Is Farming Children in Factories for Elite Pedophiles, Russia Is Saving the Children – Media Blackout

    ​ Before they started, every day from day #1, and so much more than anticipated, that they needed to vastly expand the contract to process the injury/death information, which they pretended did not exist at all. “Safe and effective”.​
    ​ ​Horowitz: They knew: FOIA document shows government anticipated mass vaccine injuries, then observed them from day one

    ​ Independent testing reveals extremely high levels of known carcinogens in the soil of East Palestine, which official testing did not even look for. Thanks Doc R.
    ​ ​Whose Test Results Should East Palestine Believe?
    ​ And this update:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2023 #131983
    John Day

    ​ Saudi Arabia is not so afraid of the US or Israel. What are the US and secretly committed to doing next, that leaves Mexico and Saudi Arabia free to act in their own national interests?​ (Iran has the story.}
    ​ ​Saudi Arabia to reopen embassy in Syria after more than a decade of closure​

    ​ ​Moscow calling: we can sink ALL your carriers
    ​ ​The Kinzhal was developed with the express purpose of destroying aircraft carrier strike groups. If it could destroy a ​[deep underground]​warehouse built to withstand a nuclear strike, it can cut through an aircraft carrier like a hot knife through butter.

    ​Howzat work? Thanks Doc Robinson. Kinzhal hypersonic missile meets US nuclear aircraft carrier strike group.
    ​ ​Even if the carrier can stay afloat for the first moments after the strike, the potential of its aircraft wing will be reduced to zero by the damage caused to the deck. In addition, such a strike can lead to the defeat of at least one of the two naval Westinghouse A4W reactors. The total capacity of these reactors is 1,100 MW. A missile with a half-ton warhead moving at high speed can not only destroy the coolant circulation circuits, but also lead to the explosion of the nuclear reactors themselves during their active operation when an aircraft carrier performs a combat operation. This fact suggests that the impact of a single hypersonic “Kinzhal” missile complex may be enough to completely destroy not only the lead aircraft carrier of a strike group, but also the entire carrier strike group itself.

    ​ The US political establishment has been using the playground taunt that Russia is the “junior partner” to China, and it may be riling some Russian nationalists, but it is just a taunt. There is no evidence that it is real. Russia is surviving without much, if any Chinese support, and winning a war of attrition against NATO and the western financial establishment.​ (Commenters observe that China went to Russia, which shows China as “junior”. Putin-Xi body language from the beginning showed Putin to be relaxed and self-assured, while Xi seemed alert, very aware, focused, eager to please and say good things.
    ​ ​The ‘Junior Partner’ Meme Gives No Insight To Real Changes

    ​ You know who and what Mike Pompeo is, and this is his current position. What faction is weakening?
    ​ The US government is making “an enormous strategic mistake” by downplaying the importance of rapidly expanding Russia-China ties, Mike Pompeo, who served as the country’s secretary of state under former president Donald Trump, has warned.
    The alliance between Moscow and Beijing “may be a shotgun wedding, but they’re still married,” Pompeo told Fox News on Wednesday.
    “To hear the White House play this down as if it’s insignificant or unimportant is an enormous strategic mistake,” he added.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2023 #131982
    John Day

    Mexican President “AMLO” is a socialist-nationalist, a populist. I will point out that he explicitly praises former Mexican President, Lazaro Cardenas, who nationalized Mexican railroads in 1937, when WW-2 was already brewing in Europe, and the US was quietly preparing to join it, and could not afford to invade Mexico to support the railroad barons. AMLO clearly sees a historical parallel, and is acting on it.
    ​ ​‘Mexico is not a US colony!’: AMLO Condemns Invasion Threats, Celebrates Nationalization of Oil, Lithium
    ​ “​Cooperation? Yes. Submission? No! Interventionism? No!​”​
    ​ ​AMLO then shouted out the following words, and the audience replied: “Oligarchy? No! Corruption? No! Classism? No! Racism? No! Freedom? Yes! Democracy? Yes! Honesty? Yes! Social justice? Yes! Equality? Yes! Sovereignty? Yes!”
    ​ ​The president concluded his speech chanting: “Long live the oil expropriation! Long live the workers and technicians, of before and today, in the national oil industry! Long live General Lázaro Cárdenas del Río! Long live Mexico! Long live Mexico! Long live Mexico!”

    US must respond to Nord Stream accusations – Mexican president
    Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has called on Washington to answer claims about the pipeline sabotage

    ​ ​Mexican President Says Trump Arrest is About Keeping Him Off the Ballot
    Slams Biden administration for hypocrisy over Julian Assange and attack on Nord Stream pipelines.

    Mexican President Says Trump Arrest is About Keeping Him Off the Ballot

    ​ ​’The United States of America is our enemy,’ says Medvedev
    ​ ​”What I can’t understand is the position of European leaders who are unable to make decisions that benefit Europeans. All of their decisions benefit either certain rival political groups or the Americans,” the politician said​…
    ​..However, he pointed out that unlike EU nations, the US holds “a consistent stance.” “They are trying to cause us as much damage as possible, and, where feasible, even tear our country apart and put Europe under their spell in the worst way so that it is unable to move at all,” the Russian Security Council deputy chairman noted.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2023 #131981
    John Day

    “Battle For Reality” is up

    Surplus Energy Economics, Dr. Tim Morgan, presents Hardest Months, Strangest Years: The fundamental message is that the financial economy has diverged from the real economy for a long time, over 40 years, based upon the promise of cake-in-the-future, more and more future cake, don’t miss the investment opportunity. This Ponzi scheme has been “necessary” because it is hard to replace a financial and economic system, and as long as real economy was still growing somewhat, the charade could be kept up with coupon-payments on debts.
    The underlying problem with growth is that it needs cheap energy and resources, which have been getting more expensive since the late 1960s. Economy was thriving, and efficiencies were being introduced, so things looked rosy, despite expert warnings and Jimmy Carter’s sweater-talk.
    After Carter, American wages stagnated, then American industry moved to Japan, Mexico, China and Southeast Asia. American workers had less, but American managers, specialists and investors were still doing well. That turned around in 2008, and only the appearance of doing well was supported by the financial Ponzi schemes after that.
    Global real economy peaked last year. American real prosperity per capita peaked around Y2k, happier times. Now the decline in real wealth, after paying the bills for oil, iron ore and copper grinds on. Pay off debts if you can. Rein in spending on non-essentials, and prepare to struggle to pay bills and afford food, housing and fuel for the foreseeable future. Oil won’t get cheaper or more plentiful. Solar cells are a niche-application, not a replacement.
    #252: Hardest months, strangest years

    I have been following Tom Luongo’s premise for a couple of years that there is a schism in global elite financial interests between globalists, “the Davos crowd”, as he calls them, and nationalist interests, which we can see in Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, now Saudi Arabia, and also Mexico. The US Federal Reserve banking system under Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen was clearly hand-in-glove with globalist interests. It worked in coordination with the ECB, Bank of England, Bank of Japan and Bank of China to keep the global banking system working without default, and always providing some approved venue to realize financial profits within that system.
    Global banking is now at a crisis point. The game of reducing interest rates, down to negative real rates, is now over, and with rising rates comes crisis, because debt service cannot be rolled over, and will not be paid. Who will break first?
    “The Pandemic” allowed for $US trillions of money to be created and channeled to the biggest banks, starting in November 2019, as Event 201 was underway to war game it all out. The next huge direct-injection into banking, and people’s pockets, came in March 2020, with the lockdowns, which kept it from being spent right away, but then caused street-level inflation, not just asset-price inflation.
    This led to a crisis-declaration, and the usual crisis-solution was to create more debt, which would eventually lead to an insurmountable crisis and widespread debt-default. War against Russia seems to have been the control-narrative to deal with this looming crisis. Russia would be blamed, and if all went well, the carcass of Russia would be picked-over. That has failed and is not working well. This is now a financial-system war of attrition, just as the Ukraine War is a war of attrition between Russia and NATO. Russia has not succumbed in either war, so the western finance war of attrition is largely between the Federal Reserve and the ECB.
    The ECB needs the whole global economy to be captured for something like CBDC, where the central bank can reduce any bank account at will, to be imposed. This is a totalitarian central system. No individual or local initiative or decision making is permitted. There is no carrot. A huge crisis-stick of financial collapse everywhere would be needed to force acceptance of this financial regime.
    The Swiss National Bank decoupled from the Euro about 3 years ago. The Federal Reserve under Jerome Powell is not as it was before, and has been taking steps to strengthen the $US as a national currency, at the expense of “Eurodollars”. The $US have been returning to the US, repatriating. The Bank of England is trapped and can’t act independently since last summer. The Bank of Japan has long provided the cheap liquidity for carry trades, which helped keep the Ponzi schemes floating, but Kuroda retired, and his rght hand man declined. A nationalist businessman is now heading the Bank of Japan, and signaling a tightening cycle.
    The Davos plan appears to have been to hold a lot of AT1 bonds, to drive down the prices of European banks in a crisis, and then to “own” those banks by holding the AT-1 bonds, which would then be valued at a higher price than the stock valuations of the banks.
    There was a clause in the Swiss AT-1 bonds that allowed their holders to get nothing, even to be subordinated to shareholders in a way, and also to bank-depositors.
    Last weekend, that hidden clause was exercised, and the AT-1 bondholders got nothing. That sends shockwaves through EU finance.
    Deutsche Bank is threatened, but the AT-1 bondholders are not feeling confident. The ECB does not have an FDIC, and is very limited in what support it can provide to bank depositors. That falls onto individual countries. It appears that the European financial regime, centered on the ECB, will not be able to impoverish Germany as it impoverished Greece, then present debt-slavery as the “solution”. That was THE game plan. Capture Germany and the rest of the EU in a crisis.
    Accelerating the war crisis seems to be the main “alternative”, but everybody knows that will go badly. Everybody knows that, especially in Europe. European/globalist financial elites are experiencing desperation.
    The video is an hour and a half. I am sorry to say that I was spellbound for the whole time. It is not available anywhere as text, except my inadequate encapsulation, which you just read. Thanks Oroboros
    #252: Hardest months, strangest years

    Deutsche Bank AT-1 bonds are crashing as D.B. share prices crash, this weekend’s crisis. Germany may act, but the ECB is limited in what help it can provide to German depositors. “Nothing to see here; move along now!”
    Scholz: ‘No Reason To Worry’ As Deutsche Bank Bloodbath Reignites Global Bank Crisis Fears

    They will have to say something this Friday afternoon to avert panic, but what will they have to say? Globalism is in crisis, not nationalism. What is the negotiated deal? Germany the country needs help from the USA. (“Paging Jerome Powell”)
    ​ Yellen Convenes Emergency Financial Stability Meeting On Friday As Banking Crisis Explodes
    ​ ​Bloomberg reported that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen – who was singlehandedly responsible for stoking and restarting the bank crisis on Wednesday which until that day was easing back, with her comments that nobody in charge was even talking about a uniform deposit insurance, let alone working on one – will convene the heads of top US financial regulators Friday morning for a previously unscheduled meeting of the Financial Stability Oversight Council.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2023 #131979
    John Day

    Pleased to meet’cha, “Nemowillobser”.
    I think Tom Luongo’s thesis has been holding well for the past couple of years, and I have been following it that long. This is a critical weekend, a critical spring, and so on.
    You can test his thesis and your alternate thesis in real time.
    (Psst… Calling names makes it look like your case is lacking in merit and that’s all you’ve got. Tough crowd here.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2023 #131965
    John Day

    Oroboros: Find of the day. I don’t watch much. Life is short. I read kinda fast. The Duran interview with Tom Luongo kepts me tuned in without any pause in the flow of important factual and conceptual information about the financial war between European globalist interests (“Davos crowd”), including Biden/Yellen, and the American retail banking establishment, now represented by Jerome Powell, who has American national and financial interests to serve, and is doing so.
    The dance of the central banks just took the Swiss central bank out of the clutches of Davos by crashing the AT1 bonds in the Credit Swiss “buyout”. This is brutally simple when Tom Luongo explains it. It puts the ECB/Davos franchise in dire straits, forcing them to further brinksmanship, which might be nuclear war, not just figuratively. How do they default, blame Russia and convince the whole world that CBDC is the best way out?

    It’s war though, war everywhere, and there are greater and lesser evils, not really white knights.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2023 #131956
    John Day

    International Criminal Court says Russians are taking children out of war zone illegally.
    Since one should “always accuse your opponent of what you are doing” (Rules For Radicals), might that be about the human-child factory-farms that are no longer bringing money into Ukraine? Blame Russia’s police and social workers before they report what they found?

    Ukraine Is Farming Children in Factories for Elite Pedophiles, Russia Is Saving the Children – Media Blackout

    Just wondering, ya-know… It would seem to be an unregulated business activity with high potential profit, for whole kids and vital parts, like kidneys, livers, hearts and lungs.
    Pompeo warns of Biden administration’s ‘enormous’ mistake

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 23 3023 #131913
    John Day

    @AFKTT: The Uranium projectiles EXPLODE inside the tank and suck up all the oxygen, quite violently.
    That is what makes them so much “better” than tungsten. It is like tossing a white phosporus grenade into the tank or APC.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 23 3023 #131912
    John Day

    TT4TW wrote a lot, and I read it, I get that picture.
    Here’s what he wrote that is short, sweet and good, like being “Lieutenant Columbo”.

    “Pretend inferiority; promote their arrogance.”
    ~Sun Tzu Art of War

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