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    John Day

    Yes, V.Arnold, I agree that this is a good day for us, here. Thanks everybody.

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    John Day
    Charles Hugh Smith:
    ​ ​What few seem to realize is all the supposedly rock-solid permanent foundations of life are nothing more than fragile social constructs based on trust and legitimacy. Once trust and legitimacy have been lost, these constructs melt into the sands of time.
    ​ ​A great many things we take for granted are fragile constructs that could unravel with surprising speed: law enforcement, the courts, elections, the value of our currency– these are all social constructs. Once legitimacy is lost, people abandon these constructs and they melt away.
    ​ ​It’s clear to anyone who isn’t indulging in magical nostalgia that trust in institutions is in a steep decline as the legitimacy of these institutions, public and private, have been eroded by incompetence, corruption, dysfunction and the rapacious self-interest of insiders.
    ​ ​What we’ve gotten very good at is masking the rot and fragility. Masking the rot and fragility is not the same thing as strength or permanence. The nation is about to discover the difference in the years ahead.

    ​The Federal Reserve System has a plan to save us from the long term side effects of the Federal Reserve System, which have impoverished society as a whole, while multiplying the wealth and power of those who are members of the system, and share it’s benefits.
    The Fed will create digital money, and give it to you, and track every transax=ction, and it can take money or participants out of this system at any time, as well as putting them into the system. It will require a vast, global communications and confirmation network to function.
    What could go wrong? For whom?​ Under what circumstances? What might be the next fix, if any?

    Jonathan Cook: Capitalism is double-billing us: we pay from our wallets only for our future to be stolen from us
    ​ ​Here is a word that risks deterring you from reading on much further, even though it may hold the key to understanding why we are in such a terrible political, economic and social mess. That word is “externalities”.
    ​ ​It sounds like a piece of economic jargon. It is a piece of economic jargon. But it is also the foundation stone on which the west’s current economic and ideological system has been built. Focusing on how externalities work and how they have come to dominate every sphere of our lives is to understand how we are destroying our planet…

    Capitalism is double-billing us: we pay from our wallets only for our future to be stolen from us

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    John Day

    Blog’s up, and there is a picture of me very slowly broadforking what will be a banana grove next month(ish). I am “misusing” the broadfork to invert the top 6-8 inches of dense clay soil. leaving it broken open, for me to amend the expanded shale, which holds air and water. I’ll then plant the banana plants that I have in pots on the back patio in Austin. Anyway, it is so much more work than I recall, but I face the same thing every time.
    Why can’t I remember how hard and slow it is? Is it like forgetting the pain of childbirth or something?

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    John Day

    @geppetto: I wanted to use One Straw Revolution as a cookbook, but it wasn’t.
    There’s really no cookbook, just examples of process.
    Man, what a lot of work!

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    John Day

    How do living ecosystems on Earth organize? We know a lot of details, and we get hints that the mycorrhizal fungal networks connecting the roots of forest trees are a living communications and resource sharing network.
      We may personally know the experience of serendipity, and of synchronicity in our lives, but the alternative hypothesis, that it was just chance, can’t be disproven to others.   I believe that I can know a level of “transpersonal” connection to life and “universal mind”, but I don’t think I can convince you in writing, nor should you be convinced by the related experiences of another. (You might be spurred to consideration and to self-investigation.)
     There is no “objectivity”. Objectivity is a useful construct, but it’s just a construct. Observing “reality” forms it. It’s not formed without observation. All observations influence the process they observe, and its outcomes. In a mundane way, all information has a cost, and is shaped by the priorities and mechanisms of its funding.
      What is the cost of a mycorrhizal network, and how is it paid? “Root fungi” form extended organisms, connecting tree roots near and far, of similar and dissimiar types. The roots give out nutrients that feed the fungal network, and the network provides information, such as the approach of bark-beetles, so that a tree might prepare noxious chemicals within itself to deter them. We can get our conceptual heads around this, and see how the investment in this symbiotic relationship benefits all the participating life forms.
      What we observe lately, in the workings of human political economy, is the promise to engage symbiotically, while the fungal network actually completely digests the smaller trees and bushes in  the forest. This can be good for the fungal network, until it is catastrophic.
      We are “shrubberies” in this model, maybe toadstools.
      We are not so connected by pheromones as ants, bees and wasps are, but are we connected through a neural network of mind? Are we bioreceivers with smartphone minds? Just askin’
    Ever know something and act upon it, then realize you had no particular way to know it? Maybe not.
    Ever know something before it happened? “Deja vu”; is it just a feeling, always?
      Bear with me, if you would, in considering how things might play out if living systems work in coordination to advance the complexity and abundance of contributing life forms over the long term.
      We are a species that coordinates actions in space and time, through symbolic modeling and communication, even across centuries. We are highly social, highly cooperative. We are currently the ultimate apex predator, shaping all of the global ecosystems, and knitting them together.
      Yeah, and currently sterilizing them through fire and fossil fuels, mined minerals, and fossil water.
    This is a passing phase. We can model that. We see that the models all say that we can pull up coal, oil, natural gas, water and ores until the fuels run too low the keep the complex mining economy intact and operational. Then that will stop, and it will be hard to do it at all, because we got all of the easy stuff first, and the machines to get the deeper, lower quality stuff, are now broken.
      What if that’s not “bad”? Might this serve the complexity of planetary living systems? We are brining up carbon and water to the surface, where life thrives. Life needs carbon and water. There was no other particular way that stuff was going to get into living ecosystems. We might do as much of that job as we can ever do pretty soon, since we’ve built up such vast machinery at this point.
      Maybe this is that old argument that, “we live in the best of all possible worlds”.
      Do we have any agency? I feel like I have agency, but I feel differently about it than “I” did 30 years ago, and that was different from 40 years ago, and so on. I feel a tremendously broader agency and responsibility to and stewardship towards planetary life than I did before. I sure felt responsible to nurture and protect my kids, but that is now very broadly generalized. It’s not diffused, but broadly generalized. Solving problems at each level of life-organization is wickedly booting me up to broader responsibility, which I never sought. I wanted local solutions, weather the storm in a lifeboat, but I kept getting whacked by the broader picture, the inter-relatedness of it all.
      i didn’t mean to sign up for this, but here i seem to be, growing 3 vegetable gardens, expanding every winter, testing and treating people for what sickens their bodies and minds, riding a bike, being a husband, father and grandfather, caring, asking for guidance…
      So, I ask, “What is the body-politic?”
      One of the first things we learn when studying our minds is that there are all these secret decision and perception pathways, that actually make us want stuff and do stuff, and the/wey are not what we thought, “friends” and “enemies”. Those are archetypes, a secret pattern language in our brains and bodies.
      Carl Jung got to this point of inherent human neural patterns, to which we fit our lives and experiences, and the broad similarity of these patterns in human organisms. He saw the implied resonances of common worldview, common experiences, cooperative benefits for survival, and the variability within those patterns.
      We have come to the apogee of species success. Here we stand, ready to make ourselves extinct all at once, through this vast miracle of cooperative endeavor. We are aided, this time, by the windfall inheritance of vast fossil fuel energy. Is this completely different? We have, as smaller groups (though still vast, sometimes) faced this impasse of final success before, again and again, sometimes surviving to rebuild.
      Do we have any species failsafes? Can we postulate something on the fly, which might already exist, to save us from our ultimate success?
      I ask a pretty feeble question. It’s the question I inherently face. So do we all. I am my own probe into the nature of reality, and this will probably go better if there is a mycelium of benevolent living consciousness to direct me to beneficial roles I might play for the whole super-organism.
      I am stuck with the assumption that any such broad consciousness, into which I may integrate somewhat, and from which I may take guidance, has been around so long that it intends to keep being around.
      That’s as far as postulates seem to take me. What does that mean for our current moment in politics, if anything? What should we best do today?
      How should we cooperate for the common good, when most of the channels of communication and control seem to be controlled by a parasitic class, which forms an amplified microcosm of the very same questions I ask myself in your presence today?

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    John Day

    Right On, Oxymoron!
    Really doing the work and comprehending the processes of complex living systems, a Steward of Life…grove
    Later this morning I’ll tack on a photo of my late-middle-aged body broadforking the clay soil for the banana grove, towards which end V. Arnold has given helpful advice (Nem Wa cooking bananas; Lady Finger bananas)
    Another good rant , Dr.D., but is there another layer of life-organization at work, like those mycorrhizal networks? It’s an important systems analysis question.

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    John Day

    Thanks V.. Arnold.
    I caught up on everybody else’s thoughts and comments, too.
    My current thesis is that Pelosi is negotiating, not just aa something-trillion COVID package, but an actual transition of power to executive-Trump.
    The US and the Western-Empire are in desperate need of an actual executive, and there are just no other candidates than Trump. They could not beat him, and I think they are negotiating to join him, “strange bedfellows” style. What kind of deals can the Clintons and idiot-son Bush heirs get?
    I willargue that there must be actual, public demotion, loss of face and loss of property, at the very minimum, in Bush and Clinton families, as well as a lot of deep state hatchet-men, or the restof the world will not believe Trump has come into power.
    We’ll see, of course, and soon.

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    John Day

    Since this is working , now, I patched on #4 from Caitlin in Oz.

    What the Great Reset Architects Don’t Want You To Understand About Economics​, Matthew Ehret
    ​ ​The fact of the oncoming collapse itself should not be a surprise- especially when one is reminded of the $1.5 quadrillion of derivatives which has taken over a world economy which generates a mere $80 trillion/year in measurable goods and trade. These nebulous bets on insurance on bets on collateralized debts known as derivatives didn’t even exist a few decades ago, and the fact is that no matter what the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank have attempted to do to stop a new rupture of this overextended casino bubble of an economy in recent months, nothing has worked. Zero to negative percent interest rates haven’t worked, opening overnight repo loans of $100 billion/night to failing banks hasn’t worked- nor has $4.5 trillion of bailout unleashed since March 2020. No matter what these financial wizards try to do, things just keep getting worse. Rather than acknowledge what is actually happening, scapegoats have been selected to shift the blame away from reality to the point that the current crisis is actually being blamed on the Coronavirus! ​…
    ​ When Alan Greenspan confronted the financial crisis of October1987, markets had collapsed by 28.5% and the American economy was already suffering from a decay begun 16 years earlier when the dollar was removed from the fixed exchange rate and was “floated” into a world of speculation.
    ​ ​[American spending in Vietnam caused a hemorrhage of g​ol​d out of the country and forced Nixon to default on ​the gold backed dollar​.]
    This departure from the 1938-1971 Industrial growth model ushered in a new paradigm of “post-industrialism” (aka: nation stripping) under the new logic of “globalization”. This foolish decision was celebrated as the consumer-driven, “white collar society” which would no longer worry about “intangible things” like “the future”, infrastructure maintenance, or “growth”. Under this new paradigm, if something couldn’t generate a monetary profit within 3 years, it wasn’t worth doing.
    ​ ​Paul Volcker (Greenspan’s predecessor at the Federal Reserve) exemplified this detachment from reality when he called for the “controlled disintegration of society” in 1977, and acted accordingly by keeping interest rates above 20% for two years which destroyed small and medium agro-industrial enterprises across America (and the world). Greenspan confronted the 1987 crisis with all the gusto of a black magician, and rather than re-connect the economy to physical reality and rebuild the decaying industrial base, he chose instead to normalize “creative financial instruments” in the form of derivatives (aka: “creative financial instruments”), which quickly grew from several billion in 1988 to $2 trillion in 1992 to $70 trillion in 1999.​..
    ​ An obvious first step to this recovery involves restoring Glass-Steagall in order to 1) break up the Too Big to Fail banks and 2) impose a standard of judging “false” value from “legitimate” value which is currently absent from the modern psycho that lost all sense of needs vs wants. This would allow nations to re-create a purge of the unpayable fictitious debt and other claims from the system while preserving whatever is tied to the real economy (whatever is directly connected to life). This process is sort of akin to cutting a cancer.
    ​ ​This act would look very similar to what Franklin Roosevelt did in 1933 which I outlined in my recent paper Hyperinflation, Fascism and War: How the New World Order May be Defeated Once More.
    ​ ​At this point nation states will have re-asserted their true authority over the pirates of private finance controlling the Trans-Atlantic financial system like would-be gods of Olympus (unbounded perverted vices and all).
    ​ ​It should be obvious to all that the United States must get its head out of its proverbial ass before it is too late by imposing these reforms onto the murderous sociopaths on Wall Street and London who would rather promote a “Great Reset” onto the world economy under the fog of COVD in order to control the terms of the blowout and also the rules of the new post-nation state operating system which they wish to see brought online as a (final) “solution”.

    What the Great Reset Architects Don’t Want You To Understand About Economics

    ​From Sister Caitlin, in Oz, by way of Marjorie:
    ​ The real debate in US politics is not between the two mainstream factions which agree with one another on virtually everything that matters to every extent that matters. The real debate is those two factions together against those who understand that the entire American status quo needs to be flushed down the toilet.
    The real political debate in America is between (A) those who understand that the US empire is the single most destructive force on this planet and is corrupt from root to flower, and (B) those who subscribe to mainstream partisan narratives which by design support the US empire.

    US Politics Isn’t ‘Polarized’; It’s In Almost Universal Agreement

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    John Day

    It’s all there on the blog. Fist 3 stories are the story:

    Those who understand that this ‘reset’ is not a reset but rather a whole new proposal on the entire organization of society, but being done through oligarchical methods and without the sort of mandate required in a society governed by laws and not men, are – as we have said – reluctant to admit that a great change is indeed necessary.
    Rather, we must understand that the underlying catastrophic economic mechanisms which are forcing this great change exist independently of the coronavirus, and exist independently of the particular changes which the oligarchs promoting their version of a ‘reset’ (read: new proposals) would like to see.
    You see, the people and the oligarchs are locked into a single system together. In the long-term, it seems as if the oligarchs are looking for solutions to change that fact, and effect a final solution that grants them an entirely break-away civilization. But at this moment, that is not the case. Yet this system cannot carry forward as it has been, and the Coronavirus presents a reason at once both mysterious in its timing and also profound in its implications, to push forward a new proposal.
    We believe that technology is quickly arriving at a point where the vast majority of human beings will be considered redundant. If the technocracy wants to create a walled civilization, and leave the rest of humanity to manage their own lives along some agrarian, mediaeval mode of production, there may indeed be benefits to those who live along agrarian lines. But based in what we know about psychopathy, and the tendency of that among those who govern, such an amicable solution is likely not in the cards.
    That is why the anti-lockdown protests are so critically important to endorse. This is precisely because the lockdown measures are used to ban mass public demonstrations, a critical part of pushing public policy in the direction of the interests of the general public. A whole part of the left has been compromised, and rolled out to fight imaginary fascists, by which they mean anyone with conventional social views which predate May of 1968. All the while the actual plutocrats unleash a new system of oligarchical control which, for most, has not been hitherto contemplated except by relatively obscure political scientists, futurists, and science fiction authors.

    Whose Great Reset? The Fight for Our Future – Technocracy vs. the Republic

    ​Robert F. Kennedy Jr, International Message for Freedom and Hope. Watch the first 20 seconds, please, and get a nice mug of good coffee, because you will have decided to watch the rest. .
    This is the time to speak freely, no matter what, and to gather against totalitarianism.​
    This is what that first essay is about. I realized it in 20 seconds.
    This is the most important speech I have heard in decades. Thanks Cat.

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    John Day

    The internet doesn’t want me to post what I need to post, that we all need to see.
    I’ll try breaking it into 3 little bites, but it’s the content that is clearly the problematic issue…

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    John Day

    The picture of “10% for the big guy” sign looked like El Paso to me. I googled “Trek bike shop, Interstate highway 10”. There are 2 in El Paso and one in Las Cruces that it might be. I wasted about a dozen minutes trying to get google maps street view to give me clear confirmation. There’s one in Phoenix, too, but less gravel lying around in Phoenix.

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    John Day

    Good context, Geppetto.

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    John Day

    Yeah, Charles is always right-on. He called this reset in early February, as I recall.

    The problem is everything in America is now staged with an eye on selling you something. Maybe it’s just selling your attention to an advertiser or data-mining outfit. Maybe it’s selling an ersatz slogan like “we’re all in this together” to placate the herd being led to slaughter.

    Maybe it’s phony membership in a movement that masks the few taking advantage of the many with a bogus ideological rallying cry. Maybe it’s a so-called “panel of experts” offering up soothing assurances that this highly addictive opioid is incredibly profitable– oops, did I say that? I meant “safe.” It’s incredibly safe.

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    John Day
    It can be really hard to know what is actually important in life. We get bombarded with advertising, which is made by experts in human psychology, and we feel like things they show us are important. We talk to other people, and they feel like it’s important, but we might not agree on whether it’s good or bad, because it might look good or bad for us, but different for them.
    Also, some things are so big and vast, that it is hard to comprehend what the implications are for us, and hard to see what role we might even play. We’re just swept along, like everybody else. Global warming, 9/11 and the Kennedy assassinations can be like that.
    Peak oil? Did it happen already? What’re you calling “oil”, anyway?
    What about well-water. T. Boone Pickens called water “the new oil”. What did he mean?
    Is it against God to say that exponential growth on a finite planet is ending because of math? Which god?
    Could you live a good life without electricity and running water? How much of your own food have you tried growing? How does it make you feel to grow your food? Do other animals take it before it’s ready?
    If you died today would you be satisfied.
    Yeah, I know. I’m looking at the US Presidential Election circus, too.
    We all feel frozen in anticipation.
    Whatever I can do is my own damned responsibility to do, whatever group of overlords owns my body in January.
    I own my life.

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    John Day

    This looks important going forward, and consider the author:

    The Two Undersides to Geo-Politics

    Mark Warner, Democratic Vice-Chair of the U.S. Senate intelligence committee, sees the threat from China in stark terms: Beijing intends to control the next generation of digital infrastructure, he says, and, as it does so, to impose principles ‘that are antithetical to U.S. values’. “Over the last 10 to 15 years, [the U.S.] leadership role has eroded and our leverage to establish standards and protocols reflecting our values has diminished,” Warner laments: “As a result others, but mostly China, have stepped into the void to advance standards and values that advantage the Chinese Communist party”.

    All signs point to China wielding more influence over global technological standards. Yet equally certain is that the backlash from Washington is building. Should the U.S. become more confrontational, it could lead China to accelerate a move towards parallel alternatives. This could ultimately result in a bifurcated arena on industrial standards.

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    John Day

    There are a lot of eyes in that Picasso self portrait, and a tongue that looks like it won’t work.
    I’m not saying Pablo made a mistake anywhere, including dropping acid. It’s like everybody knew the Beatles had dropped acid when they came out with Revolver.

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    John Day
    I think that the overlord class is now forced into some fevered negotiations regarding the transfer of power in the US. They should really be negotiating now, because it has been effective gridlock for almost 4 years, and it was not working right even before that.
    No group currently has decisive power in the US, so the US cannot act decisively, as it degrades further and further. There has been a deep state holding action, aligned with most Democrats and the Bush/Romney Republicans, denying executive power to the elected weirdo-in-chief. Trump has had the bully pulpit and has used it dramatically.
    Trump has shown himself to be an adequately weird match for these weird times.

    A lot of people have not accepted the inevitability of weird times yet. The elites know, though.
    Current flows of wealth into the US are from outside. The US produces expensive weapons, food, upper-tier electronics production machinery, airplanes and oil and gas. Manufacturing of commodities is offshored, except mattresses, refrigerators and washing machines, which are big, bulky and expensive to ship overseas.

    Wealth comes to North America for dollars, the global reserve currency. A digital central bank currency is being openly developed, and central banks across the world have secured national gold, both some at home, and some in financial centers, for practical reasons in a reset. The rest of the world is tired of having wealth extracted by the reserve currency. The Saudis got “protection” for the deal to only sell oil in $US. They still get that. Is that enough to support a reserve currency these days?
    The US military supports the dollar by destroying countries that sell their oil in other currencies, like Iraq and Libya. The US military is just a bit behind in destroying Iran and Venezuela. It sure is making life hard in those countries, but they are not yet destroyed. Iran seems fairly indestructible lately.

    Poppy Bush is dead, and the CIA was his team. He reorganized it after the Church hearings, did the secret deal with Iran (in Paris) to assure that Iran would not send the hostages home to President Carter, who was concurrently secretly negotiating with Iran. Bush got into the White House with Reagan, and ran the Iran Contra drugs for arms for military parts to Iran for hostages deal. Bill Clinton provided the landing site in Arkansas for the CIA planes full of coke. Bill became a team-player.
    There is a lack of deep state executive power right now. Cheney is still important, but he has an external cardiac assist pump, and he is not a family member like Poppy was, just a retainer.
    Dubya and Jeb are not up to the job, are they?

    The empire needs to negotiate a step-down to a multipolar world.
    China, Russia and Iran are waiting patiently as the strategic situation shifts ever more in their favor. Israel will have to deal with Russia and China, and give up on totally destroying Iran.
    Asia still needs the US as a counterbalance to China. Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, India and Indonesia all benefit from the limits the US places on Chinese power. Paying some tribute to the US to keep from paying a ot more to China is a good investment for them.
    There is a good case for a multipolar world, where the great powers are in dynamic balance, and great wars are avoided. The US needs an executive to function in that dynamic, and it has no executive, just a Mexican standoff, where numerous parties have their fingers on triggers to kill other parties, so gridlock.

    Hunter Biden’s laptop has kiddie porn, they say. It has kiddie porn starring Hunter Biden on drugs, they say. The FBI’s top kiddie-porn investigator signed for Hunter’s laptop. That’s confirmed.
    “In an interview this evening with Newsmax TV, former NYC Mayor and current attorney to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani announces he has turned over Hunter Biden’s laptop hard-drive to Delaware State Police due to pictures of underage girls and inappropriate text messages.”

    Tomorrow is the last presidential debate, and Donald Trump can either feed Joe Biden into the wood-chipper, or hold him there head first, gazing into it.
    Joe is not a player in this game. Joe is a piece being played. Joe is unelectable. He’s off the board.
    Donald is a player in US electoral politics, set to win the presidency again, and he’s the only clear player to be empowered to play for the empire, on the world stage, at this point.
    Trump’s role will be to negotiate the multipolar world order.
    Nationalism and specific alliances of interests have outmaneuvered the “New World Order” that Poppy Bush spoke so glowingly of. We just can’t afford to be consumed by that big, sloppy blob.

    For the moment, Giuliani is playing all the chips from Hunter Biden’s laptop with relish. Murdoch is publishing the sleaze and dirt, so the media stonewall is broken.
    Facebook and Twitter are still ruled by one man each, who can make decisions, negotiate, and command critical changes, which will be duly carried out.
    Google is being sued, and the direction the wind is blowing is to remove the power concentrated in big tech founders. Who gets it next?

    People Need to Reclaim the Internet

    Other than Giuliani, who is advancing as a knight, and Murdoch, protecting his moves, Nancy Pelosi is a player, capable of negotiations, who we can watch. If Nancy is not attacking, she is negotiating terms of surrender, for at least some parties, like the Clintons and Podestas. Obama is playing, but he’s invisible. He may be in charge of the comeback of the Democratic Party, or at least a defensive line of damage control. Representing Poppy Bush’s Deep State interests, I nominate Bill Barr as the piece to keep your eyes on. He got on with Poppy when he was still in high school and rose all the way through the CIA’s ranks as it became whatever it is today. He knows who is who, and where the bodies are buried. If he brings indictments out against mid to upper mid-level deep state players, after the debate, but before the election, that will be writing on the wall for the deep state, that a change of command is taking place, and they should fall in line appropriately.

    This is moving fast. If I am wrong we will know within 2 weeks. If I am right, it will unfold on this timeline, which is the timeline of the elections. If I am right, then the US may start rebuilding before the collapse is at it’s depths. That would be a lot better, nd we could avoid civil war.

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    John Day

    Looks like Picasso dropped some bad acid in 1972…

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    John Day


    Crime-Families rule us.
    Biden is important because of connections to Bush-Clinton deep-state dynamic-duo of crime, who did Iran-Contra together, and have been blood-bonded ever since.
    That’s the real government: Bush-Clinton-Cabal.

    IMHO, of course.


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    John Day
    Treason in America: An Overview of the FBI, CIA and Matters of ‘National Security’ , Cynthia Chung
    ​ ​Thus, during our time of great upheaval we should ask ourselves; what constitutes the persisting “ruling system,” of the United States, and where do the injustices in its state of affairs truly originate from? ​…
    ​ A system that, though it believes itself to be fighting tooth and nail for its very survival, is only digging a deeper grave. A system that is incapable of generating any real solutions to the problems it faces.
    ​ ​The only way out of this is to address that very fact. The most important issue that will decide the fate of the country is what sort of changes are going to occur in the political and intelligence apparatus, such that a continuation of this tyrannical treason is finally stopped in its tracks and unable to sow further discord and chaos.​..
    ​ When the matter of truth is depicted as a possible threat to those that govern a country, you no longer have a democratic state. True, not everything can be disclosed to the public in real time, but we are sitting on a mountain of classified intelligence material that goes back more than 60 years.​..
    ​ ​If the American people really want to finally see who is standing behind that curtain in Oz, now is the time.​..
    The truth must finally be brought to light, or the country will rot from its head to tail.

    Treason in America: An Overview of the FBI, CIA and Matters of ‘National Security’

    There is going to be a debate between Biden and Trump Thursday. “Biden-crime-family” bribes come under “foreign policy”, it seems.
    Trump Adviser Says Debate Commission May ‘Shut Mic Off’ As Foreign Policy Suddenly Dropped From Topics
    ​ ​Meanwhile, in the wake of the Hunter Biden laptop revelations – and in what we’re sure is a coincidence, the Debate Commission has decided to ditch foreign policy as a topic for Thursday’s face-off.
    ​ ​According to Miller, the Debate Commission “changed focus of final debate away from foreign policy so Joe Biden wouldn’t have to answer to being compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, supporting endless wars and sending pallets of cash to Iran.”
    Speaking to Maria Bartiromo on Fox News on Monday morning, Jason Miller added: “If the moderator doesn’t bring [Hunter Biden’s e-mails] up, I think you’re safe to assume that the President will.”

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    John Day
    I’ll encapsulate some updates on COVID-19:
    First, my own observation is that COVID cases seem to be the inverse of naturally-acquired vitamin-D levels in humans.
    The confirmed cases are rising again as we proceed further into fall, aas are hospitalizations, but not yet deaths.
    Take 5000 units per day of cheap vitamin D3, which is what’s for sale. Take 10,000 units per day for the first 2 months, or if you get sick.
    Vitamin-D is the only treatment agent that is effective at all phases of infection:
    It reduces infections:

    It reduces the severity of infections.
    It reduces measured nasopharyngeal viral load. (Marik, below)
    It increases survival when started at hospitalization, and reduces ICU admissions:
    It protects the blood vessel lining (endothelium). It reduces the clotting cascade.
    It is critical to normal immune system function, with a virus that blunts immune response early, and induces fatal cytokine-storm later.

    The bulk of evidence for antivirals is shifting to Ivermectin, which is generally dosed with zinc and doxycycline in Dr Borody’s protocol, and is having good success in India and Bangladesh.
    Antivirals are most helpful early, when viral replication matters, to avoid high peak viral load. High viral load increases spread, and likely peaks just before symptoms start, or as they are starting, so jump on Ivermectin ASAP.

    Ivermectin is a broad-spectrum antiviral, potentially inhibiting 52 SARS-CoV-2 viral related proteins. It might be synergistic with hydroxychloroquine, as stated in the conclusion of the article. (Zinc stands on its own and is helped into cells by HcQ and quercetin.)

    Paul Marik MD gives this very useful lecture and update on all of the above points and much more.
    He strongly advocates for treating the cytokine storm with steroids, since that is the critical battlefield for life and death struggles currently. It does not need to be the battlefield. We would do better to take vitamin-D and treat symptoms quickly with ivermectin, zinc, doxycycline, then steroids and vitamin-C as they progress to widespread inflammation. Thanks Marjorie,

    Marik also makes the point that face masks reduce viral inoculum, the amount of virus that hits the upper respiratory tract, and is the initial starting point for the multiplication cycles that lead to peak viral load. They reduce the outgoing number of virions, and somewhat reduce the incoming, and if everybody is masked, the viral cloud of contagion in a closed room will be less, limiting super-spreader events. Both number of infected in such a room and severity of infection will be less. It’s a probability cloud for contagion taking root in noses, like the position of an electron in and orbit around an atomic nucleus.

    This paper, also from NP Marjorie, details the mechanisms of immune system deactivation early, then catastrophic immune system overreaction late, aka “cytokine storm”. It somehow says nothing at all about vitamin-D, but does mention multiple points of activity for ivermectin in thwarting viral processes. It mentions famotidine/Pepcid, which is used at the high dose of 80 mg 3 times per day, has low side effects, and is part of the mix that President Trump got. The way Trump got treated makes perfect scientific sense, by the way.

    Remdesivir does not work. Wall Street’s drug does not help humans infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the largest clinical trial, after some fakery in a prior trial made it look like it might help a few people get out of the hospital sooner, without saving lives.

    in reply to: FBI = Disinformation #64593

    John Day

    Thanks Dr D. You have hit on one of my sincere hopes, which is that the bush-crime-family will be uprooted. It is pivotal, and when Poppy Bush died, a lot of obligations to Poppy died with him.
    The Bush crimes go back to the Chinese Opium Wars, and never changed business models much. Poppy was in Dallas when JFK was assassinated, and always said that he “couldn’t recall” where he was that day. He was doing the family business, just like his idiot son was doing, as he read “My Pet Goat” as an alibi, while Dick CHeney ran the war room on 9/11/01.
    The war was on us first, then oil and gas countries with brown Muslims second.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 15 2020 #64455

    John Day

    The Delaware computer repair shop owner who turned over the Apple Macbook Pro containing Hunter Biden’s emails, photos and (according to Rudy Giuliani) a sex tape featuring Hunter Biden and another woman has come out to the public in an interview with Fox News.
    John Paul Mac Isaac told Fox News that he is legally blind, and therefore he “can’t be 100% sure” that the individual who dropped off the laptop was Hunter Biden. But when he was backing up the hard drive, he stumbled upon “disturbing” images, including “pornography”, that freaked him out. Apparently, although Isaac’s blindness prevented him from positively ID-ing Hunter Biden, it didn’t stop him from viewing the contents of the hard drive.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 15 2020 #64453

    John Day

    Today’s blog post is mostly what’s on TAE, except for a few good stories and a picture of me planting in the “smaller half” of the vegetable garden I grow at the clinic. It’s now turned over for Fall/Winter except for the mulching…

    Somebody drops an Apple laptop off at a computer place for repair, waterlogged, with a Beau Biden Foundation sticker on it. It gets fixed, but it’s been forgotten. The shop owner eventually claims it, and looks at the hard drive before wiping it for resale.
    He’s struck by the porn of Hunter Biden doing crack with a prostitute, but looks at the emails, too. He gets scared for his well being, calls the FBI, and gives up the laptop to them. He waits, and waits and waits…
    Nothing. He calls around to see what happened. No reply.
    Eventually he gets his copy of the hard drive to Rudy Giullianni, who really does want it, and eventually turns it over to the New York Post, who actually publishes the story and sends it out on Twitter, except Twitter censors it.
    Twitter then tries to explain itself while still censoring the story.
    Joe and Donald Show will not go on tonight, but Joe and Donald each get a show of their own.
    This Hunter-Biden-Self-Roadkill story will feature on Donald’s show, but maybe not Joe’s show.
    Remember, YOU are “what’s for dinner” in this production of perceived-reality.
    A lot of this content today comes from Ilargi at The Automatic Earth

    Debt Rattle October 15 2020

    The US has failed to get QUAD partners: Australia, Japan and India to fight China at their own expense, so looks to NATO and Europe:
    The U.S. also tried to incite its European NATO allies to take a stand against China:
    ​ ​NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned Saturday that China’s increasing influence had created a “fundamental shift in the global balance of power” that should not be overlooked.
    ​ ​In an interview with Germany’s Welt am Sonntag newspaper, that was released in advance, the Norwegian official said that Beijing had the second-largest defense budget in the world after the United States, and was investing heavily in nuclear weapons and long-range missiles that could reach Europe.
    ​ ​”One thing is clear: China is coming ever closer to Europe’s doorstep,” he said. “NATO allies must face this challenge together.”
    ​ ​That initiative will sink in Europe just as fast as the Quad initiative has sunk in Asia and for the very same reasons. China is not an ideological or military danger to Europe. It is an economic behemoth and relation with it need to be carefully handled. They require respect and talks and not saber rattling.
    ​ ​China has overtaken the U.S. as the EU’s biggest trading partner:
    ​ ​In the first seven months of 2020, China surpassed the United States to become the biggest trading partner of the European Union (EU), said Eurostat, the EU’s statistics organisation.
    …​ ​The EU’s imports from China increased by 4.9 per cent year-on-year in the January-July period, noted Eurostat.
    According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, the largest economy in the EU, China, Germany’s biggest trading partner since 2016, surpassed the United States for the first time in the second quarter of this year to become Germany’s largest export market, and Germany’s exports to China in July have rebounded almost to last year’s level.
    ​ ​It is time for the U.S. to look into a mirror and to awake to reality. It is highly indebted country with a way too expensive but ineffective military. Over the last decades its economic role in the world has continuously declined. The constant militant positions and ‘do as we say’ attitude has alienated its allies. Without allies the U.S. has no chance to defeat China in any potential conflict.
    ​ ​What the U.S. still could do is to honestly compete with China. But that would require humility, a strong industrial policy and a well paid and competitive work force.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 15 2020 #64450

    John Day

    Elite factions are in a power struggle. Our consent is still useful to them.
    There is a struggle for our perceptions underway.
    Pay attention!
    Serve no master but honesty and decency, please.

    Hunter Biden Killed by Self-Driving Tesla, left in road…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 14 2020 #64448

    John Day

    @boogaloo: Thank You. Well comported, sir.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 14 2020 #64414

    John Day

    @oxymoron: There are different, potentially valid approaches to studying anything. The mind is kind of squirmy, and hard to study, as you may have notices. Jesus, Buddha, Freud, Jung, Skinner, Pavlov; there’s lots of room to study whatever you call “mind”.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 14 2020 #64405

    John Day

    Thanks Susmarie108
    I am not doing “enough”. I’m just doing all that I can do.
    I’m getting a vanity-rush. uh, where do you live?
    Just joking! (gasp)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 14 2020 #64402

    John Day
    Includes pic of blogger with bike and Mao t-shirt, starting his day yesterday.

    How We Institutionalized Incompetence​, Charles Hugh Smith​
    And so we face the ultimate irony: ‘bailing-out-everything’ destroys the entire rotten system.
    ​ ​You’ve probably noticed things no longer work as well as they once did. For example, the store’s online inventory says something is in stock and when you get to the store, it’s not on the shelf. A small issue, but telling nonetheless.
    ​ ​Or you might call a local government agency to get an explanation of how a new fee is calculated, and nobody’s ever available to explain it–or sort out your punitive late fee even though you paid on time.
    ​ ​You’ve probably noticed services cost a lot more now, but the quality has eroded. Sure, it’s easy to blame it all on the pandemic, but quality has been eroding as costs have risen for years.

    Will Confucius marry Marx?​ Pepe Escobar
    ​ ​Chinese scholar Lanxin Xiang has written a book , The Quest For Legitimacy In Chinese Politics, that is arguably the most extraordinary effort in decades trying to bridge the East-West politico-historical divide…
    ​ ​He identifies two key sources for the Chinese problem: “On the one hand, there is the project of cultural restoration through which Chinese leader Xi Jinping attempts to restore ‘Confucian legitimacy’ or the traditional ‘Mandate of Heaven’; on the other hand, Xi refuses to start any political reforms, because it is his top priority to preserve the existing political system, i.e., a ruling system derived mainly from an alien source, Bolshevik Russia.” ​ ​ Ay, there’s the rub: “The two objectives are totally incompatible”. ​…​
    ​ ​Essentially, the Mandate of Heaven is “an ancient Chinese belief that tian [ heaven, but not the Christian heaven, complete with an omniscient God] grants the emperor the right to rule based on their moral quality and ability to govern well and fairly.”

    Will Confucius marry Marx?

    It is interesting to observe how for example the main version from Turkish and Azerbaijani sources about the Turkish F-16 jets switched from public denial of their presence to claims that they are not involved directly in the conflict and are just needed to deter Armenian aggression. Reports from the ground and the diplomatic posture of the sides indicate that Azerbaijan, supported by Turkey, is preparing a new military push against Armenian forces in the Nagorno-Karabakh region to consolidate and expand its initial gains before the winter.

    Turkey Threatens Armenia With Direct Military Intervention In Karabakh War

    ​Thanks Marjorie for the Ivermectin/zinc/doxycycline for COVID update:
    ​ Goa’s Chief Minister Pramod Sawant alongside State Health Minister Vishwajit Rane launched the ‘Home Isolation Kit’ to combat COVID-19. Apparently, the Indian state was influenced by Australia’s Dr. Thomas Borody and his combination treatment involving ivermectin and doxycycline (and zinc) targeting SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID. Dr. Tarek Alam at the Bangladesh Medical College has also demonstrated the efficacy of the treatment in a hospital-approved case series study and is now conducting a randomized controlled study in that country. Back to beautiful southwestern India in Goa, calling it a “game-changer,” the Health Minister of this small Indian state is targeting the complete eradication of the virus in a people-centric home-based program.

    Goa Game Changer: Indian State’s Health Authority Approves & Distributes Ivermectin & Doxycycline to Treat COVID-19 as Prophylaxis

    ​ ​Through constant vigilance and some good fortune, astronomers have managed to capture the moment a supermassive black hole in a galaxy 215 million light-years away tore a star apart.
    The so-called ‘tidal disruption event’ (TDE) is the closest such death of a star humanity has ever witnessed.
    ​ ​Astronomers were alerted by the intense flash of light, visible hundreds of millions of light years away, just before parts of the star disappeared into the black hole’s event horizon after being ‘spaghettified’ by the immense gravity.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 14 2020 #64400

    John Day

    @ Susmarie108: You assume I am doing less than all-I-can-do, Sister.
    I beg to differ. I reach out to candidates as much as I can, lots of people do:
    I bike commute, serve humans as a public health doctor and grow vegetables at the clinic for my coworkers, and especially for their minds. I grow other gardens. I experiment agriculturally. I practice compassion meditation. I, like you, will soon cease to exist, such as we are.
    Do your best today. Sleep. Repeat.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 14 2020 #64389

    John Day

    @generic et al: I voted for Tulsi Gabbard for President about 5:50 yesterday afternoon, after standing in a long snaking line in the shade for a little over an hour and a half. Why did I do that? There were 2 places to vote early on my hour bike ride home, and the first one had long snaking lines through a sunny parking lot, so I rode to the second one, with the shade of oak trees.
    Otherwise, my reasoning is similar to yours.
    I am now done with that. I suspect a lot of the other people in line wanted to be done with that.
    I wore my Chairman Mao t-shirt from China. I saw an Ozzie for President T-shirt, and a pretty good Grateful Dead t-shirt with a skeletal Uncle Sam riding a chopper. Everybody was pleasant and polite.
    At least 2/3 of the machines had nobody voting. The bottleneck was at the ID and sign-in stations, just 2 of them. The elderly black lady who told everybody in line how to do it from time to time was the more efficient. Nobody knew how to do a write-in when I asked, but they found out, and told me, and it was easy. I had not done it before. I was going to write-in Cynthia McKinney for VP, but it would still have been the same vote on the same line, my protest-vote.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 9 2020 #64258

    John Day

    Auntie Grandma is doing fine on her pre-emptive ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline for the positive screening test that booted her from the surgical hospital last weekend. She said she had no symptoms last night, and no side effects.
    Gotta bike off to work. The sun will rise along the way.
    No cold rain here.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 8 2020 #64230

    John Day
    Moon of Alabama figures Trump was sicker than announced, risked a lot to get better fast, “is not out of the woods yet”, but has put everything on the line to win the upcoming election. (I get to early-vote for Tulsi Gabbard next Tuesday, here in Texas.)
    ​ But Trump wanted to be back in the White House. He calculated that he needs to show that the virus can be beaten.
    He has no other chance to win the election. The people rightly believe that he screwed up the U.S. response to the pandemic. Even older voters who voted for Trump in 2016 are now saying that will vote against him:
    In a recent Washington Post-ABC poll, 52 percent of likely voters over 65 supported Biden, compared with 47 percent for President Trump. Four years ago, Trump won those voters over Hillary Clinton.
    Trump was warned of this early on. As Tomas Pueyo wrote back in April:
    The older you are, the more likely you are to both vote Republican and die from the coronavirus. Voters aged 80+ are 80 times more likely to die from the coronavirus than those under 40 (16% fatality rate vs. ~0.2%).
    This effect is strong enough that people who voted for Trump in the 2016 election are around 30% more likely to die from the coronavirus than Democrats. In some swing states from the 2016 election, such as Pennsylvania, if the coronavirus were to run wild, this effect alone could have wiped out up to 30% of the gap between Republicans and Democrats in the 2016 election.
    Trump can no longer convince the voters, especially the older ones, that he did everything to protect them from the virus. What he probably still can do is to convince them that it does not matter because the virus can be beaten.
    To do that Trump had to make himself the showcase.
    I do not want to suggest that Trump intentionally infected himself. But he did pretty much everything one should not do if one wants to prevent that.
    Trump is relatively old, he has additional risk factors and despite that he now can say that he has beaten the virus. Should nothing further happen to him there is no way that anyone can doubt that.
    His real message in this White House video is: “I have beaten it. You can beat it. The virus does not really matter. Just carry on.”

    ​I have maintained, based upon genomic sequencing information, and natural mutation rates and patterns, compared to cutting and splicing in a lab, that SARS-CoV-2 was created in a lab or labs, to hit targeted human hosts harder, and in a variety of ways. That’s what we see it to do.​ It attacks the lining of the blood vessels. That’s a completely new functionality. It evades the immune system with at least one of the tricks HIV uses. It shares some critical sequence homologies with HIV, the most researched virus ever. It has the “fingerprints” of gene splicing, the little patch sequences needed to integrate a segment into a genome after cutting out another segment.
    It is important to keep in mind that this Chinese scientist is now in US hands, beholden to the US. She has evidence that China was working on this weaponized virus, but, as we know from other sources, so were the US and Canada. A lot of the research got shared around pretty freely among the 3. Even funding got shared. It got out. I think the first leak was accidental, myself, but then it needed to be targeted quickly before it lost all usefulness as a weapon and instrument of national policy. It sure got around the world by November 2019, based on sewage analysis.
    ​ ​Li-Meng Yan, A Chinese virologist (MD, PhD) who worked in a WHO reference lab and fled her position at the University of Hong Kong, has published a second co-authored report, alleging that SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, was not only created in a Wuhan lab, it’s an “unrestricted bioweapon” which was intentionally released.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 8 2020 #64224

    John Day

    RAIN, then? That will drive you indoors. Cold rain outside.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 8 2020 #64219

    John Day

    Hey, Ilargi.
    Does it cool off and get darker in Amsterdam in September? The graph looks like people quite sunbathing and started hanging out in bars.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 7 2020 #64200

    John Day

    Sorry, that was the wrong link. This is the link to the right article about squalene adjuvants causing autoimmune disease, Gulf War Syndrome, as an example. We have squalene in our own bodies, in small amounts, in some cell membranes, for instance. When our immune systems are activated against squalene, it harms the cells in us that have it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 7 2020 #64196

    John Day

    Squalene adjuvant makes a rapid vaccine response, but creates autoimmune illness that kills some of the “beneficiaries”, not just the sharks.
    “Gulf War Syndrome” was most likely from the squalene adjuvant in the secret “Vac-A” anthrax vaccine. That’s why you could get it without deploying to Iraq!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 7 2020 #64188

    John Day

    I’ve been thinking about non-extractive economic arrangements again this morning…
    Anything that will actually develop as alternative currency will need to stand on its own in the current financial arrangement.. A transition to Community Banking, as Ellen Brown advocates, with postal banks or city credit unions, would be a workable transition.
      It is necessary to keep the wealth local. When money goes in and is taken out of a community, it is an extractive solvent. There is not actual “investment”, just resource-extraction. That process is very far along in financial capitalism. All the productive systems are sickened by it, and many will soon collapse.  Lending at interest, with all risks born by the borrower, is the imbalance that extracts. It extracts if the borrowing enterprise survives, and it extracts all of the assets if the borrowing enterprise fails, after it has been extracting wealth for a while already.
      The alternative model is that of Islamic Finance. There needs to be a sharing of risk and benefit between lender and borrower, “skin in the game” for the lender. If the enterprise fails, the lender needs to also take losses, so the lender is inherently interested in the success of the enterprise of the borrower. To that end, there is not “lending at interest” as we know it, in Islamic Banking, but a sharing in costs and rewards of each enterprise. This is like buying stock in a company and getting quarterly dividends, the way stock-investing used to be. It is “Equity Investing”.
      The return of equity investing to western finance is the necessary first step. It will stop the transfer of wealth to the few elites, who do not manage it in the interests of the (narrowly or broadly defined) economy, or community or ecosystem.
      At the point where the town is the banker, as the state is the banker in North Dakota, then real wisdom in investment can take place. The whole town has an interest in investments with local enterprise doing well, and doubly so. The community benefits by thriving and also by profiting-from-thriving. There is not extraction of life-blood to distant investors.
      When a community bank or credit union is the commons, contributing to the community government coffers, then there can be local control and oversight. People will inherently want good investments to be made, and will be diligent in judging who is reliable to borrow, and who is not.
      Money as a store of value is another category from money as currency. I think they have to be different in most cases, though everybody will accept gold as currency, always. Gold is a store of value, but it is dangerous to hold.
      I don’t see the necessity of creating local currencies, which has been done in history, as long as local banking, with equity investing prevents extraction of value from the local economy, and nurtures local enterprise, citizens, and economy.
      There is the issue of taxes to fund higher levels of organization than the town or city. This is currently done by spending money which is created by bonded debt, then paid back at interest from tax collections. This is extractive of the local economy. It concentrates wealth in the hands of those who already have wealth to lend at interest.It is not necessary, of course. Both the Continental Congress and Abraham Lincoln printed money and spent it into circulation.The amount of money in circulation is generally controlled through spending it into the economy and taxing it out of the economy, whether there is a parasitic skim of wealth by financiers, or not.  All benefits should remain with the commons, whether town, county, state or nation. All costs are inherently born by the commons, through economic linkages at the real-economy level.
      A synthesis of Community Banking, Islamic (equity investing) finance and Modern Monetary Theory, which eliminates a parasitic class of financiers is something which is obtainable by modifying the current economic structure. It would be able to intelligently invest and diversify locally and at each higher stage of organization.
    The essential factor is to avoid creating a class advantage, which would self-amplify over time, to control all wealth, which is what we now have.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 7 2020 #64187

    John Day

    Thanks for posting “The Early Treatment Of Trump” yesterday, Ilargi, and thanks for all of the engagement fellow-commentarians. I was busy at work again, so I saw it this morning.
    “Auntie-Grandma” (not her real name) was still feeling fine last evening, more than 72 hours after the positive coronavirus test that ejected her from the surgical hospital, and about 36 hours after beginning treatment. Asymptomatic… so still at goal of “better than Trump”.

    in reply to: The Early Treatment of Trump #64186

    John Day

    Thanks Ilargi.
    I’m honored again. I was thinking of exactly that picture of people outside in the rose garden, then inside at the party without masks.
    I hope this early treatment thing is a political wasps nest for all of the political elites and financiers.

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