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    John Day

    AFKTT had some useful insights up at comment #122272.

    Whether one sees too many humans or too little support system, our mysterious elite overlords have a special hammer that kills people in various ways, so the people of their world often look like they need to be hit again.

    There are always unforeseen consequences and “unknown unknowns”.
    I’d die if I were alone in a perfectly good rainforest. We all need our familiar support systems.
    You can’t make a new support system when you need one.

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    John Day

    @Dr. D. In Lavaca County, Texas in 1905, it took 10 acres of grass to support a horse or an ox.
    I’ve never cut winter hay with a scythe, nor made haystacks, myself. You should learn it when young, I think.

    No easy “solutions”.

    Reid: Some of those 300 in the committee are no more. Her Majesty might have had her multiple myeloma accelerated by a gene-therapy vaccine-product recently. Even our betters are vulnerable and error-prone these days. Maybe they can’t even get rid of enough of us. Maybe they’ll die without us.
    I think we are considering more angles here than most of them are.

    @DBS: Here is a song for you, which your words evoked in my mental jukebox. “Too Much Love”

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    John Day

    On the sidebar was this about Denisovan genetic traits in modern human populations. It was more engaging than “Whispering Jack”

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    John Day

    @Germ: Depopulation solution via Gates vaccine projects needs to reduce births AND increase deaths, and not be implicated. So far, pretty “good”.

    . Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit In The Sky” was suspiciously a bit glossy, but Nina Hagen’s version has the “Satanic”-mockery vibe going on.
    I don’t think that can be Edie Brickell, unless it is 20 years old.,g_1:today:rF_Z6ylIW-o%3D&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjCgfeFhdT7AhUi81MKHbz_BDgQ4lYoBXoECAEQLg&biw=1263&bih=577

    I dunno about the Heinlein book. Not one of the ones I read.

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    John Day

    “Luciferian” is used as a trigger-pejorative, so people get triggered.
    That’s not so useful in intellectual discourse, huh?

    If the author wanted to make a case for the proposition that the US is currently controlled by a power elite with “Luciferian” values, it would be easy.
    Others make the case that it is an actual, organized elite cult, and present evidence of pedophilia and murders. Most people are too revolted to look at that evidence, but there is some…

    I think it’s just too much work and frustration to use that word most of the time.

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    John Day

    Thanks Ilargi,
    Technocracy at work.
    I remain demonitized.
    The economy remains completely monitized.
    This is not even the Great-Leap-Forward yet, where 40 million died, largely of starvation.
    We are part of a significantly large resistance, and we have remained persistent.

    Wait, I’ve gotta’ take this call from the FBI!
    (dark humor)

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    John Day

    “And now for something completely different…”

    House cats carry Toxoplasma Gondii, and about 1/3 of humans are chronically infected. T.gondii infection in humans is linked to aberrant behaviors and some forms of mental illness. Thanks Ricc.
    ​ T. gondii is known to infect wildlife, but few studies have examined its behavioural effects. In one work, infected hyenas in Kenya became more likely to be eaten by lions2. Connor Meyer and Kira Cassidy, wildlife ecologists at the University of Montana in Missoula, thought of a rare opportunity to link infection with behaviour in wild wolves: data on grey wolves (Canis lupus) collected intensively in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, over nearly 27 years. Some wolves in Yellowstone live near, and sometimes steal prey from, cougars (Puma concolor), which are known to carry the parasite. Wolves could become infected by eating the cats — or their faeces.
    The team looked at 256 blood samples from 229 wolves, which had been carefully watched throughout their lives, and had their life histories and social status recorded. Meyer and Cassidy found that infected wolves were 11 times more likely than uninfected ones to leave their birth family to start a new pack, and 46 times more likely to become pack leaders — often the only wolves in the pack that breed.
    “We got that result and we just open-mouth stared at each other,” Meyer says. “This is way bigger than we thought it would be.”

    ​ ​Negative Effects of Latent Toxoplasmosis on Mental Health​
    ​The typical symptom associated with toxoplasmosis was anxiety, and the typical toxoplasmosis-associated disorders were autism (OR = 4.78), schizophrenia (OR = 3.33), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (OR = 2.50), obsessive compulsive disorder (OR = 1.86), antisocial personality disorder (OR = 1.63), learning disabilities (OR = 1.59), and anxiety disorder (OR = 1.48).,(OR%20%3D%201.63)%2C%20learning

    ​”Latent” toxoplasma infection is about 3 times as prevalent in people who are in car accidents as it is in the control-group, too.

    Treatment does not get rid of encysted Toxoplasma in the brain and other tissues. “Latent” Toxoplasmosis persists after treatment.,case%20of%20sulfonamide%20allergy%2C%20clindamycin.

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    John Day

    ​NATO is more self-destructing than “falling apart”:
    ​ Something quite amazing has just happened. Following the terrorist attack in Ankara which killed 34 people and injured another 125, Turkish authorities first declared that they will not accept US condolences. Then the Turks launched a military operation against “Kurdish terrorists in northern Syria“. Turkey then claimed to have neutralized 184 terrorists.
    What is not mentioned in those articles is that the target of the Turkish strike was the US-run center for the training and education of PKK militants in Rojava. There are rumors that the Turks gave the US enough warning time to evacuate most of its personnel.
    Does that sound familiar?
    If it does, it is because it is very similar to what the Iranians did when they hit US bases in Iraq following the murder of General Solemani in a US drone strike.
    If the above is true, and rumors are very much “if” and cannot be considered as proven fact, then that means that a NATO member state (Turkey) just attacked a US base and, like Iran, got away with it…
    ​..​What does all this mean practically?
    ​ ​It means that even if the Russians decided to strike at a NATO country, the tensions would go through the roof, but it is highly UN-likely that any US President would allow any action which could result in a full-scale nuclear war! Remember, for Russia, this is an existential war, no less than WWII, whereas no Anglo leader would ever dare launch a suicidal attack on Russian forces which would most likely result in the full obliteration of the US/UK and any other country participating (for example by hosting forward deployed standoff weapons) in such an attack.
    ​ ​Does that mean that we have to anticipate a Russian strike on Poland, Romania or the UK?
    ​ ​No, not at all. In fact, it would be very dangerous for the Russians to only leave a stark choice to the Hegemony: admit defeat or commit suicide. And since the Russians do have escalation dominance (that is to say that they have balanced capabilities from the small-arms fire level to a full intercontinental nuclear war, and with all the stages in between these two extremes) they, unlike the US/NATO. are not stuck between the choice of surrender or suicide.
    ​ ​That being said, it would also be misguided to assume that Russia “would never dare strike a NATO member state”

    Is NATO falling apart?

    ​Electric War, Russia fails to respect Napoleonic traditions of warfare. Pepe Escobar​
    ​ ​It’s always crucial to remember that between 1991 and 1999 the equivalent of the present entire household wealth of Russia was stolen and transferred overseas, mostly to London. Now the same usual suspects are trying to ruin Russia with sanctions, as “new Hitler” Putin stopped the looting.
    ​ ​The difference is that the plan of using Ukraine as just a pawn in their game is not working.
    ​ ​On the ground, what has been going on so far are mostly skirmishes, and a few real battles. But with Moscow massing fresh troops for a winter offensive, the Ukrainian Army may end up completely routed.
    ​ ​Russia didn’t look so bad – considering the effectiveness of its mincing machine artillery strikes against Ukrainian fortified positions, and recent planned retreats or positional warfare, keeping casualties down while smashing Ukrainian withering firepower.
    ​ ​The collective West believes it holds the Ukraine proxy war card. Russia bets on reality, where economic cards are food, energy, resources, resource security and a stable economy.
    ​ ​Meanwhile, as if the energy-suicide EU did not have to face a pyramid of ordeals, they can surely expect to have knocking on their door at least 15 million desperate Ukrainians escaping from villages and cities with zero electrical power.

    Electric War

    ​ Queen Elizabeth II of England had multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood-forming elements of bone-marrow, in her final years, according to this.
    ​ A future biography of Her Majesty authored by a close friend of Prince Philip stated that the Queen had bone marrow cancer, with bone pain being the most prevalent symptom.

    ​ Angus Dalgleish MD, Professor of Oncology at St George’s, University of London, wrote this letter to Dr. Kamran Abbasi, the Editor in Chief of the BMJ. It was written in support of a colleague’s plea to Dr. Abbasi that the BMJ make valid informed consent for Covid vaccination a priority topic.
    ​ As an Oncologist I Am Seeing People With Stable Cancer Rapidly Progress After Being Forced to Have a Booster
    ​..​Even within my own personal contacts I am seeing B cell-based disease after the boosters. They describe being distinctly unwell a few days to weeks after the booster – one developing leukaemia, two work colleagues Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and an old friend who has felt like he has had Long Covid since receiving his booster and who, after getting severe bone pain, has been diagnosed as having multiple metastases from a rare B cell disorder.
    ​ ​I am experienced enough to know that these are not the coincidental anecdotes that many suggest, especially as the same pattern is being seen in Germany, Australia and the USA.
    ​ ​The reports of innate immune suppression after mRNA for several weeks would fit, as all these patients to date have melanoma or B cell based cancers, which are very susceptible to immune control – and that is before the reports of suppressor gene suppression by mRNA in laboratory experiments.
    ​ ​This must be aired and debated immediately.

    As an Oncologist I Am Seeing People With Stable Cancer Rapidly Progress After Being Forced to Have a Booster

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    John Day

    “Stopping” has some speculations that may be familiar and a picture of progress on the closet. Going down there to do some more work today.

    Thanks for this, Ricc. Katherine Watt has some very plain words, with which I agree.
    Stopping Conditions , There are no stopping conditions for the emergency COVID vaccination program.
    ​ ​There is widespread public perception that Covid-19 information campaigns, masks, diagnostic tests, treatments and injectables are components in a public health program using experimental but regulated, ‘safe and effective’ medical products for the purpose of saving lives during a public health emergency.
    ​ ​They are not.
    ​ ​Covid-19 information campaigns, Emergency Use Authorized masks, EUA diagnostic tests, EUA treatments and EUA injectables are components of a mass murder operation using fear-mongering, fraud, propaganda, censorship and unidentified biological and chemical weapons.
    ​ ​Popular misunderstanding is deliberately and forcefully maintained by the political power brokers running the operation.

    ​ Surplus Energy Economics points out that there is no fundamental economic support for the assumption that the growth trend of recent centuries will continue after a downturn. ​ The slope of economic growth has become more and more gradual in recent decades, and more falsified in its reporting.
    ​ ​What economies and markets are now experiencing is trend-inflexion. Cyclicality may indeed continue but, from here on, it will do so around downwards-inflected trends. This process of reversal can only be managed if it is recognized.
    ​ ​The consequences of trend inflexion are readily summarised. On an ex-inflation basis, economic output will deteriorate, whilst the real costs of necessities will carry on rising, even if there are some retreats from the severe spikes experienced in recent times.
    ​ ​The resulting process of affordability compression will drive contraction in discretionary (non-essential) activities. It will also undermine financial flows from households to the corporate and financial sectors. We can anticipate a rolling process of investment contraction, business failures, defaults and rising unemployment.
    #243. The Great Inflexion

    ​Climate Change Policy Makes Europe Too Expensive for Low Cost EV Manufacturing​
    ​ ​Signs of a global cleaving around the energy sector (are) taking place. Essentially, western governments’ following the “Build Back Better” climate change agenda which stops using coal, oil and gas to power their economic engine, while the rest of the growing economic world continues using the more efficient and traditional forms of energy to power their economies.

    ​ ​Within the BBB western group (identified on map in yellow), the logical consequences are increased living costs for those who live in the BBB zone, and increased prices for goods manufactured in the BBB zone. In the zone where traditional low-cost energy resources continue to be developed (grey on map), we would expect to see a lower cost of living and lower costs to create goods. Two divergent economic zones based on two different energy systems.
    ​ ​This potential outcome just seemed to track with the logical conclusion. The yellow zone also represented by the World Economic Forum, and the gray zone also represented by an expanding BRICS alliance.

    Cleaving Beginning? – Climate Change Policy Makes Europe Too Expensive for Low-Cost EV Manufacturing

    The U.S. Shale Boom Is Officially Over​
    ​ The days of explosive growth in U.S. shale oil production are over. American oil production is rising, but at a much slower pace than it did before the 2020 crash, and at lower rates than expected a few months ago.​..
    ​..OPEC has regained its position as the world’s swing producer.

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    John Day

    “Ente” or “duck” , is what the Germans call the 2CV.
    Cool cars.
    Not very safe in an 80 mph crash, but…

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    John Day

    @FS: Most welcome. (Keep driving that Honda Fit sport model with 5 speed manual, but not in deep snow.)

    : Thanks for the Slavsquat. He posts this He makes a good case that Russia, with or without Putin’s complicity, is on-board with the vaccine-mandate global-health-passport initiative, and he leans away from giving Putin a walk on this one. People have been asking me, and I have been saying I don’t really know. Putin has advocated for choice, but gotten the shots early, himself. The Mayor of Moscow pushed a mandate, which was poorly attended by the non-trusting Russians. Other mandates have been declared for specific workers and businesses throughout Russia. Russians are under 50% COVID-vaccinated according to this, but Statista shows 55%, and just 2 jabs, not more.

    : I’m not cut out to be a Russian soldier, or anybody’s soldier (Grew up on USMC & USN bases during Vietnam), and I’m not cut out to be a denizen of China, either.
    (I am decreasingly cut out to be an American Physician. I used to love it and thrive in the role.
    I have hope to reprise that role, but I know the times are changing for the worse everywhere.)

    : Sorry about your parents. They were a little older than I am.
    I’ve got some fight left in me…

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    John Day

    @Dr. D. Rich, who wrote “extramedullary”:
    Did Queen Elizabeth have the even-more-aggressive multiple myeloma which spreads outside the bone marrow?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 27 2022 #122033
    John Day

    @Red: I often wonder about the EROI of learning fundamental survival skills in a world without city-water and natural gas. I assume we could live a month without electricity.
    What does it matter what I and my neighbors know if we have no water, no wood, and no wood-stove?

    When Europeans settled the Texas coastal plains and central Texas, from the 1830s onward, they settled where there was a good river, wood to burn and wild game to kill and eat.
    Potatoes and wild-pig, cooked over a fire, with river water.
    We cut those rungs out of the ladder behind us.
    The more I learn, the more I realize how dependent I am.

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    John Day

    @Figmund Sreud: Niacin is one of many good things, but I would go with vitamin-D supplementation long term to reduce heart attack risk first, and foremost. You might be deficient in numerous b-vitamins, as well as Vitamin-D. Adequate vitamin-D is protective to the blood vessel lining (endothelium) also, and makes the immune system normally-intelligent when it is in adequate supply.
    I eat fresh vegetables and also take a B-complex vitamin.
    Some assert that the specific chemical form of a B-vitamin matters, and it may well.
    You might take food-yeast for b-vitamins and trace minerals…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 27 2022 #122031
    John Day

    What I meant is that existing cancers have accelerated rapidly after patients have been treated with COVID-gene-therapy-vaccine products.
    Queen Elizabeth apparently had known multiple-myeloma before 2020, but also appears to have gotten COVID-vaccines and boosters.
    Everybody dies of something, whatever their age might be.

    The question is whether the Queen of England had COVID-vaccination as a contributing-cause of her death. It appears possible-to-likely.

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    John Day

    I’ve been away for a few days, doing life-with-family and working on the new closet I’m building.
    I can’t always run with the Red Queen, so I failed to keep up.

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    John Day

    When Queen Elizabeth died, there was a question of whether it was related to COVID-vaccination.
    She had multiple myeloma, a form of cancer of the blood-forming elements in the bone marrow.
    That means “it could have been related”, since spike-protein , created by the body after receiving the “vaccine-products”, suppresses the immune-system’s ability to fight these cancers.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 21 2022 #121581
    John Day

    Boscohorowitz presented a vieo in the Andes of YMA

    Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chávarri del Castillo (September 13, 1922 (birth certificate)[2][3] or September 10, 1922 (later documents)[1][4][5] – November 1, 2008), known professionally as Yma Sumac (/ˈiːmə ˈsuːmæk/), was a Peruvian-American coloratura soprano. She was one of the most famous exponents of exotica music during the 1950s.

    Sumac became an international success based on her extreme vocal range. She had five octaves according to some reports,[6] but other reports (and recordings) document four-and-a-half at the peak of her singing career.[2][7] (A typical trained singer has a range of about three octaves.)[8] Yma Sumac sold more than 40 million records which makes her one of the best-selling Latin Americans in history and the best-selling Peruvian in history.[9][10][11]

    In one live recording of “Chuncho”, she sings a range of over four and a half octaves, from B2 to G♯7. She was able to sing notes in the low baritone register as well as notes above the range of an ordinary soprano. Both low and high extremes can be heard in the song “Chuncho (The Forest Creatures)” (1953).

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 21 2022 #121575
    John Day

    How’d I get scooped in TAE comments like that.
    Musta’ been sleepin’on the job or sumptin.

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    John Day

    ​ From Thursday, specific to Texas: Governor Abbott Directs TEA, Superintendents To Prohibit COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates For Students,part%20of%20school%20entry%20requirements

    Moms Were Right: Acetaminophen During Pregnancy Can Cause ADHD, Autism​
    ​“[We] found consistent associations between acetaminophen bu​r​den and ADHD and acetaminophen burden and ASD across strata of potential confounders, including maternal indication, substance use, preterm birth, and child age and sex, for which point estimates for the ORs vary from 2.3 to 3.5 for ADHD and 1.6 to 4.1 for ASD.

    Moms Were Right: Acetaminophen During Pregnancy Can Cause ADHD, Autism

    ​Jessica Rose Ph.D. looks at the US VAERS, suddenly changing the government statistics.​ They look much better this week!
    ​ ​The foreign data set was gutted this week in VAERS and the cancer signal was halved, the myocarditis dose 3 response signal was lost and 994 spontaneous abortions/still births were dropped

    ​Thanks Luc , The Killing Fields of Samoa​ , Ah KhanSyed MD, Ph.D.​
    ​ And you’re asking “What are you talking about? What happened in Samoa?”.
    ​ ​A lot happened. All in one month in November 2019 – just before the PANDEMIC™ struck, and you will see that the similarities with the PANDEMIC™ are eerie – down to the same forced lockdowns and forced vaccinations that were only ever intended to enforce medical fascism on a population – because every pandemic plan document prior to 2020 said they were not helpful to contain a viral outbreak.
    ​ ​So let’s then turn to Samoa (and neighbouring Fiji and Tonga) in 2019.​..
    Why did a measles outbreak occur in 3 neighbouring islands at the same time, just weeks after a delivery of UNICEF vaccines to those very islands?
    Why did the death rate in the Samoan outbreak reach such high levels far in excess of what would be expected in a country with access to healthcare?

    From Peter McCullough MD’s blog: Electron Cryotomography of SARS-CoV-2 Virions
    At least there are electron-microscope pictures of these very small entities. They are easier to destroy than to see.
    It is essentially impossible to isolate virions without destroying them. Looking at them destroys them, for instance.

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    John Day

    Trying to avoid re-posting…

    Moon of Alabama on Russian destruction of high voltage power transformers in the Ukrainian grid to impair the ability of the Ukrainian military to move men and war-supplies by the (all electric) train system.​
    ​ ​The targeting of 330 kilovolt transformers in various switching stations has cut some 50% of the distribution capability of Ukraine’s electricity network. These transformers weigh up to 200 tons. There are no replacements. You do not buy them at the next corner but will have to order them with years of lead time. As far as I can tell Russia is currently the only producer of transformers of that type.

    ​The US works hard to turn-around relations with China, bringing in 97 year old “friend of China” and infamous 2008 head of AIG, Maurice “Hank” Greenberg​.
    ​ ​A significant and unexpected new Wall Street Journal report has revealed that a few days prior to the Xi-Biden meeting last week at the G20 summit in Bali, the two countries embarked upon a private back-channel dialogue of top policy advisers and business executives in New York, which was approved by both governments.
    ​ ​The meeting was described by Retired Adm. Mike Mullen as seeking to prevent the continued “downward trajectory” in US-China relations “at a dangerous time.” Beijing is relying on an American businessman described as an “old friend of China” with a long successful track record of positive dealings in China: insurance executive Maurice “Hank” Greenberg. “As the two great powers of the time, we need to try to turn this around,” Mullen commented of the closed-door talks earlier this month.

    ​This story is about a Russian military airplane promotional video at a Chinese air-show, which shows the plane blowing up a ship. The computer-generated ship in the computer-generated video turns out (awkwardly) to be a Chinese destroyer. Nobody knows how this happened. The video production was at least partly outsourced to India.​ India says they didn’t-do-it.
    There is open speculation that Russia’s real enemy is now declared to be China. (If that were propaganda, whose interests would it serve?)

    Texas Prepares Military (not-quite)​Tanks For Southern Border After Governor Abbott Declares Invasion
    ​ ​Three days after Texas Governor Greg Abbott invoked the state’s “Invasion Clauses” to tackle the record-setting influx of migrants illegally crossing the southern border, a new planning document obtained by Army Times and The Texas Tribune reveals Texas Military Department officials are planning to deploy a fleet of fully tracked armored personnel carriers and National Guard troops.
    ​ ​Texas Military Department officials issued the order Thursday to the headquarters leading Operation Lone Star reveals. It detailed the deployment of ten M113 armored personnel carrier vehicles to the border.

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    John Day

    “Building Trust” post, with picture ofsome pieces of closet being held in place to get the idea.

    Perfect Storm for the Global Economy, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Andrey Belousov Thanks Svet.
    “There is a strong gap between the scale of the problems and the tools that are currently being offered to solve them.” [Use Google-Translate]
    My own thoughts:
    There is an implicit assumption about what “tools” are being openly proposed.

    1) “Halting the war in Ukraine” seems to be a polite way of saying “Europe, coordinate business arrangements with Russia again”.
    It’s necessary, but not sufficient to restore a stable, working system of global trade and finance.
    The apparent goal of western finance was to have Russian resources without the Russian government, which is nationalist. That access to resources, essentially to loot them, was necessary for the growth of the western financial system, which stopped growing in the second half of 2018, by my reckoning. You may well disagree, but it stopped growing by 2019, which caused financial problems, like the “repo-crisis” in August-September 2019.
    There was a loss of trust between the largest western global financial institutions, which froze overnight lending.

    2) “Raising interest rates”. This “destroys demand” in the economy by imposing austerity. It does stop some of the excesses caused by almost-free-money, but the western financial system has crept forward by gradual reduction of interest rates since around 1983. Real interest rates were often negative, and have remained negative since 2008. It is the end of that road. Interest rates must rise and that destroys the system of rolling debt forward at lower and lower interest to stimulate economy.

    “Money” is currently defined as “promises” to repay debt at interest. Trust in eventual-repayment is waning.
    Trust must be rational, not delusional, to maintain a vast economic system.

    Trust is slow to build. Who has been investing in the building of trust since 2008?
    The Fed has, but within an increasingly untrustworthy US national system. The Fed can’t really be more trustworthy than Washington DC, London and Brussels (NATO). There is a lot of habitual momentum in the $USsystem, but once that tips over, change is likely to seem very sudden.

    Russia and China have been working and investing to build trust, but that is thrown into question by sanctions against them, by the increasingly untrustworthy owners of the current $US financial system. Still, it’s a lack of trust in the proposed replacement-system (BRICS+, belt-and-road).

    History shows that changes to a global trade system seem to take a decade or more and a big war, as in WW-1 and WW-2.
    History also shows that people suffer and die, and that growing vegetables helps the people who are able to do so.
    Another historical feature is that countries with enough internal resources per-capita fare batter.
    That’s Russia #1 and US #2.
    Efficient use of the resources within any system is similarly important, and Russia appears (for all the corruption) to have a better national system of meeting national needs. The US system seems to be corrupt and inefficient, and to depend upon external flows of wealth to sustain function. Those can be expected to stop in a crisis. The corruption is an inefficiency problem.
    The owners hold the option to shut the system down if they don’t get to siphon off a big skim at every level, so there are thousands of selfish fingers on economic Kill-buttons.

    What history argues to be necessary is to take away all of those corrupt “entitlements” to cuts of the pie, by eliminating a lot of that “ownership” of the systems of production and distribution. That means “debt repudiation”, which did not happen after WW-1, which was the proximal cause of WW-2, where a lot of debt-restructuring did take place, encouraging economic growth in Europe and Japan.

    The owners are in control of the system, so they won’t allow repudiation of much of their rights-to-skim until they lose control, but they get to push the Kill-buttons first.

    Reviving a system after that should be harder than merging into another system which is already up-and-running.
    The Chinese government got to merge into the western economic system while the cold-war was still ongoing, so China got a better deal than the “defeated” USSR, Russia, etc.

    The new system is not yet operational, though many pieces are in place and starting to get tested. The old system is trying hard to prevent the new, competing system from becoming operational.
    It does not look like there is going to be a smooth transition,since the new system can’t get fully operational until the old system, which is depleting itself to fight the new system, breaks badly.
    “Confiscating” $300 billion from Russiais an example of the old system breaking trust, in order to reduce trust in a rising threat.

    Where might trust be found in global finance? Bitcoin? Something like Bitcoin could be useful between central banks and nation-states, but Bitcoin only exists by mutual agreement and an intact global internet.
    Gold bullion used to work. Central banks, by all accounts, keep enough gold bullion on hand (or in “trusted” repositories) to make a transition back to a gold standard at any time. (Ukraine’s gold somehow went away in airplanes a few years ago.)
    The question is that of what to “price” gold at to enable that transition. It seems like a factor of 8-10 “price increase” of gold, relative to fiat currencies, would be necessary, as a ballpark figure. Watch for it.
    Larger daily increases in the “price” of gold seem to have suddenly been allowed, starting a couple of weeks ago. $40-$50 in a day was allowed in quick succession. Previously gold did not rise more than $20 in a day.
    The 30-dayGold chart shows that stair-step well.
    That seems like a signal to me. Others may disagree.

    ​ Andrew Korybko looks at the initiative of Russia, India and Iran to balance influences of China and Pakistan (itself influenced by the CIA) upon Afghanistan.​
    The “Informal Russia India Iran Troika” on Afghanistan
    ​ ​The most important takeaway was the informal Troika that was just established by Russia, India, and Iran. These three don’t intend to compete against China and Pakistan’s influence in Afghanistan in any unfriendly way, but rather endeavor to pragmatically “balance” it by giving that country’s de facto Taliban rulers an alternative to those two. From the perspective of the group’s self-interests, potentially disproportionate dependence on China and Pakistan is disadvantageous.

    The “Informal Russia India Iran Troika” on Afghanistan

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    John Day

    Thanks for the review, DBS.

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    John Day

    @Boscohorowitz: I’m glad to see that you found that MMR-vaccine-Samoan-measles-outbreak article. It has very interesting speculation later in the article about a hybrid COVID-Measles vaccine-product that was described later, but could plausibly have been covertly delivered to Samoa. The scrubbing of Chiner=se military involvement on the ground in Samoa, which did happen, is also interesting.
    I read it last night. A friend sent it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 21 2022 #121541
    John Day

    Rounding The Earth has a Grand Unified Theory of the FTXDisaster
    (It;s long. Much is educaed speculation)
    Now, let us summarize: Under a pandemic-induced fog of war, the military-banking complex may be enabling an elite pedophile class of blackmail agents at least partially organized around MIT to establish a Global Digital Central Bank to enslave the human race, cull populations, and subject them to genetic information control.

    One additional thought worth thinking about is whether these seemingly related global events were at least somewhat telegraphed, and whether this is the reason power consolidation occurred in China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia over the past few years. One way to retain national strength in the midst of Fifth-Generation warfare involving a constant stream of confusing signals is to line the ducks up in a row and move as a single unit.

    In all this, I make my best effort to make no mistake about where I mix fact and speculation, but understand that conversations trying to unravel the Bigger Picture, including the very real spectre of sexual blackmailing dominating global politics are being had among the world’s cognitive elite and power players. They’ve been going on for years now.

    in reply to: Diplomacy Is In Short Supply #121509
    John Day

    Thanks for digging into Bot Traps in general, boscohorowitz. I didn’t realize how much of a thing it might already be.
    Boy, amd I behind the times again…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 20 2022 #121493
    John Day

    @D Benton Smith: Thanks, still intrigued by the Trump-poll-bot-trap meme.

    Also interested in more money going POOF in crypto bubbles. That’s anti-inflationary, after all.

    Also interestedinifMusk turns Twitter and global satellite communication network into something like a cryptocurrency that can actually be used to buy groceries, cocaine, heroin, M77 Howitzers, political influence, and all those things that suitcases of $100 bills are good for.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 20 2022 #121483
    John Day

    Epsilon Theory peeks out from behind the usual paywall with an unusually good portrayal of how alameda & FTX drifted further and further into Ponzi world as they fixed short-term funding shortfalls.
    There are a lot of specific details of the copying of Bernie Madoff’s model, but first: Slippin’into darkness:.

    The MacGuffin, Part 2: The Story Arc of SBF and FTX

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 20 2022 #121481
    John Day

    I’m interested in the proposition that Musk’s Twitter poll about reinstating Trump’s account was a “bot trap”.

    Anybody got more on that?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 19 2022 #121429
    John Day

    @Redneck Re: G20 statements. “Words are cheap”.
    They all have words they need put into that statement for the home front. None of it is enforceable.
    Good luck getting that $100 billion per year.
    They keep making joint statements, but only doing what their own national politics and finances will allow.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 19 2022 #121428
    John Day

    @Redneck: Thanks for the detailed answer abot futility or doing something positive, if possible.

    It seems to me that a long-term power stalemate in the “multipolar world” is one of the lesser-bad outcomes we might get. Avoiding nuclear war might be enough to get to that multi=player stalemate.

    Russians are not more comfortable with the Chinese state than are Australians, i think. At least they never were in the past. They are forced into their current alliance, because getting picked off one by one is no good. They really do need each other now.

    If it’s obvious to me that China intends to be the hegemon by 2050, then it is obvious to everybody who is really involved. China is hobbled by a lot of internal problems and is very short on fuel and mined ores. China is prone to bloody revolutions.

    You have observed that the Khazarian-mafia have gotten a lot of control in the world through finance. Some of this is through the City of London. The British Empire and it’s financial arm have always sought to keep Russia and Germany apart, and Germany and China, and Russia and the US.

    It seems that a long stalemate, and a different global trade regime, imposing losses on many of the current owners (inevitable) holds promise for more practical relationships to gradually develop. I think national interest of Russia, the US and Australia have a lot in common, based on resources, territory, and population values.

    If the world really gets into a multipolar stalemate, with nationalist relationships, there would need to be agreements to control piracy on the high seas. The USN won’t be funded for that task. It’ a pretty important task.

    This multipolar talemate will also be in a world with less energy, hence less wealth, and with the more powerful countries losing relative advantage because of that.

    I’m speculating, but there are a lot of ways to improve from a multi-player power stalemate, when cooperation against piracy is a shared interest. None ofChina’s close neighbors want China to be aglobal hee=gemon. They know their own history.

    What of the Khazerian mafia? They are getting boosted again, right?
    Israel really showed those Palestinian untermenschen be taking all the COVID vaccines for the Jewish population. Strange things happen in history, often as a result of hubris.

    “We shall see”,as the saying goes.
    I’m responsible to maintain positive intention and keep on the lookout for opportunities to do some good.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 19 2022 #121404
    John Day

    @Dr.D again, about simple mathematical description of income distributions, due to hierarchy.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 19 2022 #121399
    John Day

    Redneck wrote:
    “You are of course only talking about Western oligarchs, not Russian or Chinese or Iranian oligarchs , correct?
    How will the destruction of Western oligarchs produce a fairer system ? Do you honestly believe that a world where Russian , China , Iran and India are the hegemons that the world will be fairer?”

    No, I meant in the broadest possible terms, hence at least part of the conceptual difficulty.
    I do not intend to pick sides, but some back and forth from time to time in any conflict might end up creating better conditions for third-parties, non-combatants, such as ourselves.

    In ancient days a general laying siege might free all debtors and slaves within a city. They would then have to consider their best course more carefully. Lincoln did that with southern slaves, but not northern slaves.
    How does one get to a fairer and less parasitic world, not the absolute, but a step in the right direction?
    How can it happen? What are the mechanisms? I do not see it as futile. Do you?
    If it is futile, one is absolved of responsibility.
    I feel that I am responsible to do my best with what I have, which is a pretty good mind, life-experience and a bit of self-evaluation capability. I am moderately good at fairly wide ranging analysis, and better than most at communication via English language.
    You seem to have a similar set of talents.
    How do you feel?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 18 2022 #121352
    John Day

    @Redneck: How does change come about in the world? People see what is wrong, but don’t know how to undo it, or replace it with something more right, more fair. Thoughts and ideas get batted about.
    These are pieces of models-of-reality, right? Napoleon had certain models of reality and other people bought into them, but they were not quite reality. He was widely feared and respected for his use of reality modeling in war and statecraft.
    Does reality usually change through concerted action, coordinated by a model? Maybe sometimes?
    I think we are all grappling with difficulty here. Are Jews who oppose Israeli apartheid “self-hating Jews” as some who support it call them, or “righteous Jews”?
    Do people who want the parasitic oligarchs to fail, to be replaced, but don’t see how to get there, desire their own destitution, or are they merely willing to face hardship for what they see to be a more just world order?
    I accidentally meditated goodwill for the mechanic I never met who is looking into an accelerator logic malfunction in my wife’s Toyota Matrix, which killed 30 people by the fly-by-wire computer-controlled throttle body opening up, like flooring the gas, but the pedal is not really connected.
    You have to stand on the brake and throw it in neutral if it will go, or turn off the ignition key as you accelerate down the off-ramp.
    This is something Toyota has a recall on. There was a lot I wanted to relay to the mechanic I could not meet. I wrote down the recall number and some details and gave it to the guy I talked to. He typed a little something into a tablet he carried, but not that. I felt frustrated and found myself sending conscious-pressure their way. That might be a form of negative-prayer, I realized, so I did the other thing, the good thing.
    The gas pedal is just connected to a position-sensor, not the intake throttle-body. The computer takes in a lot of information and decides where to set the throttle. It has mysterious AI brain-farts that kill some folks. How does Toyota change that? I couldn’t find out exactly what their recall-fix protocol in=s, just stories of people taking their car back 3 times and the intermittent logic failure not being figured out. Seems allegorical, somehow…

    @rabble-rousing boscohorowitz Duane Eddy has a variation on that theme fer yuz.

    I think Klaus Schwab might be a high-functioning submissive, but I don’t know exactly who his Dom is.
    There are a lot of quandaries like that.
    It makes me unable to be really sure who to pray for God to kill to make the world more fair, peaceful and loving.
    Bedtime for John-zo. Maybe I can meditate in my sleep and wake up having already made the world better.
    Can I do that and not know, and not be exhausted from it? I read stuff, sometimes…

    : Don’t say “get a room”. It’s not that much verbiage … yet.

    @ Dr.D : I’ve got some mathematical modeling of hierarchical income disparity following a fairly simple mathematical formula across human societies
    Dis some mo’ bad shit from anudda physicist. I like physicists taking fresh looks at things.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 18 2022 #121320
    John Day

    Boscohorowitz wrote:
    “Some call it a Death Cult, and there is surely at least some truth to this, especially since core global power prefers occult concealment of How Power Works just as we prefer not to witness the de facto torture and slaughter of the animals we eat. But what are we peons then?”

    There may be more answers to that question than the one you proposed.

    He also wrote:
    “DocJD: I don’t think Fagen or Rudngren were pandering to any audience. Both have carved from careers from doing just the opposite. I think they’re invested in the Main Paradigm just like 9)%? 99%? 99.9%? of their fellow humans.”

    Naw, c’mon Man, that’s just too heavy to deal with!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 18 2022 #121316
    John Day
    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 18 2022 #121302
    John Day

    @boscohorowitz: tawdry…

    @”Z”erosum: Made In Russia, what a conundrum…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 18 2022 #121299
    John Day

    I’m trying to leave-off what is already represented here, but there’s a lot of overlap.

    UK Citizens Pay The Highest Electricity Bills In The World

    ​ Jessica Rose Ph.D. graphs fewer new pregnancies but a lot more miscarriages after COVID-vaccine rollout in an OB/GYN practice that keeps its own records.​
    Real time obstetrician/gynecologist’s data on new patients and miscarriages for 2021 and 2022

    ​ ​Former White House COVID-19 adviser Dr. Scott Atlas sees multiple reasons for an investigation into Dr. Anthony Fauci, the outgoing director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

    Charles Hugh Smith,​ ​FTX: The Dominoes of Financial Fraud Have Yet to Fall
    ​What you will find is insight into the real innovation of FTX: FTX compressed the entire playbook and history of financial fraud into one brief cycle of the credulous bamboozled, Charles Ponzi bested and creative accounting being revealed for what it really is, fraud.
    ​ ​All financial frauds share the same set of tools. The toolbox of financial fraud, whether it is traditional or crypto-based, contains variations of these basic mechanisms… [listed and explained] …
    ​ ​Note that there are quasi-legal versions of some of these tools. The full exposure to the risks inherent in extreme leverage and illiquidity can be cloaked, buried in off-balance sheet assets and liabilities, etc., while pages of mind-numbing disclosures were duly signed by blinded-by-greed marks.
    ​ ​These quasi-legal versions are just as prone to unraveling and collapse as the blatantly fraudulent varieties. Properly disclosed leverage and illiquidity are just as prone to unraveling as undisclosed leverage and illiquidity.
    ​ ​Mismatches of duration, liquidity and risk are just as toxic to full-disclosure firms as they are to fraudulent firms.
    ​ ​This is why we can predict the dominoes of FTX’s financial fraud have yet to fall. When there are mismatches in counterparty asset durations and liquidity, assets that theoretically cover loans that are called can’t be sold or can only be sold at ruinous discounts.​..
    ​ Once assets are revealed as worth far less than claimed, insolvency is the inevitable result.

    ​ Here is a case from Tom Luongo’s blog that FTX may have been designed to be a Ponzi-scheme-for-Ponzi-schemes, suking up all of the non-crypto currency in the cryptocurrency bubble, then going POOF!
    This would have been a planned attack by the financial world on the crypto-currency world. It might have been planned to go a little longer, but Bitcoin got hammered recently and sucked a lot of money out of the cryptocurrency bubble, crashing the FTX Ponzi. This fits with the rapid rise and excellent political protection of FTX and SBF. We know FTX was the biggest Democratic donor behind George Soros when it was just months old. Ukraine seems to have “invested” $US aid from the Bidadmin in FTX. A lot of notional-wealth in cryptocurrency is no more. Maybe that was the plan.

    CryptoFanFic – Thoughts on FTX

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 18 2022 #121297
    John Day

    “Forest Gardening” of “food forests” seeks to create complementary and cooperative forest ecosystems which also provide food for humans.
    That is easier said than done, partly because it is so difficult to harvest food in a dense forest except at the edges of it. Animals arise within any forest which do readily harvest forest edibles. People often end up hunting and eating those animals, but that is also hard within the dense forest.

    The question which naturally arises for creative humans is whether long-lived fruit-bearing trees can be managed in such a way that the fruit is available from below, and can be gathered, stored and transported effectively for human use. When there is a continuous overstory of tall trees a local climate is created within the forest. It is also darker. Can the productive overstory be maintained well enough to claim biotic-pump rainfall patterns, by atmospheric-river induction? Can the soil be maintained? What tree crops could this be applied to, and in what regions? It seems that in the places that have the right soil and climate conditions to try this, that it would be a very good thing to attempt. It would require irrigation for a long time, before large enough areas could be forested to begin to induce atmospheric-river effects. How much of any tree-crop can be used? How can it be stored and transported? Are there enough tree crops to plant in enough areas to make this form of farming economically sustainable?

    I’d like to try it with avocados, myself, but I am still at the point of finding Mexican avocados cold-tolerant enough to reliably make it through winter freezes without significant damage to the trees. Each avocado seedling is a unique individual, which is why they are grafted onto rootstocks before making large plantings. Seedling trees require 5-8 years to make their first fruit, before it can be tasted. This is gonna’ take awhile. Avocado oil is a good cooking oil.

    9 of the Best Cold-Hardy Avocado Trees

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 18 2022 #121296
    John Day

    “Doing Better” is up, with an essay about silviculture and a picture of some winter vegetable rows coming-up a little more.

    I’m inclined to think we humans need to find ways to nurture healthy forest ecosystems which may nourish us, and also draw moisture from the oceans, which will fall upon them as rain, that “Biotic Pump” thing they do so well. Forests create atmospheric rivers from the oceans, and the falling rain creates terrestrial rivers back.

    We know that old-growth “apex” forests do this, even in northern climes, and that having tall old trees of local species, intermediate trees and bushes and herbs, in a living web, interconnected by roots and beneficial fungi, is a sophisticated mature ecosystem. The recreation of the mix of plants in an apex forest can create a quickie-apex-forest, which is the Miyawaki Method of “Afforestation”

    During the years of wars between warlords in Japan, the 1600s and 1700s, much of Japan’s forest was cut for timber and fuel. In the 1800s this was reversed by law, and Japanese forestry, Silviculture became an art form, assisted sometimes by German experts in those days.

    Silviculture arose in Europe, with largely German nomenclature. It focuses mainly upon harvesting wood optimally, from well maintained forests. It long precedes the knowledge that forests might draw atmospheric-rivers of rain to themselves. Dense forests with groups of plants that cooperate well together draw the rain best, but may not produce goods that humans need and desire as monoculture pine forests for timber and fuel. Silviculture has been adapted to the tropics

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