Nov 292008
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"Inflation" Deflated

Lewis Wickes Hine Scavengers November 1912 Children going through Whitman Street dump. Pawtucket, Rhode Island Stoneleigh: There are many things we have discussed here frequently that come up as questions in the comments because we are attracting new readers all the time. I thought it would be a good time to answer those questions en masse, so that there would be a URL to point to if the same questions should come up again. The basic point is that we

Nov 262008
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From the Top of the Great Pyramid

from The Crimson Permanent Assurance- Monty Python Stoneleigh: Everyone has heard of pyramid, or Ponzi, schemes. In their simplest form they are short-lived deliberate frauds where a small number of existing members are paid from the buy-in of a larger number of newer members until the supply of newer members is exhausted, whereupon they collapse. Typically, the founders, and perhaps a few others who got in early and out before it was too late, end up making a lot of